You know, there’s an old saying that goes something like this: “Even a crazy person will run out of a burning building,” and yet when it comes to the Democrats’ own little version of a burning building, that being the concerted effort now being undertaken by them to impeach a duly elected president, and for no other reason than because he dared to win an election, it would seem that few may be willing to exit the building.  And believe it or not, it’s their so-called leadership that actually seems to prefer going up in flames, if for no other reason than at least they’ll all go up in flames together.  They seem quite content to move forward with this lunacy.

It was on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” that we heard one of these supposed ‘leaders’, Steny Hoyer, say that he wasn’t sure if every House Democrat would choose to vote for what’s being called an “impeachment inquiry resolution” scheduled for today, Thursday.   And it was in discussing if there was actually a need for a formal vote on the impeachment inquiry that host Chuck Todd, a very enthusiastic supporter of impeaching the president, said, “There are some members, he’s not alone, he voiced it, that not everybody’s convinced you need this vote tomorrow.  Make the case.”  Oh yes, Steny, by all means make the case!

To which Hoyer said, “They’re correct. We don’t need the vote tomorrow. The court has indicated that we can proceed as we have been proceeding. However, what Jerry didn’t mention is we are contemplating changing from what is essentially the investigatory phase of this matter into the open hearing—public hearing—phase of the consideration of whether or not there is evidence to believe that the president has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.”  Let’s face it, it is only in the alternate universe where the Democrats now seem to reside that there is any actual proof that the president has committed any ‘crime’ that would warrant being impeached.

Hoyer went on to say, “And in that public hearing, we want to make sure that everybody understands this is going to be due process.”  And he added, “This is going to be fair. It’s not going to be like the trial in the Senate, but it will be a forum in which the president is given the opportunity to call witnesses, to cross-examine, to have his representatives present. And for the president himself to be present. So this is … in the fact that this is a procedural matter, it’s not necessary to carry out our constitutional duties, but we think appropriate.”  What Democrats think is “appropriate?”  Seriously?  This is nothing but the railroading of a president!

When asked if he expected all House Democrats to vote for the impeachment inquiry, Hoyer said, “I hope we don’t lose any Democrats.”  He added, “Jim Clyburn and I have talked, and I don’t know whether we’re going to get every Democrat.”  And as it turned out, there were two Democrats who actually saw the wisdom in running out of that burning building that the Democrats themselves have managed to set ablaze.  At the risk of repeating myself, it has been on a number of previous occasions that I have made the argument that the sole motivation behind this partisan attempt to remove President Trump from office is because he simply was not supposed to win.

I think most folks, even many Democrats, have to admit that Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat House will go down as being the single best example of the worst squandering of a House majority and as the least productive House in history!  When President Trump mentioned “endless investigations” in his most recent State of the Union address, I must admit I chuckled. But he was absolutely right!  From Russian collusion, to obstruction of justice and now this Ukraine nonsense, Democrats have moved from one ‘investigation’ to the next and in so doing have succeeded only in portraying themselves as the party with ZERO ideas to offer the American.

‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, ‘Pumpkin-Head’ Nadler, ‘Botox’ Nancy, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, to name but a few of those lunatics involved in what is nothing more than a ‘witch hunt!’  And it’s in the process, and this is just my own personal opinion, that they have succeeded in doing little more than to put those Democrats considered to be vulnerable in what is, for any politician, the worst possible situation.  If they don’t vote in favor of impeachment, they will get primaried by some left-wing nut who could likely win because the Democrat base has lost its collective mind.  If they do vote for it, they’ll likely lose their next election to any Republican with a pulse.

And I find it rather telling that despite all of the claims of supposed wrongdoing made against this president, Democrats still have yet to make a case, and at the same time seem to be quietly admitting that not all of those on their side have been convinced, as evidenced by the fact that two Democrats chose to vote against this resolution. The fact is, if Democrats had any proof of an actual crime, they would make their case to the American people publicly.  Instead, they’ve launched into yet another fishing expedition with a few Democrats now admitting they don’t actually have anything to impeach him over. The longer this goes on, the worse things look for the Democrats.


Democrats 91

What is it about our modern day Democrats that has them thinking that what will present to them their best chance to defeat President Trump and to also seize complete control of Congress, is by proudly declaring their deep and abiding hatred of the entire concept of America?  I mean, what sense does it make to want to be in charge of a country that you have absolutely NO love for?  Is it just to satisfy some twisted need to be in charge of something?  And a question for voters should be, do you really want someone who hates your country to be responsible for both its economic wellbeing as well as for its national security?  For me, that’s a big NO!

It has become a rather sad routine to watch leftwing politicians literally salivating over the violent carnage in America, viewing it, I assume, as being something that will make it far easier for them to advance their toxic agenda of depriving citizens of their right to protect themselves, their families and their neighbors, from exactly the violent carnage they claim to be seeking to bring an end to.  In truth, they have no solutions, or at least any that make sense.  Take for instance “Big Toe” O’Rourke who in an attempt to breathe life into a failing presidential campaign has vowed to send armed government agents door to door rounding up the guns of law-abiding citizens.

As someone on the outside looking in, It’s hard to understand how a politician, any politician regardless of political affiliation, could be so self-absorbed, as well as so driven by their desire to possess at least some level of political power, that they would willingly stoop to exploiting any tragedy for their own personal and political gain, especially when the tragedy involves schoolchildren who have been slaughtered.  The general philosophy among so many on the left is to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  And it’s something that has become increasingly easy for Democrats if for no other reason that they’re detached in that they don’t personally know any of the dead.

And then we have everyone’s favorite two time loser, Hitlery, who actually knew Rep. E-lie-jah Cummings personally and yet still chose to exploit his funeral, using it as an opportunity to score what must be seen as being the very cheapest of political points, and on national television no less.  Apparently she simply couldn’t help herself when it came to delivering what was an utterly classless “eulogy” during which Hitlery made a thinly veiled reference to President Trump as the wicked King Ahab from the Bible.  I mean who is it that thinks in this manner and that wasting an opportunity the purpose of which is to celebrate a life on purely partisan politics is a good idea?

And it was during her ‘eulogy’ that Hitlery said, “Like that Old Testament prophet, [Rep. Cummings] stood against corrupt leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel and looked out for the vulnerable among us. He lifted up the next generation of leaders. He even worked a few miracles. And he kept reminding us life is no dress rehearsal. The American people want to live their lives without fear of their leaders.”  I’m not sure who Queen Jezebel is in this strange passage, but nobody had any doubts about who King Ahab was.  It’s in Hitlery that we have someone who seems to think that she has been prevented from achieving that which was somehow owed to her.

But to be honest, it is perhaps no display of political exploitation that has been more disgusting than the recent reaction of House Democrats to the thrilling news that ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi blew himself up after U.S. special operations forces cornered him in Syria.  This was a man who was, simply put, a heinous butcher who raped women and girls, ripped out fingernails, burned people alive and preached beheadings for nonbelievers.  His final act before plunging into the fiery pits of Hell was to murder three of his own children.  And yet we heard all manner of kind words referencing this thug from both the Democrats and their many minions in ‘fake news.’

The reaction of top Democrats in Congress?  Well, that was their outrage over the fact that President Trump had not told them about the raid beforehand.  President Trump, and understandably so, explained that the mission was simply too sensitive to risk looping in hopelessly partisan Democrats in Congress who might then go blabbing about the raid and endanger the lives of U.S. troops.  Proving the president’s point exactly, Speaker Pelosi specifically complained that President Trump had notified Russian officials. Get it?  Because it sounds like more Russia “collusion.”  With every passing day, these people become more and more impossible to take seriously.

So the only remaining mystery here is trying to determine just how far the Democrat Party might be willing to go?  When this latest ‘witch hunt’ fails and it becomes certain that President Trump will win re-election and the Democrats, despite their best efforts, will lose the House, will they then try to convince their followers to take to the streets and overthrow the election by force?  After all, these people seek only absolute power and have no human decency left within them. They sold their souls a very long time ago and will not give up their unholy quest without a fight to the finish. That’s the reason they continue to fight tooth and nail against President Trump.

The Democrat Party ceased being a political party and more a group of insidious malcontents with the election of Barry O’Bummer.  It’s a death cult.  Its sacraments are the blood of anyone they can destroy with an especially high premium now on the blood of our children.  Those who now comprise the Democrat Party are at their most vibrant and enthusiastic when presiding at a funeral.  A funeral is a time of macabre sinister celebration for the Democrat, and Hitlery is certainly no exception, and is veritably orgasmic with the gleaming rictus grin of death animating her every word at any celebration of death she can manage to obtain an invite to.

However, even with all of that being said, we must take them very seriously.  What they continue to do here is to undertake a coup.  And if they end up being unsuccessful in their effort to remove President Trump from office does anyone seriously doubt that the Democrats would then resort to what they would then likely view as being their only remaining viable option, that of course being the inciting of violence the level which could easily be described as a civil war.  As for myself I have personally decided to nix rabid evangelizing liberals from my life. How can I break bread with people who hate or are against everything that I love?

And on the subject of Democrats and funerals, they do have quite the tradition of turning ‘funerals’ into ‘fun-erals.’ During the 2002 memorial service for Paul Wellstone, ‘Slick Willy’,Hitlery and Walter Mondale, along with many other Democrats in attendance, were caught on camera laughing at one another’s comments.  And when ‘Slick Willy’ noticed the cameras were on him he went from guffaw mode to grief mode in a nanosecond.  And then there were those memorable pictures of Barry ‘O’ having a good time at the Nelson Mandela funeral. The best were with him leaning into some blonde Nordic chick while taking selfies as the funeral went on.

Hitlery is, and really always has been, a rather despicable degenerate and a very corrupt individual possessing an inbred sense of hatred for white conservative Americans, you know those that she once referred to ‘Deplorables,’ and refuses to acknowledge any black person who has the audacity to declare themselves to be a conservative or who expresses any level of support for conservatives and Republicans.  She is despised by millions who would love nothing more than to see weekly updated photos of her behind bars.  That we came so close to having this disgusting reprobate as our president sends a cold chill down my spine every time I think about it.

Having never been a Democrat at any point in my 60+ years on this Earth, I find it rather difficult to comprehend how it is that anyone of my age, who has been a lifelong Democrat could, today, still see the wisdom in voting for those in a political party now represented by those who possess a deep loathing not only for the country and for those most responsible for giving it life, but also for a Constitution that has served us so well for over 230 years.  It’s quite literally every day that Democrats continue to offer proof that they, as a party, are no longer worthy of that which they are so desperate to achieve.  The power to run things as they see fit!

The left’s descent into depravity and downright lunacy has taken on the appearance of a political process which has now morphed into a psychological one.  They call themselves progressive when in fact it’s only regression that we see coming from them and many of the policies that they wish to foist on the rest of us.  They are actually doing President Trump’s re-election job for him by reminding everyone how utterly meaningless they are to any hard-working person’s existence!  The Democrat Party is a cancer on America and it’s the Clintons who are a cancer on the Democrat Party.  And I only hope that both stay around long enough to finish each other off.



I think we can all agree that nearly all of our supposed ‘news’ organizations these days are pretty leftwing in their approach to presenting what they laughably still refer to as being genuine ‘news.’  Now I agree that I should have no say in what it is that they say, I do, however, feel I should have a say in what comes from those organizations that receive my tax money.  I’ve never been able to figure out why any of my tax dollars should be going to fund two, National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting System (PBS), supposed ‘news’ outlets that together form what is really nothing more than a government sponsored/taxpayer funded propaganda apparatus.

Now I’m sure everyone has now heard how it was that The Washington Post had some very kind words for the ISIS terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was recently escorted off to meet up with his 72 virgins, dying courtesy of the suicide vest he detonated when he became trapped in a tunnel in northwest Syria by U.S. troops.  But it was not alone when it came to offering such kind remembrances of this thug.  You see, it was during special coverage of President Trump’s announcement on Sunday of the successful mission that NPR actually chose to praise the man who was responsible for beheading three Americans and enslaving and killing an American woman.

Host Lulu Garcia-Navarro led a roundtable discussion with NPR reporters Greg Myre, Tamara Keith and Daniel Estrin about al Baghdadi’s death and asked them to tell listeners about the terrorist.  And it was Mr. Myre who said, “He led a movement that we’ve never seen before.”  And he said, “ISIS had tens of thousands of members, fighters, coming in from all over the world.” He went on to say, “They controlled massive amounts of territory — in Eastern Syria and Western and Northern Iraq.”  And then said, adding ISIS had “millions of people under their control.”  And Myer said, “They administered cities, they collected taxes.”  Wow, a real prince of a guy.

And it was from there Mr. Myer said, “They had this incredible online recruit presence in terms of spreading propaganda; recruiting followers.”  And then he added, “This is a guy that sort of emerged on the scene.”  He said, “And led this group that had done something we’d never seen before.”  And then in striking a rather ominous tone Myre warned, “This isn’t the end of ISIS, but he was a real leader.”  He said, “It’s not somebody that they can just appoint somebody else; take over, and the movement continues.”  And he said, “His leadership was critical,” before finally admitted that the terrorist’s death was “definitely a major blow to the Islamic State.”  No shit!!

And it was Mr. Estrin who chose to describe the very successful mission as being little more than a “symbolic victory.”  Meanwhile, Ms. Keith, who is billed as being a White House ‘correspondent’ for NPR, claimed that President Trump makes up U.S. foreign policy “on the fly” and the president’s announcement took the “focus away from the muddle and confusion” of his administration.  Yup, NPR has some real geniuses in their employ.  I knew there was a reason I never bother to listen to any of these boobs.  And apparently few others do as well or you would think that NPR would have long ago been able to give up the need to be subsidized by we the taxpayers.

This thug, al Baghdadi, kidnapped, tortured, and raped Kayla Mueller, an American Christian aid worker.  NPR is a repugnant, anti-American propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  And to describe this murderous thug as a “great leader” one would have to possess a rather twisted definition of exactly what that means.  After all, were men like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Ho Chi Minh or Castro “great leaders?”  Or, how about Yasser Arafat, Hugo Chavez or Saddam Hussein, were they “great leaders?”  In truth this guy, al Baghdadi, was just the latest in a long line of murderous tyrants and is one that deserves zero sympathy or post mortem positive makeover.

Virtually every leftwing media outlet, both print and broadcast, seemed somehow compelled in their effort to portray al Baghdadi in what were nearly saintly terms, and as being something other than what he so very obviously was, but is thankfully no longer.  But the resulting, and quite massive, backlash from people mocking and calling them out over their biased, as well as patently dishonest, ‘reporting’ had many of them, but not all, soon changing their tune.  But look, we really shouldn’t be surprised by any of their increasingly bizarre behavior.  After all, this has become the modus operandi for so very many of those in the media over that last decade or so.

I am very curious, though, about when it was that these loons on the left became so infatuated with this monster, al Baghdadi.  Was it when he decapitated human beings and then stacked their heads like bowling balls and then tweeted pictures out to his many followers?  Or was it when he kidnapped, raped and tortured women and girls and kept many of them as sex slaves, after first killing all of the male members of their families?  Or perhaps it was when he crucified Christians and/or mutilated them in various gruesome way.  If not, then it had to have been when he burned human beings alive in cages and chucked gays from the rooftops of tall buildings.

This creep, al Baghdadi, was the absolute embodiment of all that is this supposed ‘religion of peace,’ and made clear that it is nothing more than a cult based on violence, hatred and death.  And for anyone to portray it as being anything other than that is to ignore the obvious.  I mean how is it that any reasonable human being can continue to believe such nonsense?  And yet those in both the Democrat Party as well as our ‘fake news’ media have no difficulty whatsoever in describing practitioners of this ‘religion’ as simply people of faith.  That, my friends, is nothing short of pure insanity.  To willfully ignore what these people truly are, could prove deadly.

President Trump has set forth a clear policy of destroying ISIS and liberating the Iraqi territory they controlled.  He has been steadfast in his opposition to endless wars. President Trump was called a coward by many for not launching an attack against Iran with the potential of killing over a hundred Iranians over the loss of a single unmanned drone.  Now he is likened to a madman for actually eliminating a true madman. The media apparently wants a president who listens only to them and does only what they want and speaks only in the way they demand or they will make clear how anyone who dares to disagree with them will relentlessly attacked.

I’m sure everyone will recall how it was that every Democrat, right down to the very last one, thought Barry O-Bummer was the second coming, and were confident that his election was going to usher in 40 years of solid Democrat rule, and obviously they were all quite wrong. Now they seem to be just as confident that President Trump will be removed from office, and it’s again that they will be proven to be wrong.  And even in the end if they are proven wrong, they will also be very sure that President Trump can’t possibly get himself re-elected, but again I’m quite sure that they will be wrong again. All of which will prove that their theatrics have all been for naught!

And have you ever noticed how truly psychotic these people seem to be?  Or how they have been trying to steamroll President Trump since even BEFORE he was elected?   No one in history has been excoriated by those in the press the way that Donald Trump has been. All of these “investigations” keep leading back to the very same cast of characters, all of whom are on the left.  I do think they have reason to act the way they do. Fear!  Fear of the things that are now slowly being uncovered and hopefully will be acted upon. The time has come for those involved in what was nothing more than an attempted coup to be tracked down and put where they belong, in prison!



Apparently Nancy Pelosi was more than just a little miffed over the fact that Democrats did not receive advanced notice regarding the recent, and very successful, effort to bring about the demise of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi allowing him to meet up with his 72 virgins, while the Russians were.  But I’d like to make a couple points here.  First, the Russians needed to be notified to ensure the safety and success of the mission. Second, notifying congressional Democrats is a presidential courtesy and I’ve seen nothing to indicate that Democrats are actually worthy of such a courtesy.

And it was in voicing her obvious displeasure that Ms. Pelosi took what has been described as being another on what has become a very long list of her thinly veiled pot shots at President Trump, on Sunday, after he announced the death of ISIS founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, complaining that the “Russians but not top Congressional Leadership were notified” in advance of the raid.  But as is always the case, if you want something to get out you telegraph, telephone, television or of course, tell-a-Democrat.  But this was not something anyone wanted to get out.

So as we all now know, President Trump announced on Sunday that ISIS leader al-Baghdadi died as a result of a raid conducted by U.S. Special Forces.  It was in making the announcement in an address that the president said, “Last night the United States brought the world’s number one terrorist leader to justice, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead.”  It was in doing so that the president said, “He was the founder and leader of ISIS, the most ruthless and violent terror organization anywhere in the world.”  Informing the Democrats would not have been a very smart move.

Also according to the president, the terrorist leader chose to detonate his suicide vest as U.S. forces closed in on him choosing to take the coward’s way out instead of dying for his supposed cause, like a man.  President Trump said, “He died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way.”  Which, I might add, is the way these gutless wonders always choose to leave this world, surrounded by innocents and strapped with a bomb they then detonate.  That my friends, is about as clear cut an act of cowardice as one can possibly imagine.

And let me remind Pelosi how it was once again left up to President Trump to clean up yet another mess left behind by his predecessor, Barry O-Bummer.  You see it was back in 2009 that an obviously less than rehabilitated al-Baghdadi was freed from a U.S. prison camp.  He probably didn’t have any plans to magically transform into a non-radical Moslem, either.   The O-Bummer administration had to have known this, yet it still decided to let him go.  And also let’s not forget how it was also this same administration that swapped five terrorists for a traitor, Bowe Bergdahl.

Anyway, according to reports, notable members of Congress – including House Intelligence Committee chair Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff – were not briefed on the raid in advance due to the fear of leaks. The president confirmed that in his statement on Sunday saying, “We notified some; others are being notified as I speak.”   He said, “We were going to notify them last night but we decided not to do that because Washington leaks like I’ve never seen before.”  And he continued saying, “There is no country in the world that leaks like we do and Washington is a leaking machine.”

Pelosi, while congratulating the “dedication and skill of our military and our intelligence professionals,” also took a veiled shot at Trump in her statement, lamenting that the “Russians but not top Congressional Leadership were notified” in advance.  It was in her statement that Pelosi said, “Americans salute the heroism, and acknowledge the work of our partners in the region.”  And she added, “We are relieved that no U.S. personnel died in this daring raid. The death of al-Baghdadi is significant, but the death of this ISIS leader does not mean the death of ISIS.”

And she went on to say, “This month, the House passed a joint resolution on an overwhelmingly bipartisan 354-60 basis which rejects President Trump’s green-lighting of Turkish aggression into Syria against our Kurdish partners, and calls on him to present a clear strategy to defeat ISIS.  The House must be briefed on this raid, which the Russians but not top Congressional Leadership were notified of in advance, and on the Administration’s overall strategy in the region.  Our military and allies deserve strong, smart and strategic leadership from Washington.”

Look, I think we all know that the Democrats would have gladly taken the opportunity to undermine the success of mission if they had been informed of it ahead of time. President Trump should have said that in his briefing.  He was being nice by identifying them as leakers and not by calling them out as the traitors we all know them to be.  They would have notified the targets like O-Bummer did. Remember the planes dropping warning flyers before we attacked?  O-Bummer’s rules of engagement were not conducive to achieving victory.  That’s not the case under President Trump.

Democrats, would have made a political calculation as they have a history of doing when it comes to how they have chosen to deal with this president.  They possess a unique unwillingness to allow President Trump to achieve anything that might be viewed as being a win and therefore leaking information of the raid would have been in their best interest, politically.  President Trump would be blamed for including too many people and that’s why the leak happened.  Unless they are in charge they won’t allow anyone to gain credit.  They function only as saboteurs and nothing more.

So I guess we’re just all supposed to be ok with the fact that the Democrats continue with their effort to manufacture all manner of lies about President Trump, as well as those in his administration.  It’s now gotten to the point where none of us, including the president, should any longer care about what may causes the Democrats to get their panties in a bunch.  I couldn’t care less if Pelosi doesn’t like not being included in the loop. The Democrat leaders continue to treat our President with disrespect, and to call him just about every name in the book and that’s ok with them.

I mean the mentality behind how it is that the Democrats have decided to approach this issue is one that seems to have its basis in what is a rather twisted concept that has the enemy (ISIS and al-Baghdadi) of my enemy (President Trump) is my friend!  Never in my 60+ years of being on this planet have I seen either party driven to the point where we now find the Democrat Party simply because of the result of a single election.  Usually both parties are adult enough to realize that their candidate, for whatever reason, was not the one voters wanted as their president and move on.

And it was during this past week that Pelosi and any number of other Democrats have continued to crow about the fact they can do whatever they want in the House. That’s fine. However, it’s Trump who’s President.  He made the call on this endeavor.  It was an awesome success due to our fabulous military.  Pelosi and her fellow Democrats can sit down and shut up.  The President didn’t have to notify them, nor did they deserve any professional courtesy from our President. Pelosi & Co. can simply get over it, or not.  Congratulations to our fabulous military and our President.

If I were President Trump there’s no way in Hell that I would have notified the Democrats, nor those known to be RINOs, in Congress prior to such a raid because I would fear it would be leaked and the raid compromised to the point where it would either need to be called off, or would have resulted in American casualties.  There’s no way I would send our military on a raid such as this and risk letting Democrats and RINOs know before hand, those people in uniform risk too much already, they don’t need lying scumbag politicians in D.C. creating additional risk for them.

Today’s Democrats are about politics and power above ALL else.  I have no doubt that someone from within their ranks would have eagerly, even cheerfully, sabotaged this mission if it meant they could then use it to label President Trump as a failure or reckless. Democrats would have willingly sacrificed troops to gain a political talking point for impeachment.  Can you imagine if any of these U.S. troops would he been killed or taken prisoner?  The Democrats and their allies in the ‘fake news’ would have had an absolute field day, labeling it as being another reason for impeachment.

The Democrats see American casualties as justified ‘collateral damage’ if it helps them in their effort to take back the White House.  We are talking about the party that is furious that Americans have been taken off welfare rolls and put back to work. The same party that hates the fact that the middle class is able to enjoy the fruits of their labor instead of being slaves to the Democrat elites. They would rather enrich themselves than to see their fellow countrymen do well. The Democrats have embraced the decline of Western Civilization to fatten their own wallets.

President Trump fired a direct shot and scored pretty much of a direct hit on Pelosi and her impeachment-crazed fellow Democrats.  His message to Pelosi and her cadre of unbalanced piss-ants plus all of the NeverTrump RINOs was quite simple and crystal clear: 1) you cannot be trusted to keep your big mouths shut and 2) you don’t matter to the operation in the slightest. Heck, Pelosi cannot even plan, wage or co-ordinate a battle against garbage, used syringes, piss puddles or other human waste spilling out onto the streets and sidewalks of her own home town.  And why is that?

Pelosi shows her ignorance over President Trump notifying the Russians and other countries and players in the area. Those people needed to know so that they would not be caught off guard, unaware and started into taking military action of their own against approaching unknown forces. Especially since the airspace our military was flying through is under Russian control.  It was war with bullets, shells, bodies, blood and explosions.  And it was nothing short of amazing!  The right people were left uninformed and therefore plan came off without a hitch!  Just as it should be!


Wallace 11

Yes, this is another attempt on my part to make the case that ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace is, in fact, nothing more than just another run-of-the-mill America-hating douche bag masquerading as, you guessed it, a journalist.  And the ultimate irony?  The network on which he appears continues to bill itself as being “Fair and Balanced.” It’s every time he opens his mouth that he continues to make clear how it has now gotten to the point where we should longer waste our time listening to him.  After all, life is far too short to waste even a second of it listening to assholes like ‘Commie Chris.’  And he recently once again made quite clear, just as his father did before him, his obvious lack of any true journalistic standards as well as a lack of objectivity and fairness.

‘Commie Chris’ is yet another one of those who populate the ‘fake news’ media complex who continue to make quite clear that he is less of a journalist than he is a political hit man, so to speak, currently under the employ of the Democrat Party.  Commie Chris’ is a joke, a fraud and someone who has repeatedly shown himself to be someone desperate to be taken seriously.  But it’s because of his own words, and his very obvious political biases that he continues to put out for all to see that makes taking him seriously totally impossible.  You see, ‘Commie Chris’ seems long ago to have given up on any real desire to be a bona fide ‘journalist, choosing instead to be more of a propagandist who’s thrilled with the sound of his own voice.

And it was on Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “American Newsroom,” that ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace once again proved all that I have said about him to be true, when he chose to refute Republican complaints that the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry was unfair to President Trump. ‘Commie Chris’ said, “Well, my feeling is that if you are having trouble with the facts, you argue process. That’s what Republicans are doing right now. The Democrats have gotten some very damaging information from people like William Taylor, the acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Fiona Hill, who used to be one of the top advisors in the National Security Council on Ukraine.”  Once again ‘Commie Chris’ reveals his difficulty to tell fact from fiction.

And yet he went on to say, “Evidence that seems to tie more of a quid pro quo, that there is some evidence from these people working in the Trump administration that the president linked aid to Ukraine, White House meeting with Ukrainian president to getting oppo research on the Democrats.”  He continued, “What Republicans are doing, they’re arguing the process is unfair. You can make that argument, but if you look back during Benghazi when that was being investigated by Trey Gowdy, they had hearings in private and depositions in private. You try to build your case, figure out who are the witnesses that can say something, and who can’t. Then you will end up holding public hearings anyway.”  You simply can’t make this shit up!!

And he added, “There is not a chance in the world they aren’t going the bring the key witnesses up to be questioned by both Republicans and Democrats. Democrats have to make the case for impeachment before they vote. I just think that in the end, after we have these must-see TV hearings with these key witnesses in public in November, I’m not sure people are going to care a lot about what the process was in October.” He concluded, “For all the talk this is being done in private, there are 45 Republicans who are members of these three committees who have access to this. It’s not like just the Democrats in a room alone with these Trump administration officials. There are 45 Republicans who can be in the room and ask them questions as well.”

So we have yet another example of ‘Commie Chris’ doing is best to offer some level of assistance to the Democrats, but not really making much sense while doing so.  Because whether or not he wants to admit it, it’s the “facts” that are on President Trump’s side, and not on the side of the Democrats.  And simply declaring that that is not the case doesn’t make it true.  In fact that is exactly why the Democrats have gone, and continue to go, to such great lengths in their many attempts to manipulate the entire process in their effort to swing public opinion.  You simply can’t be that dumb and still call yourself an objective journalist.  But you can easily choose to ignore all if the actual facts when you’re little more than a partisan political hack!

The facts ‘Commie Chris’ is likely referring to are those the Democrats have chosen to selectively leak.  But there’s one fact both the Democrats, and ‘Commie Chris’ seem to casually cast aside because it shows how this entire process is exactly what the president has called it, a “witch hunt!”  The fact that the only two people on the call, President Trump and the Ukranian president, have both stated, and pretty definitively so, that there was no quid pro quo.  We’ve even seen the transcript of the call.  And yet, ‘Commie Chris’ seems not to be bothered by how O-Bummer once enlisted the help of the Ukranian government to investigate Paul Manafort or how three Democrat senators wrote the letter to the Ukraine president demanding that the Ukraine cooperate with the Mueller investigation or forfeit U.S. aid?

To begin with ‘Commie Chris’ likes to bill himself as being a straight up news anchor.  But it’s these days that he seems far more interested in injecting his blatant leftwing ‘opinions’ into the important stories of the day, and the impeachment story in particular.  He has no business injecting his opinions into what is supposedly a factual account of the news. If he wants to do that he needs to get a job over at ‘fake news’ HQ, CNN, like his friend Shepard Smith, where even the news anchors frequently inject their opinions into everything. Every time you opine you become a little less objective and lose a little more credibility.  ‘Commie Chris’ learned well at the feet of the master deceiver, his own father. The apple fell pretty close to the tree.

I just don’t see where President Trump has done anything wrong because, quite frankly I’ve seen no any actual evidence of any wrong doing.  And that comes after his being the most investigated person in history and with nothing being found. In fact, he may be the most honest person to ever occupy the White House. Can you honestly name ONE thing that has been proven that he’s done that’s illegal or even unethical?  The vast majority of those involved in this continuing impeachment charade all have an extreme bias against President Trump. Which tends to taint whatever their contribution to the process. And if you don’t think they have a bias, just listen to the rage and irrationality in their voice whenever they talk about him.

The underlying error behind ‘Commie Chris’s’ entire argument is that he somehow knows “the facts.” So as I said earlier all he truly knows is what he, as well as the rest of us, has been told him through leaks.  If the facts were really stacking up against President Trump, we would be watching these proceedings 24/7 on every cable ‘news’ channel.  The process is criticized because we don’t get any actual facts, only rumors, innuendo and hearsay.  The adversarial system that allows for counter witnesses and cross examination is what yields any actually ‘facts’ of the case.  ‘Commie Chris’ is either a dumber-than- dirt buffoon or is knowingly misleading people.  You can take your pick.  Personally, I’m going with both!

Hey ‘Commie Chris,’ how about you stop with all of the rhetorical sarcasm!  With everything that the Democrats have done, and continue to do, in this farce together with everything that ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff has continued to lie about and still you choose to happily support what the Democrat s are doing.  Absolutely amazing!  However, it does suit you!  You insist on mixing news reporting with editorial nonsense and opinionated drivel.  You’ve become irritating!  And your obvious disdain and contempt for President Trump is clouding what’s left of your judgment.  But then you’re far from being alone in that regard there at ‘Fox News.’  Those with names like Williams, Napolitano, Cavuto, Rivera, MacCallum and Baier to name just a few.


Barkley 3

Just to be clear, I have never been a fan of Charles Barkley.  As far as I’m concerned he’s always been a bit of a loudmouthed boob.  And the only difference between the Barkley of old, and the Barkley of today is roughly 150 pounds.  I love these athletes, regardless of the sport they ‘play’, and who have been made quite wealthy for doing nothing more than playing a kids game, who think by virtue of them able to dribble, to catch, to throw or to hit a ball, it’s that whichever it is that they can do somehow makes them somehow smarter than the rest of us.  But oddly enough, and I truly do hate to hurt their fragile feelings, but it’s just the opposite that is so definitely true.

It was during Thursday night’s “NBA Pregame,” on TNT that supposed ‘analyst’ Barkley, instead of doing what it is that he actually gets paid to do, chose to take the opportunity to direct some rather strong words in the direction of Vice President Mike Pence.  And what was the cause of Barkley’s ire, well apparently it was the fact that the Vice President chose to criticize both the league and Nike for caving to communist Red China after Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey tweeted his support for the rights of protesters in Hong Kong.  Barkley said Pence “needs to shut the hell up” because “all American companies are doing business in China.”

Barkley showed his ignorance by boldly declaring, “Vice President Pence needs to shut the hell up, number one.”  And then went on to say, “All American companies are doing business in China. All American companies are doing business in China. I thought the criticism of Commissioner Silver and LeBron James was unfair.”  He continued, “Listen, Daryl Morey, who I like, … he can say whatever he wants to, but there are consequences. But I don’t understand why these holier-than-thou politicians, if they [are] so worried about China, why don’t they stop all the transactions with China?”  Frankly it’s rather a shame that Barkley is nowhere near as smart as he thinks his is.

Barkley said, “President Trump has been talking about and been arguing with tariffs for China for the last two years, but I think it’s unfair for them to do all their business in China, and just because this thing happened to try to make the NBA and our players look bad. All American companies do business in China, period.”  For one thing, not all companies do business in China.  And also it’s, for the most part, that most of those doing business with China aren’t also going out of their way to promote all of the supposed ills of America on a world stage like nothing more than dancing chimps.  Barkley should be a bit more mindful before shooting off his big fat mouth.

These NBA boobs are a perfect example of why sports should NOT be paying for their ‘education,’ especially as a ‘scholarship’ for their future careers.  You can barely find ANY of them who can form a complete and understandable sentence. The scholarships are in name only.  Spend any time listening to them and it becomes very clear very quickly that they are complete morons. So, the fact that Barkley and his many friends there in the league are unable to comprehend the significance of the China issue, is really not at all surprising. All they’re smart enough to understand is, “When do I get my check?” And that’s all those in charge of league want them to understand.

Like I said, not all American companies do business with China, and maybe the ones who do, should not.  And seriously, the Vice President can’t make these NBA boobs look any worse than they have made themselves look.  I mean how is it that one can view doing business with a country that has a history of murdering over 70 Million of its own people, still runs bona fide Concentration Camps as well as slave labor camps or continues to be the worst polluter on the planet as a positive thing.  And then of course there’s the fact that Red China is building a massive military with one goal in mind.  But none of that occurs to these geniuses, because it’s all about the money!

I think that both athletes and entertainers alike truly believe the country would be far better off if they were dictating foreign and domestic policy.  That the fact that they have achieved some level of success in their trivial endeavors means that they are also capable of dealing with those issues that affect the lives 100’s of millions of people. On the contrary, they are quite literally the very first thing our society could do without. They produce nothing that people need.  They aren’t doctors or lawyers. A good plumber is far more important to society than the entire NBA.  What if there was never another basketball game?  What if you couldn’t flush your toilet?

It should be seen as being fundamentally wrong to kiss the butts that belong to the worst human rights violators on the planet, those who make segregationists look fair-minded by comparison. Freedom of speech is Vice President Pence’s right, something you don’t have in Red China.  Believe me when I say that it would be a world order with China sitting on top that would have blacks at the bottom. Fret not though, the real fight is with traitorous white, America-hating Democrats. They already have brainwashed the black population in America, at least those who have not been aborted habitually or participate in routine violence against each other.

And while I’m quite sure that Barkley will likely not agree, it is he and any number of other mentally deficient athletes who are the ones who should shut the Hell up. They somehow feel that being famous makes every word they utter a precious gem. Unfortunately, the gems are worthless. Athletes, for the most part, should not be telling other people, with different opinions to shut up.  I’m sick of these fools who became wealthy, by playing a kids game, trying to rule the rest of us. Vice President Pence knows very well what he said was correct and that he speaks for America. Guys like Barkley and James speak only for their own benefit, and care little about the country.

Let’s face it, jocks, or at least the vast majority of them, are not known for being particularly bright.  They’re typically large framed, hefty, boneheaded and dull witted. Not exactly what you’d choose as your legal representation or your physician, or your philosophers, or your leaders.  These NBA nitwits are what my mom would’ve called “low rent people,” and by that she meant people who have no class, low morals and little initiative.  And these very rich individuals continue to prove on nearly a daily basis that wealth very rarely equates to class.  Some of the classiest people I know are nowhere near to being rich.

These basketball players with their big mouths and small brains have always had only money, “bling”, “hos”, and not much else on their minds.  Little thought is ever given to God or to perhaps spreading their great wealth around to those less fortunate. It’s more important to be remembered as being rich and famous than of being a man of God. These men are merely tools so easily used by Red China because all they care about is themselves and their status and their wealth. Their motto seems be, “Pay me and I’ll dance to whatever tune you play.”  Holding them out to our youth as heroes is akin to Miley Cyrus held up as a person your daughter should try to emulate.


Napi 5

Come on, was ‘Judge Napi’ Napolitano really ever a Judge, or does he just continue to play one on television?  Or, did he once perhaps spend the night at a ‘Holiday Inn Express?’  Because I gotta tell you, I am having an increasingly difficult time buying anything that this supposed ‘legal analyst’ has to say when it comes to just about anything that involves the president.  Or is he, as Joe diGenova has described him, nothing but a fool who’s now doing his best to pay back the president for turning down his request for a seat on the Supreme Court?  I’ll let you all decide which it is.

The latest example of ‘Napi’s’ questionable legal expertise came during Thursday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” when ‘Napi’ attempted to shoot down complaints about how the Democrats were holding “secret” hearings during their impeachment inquiry of President Trump.  ‘Napi’said, “I read the House rules and as frustrating as it may be to have these hearings going on behind closed doors the hearings for which Congressman Schiff is presiding, they are consistent with the rules.”  But how is following the rules that Democrats themselves wrote, an indication that the rules are fair?

‘Napi’ then went on to say, “When were the rules written last? In January of 2015. And who signed them? John Boehner. And who enacted them, a Republican majority.”  He added, “These are not the impeachment hearings. The impeachment hearings have to be held in public by the House Judiciary Committee. This is the initial interview of witnesses to see what they have to say.”  Let’s face it, ‘Napi’ is about as much a judge, as Al Sharpton is a preacher, both of these loons operate in pretty much the same manner, and seem to possess the very same character flaws.

And it was co-host Ainsley ‘The Airhead’ Earhardt who asked,” And they will continue to go on and on and on until they find something on the president?”  To which ‘Judge Napi’ said, “Yes. That’s what police and prosecutors do. They come to a conclusion that the person is probably guilty, and then they look for evidence to support or negate that. That’s what Congressman Schiff is doing, and he’s following the rules, as frustrating as those rules are.”  Like I said, how difficult is it to follow the rules that you yourself came up with and those on the other side had no part in creating?

Now granted I am about as far removed as is humanly possible from being a legal expert of any kind.  But I am a bit perplexed by ‘Napi’s’ comment about how police and prosecutors first come to a conclusion that a person is ‘probably’ guilty before then going looking for evidence to support that ‘guilt.’  Silly me, I’ve always thought that first evidence was first compiled that a crime had been committed and that it was then followed wherever it led.  ‘Napi’s’ conclusion seems to be a bit back ass-wards.  You don’t first start with a defendant before then going in search of a crime. Do you?

And so, either ‘Napi’ was a man of integrity before all of this impeachment lunacy started and has since become a lying, vindictive rat-bastard all because President Trump declined to put him on the Supreme Court OR, he’s been a lying, butt-kissing weasel all along who sought to curry favor from President Trump, and conservatives in general, and has now opted to reveal his true colors now that his career fortunes have shifted.  So, is he a toady stooge or a vindictive rat…either way, he is now a man totally without integrity who is in no way worth listening to any longer.

If the Democrats were truly interested in having this continuing circus of theirs viewed as being a bona fide impeachment inquiry then it will need to be conducted out in the open as impeachment proceedings are supposed to be conducted.  And if not all the cheerleading from frauds like ‘Judge Napi’ will be for naught.  The American people want a fair and open process. The only reason to be so secretive is to make it easier for the Democrats to control the narrative, a fact that ‘Napi’ seems to be totally oblivious to.  A transparent process would expose them for the frauds they are.

But an argument can be made that Schiff is less “following the rules” as they have been written than he is making them up as he and his fellow Democrats go along, making it all the easier to flagrantly abuse the House’s impeachment power.  Anyway, questions of transparency and due process shouldn’t be so much ‘rules’ as they are matters of basic decency.  If Republicans were ever to try something like this ‘Napi’ would likely be screaming bloody murder!  Yup ‘Judge Napi’ is quite the constitutional expert.  Sadly he’s just another fake driven by his hatred of this president.

The Democrats are using the House Intelligence Committee which allows for closed door ‘hearings.’  This is an unusual, secretive and rather backhanded approach to this very important constitutional process.  Impeachment hearings are a House Judiciary Committee function, with no closed door ‘hearings.’  Those are the rules Republicans used back in 1998 and Democrats were involved. The only possible reason Democrats are using this unusual tactic is that they are: (A) trying to hide something, and/or (B) trying to keep the story in the news to fester.  And ‘Judge Napi’ seems all in favor.

‘Napi’ comes across today as being little more than a leftist shill.  This entire process is a sham.  Democrats are holding an “impeachment inquiry” without there having been a vote of the entire House.  Pelosi has essentially turned the entire process on its head by taking the hearings away from the Judicial Committee, the committee responsible for the handling of such inquiries, and turned it over to the Intelligence Committee which has no authority to run such an inquiry.  And yet ‘Judge Napi’ has boldly declared that all is taking place just as it should according to the Constitution.

If anything ‘Judge Napi’ is proving exactly why he WASN’T qualified to be on the Supreme Court.  Imagine the disaster he would have been had he actually been first nominated and then confirmed by the Senate to be on the Supreme Court?   What seems to drive ‘Judge Napi’ these days is what drives most everyone who spends the majority of their time seeking approval from those in positions of power in exchange for attacking this president.  ‘Judge Napi’ continues to prove that he is willing to say absolutely anything in his effort to be seen as relevant, while lining his pockets.

And finally, and on what is kind of a side note, how much better prepared would the Democrats now be in going up against the president in 2020 had they actually worked with him where they could to pass legislation that actually had something to do with solving at least some of our country’s serious problems?  Instead they wasted three years, and counting, doing nothing more than to search for some sort of evidence, either real or imagined, that President Trump is actually guilty of some supposed crime.  At this point the president’s only crime seems to be the fact that he won the 2016 election.



There continues to be much ‘cheerleading’ from many in the ‘fake news’ media with them touting how those commonly referred to as being the Democrat ‘front runners’ are now well ahead of the president in nearly every major poll when it comes to being able to successfully defeat him.  But oddly enough it would seem that that same level of enthusiasm is not presently enjoyed by many of the Democrats’ big money donors.  And even all the continuing talk of impeachment has yet to convince a good number of those very same donors that any of the current batch of Democrat candidates actually has what it takes to defeat President Trump in 2020.

And it was on Tuesday of this week, in an article for the New York Times that Jonathan Martin, someone who bills himself as being an American political journalist, wrote, “With doubts rising about former Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s ability to finance a multistate primary campaign, persistent questions about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s viability in the general election and skepticism that Mayor Pete Buttigieg, of South Bend, Ind., can broaden his appeal beyond white voters, Democratic leaders are engaging in a familiar rite: fretting about who is in the race and longing for a white knight to enter the contest at the last minute.”

Martin went on to write the “mood of alarm is even more intense because of the party’s hunger to defeat President Trump and — with just over three months to go before voting starts in Iowa — their impatience with finding Mr. or Mrs. Right among the current crop of candidates.”  And then it was back in May of this year that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said none of the current Democrat candidates could beat President Trump in 2020.  He said, “If you look at why people voted for Donald Trump, in my opinion, first and foremost it was because he wasn’t a politician.”  And he added, “Politicians are the least trusted of every profession.”

And you have to wonder how it was that the DNC did not see this coming. Every candidate now in the running seems to enthusiastically embrace Socialism and it is in so doing that they have excluded themselves from roughly 80 percent of the country.  Sure, they have their blind followers in their reliable coastal strongholds as well as in those areas sprinkled across the country, but if they think that’s going to be enough to cross the finish line ahead of the president, they’re dreaming.  Pelosi knows this, hence the reason why she’s decided to move forward with the impeachment farce. The goal seems to be to remove the president before they’re made to face him.

Both the Democrats as well as their many minions in the ‘fake news’ would have us all believe that it’s everyone in the country that hates President Trump with a majority actually in favor of him being impeached.  Even ‘Fox News’ is guilty of having concocted a ‘poll,’ that has since been shown to be quite bogus, that reported to show that a majority of Americans are now in favor of impeachment.  All those now running for the Democrat presidential nomination is a card-carrying leftist in good standing, and that any one of them can be described as being a ‘moderate’ is simply ludicrous.  The ‘moderate’ Democrat is someone who no longer exists.

If these donors are really all that concerned about their prospects in 2020 they would realize that what they need is not so much a ‘white knight’ as they need someone who comes across as having a genuine love for America.  Because there is no one, and I mean absolutely no one, in the current batch of candidates that can be said to fit that bill.  You simply cannot claim to love this country, or to possess ‘American values’ when you are advocating for open borders, all manner of break-the-bank social policies, how there are more than two genders or favor the butchering of babies right up to moment of birth.  But that is the modern day Democrat Party.

But then if we’re being honest here the Democrat Party doesn’t really believe in ‘white knights.’  Black knights or Brown knights definitely, Yellow knights maybe, Homosexual knights or Transsexual knights for sure, and even Lesbian knights.  Hell, even summer knights!  But never, EVER, straight, able-bodied white male knights!  The problem for the hate-America, fascist scum who run the Democrat party, is that they would eat alive anyone capable of making the next election a genuine contest. That person would have to genuinely care about America and ALL of her people.  And yet the Democrat Party would never support such a person.

The reasons Americans voted for President Trump have now become even more pronounced to the point where it doesn’t really matter who the Democrats nominate, they’re not going to be elected!  The Democrat Party has become all anti-America, all anti-freedom and all hatred, all the time.  And the Democrat platform is one that supports genocide, illegal immigration, gun confiscation and extremely high taxes.  The kicker here is that the Democrat Party now seems to favor population control not unlike what’s seen in Red China, but then wants more immigrants, meaning they seek to get rid of citizens only to then replace them with those from other countries.

Don’t expect to see any letup in the impeachment madness inflicting those on the left.  And rest assured the lies will continue, spewed by the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, the ‘fake news’ media.  And trust me when I say that it will only get worse once ‘Crooked Joe’ and ‘Hooker Harris’ drop out and Bernie is left far behind. The whistle blowers will appear out of nowhere and the anonymous tips will be many, while President Trump is called a white supremacist and more all in an effort to try to turn the American people against President Trump.  The Democrats and their friends in the ‘fake news’ will continue the onslaught because it’s the only hope they have.



It was back at the very beginning of that point in our history known as the Trump presidency that I actually found myself liking a fella by the name of Anthony Scaramucci.  Yes he was brash and used language that was, shall we say, a bit colorful, but after having spent 24 years in the Navy I didn’t find it all that shocking.  I remember hearing how he had sold his business with the intent of becoming a member of the new administration and did serve as the White House Director of Communications from July 21 to July 31, 2017.  And it wasn’t too long after being fired from that very position that something inside him seemed to snap.

And it was as recently as Monday of this week that ‘The Mooch’ made a trip over to ‘fake news’ HQ, the Communist News Network, aka CNN, where he issued a rather bold prediction, even for him.  You see, it was during an appearance on CNN’s ‘New Day’ that ‘The Mooch’ actually predicted that President Trump would not be the nominee of the Republican Party for the 2020 presidential election.  He said, “President Trump will not be the nominee come November. He’ll be either out of office or make a declaration that he’s not running for re-election. Now you’re going to have an open system in terms of who’s going to be that nominee.”

He added, “Two months from now, there’ll be an impeachment inquiry. He’ll be the third person to be impeached. Then you’re also seeing cracks in the foundation of the Republican establishment which generally dislike the guy. They’ll say good things about him right now because his supposed approval ratings in the Republican Party are high. But I think those are superficial numbers.”  He said, “As more of that information comes out, there’ll be a Goldwater, Howard Baker moment where they’re going to go to him saying, look, you’ve got to leave.”  He said, “Or maybe they can negotiate something with Speaker Pelosi where he can stay until the end of his term.”

And he continued by saying, “He’s either leaving before the end of the term or not running for re-election. Okay? The level of illegality is so far and beyond what could be normal. This is still a country that’s a rule of law country.”  All of which causes me to wonder, does ‘The Mooch’ EVER say anything that’s true or, for that matter, even thought provoking?  I guess people know what they’re getting when a guy goes by the moniker of ‘The Mooch.’  In truth he’s nothing more than another of those that we seem to be hearing from far too often these days.  A guy who likes the sound of his own voice, much like another fella once referred to as the ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer.

We have record low unemployment across-the-board, the economy is humming like never before, pay raises for the majority of working Americans via the tax cut, fewer people on food stamps and more job openings than workers to fill them.  And yet ‘The Mooch’ makes what would at least appear to be a rather insane prediction.  But if we are to believe him we would need to accept the fact that he is right, that Americans are very dissatisfied with the way his presidency is going and would much rather have someone like O-Bummer, on steroids, was back in the White House so everything would crash back to the glory years of Democrat control. Yes, those were the days.

But even with that said we cannot ignore the fact that the Democrats need only 20 RINOs to turn their dream of impeaching Donald Trump into reality.  And if you don’t think the likes of Lee, Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Sasse, Lankford, Toomey, Burr, Graham, Alexander and Corbyn would like nothing better than to vote to convict, then you truly haven’t been paying attention. That means they would only need seven additional Senators to convict.  So despite the fact that the only ‘crime’ committed on the part of the president was winning the 2016 election, the Democrats could very well be on the cusp of pulling off this travesty.  And that is truly frightening.

But ‘The Mooch’s’ prediction notwithstanding, here’s a little prediction of my own, of which you are free to take or leave.  All of this impeachment nonsense will prove to have been for naught.  The president is going to win by an even bigger margin than he did in 2016. Once he wins, he is a lame duck, so short of ‘offing’ the Pope on live TV with a claw hammer, he’ll be pretty much untouchable. He will then focus the next four years working to expose Democrats and backstabbing RINOs for what they really are. Americans will be left with no choice but to confront the corruption that has fully engulfed our political system. The revelations of the next four years will be shocking.

And it is precisely because a majority of the American people do still believe in the rule of law that President Trump cannot be defeated by unproven accusations, false rumors and all manner of innuendo.  Democrats, and their silent partners in Congress, the RINOs, will have to actually prove his guilt with hard, irrefutable evidence and not base calls for impeachment on what losers like Romney may suggest. They are suggesting that ‘bad character’ and all the terrible, horrible things that spring from it, will come crashing down on President Trump’s head and he will finally say “enough” and surrender to all of the lies.  But that’s simply not going to happen.

And I have no doubt whatsoever that if enough RINOs do choose to join with the treasonous Democrats in voting for impeachment it will surely be the end of the Republican Party for what would likely be generations.  And more immediately it will most certainly be the end of those Republicans who willingly take part in this kangaroo court.  RINOs such as those mentioned are no longer deserving of respect as they are no better than the Democrats they ally themselves with behind closed doors.  If the Republican Party desires to never again win a national election then it will join in this blatantly dishonest effort to remove from office our duly elected president.


Wallace 10

So riddle me this, why is it that any sane Republican, let alone anyone from the Trump administration, would ever want to appear on almost any program on what now seems to be ‘The New Fox News’ channel.  I say ‘new’ because where it was once that the network genuinely was “Fair and Balanced” it’s these days that that no longer seems to be the case.  These days there’s very little difference between Fox and any of the other networks that bill themselves as ‘news’ channels, but are nothing more than purveyors of what is nothing more than pure propaganda.

And it is one of the more prominent players at Fox and one who seems to take a great deal of pleasure in spewing what is nothing more than propaganda, is ‘Commie Chris Wallace.  Wallace hosts a show, ‘Fox News Sunday,’ that bears little resemblance to ANY sort of actual ‘news’ program.  And I think it fair to say that Republicans are treated far more fairly on the Communist News Network, CNN, or on MS‘LSD’.  ‘Commie Chris’ a liar and a fraud who has absolutely no interest whatsoever in advancing the truth.  Commie Chris’ is nothing less than a pure propagandist!

So apparently it’s according to this boob that some “well-connected” Washington Republican has told him that there is a 20% chance Republicans will vote to remove President Trump in an impeachment trial.  He made this idiotic claim on the most recent broadcast of “Fox News Sunday.”  Hey Chris, trust me when I say that there is a 200% chance that any ‘Republican’ who votes for impeachment will be voted out of office at our earliest convenience.  Republicans should just leave it to Democrats to go on with ‘Commie Chris’ as they are far more suited for one another.

And so it was during an interview with acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney that ‘Commie Chris’ said, “I talked to a very well-connected Republican in Washington this week, someone whose name you would know well, who says that if the House votes to impeach and it gets to a trial in the Senate, there’s now a 20 percent chance, he believes —obviously that just an estimate — now a 20% chance enough Republicans would vote with Democrats to impeach the president.”  Frankly, I’m thinking that’s little more than wishful thinking on the part of old ‘Commie Chris!’

Mulvaney responded by saying, “That’s just absurd.”  He continued, “The comment about the 20 percent is just a person who clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”  He added, “The president is extraordinarily popular at home.”  I’m with Mulvaney on this one, if for no other reason than I think there are still enough Republicans in Congress who realize that the GOP would cease to exist if they were to turn on President Trump.  Now that’s not to say that there aren’t a few RINOs who would like nothing better than for that to happen, but I think they’re a minority.

Like most liberals, ‘Commie Chris’ is simply trying to get as much mileage as he can from riding on to his dad’s coat tails.  And trust me, dear his old dad, Mike, was far from being an objective and unbiased ‘journalist’ himself.  And have you ever noticed how every time we hear things like this from people like ‘Commie Chris’ they never, ever, tell you who it was that supposedly told them what?  This is now an everyday occurrence in the media, outrageous claims, based on nothing but hearsay, that we’re still expected to believe.  It’s now simply all ‘fake news,’ all of the time.

‘Commie Chris’ Wallace is not just a NeverTrumper, he’s made it pretty clear on more than one occasion that he is firmly on the side of those who hate America and therefore hate this president, because of his insistence to put America first.  But his hate does not stop with the president, it is also directed at those who support him.  There can be no doubt that ‘Commie Chris’ fully endorses the leftist position on all of the truly important issues facing our country today.  He is a Socialist propagandist who hides behind calling himself a ‘journalist’ when he is anything but.

Personally I’m one of those who happen to be of the opinion that most congressional Democrats, for whatever the reason, view moving forward with impeachment, regardless of the fact that there appears to be no crime, as being the best way to hold on to their majority in the House. This despite the fact impeachment is DOA in the Senate, ‘Commie Chris’s’ inside information notwithstanding.  So the plan is just to draw this out until the election, all behind closed doors, have the media spin the stories, trying to deliver political death by a thousand cuts to the president.

While I do take ‘Commie Chris’s’ claim of insider info with a grain of salt, there are likely at least five RINOs, Romney, Sasse, Ernst, Murkowski and Collins, who would support impeachment. This means Democrats only need an additional fifteen to turn on the president, and with Republicans rumbling about his recent pullout in Syria, the G7 Summit at Mar Largo (now cancelled) etc., I think we can safely assume there may be at least five more RINOs who would love nothing better than to impeach him but would likely only vote to impeach if they believed the effort would succeed.

And truthfully, even if Trump wins in 2020, it’s after he leaves office that, unless things change and pretty radically so, there will really be very little reason to vote for a Republican, any Republican.  And let’s be honest here, the Republicans deliberately squandered the first two years of the Trump administration, a time when they controlled both Houses of Congress and the White House.  They made a conscious decision to do next to nothing.  They spent most of their time fighting the president in his effort to keep those campaign promises that got him elected.

So for us to think that the possibility of an actual impeachment is totally outside the realm of possibility is, I believe, maybe a little premature.  We have to trust Republican Senators to do the right thing by the American people and treat this bogus attempt to impeach the president as exactly what it is, an attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election.  And that, my friends, at this point is a heavy lift.  So to be honest, I remain concerned that President Trump may still be a very long way from being totally out of the woods regarding this idiotic attempt at impeachment.