I think we can all agree that as much as Fox News may be routinely portrayed by those on the left as being some bastion of rabid right-wingers, it is also home to a rather significant number of pretty vocal ‘NeverTrumpers’, many of whom, I’m quite sure, would feel right at home on either the Communist News Network (CNN) or possibly even MSNBC.  Other than Hannity, who is obvious about his support for Trump, Carlson, who you never really know where he stands on Trump, and Ingraham, the rest are rather obvious regarding their dislike for the president.

Bret Baier is one who makes no bones about his dislike of the president.  It was on this past Tuesday’s episode of the Fox News Channel’s “The Daily Briefing,” that he said the president trolls the media and the left because he “wants heads to explode.”  Host Dana Perino asked him about Trump’s latest tweet on Russian meddling and Baier said, “I think in the media, we overall read a lot into these tweets. Maybe we shouldn’t read as much as we read into them. Today you heard the house Speaker Paul Ryan say that the president was trolling people with the security clearance.”

Baier continued, “I think literally that this president sometimes does troll the media and the left. I think that he wants heads to explode. And when he says that he’s really concerned that Russia’s going to interfere in the election, I mean, that’s exactly opposite of what he said in Helsinki. And that is exactly opposite of what he’s said––kind of cleaned up––all last week.”

He added, “So when he says that and tweets it and says they are going to be helping the Democrats, even though Vladimir Putin said in the press conference that he was pulling for Trump in the election, people’s heads explode. They react, they overreact, we cover the overreaction, and everyone in the middle of the country says, you know what?”

I still remember when Baier, Kelly and Wallace had those smirks on their faces during candidate Trump’s first primary debate, thinking that their clever gotcha questions would make Trump look like a novice nobody.  And Baier has yet to get over that first debate when Trump not only beat all the other candidates on stage, but the three ‘moderators’ as well!  Baier was totally in shock, even more so than on election night, he never thought it could be done! He gave Trump NO credit, Baier should never have listened to Wallace and Kelly!  He’s been back-peddling ever since!

And while I would be willing to bet that Baier fancies himself to be a bona fide journalist, I would argue that unless he is able to be a bit more objective regarding how it is that he covers our current president, he’s no better than those purveyors of  ‘fake news’ in what was once referred to as the ‘mainstream media.’  I used to think differently of him, but with the arrival onto the scene of President Trump, Baier’s bias has become much more apparent, even obvious when it comes to the president as well as his many supporters and even other folks there at Fox.

These days I watch very little Fox News, much less than I used to.  The only ones I tend to watch are Tucker, Sean and Laura.  As far as the rest of them go, it differs little from watching CNN or MSNBC.  Baier seems to always make sure his little ‘panel’ is loaded up with fellow ‘NeverTrumpers’ to the point where it’s become unbearable to watch, so I don’t.  But like I said, Baier is far from being the only guilty party, it’s gotten to where there is virtually NOTHING worth watching on Fox anywhere between 9 am in the morning to 8 pm at night.  It’s one NeverTrumper after another.



Smith 2

It was back in the very early days of Fox News, during a time which I watched those on the network far more than I watch any of them now, that I would typically make sure that I was home in time to catch Shepard Smith’s nightly program.  But it has been since then that Shep has, gradually over time, seemed to be move increasingly further to left to the point where, once he came out of the closet, he had come to more closely resemble any of the loons that we now see on MSNBC as well as CNN.

And apparently he has continued his slide into leftwing kookdom as evidenced by his very recent, and somewhat scathing, assessment of the results from the historic summit between President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  Smith began his rant by saying, “The United States made concessions in exchange for no hard promises.”  Adding, “Stopping joint military exercises with South Korea while North Korea makes a vague commitment to work together towards denuclearization.”

He went on to say, “The agreement the leaders signed are very short on specifics.” He continued, “The talk happened, hands shaken, photos taken, and during a private meeting, promises were apparently made.”  He said, “But who wanted what? Well, America demanded complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. C.V.I.D. Complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization.”  And he said, “There is no guarantee of that.”  He complained, “Not even words to that effect!”

And Smith said, “And we may not know for years whether we’re actually now on that road, or left in the potholes of paths past.”  He declared, “Kim Jong Un got it all!” He said, “But Kim Jong Un? He wanted the photos.”  He continued saying, “The seat at the table. He wanted the legitimacy that came with the event. The handshake with America’s president. And he wanted those military exercises with the Americans and the South Koreans that happen every year to stop.”

“Kim Jong Un got it all,” Smith said, “for actually doing nothing.”  And he said, “Plus he got a promise, lacking specifics, granted, of security for the North Korean regime,” he added. “A regime that has an estimated 120,000 political prisoners across the nation. A regime that tortures and murders its own citizens, imprisons children for the actions of parents and grandparents, and a leader who has committed crimes against humanity.” And he repeated, “No specifics!”  By this time he was nearly apoplectic.

Smith criticized the promise of “denuclearization” from the North Koreans, saying there were no guarantees in the agreement. “No specifics of how to do it,” he said. “No timeline on getting it done. No verification. No inspection. No nothing else, just generalities.”  Adding, “President Trump says he trusts Chairman Kim, and that he’s ready to start a new chapter with North Korea. What will the president’s special bond with Kim Jong Un mean for the U.S. and its allies?  No specifics.”

Smith has what can only be described as being a rather severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  He has now joined the ranks of those who will always find a negative side to anything that President Trump accomplishes.  And yet, despite the media only reporting negatives and ignoring the positives, and a hateful bunch of congressmen aligned against him, the president continues to accomplish great things, which only serves to cause those like Smith to become even more unhinged.

And what is it, exactly, that Liberals and these NeverTrumpers seem to have in common? Pure Political Madness.  First, they all screamed, ”Trumps hard rhetoric towards Kim Jon Un, calling him Rocket Man and saying our nuclear button works, etc…, is going to get us into a Nuclear War!!!!! Trump is losing against Kim Jon Un!!!!” Now they’re screaming, ”Trump is being too nice to Kim Jon Un, he ended the military drills!!!! Oh my God!!!! Trump is losing to Kim Jon Un!”

Besides suffering from this political Madness, those who are proud to call themselves Liberals also have some sort of mental disorder that causes them to believe, and they truly do believe, that you can identify as any sex, any race, any ethnicity, Hell, that you can even identify as a hippopotamus on any given day and be something else tomorrow, but by God, don’t wear a Chinese dress to the Prom or you are a racist and a cultural appropriationist.  Can’t you Liberals see just how truly mental that is?

Smith is just one of the many reasons that I cut back on how much I watch FOX. I don’t know all the details of this deal and anyone who claims they do is a liar. If Smith said this deal needs time to come to fruition before we give Trump credit, I would agree, but he’s like the rest of the leftists, bash President Trump at all costs.  If Trump cured cancer tomorrow, he and the rest of the left would first claim he didn’t do it. Then they would say well, maybe he did, but the cure takes too long.

Then they would simply claim it was actually Barry ‘O’ who had actually cured the deadly disease and that President Trump had had nothing whatsoever to do with it. Here is what I do know about this deal. President Trump led from the front not the rear.  There were no plane load of cash used to buy his acceptance of the deal, but the left will never give credit where credit is due.  What we’ve got to remember is that the Left does not want the same things that the rest of us do.

Those on the left have openly expressed their disgust at American values and their love of, and respect for, Socialism/Communism.  They have openly wished for all kinds of hardships to befall the American public, so they can then blame it on their political opponents.  Our State-controlled media no longer employs reporters, not even pundits who express their own opinions, but pure propagandists. I doubt if Smith, or any of them in the media have the spine to be real, bona fide, journalists.



Have you ever noticed how it’s always those on left, in their effort to portray themselves as being the only truly civilized ones, always seek to underscore their nonsensical arguments by claiming that because of their willingness to speak out they are frequently made to be the target of death threats, and that these supposed death threats ALWAYS come from those of us on the right?  But oddly enough it’s more often than not that it’s just a short time later that word leaks out that the supposed victim is actually the perpetrator.  And rarely do such revelations make it into the headlines.  So it becomes much the same as the little boy who cried wolf.  More often than not these mythical death threats are nothing more than theatrics thrown in to make the story more ‘compelling’.  Such nonsense only serves to further reduce the credibility of those making the claims.  And it is in that department that most in the media are already sorely lacking.

Why I mention this is because ‘Fox News’ host Eboni K. Williams is now claiming to have received death threats after she criticized President Trump.  Williams harshly criticized Trump on Monday for his response to the violence in Charlottesville over the weekend, which she said was too soft on white nationalists.  Following that segment, Williams told Variety Magazine on Wednesday her inbox was inundated with death threats from people furious with her criticisms of the president.  Williams said the comments included things like: “I should meet my maker soon, I shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets of New York.”  I’d be willing to bet that before long we’ll be finding out that either no death threats were ever actually made, or they came from Ms. Williams herself.  Either way, it’s likely nothing more than an attempt on her part to garner some sympathy for herself!  However, she is deserving of none.

My problem with Ms. Williams is that she harshly attacked Trump, when he was very clear that he did NOT support David Duke and his ilk.  However, she made no mention whatsoever of the BLM and especially the very vicious Antifa group, that showed up with ball bats and helmets.  This is the same vicious group that beat up Trump supporters who went to his rallies during the campaign.  I rarely if ever watch her, and there’s a reason for that.  And like so many on the left she typically does little more than to spew, ad nauseam, the Democrat Party talking points.  She’s becomes just one of the many reasons that I watch very little Fox News these days.  The network seems to be quite determined in its effort to become little more than a clone of the Crappy News Network (CNN) or MS’LSD’.  They’ve become nothing more than another bunch of NeverTrumpers and as such they’ve all become rather tiresome.

Maybe I’m just becoming cynical in my old age, because I’ve now gotten to the point where I take most things that I hear from those in the media with a rather sizable grain of salt.  I’ve spent the last seven months watching as President Trump has tried to make good on those things that got him elected only to see those in the state-controlled media, like Ms. Williams, as well as the many NeverTrumpers from within the president’s own party, do everything they could in their continuing effort to make that all but impossible.  The news media today has been reduced to little more than a bad SNL skit, and has become much less about presenting the ‘news’ and more about spewing pure leftwing propaganda or ‘fake news’.   Add to that how we’re now forced to contend with the many RINOs we have in Congress, those who are little more than eunuchs who would rather switch than fight, and it’s all become rather frustrating to say the least.



Well I’m quite sure that President Trump was very much relieved to hear that old Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera, has now finally withdrawn his opposition to the building of a wall along our southern border.  It was Wednesday during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” that Rivers made the announcement that he was officially withdrawing his opposition to a border wall.  Rivers, who has had more than a few heated dust-ups on O’Reilly’s show during the past decade, or so, especially on the issue of immigration, acknowledged that elections have consequences, therefore he doesn’t oppose the wall, despite thinking it would be a waste of money.  Rivers said, “I’m going to shock you. I am withdrawing my opposition to the wall.”  And then proceeded to say, “No, listen, elections have consequences. This was his signature issue, and if the people want the wall, which I think is a waste of money.”

“Geraldo is down with the wall now,” O’Reilly replied. “And you know, I think you should have a piece full wall … sponsored by Geraldo. You could have your picture there.”  And it was in making it clear that he is far from an enthusiastic supporter of the wall, Jerry was quick to throw in his little disclaimer saying, “You’re going to have a $25-billion wall and a $25 ladder and the ladder will triumph.”  Any time I happen to be watching Fox News, which is nowhere near as often as it used to be, and someone sees fit to trot out Rivers for his take on whatever issue it is that’s being discussed, I either hit the ‘mute button’ until he’s through talking, or the ‘last channel’ button and wait five minutes before hitting it again.  And it’s not so much that I disagree with him, which I typically do, it’s just that he’s such an egomaniac and blowhard.  He rarely if ever makes any sense, and does little more than to spew the talking points of his leftist buddies.

These days the only shows I find worth watching on Fox are Hannity, although his ego does get in the way at times, and Tucker Carlson’s new show.  Nothing else is really worth my time.  These days I’m not sure who it is that I find the most annoying on the network: Old Jerry Rivers, Juan Williams or, the newly returned, Bob Beckel.  And since I can’t determine who bothers me the most, I don’t watch any of them.  And can anyone ever remember when Jerry was ever taken seriously?  And yet he’s a constant ‘contributor’ on Fox.  Whenever I see him the first words that come to mind are smarmy, sanctimonious, extremely creepy, hopelessly dumb, and unwatchable.  But enough about his good qualities.  No one cares about Jerry and the truth is he was against Trump from the start.  Therefore his position on any issue, be it the wall, immigration in general, abortion or anything else, should matter very little to any reasonably intelligent person.



Well it would seem that Fox News ‘Inquisitors’ were again in what was so very obvious, attack mode when it came to Donald Trump. From idiotic Chris Wallace and his equally idiotic slide show to Megyn Kelly and her flip-flop videos, Fox News came loaded for bear to what was less a debate and more of a political broadside attack on Donald Trump last night.  This was something that I would have expected to see on CNN or MSNBC, not on what’s supposed to be the ‘conservative alternative.’  I watched for about 30 or 40 minutes before turning to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

This time, they seemed to have vowed to one another that Trump simply would not be permitted to get away with vagaries about cutting waste and abuse.  This time, they vowed, he wouldn’t wriggle out of past contradictions like shedding past skins.  So compete with slide shows, loaded questions and attitude, they were going to get their man, one way or another.  So on a day when Trump spent much of his time beating back attacks from leaders of his own party’s establishment, starting with 2012 loser Mitt Romney, he walked straight into what the Fox moderators had waiting for him.

It was Chris Wallace who was first out of the gate.  And in what was, I guess, an effort to make ‘Daddy Mike’ proud as he looked up from beyond the Gates of Hell, that he said, “Your numbers don’t add up, sir,” after Trump went into a standard response about how he would cut waste and abuse from the Education Department and EPA to cover his tax plans.  But, with these three having planned a coordinated strike, Wallace was quick to produce a graphic, that he had standing at the ready, showing that cutting all of both agencies would barely trim the deficit, let alone pay for huge new tax cuts.

And when Trump pivoted to another topic– how the government loses money by not being able to negotiate lower prices with pharmaceutical companies, you could almost see Wallace salivating.  Because having already anticipated Trump’s move, and before Trump could even finish talking, Wallace already pulled up yet another equation.  Wallace said, “Let’s put up full screen number two.”  Then he added, “You say that Medicare could save $300 billion a year negotiating lower drug prices. But Medicare total only spends $78 billion a year on drugs. Sir, that’s the facts.”

Then came the highly anticipated return engagement between Trump and Ms. Megyn, who appeared to have had more than a little work done.  Kelly, as you may recall, was the anchor he repeatedly scorned for having taken him on in Fox’s first debate last summer by highlighting his comments about women over the years. Trump avoided confronting Kelly in January by skipping that month’s Fox News debate entirely.  This rematch proved to be more of a throwdown as Kelly seemed to dare Trump to go after her as she launched some of the toughest questions of the night his way.

Kelly said, “Mr. Trump, one of the things people love about you is they believe you tell it like it is. Time and time again in this campaign, you’ve actually told the voters one thing only to reverse yourself within weeks or even sometimes days.”  And as she did she proceeded to tee up three video clips of Trump changing his position on Afghanistan, Syrian refugees and whether George W. Bush lied about Iraq. She then asked, “How is any of this telling it like it is?”  And then added, “You change your tune on so many things, and that has some people saying, what is his core?”

For many of those watching, including myself, it was as though the ‘Fox Three’ had now chosen to officially take on the job of taking Trump down since none of the other candidates had managed to do so with any significant level of success. The moderators weren’t nearly as persistent with the other candidates as they were with Trump, a decision, I suppose you could argue, that seems justified by his standing as the likeliest nominee.  But since when is it the job of debate moderators to head up an attack on the frontrunner?  Sure, it’s Trump this time, but who might it be next time?

It was earlier in the week that Wallace, in explaining why certain candidates would get more questions than others, said, “I think we certainly take note of who are the candidates that seem to have a better chance of nomination as opposed to those who don’t.”  Wallace went on to say, “I think we went out of our way early on in the process to treat everyone as much the same as possible, but to be certain people at the center of stage will get more questions and will get more response to attacks.”  But what Trump was on the receiving end was an unusual level of hostility.

In addition to Wallace’s number crunching and Kelly’s flip-flop videos, the moderators also highlighted quotes from a court decision involving Trump University and showed an odd John Kasich campaign ad that questioned whether Trump and Vladimir Putin would team up to “make tyranny great again.”  Kasich chose not to take part in the Trump melee, choosing to avoid an attack on Trump which would invite a response.  When provided with an opportunity to join in he simply said, “I’m not biting.”  A fact that apparently went over well with various focus groups.

But the other two up there on the stage were only two eager to ‘bite’, chiming in, almost, as if on cue at every opportunity handed to them.  It just seemed all a bit too coordinated for me.  But I’m told that the hard hitting questions stopped for a while after Wallace, Kelly and the third moderator, Bret Baier, left the stage and the cameras turned to Bill O’Reilly for the immediate post-game interview with Trump. I wouldn’t know, I’m not crazy about O’Reilly either.  And by then I was likely watching as Ronan and Peter Quill duked it out over the ‘Infinity Stone.’

During the brief time I spent watching, I was trying to remember when it was that I last saw any of these ‘journalists’ go after a Democrat, or even an ‘Establishment Republican’, with the same level of intensity that they have continually gone after Trump.  And anyone watching who allowed these moderators to change their opinion of Trump simply fell right into the trap that was set for them.  And why should we believe these moderators and their pretty graphics any more than we should believe Trump?  I mean who came into this debate with the more obvious ulterior motive?

And finally, lest anyone gets the wrong impression here, and presumes me to be a Trump supporter, let me be very clear.  At this stage of the game I most certainly am not.  But I have become more than a little disappointed in my candidate in that he seems to be far too willing, once he gets on the debate stage, to become little more than a Fox News attack dog in their effort to rid the race of Trump.  But make no mistake, unlike so many others, should Trump be our nominee, I will vote for him against Hitlery.  Because staying away from this very crucial election makes no sense.



In what appears to be yet another attempt on the part of Fox News to torpedo the candidacy of Donald Trump, it was Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria Bartiromo,” that former president of Mexico Vicente Fox was provided with an opportunity to double down on his prior usage of profane language to say Mexico is not paying for a wall.  And, of course, he also took the opportunity to say that he believes that Trump should drop out of the presidential race, saying, “I would invite this guy to withdraw from the race and go back to his business.”

Senor Fox said, “I can tell you he doesn’t know a little bit about macro-economics, he doesn’t know about history, he doesn’t recognize what NAFTA is all about. This very solid partnership that we have built together, three economies Canada, United States and Mexico. And he should learn that Mexico buys from the United States over a half a billion U.S. dollars worth of trade. And this is what he should consider. Building a wall is stupid. It will go against your best interest.”  Say what? Go against whose best interest?  What the Hell is this idiot talking about?

And then in reacting to Trump saying the “the wall just got 10 feet taller” after Fox’s previous statement, Senor Fox said, “My reaction is it’s more stupid. I mean, that’s a wrong thought. Immigration should be handled in a different manner, that’s why we have a proposal, I feel, in Congress presented by Senator McCain long time ago, that solves and makes the case of migration positive for the United States and Mexico. It’s not attacking everybody, attacking the Mexicans, attacking the Muslims. attacking women, attacking migrants. that’s not the way to go.”

And then Senor Fox went on to say, “That chair for the president of the United States is so elegant, so full of power that only people with ability with intelligence and with compassion have sat in that chair and this guy is out of the world. He thinks that by building a wall, which is only a consequence of the fear he builds inside, he feels fear. Only those who feel fear build walls.”  Fox continued, “I would invite this guy to withdraw from the race and go back to his business and forget about what is a nation and what is the presidency of a nation.”

And it was to the shock of the host that Fox again said, “I am not gonna pay for that f*cking wall, I am not.”  But really, who really gives a flying f*ck what some ex-president of Mexico has to say?  And let’s face it, isn’t it really the drug cartels that run Mexico?  And here’s a better idea, maybe Senor Fox should retire to private life and shut the f*ck up.  He’s just another globalist saying the wall “won’t work” and “is stupid.” Nothing of substance. And with immigrants (legal and illegal) sending $120 BILLION back to Mexico just last year, it is any wonder Fox is concerned about ‘Trump’s Wall?’

I would think Senor Fox would be a bit more forthcoming with aggressive actions towards the Drug cartels that are killing his citizenry making it possible for further illegal activities.  But instead he focuses his attention and his rhetoric on ‘Trump’s Wall.”  Why, because Mexico’s number two source of income is the money being sent back to Mexico from those who, one way or another, come America. Build the wall and we can then watch Vinente Fox continue to sit in his third-world-shithole-of-a-country.  One more reason to get it built.  The sooner the better!

And about NAFTA, this fiasco was poorly conceived and is nothing but a magnet sucking resources and jobs from the U.S.  And in return we get drugs and illegal Mexican parasites and those taking work from Americans. Then consider the treatment of a US Marine in Mexico, not too long ago, for doing nothing more than getting lost. The wall that you will build, Senor Fox, will be the only way to save your economy and fix our relationship. You should consider what would happen to Mexico under a Trump Administration, because it will happen.

So what might we see next from the folks at Fox News?  So far they’ve given a platform to Mitt ‘The Loser’ Romney to do nothing more than to cast aspersions on Mr. Trump.  This after it was Trump who defended Romney when ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid made the same sort of claims against him.  And then they bring on Senor Fox to throw a few more stones at Trump.  What the folks there at Fox seem unable to comprehend is the fact that it’s this sort of stuff only serves to strengthen Trump’s support.  Fox is now seen by many as having now gone over to the ‘Dark Side.”