And so, she who never really went away has once again crawled out from under whatever rock she calls home to do what she does best.  It’s Hitlery who recently joined the chorus of any number of other Democrats now calling for the exploitation of the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic, saying that it “would be a terrible crisis to waste” by not creating “universal health care.”  ‘Universal Healthcare,’ is the rather innocuous sounding nomenclature for that which the Democrats have long been desperately seeking, that being, of course, complete control over our lives.  It’s they alone who should decide the level of healthcare one should be permitted to receive.

Once again Hitlery proves to us all just what a truly disgustingly despicable person she truly is.  Hitlery is the personification of evil and the perfect example of ALL that is wrong with American politics today.  And she, better than anyone else ever could, makes clear just how fortunate this country was in being able to dodge what was a very sizable bullet in 2016 when she was handed, by a complete political novice, that which was likely the single most humiliating defeat in all of American political history and one that she so very obviously has yet to get over.  And it was again, just this past Tuesday, that Hitlery again made it painfully obvious what her true priorities are.

It was earlier in the week that Hitlery was speaking to ex-vice president and presumed Democrat nominee for president ‘Senile Old’ Joe Biden in a virtual women’s “town hall” meeting, during which she actually endorsed the creepy old pervert for president.  Something that I’m quite sure that very few people saw as being any sort of a surprise.  And it was ‘Senile Old’ Joe who nodded in agreement as Hitlery spoke about exploiting the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic to bring about the left’s wet-dream of “universal health care.”  Like I said, the Democrats feel as if they are more qualified than your physician when it comes to what healthcare, if any, is called for.

It was then that Hitlery said, “This is a high-stakes time, because of the pandemic. But this is also a really high-stakes election. And every form of health care should continue to be available, including reproductive health care for every woman in this country. And then it needs to be part of a much larger system that eventually — and quickly, I hope — gets us to universal health care.  So I can only say, “Amen,” to everything you’re saying, but also to, again, enlist people that this would be a terrible crisis to waste, as the old saying goes.  We’ve learned a lot about what our absolute frailties are in our country when it comes to health justice and economic justice.”

Now oddly enough I do actually agree with Hitlery, because it is EVERYTHING about this coming election that does, in fact, make it a “high stakes” election.  But it’s not only this coming election, but every election from this point on that will be a “high stakes” election.  And that’s because the Democrat Party has now shifted so far to the left, and continues to shift even further each day, making the party completely untrustworthy in any meaningful way.  And so it is then that any future election the the Democrats were able to win would at least have the potential to have an adverse effect on the level of freedom that we in this country are still able to enjoy.

Anyway, the “old saying” Hitlery was referring to happens to be the same one once uttered by Democrat scumbag Rahm Emanuel upon becoming president ‘’BO’s’ chief of staff, back in December 2008.  It was then that Emanuel told the Wall Street Journal that “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”  He specifically noted that healthcare was one area that ‘BO’ & Co. hoped to use the financial crisis, then in full swing, to make into a reality. Just over a year later, ‘BO’ signed Obamacare into law.  And it has ever since proven to be what so many said it would become.  Another program that accomplished virtually nothing of what it was supposed to.

Democrats have repeatedly suggested using the ‘Chinese virus’ crisis as a way to advance their specific ideological goals.  Jimmy ‘The Racist’ Clyburn, a key supporter of ‘Senile Old’ Joe, reportedly told fellow House Democrats during a conference call on the first coronavirus relief bill in March, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  Now, of course, it goes without saying that Hitlery made no attempt to explain exactly how “universal health care” would have helped; countries like Italy, with a fully socialized health care system, were among the hardest hit by the pandemic, which began in late December in Communist China.

But as is always the case, Democrats never really explain how it is that any of the things they support actually improve the lives of anyone.  I assume it’s merely the fact that they’re supporting such asinine things like “universal health care” that is supposed to be seen as beneficial.  But it’s always upon closer inspection that we find out just how those things that the Democrats continually support tend to improve things for no one other than the Democrats and then only in the sense that, if successful, it becomes all the easier for them to acquire that which they are so very desperate to achieve.  That being of course, more control over you and me!

I can’t help but wonder what kind of a godless, depraved, self-hating freak one would have to be in order to actually walk into a voting booth and push a button for any candidate with a (D) next to his or her name?  Democrats represent a far more dangerous threat to our country than does any enemy wishing to attack us from the outside.  Democrats have run entire cities and states smack into the ground, and they seek the opportunity to do exactly the same thing to the entire country.  And how it is that so many American remain unable to recognize that fact, is beyond me.  But just because there are those who refuse to believe it, doesn’t make it any less of a fact.

Over and over again the Democrats have continued to freely admit that they are not above using any crisis that may come along in their continuing effort to attempt to push America further to the left.  And still, it’s over and over again that there seems to be no shortage of morons in this country who are only too happy to continue to vote for them.  Hitlery’s call for doing so is only the most recent example and we have the cadre of those in the ‘fake news’ media cheering them on.  But it would at least appear that there is growing number of folks beginning to take notice and are now pushing back because they’re tired of the left’s blatant attempt to grab power.

While I believe there are some who are ‘true’ believers, many of those who vote for Democrats do so only out of their hatred of President Trump, while others, probably the majority, vote Democrat simply for the ‘free’ stuff they might be able to get for having done so.  Whether it’s ‘free’ food, ‘free’ health care, ‘free’ schooling, or any number of other things, it matters not as long as whatever it is, is preceded by the word ‘free.’  These people have no sense of work ethic, integrity, or wanting to help others. The ONLY thing they care about is, “What’s in it for me?” They have no long range plans and the only thing they vote for is all the ‘free’ stuff!

And let’s face it, the only people claiming that there is some actual need for “universal healthcare” are the very same people who don’t actually need “universal health care.”  It’s all nothing more than smoke and mirrors because it’s those people like Hitlery who will always be able to receive that which is the best medical care on the planet.  What Democrats want to be in the position of being able to do is be able to strictly control exactly what health care you are able to receive which then allows them to be much better able to control you. Because, make no mistake, just like everything else be it gun control, or ‘climate change,’ it all about control and power.

And it remains a shame that so many people in this country are either simply too uneducated or are simply too stupid to understand that by siding with Democrats they are doing nothing more than to, just like sheep being lead off to slaughter, willingly walk right into the trap that has now been laid for them.  So what’s being called for here, on the part of Hitery, and so many others in her party, is to use this current ‘pandemic’ to the greatest extend possible as nothing more than a distraction, and to strike while the iron is hot while so many Americans are being made to look the other way.  Yes, when it comes to the next election, the stakes could not be any higher.


Abrams 2

Apparently it’s Democrat Stacey Abrams, aka ‘The Black Cow,’ who sees herself as being a bit of political soothsayer, who knew.  You see, it’s Abrams who is now claiming that America simply will not survive another four years of President Trump.  I wonder, did she also see herself as being the victor in her last electoral contest?  If so, is that why she has yet to accept defeat?  Frankly, what I see as being far more detrimental, and something that would most assuredly expedite the demise of the country that I love, would be for the American people to actually be foolish enough to elect ‘Senile Old’ Joe, or ANY other Democrat, to be our president.

On Sunday’s episode of CNN’s “State of the Union,” it was Abrams who said, “Vice President Biden has done this job. He knows what he needs to do to win and what he needs to do to help our country recover from four years of incompetence and chaos. I trust Joe Biden to make the best decision. He has a smart team around him. He has no shortage of good candidates to choose from. Certainly, for the African-American community and communities of color because of this pandemic, there’s a great deal of distrust because these communities are being left to survive on their own often without the support that they need from those who are called to lead.

She went on to say, “I want to make one thing very clear, Joe Biden enjoys the trust of communities of color, and he will take no one for granted. I believe he will make the right choice based on what he understands and what his team recommends that he do.”  She added, “Vice President Biden understands how critical this election is. With four decades of experience, he also knows the tricks Republicans will use to block change. We can’t survive another four years with Donald Trump, and that’s why my organization, Fair Fight 2020, is working nationally in 18 states to ensure that we have a president who actually believes in and trusts the American people.”

So is Abrams truly trying to convince us all that America would not be able to survive more low unemployment, especially for minorities and women, fewer troops involved in fighting in the Middle East, more companies choosing to relocate back to America, less illegal immigration or lower taxes and a reformed judicial system?  Really?  Abrams is a shameless self-promoter who will say and do just about anything in order to be vice president to old, memory challenged and more than a little frail, ‘Senile Old’ Joe Biden. Now keep in mind that it’s all of this that is coming from the person who has yet to admit that she actually lost the election for Georgia governor.

Contrary to Abram’s warnings about President Trump, what this country would not be able to survive is if we were to ever again allow any Democrat to be elected president.  It should be obvious to even the most casual of observers that President Trump has accomplished, in just three years, far more positive things for this country than ‘BO’ was able to in eight years.  Things were humming along quite well until the appearance of the ‘Chinese virus.’  And for her to simply discount all that he has accomplished for no other reason than because she hates him, tells us all we need to know about her.  This woman is as dumb as a brick and has less value or purpose.

The Democrats have offered virtually nothing of value to the American people for almost four years, except a satanical hatred and obsessive desire to destroy Donald Trump.  For all his faults, of which, I agree, there are more than a few, President Trump has proven himself to be the right man at the right time, and has been the best and most accomplished president since Ronald Reagan.  Never has the Democrat Party proven itself to be so worthless, so consumed with hate and so destructive.  These people are simply evil. They honestly believe that ‘if’ only they can destroy America, and somehow blame it on President Trump, they can regain their power.

I think we can all agree that our nation barely survived the reign of ‘BO’ despite the best efforts of both he and his party.  That it did was only due to the everyday Americans who rose up in 2010 and were able to stymie most of ‘BO’s’ efforts to crush the nation once and for all. On the other hand America has prospered under President Trump, until the ‘Chinese virus’ hit.  And it is only a twisted psychopath such as our ‘Black Kow’, and an equally twisted political party, that would use this supposed ‘crisis’ for their own political gain.  It was ‘BO’ who turned his back on black Americans and yet those like our infamous ‘Black Kow’ never once spoke up.

Perhaps what has Abrams most worried is how it’s the Democrat Party, the party of corruption, the love of all things anti-American, and the pro-Socialism party, that might not survive another four years of President Trump.  The chaos this country has been made to endure for the last three years was brought about by the Democrats.  President Trump has had to fight them every step of the way and he still has this country going in the right direction. The economy was booming and Americans of all kinds were reaping the benefits. It’s people like Abrams who want to destroy this country. If President Trump is not re-elected then we will get what we deserve.

What we have continued to see is how the Democrats have no clear legislative agenda that benefits America, only themselves and their party.  And they have consistently demonstrated that they have no clear solutions to any of America’s more important problems.  Instead, there is never any true attempt at bipartisanship, instead they continually engage in subterfuge, lies, misdirection, character assassination, Trump bashing and incitement of violence against Christians and conservatives.  And it’s at the very same that time they accuse President Trump, and his supporters, of inciting violence, by simply telling the truth, and endless politically motivated attacks.

One has only to look at the content of thousands of stories in the ‘fake news’ media to see the truth of all of this, actually just reading the headlines lays everything out as plain as day.  It’s those who call into question or exhibit any level of concern as to what it is that constitutes the Democrats’ agenda who are immediately accused of lying, participating in wild conspiracy theories, engaging in Trump cronyism, or are said to be too stupid to see the truth.  But the fact that the Democrats do have a long history of putting party over country and of constantly putting their country down, should cause people to call into question what really does motivate them.

And I thinks it’s important to remember how it was that Abrams revealed her plan to use re-districting to stop white people from governing. It was in 2014 when Abrams said, “My eye is on 2021. Because when we do re-districting in 2021, if we have not changed the electorate, especially in the South, we will have a majority minority population that is governed by a minority white conservative coalition. And that’s the most dangerous precedent that we can possibly set for the South in the next 20 years.”  Abrams made her comments at the 2014 Power PAC + National Conference, which was billed “Race Will Win The Race: The Progressive Path To Victory.”

I have one final question regarding Ms. Abrams, does she not understand, or does she simply choose to ignore the fact, that it’s the policies of her beloved Democrat Party  that have worked to destroy the black community in America?  The war on poverty? A failure.  The welfare state?  A failure.  The destruction of the black family?  A resounding success.  Transferring the black population from Southern plantations to urban ghetto plantations?  Another success.  High rates of abortions in the black community?  Yet another success.  And yet this is party that she would have us all support over supporting President Donald Trump.  How absolutely insane is that?



CNN has long been jokingly referred to as being the Communist News Network because of its obvious penchant for creating the ‘news’ instead of ‘reporting’ the news.  It has long been accused of being little more than the voice of the radical left and the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  And it’s these days that there seems to be much truth in referring to the network in such terms.  And I say that only because it would now appear that the network, along with any number of others, is little more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the government of Communist China.

And it is that that has now become all the more obvious, of late, because these people who we are supposed to be able to rely on to tell us all the truth have made a conscious decision not to.  You see, when they knew who it was that was responsible for unleashing upon the world the Covid-19, aka Wuhan virus, they chose instead to do as instructed by their Communist Chinese masters and to spread what was nothing but disinformation in an effort to defend those same masters, going so far as to claim that it was racist to identify this virus with the country in which it originated.

Because the government of Communist China has become desperate in its effort to deflect any and all attention away from itself as being the source of this virus, it has issued marching orders to the useful idiots spread all across America and employed in the ‘fake news’ media, who have now been instructed not to refer to this virus as having come from China.  And it is those at CNN, from the top down, who have been quite obedient when it comes to complying with those orders.  CNN has repeatedly demonstrated that is really nothing but a communist front organization.

CNN employs very few, if any, actual journalists, and that would seem to be quite appropriate in that reporting on the news and providing to its viewers usable information seems not to be the primary interest of the network.  No matter which program you may happen to tune into, what tends to be the focus is a rather twisted preoccupation with maligning President Trump.  And yet, it’s whenever criticized regarding their lack of interest in doing anything other than spreading propaganda, though well deserved, the numerous ‘anchors’ always take great offense.

To be clear, there was once a time when CNN was careful and self-consciously nonpartisan — or, at least, it was keen for viewers to believe that it was. Its slogans were “This is CNN” — well, yes — and “The most trusted name in news.”  It could be sensationalist and intrusive at times, but it was sensationalist and intrusive in the way that the paparazzo is rather than in the way that protesters who bang drums in your face and insist that you give up gasoline are.  In short, it was what it said it was: a news network.  But over time, it has morphed into something different.

It’s today that CNN most certainly is not what it refers to itself as being.  These days, CNN is a peculiar and rather sordid combination of progressive propaganda outlet, over-the-top media apologist and frenzied hater of Donald Trump.  When news breaks, it is no longer useful or is it appropriate to turn on CNN.  Because if you were to actually do so you would be likely be presented with how whatever it was that had taken place was somehow the fault of Donald Trump. Today, CNN does not broadcast the news, it broadcasts what it wants you to think the news is.

The entire world knows this virus came from China, and just because some dolt on CNN is trying to tell me different, simply matters not.  Frankly it’s rather sad that the American people have so few options available to them in their effort to remain even minimally informed.  But it’s not only CNN that has abandoned the American people, there’s also MSNBC, all three of the major commercial television networks and all manner of print media.  They all seem determined in their effort to persuade anyone willing to listen to them that China had absolutely nothing to do with this virus.

Those who appear regularly on the network routinely pay homage to their masters on the left, and spew all manner of ‘fake news’ that they KNOW is ‘fake news.’  And yet, they still demand that they be taken seriously, and even behave as if they actually are serious.  And it matters not how many times they are called out regarding what it is that they misrepresent as “breaking news,” they continue to demonstrate the fact that don’t really care if they’re taken seriously of not.  And if you’re not going to be taken seriously then why is it that you would even want to be a ‘journalist?’

Far too many in our ‘fake news’ media today seem driven by their hatred of Donald Trump and their hatred of America.  They seek to smear President Trump with all manner false accusations, and for the very simple reason that he was not supposed to win.  But because he did, the new masters of the modern day media, issuing their dictates from far off lands, demand that no stone be left unturned in what must be the continuing effort to ensure that he is removed from office one way or another.  And being the dutiful stooges that they are, they simply do as they are told.


biden 75

I can’t be the only one who remembers how, back in 2016, Hitlery, along with just about every other Democrat and every player involved in the production of ‘fake news,’ were running around saying that it was Donald Trump who would never accept the result of the election if he was to lose.  And yet, how was it that that turned out?  Now we have the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee ‘Senile Old’ Joe Biden, during a “virtual” fundraiser, on Thursday evening, telling those gathered that he believes President Trump will try to “kick back” the November presidential election.

And so, it was to the attendees of this event billed as ‘A Fabulous Evening With Vice President Joe Biden,’ that ‘Senile Old’ Joe said, “Mark my words I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held.”  And it was from there that ‘Senile Old’ Joe went on to say, “Imagine threatening not to fund the Post Office. Now what in God’s name is that about?”  He added, “Other than trying to let the word out that he’s going to do all he can to make it very hard for people to vote. That’s the only way he thinks he can possibly win.”

‘Senile Old’ Joe also made the claim that the Russians will attempt to interfere in the White House race, stating, “I guarantee, I promise you the Russians did interfere in our election, and I guarantee you they are doing it again with two other major actors.”  So on what is it that he bases such a claim?  Does he perhaps know something that he has not yet shared with those investigating the extent to which the Russians were involved in the last election?  Or, is he simply doing what he does, to shoot from the hip, spewing accusations that have zero basis in any actual fact?

On a bit of side note, am I the only one to think that ‘Senile Old’ Joe’s choice of words, when saying that President Trump “is going to try to ‘kick back’ the election,” was more than a little odd?   I mean, isn’t getting kickbacks what the Biden family is rather notoriously known for?  Now granted, the meaning may be a bit different, but I still thought the choice of words was a bit ironic.  I mean out of all the ways ‘Senile Old’ Joe could have described what it is that he thinks the president may be trying to do, to resort to using ‘kick back’ was , I thought, more than a little revealing.

But anyway, the guest list for this ‘virtual’ shindig included such less-than-impressive individuals as failed 2020 Democrat presidential contender Pete Buttigieg, along with Billie Jean King, Billy Porter, Kristin Chenoweth and Melissa Etheridge.  While I have, of course, heard of Buttigieg, King and Etheridge, I must admit that I had virtually no clue who this Chenowith person was.  And so in order to find out exactly who this person was I found myself having to resort to Google to discover that she’s just another nobody whose opinion of ‘Senile Old’ Joe I could not care less about.

And contrary to ‘Senile Old’ Joe’s little conspiracy theory, why is it, exactly, that President Trump would even want to “kick back the election?”  I would think that it would be far more likely that if he was able to do anything, he’d want to make the election happen sooner, not later.  If for no other reason than to provide the Democrats with a little less time to get their typical ‘voter fraud’ machinery up and operating.  I mean we know it’s coming so what would be the rationale behind allow them more time to get it into place.  But the election will happen as scheduled.

And because of what ‘Senile Old’ Joe seems to be totally unaware of.  You see, as mandated by our Constitution, the Electoral College elects the President in December.  Also, as mandated by our Constitution, the legislature of each state decides who that state’s delegates will be to the Electoral College.  All 50 states have decided to let their citizens decide by voting on the same day as the Congressional elections.  No President can change any of that.  ‘Senile Old’ Joe is more than a little delusional if he actually thinks that President Donald Trump is afraid to face him.

And can we just admit that if it had been President Trump who had made a claim such as this, the ‘fake news’ media would have come completely unhinged and been all over him with all manner of fact-checks and headlines and using words like “unsupported”, “conspiracy theory” and “no evidence”.  But when ‘Senile Old’ makes such a claim he simply gets a pass, just like he did for the sexual assault and his lie about getting arrested in South Africa.  And funny that no one ever brings up ‘Senile Old’ Joe’s penchant for skinny-dipping in front of female Secret Service agents.

What ‘Senile Old’ Joe, along with most Democrats and those in the ‘fake news’ media don’t seem to understand is the fact that the vast majority of President Trump’s supporters would cheerfully crawl over broken vials of the Chinese virus to vote for President Trump in order to keep the radical leftists away from the levers of power.  Personally, I wish the election was tomorrow and we could just get on with re-electing President Trump and not wasting a bunch of money and time on political advertising, fake news, and embarrassing presidential debates for ‘Senile Old’ Joe.

I’m still not convinced that ‘Senile Old’ Joe will be the one who ends up being the Democrat candidate to go up against President Trump this fall. He has dementia and the Democrats know it.  They will choose an unknown who they will pass off to the gullible public as a somewhat moderate, idealistic, center left sort of character. The pick should be young and of course an outsider.  Maybe they will pick an obscure peanut farmer from Georgia, or a small time governor from a small fly over state like Arkansas, or Junior Senator with no record.  But it won’t be ‘Senile Old’ Joe.

Those in the ‘fake news’ media have worked to stir up all manner of panic and fear.  They have continued to trash the President at every turn.  But it hasn’t worked so now they’re busy trying to create even more ‘fake news’ time trying to advance some scenario they hope will be seen as feasible about how President Trump will somehow be able to delay the election.  ‘Senile Old’ Joe is not, cognitively speaking, up to the challenge of being able to run the country, no matter what the Democrats or their many allies in the ‘fake news’ may be trying to tell you that he is.

The Democrats are as desperate as they have ever been, and it shows in their brazen insanity and anti-Americanism.  We must crush them like bugs.  Have no mercy on these despicable and irredeemable traitors. Shame them. Mock them. Treat them as if they are carrying a communicable deadly disease that is oozing toxic puss from open sores all over their body.  If we want to save this country from further destruction, we must forever rid ourselves of these leftist ideologues. They are enemies of the people and enemies of the state.  The left must be eradicated.


AOC 14

As much as it may pain you to do so, I would ask that you take a good look at Alexandria Occasionally-Crazy (AOC) and tell me what you see.  Do you see her as being a sign of the times or perhaps as a possible warning of some impending doom?   Or, is she, instead, merely a blip in our anti-Trump political scene, a flash in the pan that will likely be forgotten as rapidly as she appeared?  Or, is she something more ominous and perhaps even a sign of things to come?  To tell you the truth, whatever it is that she turns out to be, it will depend upon those of us now pondering these things.

Now granted, AOC does display what can only be described as being a rather profound ignorance whenever it is that she opens her mouth.  She apparently thinks that most people don’t really want to work and don’t want to provide for and feel good about themselves.  And in some cases I suppose she may even be right.  And she really does believe that most people just want to lay around and get a welfare check.  And to be fair I suppose there are those people who would prefer to do exactly that.  But I don’t think that they make up the majority of the American people, at least not yet.

Yet AOC complains, on the behalf of others, about struggles that she herself has never actually experienced and very clearly doesn’t seem to understand.  Not even close.  Appearing on VICE’s ‘Seat at the Table’ with Anand Giridharadas, Occasionally-Crazy actually urged Americans not to return to work after states begin reopening their respective economies in response to updated information on the ‘Chinese virus pandemic.’  She advocated for people to actually go on strike, saying why is that people should have to work just to “put food on the table.”  Gee, I dunno!

Occasionally-Crazy said, “We talk about this idea of ‘reopening society,’ only in America does [President Trump] — when the president tweets about liberation, does he mean ‘go back to work.’”  And it was from there that she went on to say, “When we have this discussion about going back or reopening, I think a lot of people should just say, ‘no, we’re not going back to that. We’re not going back to working 70 hour weeks just so that we can put food on the table and not even feel any sort of semblance of security in our lives.’”  I wonder if she ever actually listens to herself.

Occasionally-Crazy’s call to inaction comes as several states are now preparing to at least partially reopen their economies, with southern states such as Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina leading the charge.  Additionally, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, has also announced that his state’s “stay-at-home” order will be downgraded to a “safer-at-home’” mandate that allows certain businesses to reopen later this week, on Friday.  But it’s Occasionally-Crazy who seems to think that people should simply choose to ignore the calls to return to work, and stay at home.

AOC’s remarks come after a controversy where she appeared to cheer record-low oil prices, touting the crash as an opportunity to invest in “green infrastructure to save our planet.”  It was in response to a tweet about oil prices that she said, “You absolutely love to see it.”  Going on to say, “This along with record low interest rates means it’s the right time for a worker-led, mass investment in green infrastructure to save our planet.”  Shortly after, replaced it with a more somber tone, saying the crash is a “snapshot” of a “turning point” for the global warming movement.

While I remain a strong supporter of President Trump, I can’t help but wonder if this shutting down of the economy, and therefore the potential for wrecking millions of lives and the possible destroying of thousands of small businesses just to “flatten the curve” and so as not to overwhelm the health care facilities, was really necessary or has been worth it.  But the time is now long past due for America and the American people to get back to work and to end this constant 24/7 fear-mongering and ‘Chinese virus’ hysteria, hyperbole and lockdown.  We must move forward, and now!

Democrats care about one thing and one thing only, and that is of course increasing their political power.  And the best way for them to do so, is to ensure that as many people as possible are made dependent upon government.  This pandemic has helped Democrats to further destroy America’s middle class, which is the largest segment of society that tends not to vote Democrat.  Most of the middle class does not need ‘help’ from Democrats’ and recognizes that most Democrat policies hurt more than they help.  So no, Occasionally-Crazy, we’re done listening to you and your ilk.

We simply can no longer afford to sit around.  We’re not stupid, we’ll wear our silly little masks if that will get us back to work.  And we’ll make sure to wash our hands, avoid sick people, and be careful not to infect our vulnerable loved ones.  So please shut up and go away.  AOC has firmly put herself on the side of those opposing America.  I can’t say what is to come, but something is coming.  She is on the wrong side of what is to come.  She has made herself a beacon for the increasing number of crazies among us.  We, the non-crazies, need to take matters into our own hands.

That this ‘woman’ was actually able to graduate from any university, with a degree in economics no less, tells us all we need to know about the current state of our supposed institutions of ‘higher’ learning.  She seems to possess zero understanding of even the most basic fundamentals of how our economy is supposed to work.  You know, like how people get a job to earn money to pay for stuff, so they don’t have to live on the streets and not eat.  It’s pretty basic and yet she has no understanding of the concept of how ‘no work equals no home, no food and no nice stuff.’

As a socialist, Occasionally-Crazy wants the government to take care of people from cradle to grave, and for everyone to have equal benefits regardless of personal effort, intelligence or capability. The opportunity to gain from excellence and hard work is destroyed in favor of a lazy bum who doesn’t want to work and yet gets treated equally to an ambitious and hardworking individual.   Such a system simply doesn’t work.  Unequal effort and capability doesn’t square with equal outcome for all. Sooner or later the people revolt and oust the Socialists, it’s just a matter of time.

We must be wary of those seeking to institute a societal model that makes their own life story impossible.  If we went all-in on AOC’s vision of America, there would be no AOCs growing up in fashionable upper middle-class neighborhoods and partying her way to a bachelor’s degree from a fancy university.  Rather, they would grow up as poor and hopeless as everyone else, and when finished with high school, the local apparatchik from the Ministry of Labor would pick some menial job for them, which they would then be expected to dutifully perform, without complaint, until death.

Finally, AOC wants to turn this ‘Chinese virus’ crisis into the biggest mass work strike in all of history!  She wants to see the legions of furloughed workers refuse, all at once, to return to work, only to demand what, exactly?  Some kind of socialist paradise/eco-friendly utopia?  What a flaky, irresponsible, detached-from-reality little twit she is!  She’s the one that needs to be halted from getting a paycheck.  But what is truly frightening here is that there are millions of people in this country, who actually call themselves Americans, and who are happily cheering this idiot on.

We need to consider ourselves to be at war.  And just like every other war we have fought throughout our history, we will have the cowards who will choose to hide or to cut and run, and we will have those who are not afraid to fight and who do not believe in accepting defeat. They are the ones who charge ahead and overcome the enemy and just as in any war we will have casualties. I stand for America and will go back to work to fight on the front line for my freedom.  Let the commie chickens roost at home if they so choose.  But I for one will not run and hide.


Kerry 9

If there is one thing that I learned during the 24 years I spent in the military it’s that those who tend to speak of themselves in terms of being a leader, are usually the very same ones who are, in reality, no leader at all.  Leadership is something that one sees in others, not something that one sees in oneself.  And as well, it’s those who tend not be leaders themselves who are usually those who tend to be the most vocal when it comes to offering up a critique regarding the leadership abilities of others.  Those who cannot lead should not criticize those who can.

And so it was on Wednesday of this week that John Kerry-Heinz, someone not particularly known for possessing any measurable leadership abilities, thought it appropriate to called into question President Trump’s leadership during the ongoing ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic.  It was during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ that Kerry-Heinz went so far as to suggest that instead of leading, President Trump is simply “playing out an election strategy” and “attacking governors” and members of the media in a way that he said that he has never seen by a president.

It was during an exchange on the program that Kerry-Heinz said, “Look, the truth is, and everybody in America, I think, is beginning to come to understand that this president is not leading now, he’s playing out an election strategy.”  And Kerry-Heinz went on to add, “He’s more focused on getting the economy moving before all the experts say you ought to be putting people back together in close quarters again and without the adequate rules by which people will be required to behave, and certainly, without the adequate testing that other countries are doing.”

And from there Kerry-Heinz went on to say, “I think Mike Barnicle, a moment ago, listed the countries, almost 20 countries or more. I mean, most of the countries dealing with this crisis at a high level are doing better than the United States of America on testing. And the truth is, you cannot get us back to real normal. You cannot get the economy churning at the rate it wants to and needs to unless American citizens have confidence when they come back to the workplace. And they won’t today.”  So says a guy who knows not what he’s talking about.

He continued, “[Y]ou’re not going to fill restaurants, and you’re not going to get people out there when the medical experts are saying, you know, it’s not safe to do it yet. And the president is not heeding that. He’s not leading. The fact that he’s attacking governors, he’s attacking members of the media. I mean, these rallies that he has on TV may appeal to his base, but watching a president of the United States engage in such extraordinary behavior in direct insults to people who are just calmly sitting there asking a question is stunning.”

And Kerry-Heinz said, “I’ve never seen any president, Republican or Democrat alike behave like that. So, it may be entertaining as a reality show, but it has no relationship whatsoever to presidential leadership. And that’s what Americans are judging now to a greater degree.”  Oh really?  So where was this boob during the entire ‘BO’ presidency?  Does he not remember how ‘BO’ attacked Fox News or Rush Limbaugh?  Or when he attacked conservative members of the Supreme Court during his State of the Union address because he disagreed with a decision?

And does he not remember how ‘BO’ criticized numerous red state governors for policies with which he disagreed?  Or how ‘BO’ demonized law enforcement officers all across the nation in order to appease anti-police activists?  Kerry-Heinz seems to ignore completely the fact that there wasn’t a single facet of American life that ‘BO’ didn’t denigrate in order to push the left’s idea that our nation must be ‘fundamentally transformed, into something other than what it is in order to be made into a more appealing member of the global community.

John Kerry-Heinz is a self-aggrandizing, lying, opportunistic, treasonous, traitorous, vainglorious, political, imbecile and insipid chief ‘BO’ sidekick and buffoon.  He’s an elitist, seditious liar, appeaser and capitulator who knows that he no longer has a chance for a Nobel Peace Prize.  The gutless womanizer who’s one time run for president ended in classic failure. The ‘BO’ lapdog who was always wrong.  The unregistered foreign lobbyist currently back-dealing with Iran and who constantly violates the Logan act and is a male version of Hanoi Jane.

We must never, ever, forget who this guy, John Kerry-Heinz, is.  What he is, is nothing but the very worst kind of fraud.  One who received three purple hearts under what were very questionable circumstances and in the span of a brief four month tour of duty.  Kerry-Heinz has continued to dishonor his country and remains to this day someone who cannot be trusted.  He did not deserve his bronze star, purple hearts, or any other accolades or honors he received. This man is a sick, disgusting liar and he disgraced his country, his uniform and his fellow sailors.

Kerry-Heinz is a sore loser who puts his own opinions ahead of what’s good for the country.  President Trump has demonstrated time and again that he cares about America and the working class far more than does any Democrat, including Kerry-Heinz.   Kerry-Heinz cares only about Kerry-Heinz and his elitist, globalism buddies who President Trump has exposed, and continues to expose, as the pathetic frauds that they are.  Kerry-Heinz is the perfect example of the caliber individuals that populated the ‘BO’ administration that nearly succeeded in destroying our country.

All of this is nothing more than a deliberate effort to lie and to mislead.  His mission is to attack President Trump.  Kerry-Heinz hates this president and he is far from being alone.  Democrats, and I do mean ALL Democrats, have nothing but contempt and hatred for President Trump.  And why?  Because he stands in direct opposition to everything they have believed in and worked for all of their adult lives.  It is a clear choice, Trump’s America First policy or the Democrat’s One World Government.  We will decided the future of this country with the 2020 election.



I think that for as long as most of us can remember Democrats, as well as their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, have been desperate in their attempts to convince us that there is no such thing as voter fraud now taking place anywhere in this country, or if there is it is extremely rare and very insignificant.  But for those of us who actually pay attention, it’s after every single election that more proof is provided that voter fraud is not only occurring, but is taking place on what is very fair to say, a massive scale.  And with only one side participating, that being, the Democrats!

And as is usually the case with Democrats, they seem to think that if they are able to continue to make the claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist then eventually they will be able to convince more and more people that that is actually the case, thus making it possible for Democrats to create for themselves even more opportunities to use that which has become one of their more potent, and effective, tools in their continuing effort essentially invalidate millions of legal votes and making it even easier for them to steal even more elections, because it’s what they do.  We can never trust them.

All of which brings me to this past Tuesday when, on MSDNC’s “Morning Joe,” we had failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a Democrat, who made the claim that President Trump’s concern about possible fraud in voting by mail amid the coronavirus pandemic was totally unfounded.  She even went so far as to make the claim that voter fraud was “by and large, a myth.”  A myth?  Really?  According to whom, exactly?  So, do Democrats, like the ‘Black Kow,’ here, actually think that we’re too stupid to recognize what’s taking place right before our eyes?

In making her case for allowing additional voter fraud, Abrams said, “The reality is, if we go ahead and get mail-in ballots to as many voters as possible, you shorten the lines which means you can move as many people out of needing to be in person which lets you focus on those who must show up to vote in person – the disabled, those who have language barriers, the homeless and those who have been displaced by COVID-19 and do not have mailing addresses that are stable, or those whose absentee ballots don’t reach them.  We do what’s necessary to protect those ballots.”

And she said, “But here’s the thing. Voter fraud is, by and large, a myth. The President of the United States, number one, voted by mail just recently, and so it worked for him. The concern he has is that it will actually work for every American. Our elections are not partisan. The choices we make are, but the elections themselves should be available to every eligible American citizen. And that is why we are all working so hard to ensure that we can not only flatten the curve but ensure our democracy.”  A Democrat speaking of ensuring our democracy, now that’s rich.

I am curious about something though, especially when it comes to Ms. Abrams.  And it’s on the subject of her supposed qualifications for holding public office.  I’m just wondering if there might be someone out there who is able to tell me, or who can perhaps provide me with a list of, the supposed qualifications that this tubby, mentally challenged, political hack might possess that makes her the top tier Democrat candidate that I have heard her described as being.  I mean other than being black and a female, what other ‘qualifications’ does she possess?

Look, it’s not only mail-in voting that’s the problem.  Voting only works if each person has to register with some form of ID and then a signature is on each ballot.  Even better a fingerprint tied to the registration.  Ballots sent out must not be able to be counterfeited. What Democrats, like Abrams, are asking for, here, is basically a ballot that can be printed out as many times as one likes and can be delivered in mass without postage, signature, fingerprint or even registration.  Now the obvious problem here is that Republican voters obey the law and Democrat voters don’t.

This mail-in vote scheme now being championed by the Democrats is something that really does have me worried.  The fact that Democrats are all rallying around this should make everyone very suspicious and more than a little concerned regarding their true motives.  Because if they can pull it off, it will guarantee that the integrity of our elections will be lost forever.  And I worry that more outright Socialists like Abrams, and those loons who comprise ‘The Squad,’ will manage to get elected and the country will go straight down the toilet even faster than it already is.

But perhaps we should all BELIEVE Ms. Abrams when she says voter fraud is merely a myth repeated by the other side.  I mean she is quite the expert on myths!   After all, she believes she won the Georgia governor’s race, she’s continually referred to as being an “up and coming star” in the Democrat Party which, of course, means she likely also believes that the Socialist approach to running our country would likely be so much better, as do any number of others in her party.  Actually, what she is is, like all Democrats, an expert at coming up with ways to destroy our country.

Let’s be honest, when was the last time anyone heard about a car trunk full of ballots being discovered that, after being counted, came out to be in favor of whomever the Republican candidate was in whatever contest was involved?  And yet morons like Abrams remain under the impression that we can all safely assume that voter fraud, on the part of Democrats, is nothing but a myth.  Now granted, there are a lot of stupid people in this country who likely buy into that nonsense.  But there are still millions of us who recognize the Democrats for the cheating scumbags that they are.


Kerry 10

So riddle me this: Why is it that anyone gives the cretinous, bloviating old gasbag, John Kerry-Heinz even the time of day?  After all, it is this guy who has, quite literally, spent decades proving to anyone willing to pay attention that he is, without a doubt, one of the most useless individuals ever to exist.  That this guy thinks anyone but the most ignorant among us cares about his thoughts on any topic, especially those related to our president, goes beyond being merely delusional.  And that there remains any supposed ‘news’ network willing to give this boob a platform from which to spew his incoherent drivel proves that they have virtually no interest in ratings.

It was during an interview this past Monday on MSDNC, that ex U.S. senator and ex secretary of state John Kerry-Heinz accused President Trump of encouraging protests to end state stay-at-home orders when governors are pointing to insufficient testing availability, saying it was akin to playing “Russian roulette with everybody’s lives.”  Frankly I was surprised that he made no mention of Genghis Khan.  Here is a man who was a mediocre Senator, at best, and who was the absolute worst secretary of state this country has ever had and yet continues to be trotted out and treated as if he is some sort of wise old sage, when in fact he’s little more than a complete moron.

In was in this most recent interview that Kerry-Heinz said “I think what’s extraordinary is that the president of the United States, whose responsibility it is to lead the nation, according to the best advice and all the best advice, the best business advice, the best medical advice, the best security advice is all saying, you can’t make the economy work again if the majority of the people of our country are in fear, and they’re not going to come out, and they’re not going to take risks if they don’t have the testing. So the critical component here is where is the presidential leadership? The president has tweeted about liberating Michigan and liberating Minnesota.”

He then said, “He now has tweeted in support of people coming out and demonstrating. He’s trying to play it, I think, in such a political way, we’re in a situation that is life and death.”  He continued, “What is it, 36% of people trust Donald Trump on this? About 80 or 70-some percent trust the doctors and the experts. I think what this underscores is the absence of presidential leadership — the absence of the kind of leadership that the nation needs at this moment. And the COVID-19 challenge has now been added to, among those things where the right, the political right, is prepared to attack science, math, evidence, facts, basic truth in favor of an ideology.”

Kerry-Heinz continued with this nonsense saying, “They’re pushing that ideology on our nation, and it wouldn’t be a big deal if it weren’t costing lives and if it weren’t linked to larger issues that are coming at us. The disinformation campaign that President Trump has succumbed to, with respect to the COVID-19, is the same disinformation campaign from some of the same people who have brought us doubts about what is scientifically proven, which is climate change, the climate crisis.”  And he added, “We all understand the desire to get back. I mean, there isn’t anybody in America who isn’t concerned about where we’re heading economically.”  Except Democrats!

And Kerry-Heinz then went on to say, “But if you stop and think about, as they are in a lot of these countries — I mean, look, the facts. I’ve listened to the president at some of his conferences, and I’m not going to listen to anymore, because it’s the same thing all the time and it’s mostly a political campaign rally and a promotion of himself. But the fact is, he stands there and says, we have the best testing in the world. No, we don’t. We do not have the best testing in the world. We are not testing on a per capita basis, which is the real ratio you look at is the size of our country, measured against the tests we’re having.”  He dare to talk about “the facts?”  Seriously??

And then Kerry-Heinz said, “It doesn’t do us any good to have more testing than a tiny nation in the world and stand up and say, ‘We have more tests than anybody in the world.’ We have to measure the number of tests against the people, against the risks, against what it takes to put people back to work. And if you don’t have the ability to track who’s had it, the antibodies test, and you don’t have the ability to track who has it now, it’s very difficult to say to people, ‘Hey, you’re safe, go out to work.’ What are you doing to do? Play Russian roulette with everybody’s lives? That’s not the job of the president of the United States.”

And he said, “His job is to lead the country to a place of calm understanding about how together, together, that’s what our nation is built on, you know, out of many come one, e Pluribus Unum, we are one. And the one is the job of the president of the United States to think about.”  Every time this moron opens his mouth, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE time, he proves, better than I ever could ever hope to be able to, why it is he that is simply not worth paying any amount of attention too.   And what should absolutely terrify ever freedom loving American is the fact that this brainless dolt could have been our president.  And what sort of a disaster would that have been?

Ideologues like John Kerry-Heinz continue to be under the impression that if they can just ratchet up the sky-is-falling-because-Hitler-is-nuking-the-world rhetoric long enough the American people will finally be convinced into believing these idiots instead of what they’re seeing going on right before their eyes, in President Trump’s press conferences.  He is in charge, extremely competent, compassionate and smart.  And he sees right through these idiots who are so busying screaming their heads off about their latest hoax.  They are the same America-hating idiots that they have always been, and Donald Trump is still the best President we’ve had in 155 years, if not ever.

What we have now being attempted by the Democrats is really nothing less than a full court press as they work at trying to keep the panic up at a fever pitch while at the same time working to sink President Trump at the same time.  It’s become strictly political at this point.  Democrat governors want to keep their states closed or to slow walk any opening, as best they can, until November all in an attempt to hurt the president’s chances of being re-elected.  Democrats have continued to make it very clear that they care nothing about the health and wellbeing of Americans, only about their ability to regain political power and the defeat of Donald Trump.  Nothing more!

Perhaps someone should point out to Kerry-Heinz how it’s the Democrats who seem to be quite desperate in their effort to delay funding for small businesses and therefore accomplish doing even more damage to the economy as part of their ongoing vendetta against President Trump.  Democrats claim to want to keep America shut down in order to “save lives?”  This despite the fact that there is zero data that supports their claim that shutting down the economy saves more lives than other countries that didn’t shut down.  Quarantine the susceptible. Help them. Allow the economy to survive, if it can.  Small businesses form the backbone of this country.

Not all of us are as fortunate as Kerry-Heinz who was able to make his money the old fashioned way, by simply marrying a rich widow.  Those of us who actually have to work for living pay very little attention to anything this imbecile has to say.  The fact remains this economy is doomed unless we get back to work and SOON, which is why those like Kerry-Heinz prefer that we don’t.  Protective measures should be taken, of course.  But we have to go back to work, otherwise this country is doomed not only economically, but spiritually as well as socially.  Kerry-Heinz needs to go back to his big fancy yacht and have a nice life, and leave the rest of us the f*ck alone.

Kerry-Heinz is nothing but a DENIER. He DENIES those current facts which show that there is no need for continuing neither the lockdown nor social distancing.  Kerry-Heinz is still pushing old disproven projections and ignoring the percentage of deaths to the population in their states.  He chooses to ignore the recent Stanford study and LA County study that showed both that the virus was far more widespread than thought and that the death rate may be lower than the average rate for the common flu.  If it is anyone who’s choosing to ignore the science and the relevant statistics of this supposed ‘pandemic, it’s Kerry-Heinz himself and Democrat politicians everywhere.



It would be a very rare event if ‘Commie Chris’ Wallass were to ever sit down with any Democrat and conduct an interview in the same manner that he does with any Republican.  Because over time he has demonstrated that he reserves his more aggressive questioning style for Republicans, especially those who admit they support President Trump.  And it was during Nancy Pelosi’s recent appearance on “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,” to discuss the ‘Chinese virus,’ while ‘Commie Chris,’ did point out how Pelosi had gone “on a walking tour around Chinatown” to promote tourism and even played a clip where she assured Americans that “everything is fine here,” he never challenged Pelosi regarding what was her patently false explanation.

He asked Pelosi, “If the president underplayed the threat in the early days, Speaker Pelosi, didn’t you as well?”  Pelosi responded by simply lying and, as I said, ‘Commie Chris’ pretty much allowed her lies to go virtually unchallenged.  Pelosi was, of course, allowed to totally dismiss the entire concept that she had in any way actually downplayed the virus in February by encouraging tourists to take a stroll through San Francisco’s Chinatown.  I think it safe to assume that ‘Commie Chris’ is likely the only guy on all of ‘Fox News’ on whose show Pelosi would dare to appear.  Also, I’m sure that she is quite familiar with Wallass’ well-earned reputation for going considerably easier on those Democrat guests who appear on his show than on the Republicans.

And it was in answering the question posed by ‘Commie Chris’ that Pelosi replied with a very resounding, “No!”  And she then went on to say, “What we were trying to do is end the discrimination, the stigma that was going out against the Asian-American community and in fact, if you will look, the record will show that our Chinatown has been a model of containing and preventing the virus, and I’m confident in our folks there and thought it was necessary to offset some of the things that the president and others were saying about Asian-Americans and making them a target. A target of violence across the country.”  And again it was ‘Commie Chris’ who chose to offer no pushback, instead choosing to simply accept as truth what she said.

But to Wallass’ credit he did ask Pelosi again if she saw herself as “adding to this perception that there wasn’t such a threat generally” by walking around “without any masks” and assuring Americans that “it’s perfectly safe.”  And again Pelosi said, “No, I was saying that you should not discriminate against – discriminate against Chinese-Americans, as some in our administration were doing, by the way, they were labeling the flu and that. No, indeed. And again, I think you – if you check the record, and it’s current, you will see that Chinatown has been a model in all of this.”  She went on to say, “And that’s what we’re saying, look to them for answers. Don’t look to them to place blame.”  And again nary a peep from ‘Commie Chris’ in the way of a challenge.

Pelosi’s visit to San Francisco’s Chinatown came three weeks after President Trump had announced a partial travel restriction on people entering America from China amid the growing threat of the ‘China virus.’  And it was in the video that was shot on 24 February that Pelosi was heard to say, “We want to be vigilant about what is out there in other places. We want to be careful about how we deal with it, but we do want to say to people ‘Come to Chinatown. Here we are, careful, safe and come join us.’”  And it is that this pathetic bag-o-bones expects us to believe her obviously bogus comments were only about discrimination and some perceived stigma going out against the Asian-American community that should have been called out.

Now while I’ll give old ‘Commie Chris’ some level of credit for at least bringing the subject up, it was the same old ‘Commie Chris’ who chose not to pursue things and to  offer up nothing in the way of a challenge regarding what most people would view as being Pelosi’s rather bizarre explanation of events.  All he did was to sit there as she babbled on and nod his bobble-head in agreement.  While he could have pursued the matter, instead he simply chose to give Pelosi the last word before simply moving on to another topic.  Now had this been any Republican, instead of Pelosi, I have no doubt whatsoever that old ‘Commie Chris’ would have likely had a whole lot more to say on the subject.  And that he didn’t with Pelosi speaks absolute volumes.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) commented on this same supposed ‘discrimination’ against Chinese-Americans, blaming President Trump on this past Saturday for supposedly stoking “the flames of racism.”  And it was by way of Twitter that some DNC genius tweeted out, “In this time of crisis, we must come together as Americans.”  And then, later, it was this very same genius who continued by tweeting, “Donald Trump has instead stoked the flames of racism by calling #COVID19 the ‘Chinese virus’ and equating Chinatowns in the United States with China. Words have consequences. And Trump’s words are dangerous.”  Yup, got some real scumbags there at the DNC.  Further proof of just how out of touch the Democrats truly are.

‘Commie Chris’ Wallass, who is known for his rather aggressive and persistent pushing of Republican guests with questions from the Left, allowed Pelosi to come on and very comfortably spread her bullshit.  Gee, what a surprise.  ‘Fox News’ has become infested with ‘Never Trumpers’ of which ‘Commie Chris’ is not the only one.  And if there is one thing for sure, it’s that Wallass is definitely no Tony Snow, from whom Wallass inherited his program.  Wallass could have very easily pointed out how it was that the president did not accuse the Asian-Americans of anything.  And that his criticism was specifically pointed at no one other than the Communist Chinese who are in charge of the government.  But nope, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Like every ‘good’ Democrat, Pelosi is very good at twisting things, and even better when never forced to explain her rather skewed logic.  But she can’t deny that at a time when we should have been taking precautions she was out actually encouraging others to do just the opposite and to take part in what was very risky behavior.  But to be honest, she was far from the ONLY Democrat guilty of doing the very same thing.  And while I hope that she, along with every other Democrat, comes to pay a price for their blatant dishonesty come this November, I feel that I am likely simply pissing in the wind.  It’s sad that it’s rarely ever pointed out how the Democrats were hoping that this ‘Chinese virus’ would prove to be so much worse than it was.


Pelosi 01

Can we please all agree when it comes to the fact that Nancy Pelosi isn’t exactly known for telling the truth?   But she is far from being the only Democrat guilty of misrepresenting the truth, because without their lies, the Democrats have nothing.  But it is Pelosi, and her difficulty with the truth who will be focused on at this time.  Pelosi hates this president and will stop at nothing, leave no lie untold, in her continuing effort to cast this president as being anything other than what he is.

For instance it was Friday, on MSDNC, that Pelosi accused President Trump of not accepting the facts about the seriousness of the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic, which has cost lives and the economy.  And what we, once again, have here is yet another example of a disgusting human being accusing the president of what she, and every member of her party, and I do mean EVERY one, has been doing since day one of this ‘Chinese virus.’  Pelosi accused President Trump of calling this pandemic a “hoax.”

Now what the president DID say, on February 28 at a campaign rally in South Carolina, and what Pelosi clearly takes out of context, as she has a reputation for doing, was to compare the Democrats’ criticism of his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic to their bogus grounds for impeachment by saying, “this is their new hoax.”  And, of course, he was right.  It’s become increasingly clear that the Democrats, Pelosi included, have lost their collective mind over their hatred of this president.

And it was on the subject of what has become the growing number of protests against stay home orders that Pelosi said, “I won’t take the bait. This is another example of the distraction that they want to make from the fact that the president had said that this pandemic was a hoax, and that’s not true. That the president said, it will magically disappear. That’s not true. Again and again, he was in denial and delay in dealing with this. This is just a distraction. Don’t fall for that. Don’t take the bait.”

And it was ‘anchor’ Ari Melber who said, “Looking at the economic hardship, which of course, is part of the bill you mentioned that you’re working on — Washington Post reporting 22 million unemployed. This was wiped out a decade of job gains.”  He continued, “The U.S. has not seen this level of jobless, the Post reports, quote, since the Great Depression. Speaker, do you view this as simply a product of this tough pandemic, or do you view this as a Trump recession?”

Pelosi answered, “It’s probably a combination. Let’s right now talk about the pandemic because that’s a matter of life and death. We’re in the situation that we’re in because early into this, the president refused to accept the facts.”  She continued, “So the situation we’re in is largely of his making, calling it a hoax, saying magically it will disappear, not calling upon the Defense Production Act to protect the workers who are trying to save lives as they risk their own lives in doing so.”

Melber said, “You just laid out your view of his failures coming from the Trump White House on down. Do you think those failures cost lives?”  Pelosi said, “Yes, I do. I think delaying were deadly. The reason I’m speaking out and I sent a letter to my colleagues which I’m overwhelmed by the response I received nationally and from my colleagues insisting on the truth is let’s not continue on a path of misrepresentation and falsehood, let’s get to the science, the evidence, the data, and facts.”

So I ask you, if the president had actually called this ‘pandemic’ a hoax would we not now be seeing the video of him doing so being played 24/7/365?  And yet, we aren’t.  But, oddly enough, what have seen, and continue to see, are videos of various Democrats, including Pelosi, telling Americans at the very beginning of this supposed ‘pandemic’ that there was absolutely nothing to worry about and that they should go about their normal daily activities.  So who is it that likely cost American lives?

Pelosi sounds like a proverbial broken record, as she continues to say, “Trump bad. Democrats good.”  Frankly I’m bored and rather tired of hearing all of these disgusting Democrats with all of their accusations with absolutely nothing to back them up.  And none of them are ever challenged by those who profess to be bona fide ‘journalists’ but who are in fact nothing more than ‘fake news’ propagandists of the worst kind.  And they always seem offended whenever that’s pointed out.

Pelosi’s supposed concern over the economy is more than a little disingenuous.  After all, it’s become painfully obvious who it is that’s trying to wreck our economy, and that would of course be the Democrats.  I mean who are the ones now working so hard to force small businesses, out of business?  And it’s Democrat governors who are now determined to slow walk opening their states back up.  They hate this president and the American people and don’t care who they hurt in their effort to gain power.

Pelosi continues to make very clear that the only thing that she, and her party, actually cares about is restoring themselves to power and their ability to reign over the American people. Instead of being concerned about actually improving the plight of those suffering during this pandemic, she has sought only to exploit it for political gain at every opportunity.  She is nothing more than a political hack of the worst kind.  And as such has no business being in any position of power.

The last card that the Democrats have to play against President Trump is a poor economy.  Pelosi is hoping that if the Democrats can just make things bad enough they will finally be able to take out President Trump.  So she will do nothing helpful. She is an incredibly rich, entitled, elitist who doesn’t give a squat when it comes to the needs of the American people.  Democrats want the economy to collapse, they NEED it to collapse, and have been trying to wreck it for over two years now.

It’s every single day that I see Democrats, including Pelosi, provided with a platform by those in our ‘fake news’ media from which they are allowed to spew all manner of lies without ever being challenged.  It’s a fact that the Democrat Party is a ruthless party that hates America and the American People. Their primary objective is to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with something totally unrecognizable. Their party needs to be eliminated if the Republic is to survive.

It’s the Democrat who identifies with our enemies.  It’s the Democrat who runs down our country and our history.  It’s the Democrat who conspires with globalists against our Republic, our Constitution and our people.  It’s the Democrat who pits one race against another, rich against poor and educated against uneducated.  It’s the Democrat who doesn’t like the citizens so they try to replace them with the third world needy.  It’s the Democrat who is diabolical and treacherous.

If I had my way, thousands just like her would meet an end that would make the history books, and serve as a deterrent that would make the most ruthless monsters in the future cringe at the thought of meeting the same end.  There’s a special place in Hell for those like Pelosi.  I pray I live long enough to see this treasonous, ruthless, evil, psychopath leave this world.  Pelosi and those like her have murdered and robbed and deceived millions of innocent people, here and across the globe.