Gun Control 20

Chicago has always been considered by many gun control enthusiasts as being the stereotypical example of what the Wild West must have been like in those rough and tumble days before the law finally made its way west of the ‘Mighty Mississippi’.  But it’s these days that it most often is held up by those on the left as being the prime example for supporting what has become their never ending call for stricter gun laws.  Using Chicago makes no sense, because Chicago already has very strict gun laws.

Yet despite already having some of the strictest gun laws in the entire country, it has become so bad there that already this year there has been a total of 144 homicides, and with the city experiencing what is an 84 percent increase over this same time last year.  So the call for even stricter gun laws just wouldn’t seem to make much sense. But then I’m not a power hungry Democrat eager to use the senseless acts of criminals as a way to strip from law abiding Americans their right to own a gun.

And it’s according to that the first three months of 2016 have seen more shootings than the first three months of any year in over a decade.  With over 800 already having been shot so far this year, that’s over 80 percent higher than the 419 that March ended up with in 2015.  So I can’t help but wonder how it is that anyone can look at these statistics and still make the claim that stricter gun laws are the solution to what appears to be an increasing problem.  That’s nothing but nuts!

Mayor Rahm ‘Dead Fish’ Emanuel said recently, “We have a level of shootings and level of gun violence on the South and the West side that is unacceptable.”  Well gee, Rahm, no shit!  I guess it was as he set out looking for a new cop that he made this stupid comment.  But who in their right mind would step into such a situation?  Any intelligent person has got to recognize that what’s needed is NOT stricter guns laws, but just the opposite.  And that would be what a massive amount of evidence shows.

And it’s according to, of all things, The New York Times that the Chicago police may somehow actually have a role in the increased violence being experienced by the city, because, or so say the Times, they’ve pulled back from random stops policy they had put in place in years past. Many say these random stops helped reduce the crime rate due to the large number of guns confiscated by the policy. But since the CPD has pulled way back on such stops, these guns are not being removed from the streets.

As the Times wrote this month:  Since January, officers have recorded 20,908 instances in which they stopped, patted down and questioned people for suspicious behavior, compared with 157,346 in the same period last year. Gun seizures are also down: 1,316 guns have been taken off the streets this year compared with 1,413 at this time last year.  But who can blame the cops when city officials are the first ones to throw cops under the bus for altercations that may result from the policy?

But the truth is, Chicago is far from being the only large U.S. city seeing a rise in the murder rate.  A recent report in The Washington Post found the number of homicides in the country’s 50 largest cities is up 17 percent, the greatest increase in 25 years. The rates are higher over 2015, which itself was a hike over 2014.  And who is it, do you suppose, who is in charge of most, is not all of these major metropolitan areas?  Why it just happens to be members of the same party screaming for more gun laws!

Let’s face it, it’s the very same people who riot, loot, injure and burn down cities when one black dude gets killed by a cop are the very same brain dead morons who are murdering each other in record numbers. And yet they wonder why nobody gives a crap.  Black lives matter, or so it would seem, except to other blacks with a gun who are shooting other blacks in record numbers.  Yet notice how all the solutions to this problem center around one thing, the confiscating of guns from law abiding citizens.

And let’s just go ahead and dispel those misconceptions that anyone might still possess about the “Wild West”.  A study was done about that some years back, and found that the per capita death rate by guns (in the Wild West in its heyday) was LESS than that of New York City at the time of the study.  And does that not make sense?  As Robert Heinlein said “an armed society is a polite society.”  Would you REALLY walk up to a dusty cowboy sipping a whisky and with a Colt strapped to his hip and talk smack?

Chicago has some of the toughest, if not the toughest, gun laws in the entire country. And you have ask, how’s that working out for them?  “Oh, but that’s because guns come in from all those places that have weak gun laws.”  It’s not because of other’s gun laws, weapons are coming into Chicago because there’s a market for illegal guns, it’s called a Black Market (and no, not a racist term). Black markets happen because criminals have this peculiar habit of not following laws or getting background checks.


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