Waters 11

There was a time, and not all that long ago really, when I thought that the dumbest boob on two legs was that less than stellar Democrat member of Congress, Sheila Jackson Lee.  And never in my wildest dreams did I ever think anyone would ever come along capable of knocking her off the pedestal upon which I had placed her.  But lo and behold, I was proven wrong, and in a pretty significant way.  And while I have known for some time that there were numerous candidates out there, male and female, to my way of thinking they all fell just a bit short when it came to actually being able to replace Ms. Lee as the most ignorant buffoon on the planet.

But the election of President Donald Trump seems to have drawn out from a rather significant number of rocks more than a few on the left eager to replace Ms. Lee.  To the point where those who once ran pretty close behind Ms. Lee, have now actually succeeded in pushing her aside for the top honor of ‘Most Ignorant.’  The new and current reigning champ is none other than ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters.  But don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t take all that much for Lee to regain the title, in fact it was just recently that she put forth what can only be described as a rather valiant effort.  But still she managed to fall just short.  But I’m sure she’ll keep trying.

And it was just this past Thursday that our esteemed Ms. Waters proved once again why she’s the champ when she made an appearance on Bloomberg.  It was there that she was heard to say that when she calls for President Donald Trump to be impeached, she “inspires” people.  ‘Mad Maxine’ said, “Let me just say this — I have learned over the years that I have been in this business that there are few people who are willing to speak truth to power and to talk about what really is bothering our society and our democracy. It is not thought well of to step outside of that box. When I talk about impeachment, I described what I think about this president.”

And she went on to say, “I think he is deplorable. I think he defined himself in the campaign, the way that he mocked and mimicked a disabled journalist, the way he talked about grabbing women by their private parts, the way he called names of his peers. I think that is unacceptable. For people to allow this kind of behavior to be normalized is beyond what I believe our democracy should be all about.”  She added, “I encourage people, and I inspire people, and I show people that you do not have to be intimidated. You do not have to be afraid. You do not have to be traditional. You need to step outside of the box and tell it like it is.”

And she wrapped up her little sophomoric diatribe, saying, “That is what I do everywhere I go. I say ‘Impeach 45.’ I get people knowing and understanding that perhaps he should be impeached, and focus on what he has done, the way he has defined himself, his relationship with Putin, and the belief that there has been collusion and obstruction of justice, it is all there. I will talk about it everywhere I go.”  That she is able to convince herself that such foolishness is in any way acceptable behavior for someone who has been elected to her position is disappointing.  She paints a rather sad picture of today’s Democrat Party.

To be honest, the only thing Waters inspires in anyone is, RACISM!!  Waters was elected to Congress in the year of 1990.  During her time in Congress, her family has made over a million dollars from Waters’ government connections.  Throughout Waters’ 27 years in Congress, she only managed to pass three bills: a Haiti relief bill, the renaming of a post office, and a modification of the national flood insurance program. Additionally, Waters failed to gain much popularity in Congress.  And ‘Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics’ in Washington labeled her as the most corrupt member in Congress during the years of 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2011!

And what makes her such a truly disgusting individual is the fact that it’s not courtesy of her brilliant pieces of legislation, or her encouraging our youth by extolling the virtues and opportunities provided in this great country that she ‘inspires’ people.  Far from it!  Instead, she considers it to be ‘inspiring’ by calling for the impeachment of our president who has been in office for less than a year.  And I wonder, did she approve of people speaking “truth to power” during Obummer’s presidency?  No, she said those who dared to disagree with him did so only because they were racist.  This creep is nothing but a corrupt, race-baiting, socialist!

But I gotta tell you, what she has inspired me to do is to never vote for a Democrat, something I’ve only done once in my entire life, and have regretted doing so ever since.  She is a droning, nonsensical, loudspeaker for the left, and nothing more than a gaudy makeup, bad wig wearing, bigmouthed mental case.  And what she does do is to make the case for requiring mental health exams for all politicians, especially Democrats. Another point, the people who keep re-electing this moron also need to question their sanity.  The woman has been in office for nearly thirty years and what has she accomplished for those who vote for her? Absolutely nothing!

As a side note here, have you ever noticed the way the conservative blacks speak compared to how the majority of liberal blacks act and speak.  The conservatives actually make sense, speak good English, and present their argument intelligently. Meanwhile, the liberals tend to do little more than to scream the same talking points over and over, rarely speak so that you can understand them and dress like clowns.  And yet because blacks have become so dumbed down and are kept uninformed they tend to vote for the liberal who says I’ll keep you on welfare, and not for the conservative who says I’ll see that you get a job.  How truly inspiring.




I must say that never before in my adult life, or at least for as long as I can remember, have I ever witnessed so many members of a political party become so completely unhinged over the loss of a single election.  And it’s because of their unwillingness to accept defeat that they seem so determined to go to such lengths in their attempt to leave virtually no doubt in the minds of so many that they most definitely are not up to the task of being responsible legislators.  What they are in reality, are nothing more than the worst sort of political hacks.

And I say this because it was just this past Wednesday that we had six House Democrats again introduce what they called their articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, they contend that the president violated the Constitution.  And just who might these stellar individuals be?  Well, they are none other than: Reps. Steve Cohen, Luis Gutierrez, Al Green, Adriano Espaillat, Marcia Fudge, and John Yarmuth and they argued that their five articles of impeachment arose out of their supposed concern for America’s national security.

Rep. Cohen said at a press conference, “We believe that President Trump has violated the Constitution, and we’ve introduced five articles of impeachment.”  These five Democrats contend that President Trump violated the Constitution by firing Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Director James Comey, that he violated the Emoluments Clause, which bars public officials from accepting gifts from foreign governments, and “undermining” the judiciary and freedom of the press.  All of which makes me wonder if these people reside in some sort of alternate universe.

Republicans of course wasted little time in chiding this goofball effort to impeach the president, calling the move a “baseless radical effort.”  Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesman Michael Ahrens said in a statement, “House Democrats lack a positive message and are completely unwilling to work across the aisle, so instead they’ve decided to support a baseless radical effort that the vast majority of Americans disagree with.”  And I have to wonder is this really what the Democrats see as being a ‘winning’ message regarding the next election?

Anyway, it was Mr. Ahrens who then went on add, “Republicans are focused on issues the middle class actually cares about, like cutting taxes and growing the economy”.  But to be fair, to those many folks who live out beyond the beltway there doesn’t seem to be all that many Republicans who appear all that interested in either cutting taxes OR growing the economy.  They too seem to be far more preoccupied with trying to undermine their own president.  Sadly, it’s many of them who are hip deep in ‘The Swamp’ and are way past needing to be sent home.

And I would be curious to know how screaming about impeaching a duly elected president and to nullify the results of a free and fair presidential election will get you enough votes to take back Congress.  Like the Democrats already don’t look as if they’re stuck on stupid, now they’re taking stupid to a whole new level.  And, of course, we have six of the dumbest of the dumbasses now leading the impeachment charge.  And how exactly is it that President Trump violated the Constitution?  Was it because he won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote?

And another thing, while I may not be a Constitutional scholar, I don’t seem to remember it being a violation of the Constitution to put the best interests of America ahead of the rest of the world.  Am I missing something?  Is that in fact the case?  Or is that just how things exist in the wild and wacky world of the Democrat Party?  Now I understand that the Democrats hate this country and all that it has come to stand for, but they have become increasingly obvious when it comes to their ongoing mission to destroy it.  Anyone who can’t see that is blind.

And look, unless you are a lifelong Democrat, or are completely braindead, I would think it would be extremely difficult to take any of these clowns, or their political party, seriously.  And I realize that the majority of the Democrat base is made up of little more than junior high drop-outs, criminals, drug addicts and those currently relying on government handouts for their existence.  Not to mention illiterate, unskilled immigrants.  Thus are the losers that these six boobs don’t have to try all that hard to convince that President Trump is somehow unfit.

And let’s be real here, when was the last time ANYONE can remember when you heard any Democrat express any level of concern regarding our country’s national security?  To these people our military is seen as being nothing more than a Petri Dish, a captive audience upon which they can inflict all manner of their cockamamie social experimentations.  This is nothing more than another attempt by these morons to undermine and to delegitimize the man who dared to defeat she-who-was-the-most-qualified-person-to-ever-run-for-president.

And you know, it’s crap like this that should inspire every rational American voter to resist whatever urge they may feel at the time, to vote for a Democrat, any Democrat.  The Democrats’ preoccupation with trying to impeach a duly elected president simply because he defeated their candidate, rather than to focus on helping those Americans who continue to struggle should tell most folks all that they really need to know about those politicians who so proudly identify as being Democrats.  They truly are a very disgusting bunch.

And where was all of this outrage now coming from the Democrats back when Obummer was practically making a career out of violating, or just flat out ignoring, the Constitution?  Or is it that they’re only worried about such things when it doesn’t involve one of their own?  It’s the same people who chose to ignore real violations back then who are now desperate to ‘create’ violations where none exist.  It really is quite amazing!  We’re to the point where the Democrats have become little more the laughing stock of the country and are too stupid to realize it.



Word comes that the forces of darkness may once again be on the move.  And those would, of course, be the forces who wish to put to an end to any and all effort that may actually succeed in “Making America Great Again.’  And the banners under which those forces do battle against America are none other than the banners of America’s Democrat Party.  Yes, it’s true!  And these forces have chosen as their rallying symbol, none other than our current President, Donald Trump, and for no other reason than because he loves this country and seeks nothing more than prosperity for all Americans.  The forces that he now finds himself up against have a far darker objective, one might even say sinister.  And they must not be allowed to succeed.

And it is these same forces, we are told, that were able to make what many have described as being rather substantial progress in the November elections, reclaiming numerous state and local government seats long held by Republicans.  And also, apparently, this ‘phenomenon’ is said to be due in large part to an unprecedented level of enthusiasm among Democrat voters eager to voice to their ‘opposition’, their ‘resistance’, to President Trump, the very man who wants nothing but the best for them.  But I’m wondering if this supposed ‘opposition’ to the president may be little more than a smoke screen for something to be used by those Democrat parasites who fear that they just might actually have to go to work should he succeed.

The rather incendiary nature of present day national politics aside, what is it about so many Americans today that they would prefer to live off of their neighbors than to get a job and provide for themselves?  You would think that what would be paramount in the mind of most reasonably intelligent people would be to vote for those who one believes will create the best possible environment for one to achieve the highest level of success which would then in turn allow one to better provide for one’s family.  Because voting Democrat only ensures that that process becomes all the more difficult.  Why would anyone be willing to put personality above being able to take care of one’s family in the best possible way?  But that’s what many Democrats do.

This is not a trend that we who love this country can afford to allow to continue.  Because the primary objective of the Democrat Party, and of those who support the both the party’s mission and candidates, at the local, state and federal level, is to stop at all costs anything that, however remotely, has to do with the process of making America great again.  And unfortunately, it’s not only those in the Democrat Party that we must worry about, because as we’ve seen with all of the going’s on in Alabama, there are many within our own party who would like nothing better than to thwart those whose only desire is to make it so far more people are able to once again realize the American dream.  And while that should be everyone’s goal, it’s not!

But who is it that is truly most responsible for the caustic nature of politics today?  I would argue that it is those within our state-controlled media acting at the behest of their masters within the Democrat Party, all of whom, more than a year later, still have been unable to move beyond the fact that their significantly flawed candidate got her ass beat by a complete outsider and first time politician.  According to them there is only ONE possibility that such an outcome could have come about.  So for the last 12 months there has been this steady drumbeat in an effort to convince as many Americans as possible that something which did not take place, did.  And so there is no lie, no accusation or no innuendo that will not be used to accomplish that goal.

The election coming up in 2018, much like the last few that have preceded it, will no doubt prove to be just as crucial to our ability of being able to prevent our country from slipping back into the Democrat Party created abyss.  And in so doing we can not afford to allow ourselves to be intimidated by those who continue to call us racist, homophobe, misogynist or any of their other favorite names for us.  Because we know in our hearts, that we are none of those things.  And therefore we must keep our heads held high as we work to maintain whatever forward progress we can, which, of course, includes doing all that we can at the grassroots level to keep the number of Democrats able to get elected to the absolute lowest number possible.

To be perfectly blunt here, because that’s what far too many people seem to require these days, it should be obvious that the greatest threat that our country now faces, from any direction, is that entity from within known as the Democrat Party.  And granted, as I mentioned previously, there are those within the Republican Party, those whom many identify as RINOs, or Republican In Name Only, who willingly join forces with the Democrats in the continuing effort to construct a wall, of sorts, not on our southern border where it is most needed most, but between the American people and their ability to create the kind of government that would more closely resemble that which was intended by our Founders and not the leviathan that we have today.

It has become painfully clear that we can no longer trust those in government to do what’s best for our country but, instead, what tends to be best for them.  But we do still control our own destiny, and in so doing we must always be willing to do all that is necessary so that our children are not left to deal with any unfinished business because we saw it as being too difficult.  Elections are the only way that we have to rid ourselves of those who refuse to understand that it is they who work for us.  People must understand that voting is about more than electing the candidate who promises the most in return for one’s vote.  It’s about electing the candidate who promises to assist you in making the best possible country for your children.


Flake 9

The longer this continuing, and obviously orchestrated, smear campaign goes on against Judge Moore, the more transparent it becomes.  Now we have RINO Jeff Flake, the ‘retiring’ Republican Senator from Arizona, trying to do all the damage that he can as he heads toward the exit.  He recently said that if he were voting he would vote for the Democrat over Republican candidate Roy Moore who is running for the Senate in Alabama.  Anyone surprised by that statement hasn’t been paying the necessary attention over the years to this RINO creep, Jeff Flake.

It was on Monday of this week that our esteemed Mr. Flake, in expressing his feelings about the Alabama candidate on the receiving end of all manner of accusations that he sexually harassed several young women over 40 years ago, told reporters, “If this choice is between Roy Moore and a Democrat, a Democrat, for sure.”  And this boob went on to add, “I would literally — if I were in Alabama — I would run to the polling place to vote for the Democrat.”  This is the continuing kind of crap, from the ‘Establishment GOP’, that Judge Moore has found himself up against.

Flake, of course, doesn’t have a vote in the matter since he’s not a voter in Alabama. And soon he won’t have a say in the very body that Judge Moore, hopefully, will soon be joining.  Also not a surprise was the fact that Flake said he would also back a move to have Moore expelled from the Senate even if he wins.  And it was when asked about just such a move, and if it might become a reality, Flake said, “I don’t think it will get to that, but if it does, yes.”  If I was in Alabama and I heard that, it would only make we want to vote for Judge Moore all the more.

But, even if Moore were to step aside and quit the race, which I sincerely hope that he does not do, Alabama election law does not allow for the Republican Party to replace a candidate at this late date in the race.  Meanwhile, as Flake attacks the morality of a Republican Senate candidate, he has been mysteriously silent when it comes to the case of Democrat Senator Robert Menendez who has been fighting public corruption charges for some time, now.  But this is just another instance where this RINO is shows his true colors.  And it’s what we’ve come to expect.

Yes you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that Mr. Flake would be voting for a Democrat if he was in Alabama.  No, not really!  In making such a statement he simply proves why it is that so many conservative refer to him as a RINO, and why they are right.  If you’re a Republican and feel so strongly that you simply cannot bring yourself to vote for Moore, then why vote for anyone?  This snowFLAKE thinks he’s going to persuade Republicans to vote for a Democrat?  Does he really think the people of Alabama are that stupid?  Apparently he does.

And yes by all means, don’t vote for the guy about whom all of these nasty rumors are now being spread.  Instead, vote for Doug Jones, the Democrat, who has actually come out in support of such things as it being ok to be teaching Kindergarten students the joys of anal sex, and the legalizing of naked men to be showering with little girls.  That’s what’s now being advocated as being the ‘sane’ approach!  So folks what is comes down to, is accusations with absolutely no basis in truth or fact, at least at this point, versus what we actually KNOW about Mr. Jones.

Keep in mind that it was also Mr. Jones who made the rather bold assessment that The Trump Administration “was wrong” when it decided to rescind Title IX guidance implemented during the Obummer’s Administration on how transgender students should be able to access sex-segregated spaces, including bathrooms and locker rooms, in public schools.  And it is this guy who also said the Trump Administration “was wrong” when it announced the U.S. military could no longer afford to accommodate transgender soldiers.  Yet, he’s never been in the military.

So what the people of Alabama are going to have to base their decision on when they cast their vote on December 20, is all of noise that they’ve heard regarding Judge Moore, which up to this point can be described as being little more than fiction, and the facts of what we actually know when it comes to Democrat Doug Jones.  And if I were able to cast a vote in Alabama there is absolutely no doubt for whom I would be voting for.  And it would be Judge Moore.  Because what is being done here, against Judge Moore, is nothing short of criminal.  He deserves to win.


McConnell 06

So riddle me this: Suppose I was to go out and hire myself a group of women, actors if you will, whose only job would be to make all manner of purposely scurrilous accusations of inappropriate behavior by Mitch McConnell.  Now keep in mind that the type of behavior that these women would be describing, and in graphic detail, never actually took place, but they would be paid to say that it did.  Would, I wonder, Mitch McConnell resign from his powerful position in Congress, or would he be determined to fight the accusations because he KNEW that they were false.

But lucky for old Mitch, that’s not a scenario that he is presently being forced to contend with.  But it’s one that has far too many similarities to the one Judge Roy Moore, the Republican candidate running to the Senate seat in Alabama left vacant by Jeff Sessions, is now being made to deal with.  Judge Moore is running to fill the seat vacated by Sessions, a man who many on the left accused of being a racist, when Sessions was selected by President Trump to be Attorney General.  So apparently the kinds of tactics now being employed against Moore have become routine?

Anyway, it was RINO Mitch McConnell who said as recently as this past Monday that he believes all of these women who claim Roy Moore dated them when they were minors, adding that the Alabama Republican Senate candidate should step aside.  Well of course McConnell wants the Judge to step aside.  And have you seen the list of others now coming out to call for the Judge to take himself out of the race?  It’s a regular rogue’s gallery, a who’s who, of the RINO ‘Establishment.  If that doesn’t tell you how this entire scenario is an attempt to rig yet another election, nothing will.

As you know, it was that leftist rag The Washington Post, owned by leftist billionaire Jeff Bezos, that first broke this big story about how Judge Moore pursued four, now five, women when they were teenagers.  But I find it all a bit odd that as this attempt to remove the Judge from what is truly a very crucial election continues, it’s each time that the good people of Alabama refuse to take the bait, that yet another woman somehow miraculously appears.  How is it that any reasonably intelligent person cannot smell a rat when it comes to this clearly manufactured scandal?

Alabama law would not allow the Republican Party to have a new candidate on the ballot should Moore decide to step aside.  And thus far Judge Moore has made it very clear that he intends to stay in the race.  Also, it was in response to McConnell’s recent comments that the judge Tweeted, “The person who should step aside is [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell. He has failed conservatives and must be replaced.”  Moore, you’ll recall defeated incumbent Luther Strange in the Republican primary.  And it was Strange who was heavily supported by McConnell.

And it was also McConnell who warned in early October about supporting anti-establishment candidates.  Because according to McConnell, “You have to nominate people who can actually win because winners make policy and losers go home.”  Interesting philosophy that McConnell has.  Because for the most part, all that I’ve seen winners do, at least those on the Republican side, is nothing more than to repeatedly stab my president in the back.  And isn’t it strange how it was right after McConnell made his comments, that the Washington Post report broke.

Now I’m not saying that one thing necessarily has anything to do with the other, but the timing of these events has to be considered at least a little suspicious.  And at the risk of sounding naïve to some, I suppose, it’s been since this story first broke that I continue to give no credence.  And I have come to believe it even less with the appearance on the scene of that well-known media whore, Gloria Allred.  This crazy bitch would mow over even Jesse Jackson in her effort to get her ugly mug in front of a television camera.  This is obviously a politically motivated smear.

And you can call me a conspiracy nut if you choose, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find out that McConnell is working with the Washington Post to ensure that Moore is made to simply go away.  And McConnell believes that the best way, the only way, for him to prevent Judge Moore from being elected is to do all that he can to suppress the Evangelical vote in Alabama.  And what better way to that than with a sleazy sex scandal?  It’s all rather disappointing that we have members of our own team more determined to attack one of their own, than the Democrats.

And finally, it’s at the end of the day that I hope that there are still in Alabama enough people willing to step up and send to the same band of ‘Establishment’ RINOs that McConnell has continued to lead in opposition to our president, a very clear and very loud message by choosing to elect Judge Moore as their Senator.  I cannot think of a better message that could be sent to those willing to employ such tactics as those being employed against Judge Moore.  ‘The Swamp’ needs to know that it is still the people of Alabama who will determine their Senator, not the DC swamp!



It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how far off the tracks the Democrats become, they rarely ever seem all that interested in doing anything other than to get even further off the tracks.  And it was just this past Sunday, and again on MSNBC, that those tuned in witnessed Democrat Al Green spew much the same ‘drivel that we’ve heard from Mad Maxine’ Waters and rodeo clown Frederica Wilson.  You see, it’s according to Al that voters have now become “fed up” with the “hurt and pain” President Donald Trump’s behavior is causing.  But I have to be honest, I’m more than a little confused about exactly what ‘pain’ Crazy Al may have been talking about.

It was in this his latest appearance that Green said, “I will vote for impeachment, and I will do so because this president is unfit. He has taken discourse to a level that we’ve not seen. He called a member of congress whacky, the member of Congress from Florida, Ms. Wilson. The president does these things, and he goes back to the White House, where he’s protected. Ms. Wilson has had to suffer threats. There was a prayer vigil with reverend Al Sharpton there just recently to support her. These things are a detriment to the fiber and fabric of our country. Calling people who are racist, known racists who are bigots saying that they’re nice people, this is not America.”

‘Crazy’ Al then went on to say, “Our country is much better than this, and the way for us to remedy this is with impeachment. I don’t guarantee results, but I guarantee you that there will be a vote.”  And he added, “I think that President Trump is creating a backlash. This is not celebrating what happened in Virginia and other places. It’s a recognition that people are fed up with this behavior, the kind of hurt and pain that he’s causing.”  Someone should have warned old Al that he doesn’t do much to reinforce his credibility on this particular topic when he brings up Al Sharpton and Frederica Wilson, both of whom are little more than your basic run-of-the-mill racists.

Now this is just my own personal opinion, but I’m thinking that old Al has things more than just a bit backwards.  You see, Mr. Green, President Trump was hired by ‘We the People’ of this country because we were tired of the ‘hurt and pain’ that you and your progressive buddies have been inflicting upon our country for decades.  And to be clear, Democrats winning elections in states that are heavily populated by leftwing parasites, proves absolutely nothing when judging the sentiment of the entire country regarding how most Americans feel about President Trump.  Our country has been placed in serious danger because our military was gutted by leftist Obummer.

And what Green seems to have forgotten, or simply chooses to ignore, is the fact that it was while under the stewardship of Obummer that this country come to too closely resemble one of those Third World countries that Obummer always seemed so fond of as he also proceeded to view himself as being some tinhorn dictator.  That was essentially the price those of us who played no part in first electing, and then re-electing, a devout Socialist were forced to pay because morons like Green thought it would be such a great idea to have a black president.  The damage done to this country by this one man is something we may never be able to fully recover from.

What we have here, in the person of Mr. Green, is someone who is your typical leftwing kook.  A guy who is maybe a bit too quick to go about blaming others for his own personal failures, of which there are many.  He’s another one who has no problem at all with lying, cheating, calling his political opponents racist, engaging in obvious slander, and making false accusations in an attempt to destroy the credibility of innocent people who happen to disagree with him.  He likes to pretend that he is morally superior when in truth he most often behaves like someone accustomed to living in a sewer.  It is people like him who voters are truly fed up with.

And oddly enough if our elected officials, at both ends of the political spectrum, put as much effort into doing their job as they do in complaining about the way President Trump does his, they just might actually accomplish something.  Unfortunately we the people are paying the price for these buffoons acting like children instead of adults. But then again I guess when your gravy train is in danger you get defensive and act out. They’re starting to see that we the people are fed up with their job performance and are not going to put up with it anymore.  The only defense they have is trying to get rid of the person we elected and tasked with draining ‘The Swamp.’

And I must admit that I’m a bit confused when it comes to just what “hurt and pain” Green might be talking about.  After all, employment is up, GNP is at 3%, which is something Obummer never once accomplished during his eight years in office, companies are beginning to move back to the U.S., housing is showing a significant recovery, and Trump is deporting illegals and lowering ‘refugee’ numbers, so there will be fewer for the rest of us to support.  If Green was being honest, he’s admit how it was that Blacks suffered greatly under Obummer.  Yet that seems to have been a price that blacks, like Green, were willing to pay to have a black president.

Look, it should have become painfully obvious, by now, that this guy is nothing more than a certified nut case which, I suppose, doesn’t say much about the morons who have been sending him back to Congress every two years since he was first elected back in 2004.  He’s now become little more than a one trick pony in that he rarely speaks about anything other than the impeachment of President Trump.  And while I’m quite sure that he and his fellow Democrats realize that you can’t simply impeach a president because he happened to win an election, that hasn’t kept them from continuing to spew their never-ending stream of political sewage about Trump.

And it’s the majority of those involved in the state-controlled media who have now lost completely what little objectivity they might have once possessed in their reporting about our president, his supporters and those seeking to remove him from office.  And their attempts to one up each other regarding the level of their vitriol have now become completely out of hand.  They continue to resort to the making up of what has come to be accepted by most as ‘fake news’, complete with made up sources and name calling, as well as threats.  The other tactic they’ve begun using is to leave unreported what successes the Republicans have been able to achieve.

And finally, what I personally am now fed up with is how all of the liberal idiots like Green, Waters and the rest of the typical leftwing cast of kooky characters remain so intent upon lecturing us day after day on why it is that they feel President Trump is so badly in need of being impeached.  Yet when one stops to consider the fact that we put up with eight years of Obummer’s blatant corruption it was none of those now calling for the impeachment of President Trump who uttered so much as a single word about the need to impeach Obummer.  I’m tired of those who never shut up and do everything they can to prevent President Trump from doing his job.


RINOs 13

Yes, it’s once again that we have yet another reason to thank the people of Kentucky for their willingness to send back to the Senate someone who, together with Paul Ryan, is one of the most useless assholes, politically speaking, on the planet.  Because instead of assisting in the defense of one of our Republican candidates against what are, most assuredly, nothing more than scurrilous accusations, what do we see old McConnell trying to do?  Nothing more than to try to exact a little revenge by torpedoing the man who defeated the candidate he endorsed in the primary.

It would seem that in his rush to judgement, McConnell has assembled a few of those usual suspects, his fellow RINOs, one of which is John McCain, of all people, and announced that if allegations of misconduct are true, Alabama Senate Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore should drop out of the race.  Well duh, but it would seem that McConnell and his buddy, braindead McCain, are unwilling to wait to see if they’re true as they are already calling for the Judge to step aside.  Might that be because the Judge would be someone unwilling to go along with the RINOs, if elected?

Anyway, as most should already know, the rag known as ‘The Washington Post’ released a story earlier this week alleging that Judge Moore initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32, as well as other cases of sexual misconduct.  In a written statement, Moore denied those allegations.  That statement said in part: “These allegations are completely false and are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign.”  While this smear is so completely transparent, it should not have been unexpected.

But the Judge’s statement apparently wasn’t sufficient for McConnell and his band of RINOs.  McConnell said, “If these allegations are true, he must step aside.”  And of course right behind him was fellow RINO Jeff Flake, who stated, “If there is any shred of truth to the allegations against Roy Moore, he should step aside immediately.”  And yet another longtime RINO, Susan Collins, said, “If there is any truth at all to these horrific allegations, Roy Moore should immediately step aside as a Senate candidate.”  These clowns would like nothing better than for the Democrat to win this election.

And joining in the chorus we have other RINOs now crawling out from under their individual rocks to join in the slandering of Judge Moore.  It was none other than Lisa Murkowski who went so far as to say, “I’m horrified and if this is true he needs to step down immediately.”  Murkowski also said that she has already spoken to Luther Strange about becoming a write-in challenger to oppose Moore in the December 12 election.  RINO Rob Portman said, “It was very troubling … if what we read is true and people are on the record so I assume it is,” adding that “Moore should step aside.”

And then we have he who is perhaps the biggest fraud of all, John McCain, who tweeted on Thursday, “The allegations against Roy Moore are deeply disturbing and disqualifying. He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of.”  A candidate we can be proud of?  Like we’re all so proud of you, you lying sack of shit?  Over the years McCain has become little more than a sick joke, and to be honest, I am literally counting the days until I see the headline track across the bottom of my television screen that he is finally dead.

I’ve always been told that you can judge a man by the caliber of his enemies.  And if we take a closer look at those now calling for Judge Moore to abandon this Senate race, it’s a rather unscrupulous and rancid bunch that we come up with.  McConnell, Flake, Collins, Murkowski, Portman and McCain, RINOs all.  Not a true conservative in the bunch and yet we’re just supposed to follow the recommendation of these swamp creatures, that Judge Moore needs to now throw in the towel?  Really? There is absolutely nothing about that that would make any amount of sense.  Nothing!

Oh, and we can now add another name to our list of RINOs calling for the Judge to step aside.  That would be none other than failed RINO candidate for president, Mitt Romney, who’s quite willing to take part in this slandering of Judge Moore, where the accused is put in the impossible position of trying to prove a negative.  I’m ashamed I ever voted for Romney, or McCain.  Of course our ‘Establishment’ RINOs want Moore to step aside.  If they can’t beat conservatives in the primary elections, then they will do whatever they feel needs to be done in order to maintain their control of the GOP.

Look, I think it’s pretty clear what’s really underway here, and it’s nothing more than a coordinated, and even quite possibly a preemptive, strike against Judge Moore because he dared to run against McConnell’s handpicked candidate, Luther Strange, in the primary run-off back in September and was able to defeat him, and pretty handily so.  Judge Moore’s campaign said in a subsequent statement that if the allegations were true, they would have surfaced during his previous campaigns.  And he added, “This garbage is the very definition of fake news.”  And on that point I would agree!

It would seem that there is now no level to which our RINOs in Congress will not sink in their effort not only to sabotage the Trump Presidency, but to also ensure that come 2018 they will be able to willingly hand over control of Congress to the Democrats.  Which I can only assume must now be their ‘Priority One’.  Because our Republicans in Congress, who have been handed control of both houses, have once again chosen to squander yet another opportunity handed to them by the people.  And what have the people gotten in return?  Nothing, they’ve just gotten SCREWED!

This is a perfect example of just how little these ‘Establishment’ politicians care about the forgotten men and women of this country.  And quite frankly it doesn’t matter if they have a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ after their names because they’re all from ‘The Swamp.’  The attacks on Moore are obviously politically motivated since there haven’t been any past allegations until after he’d won the primary.  It’s no surprise that McConnell and the other usual RINO suspects are piling on the Judge.  After all, behaving as they now are is much easier than doing what they were elected to do.

Republican voters must fully prepare themselves for the attacks that will surely be coming not only from the Democrats, but also those we now know will be coming from those within our own party.  As 2018 creeps closer it will be all manner of “accusers” that will be crawling out of the woodwork.  It’s all the RINOs and their Democrat compatriots have left.  It’s in this latest scam that we have to hope Alabama voters will see through the timing of these false accusations.  Such tactics didn’t work against Trump, nor will fake ‘Weinstein-like’ accusations work against the Judge.

The RINO’s involved in this little charade are easily as corrupt as the Democrats.  They all need to be gotten rid of.  I’m sure that they’re hoping to convince the good people of Alabama, or at least enough of them, not to vote for Judge Moore.  They figure the voters in Alabama are too stupid see what it is that they are actually up to.  I only ask the voters not to allow themselves to be fooled by what is so very obviously a politically motivated hit job.  And the RINOs should not be allowed to get away with it!  Voters must stand strong against this blatant attempt to influence an election.

And besides, if the Judge steps aside it will only serve to encourage these RINOs, and their Democrat allies, to dig up even more supposed victims to accuse every conservative candidate of this crap, all in their effort to maintain their status quo.  So there’s really only one of two ways to go on this.  You can either wilt under what are clearly false accusations, or you stand and fight fire with fire.  Personally, I’m for fighting fire with fire.  Because that’s really all these ‘swamp’ creatures understand.  They’re far more concerned about winning at any cost, because they can’t win on the issues.