In what has become this moron’s typical spiel as it relates to gun control, it was to an audience gathered at the ‘City Club of Chicago’, this past Friday, that ‘Little Dick’ Durbin, senator from the state of Illinois, spewed his nonsense that the criminal justice system in America is “a harsher system for poor people, especially people of color,” and that no serious discussion of crime, “can start with any other topic than guns.”  So here we have yet another avenue that Democrats, and others on the left, hope to pursue in their effort to strip from law abiding citizens, the right to possess a gun.

And it was then that this escapee from some psycho ward went on to say, “People are angry about the fact that we have two separate systems of justice in America. One for people with money and connections – and a harsher system for poor people, especially people of color.”  And it was in making it very clear that no connection is too remote to be attempted, that ‘Little Dick’ said, “There are several ways we can make our criminal justice system fairer or more effective. No serious discussion of crime in Chicago or America can start with any other topic than guns.”

He said, “We cannot allow ourselves to be numbed or resigned when it comes to the deadly impact and easy access of firearms.” He then went on to add, “I went to the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agency office a few months ago here in Chicago, they just completed a survey of the crime guns that were seized in the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago. 40 percent of those crime guns can be traced directly to gun shows in Northwest Indiana. All you need to do is produce an ID there and you can fill up the trunk of your car with guns and ammo.”

Actually what ‘Little Dick’ did in trying to make his point was to tell more than what was a little white lie.  Because as it just so happens, The City of Chicago website hosts a 2014 report on the impact of illegal guns.  The “Tracing the Guns” report shows that it’s only 19 percent of Chicago’s illegal guns that came from Indiana.  Now you’d think that if ‘Little Dick’ was going to tell such a blatant lie, he would have focused on something that could not be quite so easily verified as being a lie.  But no one has ever accused this guy of being bright. Which he so obviously is not.

‘Little Dick’ continued to say the only way to address the issue is through elections, “Until we start replacing members of Congress who live in fear of the NRA. Congress is going to stand on the sidelines while this gun death epidemic continues.”  Actually, until we start electing more politicians who actually chose to abide by their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, we’re going to continue to lose more and more of our freedom as we elect more of those who think that they are the ones who determine what rights the people are to possess.

All of which is further proof that ‘Little Dick’ is nothing but the classic example of a white liberal racist and a hypocrite. Those like ‘Little Dick’ love to condescendingly preach down to minorities about how it is that they should live out their lives. Liberals want minorities to be disarmed, defenseless and totally dependent upon Democrats and other white, liberal hypocrites like himself for their protection.  Of course, ‘Little Dick’, has his own armed guards for protection, doesn’t he?  The progressive hypocrite motto is, and always has been: “Do as I say, not as I do”.

Mentally disturbed individuals like the our esteemed ‘Little Dick’ represent what can only be described as being a clear and present danger to America.  Freedom will never win with those like ‘Little Dick’ because they think that freedom and justice are to be measured and controlled by people just like them.  However, it’s our Constitution that says something very different. And until Illinois takes on the responsibility of cleaning up their cities and jailing criminals permanently, they will continue to have a growing problem with violence.  Illinois is a wrecked state.

You have garbage like Barry, Lynch, ‘Little Dick’, and a whole host of others to blame for the condition of Chicago as well as the state of Illinois. Once you take away the hope of the people, there’s nothing left but poverty and violence. Decades of liberal Democrat rule have decimated nearly every large city in the country. Only the people of Illinois can save themselves, and I will not give up my rights just for them. I have a suggestion for the people of Illinois, if you don’t want to face the justice system then don’t commit crimes. I don’t want to face it myself, so I abide by the law.

How is gun control going to help the poor minority criminal? They don’t bother with background checks and they don’t follow the law anyway. When they are caught, our liberal gun control freaks refuse to prosecute using the laws already on the books.  So if I have this right, ‘Little Dick’ thinks that if a black guy in an inner city walks in to a convenient store, robs it at gunpoint, gets caught and goes to jail…it’s the system’s fault?  He wants to make the system “fairer” by taking guns away from law abiding citizens. I guess he wants to put the crooks on an even playing field with the rest of us.