So it would seem that this kid, Hogg, is working on making the absolute most of his 15 minutes of fame, trying to stretch it just as far as he possibly can.  And apparently he doesn’t mind in the least that he’s being used by so many on the left in his effort to do so.  Which only tells me that kid has no class, no brains, no self-respect and apparently no bring-‘em-ups.  Yes I’m quite sure mommy and daddy are very proud of the offspring their union produced.  Obviously this kid gives some level of credence to that old adage that says, ‘Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.’

And it’s in the process of his allowing himself to be used by those on the left, in its continuing effort to remove guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens, that the young Mr. Hogg’s ego seems to be growing at a rather incredible rate evidenced by how he takes himself far too seriously.  Apparently this little creep is now leading a boycott campaign against Fox News host Laura Ingraham after she knocked him for complaining about colleges that rejected his applications.  He apparently took offense at that and has now called on his ‘followers’ to put pressure on her advertisers.

You see, it was this past Wednesday morning that Ingraham wrote on Twitter, “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it,” and she linked a Daily Wire article that referenced a TMZ article titled, “I’m Changing the World …BUT UC SCHOOLS STILL REJECTED ME.”  Anyway, Hogg responded by tweeting out a list of Ingraham’s 12 biggest advertisers and called on his ‘followers’ to pressure the companies into boycotting Ingraham’s show over her tweet.  And it was much to my surprise that Ingraham has now apologized, which only adds fuel to the fire.

Hogg was interviewed on TMZ this past Monday and it was during that interview that he lamented a number of college rejections he has received.  He said he was not surprised by the rejections because “I think there’s a lot of amazing people that don’t get to college, not only that do things like I do but because their voices just aren’t heard in the tsunami of people that apply every year to colleges in such an economic impacted school system here which we have here in America where people have to go into massive amounts of debt just to go to college and get an education.”

Look, this useful idiot really is nothing more than a butt-hurt little dweeb. If he’s going to up against the big guns, then he shouldn’t be surprise to get a little blowback and he should take it like man.  But when those on our side cower before threats made by little weasels like this Hogg character, all that does is to encourage more bad behavior and gives new life to their pathetic antics.  And the longer the left feels that they have something to gain from milking this kid for all he’s worth, the longer we can expect to see him being held up as some sort of symbol for their cause.

But mark my words there will come a time when those on the left now very loudly singing his praises will become fewer and fewer in number until finally there is simply no one left but Mr. Hogg himself.  Because let there be no doubt that when you get right down to it, the young Mr. Hogg means absolutely nothing to them, he is simply someone to be used in the name of advancing their anti-gun cause.  And as soon as they tire of him, or as soon as he becomes no longer useful to them, they will kick his worthless butt to the curb.  And before long it will be, David who?

And while this boob has no problem whatsoever with wanting to take away from millions of Americans their Second Amendment right, he cries foul, or he whines, whenever he thinks his First Amendment right is being infringed upon.  Really?   The left has sure done a pretty good job turning him into what is really nothing more than a good little Marxist. Unfortunately this is what we tend to get by sending our children to public school.  And they are doing the same thing to a lot of our kids in our public schools. This shooting was just an opportunity to step on the accelerator.

This is nothing that we haven’t seen before coming from those on the left.  They get their hooks into some impression, sometimes young, stooge who quickly becomes addicted to all of the attention and who then willingly allows himself, or herself, to be used like some puppet on a string.  And then when they finally snap out of their little trance, they realize that all of those who were once so enamored with them have now moved on and found themselves some new little stooge to make dance on the end of their string.  This kid is doing nothing more than making a fool of himself.



Apparently there is a level to which some people will gladly stoop in their effort to garner for themselves that ever-elusive ‘15 minutes of fame.’  I’m sure that by now most have heard of David Hogg, the 17-year-old Florida school shooting witness and now enthusiastic anti-gun crusader, who in trying to take full advantage of his new found ‘fame’ made the rounds to many of the Sunday ‘news’ shows.  And in so doing Hogg revealed a demeanor that was equal parts deer-in-the-headlights mixed with the Damien character from the movie, ‘The Omen’.  It was a rather strange spectacle of a mean-spirited little zealot in over his head spewing all manner of conspiratorial gibberish as unnerved adults responded with tight smiles and patronizing nods.

More than a week after the Parkland school shooting massacre, with the raw emotion of 17 dead innocents subsiding, the ginned up state-controlled media hysteria having pretty much run its course, and the public waking up to the fact that, outside of the killer himself, it’s the government that is very much to blame for the fact that this massacre was ALLOWED to take place.  Both the FBI and the Broward County Sheriff’s office, headed up by a man who has to be one of the most incompetent individuals to ever head up a law enforcement department, have much to answer for.  Not an NRA which five years ago called for additional school security and a tightening of the very background checks that might have kept a firearm out of this killer’s hands.

Up until Sunday, this kid, Hogg, had served almost perfectly as the media’s avatar of hate towards the NRA, the Second Amendment, as well as gun owners everywhere.  But that was while he was surfing a sizable wave of emotion.  Now that he needs to actually say something substantive, something beyond I’M OUTRAGED he’s come to appear as little more than delusional.  Sure, Hogg is still a mean little brat, a bully drunk on his own unearned power, but now that the wave has crested, Hogg had to switch gears.  Give him (or his handlers) credit for understanding that.  Nevertheless, Hogg’s masterplan is to, get this, drive a wedge between the NRA and NRA members using wild-eyed conspiracy theories spiked with venom against Dana Loesch.

While appearing on the Clown News Network (CNN) Hogg’s bitter immaturity and belief in childish things made him look equal parts mean, helpless, manipulated, and ridiculous.  The only thing Hogg appears to have learned from the silly conspiracy theories surrounding him is how to spread his own.  First he gave Loesch a promotion from mere spokesperson of the NRA to CEO.  Then he revealed that Loesch is a super-secret lobbyist for gun manufacturers.  Then no, it’s gets worse.  Loesch is an arms dealer who actually sells guns.  But Hogg saved his most frightening revelation for last.  Apparently, Loesch is the leader of some sinister organization, a bloodthirsty villainess who’s comfortable in the knowledge that she owns Congress and politicians.

And in responding to what was Hogg’s sizable avalanche of ‘fake news’, all the host of the laughably-titled ‘Reliable Sources’ could do was ask in awe, “Where does the information come from when you talk about this?”  Hogg quickly put the question to rest with this bit of precision craftsmanship saying, “My previous research in speech and debate through learning about universal background checks, having to argue on both sides.”  And it was then that Hogg revealed that he sees a future for himself in both media and politics.  Are we witnessing a young ‘Jake Tapper’ in the making, attempting to make a career for himself on the dead bodies of his classmates?  Perhaps it’s time for the young Mr. Hogg to undergo a psych evaluation of his own.

And then during Monday’s bizarre episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” that this little twerp declared that it’s Gov. Rick Scott who should be seen as being responsible for the Broward County Sheriff Department’s actions, or inaction, leading up to and during the Parkland school shooting.  Hogg said, “I’m glad you bring that up. It is raising concern the fact they didn’t go up, but that brings up two things. One, how can we expect our teachers to step in and take action if trained security guards part of the sheriff’s department wouldn’t take action. And two, why are these elected officials trying to blame this on the bureaucracy. They’re in charge of them. This is their fault. They should have been regulating them.”

He said, “I’m not going to allow them to pressure these people because at the end of the day it’s their fault. These elected officials are the boss of these sheriff personnel and just like the president is the boss of the FBI, Governor Rick Scott is essentially the boss of Scott Israel the sheriff, and as such he should be held accountable and can’t blame this on the bureaucracy and expect to get reelected.”  He added, “I want to point something out, that football coach was a security guard and he was protecting those students. He is one of the people that stepped in, unlike those cowardly Broward County Sheriff’s officials. Honestly, I fully support law enforcement and we always should. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to speak here today.”

And he concluded by saying, “We wouldn’t have a functioning democracy where everybody can practice their First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Sadly, these are a few individuals did not conduct their job correctly but I don’t think it’s right that Governor Rick Scott is blaming this on the bureaucracy in an effort to get reelected.”  What this imbecile chooses to ignore is the fact that Rick Scott is NOT “essentially the boss of Scott Israel the sheriff.”  Also Hogg’s eagerness to accuse those of blaming “the bureaucracy in an effort to get reelected” might have something to do with the fact that his father, Kevin Hogg, happens to be a retired FBI agent.  Thus it was dear old dad who was a member of this very same bureaucracy.

And then it was also on Monday that Hogg took time out to attack President Trump for allegedly evading the draft during the Vietnam War in the 1960s.  Hogg wrote, “Calling the sheriff a coward is so ironic coming from a man who evaded the draft multiple times due to his power and influence. @realDonaldTrump you’re a hypocrite that is owned by the NRA please prove me wrong.”  Trump has criticized as a coward the Broward County Sheriff’s deputy who served as the resource officer at the school, for hiding outside from the gunman rather than entering the school building and confronting him with deadly force during the February 14 attack by a former student that killed 17 students and faculty.  An accusation that I thought was justified.

After having watched those on the left continue to fall all over this kid I can’t help but wonder how long it might be before we see out on the campaign trail with the likes of ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters or any number other hardcore leftwing anti-gun Democrats up for re-election this year.  And as much as I hate to be the one to bust this kid’s balloon, it was Obummer’s policies that lead to this shooter NOT being arrested for a felony when he shot his neighbor’s animals.  Not to mention the other 38 times that the police were called to his home.  And it was the dynamic duo of Obummer/Holder who went after those schools that suspended children and who didn’t want to see them arrested.  That’s where he should focus his ‘anger.’

And for those who may think I’m coming down too hard on this kid, all I have to say is when you venture out into the media and start throwing around loaded terms, as this kid has done, you become fair game for criticism.  Not all of that criticism might be “fair” but that’s how life is.  He’s exploiting memes and really he’s just being a dumb kid who’s getting caught up in the media exposure.  And what he’s spewing is really nothing more than nonsensical garbage and pure propaganda.  He knows virtually nothing about the topic at hand.  Being a survivor of such an event does not qualify one as being any sort of an expert on public policy. If anything it makes one less reliable because one cannot detach the emotion(s) of the event from the discussion.



Only bad things can happen when one of the good guys simply isn’t up to the task at hand.  And nothing makes that more clear than the recent shooting at a high school in Florida.  It seems that the sheriff’s deputy who was on duty at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School saw retreat as being his primary plan of action, as he failed to go in and confront the gunman.  This poor excuse of a first responder type has since resigned in order to avoid being suspended.  I hope he has nightmares forever.

Anyway, it was ABC 13 that reported Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel had confirmed the deputy, Scott Peterson, was no longer with the Sheriff’s department.  Israel said he viewed video of the incident, saw Peterson “arrive at the west side of Building 12, take a position” but never go in.  As a result, the sheriff’s office moved to suspend Peterson, who resigned before the suspension could take place.  And rumor now has is that this loser, Peterson, and decided to simply retire.

So here we had this deputy cowering outside while the children he was there to protect lay dying.  Perhaps someone from the Clown News Network (CNN) should go and interview all of this cowardly deputy’s family members, ex-schoolmates, former employers, etc., like they do with the shooters family.  They can ask them if he was a coward all of his life, and did they notice anything about his behavior recently that would have revealed that he would turn out to be such a gutless coward?

But that would likely be too much to expect from any of the clowns there on CNN.  Besides, that would likely have an adverse effect on the narrative that they have worked so hard to cultivate.  The shooting lasted six minutes and he was hiding outside for four of those minutes. How many died in those four minutes?  Or maybe the better question would be, how many could he have saved?  One, three, five, ten or maybe even more?  But we’ll never know because all he did was to call for backup!

And I’m sure it won’t be long before this gutless wonder of a deputy will have those on the left rushing to his defense.  Hell, maybe they are already even as we speak.  And I’m sure there will be more than a few asking, “What was it that you expected this poor man to do?”  Well, the answer to that is a relatively simple one, I expected him to do his job.  He was essentially the last line of defense against this kind of event, he was there to prevent such a thing from happening.  And he failed miserably.

And we’ve all heard the accusations coming from the left about how we who support the National Rifle Association (NRA) as well as the Second Amendment all have blood on our hands.  Sorry, but I refuse to accept that I am in any way at fault for what occurred at this high school, or for the fact that the deputy put there to safeguard those children decided to turn chicken.  The ones with blood on their hands are the ones who continue to support the idiocy in making schools “gun free” zones.

It was just this past Thursday that we had Barry’s one time ‘Green Czar’, and self-described communist, Van Jones, appearing on CNN’s “Newsroom,” and while discussing school shootings he made the claim that many young people in favor of gun control see the National Rifle Association (NRA) as the Ku Klux Klan.  Jones said, ”We haven’t had the kind of innovation, experimentation, trying of things—I don’t know of any of the things being proposed would make any difference at all yet.”

And this boob went on to say, “But we should know more than we know right now. We should have been able to try things, and we haven’t been able to. So now what’s happening is you have a whole generation of young people who essentially see the NRA as their enemy. To them, the NRA is like the KKK. It’s just some hostile force that is against them, that’s risking their lives.”  He added, “These kids, they’re not fighting for their future—they’re fighting for their right to survive, to have a future.”

The rhetoric coming from these anti-gun zealots, like Jones, continues to get more and more incendiary in nature with each new atrocity.  And what they seem not to realize is because of the toxic language used when describing those with whom they disagree, the only thing they’re really accomplishing here is to drive up the amount of money donated to the NRA by folks like myself.  Things have now moved well beyond being able to have any sort of a civilized discussion on the topic of guns.

In other news, one of the left’s arguments for banning guns is based on the fact that 2/3 of gun deaths involve suicide, yet they want to force doctors to assist in the suicide of troubled individuals instead.  Mental health represents one of the largest threats facing this country today and a very significant portion of it originates from liberalism itself. And I would argue that we would not be where we are today if the mentally ill liberals in Congress had received treatment years ago.

And if you look at leftist websites, you’ll see how people are saying, “see look, this proves that a good guy with a gun doesn’t stop a bad guy with a gun. Armed teachers won’t do anything either.”  So therefore we shouldn’t expect that armed good guys will do something.  The truth is that if you arm ten teachers, maybe two or three will decide to act.  As the public now sees, there are cowards even in police departments.  You will always have those who simply sit back and those who will ALWAYS rush in.

So it only stands to reason that the more willing teachers you allow to armed, the more likely it is than one will choose to act.  Moreover, what deterrent effect there is can be achieved with as little as 10% of the faculty being armed. A potential assailant has no idea who is or isn’t carrying a gun.  Teachers don’t want to be sitting ducks either.  Most will fight back when it counts.  Even if “MOST” were not up to the task, if you had 5% to 10% step up under pressure, this problem would be solved.

And after one or two school shooters get their brains blown out by an armed teacher I’d be willing to bet that it would be enough to deter any cowardly punk from doing it in the future.  If it didn’t totally stop the carnage, it would surely make it much less likely; saving countless young lives.  Anyone with the slightest of analytical ability can see this. If someone opposes it, their critical thinking is severely skewed or they have an entirely political agenda and could care less about the lives of the school children.

There are over 300 million guns in America and our porous borders won’t be ably defended for the near term, so their call for gun control to save the children is a deceitful con and scam like most of their communist policies. Those that perpetuate it are condemning more children to death instead of changing policies to actually solve the problem.  They are pushing Communist doctrine to further their agenda knowing full well it will cost countless lives if they are successful.

And if you think Barry ‘O’s intention was anything other than to disarm the law abiding citizens you are delusional.  Sales are down slightly because Barry was the best gun salesman in the history of gun sales.  So many guns were purchased that demand dropped.  Just another example of more Democrat lunacy.  Democrats, the party of unintended consequences.  Their effort to disarm the public and eliminate the Second Amendment actually resulted in more gun ownership.  Comical.


Obama 01

He who so very easily, and quite completely, replaced Jimmy Carter as being the worst president this country has ever had the misfortune to elect, once again recently slinked, or is it slunked, from his home in the sewer to once again attempt to sell to the American people on what was essentially nothing more than his typical brand of political snake oil!  And of course I’m sure everyone has already guessed who it is of whom I speak, none other than Barry Obummer.  The man who is most responsible for the fact that America now finds itself engulfed in a level toxic hate never before seen.  Obummer’s true legacy are the terrorist organizations that essentially he created, ones like BLM and Antifa.

It was ex-president Obummer who in his continuing effort to never let a crisis, or in this instance a tragedy, go to waste, used the recent Texas church shooting that left 26 people dead on Sunday to once again call for stricter gun control.  He said that Americans should ask God for “the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst.”  It was on Twitter that Obummer said, “We grieve with all the families in Sutherland Springs harmed by this act of hatred, and we’ll stand with the survivors as they recover.”  Adding “May God also grant all of us the wisdom to ask what concrete steps we can take to reduce the violence and weaponry in our midst.”

Obummer, has continued to take an unusually active role during his successor’s administration, and even George W. Bush has now seen fit to offer criticism of his own when it comes our current president despite the fact that he never uttered so much as a single word of criticism of his successor, but, I suppose, that would be a discussion to have on another day.  As far as Obummers remarks regarding this most recent tragedy, he, as to be expected, offered no specific details on what those steps to reduce the guns “in our midst” might look like.  In reality, as far as Obummer is concerned this shooting was likely seen as being nothing more than an opportunity to exploit, to be used to insert himself into the conversation.

Sunday’s shooting, carried out by 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, was the worst mass shooting in Texas history.  And also to be expected, nowhere in Barry’s politicized assessment of this tragedy was there any mention of the fact that had there been just one parishioner in the possession of a gun, just one, we would not today be talking about how 26 people here gunned down in a Texas church.  As it was a local gun owner that’s reported to have opened fire on Kelley with a rifle, preventing him from taking any more lives.  Obummer’s reaction to Sunday’s massacre was significantly more political than was President Trump’s.  That would be because with Obummer is must always be about politics, all the time.

But I really don’t see a need not pay any attention to Obummer.  He sees this as an opportunity to connect with those who reside at his end of the political spectrum.  And while there are those who will no doubt pay some level of attention to him when he speaks on this topic, few are going to take him seriously when it comes to tax policy, defense policy, foreign policy or even healthcare policy.  So he must take advantage of every opportunity, no matter how gruesome, to gain for himself some level of attention for himself.  Barry love nothing more than the spotlight, and these 26 dead in Texas is an opportunity for him to once again take center stage in an effort to get as much attention as possible focused on him.

This call for “fewer guns” may sound like a great idea to those on the left, especially at moments such as this, but to those of us with a brain such claims are seen as being nothing more than attempts to exploit a tragedy all in the effort to advance one’s kooky, and more than a little dangerous, political agenda.  Fewer guns would not have kept this or any other mass shooting from taking place.  Because just like those tragedies where a truck or a knife is used, it’s not the guns, it’s the people using their preferred weapon of choice.  You see the problem is not fewer guns, it’s fewer criminals.  If we can’t control them and their crimes how in the Hell are we going to control their non-compliance with our already existing gun laws?

Obummer, like our other current ex-presidents, has the privilege of being constantly surrounded by a taxpayer funded security team for the rest of his life, and to have his family protected against home invasion with fences, Secret Service agents with “assault-style” weapons with “high capacity” magazines, and yet he has the gall to seek to deprive you and me of the same ability to do all that we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones from those who wish to do us harm.  He advocates against law abiding gun owners being able to own a gun and to defend themselves against those that he remains in favor of allowing to flood into our country courtesy of our very porous southern border.  A border that he did nothing to secure.

Oddly enough my gun has never once jumped out of my car or left my house and shot anyone!  What exactly is “reasonable gun control” anyway?  There already are numerous reasonable gun laws on the books.  It’s not just about keeping guns out of the hands of those who would harm others intentionally, no gun control can do that.  What would follow “reasonable gun control” would likely be the eventual disarmament of those who use guns reasonably, so that we all become targets of those who use guns unreasonably.  Moreover, we all would be victims of the government in an additional way. The first thing Hitler did, upon gaining office, was to disarm the German citizenry.  And we know what happened next.

There is one thing for sure. That as long as we continue to have tragedies such as this most recent shooting in Texas, we will also be forced to contend not only with the Democrats, but also their many minions in the state-controlled media, regarding their continued calls for more and restrictive forms of gun control.  But we should never allow ourselves to be convinced that those calls have anything whatsoever to do with public safety or loss of life.  Because just like their justification for Obamacare had absolutely nothing to do with making sure every single American would be able to obtain cost effective health insurance, their calls for stricter gun control have nothing to do with reducing gun violence or the number of mass shootings.

Because the common denominator that can be so easily recognized regarding both of these two liberal causes is that they both have to do with one thing, and one thing only.  And that one thing is, of course, that they are both seen as being far more efficient and effective methods of providing the government with a much better means of controlling the populace.  And that’s what this is really all about, it’s what it has always been all about.  You’d have to be pretty stupid to think that the Democrats genuinely care whether or not people are able to obtain health insurance or have any desire whatsoever to reduce gun violence.  These things are nothing more than unscrupulous means to what can only be called a diabolical end.



The New York Slimes, that provider of even less useful information than is ‘The National Enquirer’, now appears to be actively encouraging voters in those states where gun control on the ballot to vote for stronger regulations and all under the guise that more gun control equals less crime and therefore a safer populace.   Meanwhile, gun-controlled Chicago is nearing 600 homicides for 2016 alone.  According to ‘The Slimes’, “analysis” from George Soros-funded Center for American Progress shows that “gun fatalities in states with weaker laws are three times as high as in those states with tougher restrictions.” Based on this, the paper calls for voters in “California, Maine, Nevada, and Washington” to support gun control measures that will be on the ballot next month.

But something that ‘The Slimes’ fails to mention, because it would likely damage their argument, is that California is already one of the most gun-controlled states in the union.  It has comprehensive background checks — which eliminate a “gun show loophole” or “online loophole” — a waiting period on gun purchases, firearm registration, and gun confiscation laws, yet it also had the May 23, 2014, Santa Barbara attack, the December 2, 2015, San Bernardino firearm-based terror attack, the June 1, 2016, murder-suicide on the gun-free UCLA campus, and the October 8, 2016, high-profile shooting deaths of two police officers in Palm Springs.  So once again we have an argument being advanced by this rag of a newspaper that’s completely devoid of any logic or truth.

And it’s another very blue state, Washington, that also has comprehensive background checks — the very checks which Hitlery, Gabby Giffords, and ‘Nanny Mike’ Bloomberg-funded gun control groups pursue as being key to American safety.  Yet our nation’s most recent mass shooting took place in Burlington, Washington, on September 23. Five innocent lives were taken in Cascades Mall. On July 30, three innocents were shot and killed at a house party just north of Seattle, and in late February, the AP reported a gunman killed four people then himself in Belfair, Washington.  It’s as if these people don’t even bother to do the slightest amount of fact-checking regarding what’s really going on in places where strict gun laws exist, before opening their big, fat pie-holes.  Oh, that’s right, they don’t!

Ironically, much of the momentum for gun control continues to come from the December 14, 2012, attack on Sandy Hook Elementary.  Even now, new laws are being pushed under the guise of preventing such an attack, and ‘The Slimes’ says a total of eight states have passed “universal background checks” — the same thing as comprehensive background checks — as a way to keep a Sandy Hook-like attack from occurring.  But if the examples of California and Washington state teach us anything, it is that comprehensive background checks offer no hindrance whatsoever to determined attackers.  All that they offer is very much a false sense of security.  Because as has been said before, repeatedly, criminals don’t volunteer for background checks, only law abiding citizens must.

In fact, I think it’s worth remembering that Connecticut was ranked 5th in the nation for most stringent gun controls when the attack on Sandy Hook occurred.  The Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence lauded Connecticut for 5th “toughest” laws in 2011, and in 2012, Adam Lanza, the shooter involved, circumvented every one of those laws by stealing his guns and carrying out a heinous crime in a ‘gun-free’ zone.  Nevertheless, ‘The Slimes’ contends that more gun control will ultimately make us all safer.  Now I suppose if you’re some mentally challenged Democrat, stricter guns and ‘gun-free zones’ make a lot of sense.  But it’s best to keep in mind that if something makes sense to a Democrat then it’s highly likely that there’s going to be some pretty dire consequences for the rest of us.

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, homicides in gun-controlled Chicago so far this year are approaching 600 following another weekend of firearm-related death and mayhem. The Chicago Tribune reports that “at least 35” people were shot and wounded and another five were shot and killed between 6 pm Friday, October 7, and the morning of October 10. “Four people were shot within six blocks of each other over one hour Sunday night.”   The weekend’s violence brings the total number of homicides in the city to 578 year-to-date.  The Tribune also reported there have been a total of 3,368 shooting victims between January 1 and October 11, 2016 — that figure includes fatal and non-fatal shootings.  There were 2,988 shooting victims for the whole of 2015.

Violence in gun-controlled Chicago set a record in August 2016 with 472 people shot and 90 people killed, and that was according to ABC News.  It was the deadliest August in two decades and it came on the heels of the deadliest July since 2006.  ABC News also reported “nearly 12” people, on average, were shot every day in Chicago between January 1 and September 1.  And yet the call for even stricter gun laws has persisted despite the fact that it has been consistently shown that stricter gun laws do absolutely NOTHING to reduce gun violence.  When you make it increasingly difficult for law-abiding citizens to possess a firearm, allowing them to defend themselves, all you are really doing is to make those citizens little more than sitting ducks.  It’s a policy that makes zero sense.

It’s in the long term that should the American people ever be forced to give up their weapons, while at the same time the state is not, that’s when the American people become defenseless and the state really gets to work.  And once the state has its boot on your neck it will crush the life out of you.  Those who hold all of the power know full well that the biggest obstacle to their sinister plans is a well-armed free American public.  If I was a cynical person I would guess that Democrats need to load about 80 million Americans onto trains for their final solution of bringing in 100 million foreigners that will be slaves to the Democrat Party for the next 100 years, if not longer.  There is no other way to load that many people onto trains for the final solution but to take all the guns away first.

But in the short term, gun control has little to do with the level of violence that’s occurring because it’s 100% a demographic problem. Just look at the population make up of Chicago and that should tell you why there is so much violence.  Use a global map that shows global rates for violent crimes, you will notice a direct correlation, the darker the population gets, the higher the crime rates go.  It’s a cultural problem not a race problem. Take for example Nigerian Americans who excel in the US.  They are West African, which is where most African-Americans come from, and routinely outperform most other ethnic groups.  Most of the problems can be traced back to failed social programs, mass media and constantly being told no matter what you do, the man will hold you down.

This is the environment that has been created by the Democrats and that has continually allowed them to harvest what can only be described as being election gold for decades.  If black Americans were to ever actually assert themselves, Democrat power in this country would be brought to an end.  And it’s obvious that those in the Democrat Party realize this because of their efforts to open the floodgates to illegal immigration.  These are the folks who are essentially their electoral failsafe should the lightbulb ever go off in the heads of enough blacks and they suddenly realize how it is that the Democrats have been playing them for fools for over 50 years, if not longer.  Now I’m not saying that that’s ever going to happen, but the Democrat Party must be of the opinion that it might.



Sheila Jackson Lee, otherwise known as she who is perhaps the dumbest bitch on the entire planet, recently declared that American’s should not be permitted own automatic weapons.   Now when it comes to just how ignorant the esteemed Ms. Jackson Lee is, you certainly don’t need to take my word for it.  You really need to do nothing more than to simply wait for her to open her big mouth.  For example, it was during a speech this past Wednesday on the floor of the U.S. House that this genius said that we must also close gun loopholes and expand background checks and then tried to link automatic weapons to gun related crimes.  No keep in mind here this is the very same individual who thought America planted a flag on Mars.

As was recently reported in the ‘Free Beacon’, Jackson Lee attempted to use the fear-based “automatic weapons” phrase to make her point about reducing the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans.  Jackson Lee began in her little 5-minute diatribe by saying, “Simple legislation that could be passed. I think it is crucial in America that we do so, because the violence has many roots–housing, health care, poverty, but certainly it has the tool, and that is guns.”  And then she went on to say, “That is automatic weapons like AK-47s and others more sophisticated. America has a right to the Second Amendment, but the people of America have a right to safety and the prevention of gun violence in their community.”

It was pointed out by the Free Beacon, “that people frequently misuse the phrase “automatic weapons” when they are actually referring to “semi-automatic weapons.” Many handguns and sporting rifles are semi-automatic. The AK-47 is manufactured in both automatic and semi-automatic models. In a semi-automatic weapon you must pull the trigger each time you want to fire. An automatic weapon will fire as long as you hold the trigger, until you run out of ammunition. Rarely are fully automatic weapons used in crimes. In fact, their ownership is already highly restricted and registered nationally.”  And as we all know those who are most often prone to misuse the nomenclature of “automatic weapons” are Democrats.

In offering a critique of Jackson Lee’s comments, Charlie Hoffmann of the Free Beacon wrote: “Automatic weapons are not commonly used in gun crimes in America, however. Since 1986, the sale of newly manufactured automatic weapons to civilians have been banned. If an individual wants to purchase an automatic weapon, they have to go through a strict vetting process while also registering that weapon with the federal government. As a result, automatic weapons are also very expensive to personally own.”  Jackson Lee’s attempts to associate automatic weapons with gun violence are disingenuous, at best, and likely would have a difficult time passing even the most cavalier of fact-checks.  But that doesn’t prevent her from making them.

I would suggest that perhaps Ms. Jackson Lee spend just a bit more of her very valuable time trying to familiarize herself with the 1968 Gun Control Act which actually defines a semi-automatic weapon as being “any repeating rifle which utilizes a portion of the energy of a firing cartridge to extract the fired cartridge case and chamber the next round, and which requires a separate pull of the trigger to fire each cartridge.”  The key part there is the “separate pull of the trigger”, or in language simple enough that even Jackson Lee should be able to understand it, one pull equals one shot.  The law speaks clearly about what it means by the term semi-automatic. When it comes to the term “automatic,” a little inference is required.

And then there’s the 1934 National Firearms Act which defines a machine gun as being “any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.”  Note that part about more than one shot fired by “a single function of the trigger.”  Or in simpler language, again for the benefit of Jackson Lee, one pull equals many shots.  That’s the legal difference between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic weapon, a concept that Jackson Lee either fails to understand or one she very purposely misstates for purely political purposes.  Which is usually the case with Democrats.  When the fact don’t support their plans, they simply ignore them.

Jackson Lee is so dumb that she actually makes Nancy Pelosi appear smart.  A Democrat who represents Texas’ 18th congressional district, Jackson Lee once suggested during an address to her congressional colleagues that the Constitution and the American system of governance has lasted about 400 years.  She said at the time, “Maybe I should offer a good thanks to the distinguished members of the majority, the Republicans, my chairman and others, for giving us an opportunity to have a deliberative constitutional discussion that reinforces the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some 400 years, operating under a Constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not.”

Now ordinarily I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about anything that Jackson Lee has to say on any subject?  But I’m always concerned about the Democrats continuous quest for never ending control and power that has created the problem of gun violence in America. They want voters who only support Democrats and who willingly allow them to fundamentally change our country to serve their purpose.  Instead of doing the right thing, the Democrats want only to take away the Second Amendment to our Constitution.  Think about it, if the Democrats really gave a damn, and really cared about gun violence and gun crimes they would join with Republicans in demanding that the thousands of gun laws already on the books be enforced.

And what’s really disgraceful is the fact that our liberal state-controlled media goes out of its way to perpetuate the Democrat propaganda by repeating ad nauseam the data concocted by Democrats but that has absolutely no basis in any actual fact. They go out of their way to paint the most dire picture imaginable, while ignoring completely how things got to be so bad.  Take for instance the city of Chicago, the city that has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, and yet has the nation’s highest murder rate.  This November the American people must overwhelmingly vote all these damn Democrats out of office.  They are determined to take away our Second Amendment, but even more importantly they are not serving the people!


Gun Control 20

Chicago has always been considered by many gun control enthusiasts as being the stereotypical example of what the Wild West must have been like in those rough and tumble days before the law finally made its way west of the ‘Mighty Mississippi’.  But it’s these days that it most often is held up by those on the left as being the prime example for supporting what has become their never ending call for stricter gun laws.  Using Chicago makes no sense, because Chicago already has very strict gun laws.

Yet despite already having some of the strictest gun laws in the entire country, it has become so bad there that already this year there has been a total of 144 homicides, and with the city experiencing what is an 84 percent increase over this same time last year.  So the call for even stricter gun laws just wouldn’t seem to make much sense. But then I’m not a power hungry Democrat eager to use the senseless acts of criminals as a way to strip from law abiding Americans their right to own a gun.

And it’s according to DNAInfo.com that the first three months of 2016 have seen more shootings than the first three months of any year in over a decade.  With over 800 already having been shot so far this year, that’s over 80 percent higher than the 419 that March ended up with in 2015.  So I can’t help but wonder how it is that anyone can look at these statistics and still make the claim that stricter gun laws are the solution to what appears to be an increasing problem.  That’s nothing but nuts!

Mayor Rahm ‘Dead Fish’ Emanuel said recently, “We have a level of shootings and level of gun violence on the South and the West side that is unacceptable.”  Well gee, Rahm, no shit!  I guess it was as he set out looking for a new cop that he made this stupid comment.  But who in their right mind would step into such a situation?  Any intelligent person has got to recognize that what’s needed is NOT stricter guns laws, but just the opposite.  And that would be what a massive amount of evidence shows.

And it’s according to, of all things, The New York Times that the Chicago police may somehow actually have a role in the increased violence being experienced by the city, because, or so say the Times, they’ve pulled back from random stops policy they had put in place in years past. Many say these random stops helped reduce the crime rate due to the large number of guns confiscated by the policy. But since the CPD has pulled way back on such stops, these guns are not being removed from the streets.

As the Times wrote this month:  Since January, officers have recorded 20,908 instances in which they stopped, patted down and questioned people for suspicious behavior, compared with 157,346 in the same period last year. Gun seizures are also down: 1,316 guns have been taken off the streets this year compared with 1,413 at this time last year.  But who can blame the cops when city officials are the first ones to throw cops under the bus for altercations that may result from the policy?

But the truth is, Chicago is far from being the only large U.S. city seeing a rise in the murder rate.  A recent report in The Washington Post found the number of homicides in the country’s 50 largest cities is up 17 percent, the greatest increase in 25 years. The rates are higher over 2015, which itself was a hike over 2014.  And who is it, do you suppose, who is in charge of most, is not all of these major metropolitan areas?  Why it just happens to be members of the same party screaming for more gun laws!

Let’s face it, it’s the very same people who riot, loot, injure and burn down cities when one black dude gets killed by a cop are the very same brain dead morons who are murdering each other in record numbers. And yet they wonder why nobody gives a crap.  Black lives matter, or so it would seem, except to other blacks with a gun who are shooting other blacks in record numbers.  Yet notice how all the solutions to this problem center around one thing, the confiscating of guns from law abiding citizens.

And let’s just go ahead and dispel those misconceptions that anyone might still possess about the “Wild West”.  A study was done about that some years back, and found that the per capita death rate by guns (in the Wild West in its heyday) was LESS than that of New York City at the time of the study.  And does that not make sense?  As Robert Heinlein said “an armed society is a polite society.”  Would you REALLY walk up to a dusty cowboy sipping a whisky and with a Colt strapped to his hip and talk smack?

Chicago has some of the toughest, if not the toughest, gun laws in the entire country. And you have ask, how’s that working out for them?  “Oh, but that’s because guns come in from all those places that have weak gun laws.”  It’s not because of other’s gun laws, weapons are coming into Chicago because there’s a market for illegal guns, it’s called a Black Market (and no, not a racist term). Black markets happen because criminals have this peculiar habit of not following laws or getting background checks.



When it comes to more recent New York City politics it’s pretty obvious that the nut doesn’t fall very far from the tree.  But since he has served in both Boston and Los Angeles, Mr. Bratton’s rather leftward slant regarding gun rights, besides coming as no surprise, likely made him the ideal choice as, current communist mayor of ‘The Big Apple’, Bill de Blasio’s police commissioner.  This is his second shot at being the city’s top cop, the first time around Bratton was forced to resign while under investigation for accepting unauthorized trips from corporations as well as individuals.  Which I guess, was seen as being a resume enhancer.

Anyway, it was on Communist News Network (CNN) earlier this week that New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was discussing terrorism and Donald Trump, and after watching a clip host Don Lemon played featuring Trump saying that Americans are under threat from foreign terrorists coming in to this country, Bratton responded by saying that it’s Americans and guns that are actually the biggest problem we face.  This has become the typical mantra of many on the left as they work to increase their efforts to rip from the hands of law abiding Americans that which is something constitutionally guaranteed to them.

Frankly, it’s this kind of idiotic drivel, that Americans are somehow more of a threat to the country than are these Muslim terrorists, that is so offensive and on many fronts.  But is especially grotesque when hearing it from the top cop in the city that is now home to a somber memorial at Ground Zero. Terrorism, both domestic and foreign-born, has nothing to do with the availability of guns. The notion that the Second Amendment enables terror of any kind is demonstrably false — because that is what he is saying: not that we face a threat from criminals who use guns, but we face a threat from Americans “who have access to firearms.”

It’s all the gun’s fault, you see. It’s the EASY access.  It’s not the threat from Islamic terrorists.  A threat that is on the rise, is brutal, leaves many casualties in its wake, is frequent, and has consequences well beyond just the tragic deaths and injuries.  And too many of our leaders, mostly Democrats, seem not to be all that concerned.  And you would think that a police commissioner should know these things.  That a New York City police commissioner, especially, should live and breathe them.  What a despicable, politically correct, factually bereft rant from a committed leftist gun-control fanatic. How typical. How utterly predictable.  How dangerous.

But Chief, if guns are illegal in Chicago, what the Hell is going on there?  How many gun related deaths have already occurred there in this still very young year?  Hold on a minute, I’ll tell you:  As of yesterday (30 Mar) 128 were shot and killed, 673 were shot and wounded.  Now I would argue that if guns were legal in ‘The Windy City, both numbers would not only be lower, but would likely be significantly lower.  But then, Bill, you don’t want to hear that.  But look, this latest example is but one more reason, on what apparently is a very long list of many, why Bratton is hated by the NYPD rank and file, and basically anyone with an ounce of sense who knows him.

Bratton’s idiotic premise that “Americans with guns pose a bigger threat than terrorism” is so patently false and for any number of reasons.  Not the least of which are: 1) It is physically impossible to eliminate the 300 million guns in America; only the LEGAL ones can regulated, but it’s the ILLEGAL ones which do the most damage. 2) Firearms accidents, etc., like far more pervasive automobile accidents, are relatively constant year-by-year, whereas terrorism has demonstrated at least the potential to grow exponentially, as it has recently in Europe. 3) And then, as we saw in San Bernardino, Americans WITHOUT Guns are really nothing more than soft targets for these murdering Muslims.  Imagine if just one of those victims had actually had a gun.  How much lower would the body count have been?

And what’s scary is the fact that this imbecile is responsible for keeping New Yorkers safe.  New Yorkers should be afraid, VERY afraid!  The biggest threat to our Constitution and our way of life are people like this guy who think our ‘rights’ are the problem.  My guess is this nut believes that Mike Brown was “shot with his hands in the air”.  It’s the dumbing down of America.  It should frighten every single American that complete morons like this boob are able to get into such positions, being responsible for things that are so far beyond the capabilities or their intelligence.  We insist upon granting to these losers on the left far too much control over our lives.



Much the same way that he told us, over 30 times, that we would all be able to keep our doctors if we so chose, Barry is now busy telling anyone stupid enough to believe him how it is that he really has no intention of trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.  And that the ONLY purpose behind his recent announcement of executive actions the supposed purpose of which is to make it more difficult for criminals to buy weapons is simply to make ALL Americans SAFER.  And if you’re stupid enough to believe any of that then I have some prime ocean front property in Arizona that I can let you have real cheap!

And so it was then during last night’s idiotic little town hall meeting/program “Guns in America” broadcast on the Communist News Network (CNN) that Barry said he would be happy to meet with the National Rifle Association (NRA), but that the conversation would have to be based on “facts and truth and what we’re actually proposing, not some, you know, imaginary fiction in which Obama is trying to take away your guns.”  But it was by making such a stipulation that Barry essentially disqualified himself from taking part.  Because, as well know, anything Barry says on the topic of guns is neither true nor factual.

It was during this obviously staged event on CNN that Barry put forth the patently dishonest claim that the ONLY reason gun sales spike every time he makes a gun control proposal is not because he intends to go on a gun grab, but because the NRA has convinced its members that that is what he is in fact doing.  That is profitable for gun manufacturers, Barry said, and “It’s a good advertising mechanism, but not necessary.”  But if his intent is not to carry out what he describes as being some sort of gun grab, then why is it that he so obviously chooses not to enforce thousands of laws already on the books?

And according to Barry, “Part of the reason this ends up being such a difficult issue is people occupy different realities.” Barry used the example of rural areas where hunting and sport shooting are common and inner city areas where gun violence is rampant.  He said, “There’s the reality that there are neighborhoods around this country where it’s easier for 12- and 13-year-olds to purchase a gun, and cheaper, than to buy a book.”   Just who is it that Barry thinks is selling guns to 12 and 13 year olds?  Now while there may be Democrats out there who are stupid enough to believe such drivel, not many others will.

And then it was Barry, in a New York Times editorial published just before the event, who called on voters to not support candidates who are against new gun-control measures and said he’ll follow suit.  Barry wrote, “I will not campaign for, vote for or support any candidate, even in my own party, who does not support common- sense gun reform.”   And he went on to say, “And if the 90 percent of Americans who do support common-sense gun reforms join me, we will elect the leadership we deserve.”  No, what we deserve are leaders who abide by the Constitution instead those spending their time trying to circumvent it!

Barry goes out his way to the claim that the NRA has worked to whip up fear among its members that every mass shooting means the government will come for guns. And he cited their absence at his town hall, claiming he’s willing to debate NRA leaders.  On Tuesday, in announcing his actions, Barry said he recognizes the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. He said, “It’s there written on the paper. It guarantees a right to bear arms.”   And he said, “But I also believe that we can find ways to reduce gun violence consistent with the Second Amendment.”  He claimed the gun lobby has been “holding Congress hostage.”

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi, leader of House Democrats, recently came rushing to Barry’s defense saying he moved to expand background checks because Congress has failed to move on legislation to tighten a law that allows some gun sellers to do business without putting buyers through a criminal background check.  It was during a news conference that Pelosi said, “How many more years does Congress have to refuse to act?” But I seem to recall that Democrats did nothing to enact new gun control laws back when they held substantial majorities in both the House and Senate.  Instead, their focus was Obamacare!

And while I’m quite sure that Barry would like to have us all believe that a majority of the American people actually do side with him in his endeavor, it’s just the opposite that seems to be true.  You see, it’s a majority of Americans who actually oppose his continuing use of executive powers to enact everything from new immigration policies to his more recent effort to enact his new gun control initiatives.  And Americans don’t believe that Barry’s controversial move will reduce, in any way, the number of mass killings that have rocked the nation in recent months.  So says a new Rasmussen Reports.

And it’s according to the Rasmussen poll of 1,000 likely U.S. voters that 58 percent of Americans say the government should only do what the president and Congress come to agreement on in gun control matters.  Only 34 percent of those surveyed believe the commander-in-chief should take action alone if Congress does not approve the initiatives he has proposed.  Rasmussen also found only 21 percent believe Barry’s executive order, which extends federal government oversight of gun sales, will reduce the number of mass shootings. Another 59 percent disagree, and 20 percent said they are not sure.

Those polled were quizzed on the need for additional gun control — and the results were sharply divided. Some 45 percent believe the United States needs stricter gun control laws, but 50 percent disagree.  However, most have long believed the government needs to do a better job enforcing the gun laws already on the books. The new poll also found 79 percent of voters believe it is more important for Congress and the president to work together to achieve what’s best for the country rather than to stand for what they believe in.   But they tend to blame Congress more than the president for preventing that from happening.

Look, the bottom line here is that anyone who is foolish enough to actually believe that Barry, and the Democrat Party as a whole, has anything in mind other than the complete disarming of the American people, is beyond naïve.  And not only that, but it’s these very same people who seem to have absolutely no problem, for whatever reason, in acting as willing accomplices, only too happy to help the Democrat Party remove what is truly that last of defense against absolute tyranny.  And it is in that way that they truly do represent that which can only be described as being a very clear and present danger to the rest of us.


warren 01

It was recently that Elizabeth Warren, aka Pocahontas and proud Democrat, the senator from that bastion of leftwing lunacy known as Massachusetts, had some pretty strong words for the National Rifle Association (NRA).  And I will leave it to the reader to decide whether her words came in spite of, or perhaps because of, the success the organization has had when it comes to defending our Second Amendment Rights.  Either way, one can very plainly see that she is far from being a big supporter of the group.  But then, that’s hardly to be unexpected.

It was apparently during a recent conference call organized by White House Senior Advisor, and Muslim insider, Valerie Jarrett that Warren said, “The NRA can be defeated and the NRA will be defeated.” She then went on to say, “The president has shown that change is possible but it is our job in Congress to show that there are many of us who are willing to fight and that’s how you get sensible gun reforms. We will get it.”  I guess that would depend on what one’s definition of ‘sensible’ is.  And I’m pretty sure that my definition doesn’t match up well with old Liz’s.  Just sayin’.

The ever-diabolical Ms. Jarrett teamed up with the liberal champion, Warren, and other Democrat members of Congress to promote Barry “Almighty’s” most recent executive actions the purpose of which is to further erode that which our Constitution guarantees to every single American citizen by way of the Second Amendment.  And it was during that same call that old Liz argued that Congress has had “all the time in the world” to help implement gun control, but, even Democrats did nothing during their time in the majority.  Only because they saw Obamacare as being more important.

And ‘Crazy Liz’ went on to rant, “If the Republican Party would rather work for the NRA than for the American people and if they won’t do their jobs to keep our children safe then somebody else has to step up.”  She recalled that some Democrats had “particular problems” with previous gun reform measures in the wake of Sandy Hook, but suggested that Democrats would be far bolder in the future.  She added that Barry’s executive actions on gun control were not only “smart” but “reasonable” and would make a “life or death” difference for children.

Liz said that she was “proud” that Massachusetts has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but admitted that those laws weren’t enough to prevent criminals from getting guns from gun shows and from other states with weaker gun laws.  Liz said, “This is not about politics, this transcends politics, this is about doing what is right for our kids.” And she added, “The president has opened that door and I hope the American people will walk through it.”  But she so very wrong, because it’s all about politics and has virtually nothing whatsoever about public safety.

Meanwhile, and most likely much to old Liz’s disappointment I’m quite sure, it would seem that Barry’s goal of bringing about tighter gun restrictions might actually come to face that which I think can safely be considered to be a pretty tough hurdle to get beyond.  And that would be, much to the chagrin, none other than the American public.  You see, The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that public support for the National Rifle Association has actually increased, and pretty significantly, over the course of the past several decades.

You see, thirty years ago it was 27 percent of Americans who said that they supported the NRA.  However, fast forward those three decades and that number had jumped to 38 percent as of this past December.  Also something that’s rather noteworthy is that the number of American who opposing the group has fallen.  And it is that support which has lawmakers in Congress, where Republicans still hold majorities in both houses, at least for another year, unlikely to do take any action that could be seen as somehow restricting gun ownership.  Right now it’s a risk not worthy of taking.

In fact, registered voters in a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll in December said they were more worried about government going too far restricting gun rights than not going far enough. It was the other way around in 1995.  Not surprising NRA support is strongest among Republicans, where 59 percent back the gun lobbying group, compared to only 11 percent among. But among independents, 41 percent have a favorable view as compared to only 19 percent who view it unfavorably. More people have a favorable view of the NRA than of either political party or.

So there you have it.  Another case where we have a Democrat, in this case Ms. Warren, dealing in what’s really nothing more than political rhetoric versus the NRA working hard to expose what the Democrats are really up to while at the same time working to ensure that every American citizen is able to hold on to their constitutional right allowing them to keep both themselves and their families safe from harm.  And at a time when Barry is releasing criminals from prison and allowing terrorists to freely enter this country, now is not the time to disarm Americans.