Well now that the dust has pretty much settled, it would seem that even after being presented with what I thought was a very clear, even stark, choice regarding the direction the respective parties wish to take our country, it was the gullibility of the American people, at least when it comes to believing the Democrats care about anything other than political power, that once again proved insurmountable.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone with half a brain would see this wisdom in handing over to the Democrats control of any segment of our government.

But then as we all know, the Democrats have come to depend rather heavily on those voters who go through life blissfully uninformed, and therefore willing to believe pretty much whatever it is that they are told.  It seems to matter very little to them that our economy is booming, or that those wishing to come into our country illegally are still allowed to stream over our southern border.  It was those who chose to vote for politicians who seek to stymie our economic growth and favor taking no measures whatsoever to secure our border, that represent a very clear and present danger.

So in deciding to once again allow Democrats to acquire some level of political power, the American people demonstrated what can only be described as a reckless disregard in choosing who will run our government.  And despite how the Democrats made it very clear, throughout their entire campaign, that they had very little interest in keeping our economic recovery moving forward and that they were far more concerned with preventing the president from moving forward with any meaningful border security measures, they still were handed control of the House.

And as someone who loves this country, I had truly hoped that everyone with a (D) after their name would go down in flames, but unfortunately such was not the case.  So while the very last thing that any freedom loving American should ever want to see happen, at any level of government be it local, state or federal, is to have even one more Democrat elected, there were apparently those voters who somehow thought differently.  I can only assume that those voting for Democrats wish to return us to the days of Barry ‘O’s stagnant economy and wide open borders.

In these days where each election seems to be more important than the last, this one was no different. The Democrat Party has become increasingly more radical having moved further to the left.  The rather misplaced priorities of the party should make all the more obvious how it is that the limiting of the freedoms enjoyed by every single American is now firmly in the crosshairs of the Democrat Party.  Therefore anyone concerned about whether their children, and even grandchildren, will be able to live in freedom should take it upon themselves to never vote for ANY Democrat.

We now have in one of our political parties a party that has come to be increasingly made up those who seem to have what can only be described as a rather insatiable appetite for power.   And it is the members of that very party who have what is a vendetta, of sorts, against our country.  And where they once seemed much more concerned about keeping their true motivations better under wraps, these days Democrats seem of have cast aside their cloaks of invisibility and are totally unafraid of allowing their true colors to show through, and for all to see.

And the willingness of the Democrats to lay bare, and pretty brazenly so, that which they seek to bring about in this country seems to have gone pretty much ignored by a great many people, with their increasingly radical behavior seen by many as little more than a nuisance.  And whereas the Democrats were once forced to lie about who they really were and what that sought to bring about, these days they operate much more out in the open and still there are those who will vote for them.  It seems to matter very little to a great many people that Democrats hate America.

Allowing the Democrats to once gain a foothold in our legislative body will, I think, certainly be bad for the country.  It means two years of gridlock and dysfunction, even worse than the gridlock and dysfunction that already plagues our government.  The Democrats have made their plans very clear. They will spend the next two years launching investigation after investigation and wielding their subpoena power in what is nothing more than a blatant attempt to settle political vendettas. Apparently the first item on their list is President Trump’s tax returns.  Not much to look forward to.

The ultimate goal for the Democrat Party is, of course, the impeachment of President Trump, and I have no doubt that they will move toward that goal just as swiftly as possible.  And it is that that everyone who voted for Democrats were really voting for.  Not the economy, not taxes, not even illegal immigration.  And now that they have regained for themselves they will focus on nothing other than the complete dismantling of President Trump’s agenda and the personal destruction of the president himself.  That is what their crazy base demands and why they voted for Democrats.



There has been much talk of late, primarily amongst those on the looney-left, about how this November’s midterm elections will be considered as a referendum on the Trump presidency as it has been executed thus far.  Now while I do agree that this fall’s election will rightly be a referendum, I disagree that it will be about Trump’s presidency.  But one thing the elections will be telling us, once all the dust finally settles, is how just far to the left the American electorate has now been moved.

One thing, for certain, is that it will tell us if the American people are more interested in our booming economy, lower taxes, more stringent border enforcement, being able to obtain reasonably priced healthcare or the fact that wages and median income for minorities are now higher than either have ever been, OR if the American people are more interested in higher taxes, open borders, sanctuary cities and more costly healthcare.  Now you would think the answer would be pretty clear, and yet…

And a number of Democrats, and you all know who they are, have now made it abundantly clear that should they regain control of the House, and God forbid the Senate, their number one priority will be to bring about the end of the Trump presidency, primarily by embarking on what would be nothing more than an agenda of ‘death by a thousand cuts’, or the launching of investigation after investigation. And is that really the direction that anyone with any intelligence would want us to go?

And I also think that this November’s election will tell us much regarding whether or not the American people have finally come to be fed up with the level of corruption now taking place in our nation’s capital and in so doing choose to elect more of those whose only desire in seeking higher public office is to make sure that the people’s business is conducted in the most efficient and lawful way, and also in such way that it serves the best interest of ALL the American people, not to any one political party.

And something else this upcoming election will likely tell us is just how successful those involved in the ‘fake news’ media have been in their effort to assist those in the Democrat Party regarding their ongoing, and very concerted, effort to convince as many Americans as possible that President Trump was only able to beat Hitlery for no other reason than because he had plenty of help from Russia.  This despite the fact that the ONLY collusion that took place was between Russia and Hitlery’s campaign.

And yet what has me more than a little concerned, regarding the upcoming election, is that what seems to be so obvious to me, seems not to be so very obvious to so many of my fellow citizens.  After all, right now we are in the middle of an economic boom that Barry ‘O’ could have only dreamed of.  And yet there seems to be far too many Americans willing to vote for those who advocate policies that would threaten that economic boom and that would return us back to Barry ‘O’s anemic economy.

So the question is, at least at this point, who is it in their right mind who would see it as being in the best interest of our country to elect even one more Democrat to Congress?  To me that is nothing short of complete insanity.  They have shown time and again that they possess a very deep hatred for this country.  And that becomes all the more evident with each success achieved by President Trump.  This simply was not supposed to happen.  It was supposed to be Hitlery now sitting in the Oval Office!



While I remain more than a little skeptical when it comes to all the hype surrounding some impending ‘Blue Wave’ regarding this November’s elections, I am nowhere near confident that the Republicans will manage to hold onto either the House or the Senate.  One reason is that I remain unconvinced that they actually ‘want’ to keep control of Congress.  As for the basis of my skepticism regarding all of this talk of a ‘Blue Wave’ is that it strikes me as being a bit reminiscent of the media’s hype over what was supposed to be a Hitlery landslide in the 2016 presidential election.

And adding further to my skepticism is the fact that both the ‘fake news’ media and Democrats alike have overlooked several key factors, from President Trump’s approval rating within the Republican Party to over 4-percent GDP growth for the latest quarter.  Misreports are paving the way for yet another stunning defeat, with liberal pundits forced to explain again why they were wrong with allegedly data-driven predictions.  What follows are six reasons Democrats may not be able to wrestle control of the House and Senate away from Republicans in November:

  1. Democrats have only won two of ten special elections for Congress against Republican challengers since Trump’s election.

Since Trump’s election, Republicans have won special elections for Congress in Kansas, Montana, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Arizona, Texas and Ohio. Democrats have only two victories, in Alabama and Pennsylvania, that were linked to Republican incumbents or challengers disgraced by bizarre sex scandals. When you’re running against Roy Moore or the GOP incumbent is someone like Tim Murphy, close victories shouldn’t be a sign of any Blue Wave.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, John Ossoff spent $30 million in a losing effort. GOP voters aren’t necessarily swayed by challengers with deep pockets. Trump won being outspent 2–1 by Hitlery.

  1. President Trump has an 85-percent approval rating within the Republican Party.

Liberal pundits don’t realize that GOP voters aren’t voting for a “generic Republican” this November. Polls ranging from a 14-point lead to a 4-point Democrat lead aren’t entirely relevant to Republican voters in historically conservative districts. They’re voting in large part to ensure their representatives don’t take marching orders from Nancy Pelosi or impeach the president.

Most importantly, Trump has the second-highest approval rating within his party at the 500-day mark since WWII. Republicans overwhelmingly support Trump, despite the never-ending histrionics from Hollyweird, the ‘fake news’ media and Twitter warriors. They’re going to show up in November like they’ve done in the ten prior special elections since Trump’s election, where the GOP is 8–2.

  1. Of Americans surveyed, 77 percent believe mainstream media reports “fake news” and only 31 percent have a favorable view of the Democrat Party.

Yes, Democrats have outperformed prior voter turnout figures in recent special elections, but they’ve still lost 8 out of 10 Congressional special elections. This ‘Blue Wave’ is primarily ‘fake news’ media-driven, not policy focused. Furthermore, the ‘fake news’ media and Democrats are reviled by a large segment of the population.

  1. Democrats haven’t achieved more than a net gain of 23 House seats since 2006. They currently need 23 seats in the House and the Senate looks great for Republicans.

Even in the 2008 House elections, with the election of President Barry ‘O’, Democrats only managed a net gain of 21 seats, and that Democrat Party was for more unified and enthusiastic than today’s version.

  1. Democrats are running former CIA officials or candidates too far to the left in conservative districts.

In an era where voters elected Trump to drain ‘The Swamp,’ Democrat candidates Elissa Slotkin in Michigan and Abigail Spanbergerin Virginia are former CIA officials. As for the Medicare for ‘ALL’ candidates running in red states, they’ve yet to justify a Mercatus study that states “a doubling of all currently projected federal individual and corporate income tax collections would be insufficient to finance the added federal costs of the plan.”

  1. The economy, Supreme Court picks, tax cuts and other achievements under the Trump administration.

With Judge Kavanaugh about to be confirmed as President Trump’s second SCOTUS pick, a possible 5-percent GDP figure in late October, and the Mueller Probe fizzling away with Papadapolous receiving a shorter sentence than certain traffic violations, the ‘Blue Wave’ may well turn out to be nothing more than another Democrat fantasy.

I wish I could say that I’m confident in the fact that there are simply not enough Americans willing to vote for those who remain so completely unhinged over an election that took place nearly 2 years ago.  Democrats taking control of the House, the Senate or, God forbid, both would have be devastating for our country on any number of levels.  They stand against all that freedom loving people are for and once in power would work tirelessly to implement their far-left socialist agenda and to reverse all, and mean ALL, of the progress President Trump has made.

The bottom line here is that while I do feel fairly confident that Republicans will manage to hold the Senate, in spite of themselves, I am less confident that the House will be held.  It is concerning to me that so many Republican members seem to be reluctant to talk about the President’s record and touting jobs, tax cuts and the economy.  It feels like the Republicans in the House are just sitting back and seem not to care one way or the other if they are able to keep their majority or not.  If we lose House, that’s it for any progress being made on the Trump agenda.



Even if you happen to be a proud card-carrying member of the Democrat Party you must admit that impeachment-hungry Democrats have next to nothing to offer the American people as being a reason for voting ‘for’ them, nothing but dysfunction of the most destructive kind.  Ever since their unexpected and rather humiliating defeat in 2016 the Democrats have embraced extremism in pursuit of obstruction. They have abandoned any and all pretense of serious governance and share only one goal: the destruction of President Trump’s agenda and his eventual impeachment.

And while the idea of impeachment might thrill Democrat activists, and the party faithful, it would be nothing short of a disaster for America.  It would curtail the Trump administration’s impressive economic and national security progress, and seriously distract Congress from doing its job. The ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda would be stopped dead in its tracks.  It was Clinton hack Terry McAuliffe who recently said that Democrats “ought to look at” impeaching President Trump.  The truth is they’ve been looking at it since the very day he was inaugurated.

Then there’s also ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters who has been calling for President Trump’s impeachment since last year. More recently, this disgusting old bitch demanded the President’s impeachment in May, for scrapping the terrible Iran deal no less, and on at least two separate occasions in March.  And in January, Democrat Al Green introduced a resolution calling for the President’s impeachment and recently maintained that the Democrats would have a “right and privilege” to impeach the President should they manage to win a House majority this November.

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have cautioned against calls for President Trump’s impeachment, but this is solely because they’re worried about galvanizing the Republican base heading into the November elections.  It’s naive to think that the Democrats won’t try to impeach the President should they gain a majority in the midterms.  The party and its state-controlled ‘fake news’ media mouthpieces have spent the last two years crying hysterically that President Trump is a direct threat to the Republic itself, and calling to resist him by any means necessary.

Yet, in the year and a half that he’s been in office, President Trump has pursued policies that have immensely benefited both the United States and the world. The Democrats want nothing more than to reverse all of them.  President Trump’s tax reform and deregulation have resulted in unprecedented job growth, increased wages, and historic gains for some of America’s most underserved communities. A Democrat majority wouldn’t just try to undo President Trump’s tax cuts, it would undoubtedly work overtime to introduce a whole slew of new taxes too.

Handing the reins of power in the House back to the Democrats would not only be devastating for America, it would also be devastating for the rest of the world. President Trump has secured a number of significant foreign policy victories, including a diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea, which would be in jeopardy with the Democrats at the helm in D.C.  At best, the dysfunctional Democrats offer bad economic policies that will drive our nation towards destitution.  At worst, they offer divisive identity politics that will drive our nation towards civil war.

Make no mistake about it, the Trump agenda is very much at stake in the midterm elections this fall, and America’s revival, and dare I say survival, right along with it!  The last thing that Democrats want, and I mean the VERY LAST thing, is a thriving middle class fueling an increasingly prosperous America.  It increases their inability to get more folks addicted to government ‘freebies’ and therefore makes them more difficult to control.  And when it comes to the Democrats, no matter what issue, what it always boils down to is being better able to control the people.

The Democrat Party is the party of hate.  Ask any Democrat what they stand for and they will only tell you what they are against.  We cannot let hate win in November.  Can you imagine the chaos these degenerates will unleash upon this country if they get the House!  They will tank the economy and the market as payback to not only President Trump, but his millions of supporters as well, not caring one little bit what they are doing to the country as a whole!  Americans must realize that if the Democrats take the House in November, they will impeach the president.

The American left has long been something of an absurdity, when they encountered only token opposition their insanity remained in check.  But the idea that we will do away with borders while providing medical care for all, as well as welfare and all the myriad subsidies already in place is simply insane. Any person who would, from a position of leadership, call for this kind of insanity is not probably himself or herself insane, but more likely a malicious power hungry psychopath.  Rabidly hard core, oppressive, totalitarian, statists have now completely taken over the Democrat Party.

Government will need a great deal more coercive power to keep things even slightly in order if we abandon our borders completely while providing ‘free’ medical care and full welfare subsidies to the entire world of people who will want these things. Likewise, the taxation on we producers will rise enormously, it won’t take much to persuade many of us to drop our tools and join the new revolutionary army. The Democrats know that the longer President Trump is able to make positive changes here in America (and the world) the harder it will be for them to bring him down.

“Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don’t need it and hell where they already have it.”  Ronald Reagan


Pelosi 18

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that the much talked about ‘blue wave’ becomes a reality.  What is it that the American people can expect to see happen when Nancy Pelosi once again takes possession of the gavel as many seem to suggest that she will?  Despite leading her party to one of the worst defeats in congressional history back in 2010, after she ballooned the deficit and pushed Obamacare through passage she is yet again poised to become the next Speaker.  And yet, the agenda we can expect to see from Democrats differs little from the agenda we saw in 2010.

Theoretically, having Democrats lead part of a divided government could play to President Trump’s deal-making skills. Because the fact is that most of the country’s major problems, the high cost of health care; the national debt; the sinking entitlements, cannot be solved without bipartisanship.  Unfortunately, as is usually the case, Democrats are in no mood to compromise. The Democrat definition of ‘compromise’ consists of forcing Republicans to abandon their positions and simply surrender to the Democrats and grant their demands.

As we have seen in the past Pelosi has no problem with preventing Congress from getting anything done.  Instead, she will hold symbolic votes that put Republicans on the spot ahead of the 2020 elections. Her agenda is simple: impeach, tax, bail out.  And it is that agenda that the American people can expect to see playout unless the majority of them make a concerted effort to ensure that the previous mentioned ‘blue wave’ becomes little more than a ‘blue ripple.’  Because unless ‘We the People’ take it upon ourselves to stop her, Nancy will make good on her agenda of:

Impeach. Pelosi has downplayed talk of impeachment on the campaign trail, and has let it be known that she is not happy with the effort of left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer to force the issue. But most of that irritation is just for show. Pelosi’s deputy, Steny Hoyer, has already accused Trump of “treason” and said that impeachment could be discussed after Democrats take the House.

Given that Republicans are likely to maintain control of the Senate — thanks to the fact that Democrats have 25 seats at stake, versus eight for the GOP — there is little chance that President Trump would be convicted and removed from office. But Democrats will impeach the president merely to punish him for having been elected in the first place, and to placate their rabid “progressive” activists. They will also use the impeachment process and vote to make the case against Trump for the 2020 presidential election.

Tax. Pelosi infamously called the Republican tax cuts “crumbs” — then had to walk that back after companies started using their tax breaks to give their employees hefty bonuses. But she left no doubt that Democrats will raise taxes if and when they take the majority. (As she put it in May, Democrats want to “revise” the tax cuts.) Pelosi has trashed each month’s new jobs report as if America is suffering rather than prospering at 4.1% growth and record-low minority unemployment, especially among minorities.

The Senate — assuming it is still run by Republicans — will reject Pelosi’s new taxes. However, she intends to put each and every Republican senator up for re-election in 2020 — and there will be 20, versus only 11 seats at stake for Democrats — on record as supporting “tax cuts for the rich” versus whatever wonderful programs she can pretend the tax cuts would have been used to fund.

Bail Out. Obamacare cost Pelosi the Speaker’s gavel in 2010. Now it is costing American families thousands of dollars in monthly payments for high-deductible insurance policies that are often useless anyway. Republicans promised to repeal and replace it — but could not find the votes. Democrats want to keep the system afloat by bailing out insurers — though they cannot find the money. Their real goal is socialized medicine — “Medicare for All” — as conservatives had warned was Democrats’ intent from the start.

Senate Republicans should reject that — but then again, they may not. If the upper chamber remains as closely divided as it is today, Democrats would just need a few defections from swing-state Senators to impose government health care on America.

In sum, Speaker Pelosi 2.0 offers virtually nothing more than a do-nothing Congress, whose sole agenda will be to remove President Trump — by impeachment if possible or by election if necessary.  And despite Pelosi’s deep unpopularity, she WILL be the Speaker come next January, unless the American people choose to stop her.  So you see, the choice is ours.  Turnout will be paramount if we who love and wish to protect this country from the likes of Pelosi are to succeed in sending this witch back into the muck from which crawled out of those many years ago.

What she wants is very simple: Open borders for illiterate welfare wannabees and drug dealers, as well as Moslem terrorists, Barry ‘O’s – no care – health care. She wants predator men in public toilet areas to molest, and rape women and young girls. She wants less money for the military and to then shift that money to dead beat parasites who have no right to the money of taxpayers.  These and many other insane policies are what the Democrat will be attempting to use in destroying America, and pushing the U.S. towards a Socialist/Communist society like Cuba and Venezuela.

All that and a complete surrender in the so-called ‘trade wars’ and the allowing of other countries to run up even more massive trade surpluses.  That and the liberal desire to tie U.S. businesses down with burdensome and extremely costly global warming regulations, the effort to ban fracking, and the age old dream of those on the left to regulate, quite literally, every aspect of Americans’ lives.  When you put that all together you have the dream agenda of every Leftist, including Pelosi.  We MUST make clear to ALL that these are NOT the policies that we want.

Look, I would think that it would be painfully obvious by now, especially after our eight year sleigh ride to Hell under Barry ‘O’, that the Democrats have NO desire to make America better, they wish only to push their twisted agenda, no matter how screwed up it is, just to destroy Trump, regardless of how much collateral damage it may cause to the country!  Pelosi is the warning sign for every sane American not to vote for a Democrat. No matter how much they may smile or how much they promise, mark my words, Democrats will always be traitors to the United States of America.



Despite the constant drumbeat coming from those within the Democrat Party about the coming ‘Blue Wave’, and all of the many NeverTrumpers who are actually hoping for just such an eventuality, it would seem that the latest round of polls the purpose of which is to look at the generic ballot tend to show a rather dramatic drop for Democrats as we head into the 2018 mid-terms elections.  Of course, as we’ve seen before, you can’t always trust what polls say.

But, be that as it may, in the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Democrats enjoyed a seven point advantage as recently as last week.  However, as of today, that lead has no slipped to a mere five points.  That five point lead, though, includes polls going back to mid-July, including an outlier Quinnipiac poll that gave Democrats a 12 point lead. If you look only at the four polls taken this month, the Democrat lead drops to an average of just 2 (2.25) points.

Rasmussen shows Democrats at +4 (45-41 percent) — down from +6 last week.  IBD/TIPP has both parties all tied up at 45 percent — down from +8 Democrat lead at the end of June.  Economist/YouGov has Democrats +3 (44-41 percent) — down from +4 last week.  Reuters/Ipsos has Democrats +2 (41-39 percent) — down from +6 last week.  There are a number of possible explanations for this fairly dramatic movement away from the Big ‘Blue Wave.’

To begin with, we’ve had some undeniably good economic news of late, which voters are crediting to President Trump.  Also, the president has been aggressively stumping for Republicans, holding as many as three rallies just last week.  What’s more, despite the best efforts of those in our ‘fake news’ media to hide all of the good economic news, and to protect Democrats from themselves, it’s all thanks to the alternative media, that the ‘real news’ is getting out.

Other ‘real news’ is also managing to get out.  News that makes very clear the extremism of the Pelosi left, and just how radical those on the left have now become, and the message about the reality of what a Democrat-controlled House would likely mean for the country.  Such things as endlessly ginned up scandals directed at the president, the worst kind of gridlock, bitter partisanship, and most certainly a move to impeach President Trump over nonsense.

While there is no question that Democrats are energized as we head into the 2018 midterms, as they run around praising socialism, putting illegal aliens above law-abiding American citizens, and promise to dismantle border enforcement and ICE, these are the kinds of terrifying realities that energize the rest of America and would tend to turn off reasonable Democrats.  I can’t help but wonder how possessing such an agenda forms the basis of a sound strategy.

Frankly, that the Democrats can still be said to be leading by ANY amount as we head into the next contest is beyond me.  Are there really enough folks who agree with the Democrat on everything from immigration to taxes?  Do my fellow Americans REALLY want a return to the transformative policies of Barry ‘O’?  Do they not see that a Democrat Congress will work tirelessly to halt President Trump’s agenda dead in its tracks and to impeach the president?

And how ignorant does one have to be not to see that this one sided pursuit of the President by Mr. Mueller and his band of merry men of Democrats IS a witch hunt, while the real elitist criminal, Hitlery, is allowed to escape all manner of punishment for her REAL crimes.  Do Americans REALLY want to have unequal justice and a set of rules for the elite and another set of rules for the rest of us?  I truly hope America wakes up and realizes this election IS about the future of this country.

Let’s face it, the choice has never been more clear. President Trump and the Republicans seek to make America great again economically, militarily and constitutionally, a place where the individual is trusted to make their own decisions about their lives.  And it’s the SOCIALIST Democrats who seek the return of ‘Big Brother’ and even Bigger Government, where the individual is looked down upon as being too stupid to make the PROPER decisions for themselves.

The Democrats and their voters have become literally consumed by their hatred of President Trump. They would rather destroy the country than see Trump succeed.  The Democrats and their minions in the media have one goal, destroy the president and discredit his supporters.  But, will the voters who supported President Trump turn out? Because, as we know, polls can be wrong, and sometimes deliberately so, to create a false impression or to inspire the other side.



Far too often the amount of money raised by a specific party or candidate is used as being a kind of barometer in determining who’s likely to win an election.  And with word now coming that Democrat members and candidates for the House are bringing in huge donations heading into the November midterm elections we’re being led to believe that that would seem to indicate that Democrats are in a very good position to retake control of Congress.  But I would tend to disagree.

And we’re also told by those who get paid to comment on such things, that if the 2018 midterm elections were held today, the Republicans could stand to lose 56 seats in the House, effectively handing over the speaker’s gavel and committee chairmanships to Democrats.  And while the Republicans, notably, have much less debt than do the Democrats, we’re told that there is a ‘blue wave’ of Democrat support now bubbling just below the surface in many areas all across the country.

The ‘Cook Political Report’ recently released a revised House ratings map for every congressional district in the U.S. Friday and found that Democrats have a shot at up to 56 seats in November.  Some 25 of those seats are in districts that “Lean Republican,” meaning the race is seen as a competitive race, but Republicans have a small advantage in those districts. Another 22 of the 56 districts are considered “Republican Toss Ups,” which means either party has a chance of winning.

There are nine Republicans up for reelection this cycle who are in districts that either lean Democrat or have a Democrat that is “likely” to take the election.  And there are also fifty House Republicans who are said to be resigning, retiring or seeking other office in 2018.  Roughly 22 House members retire each election cycle, so to say the party is going through a tumultuous period of change would not be an exaggeration.  But I don’t think we should make it into something bigger than it is.

And in an attempt to put these fundraising numbers into some sort of perspective, I think it’s important to note that candidate Hitlery raised twice as much money as did candidate Trump and what exactly did it get her?  Nothing more than another second place finish!  And while many of her supporters are still feeling cheated nearly two years later, normal people are able to recognize the fact that America dodged a rather sizable bullet in 2016 and breathe a healthy sigh of relief.

And I think it also important to point out that all the money in the world isn’t going to change the fact that the Democrat Party has no platform, beyond ‘Impeach Trump’ and ‘Open Borders’ on which to run.  I would argue that these would be two sure-fire losing campaign messages.  And I mentioned earlier, Hitlery raised $1 billion and still lost, proving the point in rather spectacular fashion, that you can put financial lipstick on a pig, but it doesn’t alter the fact that it’s still just a pig.

And I think it’s a rather bold statement to make the claim that, “If the 2018 midterm elections were held today, Republicans could stand to lose 56 seats in the House.” Because it means absolutely nothing in what has become an environment of Democrat collapse, driven by a number of growing movements, including the Red Pill movement and the #WalkAway movement that has lifelong Democrats abandoning the Democrat Party in what has been described as significant numbers.

We’re told that President Trump’s approval among Hispanics is up 10 percent during this “border separating, abolish ICE’ brouhaha, and also that millennials are leaving the party in droves. There’s a clear trend here, and it’s AWAY from the Democrat Party.  Spouting off financial numbers is completely useless when the party is in such a state of philosophical collapse, which will eventually leave only the most rabid of supporters, who are also the ones mostly likely to donate.



Ever since he guaranteed that Romney was going to win in a landslide back in 2012 it’s become a rather rare event for me to put much stock in any of Dick Morris’s political predictions.  So while I would like nothing better than for him to be right on the money regarding his most recent prediction of a ‘Red Wave’ come this November, I have a nagging little voice in the back of my head telling me that Republicans have effectively shot themselves in both feet because of their dislike for Trump.

Apparently Morris theory regarding the midterms stems from his thinking that the Democrats are repeating the same mistakes Republicans made by attacking ex-president ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton back in the late 1990s over Monica Lewinsky.  It was this past Sunday on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” that Morris seemed to shoot down the idea that there will be a “blue wave” in the 2018 midterm elections, instead saying that it’s a “red wave” that’s on the way.

Morris said he believes “Democrats are overplaying their hand” by going after President Trump for the Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels scandals, instead of focusing on issues heading into the midterm elections, adding that it will show in the 2018 elections.  He said, “I think that [Democrats] see fool’s gold in these scandal.” And added, “They’re putting everything behind the Stormy Daniels scandal and Michael Cohen … and the country doesn’t give a damn.”

Morris claims, “There is no blue wave coming. There is a red wave. And what makes it red is the blood of the Democratic Party.”  He pointed to the rise in President Trump’s approval ratings saying, “Since the Stormy Daniels scandal started, Trump’s approval rating has gone from 40 to 45.”  And he went on to say, “From the beginning of the year it has gone from 37 to 45.  And the advantage of the Democrats over the Republicans in the House elections has been cut more than in half.”

Like I said, there is nothing I would like better than for Morris to be proven right here.  But sadly I tend to think that it’s nothing more than a way to gain for himself few more radio and television invites.  Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone out there who actually believes anything of what they say or if they’re ALL just telling us what they think we want to here until we lose this whole enchilada called America.  And I worry that should this ‘blue wave’ occur, it’ll be the final nail in our coffin.

So, while I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel, I am a very long way from having any sort of a warm and fuzzy that things will go in the direction that’s best for the country come this November.  I pray Morris will be proven right, but at the same time I’m not holding my breath.  Will the American people decide to send to Congress more of those willing to work with the president, or more of those seeking only to exact a bit of revenge by working to impeach him?  I guess we just wait and see.



Well it would appear as if all the talk coming from Democrats about what they intend to do ‘when’ they take control of the House this November, things like to impeach the president, to raise taxes and to drive a stake through the heart of the Trump Agenda, ‘may’ be having a bit of an adverse effect.  The Communist News Network (CNN) recently released a poll, on Wednesday, the results of which shocked even its own political pundits.  Because it would seem that the much heralded “Blue Wave” so hoped for by many in the Democrat Party regarding the coming midterm elections, has now pretty much evaporated.  At least that’s what we’re all being led to believe.

Anyway, it’s according to this recent poll that the Democrat generic Congressional Ballot advantage has dwindled to three points, 47 percent to 44 percent among registered voters, two points below the five point generic advantage Democrats need to hold onto the 196 seats they currently hold. That five point bar is due to the significant gerrymandering advantage Republicans obtained when Republican majority state legislatures in states that had Democrat majority legislatures in 2000 redrew Congressional district lines after the 2010 census.  The CNN poll of 901 registered voters was conducted between May 2 and 5, and has a margin of error of 3.8 points.

The fall to a three point advantage has been a steep one for Democrats, who according to the same CNN poll held a 16 point generic Congressional ballot advantage as recently as this past December.  And even CNN’s Chris Cillizza had to bring himself to admit that the poll could actually be good news for the Republican Party.  Cillizza wrote, “But dig into the poll further and other shoots of optimism for Republicans sprout up.”  And he then went on to add:

  1. The economy is becoming more prominent as a voting issue, as Trump recedes somewhat. More than 8 in 10 voters (84%) say the economy will be “extremely” or “very” important to their votes, while 64% say the same of the President. The better the economy does — or is perceived to be doing — and the less that people see the 2018 election as a straight referendum on Trump, the better for Republican chances.
  2. While Trump’s job approval numbers remain stuck in the low 40s, he appears to be less of a drag on congressional Republicans today than he was a few months ago. In January, 52% said they would be more likely to vote for a congressional candidate who opposes Trump, while 41% said they’d be more likely to back someone who supports him. That margin has narrowed in the new poll; 48% said they’d rather choose a candidate who opposes Trump, while 43% prefer a candidate who supports the President.
  3. Republicans are getting more interested in the 2018 election. In March, just 1 in 3 GOPers (and GOP-leaning independents) said they were “very enthusiastic” about the midterms. That number is up to 44% in the new CNN survey.

Now even with all that said the RealClearPolitics Average of Polls paints a slightly better picture for the Democrats, currently giving them a 6.1 percent generic Congressional ballot advantage.  Yet even though Nancy Pelosi has been very loudly and quite publicly measuring the drapes in the Speaker’s Office for some time now, her advisers who are reading the latest polls may well be telling her it would not be prudent to begin selecting new patterns quite yet, or to at least be doing so a bit more quietly and a little less publically.  But I doubt Ms. Pelosi will soon be following anyone’s advice in that regard.  She seems convinced the Democrats “Will Win!”

Or, should those of us on the right consider this CNN poll as being little more than another bit of ‘fake news’, the purpose of which is to lull us into what is meant to be some false sense of security or into thinking that we have this thing all but completely wrapped up?   Might a better strategy, on our part, be to simply ignore any and all polls, and simply work as hard as we possibly can to elect more ‘Trump’ Republicans to Congress?  The president has done the best he can with the ‘help’ that he now has.  But it’s time for us to step up.  The ‘midterm tradition’ is about to be hammered.  We MUST NOT surrender Congress to the party of slavery, amnesty, and illegal aliens.

To be honest, Democrats are little more than the political equivalent of drug dealers whose ‘success’ is measured only by how many ‘constituents’ they are able to keep firmly addicted to government ‘freebies’, who then willingly cast their vote in exchange for obtaining the ‘fix’ that only Democrats are willing to provide.  Of course there is no real ‘fix’ only a business model that provides the party with a near endless pool of voters and which provides not one clue about fixing such issues as joblessness, drug dependency or crime.  If anything the Democrats do their darnedest to keep all of those things going the same way that they aggressively support open borders.

I feel pretty confident in saying that Americans all across the political spectrum have become tired of the incessant, relentless and pretty much nonstop political BS.  People are experiencing negativity overload and are now so sick of all the repetitive lies and fictitious scandals that simply don’t appear to accurately reflect any sort of reality.  The leftists will remain tone deaf, vile and nasty, because hate and lies are all they know, it’s their default mode, which they substitute for true solutions.   But as we all know, the left doesn’t really want real solutions. They can only survive by sowing discord and disunity. The left is a joke, an asinine parody of reality.

So it would seem to me that the ONLY viable option available to those of us who are so desperately in search of real solutions for what are some very real problems is to, like it or not, vote for those who, at least going in, say they will support the president that we elected.  It seems to make absolutely no sense to me to vote for those, in either party, whose only interest is in trying for a do-over regarding the last election.  The time has come to move on.  There are issues in need of being addressed, and while we have a president willing to tackle those issues, he has now gone about as far as he can by himself.  Those in Congress are going to need to do their part.

And that’s where we the voters come in.  As I mentioned earlier there have been numerous Democrats who have already made it very clear what their priorities will be when, and not if, they are permitted to again assume control of the House, and, perhaps, the Senate as well.  And those priorities include, but are obviously not limited to, the impeaching of our duly elected president, the attempting to revisit our recent tax cuts and to do all that can be done to stifle the Trump agenda.  These are not the priorities for making America stronger, safer or more prosperous, and therefore are not the priorities that we the American people should be voting for.



GOP 14

I tend not to spend much time speculating about polls, especially those that at least ‘appear’ to be favorable to those on my side.  But at the risk of jinxing things I felt it necessary to spend a few minutes regarding some new ‘Morning Consult’ polls that apparently show the Democrats ‘could be’ in serious trouble in Senate races all across the country.  Because it’s at this particular moment that it appears Republicans now have serious leads in West Virginia where incumbent Democrat Joe Manchin trails by 14 points, in North Dakota where incumbent Democrat Heidi Heitkamp trails by 8, and in Indiana where incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly trails by 5.

Also Democrats also seem to be in a bit of trouble in Missouri, where incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill trails by 5, in Montana where incumbent Democrat Jon Tester trails by 5, in Florida where incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson is locked in a near-deadlock with Rick Scott, and in Pennsylvania and Ohio where incumbent Democrats Bill Casey and Sherrod Brown are leading by less than two points each, plus Virginia, where Timmy Kaine leads by just 3 on the generic ballot.  So the best-case scenario has the Republicans actually winning up to nine additional Senate seats.  But November is still a very long way away and there is much that can happen.

The polls also ‘appear’ less than favorable for the Democrats in the House where the RealClearPolitics poll average for the generic ballot has Democrats up 6.7%, but the polls are all over the place.  The Economist/YouGov has Democrats with a 3-point lead, Quinnipiac has Democrats with an 8-point lead, as does Monmouth.  The best available data seems to suggest that Democrats are heavy favorites to take the House, but face a seriously uphill battle to take the Senate from Republicans.  This is a rarity in modern politics; the last time a president’s party picked up seats in the Senate but lost seats in the House was Ronald Reagan back in 1982.

And it was in 1970 that Richard Nixon’s Republicans lost 12 seats in the House but picked up two seats in the Senate.  And it was in 1962 that Kennedy’s Democrats lost four House seats but gained three Senate seats. Today, Republicans are expected to lose dozens of House seats but could simultaneously pick up a half-dozen Senate seats.  Given our wildly divisive politics, this isn’t particularly shocking.  But it is a sign that our national divisions are serious and regional — that politics can’t easily be nationalized. And that means that President Trump still has a path in 2020 to victory, if he can eke out wins in the same states he did in 2016.

One thing that I would like to think that the Republicans may have in their favor is a Democrat platform that has as its major planks things like reparations and the ‘promise’ of gutting much of our First and Second Amendment rights.  And then there’s the Democrat Party’s intense hatred of all white people especially those who reside in ‘Red’ states.  To me that would seem to be a losing platform.  And also, instead of the usual relatively muted response to a presidential defeat that they usually display, they lost their freaking minds and have therefore put conservatives on the defense instead of lulling them into an apathetic stupor.

I do kind of like the way the election is shaping up.  We have prosperity, a level of which that hasn’t been seen for decades, a possible big triumph over North Korea, and growing black support, a mainstay of the Democrats has seen a nearly 10 point erosion in just this week as people wake up to the idea that being employed and having control of your life is better than being dependent on Democrat politicians on the welfare plantation.  If Trump or the Republicans pick up another few points in approval I think both the Senate and the House can be held.  With a solid control of Congress Trump can proceed with making America great again.

While we know Paul Ryan will not be returning, those now being mentioned most prominently as candidates for his replacement would bring about little change.  What I think would go a very long way in helping the Republicans maintain control of the House is Rep. Jim Jordan being selected as Ryan’s successor.  If voters knew going in that Jordan would be the next Speaker it just might be what the doctor ordered as far as convincing people to give the Republicans one more shot at being the majority party.  And over in the Senate, Mitch McConnell has got to go.  He has been nothing but an abject failure as the majority leader in the Senate.

And you wouldn’t think the antics of congressional Democrats over the course of the last two years would convince enough voters that they deserve being in charge of Congress. Time and again they have continually demonstrated that they have absolutely no interest in helping working class Americans.  They are all about getting power, but when they get it, do nothing positive with it.  A perfect example of that would be the first two years of Barry’s first term when all they did was to force ‘passage’ of Obamacare, which hasn’t stopped costing us money and unraveling since day one.  Do we really want to go down that road again?