Flake 9

Apparently determined to continue in his effort of being one of the main Trump-hating-pains-in-the-ass right up to his bitter end, RINO Jeff Flake once again demonstrated, on Friday, why it is that he ‘chose’ not to run for re-election.  You see, while he did vote to allow process to move out of committee and onto the full Senate he did not do so before displaying what has become typical behavior for him by choosing to side with Democrats who are calling for a one-week delay in a Senate floor vote on Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh in order to give the FBI time to investigate the sexual assault allegations meant to stop his nomination.

While speaking on Friday, Flake stated that the floor vote on Supreme Court nominee Judge Kavanaugh should be delayed for up to a week to let the FBI investigate the allegations against the judge and that he would vote to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the floor with that understanding.  Flake said, “I think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to, but not more than, one week, in order to let the FBI continue — to do an investigation, limited in time and scope to the current allegations that are there, and limited in time to no more than one week. And I will vote to advance the bill to the floor, with that understanding.”

Flake later added that he would only be comfortable moving forward with Judge Kavanaugh on the floor if there is further FBI investigation.  Does Flake really believe that when the FBI has completed its investigation, and found these allegations to be what we all already know them to be, that the Democrats will then vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh?  Because if he does then it’s a good thing he’s retiring, because anyone that stupid has no place in ANY position of power.  Ms. Ford is obviously suffering from some severe mental issues as evidenced by the fact that she recently deleted her social media accounts.  What’s she trying to hide?

And let’s face it, Flake is nothing if not just another of our everyday-run-of-the-mill Trump hating narcissistic assholes.  And he’s someone who couldn’t care less about due process, justice, or whether a good man’s life is in the process of being destroyed.  All this guy cares about is going out as being the biggest thorn in the side for a man he hates.  For Flake it’s become personal, it’s NOT about what’s best for the country and he’s trying to make it appear as if he’s having some sort of melodramatic ‘crisis of conscience’.  I can only assume he’s trying to grease the skids, so to speak, in trying to gain future employment at CNN or perhaps MSNBC.

And it is in choosing to side with the Democrats that Flake has decided to take up the cause of those who are as ruthless, vile, and despicable as they come.  Their hatred of America is the one thing they do, and do very well. And as we have seen on more than one occasion, they will lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever else it takes for them to win and they don’t let up.   They want to make sure President Trump can’t nominate anyone else before the mid-terms because which they believe will be putting them back in charge.  So if Flake and his RINO friends Susan Collins, and Murkowski vote no, they will have again sided with America’s greatest enemy.

Look, we who voted President Trump into office, possess a deep distrust of the FBI and very legitimately so.  We distrust it because it has FAR exceeded it’s mandate to investigate CRIMES within these United States and has become nothing more than a too used by the deep-state to undermine our Constitution, the very thing that they, like Flake, swore to both uphold and to protect.  Flake is an absurdity of an elected representative, as are Nancy Pelosi, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters and every other Democrat and RINO who values their time in front of the cameras more so than the job that they were elected to do.  They are a threat to our freedom.


Democrats 65

The longer this circus is allowed to go on, the crazier it gets.  And we saw the perfect example of that this past Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” when Patty Murray, Democrat from Washington, actually said she was frightened by Republicans who are calling the allegations against Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh a smear campaign.  I thought it quite amazing that she was able to say it with a straight face.  Because, frankly, it’s as a woman that this hag frightens the Hell out of a lot of people, including myself!

In fact, the Democrat Party as a whole frightens me.  Democrats, together with the ‘fake news’ media and social media providers are conspiring against us to turn this country into another Mexico, where entire police departments are unarmed because of drug cartel ties, or Venezuela, where people stand in line for a freaking loaf of bread.  I simply cannot fathom how it as that anyone with an ounce of commonsense is able to bring themselves to vote for anyone with a (D) after their name.  And yet they can continue to do so election after election.  It’s all just so bizarre.

And when, on MSNBC, she was asked about attorney Michael ‘The Creepy Porn Lawyer’ Avenatti’s client Julie Swetnick’s new allegations, Murray said, “I just read it, and it is horrifying. It is important to note that it is an affidavit and she has signed it under perjury or law. So people don’t do this randomly. It needs to be investigated, absolutely. But let me step back for a minute and are remind everybody that what we do as a Senate today and how we react to the allegations, and what message we send by how we deal with them is critically important.”

And then this moron went on to say, “If the Senate were to swish this aside and dismiss Mrs. Ford and do what the president said, and start to call the allegations of she was drunk, we will send a message to young girls once again as we did in 1991 to be quiet, sit down and don’t talk. And what is that message to young boys? Don’t worry. You will get away with it. This is serious, and it needs to be taken absolutely with every, you know, things that we can do to make sure that the voices are brought forward and absolutely investigated.”

And Murray said, “This is something that should not be rushed through. It is deeply disturbing me that these Republicans are doing because we can’t send the message again. We just cannot.”  And in addressing the Republicans calling all the allegations a smear, Murray said, “The message that this is a smear campaign frightens me as a woman that once again, we are saying to women out there, don’t come forward, because you will be accused of smear campaigns., no one is going to believe you.”  And it’s all nothing more than one lie after another lie.

She continued by saying, “Stop and do the investigations, and obviously, witnesses that can be called from both sides and so that we know that evidence and believe it or not, but have an investigation. To have it rushed through right now is such the wrong thing to do.”  She added, “I believe that there are responsible Republicans who are going to share the view that it is not just a Supreme Court nominee that is on trial right now. It is the United States Senate in the year of the #MeToo movement.”  What she must mean by “responsible Republicans” is RINOs like Jeff Flake.

Anyway, Murray then went on to say, “We have the obligation to show this country we a take the allegations seriously, and investigate them absolutely, but that they will be listened to and heard. We are on trial here as well. I plead with the Senate Republicans to take to a breath. Having somebody on the court on October 1st is less important than getting this right.”  She pleads with the Republicans?  How about when the rest of us were pleading with Democrats to side with the people instead of Obama as they were busy shoving Obamacare down our throats?

The Democrats’ Stalin-esque show trial and endless, as well as blatantly transparent lying, ambush character assassination, and total disregard for due process has decent Americans, all across the country, convinced that Murray and her fellow Democrats have no business possessing any political power whatsoever.  I truly do hope that there are still enough Americans left who will be willing to hold Democrats like Murray accountable for their sophomoric political behavior and make them regret it courtesy of the ballot box.  Because that’s all they understand.

And to be honest, never before in my life have I witnessed a more disgusting and shameful display coming from supposed responsible men and women who have been elected to their lofty positions of power by people who trust them to do what’s best for this country and for ALL who live here.  The absurdity of it all, is the fact that nothing that happens in politics, happens by accident.  Every event is planned well in advance and orchestrated, and this confirmation circus is no exception.  And for most intelligent people this type of behavior would be rather embarrassing.

And I think it important to keep in mind here that it was this very same ‘female’ senator who gave an interview, just a few years ago, where she tried to tell us what a great man Osama Bin Laden was for building schools and medical facilities, and for feeding his people.  And it was then that one was able to very quickly come to the conclusion that she was more than just a little bat-shit crazy.  And ever since it’s every time that she opens her mouth that continues to prove just how crazy she truly is.  And yet she continues to spew her unique brand of drivel.

She and every other congressional Democrat knows full well that this silly charade is all nothing more than a Leftist plot to stop this nomination process.  They look into the camera and talk about how the Republican Party is somehow at war with women, when it is they who seek to keep women enslaved to the party.  They are literally trying to stage a coup by intentionally trying to circumvent the Constitution by using intentional fraud to prevent the seating of a qualified nominee.  I mean it is getting to the point where these pathetic leftists need to be removed from office.

And let’s be honest here, it doesn’t make one bit of difference who it is that President Trump may have nominated.  We would be right where we are because the Democrats would still have fought it tooth and nail. The resistance against Trump began long before he took the oath of office and I have no doubt that it will continue as long as he is president. I for one despise all those in the Democrat Party and what they stand for and if you call yourself a patriot and love this country you must make sure that they are never again permitted to gain ANY level of political power.


Democrats 77

All of their claims about how it’s the Republican Party that is at war with women, notwithstanding, it’s the Democrat Party that continues to demonstrate how it is that they are, in fact, the ones involved in what has been a very determined effort to both belittle and enslave women.  And if their very recent behavior tells us anything at all about the Democrats in Congress it’s that they are counting on what they must see as being the stupidity of most women in their effort to bring down President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court and for NO other reason than he’s a conservative.

You see, the allegation that Judge Kavanaugh may or may not have flirted with a girl at a party nearly forty years ago while they were both in high school is as absurd as it is impossible to prove.  Democrats know it. The ‘fake news’ media knows it.  The idiotic nature of the claim doesn’t matter. They are pushing the false ‘sexual assault’ narrative believing that most women are stupid enough, intellectually lazy enough, to merely read the false headlines and then neglect to actually learn the facts and thus be manipulated into voting against Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections.

As insulting to women as that might seem to be, that has now become Plan A, to the point where Democrats are no longer even bothering to deny it even as more and more women, from all walks of life, are coming forward to express their full support of Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.  But apparently none of that seems to matter as the Democrats remain quite confident in their ability to pull off this bizarre bit of political theater.  But as we have witnessed so many times in the past, the truth matters not to Democrats and the end always justifies the means!

And it’s according to that leftwing rag ‘The Hill’ that House Democrats increasingly see the controversy swirling around Judge Kavanaugh as being nothing less than a political boon just weeks ahead of the midterm elections — a saga they think will energize those female voters already put off by President Trump and threatening to bring their frustrations to the polls.  Rep. Jackie Speier, Democrat from California, warned, “Beware of the wrath of women scorned, Mr. President and Majority Leader [Mitch] McConnell [R-Ky.].”  Adding, “It will be your party’s downfall.”

And then it was by telephone that Illinois Democrat Cheri Bustos, who apparently heads up the Democrats’ messaging arm, was reported to have said, “We are already motivated, Democratic women, and I can tell you this is not going to tamp down the enthusiasm.” And apparently she went on to say, “If Republicans don’t want to get to the truth on this, that is not going to help them politically.”  You see, this is the way members of the modern Democrat Party think.  Liberalism, as they say, has become little more a mental disorder and these Democrats prove that every single day.

Accusations against a then-17-year-old Kavanaugh are that he fell onto a bed with a high school girl (Ford) at a party, that she felt scared, another boy jumped onto the bed with them, and they all then fell onto the floor laughing.  Ford left the room and didn’t mention the incident for decades.  As an adult, she became a liberal professor and anti-Trump activist.  Now, nearly forty years later she’s making allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh as he is poised to become the nation’s next member of the Supreme Court. The timing of her claims certainly seems suspect.

Now it matters not to Democrats that they have not one witness willing to step forward and to corroborate Ford’s idiotic story of flirting/fondling at the alleged high school party in question.  In fact, the only witnesses to come forward thus far are those who have contradicted everything Ms. Ford is alleging.  The other boy said to be in the room at the time says it never happened.  And a female classmate of Ford’s has also indicated, via her attorney, that she has no recollection of such a party ever taking place.  Which, I suppose, is a much nicer way of simply calling Ford a liar.

Democrats know the entire scenario is nothing more than wishful thinking.  Even if the interaction between Ford and Kavanaugh did take place, as she now alleges that it did, does a very brief and clumsy attempt at a teen makeout session qualify as sexual assault? Not likely. Those who have bothered to learn the facts regarding the allegation are stunned that the allegation is being made at all.  Ford’s motivation for the claims she has made have become painfully transparent, so much so that anyone with even an ounce of intelligence should have no trouble seeing right through them.

Again, Democrats don’t care. They’re counting on women being stupid enough to believe what they are told to believe and to then go out and vote accordingly.  The question now to be posed to the millions of women in America is this: Are you really as stupid as Democrats seem to think you are?  Or, will you make them pay come Election Day for thinking so?  Now I must say that regarding those women on the left the answer is a rather easy one, because they ‘really’ are that stupid.  Which is kind of sad really, that they so willingly allow themselves to be so easily manipulated.



You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, nor even a brain surgeon, to be able to figure out that what we’ve been witnessing from the Democrats throughout Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings is exactly the type of behavior that we can expect to see a lot more of if we, the American people, permit them to take back power in the 2018 midterm elections.  First, they began by trying to prevent the hearings from taking place at all, exhibiting behavior that most of us have not been exposed to since our grade-school days, interrupting repeatedly and demanding votes on frivolous points of order.

It was after that they then they chose to praise the few left-wing radical “protesters” whose purpose it was to disrupt the proceedings.  Then they proceeded to break the rules by choosing to release confidential information.  Until finally they have now reduced the proceedings to what is really nothing more than a circus, of sorts, in their attempt to force Judge Kavanaugh to face a politically motivated show trial.  The Democrats are doing their worst because a Supreme Court seat is at stake, and their base will accept nothing less. Yet they will do the same next year, if voters give them a chance to govern again.

And as I said, it is courtesy of their ongoing, and quite bizarre, behavior that the Democrats, whether by design or by accident, are providing us with a glimpse of what the future will look like should they permitted to gain control of the House, the Senate or, God forbid, both. They intend on turning the House, and/or the Senate, into a Star Chamber that I have no doubt could make the McCarthy hearings look like a model of procedural fairness.  They are not interested in oversight, any more than they ‘want’ to hear from Christine Blasey Ford.  What they want is to turn oversight into “overthrow.”

Democrats remain determined to finally get a President Trump’s tax returns, something they’ve been harping about since before the election. There’s even talk of launching an independent commission into his administration’s handling of the hurricane that wracked Puerto Rico.  And of course progressive activists are ready to start impeachment proceedings immediately out of the gate in the next Congress.  So buckle up, if the Democrats do take control of a chamber in the November election, expect a flood of hearings, investigations, probes and all manner of special commissions starting in January.

As some folks may recall it was just last month that a spreadsheet emerged on which were listed some 100 investigations that Republicans believe Democrats will launch the moment that Nancy Pelosi seizes the Speaker’s gavel.  Many of them are redundant, or ridiculous, and aimed only at embarrassing the president and preventing Congress from achieving anything more on his watch.  For example, Democrats want to probe the payment to porn star Stormy Daniels — a matter already in the rather ambitious grasp of the overzealous, and rather insidious, U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York.

Look, I think we ALL understand that the ultimate goal here is, of course, the impeachment of President Trump, his removal from office — and, perhaps, even worse. Because it’s House Democrat Steny Hoyer, the second-ranking Democrat behind Pelosi, who has declared Trump guilty of “treason,” for which one punishment is, death.  Pelosi has tried to downplay the impeachment issue, without much success, because the so-called “Resistance” demands nothing less and because Tom Steyer, the party’s top donor in the last midterm election, is spending over $100 Million promoting the cause.

But even if Democrats don’t succeed in ousting President Trump — thanks, at least in theory, to Republican opposition in the Senate — they will most assuredly destroy our democratic institutions in the process.  And we know this because in the Kavanaugh controversy, Democrats are backing a demand by Dr. Ford’s attorney that the judge be required to speak first, before he has heard the accusations against him.  And that is a complete inversion of civil rights, one more familiar in totalitarian dictatorships, and a preview of how Democrats will conduct their version of “oversight,” again IF they win in November.

Democrats have also demanded the FBI investigate Judge Kavanaugh for what would be a seventh time. And in so doing it would seem that they have learned absolutely nothing from 2016 and remain eager to use — or abuse — the powers of law enforcement for political gain.  And then there was that dingbat from Hawaii, Democrat Mazie Hirono who offered a rather idiotic bit of advice to American men saying that sould “Just shut up.”  As time goes by these same Democrats continue to provide to us all the proof we need for why the very last thing we should do is to allow them to achieve any level of political power.

And there’s California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, who is chiefly to blame for the way Democrats have handled the Judge Kavanaugh accusation, and who was elected in 1992, after female voters marched to the polls to express their outrage at the way Anita Hill was questioned about her accusations against Clarence Thomas. She has predicted 2018 will be another “year of the woman,” and is determined to make it so.  But there are also millions of American men, and women, who are outraged by what is happening to Judge Kavanaugh. It is up to them to stop this liberal totalitarianism from taking over our country.

But let’s be honest, Democrats will never accept President Trump, his policies or his nominees because they see all as a threat to their future agendas. They are committed socialists and as such will continue working with their globalist masters to undo President Trump’s policies that benefit American families.  That is why the ‘fake news’ media is helping them, because they too are part of that plan.  Wake up America, they are setting the stage to take down our president and the Republican Party come this November. Please vote Republican because these elections are so very important for our great country.

The tactics the Democrats are using against Judge Kavanaugh (for lack of a better word) are evil.  If there had been a pattern of this type of behavior in the past by him, it would have most certainly come to light. Those that are showboating for their own political ends are turning the constitutional guarantee of the presumption of innocence on its head and taking us back to The Dark Ages.  We can tell that these people are disingenuous when they claim they want to protect women but see how callously they’ve hurt Judge Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters. To the Left, they are meaningless collateral damage in their quest for power.



Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?  Just how much more of this blatant political BS coming from the Democrats are the we, the American people, going to accept?  And it’s not just those in the party that we need to be concerned about, but it’s their many allies on the liberal ‘fake news’ media who we must also keep an eye on.   From the very day that he was sworn in there has been a concerted effort to portray President Trump as being unfit for office.  This despite the fact that in just a short 18 months he has brought about an economic boom the likes of which those on the left had said was a thing of the past.  He has put our trading partners on notice, strengthened our military and sought to reduce the left’s impact on our judiciary.

He has done everything that Barry ‘O’ was incapable of doing or simply had no interest in doing.  And for all that, as well as for defeating the ‘most qualified’ person to EVER run for president, President Trump is hated, as are those of us who first voted for him and have since continued to support him.  After all, we are the “Deplorables” and the “Dregs of Society.”  And the more they try to bring him down the more determined we become in our support of him.   And it is on each and every day that we witness how it is that the Democrats, and their many media cohorts, continue to throw everything they can at this president and as nothing seems to stick they are driven all the more unhinged and, if we’re being honest, all the more dangerous.

Desperation tends to drive one to become more than a little reckless and it is that that we see being exhibited by more and more of those on the left.  And an example of that, and what was nothing more than a very obvious attempt at intimidation, is what we saw on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” where Mr. ‘Tingle up his leg’ himself, Chris Matthews, actually raised the possible scenario that would have Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, giving an interview perhaps on the eve of the 2018 elections, “and it’s deadly, it’s deadly.”  And after all that I have now heard about ‘Dr.’ Ford I have absolutely no doubt that she would most certainly jump at the chance at the opportunity to do so.

Matthews began by giving a scenario, “that the Republicans will not like.” Matthews’ scenario was one where Republicans “confirm Kavanaugh next Thursday. He becomes a lifetime member of the Supreme Court. He’s in business on the court, deciding issues like Roe v. Wade and things like that. And come the Sunday night or the Monday night before the next election, the midterm elections, the accuser, Dr. Ford, appears on television, and gives her full story to a reporter, to an anchorperson, and it’s deadly, it’s deadly. And they’re stuck with this confirmation. … If I were the Republicans, I’d think two or three weeks ahead, or even a month and a half ahead and know where you’re putting yourself.”  Let’s not take advice from Chris.

Matthews, either on purpose or out of pure ignorance, just provided us with even more proof that the Democrats only see this woman as a weapon to be exploited to the greatest degree possible. And make no mistake, there’s no real concern over what is alleged to have happened to Ford, she is nothing more than a tool, a tool to be used to prevent Judge Kavanaugh from becoming Justice Kavanaugh. They don’t really care about her as a person at all and it completely fits their pattern.  What these people should really be thinking about is how Judge Kavanaugh has been treated by the Left and how it may come to affect his decision in cases. I’m guessing it will make him lean even further Right knowing how unhinged the Left is.

To be clear, the few people who actually watch Matthew’s show most, if not all, tend to be leftwing loons who tend to believe pretty much anything they’re told by the Democrat Party.  And I think it fair to say that a big chunk of the country could care less about this woman and realize that her goal has nothing whatsoever to do with achieving some level of retribution against the judge.  What it has everything to do with is her willingness in allowing herself to be used in order to keep someone she disagrees with politically off the Supreme Court.  With the passing of each and every day, the left proves itself to be a very clear and present danger to our Republic. Democrats must NEVER be allowed to achieve any level of political power again.



There has been much talk of late, primarily amongst those on the looney-left, about how this November’s midterm elections will be considered as a referendum on the Trump presidency as it has been executed thus far.  Now while I do agree that this fall’s election will rightly be a referendum, I disagree that it will be about Trump’s presidency.  But one thing the elections will be telling us, once all the dust finally settles, is how just far to the left the American electorate has now been moved.

One thing, for certain, is that it will tell us if the American people are more interested in our booming economy, lower taxes, more stringent border enforcement, being able to obtain reasonably priced healthcare or the fact that wages and median income for minorities are now higher than either have ever been, OR if the American people are more interested in higher taxes, open borders, sanctuary cities and more costly healthcare.  Now you would think the answer would be pretty clear, and yet…

And a number of Democrats, and you all know who they are, have now made it abundantly clear that should they regain control of the House, and God forbid the Senate, their number one priority will be to bring about the end of the Trump presidency, primarily by embarking on what would be nothing more than an agenda of ‘death by a thousand cuts’, or the launching of investigation after investigation. And is that really the direction that anyone with any intelligence would want us to go?

And I also think that this November’s election will tell us much regarding whether or not the American people have finally come to be fed up with the level of corruption now taking place in our nation’s capital and in so doing choose to elect more of those whose only desire in seeking higher public office is to make sure that the people’s business is conducted in the most efficient and lawful way, and also in such way that it serves the best interest of ALL the American people, not to any one political party.

And something else this upcoming election will likely tell us is just how successful those involved in the ‘fake news’ media have been in their effort to assist those in the Democrat Party regarding their ongoing, and very concerted, effort to convince as many Americans as possible that President Trump was only able to beat Hitlery for no other reason than because he had plenty of help from Russia.  This despite the fact that the ONLY collusion that took place was between Russia and Hitlery’s campaign.

And yet what has me more than a little concerned, regarding the upcoming election, is that what seems to be so obvious to me, seems not to be so very obvious to so many of my fellow citizens.  After all, right now we are in the middle of an economic boom that Barry ‘O’ could have only dreamed of.  And yet there seems to be far too many Americans willing to vote for those who advocate policies that would threaten that economic boom and that would return us back to Barry ‘O’s anemic economy.

So the question is, at least at this point, who is it in their right mind who would see it as being in the best interest of our country to elect even one more Democrat to Congress?  To me that is nothing short of complete insanity.  They have shown time and again that they possess a very deep hatred for this country.  And that becomes all the more evident with each success achieved by President Trump.  This simply was not supposed to happen.  It was supposed to be Hitlery now sitting in the Oval Office!


biden 9

Those of us who, for whatever the reason, continue to find ourselves onboard the ‘Trump Train’ have now been called just about every name in the book.  We’ve been called racists, Nazis, rednecks, and of course “Deplorables.”   And we’ve been scolded for sitting idly by why Democrats claim the man we elected destroys our country.  But from where I’m sitting, it’s those who remain focused on destroying our country and as well on bringing down a duly elected president and doing all that they can to obstruct his agenda, who are the true “dregs of our society.”

So it was as recently as this past weekend that ‘Creepy Uncle’ Joe Biden was up to his very familiar old tricks.  It was during a speech this weekend – for the Human Rights Campaign of all things – that old ‘Slow Joe’ decided to take things a step further by referring to those of us who support President Trump as being “the dregs of society.”  Isn’t that like one step lower than merely being deplorable?  As ‘Slow Joe’ began his speech, a few people in the crowd yelled ‘Run Joe!’ to which he replied, “Thank you.”  He also used his remarks to rally the crowd to ‘demand more of our leaders.’

‘Slow Joe’ asked, “What has become of us?”  And he then went on to say, “Our children are listening and our silence is complicit.”  He also told the crowd of LBGT supporters that they have a fight ahead of them, pointing out it’s those against them who have a friend in the Trump.  He said, “Some of them are the dregs of society.”  And he went on to add, “They, not you, have an ally in the White House.”  I’m thinking after witnessing the events of the last 18 months that is the perfect question to be asking a room full of Democrats.  What has happened to the Democrat Party?

Because the Democrat Party of 2018 bears very little resemblance to the Democrat Party from as little as 10 years ago.  And while the party has always tilted more than just a little to the left, never before have so many who declare themselves to be proud Democrats professed such a level of hatred for their country.  While it’s easy to see that it’s no longer the party of John Kennedy, it’s not even the party of ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton.  I think it goes without saying that neither man would likely be able to get the nomination of their party today because it has now moved so far to the left.

And it was in urging those who oppose Trump to stay engaged that ‘Slow Joe’ said, “Those who try to excuse this kind of prejudice in the name of culture, I say, ‘Prejudice is prejudice and humanity is humanity — it is a crime.”  He said, “Our work is not yet done by any stretch of the imagination. The stakes are much too high.”  He did say something that I agreed with, and it was when he said, “This is deadly earnest, we are in a fight for America’s soul,” because that is, in fact, so very true.  This is not the time for those who truly love this country to go weak in the knees.

So who is it, exactly, that comprise those “dregs of society?” Oh that’s right!  That would be all those folks with private sector jobs and those folks who choose to debate in a civil manner as opposed to those goons involved in the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.  They’re business owners creating jobs, members of the military, and middle aged folks who didn’t just get off the turnip truck like so many of the young people who vote Left.  The hatred of Democrats towards middle class folks is amazing, you either have to be rich or an illegal for them to give a crap about you.

And ya know, I really don’t mind all that much being called a “Deplorable,” especially when it’s by the likes of someone like Hitlery.  But what I do object to is labels as being one of ‘Creepy Joe’s’ “dregs of society” for no other reason than because of political opinion, and neither should anyone who is interested in preventing the Democrats from destroying our country.  And if we’re going to be honest here the true “dregs of our society” are those like ‘Slow Joe’ and those Democrats involved in the continuing shenanigans at the confirmation hearing for Judge Kavanaugh.

America needs to wake up before it’s too late! They need to understand that Democrats hate those who love their country, and want to preserve it so that future generations will still live in freedom!  And if you do know that that is who Democrats are, then you’re simply not paying attention.  Democrats, and their many supporters on left, including many in our ‘fake news’ media, are waging what is nothing less than a war on freedom of speech, white men, the military, on law enforcement, guns and faith!  Those who dare to disagree with them must be made to pay a very high price.

Democrats seek nothing more than to continue their practice of using working class Americans as their own personal piggy-bank which then provides them with the necessary means for keeping for their lazy, and rather entitled, voter base provided with all manner of ‘freebie’ in exchange for their votes.  Hard working taxpayers are essentially forced to cover the cost of any number of so-called ‘welfare’ programs, free housing, food stamps and free medical care.  To Democrats political power is personal power and no price is too high when using other people’s money.

I truly am beginning to fear for my country.  From the ongoing witch-hunt headed up by Democrat henchman, Mueller and his merry band of rabidly left wing Democrats to the continuing antics of Senate Democrats during the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh, if you’re not worried about the current state of our Republic then you’re either a Democrat or completely insane.  But then I suppose I’m repeating myself.  As time goes by it’s the Democrat Party, and anyone who chooses to support it, that now represents the greatest threat we face as a free and prosperous nation.

If the American people are ever again foolish enough to allow the Democrat Party to achieve any level of political power in this country, it will be in very short order that they learn what a horrible mistake it was to do so.  Democrats must never again be allowed to have any say in the running of this country.  Contrary to their many claims they do not possess any level of interest in doing what’s best for every citizen of this great land.  Franky, they never have.  They are interested only in doing what is best for them.  They are never to be trusted, and therefore never to be voted for.


Green 2

Proving yet again that he’s nothing but a leftwing kook, it was during a recent ‘speech’ at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference, that Al Green, Democrat from Texas, declared he owes it to “unborn generations” to impeach President Trump.  I can only assume that he’s referencing those unborn who successfully avoid being aborted.  Anyway, Green, who has insisted that President Trump does not have to commit a crime to get impeached said “bigotry in this country is the number one problem facing a good many Americans, many of whom are of African ancestry.” He said bigotry must be combated “with an agenda.”

Green said, “I will bring Articles of Impeachment once we have a new Congress.”  And he then went on to say, “If no one else does, I will do it because I owe it to unborn generations to do what I can to take on this challenge.”  Green said it is his responsibility “to make sure that everyone goes on record because history is going to judge us all… this is a moment in time when the world is watching and we ought not let bigotry of this magnitude go unchecked.”  And it’s in response to people who ask him why he does not wait to push impeachment that Green said, “Dr. King didn’t wait.”  Apparently he fancies himself a man like Dr. King?  Hilarious!

Green said Dr. King went back to the Edmund Pettus Bridge after Bloody Sunday even though he knew “invidious discrimination” would not end that day. And this racist boob went on to say that “Rosa Parks took that seat on the bus” even though she did not think she was going to “end invidious discrimination” that day.  He said, “We all have a watch, and we all have to do what we can to move the agenda forward.”  And then went on to add, “This is my watch. This is my agenda. I am going to move it forward. We will have another vote on impeachment.”  If Green sees himself as being someone of the same caliber as a Dr. King or a Ms. Parks, he is certifiably insane.

And Green claimed that President Trump can also be impeached for “incompetent behavior” that is “harmful to society,” including Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policies and “bigoted” African agenda.  Green asked the audience to go to dictionary.com and focus on the second definition of “misdemeanor”: “an instance of misbehavior; misdeed.”  He said the most important word in “high crimes and misdemeanors” is “misdemeanor” and insisted that there is “no requirement that there be any crime” for President Trump to be impeached.  Sadly for Al, it’s not Webster’s definition that fits the bill for impeachment, constitutionally speaking.

Green said President Trump’s “incompetent behavior is harmful to society,” and he said that “incompetent behavior” must be added to the list of impeachable offenses. He mentioned Trump’s “S-hole countries” remarks about “some countries in Africa, in the Caribbean, in South America.”  He said, “You produce a work product that is harmful to African countries. That’s a link between his bigoted commentary and policy that has been produced. Policy rooted in bigotry.” Green also blasted President Trump for telling police officers that “you don’t have to be nice” to criminal suspects and said Trump’s remarks amounted to a “quasi-policy.”

Green continued on with his rather idiotic rant speaking of another favorite topic of kooks like himself, saying, “Then children on the border of color.” He continued, “You produce a policy that separates them from their parents. When I add all of this together, a person who is placing his bigotry into policy that is harmful to our society. And for that he ought to be impeached.”  Green said he is hoping for a “November that will be a November to remember” that will provide Democrats with at least 218 votes. He said he hoped that the Judiciary Committee will then at “least take up an inquiry” regarding what are, and are not, impeachable offenses.

Racist buffoons like Green, Waters, Lewis and any number of the other racist buffoons that comprise that racist little group referred to as the ‘Congressional Black Caucus’, have become masters of their rather insidious craft.  Unfortunately, the people who vote for and believe the garbage that they spew, also believe the promises that they will somehow ‘save them’ from those ‘evil devils’ known as white men.  Sadly, they’re too stupid by far to see that it remains the white man that offers and affords them their best opportunities for having a decent and moral life, while all that these charlatan’s offer is nothing more than empty promises, hopelessness and poverty.

And it’s rather odd, don’t you think, that a scumbag Democrat would look to do something for those unborn generations while doing absolutely nothing at all to protect the unborn from himself, his party or from the butchers of Planned Parenthood.  It would seem that the current just born generation is in need of some protection right now from unlimited immigration overcrowding and the dumbing down of our schools and keeping their parents poor by depressing wages.  Incidentally, no member of the black caucus has any business complaining about bigotry when that is the platform of their caucus. They are as racist as you can possibly get.

Those like Green believe the United States to be the source of all that is wrong in the world yet black people have opportunities that they could never hope to have anywhere else in the world.  And what’s ironic, the face of the stupidity are members of Congress, well paid and famous athletes and music icons, Hollyweird actors and others who are rolling in dough.  If the descendants of these moronic imbeciles that take ignorance and stupidity to an entirely new level had not been brought to America as slaves, which no one denies was a historical calamity, they would still be in Africa, in the sub-Saharan region on the west coast of Africa.  Too bad they’re not!

Green is an unintelligent imbecile.  He’s guilty of incompetent behavior that is harmful to society with his bigoted agenda toward President Trump.  He ignores completely the fact that it was “We the People” who elected President Trump to do, for the most part, exactly what he’s doing.  Green is nothing more than another sad example of one put into office by those who are progressive/liberal narcissistic lemmings.  As long as people like Green remain the face of the Democrat Party I have no doubt that President Trump will be re-elected in 2020, Republicans will keep control of Congress and Judge Kavanaugh will be our new Supreme Court Justice.

In reality, Green is nothing more than your common black racist.  And sadly he only one of many in Congress and one of millions all across our fruited plain.  Blacks, without a doubt, are the most racist, the most violent, and the most ill-behaved people that you will find anywhere on the entire planet.  Instead of improving their image they seem to go happily well out of their way in an effort to come up with new and improved ways of making it even worse. This is not typically a sign of intelligence, competence and good moral character.  And sadly, it’s boobs like Green who are only too happy to jump out front and lead the way for them.

People like Green are stuck in the past and they stir the pot of incivility because they are paid to do so by the Democrats. This also leads to the conditions of squalor and ignorance in a black community where people refuse to pick themselves up and instead play the chronic victim when they are no more a victim than anyone else.  And finally, it’s since first being elected in 2005 that Green has now managed to amass for himself a net worth of over $4.5 Million, and all on a yearly salary of a little over $100,000.  But his voting base at least appears to be too stupid to question the facts surrounding this corrupt, vile, sanctimonious reprobate.



If it seems to you see that the Democrats are becoming increasingly unhinged as we inch ever-closer to the upcoming midterm elections, you can relax you are not imaging things.  Because as we head into the final months of the president’s second year in office ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ (TDS) seems to be reaching what is near epidemic levels, all across the country.  Those affected by the disorder are so consumed by their hatred of this man, our president, that they feel compelled, even driven to attack not only him, but anyone they deem to be in support of him.

TDS was first diagnosed back before Trump was even elected and since that time it has become increasingly malignant with symptoms having grown much more violent. For those who may keeping score, in just the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a knife attack on a Republican congressional candidate in California, a threat of mass murder against supporters of President Trump gathering at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., a GOP office in Wyoming attacked by an arsonist, and a conservative journalist going into hiding after receiving serious death threats.

It’s just all gotten so weird. It’s no longer about simply possessing differing political opinions.  It’s as if we live in completely different worlds.  In theirs, America is some right-wing hell-hole where everything bad that could possibly happen IS happening right now, or is absolutely CERTAIN to happen any day now and all because Trump is President.  In mine, President Trump is a different kind of President from what we’re used to but he doesn’t herald the apocalypse and he’s not capable personally, OR constitutionally, of doing 1/100th of the damage that Democrats claim that he can.

And when looking at how things are going in my own little piece of the world, I see life going on a little better than usual, both for me and for most of the people around me. The ONLY Trump-induced suffering going on seems to be taking place deep within the minds of Democrats.  If they didn’t persist in trying to force the symptoms of their derangement upon the rest of us, things would be pretty quiet.  In the big scheme of things, this country has had 12 Presidents thus far in my lifetime, counting President Trump.  And to be honest, he’s neither the worst nor the best of them.

As for all of these morons running around like their hair is on fire, you’d think that they reside in some sort of alternative universe, and not in the real world.  These are the people who “don’t believe evil exists.”  They’re the dimwits who try to hitchhike for peace across Moslem countries and wind up being raped and murdered in the first Moslem country they come to.  Their elevators just don’t go all the way to the top.  Some can break through their programming with intense exposure to the truth, but many will just stick their head deeper into the sand until they suffocate.

And to be honest, before this there was Bush Derangement Syndrome.  Barry’s election got the left hopeful.  In their view the country was “finally something they could be proud of” to paraphrase Moochelle Obummer.  But then Trump got elected. You have to remember the leftists believe everything should be done by government and it’s socialism that will save us.  Those of us on the right believe that we can solve our problems privately, with less government involvement not more.  As we have seen time and again, unelected bureaucrats simply are not to be trusted.

For the left, it’s socialism that they apparently think will be the answer for all of their problems and will satisfy all their needs.  But when Trump was elected president he became a threat to their worldview.  His election is seen as being nothing more than a fluke, and as such it must not be allowed to stand.  It is so illegitimate in their mind that all they can bring themselves to talk about is…Impeachment.  There was supposed to be no way that his victory could happen.  It wasn’t supposed to happen, and yet it did.  And it continues to drive them ALL absolutely insane.


Obama 04

For the last year and a half, and perhaps even a bit longer in some cases, it’s from the left that we’ve heard nothing but whining as well as accusations of every sort about how it is that President Trump has maligned those poor folks in our state-controlled media.  We have continually been told how it is that this president specifically is nothing short of a “threat to the freedom of the press.”  Yet oddly enough all of those now accusing President Trump of attacking the media seem to be suffering from a case of selective amnesia when it comes to another recent president who actually did pose a very real threat to freedom of the press.

And of course it is of Barry ‘O’ of whom I speak.  A guy who, during a recent speech at the University of Illinois, said, “It shouldn’t be Democratic or Republican to say that we don’t threaten the freedom of the press because — they say things or publish stories we don’t like.”  And it was then that he went on to say, “I complained plenty about Fox News, but you never heard me threaten to shut them down, or call them ‘enemies of the people.’” Barry certainly had his issues with Fox News. Newsweek actually described the conflict between them as “a war.”  But to be honest, Barry’s war with the media wasn’t limited only to Fox News.

In fact, Barry’s treatment of the media was so bad that even New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan criticized him in 2013 for what she called “unprecedented secrecy and unprecedented attacks on a free press.” And it was David E. Sanger, the chief Washington correspondent for The Times, who said of Barry’s administration, “This is the most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.” According to a report on press freedoms by the highly respected Committee to Protect Journalists, “In the Obama administration’s Washington, government officials are increasingly afraid to talk to the press.”

And it’s hard to imagine, given how it was that so many of our so-called ‘journalists’ perceived Barry as being the greatest thing since sliced bread, that his administration would have been so antagonistic toward those in the press.  But the evidence that he was a true enemy of our ‘free press’ is nothing short of astounding, all one has to do is to look. Those in left-leaning media of today who insist upon calling President Trump’s attacks on the media unprecedented, conveniently ignore all that took place during Barry’s eight year reign in the White House.  So as a refresher here are five examples of Barry’s attacks committed against our ‘free’ press:

  1. Manipulating media coverage: While media was generally very positive toward Barry ‘O’, he wasn’t willing to risk losing control in an interview while he was running for reelection should a ‘journalist’ actually try to ask a tough question. To solve this problem, Barry only went to local media outlets to do interviews.

Why does this matter? Well, the reason is control. National media outlets would not be so open to ground rules for interviews. But local media outlets were another story. Local news stations don’t often get the opportunity to interview the president of the United States and are far more willing to agree to ground rules, such as establishing what topics can be discussed or what questions can’t be asked.

Barry was clearly more comfortable when he could dictate the terms of an interview. By August 2012, Barry had done fifty-eight local media interviews, but only eight national media interviews.

  1. Proposed government monitors in newsrooms: The Constitution protects freedom of the press because a free press is a check on the power of our elected leaders. Barry didn’t want this check, not on his watch, and made many efforts to rein it in. Early in his second term, Barry’s FCC proposed a new program that would have put FCC agents in media newsrooms “to determine how stories were selected, whether there was bias in reporting,” and whether “critical information needs” were being met. These monitors would be placed not only in broadcast newsrooms, but also print media outlets that the FCC had no regulatory authority over. Because the FCC controls licensing of broadcast media, these monitors would have been effective intimidation tools… a constant reminder to the media that if the government didn’t like what you were saying, your license to broadcast could be revoked.

Who knows what would have happened had it not been for FCC commissioner Ajit Pai (now chairman under President Trump), who exposed the existence of the proposed program in 2014, causing outrage and the eventual scrapping of the program.

  1. Threatening journalists for negative coverage: After trying to blame Republicans for so-called sequestration budget “cuts,” Barry was less than thrilled when ‘journalist’ Bob Woodward wrote both in his book, ‘The Price of Politics’, and in an early 2013 opinion piece in The Washington Post that automatic spending cuts had been proposed by the White House and personally approved and signed into law by Barry ‘O’. Less than a week after the piece ran, Woodward revealed that a senior White House official warned him he would “regret” calling Barry out for his role in the sequester.  After Woodward revealed his experience, other ‘journalists’ came forward with similar stories.

Ron Fournier, the former editor-in-chief of National Journal, said of Barry’s administration: “I received several emails and telephone calls from this White House official filled with vulgarity, abusive language, and virtually the same phrase that Woodward called a veiled threat.” Lanny Davis, ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton’s longtime advisor and now lawyer to Michael Cohen, also came forward with claims he had received similar threats for unflattering pieces he wrote about Barry in the Washington Times. Liberal ‘journalist’ Jonathan Alter said he’d been subjected to abusive treatment from Barry’s administration for writing something they didn’t like. “There is a kind of threatening tone that, from time to time — not all the time — comes out of these guys,” he said. A young female reporter was called crude names in an email for merely asking important questions of a Barry ‘O’ cabinet secretary.

  1. Spying on the media: If threatening ‘journalists’ for asking tough questions and writing unflattering articles isn’t bad enough, all I can say is that it gets worse. Barry & Co. actually spied on the media. Less than six months into Barry’s second term we learned that his Justice Department secretly obtained two months of phone records of AP reporters and editors. What was Barry & Co. after? They wouldn’t say, but Gary Pruitt, the president and CEO of the Associated Press, had an idea:

He said, “These records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of the newsgathering activities undertaken by the AP during a two-month period, provide a road map to AP’s newsgathering operations and disclose information about AP’s activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know.”

Similarly, the Justice Department secretly obtained then-Fox News reporter James Rosen’s phone records, tracked his movements, and read his emails while investigating possible leaks of classified information to Rosen for an article on North Korea’s nuclear program. One consequence of Barry &Co.’s spying was that longtime sources stopped talking to the Associated Press and other news organizations.

  1. Trying to jail journalists and whistleblowers: For all of President Trump’s mean words and use of the term “fake news,” I think we can all agree that such things aren’t nearly as bad as threatening and spying on journalists, right? Do you still think Barry ‘O’ was an advocate of the free press?  What if I told you he actually tried to put journalists in jail, for simply doing their jobs! The aforementioned James Rosen, who was subjected to spying Barry & Co., was also threatened with jail time when Barry’s Justice Department labeled him a “co-conspirator” with one of his sources who was charged with violating the Espionage Act of 1917 for leaking the information to Rosen. Another ‘journalist,’ James Risen of the New York Times, was similarly treated as a co-conspirator with a government source indicted by Barry & Co. under the Espionage Act. Risen was subpoenaed, and originally compelled to testify against one of his sources.

Barry & Co. used the Espionage Act six times in eight years to go after government sources, more than double the number of all previous administrations combined. Risen would later describe Barry & Co. as “the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation.”

Leonard Downie Jr., the former executive director of the Washington Post, said “the administration’s war on leaks and other efforts to control information are the most aggressive I’ve seen since the Nixon administration.”

I’m of the opinion that a good analogy for the press would be to say it’s like that woman who keeps going back to the significant other even though he continues to mistreat her. Barry hated the press, and yet they did provide service.  They repeatedly lied for him. They were absolutely giddy in his ‘God-like’ presence.  And in the end, the public actually realized that the press doesn’t report ‘news.’  They now take anything that happens and spin it against Trump. He gets 92% negative coverage, yet somehow still manages to get 44 to 48% favorability ratings. The majority of this country hates the media and so now pays little or no attention to them.

Barry tended to strike out only at those in the press who dared to tell the truth about his deception.  Hence his war against Fox News.  President Trump strikes out at our ‘fake news’ media for lying about him, for spreading misinformation and disinformation for no other reason than because they don’t like him. Today those in our so-called ‘free press’ tend to operate more like members of a state-run propaganda machine not unlike Pravda.  I would strongly recommend to my fellow citizens that they do their homework like a lot of folks are now doing.  It’s not hard to put the pieces together if you don’t prejudge the content.

The press hates President Trump because he happens to be ONLY one of few Republicans who possesses the requisite gonads to call the ‘fake news’ media exactly what it is.  The fact is those who comprise our ‘fake news’ media spend 90 percent of their time trying to take down our duly elected president after spending 90 percent of their time kissing Barry’s ass.  Why should it be seen as acceptable for the media to tell non-stop lies about him?  And why is it that just because past Republican presidents have cowered before the media and tried to earn their love, does it mean that President Trump should continue that incredibly insane practice?