Can someone, ANYONE, please explain to me why it would be that anyone who loves this country, even a little bit, would willingly waste a second of the precious time they have been blessed with on this Earth, watching any of the garbage that passes today as our ‘mainstream news media.’ Because it has now become, in its entirety, much less about providing viable information and actual news, and much more about spewing that which is nothing more than the purest form of propaganda. And it no longer matters who it is that one chooses to watch, CNN, MSDNC or Fox because they have all essentially become clones of one another and therefore, useless. 

And why I bring this up is because it was just this past Friday that Rachel Maddow, one of MSDNC’s many resident loons made an appearance on the show of one of her MSDNC colleague’s, “The ReidOut,” hosted by the racist homophobe, Joy Reid. And it was during that broadcast that Maddow claimed that the Republican Party wants to “go back to the good old days where everybody was the same color.” Discussing President Trump, Elon Musk and Kanye West, Maddow said, “A certain proportion of the American public likes this stuff and falls for it over and over again and discovers it anew, the same way every new generation believes they discovered sex.”

Maddow then went on to say, “Every new generation of Americans believes they have discovered this efficient wave of the future where slow, boring democracy lets all the wrong people have decision-making power instead will be replaced with this efficient leadership who makes everybody believe what we believe, and we go back to the good old days where everybody was the same color.” She continued, “Antisemitism and authoritarianism are always sistered together. Always, always, always.” Really? I get so tired of these people who profess to be so knowledgeable, but when you get right down to it, she, like most others in the ‘news’ media, is dumb as a post.

She said, “When you see not only a rise in the expression of antisemitism but a sort of mainstreaming of it, and one of the major political parties of our two-party governing system flirting with it in a way that doesn’t immediately get denounced throughout the political system, like that, there isn’t a surprise I think that that’s going with the sort of proto-authoritarian movements you’re seeing in that same part of that party. Those things always go together.” In truth, anti-Semitism has always been rampant on the Left. Let’s face it, if Democrats had their way Israel would be roughly the size Brooklyn and the so-called Palestinians would have all the remaining territory.

And what makes Maddow’s comments even less credible is the fact that there has never been such a person as a ‘Palestinian’ for the very simply reason that there has NEVER been a Palestine. But Maddow continued, saying, “The American democratic experiment is that a country that is made up of all different kinds of people, from all over the place, all get an equal say. Outside of these far-right corners, it’s hard to argue we don’t want American democracy anymore. And to the extent that freaks you out, it’s hard to argue, although some on the right now are, some in the ultra-right are, it’s hard to argue we don’t want American democracy anymore.”

Maddow then proceeded to spew what has come to be recognized as her own brand of liberal gibberish saying, “Democracy is uncomfortable because we don’t like everybody having a say. We prefer that just we have a say. It’s easier to say, our country has been hijacked by demonic forces and shady people behind the scenes that you can’t see. That always lends itself to antisemitism or toward whatever kind of cabal you want to try to imagine. But at its core, it’s just something you hide behind when what you don’t want is to participate as an equal citizen with others who are different than you in a group decision-making process. You don’t get to be in charge.”

And she wrapped things us by saying, “You just get to be a citizen among many. For people who don’t want that, the cabal the idea is where they often first go.” Her entire commentary is spent describing those on Left and yet she, nor apparently does Ms. Reid, doesn’t even realize it. This is nothing more than another attempt to project the lunatic mentality of those on the Left onto those of us on the right. And while I’m sure it’s many of those on the left who were, while listening, nodding in agreement, anyone on the right would have been simply shaking their head in disgust at once again being accused of doing what it is that those on the Left do! 

Yes, that’s right, Ms. Maddow, there are those of us who want to return to the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King had, that of being a colorblind society, where everybody had an equal footing in life. Equal rights, equal responsibilities, equal opportunities. A level playing field for all. However, it those people like you, Ms. Maddow, who only look to be able to tilt the pinball machine to favor one demographic over another. Like Dr. King, we oppose that sort of corrosive thinking. And yes, I miss seeing the one color that was called American. We’d like to see the days when people again loved the country, flaws and all, and possessed the values that made this country great!

And yes, we would like to go back to merit-based success, achievement-driven entitlement, back to a time before affirmative action mediocracy lowered standards for everything, including norms of civilized behavior. Back to a time when we were free to win, or free to fail trying. When respect was earned, not awarded by a mob or government. But Democrats need an easy way to sort people into groups in order to set us against one another. If they don’t have color they will have to use something else, like ancestry or religion. Historically they have found color the most satisfactory way of meeting their needs. Don’t ever see human beings as individuals.

But she is right about one thing though, proving that even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now again. Because I agree with her, there are dark, sinister forces behind the scenes pulling the strings to control the American people, and they are, for the most part in the Left. What she needs to confess is that she is one of their spokesmorons. When she talks about the evil of the right and their supposed agenda, she is actually describing the left! What she fails to recognize is that were it not for patriots and people of a conservative bent, she would not enjoy the freedoms she and the rest of the left continued to take full advantage of!

You know, the country was a better place when there was less social chaos, when the deviants weren’t in control of the ‘news’ media and American politics. Before it was deemed to be ‘normal’ for men under the delusion of being women to be able to enter children’s dressing rooms and women’s sports. Who wants to listen to a bunch of HATERS on the Left trash not only the country we were born in, but the country we love, and the people we love, all the while blaming our skin color for everything that is wrong with the country. In the meantime, they personally get rich because they live in America and if they didn’t, no-one would know who the hell they are!

I admit that I long for the old days, when America truly was a melting pot, and what mattered was the person, not their skin color or faith. The days before it was demanded by the government that we all be racists and focused on race above all else. Yes, as a country we always had a LOT of improvements to make in bridging the differences, but the attitude of the MAJORITY of Americans was a lot more accepting than it is today. Dr. King was on the right track, but the Democrats didn’t like that. He wanted us all to be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. How could the Democrats control voters if they’re unable to group them?

And finally, the world is a most diverse place, and if you can’t get past the color of someone’s skin then diversity dies. We are all human beings, no matter the color of our skin. Each and every one of us is different and that makes the world a wonderful place. The right doesn’t want to see the same color in everyone, the right wants to look past that and see the content of character. The Democrats can’t see past labeling someone or putting people in a box. It’s called control, and if the Democrats can’t control everyone, then they lose and continue to lose. It’s the mindset of these control freaks in the Democrat Party that creating hate is their path to victory.


She who has been deemed, at least by those on the left, to be “the smartest woman on the planet,” as well as the most qualified person to ever run for President of the United States, and lose, recently declared that by returning the issue of abortion back to the states to decide, the “right” has now simply gone too far. And she also made the argument that the majority of Americans agree with her position on the subject of abortion. It was just this past Thursday, during an appearance on CNN International’s “Amanpour,” that Hitlery discussed her assessment of the abortion issue.

You see, it was then that Hitlery claimed that a “great majority of Americans” believe the conservative majority on the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and Republican-led state legislatures have gone way too far on abortion bans. Hitlery said, “In a democracy when things don’t go your way, when you suffered setbacks. You need to remember that there is no permanent political victory or defeat. You have to keep fighting for these fundamental rights. You have to try to enshrine them in law as best you can in our system, at both the federal and the state level.”

Hitlery said, “So we’ll see what happens in states like Arkansas in so many other states when we face real world problems, as we have seen already seen where women with miscarriages go in for medical treatment are turned away and God forbid, a woman dies because that health care is denied her.” You have to ask yourself, just how stupid does the “smartest woman on the planet” really think the rest of us are? Hitlery has been described even by some on the left as being a congenital liar, and knowing her as we all most certainly do, I think most Americans would agree.

But be that as it may she went on to say, “I just believe that the fervor of the interests that are saying there should be absolutely no choice for women in half the states or more of our country will run right up against reality as it has in elections in Kansas and Kentucky and Montana, California, Michigan where voters got to vote on these extreme measures or trying to prevent them from ever being imposed in their states. Right now, it’s obvious that the great majority of Americans believe the Supreme Court, local states, legislatures, et cetera have gone way too far.”

I beg to differ with “the smartest woman on the planet,” because I would argue that the great majority of Americans believe that it’s those on the left, those like Hitlery, who have gone too far with their infatuation with killing babies when they supported abortions right up to moment of birth and, in some states, even after birth. With Democrats if they are not killing kids, they’re grooming them, trafficking them, or brain washing them! And, of course, Hitlery offers no evidence to back up her claims about this “great majority” of hers. Nor, as is always the case, is she ever asked to provide any!

A great majority of Americans believe the left has gone too far on open borders, grooming kids, transvestite story hour for preschoolers and preferred pronouns in public school. The left has gone too far on a great many things and still Hitlery thinks that it should be a woman’s choice to murder her perfectly healthy baby. That’s just sick! And it was Democrats in California who recently proposed legislation that would allow ‘post-birth abortions’ up to seven days after delivery. Fortunately, the legislation didn’t go anywhere, but it is indicative of a certain wretched mindset.

Democrats, like Hitlery, would like nothing more than for their herd to believe that the Supreme Court somehow made abortion illegal, but anyone with a brain is able to understand that such is simply not the case. All the Court did was to say that Roe was an act of Federal overreach, which it very clearly was. And because of this ruling the states can now make their own rules. If, as Hitlery claims, the majority want abortion on demand until two years after birth they will have it. Hysteria and fear are two of the main tactics that Democrats in dealing with their brain dead supporters.

And so to all of those retarded Democrats who remain able to believe anything this tired old hag has to say, I would only like to say that the ‘right DID NOT go too far!!! The original decision made back on 1973 was clearly unconstitutional, period. This has zero to do with any party. If you believe this liar, that you’re just plain dumb and have been duped. Clearly ‘Blue’ states have not stopped abortions. In fact, many pro-baby murder states allow an abortion up to delivery. So, if you need to murder a baby, there’s always the next state over. Abortions are not illegal nationwide.

And as is always the case, Democrat’s purposely misinterpret that which they disagree with so as to inspire morons to vote for them. The Supreme Court did not issue a ruling banning abortion. They simply ruled that the federal government does not have an opinion one way or the other according to the U.S. Constitution on whether a woman has the right to an abortion. Matters not deemed Federal concerns automatically become the responsibility of the individual States. The Court overreached when it issued Roe. Even the heroine of the left, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, agreed.

Hitlery certainly isn’t the smartest woman in the world. I’m married to her. But that said, she isn’t stupid. She graduated from a good law school and knows that Roe v. Wade was one of the worst decisions the Supreme Court has ever handed down. So all the Court was doing this past summer was to correct the mistake it had made in Roe by concocting a constitutional right to do something which had always been a crime in this country. As with the income tax, prohibition, and women’s suffrage, the only legitimate way to create a right to abortion was to amend the Constitution.

Granted, it took 49 years to fix Roe, during which time 63-plus million human babies were aborted. And what I’ve always found to be rather interesting is the fact that Democrats, including Hitlery, never want to talk about how it is a disproportionate number of those 63-plus million babies, or roughly 40 percent, that were black babies. And when you consider the fact that blacks make up roughly 13 percent of the U.S. population, the numbers do appear to be somewhat lopsided. Could it be that to this rich, powerful white woman, THOSE black lives really don’t matter?


You know, I have said it before and I will say it again, and again, this guy John Kirby is nothing more than a butt kissing little asswipe. It’s pretty clear how he made it all the way to Admiral, and that would be by kissing every butt within range of his pucker, and most likely over those individuals who were far more deserving of a promotion than he. I saw it happen more times than I care to count throughout my 24 years in the Navy. This guy is just another worthless piece of shit and as such fits in rather nicely with the rest of the lying pieces of shit that comprise ‘Joey B. & Co.’ Kirby is yet another example of how it is that shit always manages to float to the top!

Kirby’s career as a BSer began back in December 2013 when he was appointed Pentagon press secretary by then Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Then in May 2014, Kirby was promoted to rear admiral. On April 22, 2015, it was announced that Kirby would be the new spokesman for the United States Department of State after he retired from the military later in the year. On January 14, 2021, Kirby was tapped to reprise his role as Pentagon press secretary by *president Joey B.  On May 19, 2022, the White House announced that Kirby would be vacating the role of Pentagon Press Secretary to join the National Security Council as Coordinator for Strategic Communications.

So anyway, it was during an appearance this past Wednesday on the broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” that Kirby maintained that the Biden administration has said that al-Qaeda would return to Afghanistan after the U.S. withdrew its forces from the nation and “Even before we left, they were starting to move back in,” but the fact that the U.S. has been able to take out al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri inside Afghanistan shows the effectiveness of American over-the horizon counterterrorism abilities. Why it is that anybody still listens to this boob is beyond me. He has all the credibility of a used car salesman!!!

After Kirby and co-host Brian Kilmeade got into a rather lengthy exchange over whether Afghanistan has become a safe haven for terrorism since the withdrawal of American forces in 2021, Kilmeade asked how many terrorists are back in the nation. Kirby responded by saying, “We said that al-Qaeda would be back in Afghanistan. Even before we left, they were starting to move back in, Brian.” Hence the reason Joey left them billions of dollars-worth of military equipment; assault rifles, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, armored vehicles and millions of rounds of munitions, to say nothing of the Americans left there to fend for themselves.

Anyway, Kirby went on to say, “And we’re watching it very closely. And the fact that we were able to execute that strike, the leader, by the way, not just some guy on a street corner, but the leader, tells you that our over-the-horizon counterterrorism capabilities are actually quite effective.” Seriously? “Quite effective” by whose standards. You just want to say, “There you go again.” These clowns apparently feel as if they can say anything they want, true or not, and they will simply be believed because most people are either too gullible or are too stupid to realize that they’re being lied to. And our ‘fake news’ lapdogs continually give them a pass!  

Actually, if we’re being honest here, what we were told by this pack of liars was that we were leaving Afghanistan with a government in place that could handle all issues they faced. Then Joey pulled out our troops, got a bunch of them killed, and now, courtesy of this imbecile Kirby, is making excuses for what was stated to him by conservatives that he blatantly said were lies. What a disgusting little puppet this creep is. This the very same group that has gotten the act of pissing on dead and wounded American military personnel down to a science. And where was the question regarding all those Americans who Joey chose to leave behind enemy lines?

Everything we see and hear coming from anyone in this administration only serves to highlight what anyone with an IQ above 10 already knows. And while it may be very easy to accuse them of merely being clueless it’s rather dangerous to do so. Because everything they have done over the course of the last 23 months, and continue to do, has been done, and continues to be done, with both purpose and sinister intent. Whether were talking about the border, the economy, gas prices or the disastrous exit from Afghanistan, everything they have done was for the specific purpose of weakening this country both here at home and abroad! We are being destroyed from within.

Finally, on a bit of a side note, it says much about Fox News, these days, that lying scumbags like Kirby feel comfortable actually appearing on the network. I mean, with the network’s current management team being what it is, they know that they’re not likely to be asked any truly tough questions and whatever gibberish they spew will likely go unchallenged. Sadly, those days died with Roger Ailes. It’s gotten to the point where there are far more similarities than differences when comparing Fox to CNN or MSDNC. Personally, I don’t watch any of them, I just don’t see the point. They all lie, skew the facts or simply regurgitate the Democrat talking points of the day. So why bother?


Let me start out by saying that I could not care less about this recent dinner that seems to have everyone’s panties in a twist, the one attended by President Trump, Kanye West, and a guy by the name of Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago. Nor am I paying any attention to the contingent of RINOs trying to turn it into something that it clearly wasn’t. And the RINO to most recently put his two cents in was none other than that worthless, in the pocket of China, piece of shit from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell. As far as I’m concerned old Mitch who can go f*ck himself! I think it fair to say that Donald Trump has proven himself to be a great friend of Israel.

And, sadly, it’s the same that cannot be said of many of those now gunning for President Trump, including this douche bag McConnell. And if the American people fall for this current ploy being used against President Trump, well then I’m afraid they’re dumber than even I give them credit for. And do, it was earlier this week that McConnell appeared to throw stones at President Trump, asserting that anyone who meets with those who hold anti-Semitic or white supremacist views is “unlikely” to be elected president, a likely reference to the aforementioned dinner attended by President Trump, with West and an unexpected guest, Fuentes.

McConnell said, “First, let me just say there is no room in the Republican Party for antisemitism or white supremacy.” And he went on to say, “And anyone meeting with people advocating that point of view, in my judgment, are highly unlikely to ever be elected president of the United States.” Hey Mitch, how about Senators who sellout their country to Communist China or derail the campaigns of fellow Republicans because they aren’t crooks like him. Is there room in the Republican Party for people like that, Mitch? I would argue that if there is room for them, then there is most certainly room in the party for President Trump! What do you say, Mitch?

And as has already been pointed out by sources far more credible than some RINO hack politician, President Trump didn’t even know who Fuentes was, nor did he know he would be attending the dinner. Apparently, the dinner meeting was only to be attended by West and President Trump, but West arrived, unexpectedly, with a guest, the infamous Mr. Fuentes.  At the end of the day, it’s a man’s private dinner guests, private thoughts, and private speech, and I will NOT be bullied into another pity-ploy about ‘anti-Semitism,’ or hate on West or Fuentes, or President Trump, because some shiftless Democrat agitator, or mouthpiece like McConnell, says I’m supposed to.

And not to be left out of the fray was fellow RINO Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy also weighed in on President Trump’s unexpected dinner guest, whom the Justice Department has labeled a white supremacist, stating, “I don’t think anybody should be spending any time with Nick Fuentes.” But McCarthy did make note of the fact that President Trump did not know who Fuentes was. But I think it might be worth asking what it takes these days for the Justice Department to label one as a “white supremacist?” For all I know I too am likely considered to be a white supremacist for no other reason than because I support President Trump!

You may, or may not, recall how it was that both McConnell AND McCarthy once groveled for President Trump’s endorsement and yet, now that they are in their ‘leadership’ positions, they both seek to dump on him in an effort to try to make him irrelevant. So, one dinner with President Trump has now drawn more attention from the ‘fake news’ media, leftists in and out of the Democrat Party, RINOs and their many sycophants than almost anything any other person has done of late. And so if I have this right, it’s bad to be considered anti-Semitic but it’s perfectly acceptable to be utterly corrupt? Where else but in government does that rule apply?

And if we’re going to be spending time talking about how someone is, or is not, anti-Semitic then it would seem that we must discuss how it was that on day one of Joey B’s current reign that he had a ‘preacher’ with a history of anti-Israel statements, Rev. William Barber, at his inaugural prayer service. Barber’s rather questionable history includes calling Israel an “apartheid state” and downplaying the Holocaust, and yet, Joey has never once been asked to condemn any of Barber’s statements. And that’s just one more example of how it is that the entire Democrat Party is anti-Semitic. And yet, somehow, they all keep getting elected and re-elected.

Here’s a bit advice for those like McConnell, if you’re wanting me to support a different Republican for the next presidential election, taking petty pot shots at President Trump and trying, unsuccessfully, to harm him isn’t what’s going to convince me to do so! If President Trump doesn’t get the nomination, then it’s DeSantis who likely will! And I’m fairly confident, at least at this point, that DeSantis too would work against both the deep state types and the Democrats! And I have no doubt that he would be willing to work with any reasonable patriotic Democrat, if there is such a thing anymore, along with Republicans and Independents.

And sadly, this shitshow really hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet. These statements are just a prelude for what’s sure to come as we get closer to 2024. The closer we get the more McConnell will push his own campaign to do all that he can in an effort to make sure President Trump is not elected. McConnell has already demonstrated that he would rather see a Democrat in the White House than President Trump. And does he really think that Trump supporters are suddenly going to support the party elders because of this issue? It’s far more likely to enrage Trump supporters resulting Republican turnout to go down. Or maybe ‘that’s the plan?  

Finally, if I believed for a minute that Trump had deliberately sat down with someone like Fuentes, I would have lost most of my trust in him. Racism is despicable, mostly because it is stupid. And call me a conspiracy nut if you wish, but it appears to me that President Trump clearly was set up, and that West is ignorant of the fact that Fuentes thinks people like him should be sent back to Africa. It’s sickening to think of how many people are okay with racism as long as it is against some other race, not theirs. But Fuentes is not a sincere advocate of racism either, I believe he is funded by those who wish us ill, with the mission of making our movement appear racist.


Like a dog with its favorite bone, it’s our cadre of pathetic RINOs who just can’t seem to stop themselves from trying to do all that they can to do damage to President Trump politically. This rather unimpressive bunch seems compelled to perpetually grasp at any straw that may present itself in what has been, and continues to be, their continuing assault on the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. And since none are seen as being a suitable replacement for President Trump, I can only assume that their attempts to diminish him in the eyes of his supporters is being done for the specific reason of ensuring that a Democrat becomes president in 2024.

And so it was that outgoing RINO governor Asa Hutchinson made another of his routine visits to the ‘Communist News Network’ just this Sunday, appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union.” And it was during this same appearance that Hutchinson actually claimed that President Trump was empowering extremists after meeting with white nationalist Nick Fuentes and rapper Kanye West at his Mar-a-Lago estate. And it was one of CNN’s preeminent dim bulbs, Dana Bash, who asked, “I know as U.S. Attorney in Arkansas. You personally prosecuted white supremacist groups. What’s your reaction to seeing a former U.S. president associate with someone like that?”

Hutchinson said, “Well, I hope someday we won’t have to be responding to what former President Trump has said or done. In this instance, it’s important to respond, and as you mentioned, the last time I met with the white supremacist. It was in an armed standoff. I had a bulletproof vest on. We arrested them, prosecuted them, sent them to prison. And so, no, I don’t think it’s a good idea for a leader that’s setting an example for the country or the party to meet with an avowed racist or antisemite.” He continued, “And so it’s very troubling, and it shouldn’t happen. And we need to avoid those kinds of empowering the extremes.”

And Hutchinson went on to say, “And when you meet with people, you empower, and that’s what you have to avoid. You want to diminish their strength, not empower them. Stay away from it.” Hutchinson added, “This was not an accidental meeting. It was a setup — dinner with Kanye, and so this happened. But you certainly have every occasion that the question of white supremacy or neo-Nazis or denying the Holocaust comes up — You’ve got to be absolutely clear in your communication that this is not acceptable dogma. It’s not acceptable conversation, it’s not acceptable history, and you have to disavow it — it is as simple as that.”

Hutchinson is clearly all in with the Liberal talking points. Another RINO paying a visit to their favorite network CNN, enough said. The Marxist media is trotting him out because he’s a ‘Republican’ who’s willing to say exactly what they need him to say. Once again, you NEVER hear a Democrat saying anything derogatory about another Democrat. Some ‘Republicans,’ on the other hand, can’t get to a microphone fast enough. Keep shooting each other in the head, that’s a great strategy you’ve got going here. This name calling idiot had his chance while in office to do something meaningful, but chose not to. Silently slinking away is a better option for him now.

And let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that I buy into the point that so many of these RINOs now seem to be trying to make. Why is it, exactly, that I’m supposed to come unglued over who it is that President Trump has dinner with, whether it was a good idea or not, when we have Democrats who very willingly associate with some of the most racist and unsavory characters found anywhere on the planet and no one says a damn word. I’m so tired of this bunch of pussies who have no problem with playing along with the Democrat and their double standard. It’s all nothing more than another stupid distraction. Hutchinson is no different than a Democrat.

You really do need to call into question what it is that motivates these scumbag RINOs. I mean, when is it that we all get to ostracize ‘BO’ for his repeated meetings with racist and anti-Semite ‘Reverend Al,’ or meeting with those other racists and anti-Semites, ‘Calypso Louie’ Farrakhan, or Jeremiah Wright? When do we ostracize ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters for inciting violence against supporters of President Trump? And when do we get to ostracize those on the left who still defend serial rapists like Harvey Weinstein, or those who we know paid multiple visits to island owned by that creepy pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein? When does it get to be our turn?

And why is it that those who are so blatantly corrupt and who openly pander to all manner of racist extremists are never, and I do mean NEVER, called upon to explain their actions or made to apologize for their questionable associations? Why is it that they are considered to be immune from criticism of their behavior. What makes them above having to explain their unsavory and, dare I perverted behavior. And yet President Trump is forced to explain his dinner guests? Frankly, I don’t give a flying f*ck what any of these worthless RINOs say about President Trump. At least he has never stabbed me in the back the way these people have, repeatedly!

And any Republican that agrees to go on CNN to talk about President Trump is a Democrat. And the truth is that Democrats have been, and still are, empowering extremists, lies and corruption. They are tearing the country down and those like Hutchinson are cheering them on. Democrats openly brag about their associations with convicted terrorists, rapists, murderers and perverts. Democrats made a man who was nothing but drug dealer and miserable human being who resisted arrest into a hero. And our first ‘black’ president admitted to selling drugs, while taking them. There is ZERO contest regarding which party has the most extremists and deviants.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the best idea by President Trump’s team to allow a dinner with Kanye and Fuentes. But how about a little consistency, other than the consistent way these RINOs equate Mr. Trump with inciting extremism. Where was this kind of talk when ‘BO’ met with frequently with those that were known racists and inciters of violence. Once again the elitists align to go after President Trump while giving a pass to Democrats, ALL the Democrats. And I won’t go into the ugliness promoted by Joey and his team of ‘climate change,’ Socialist, anti-America extremist team. But I think my point is easy to understand. Basically, apply criticism equally, or simply STFU.

And lastly, if we’re being honest, President Trump did not ‘associate’ with Mr. Fuentes, he had dinner with him. President Trump didn’t invite this guy Fuentes, he came as an uninvited ‘guest’ of Kanye West. President Trump was simply being courteous. Secondly, both President Trump’s staff, and Fuentes himself, have stated that President Trump didn’t know who Fuentes was. West himself said that he brought his ‘friend’ without notice and without President Trump’s knowledge to Mar-a-Lago? This is nothing more than another attempt to make something out of nothing. And how many times have we seen this very same movie? Too many times!!!


So just when you think you’ve heard every stupid idea that any Democrat could ever come up with, damn if there isn’t a Democrat able to come up with an idea so stupid you find yourself wondering why it is that some other Democrat hadn’t already come up with it. This time around the honor goes to a Democrat by the name of Chris Murphy, the junior U.S. Senator from Connecticut. I’m quite sure that anyone who’s the least bit familiar with this boob is aware that he’s not exactly known for being particularly bright, and this latest idea of his only serves to reinforce that opinion of him. It should also cause one to wonder about those morons who put him into office.

Anyway, it was during an appearance just this past Sunday on the ‘Communist News Network’s,’ “State of the Union” that Murphy made the rather idiotic argument that the Senate should defund law enforcement refusing to enforce gun laws. And it was one of the network’s many resident bimbos, Dana Bash. who said, “Five months, it’s been that long since the president signed a bipartisan bill. You helped negotiate it. It incentivized states to implement red flag laws. Virginia and Colorado, where these mass shootings took place over the last ten days or so, they already have red flag laws in place, and it did not prevent those mass shootings.”

Murphy said, “It’s important to know that the bill we passed is being implemented as we speak. But it takes a little while for these big, complicated laws to be put into place.” Bash then said, “These two states already had. They didn’t need the incentives.” Murphy responded by saying, “Correct. What we learned in Colorado is that the county in which the shooting happened is a so-called Second Amendment sanctuary state. I think the country is going to have to learn about what’s going on in this country. The majority of counties in this country have declared they’re not going to enforce state and federal gun laws.”

Murphy went on to say, “They’ve decided they’re going to essentially refuse to implement laws that are on the books. That is a growing problem in this country. And I think we’re going to have to have a conversation about that in the United States Senate. Do we want to continue to supply funding in law enforcement in counties that refuse to implement state and federal gun laws? Red flag laws are wildly popular.” Bash asked, “Do you want to withhold money from law enforcement?” Murphy said, “I think which have to have a conversation about whether we can continue to fund law enforcement in states where they’re refusing to implement these gun laws.”

Murphy said, “I’ll talk to my colleagues about what our approach should be to this problem. But 60% of counties in this country are refusing to implement the nation’s gun laws. we’ve got to do something about that.” And so, it’s according to this moron that the federal government should defund law enforcement refusing to enforce state or city gun laws, most of which are being overturned in the courts, but should ignore states or cities refusing to enforce federal laws on immigration. I think Murphy has his priorities more than just a little jumbled. Every American should care about what amounts to the creation of a private army within our own government.

Murphy’s reasoning, and the fact that the federal government GIVE provide funding to LOCAL law enforcement agencies, is exactly why there should be NO federal funding of state/local law enforcement. When the state/local police don’t do exactly what the Democrats want them to do, then they bribe them with funding. What happens when the feds want state/local police to crack down on “hate speech?” And WHO gets to define it? The only thing federal funding does is give blue states, who already don’t enforce their own laws, regardless of their relationship to guns, additional funding that they otherwise would have had to come up with themselves. How is that fair?

In a Constitutional Republic, it is “We the People” who are responsible for maintaining control over OUR government. WE are violating Constitutional law by failing to maintain control over our elected representatives in Congress. American citizens have failed, and continue to fail, to enforce our Constitution by to removing from office those who fail to uphold our Constitution. As a result, enemies of this nation ARE undermining our Constitutional Republic and American people ARE, by allowing them to do so, acting as accomplices. This is what happens when we get the best politicians that money can buy, those who can buy them, own them.

Murphy is very clearly advocating that we defund law enforcement agencies for refusing to enforce unconstitutional laws. When are “We the People” going to start holding these people accountable and start performing ‘our’ constitutional duty of removing those like Murphy from office for advocating the misuse of federal funds to enforce unconstitutional legislation? We don’t need big brother holding the purse strings of local government entities. They are, among other things, ruining education, and health care, in addition to local law enforcement. Everything Democrats touch turns to shit, because wallowing in shit is essentially all they know how to do!

Both the Democrats, like this doofus Murphy, and those in the ‘fake news’ media have managed to convince the American people that their government will never become a tyrannical dictatorship. That such a thing simply cannot happen here! They skim over it in history in schools and say things like “never can happen in America.” Yet look closer and see that it definitely could happen without the Second Amendment that is being taken away a piece at a time. We already have draconian laws to buy a gun. It isn’t the guns that kill, but the people who pull the trigger. Law Abiding citizens are not the problem regardless of the claims made by Democrats and the media.

Tyranny is tyranny, you can call it anything you like. But it’s Democrats, like Murphy, who are trying to make rules to tell you how, when where and why you can use, carry, store and transport a firearm. Consider them just suggestions with consequences for not obeying twits like Murphy. They understand, as have those like them in the past, that a disarmed populace is much, MUCH easier to control. And as has been said by many others, far smarter than myself, that is what this is really about. And if you’ve been fooled into believing it’s about anything else, oh like public safety, then you’ve become part of the problem and not the solution.

Most county law enforcement is led by sheriffs. Most county sheriffs take an oath which contains the phrase “preserve and protect the Constitution.” How one prioritizes the responsibilities of their oath says much about the individuals involved. If these sheriffs choose to not enforce laws that are clearly unconstitutional, I believe that decision is in their purview. After all, they are responsible to the voters they represent. If the citizens don’t like the priorities of their sheriff, they can vote him, or her, out. The bigger question is, why is local law enforcement being funded at all by the federal government. The federalism that exists today is ruining the country.

And finally, why is it so uniquely American to insist upon keeping one’s head buried firmly in the sand, and to essentially live in denial regarding the fact that people like this creep Murphy want nothing more than to possess complete control over every aspect of one’s life. Meanwhile, it’s at the same time that Democrats are working to shove down our collective throat their twisted agenda of bogus ‘climate change’ hysteria as well as all manner of perversion and death that consists of unlimited abortions, the robbing from our children any semblance of childhood and so much more. People must wake up, our country is being made to die right before our eyes!


All Joey B. has done since becoming *president is to undo all that President Trump did while working to destroy this country. And in the process, it’s been both he, and every other Democrat, who have been trying to convince the American people that everything Joey was done, has been for their own good. And I’m so tired of being thought so stupid that I would believe any of what I’m being told! That it’s somehow to my benefit that I’m paying twice as much for gas as I was less than 24 months ago, or that I’m paying more for food and for my utilities. And how it’s also somehow to my benefit that my country no longer has a southern border to speak of.

So now, despite the fact that it’s 70 percent of Americans who think the country is headed in the wrong direction and on 38 percent approve of the job Joey is doing as *president, it’s somehow the American people who have it all wrong? Such would be the case if you listen to that imbecile James Clyburn. Clearly this guy is nothing more than a political hack and a raging moron. Because it was during an appearance earlier this week on Wednesday’s broadcast of Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power,” that those who happened to tune in heard Clyburn actually try make the idiotic argument that “people love Joe Biden’s approach and they are in love with his agenda.”

And Clyburn made the claim that Joey’s ratings are low because even though people are “very pleased” “when they look at their bank accounts, they look at what’s happening with their families and in their communities,” that doesn’t show up in polls, and that Joey will be like President Truman who did things that “were unpopular at the time, but over time, have proven to be exactly what the country needed.” And what was so striking about what he said was the fact that he was able to get all the way through it with a straight face.  Clyburn then stated, “I want to see him run again. I told him that. But that decision is up to him and his family.”

Clyburn said, “I think that if he learned anything in this election this November, it is this, that people love Joe Biden’s approach and they are in love with his agenda. That’s why we were able to defy all odds and do what we were able to do in defying conventional wisdom.” And it was the host of this program, Joe Mathieu, who then asked, “Why are his approval ratings so low if that’s the case, though, Congressman? I just have to ask you that. And I realize that Democrats outperformed expectations in the midterm elections. But shouldn’t Joe Biden be rewarded with a higher approval rating if people are in love with his policies?”

Clyburn responded by saying, “Yes, that may be the case. But look at this, if you are trying to do things that have never been done, people get enamored with style. But I will say to them there is no substitute for substance. And on substance, Joe Biden is exactly what we need. For those people who are more enamored with style, with high-sounding speeches, and that sort of thing, they are not going to be satisfied.” And he then went on to add, “But when they look at their bank accounts, they look at what’s happening with their families and in their communities, they are very pleased. And that doesn’t show up too much in polling.”

Clyburn said, “I think a lot about my favorite President of all times, Harry Truman. Nobody left office with lower approval ratings than Harry Truman. But if people look back, they called him one of the top 10 if not the top five presidents of all times. That’s because he took the necessary steps to do what was needed to keep this country together, to bring some decisions into [the] fore that were unpopular at the time, but over time, have proven to be exactly what the country needed. That’s going to be the case here with Joe Biden.” You really do have to wonder about someone who can so casually tell what are, so very clearly, outrageous lies.

Clyburn is nothing short of pathetic fraud, lying to the American people right to their face! When they see empty food pantries, refrigerators, bank accounts, and 401Ks, just who does he think is happy? When a person lies for as long as Clyburn has they eventually lose touch with reality, and start believing their own lies. This kind of people are the most effective liars, because they can no longer tell fact from fiction. I’m quite sure that he was like speaking of the Democrat voter base that consists primarily of welfare parasites, illegal immigrants, ghetto broodmares and all manner of woke corporate thugs who all support the Democrat agenda to destroy America.

Clyburn claims that Joey will be a *president in the mold of Harry Truman, a man who did things that “were unpopular at the time, but over time, have proven to be exactly what the country needed.” But I would argue that there’s a YUGE difference between dropping nukes on an enemy combatant to end a world war, and “nuking” your own country to push a Leftist agenda and implement a New World Order! Joey wants nothing more than to abolish gun ownership, have an open southern border, kill our youth with Fentanyl, hand over our economy to Communist China, launder money through the war in Ukraine, destroy the U.S. dollar and abolish all fossil fuel.

And just how disconnected from reality can one possibly get? It’s now 60 percent of Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck. And it’s 25 percent who could not afford the typical Thanksgiving meal with even some of the trimmings. Add to that the 25 percent who have delayed retirement, including myself who never envisioned ‘having’ to work at the age of 70. Those in government, like Clyburn straight up lies and the supposed ‘journalists’ in our ‘fake news’ media go right along. People then vote their rights away and government goes right along with it. Either we have the most stupid electorate ever or the counting ends when a Democrat is elected.

You know, sometimes I almost wish that I too was a Democrat. I want so bad to live in that rainbow and unicorns world that this clown seems to live in. It has been over a span of less than two years that I have seen nothing good come from this *presidency. Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nadda!  From being on the verge of a nuclear war, to a mass invasion, to record gas prices, to runaway inflation, to crime, drugs, now being rampant in our communities, And with Joey appearing to not even know where he is half the time, this is what a totally rudderless country looks like. And yet, AND YET there are still those among us who would prefer this to President Trump! Those are likely the ones Clyburn is speaking to.


While I did think that there was going to be a ‘red wave’ it had more to do with the fact that I figured most Americans were at least able to remember as far back a mere 24 months and remember what it was that the country looked like then, with our booming economy, our energy independence, our low gas prices, our low unemployment, especially for minorities and women, and a southern border that was relatively secure. So, I thought that a ‘red wave’ was simply a no-brainer. I never imagined that there would be anyone but the most hardcore leftists that would even consider voting for those responsible for essentially erasing all of those things.

And while we now narrowly control the House, we’re left to rely on the people of Georgia when it comes to trying to salvage at least a tie in the Senate. And I don’t know about anyone else, but the fact that everything now rests with the people of Georgia, when it comes to trying to limit just how much more damage to the country the Democrats are able to inflict upon this country over the course of the next two years, is something that I find to be more than just a little terrifying. And as amazing as it may sound recent polls there show that the race between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock is either tied or has Warnock on top by four points.

Now I really don’t mean to pick on the people of Georgia, but it’s every conversation that I have ever had with anyone from that state that is what I would imagine a conversation would be like with someone from another planet. And that so much now rests on the upcoming runoff election that takes place in Georgia on December 6 has me not getting much sleep of late. Because it would appear that these people are, at least at this point, on the verge of electing the most worthless piece of shit to ever occupy a seat in the U.S. Senate, Raphael Warnock. And if that is what does come to pass it’s one more bit of evidence that these people are simply not of this Earth.  

And ya know, everyone keeps talking about the massive amounts of money that continues to pour in from outside of the state and into the campaign coffers of this supposed man of God, Mr. Warnock. But why should it matter how much money comes into this guy? If the people of Georgia had even a lick of sense, those who support this sleazy creep, Warnock, could dump a billion dollars into his campaign and it wouldn’t matter. But because it’s perceived by those ‘giving’ all of this money that the people of Georgia are incapable of thinking for themselves, and can be convinced that Warnock is something he is not, the money just keeps pouring in.     

And I simply don’t get how it is that it has not yet dawned on the people of Georgia that this sleazy ‘preacher’ really doesn’t give a squat about them or this country. You would think that even black folks, who have essentially been conditioned to vote for those like Warnock, would be able to figure things out and vote for Mr. Walker. But, again, if recent polling data paints anywhere near an accurate picture of the situation that is apparently not the case. And I can’t help but to call into question their reasoning for not voting for Mr. Walker. Much mud has been slung in his direction, is that it? Or is he another deemed not to be “black enough” for blacks to vote for?

So the way I look at things is that on December 6 the people of Georgia will be taking part in what is essentially a statewide IQ test, the outcome of which will reach to all points in this country. And it’s the outcome of this IQ test that will likely come to be known on, of all days, December 7, Pearl Harbor Day. And on that day we will find out if the argument can be that they passed the test by electing Mr. Walker or, instead, chose to confirm what so many of us already think of them by electing Mr. Warnock. I must admit that I have very little confidence that the people of Georgia will do the right thing, and apparently those giving money to Warnock are of the same opinion.


So, what do you suppose would happen if every RINO now trying so desperately to convince us that Donald Trump WILL NOT be the Republican Party’s nominee for President in 2024, because of all the “better choices” out there, were to simply stop talking about him? I mean, I’m no political expert by any means, but it would appear that their silly little plan to undermine President Trump just ain’t working. And I gotta be honest, it’s whomever these RINOs are telling me not to vote for, that will likely be the only person that I will be voting for. Why would I be stupid enough to listen to any of them about something as important as who to vote for?

And since, at least at this very early stage, it’s none of those now ‘warning’ us against President Trump who, themselves, have even the slightest chance of EVER becoming President. So, I wonder, just what might it be that motivates them to spend so much time attacking President Trump? Might it be their love of country? Doubtful! And yet they persist. And I find it rather amazing that anyone who has supported President Trump in the past would permit any of these RINO scumbags to talk them out of doing so again. Losers like Chris Christie, Larry Hogan, Mike Pence can say nothing that I want to hear. They’re all dime store phonies and no better than Democrats!

And so, how is it, exactly, that I know their idiotic little plan to undermine President Trump ain’t working? Well, according to a very recent poll it’s President Trump who now holds a rather impressive 30-point lead over those who comprise the rest of the potential 2024 Republican primary field, including those likely considered by some to be “better choices” to President Trump. In an Emerson College Polling survey released Tuesday, 55.1 percent of registered voters said they would vote for Trump in the 2024 GOP primary, placing him 30.3 points ahead of his nearest competitor, Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Florida governor garnered 24.8 percent of the response.

Also, it was in this particular poll that it was Mike Pence who managed to come in third place with 7.5 percent of participants saying that they would back him and it was 3.6 percent that said they would support outgoing Liz Cheney. Ted Cruz drew support from 3.4 percent of poll participants. And so while the uni-party strategy thus far has been one where there has been a continuing attempt to claim that those who comprise President Trump’s main base of support have since chosen to abandon him, at least this particular poll would seem to indicate that that does not seem to be the case. But at this stage of the game we shouldn’t rely too heavily on any poll.

When you get right down to the basics, you can’t fool the people when they know who’s authentic and who isn’t. When President Trump is putting on a “show” it’s always clear that that’s exactly what he’s doing. But when he’s talking about how this country is being destroyed, you can tell that he means it. The Democrats, and the RINOs, don’t have the emotional intelligence to discern between the nuance of President Trump’s comments. They take everything to be literal. Even when he’s tongue and cheek. What we know, the people, is that he isn’t a bought and paid for politician. And that threatens all those who have made politics a lifelong career.

Never Trump cultists never learn. They’re never able to see the bigger picture. It’s not about winning power, it’s about accomplishments of peace and prosperity, truth and justice, and what’s best for all. America will be destitute, culturally crushed and mentally shattered if the Democrats are not stopped. And yet we’re constantly being told that President Trump is the problem and that we have so, so many “better choices” than having to rely on President Trump. A tip for NeverTrumpers, just because Trump can be a little crass doesn’t mean you sacrifice a historic booming economy, low gas prices, low food prices, a bull market and so much more.

Donald Trump entered his first term presidency as an inexperienced politician. Nothing could have prepared him for what he was walking into, the sheer numbers of liars, backstabbers, cheaters and criminals controlling our federal government and the system they had put in place over the decades to make themselves unaccountable. Yet President Trump was still able to accomplish much and the key is that President Trump will enter his second term as a more experienced politician. His first term was trial by fire, the Democrats and the RINOs threw everything they had at him. Next time there will be no surprises, he’ll be ready for them.

President Trump had the best economy in decades. He was responsible for the most jobs being created, real wage growth, low gas prices, low food prices and low inflation. But the NeverTrumpers and Democrats don’t like him because he’s ‘mean!’ Who gives a shit? Americans need to grow up and stop being such a bunch of whiners! As Rush used to say, “Nobody likes a whiner!” And all of these pathetic RINOs need to understand that no one likes a liar either! The claim continues to be made that Independents won’t vote for President Trump. Personally, I’m tired of having to walk on eggshells out of fear of offending some pathetic ‘Independent’ voter.

And while we’re on the subject of these so-called ‘Independent’ voters what are they, really, other than Democrats who lack the guts to admit they’re Democrats? They seem to think that they are somehow better than the rest of us and by claiming to be neither Republican or Democrat they are somehow above the political fray and more capable of making decisions by leaving politics out of the decision-making process. But it’s all just a bunch of bullshit because these people are nothing more than a bunch of frauds. Take for instance the recent election in Georgia where 54 percent of so-called ‘Independents’ voted for that slime-bag Warnock. Seriously?

Anyway, it’s any number of RINOs who would rather us suffer with a ‘nice guy’ in office who continually capitulates to the Democrats than to have someone willing to stand up to the Democrats. President Trump’s many accomplishments here at home and abroad mattered not, because he was an outsider and therefore a danger to the status quo. He drew the RINOs out into the open where all could see them for the liars they had always been. He put them on the spot by giving them the opportunity to make good on the many promises they had made to the American people over the years, and did they do? They refused. And for that he continues to be made to pay.


By now I’m sure everyone has noticed how there has been no shortage of individuals who have, while not necessarily touting themselves, been busily trying to convince anyone willing to listen that come 2024 the Republican Party will have “better choices” than President Trump. But it’s from where I’m standing that these “better choices” are likely to consist of the same old choices, with voters again being forced to make a choice that is no choice at all. President Trump was treated unjustly throughout his entire presidency and the will of the people was egregiously undermined. You don’t simply move on to “better choices” from there.

And out among those now trying to convince Republicans that the party needs to move beyond President Trump is none other than Trump’s own vice president, Mike Pence. It was Pence who, in a recent interview, said that what’s needed are Republican candidates focused on the future and on solving those problems that voters face today. But I don’t get this need to focus solely on looking ahead. Personally, I want candidates willing to look back and, more specifically, looking back at where this country was less than two years ago. And to look for the best way of getting us back there. And that would certainly be by electing Donald Trump!

I’m not one who likes to overcomplicate things, so my decision to support President Trump again, rightly or wrongly, was based on what is really a pretty simple premise. Because it was under President Trump that my grandchildren at least looked as if they would have a fighting chance to succeed. And it was under President Trump that America was strong and prosperous, and the world was, for the most part, a relatively peaceful place. Under Joey B. the primary focus was, and continues to be, to simply undo all that President Trump did. Under Joey B we are most certainly doomed. This isn’t complicated, there are no gray areas, it’s all pretty black and white!

Pence made note that he and his family will give “prayerful consideration” over the holidays as to whether or not he should run for president in 2024. As for myself, I’m simply praying for my country. And once again Pence made clear, during the interview, that he thinks there will be “better choices” than his former running mate, President Trump in the 2024 presidential primary, even though he did speak highly of Trump and the policies he and Trump championed during their administration. But it’s none of those who have continued to claim how there will be these “better choices” that never bother to mention exactly who those “better choices” might be. 

As for his own future, Pence did say he is considering a run for the White House himself—but regardless of what he decides, he will be fighting for the policies and values of the conservative movement that he has long been a part of. He said, “In terms of our role, I can tell you we are going to give prayerful consideration to what role we might play in the months and years ahead as we gather over the Christmas holidays but whether I’m a candidate for president or whether I’m championing another candidate I promise you I’ll never stop fighting for the conservative policies and values that have defined my public life since the very start.”

And when asked if he would back President Trump in a general election should he win the nomination, Pence did not rule out backing President Trump but put his faith in Republican primary voters. But he said, “I believe there will be better options. I believe there will be better choices. I have great confidence in Republican primary voters.” And he said, “As I said, nobody could have defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 other than Donald Trump. Republican primary voters knew what we needed in a standard-bearer in that election. I have every confidence that Republican primary voters will sort out who would best be our standard-bearer for the 2024 election.”

To be perfectly blunt, Pence has zero chance of becoming president. He would only be running in an attempt to stop Trump. Pence is a member of the team that’s desperate to put Trump and MAGA behind them so they can return to being a disingenuous opposition to the left. This same team consists of all those “better choices” whose only purpose is to run and lose. Pence is far from being the man that one would choose to follow into battle. Pence clearly thinks that the way forward is to ignore stolen elections and focus on “solving issues that affect us today.” Pence worked with Democrats to steal the election. He is a traitor to our Republic.

Does anyone really believe that 155 million of 168 million registered voters actually voted? That’s a 92 percent turnout! Think any of those were fraudulent, like the many precincts and states where more ballots were cast than there were voters to cast them? No one was the least bit interested in that. They just wanted President Trump out and Pence simply went along. Sorry Mike, you had your chance to do the right thing and you blew it. It takes a special kind of narcissism to think you did the country a favor by ushering the worst president in the history of the country, and then go on to think that the country would reward you with the office of the Presidency for it.

Pence can’t be serious about making a run for the White House. He would get even less votes than Jeb got. Anyone running will need the support of the most loyal of Republican voters. And that group is fed up with Republicans who are more Democrat than Republican, aka RINOs. Pence will not live long enough for the American People to forget who the greatest traitor in American History is. There is no coming back from what he did to President Trump and the 80 million MAGA voters. And traitor MIKE PENCE is delusional if he thinks he is a viable candidate for President. He is anything but. Pence should simply give it a rest and go home.

And what is it that this guy even stands for? Does anybody really know? And I just can’t bring myself to support a man who I believe would capitulate to liberals at every opportunity to prove what a reasonable man he is. These are not reasonable times. I have visions of him being beaten like a rented mule in any debate against any Democrat. They have no problem airing out any character flaw you may have and if you don’t, they’ll just make one up. Either you’re too nice or you have no backbone. Neither of which is an asset for a President. I see him being rolled like a drunken sailor at every turn and conservatives once again being made to lose ground.

It always amazes me how individuals believe they have the political appeal to the mass of voters to be elected President. They must believe their own press to become convinced that they have what it takes and that the American people want them to be President. Individuals like Christie, Hogan and apparently Pence are in that category. Whereas I somewhat like Pence because many of his positions mirror mine, he is not one to drain the swamp and is more of an establishment type. He is certainly not a Trump or a DeSantis, both who will rock the boat. And frankly, that is what this nation needs, someone to shake up the bloated, progressive bureaucracy in DC!!

Finally, the cadre of RINOs that we’re constantly being forced to contend with, disgusts me. Because clearly, they would all rather sit idly by and watch as the Democrats work to shove our country further into the shitter than to unite behind the one guy who we all know can keep that from happening. None of them are trusted by those who feel that they have been lied to by these frauds for decades. And it’s these same RINOs who continue to make all manner of noise about how the Republican Party can only survive by abandoning President Trump. The truth of the matter is that it’s these RINOs that must be purged if the Republican Party is to survive!