So it would seem that this kid, Hogg, is working on making the absolute most of his 15 minutes of fame, trying to stretch it just as far as he possibly can.  And apparently he doesn’t mind in the least that he’s being used by so many on the left in his effort to do so.  Which only tells me that kid has no class, no brains, no self-respect and apparently no bring-‘em-ups.  Yes I’m quite sure mommy and daddy are very proud of the offspring their union produced.  Obviously this kid gives some level of credence to that old adage that says, ‘Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.’

And it’s in the process of his allowing himself to be used by those on the left, in its continuing effort to remove guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens, that the young Mr. Hogg’s ego seems to be growing at a rather incredible rate evidenced by how he takes himself far too seriously.  Apparently this little creep is now leading a boycott campaign against Fox News host Laura Ingraham after she knocked him for complaining about colleges that rejected his applications.  He apparently took offense at that and has now called on his ‘followers’ to put pressure on her advertisers.

You see, it was this past Wednesday morning that Ingraham wrote on Twitter, “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it,” and she linked a Daily Wire article that referenced a TMZ article titled, “I’m Changing the World …BUT UC SCHOOLS STILL REJECTED ME.”  Anyway, Hogg responded by tweeting out a list of Ingraham’s 12 biggest advertisers and called on his ‘followers’ to pressure the companies into boycotting Ingraham’s show over her tweet.  And it was much to my surprise that Ingraham has now apologized, which only adds fuel to the fire.

Hogg was interviewed on TMZ this past Monday and it was during that interview that he lamented a number of college rejections he has received.  He said he was not surprised by the rejections because “I think there’s a lot of amazing people that don’t get to college, not only that do things like I do but because their voices just aren’t heard in the tsunami of people that apply every year to colleges in such an economic impacted school system here which we have here in America where people have to go into massive amounts of debt just to go to college and get an education.”

Look, this useful idiot really is nothing more than a butt-hurt little dweeb. If he’s going to up against the big guns, then he shouldn’t be surprise to get a little blowback and he should take it like man.  But when those on our side cower before threats made by little weasels like this Hogg character, all that does is to encourage more bad behavior and gives new life to their pathetic antics.  And the longer the left feels that they have something to gain from milking this kid for all he’s worth, the longer we can expect to see him being held up as some sort of symbol for their cause.

But mark my words there will come a time when those on the left now very loudly singing his praises will become fewer and fewer in number until finally there is simply no one left but Mr. Hogg himself.  Because let there be no doubt that when you get right down to it, the young Mr. Hogg means absolutely nothing to them, he is simply someone to be used in the name of advancing their anti-gun cause.  And as soon as they tire of him, or as soon as he becomes no longer useful to them, they will kick his worthless butt to the curb.  And before long it will be, David who?

And while this boob has no problem whatsoever with wanting to take away from millions of Americans their Second Amendment right, he cries foul, or he whines, whenever he thinks his First Amendment right is being infringed upon.  Really?   The left has sure done a pretty good job turning him into what is really nothing more than a good little Marxist. Unfortunately this is what we tend to get by sending our children to public school.  And they are doing the same thing to a lot of our kids in our public schools. This shooting was just an opportunity to step on the accelerator.

This is nothing that we haven’t seen before coming from those on the left.  They get their hooks into some impression, sometimes young, stooge who quickly becomes addicted to all of the attention and who then willingly allows himself, or herself, to be used like some puppet on a string.  And then when they finally snap out of their little trance, they realize that all of those who were once so enamored with them have now moved on and found themselves some new little stooge to make dance on the end of their string.  This kid is doing nothing more than making a fool of himself.



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