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It was recently that Elizabeth Warren, aka Pocahontas and proud Democrat, the senator from that bastion of leftwing lunacy known as Massachusetts, had some pretty strong words for the National Rifle Association (NRA).  And I will leave it to the reader to decide whether her words came in spite of, or perhaps because of, the success the organization has had when it comes to defending our Second Amendment Rights.  Either way, one can very plainly see that she is far from being a big supporter of the group.  But then, that’s hardly to be unexpected.

It was apparently during a recent conference call organized by White House Senior Advisor, and Muslim insider, Valerie Jarrett that Warren said, “The NRA can be defeated and the NRA will be defeated.” She then went on to say, “The president has shown that change is possible but it is our job in Congress to show that there are many of us who are willing to fight and that’s how you get sensible gun reforms. We will get it.”  I guess that would depend on what one’s definition of ‘sensible’ is.  And I’m pretty sure that my definition doesn’t match up well with old Liz’s.  Just sayin’.

The ever-diabolical Ms. Jarrett teamed up with the liberal champion, Warren, and other Democrat members of Congress to promote Barry “Almighty’s” most recent executive actions the purpose of which is to further erode that which our Constitution guarantees to every single American citizen by way of the Second Amendment.  And it was during that same call that old Liz argued that Congress has had “all the time in the world” to help implement gun control, but, even Democrats did nothing during their time in the majority.  Only because they saw Obamacare as being more important.

And ‘Crazy Liz’ went on to rant, “If the Republican Party would rather work for the NRA than for the American people and if they won’t do their jobs to keep our children safe then somebody else has to step up.”  She recalled that some Democrats had “particular problems” with previous gun reform measures in the wake of Sandy Hook, but suggested that Democrats would be far bolder in the future.  She added that Barry’s executive actions on gun control were not only “smart” but “reasonable” and would make a “life or death” difference for children.

Liz said that she was “proud” that Massachusetts has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but admitted that those laws weren’t enough to prevent criminals from getting guns from gun shows and from other states with weaker gun laws.  Liz said, “This is not about politics, this transcends politics, this is about doing what is right for our kids.” And she added, “The president has opened that door and I hope the American people will walk through it.”  But she so very wrong, because it’s all about politics and has virtually nothing whatsoever about public safety.

Meanwhile, and most likely much to old Liz’s disappointment I’m quite sure, it would seem that Barry’s goal of bringing about tighter gun restrictions might actually come to face that which I think can safely be considered to be a pretty tough hurdle to get beyond.  And that would be, much to the chagrin, none other than the American public.  You see, The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that public support for the National Rifle Association has actually increased, and pretty significantly, over the course of the past several decades.

You see, thirty years ago it was 27 percent of Americans who said that they supported the NRA.  However, fast forward those three decades and that number had jumped to 38 percent as of this past December.  Also something that’s rather noteworthy is that the number of American who opposing the group has fallen.  And it is that support which has lawmakers in Congress, where Republicans still hold majorities in both houses, at least for another year, unlikely to do take any action that could be seen as somehow restricting gun ownership.  Right now it’s a risk not worthy of taking.

In fact, registered voters in a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll in December said they were more worried about government going too far restricting gun rights than not going far enough. It was the other way around in 1995.  Not surprising NRA support is strongest among Republicans, where 59 percent back the gun lobbying group, compared to only 11 percent among. But among independents, 41 percent have a favorable view as compared to only 19 percent who view it unfavorably. More people have a favorable view of the NRA than of either political party or.

So there you have it.  Another case where we have a Democrat, in this case Ms. Warren, dealing in what’s really nothing more than political rhetoric versus the NRA working hard to expose what the Democrats are really up to while at the same time working to ensure that every American citizen is able to hold on to their constitutional right allowing them to keep both themselves and their families safe from harm.  And at a time when Barry is releasing criminals from prison and allowing terrorists to freely enter this country, now is not the time to disarm Americans.


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