I think it’s pretty safe to say that were it not for the ‘miracle’ of videotape, there would be very little chance that we would ever come to know just how corrupt, dishonest and blatantly hypocritical many of our politicians truly are.  Their penchant for lying to us, and while looking us squarely in the eye, becomes all the more clear whenever it is that we can “go to the videotape!”  I’m sure we’ve all seen the many examples of their misconduct, which, obviously, would be far too numerous to try to list here.  But we certainly shouldn’t be all that surprised anymore.

And yet another, and most recent, example of this historical hypocrisy that has now come to light is one that originated back in 1993 when it was that a much less haggard looking Dianne Feinstein made the rather bold declaration that America could no longer afford to be Mexico’s welfare state, and that the U.S. should only accommodate legal immigrants.  And it was also back then that Ms. Feinstein acknowledged that Mexico does not provide its citizens the host of expensive entitlements available in the U.S.  But these days she sees things differently.

But it was back in 1993 that she said, “In Mexico, there is no welfare, there is no AFDC, there is no SSI, there is no Medicaid, there is no Social Security, there is no Medicare, and there is a 58 cent an hour minimum wage.”  And it was then that she was able to admit that the U.S. simply can’t afford to be Mexico’s welfare state.  She went on to say, “It is my view that, if we are going to have a North America Free Trade Agreement, that Mexico must do its share – because the day when America could be the welfare system for Mexico is gone. We simply can’t afford it.”

Feinstein said, “And, I think you’ve seen the figures, to state and local governments, of what the cost is. It’s over two billion dollars in California alone. And, I have those figures, if you want them, in specific, in my purse.”  America couldn’t even afford the then-two million illegal aliens in the country, Feinstein said 25 years ago, so the U.S. should solely focus on caring for people legally in the country.  She said, “And that’s why the issue is now joined with two million illegal immigrants.”  Which kind of makes one wonder what has changed since she uttered these words.

Anyway, Feinstein then went on to say, “It’s a competition for space. Whether the space is a job, the space is a home, a place in a classroom, it becomes a competition for space. This is a country that’s based on immigration. And we all know that.”  She said, “And yet, at times you become so overtaxed you have to concentrate on saying, ‘The people who should be here are those who come legally at this time.’”  And added, “And we’ve got to, for the time being, enforce our borders.”  And yet today enforcing our borders is the last thing that she wants to see happen.

Whenever a Democrat changes their position on an issue, especially an issue that can be viewed as being intensely political, we’re told that their position has somehow ‘evolved’.  Remember Barry’s views on gay marriage ‘evolved?  But when a Republican changes their position, the media always portrays them as liars.  Barry lied directly to the American people about his views on gay marriage in 2008, and then his position on the issue ‘evolved.’  Like all good Democrats their views depend upon what the various popularity polls are telling them that particular day.

Now being that it has been 25 long years since Ms. Feinstein was heard expressing her support for what can be described as commonsense immigration policy, I can’t help but wonder, now at the ripe old age of 84, if she can still remember ever uttering those words or if she has long ago forgotten that she ever did?  Because her position on the matter today is so far removed from what she was advocating for back in 1993.  But, I’m thinking the Democrat Party was in a far better place than what it finds itself in today.  Thus the need to move ever farther to the left.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that it’s all about pandering for votes, playing identity politics and choosing whichever “oppressed people” that are the cause of the week.  The Democrats (and unfortunately far too many Republicans are beginning to play the same game) have no actual core beliefs anymore, it’s only about what will get them the most votes in their drive to first gain and then to maintain political power as a party.  The need for term limits becomes more apparent with each new Congress.  While it wouldn’t solve all of our problems, it would certainly help.

Lastly, we do not owe anything to the Mexican/Latino people. They need to fix their own problems in their own country, not capitalize on how best to access our benefits by coming here illegally and instantly qualifying for all manner of ‘freebies’ the cost of which is left to the U.S. taxpayer to cover.  At the rate we’ve been going, under Barry’s “free handouts/DACA” system, America would have sunk like the Titanic in just a few years.  Hopefully, we now have a president who will follow through on the promises he made to fix the massive hole in our sinking ship.



Hitlery 16

The mind of a Democrat is something that is both truly unique and a bit baffling to behold.  Because it seems to allow a person to see themselves as being totally incapable of doing any wrong, while at the same time allowing them to think that they always have the absolute best solution to any problem no matter how complex that problem may be.  Which often makes them appear to the rest of as being more than a little delusional.  Liberalism has often times been described as being a mental disorder, and there is a mountain of evidence that would seem to indicate that that is in fact the case.  And there is really no one who makes for a better case study for such an argument than, Hitlery.

Because it is with Hitlery that we have been provided with someone who can only be described as being, at least, narcissistic and at most, terminally psychotic.  She accuses the Trump campaign, and even the candidate himself, of colluding with the Russians, and yet she has no problem whatsoever when it comes to being able to go on television, as she did this past Wednesday night, and defend her own campaign’s funding of the so-called Trump dossier, even though the allegations in the document remain almost entirely uncorroborated.  In an interview with Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show,” Hitlery noted that the dossier, commissioned by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, is “still being evaluated.”

And it was in speaking about this dossier, that Hitlery said, “It’s part of what happens in a campaign where you get information that may or may not be useful and you try to make sure that anything you put in the public arena is accurate.”  The dossier was written by former British spy Christopher Steele.  It was revealed last week that Hitlery campaign lawyer Marc Elias hired Fusion GPS on behalf of the campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) last April to investigate Trump.  Fusion hired Christopher Steele that June, and the ex-MI6 officer would go on to produce a research report now known as, “the dossier.”  Which was nothing more than a work of complete fiction.

And it was during her ‘interview’ with this boob Noah, that Hitlery made sure to mention how it was that Fusion GPS’s first client was a Republican donor who was very opposed Trump’s candidacy.  The ‘Washington Free Beacon’, a conservative website funded by Republican billionaire Paul Singer, recently came forward to identify itself as being Fusion’s first anti-Trump client.  The site hired Fusion in October 2015 and ended its research of Trump the following May.  And it should come as a surprise to no one that Hitlery failed to note that The Free Beacon had no involvement with the ‘dossier.’  But then since she’s lied so much in her life I doubt she even knows what the truth is anymore.

Hitlery said, “This was research started by a Republican donor during the Republican primary, and then when Trump got the nomination for the Republican Party, the people doing it came to my campaign lawyer and said, ‘Would you like us to continue it?’”  And it was in speaking about Mr. Elias that Hitlery said, “He said yes.  He’s an experienced lawyer. He knows what the law is. He knows what opposition research is.”  While Mr. Elias might know what the law is, it was Hitlery and her campaign that apparently chose not to bother with following that law even though they chose to pay this gentlemen, Mr. Elias, significant amounts of money to keep her abreast of what that law very clearly said.

And it was during the same little exchange between these two leftwing kooks that Hitlery also made sure to allow herself sufficient time to take the opportunity to criticize President Trump’s response to the recent terrorist attack in New York City by saying the president shouldn’t “point fingers,” or set people against each other and argued Trump “doesn’t have any empathy.”  Hitlery said, “Well, it’s so disappointing, Trevor. Because, you know, I was a senator from New York on 9/11. I was with President Obama through a lot of difficult decisions as his secretary of state. I obviously, saw my husband responding to tragedies, attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing.”  Hitlery, the ‘Queen of Empathy.’

And of course she went on to say, “And what you want in a president is what I think the three men I just mentioned delivered, and that is trying to bring the country together, talk about what happened with the event that they are concerned about, but not to point fingers, not to scapegoat, not to try to set Americans against each other. And, unfortunately, that just is not part of the job that our current president accepts or is willing to perform. You know, of course he can have his own point of view and push his policies. That goes with the job. But not to continue to divide Americans against each other. So, he just doesn’t have any empathy.”  So I ask you, who’s more divisive than Hitlery?

And then Hitlery said, “And you can disagree with somebody over all kinds of partisan issues, but you want to have a president who can try to put himself into the shoes, the feelings of somebody else. And he has not been able to do that.”  Oh I don’t know, President Trump has been made to face those whose lives were forever changed by hurricanes as well as the family members of those who died at the hand of a madman, and has displayed far more empathy than I would have ever expected to see from Hitlery, had she been placed in similar situations.  How empathetic was Hitlery when she looked the family members of those men whom she allowed to be murdered in Benghazi in the eye, and lied?

Hitlery has repeatedly demonstrated that she is totally incapable of accepting responsibility for anything as she continues to live in denial, admits to wanting to make voodoo dolls of those critical of her, thinks so little of woman that she expected them to vote for her due to matching genders, thought “1984” was about trusting leaders, went around telling people she was shot at, complained Lauer asked her a hard question, etc.  She is the typical power hungry liberal who is part of the 1%, supports crony capitalism, is a lying a rape enabler, and is someone who is all about creating less choices, less freedoms, while demanding more in taxes, and claims to have spent 30 years in “public service”.

Actually she’s spent 30 years mired in one scandal after another!  And it’s the clueless liberal masses who don’t even realize what they’re doing when they choose to not only empower those who do nothing more than to propagate all manner corruption in their attempt to advance their own unique brand of tyranny, but also when they choose to defend doing so along the way.  But don’t worry, your freedoms will remain secure with the liars, reprobates and cheaters you elect to be charge.  NOT!  They choose to believe whatever it is that Hitlery, and those like her, choose to tell them.  They take being gullible and naïve to a whole new level.  And sadly, by doing so they place the rest of in jeopardy.

But then, I suppose we can’t really blame the old girl for being a little unhinged.  After all, her life has been one traumatic occurrence after another.  She has a husband who cheats on her habitually and yet she is so consumed with political ‘ambition’ that she does all that she can to defend him.  She got snookered into the Whitewater deal, and wasn’t able to fully recollect the details.  She had to land in a helicopter in a war zone while imaginary bullets were flying around her head, again so traumatized she forgot all the details.  She brought a reset button to Russia and ended up looking like an absolute buffoon, but we all know that some aide must have tricked her into that stunt.

Also, she helped to steer the Uranium One deal to her Russian friends in order to make up for her embarrassing reset button faux pas, but ‘forgot’ that the Russians had given her husband $500,000 for speaking to them about nothing.  Then she was somehow bamboozled into using a private server, because she doesn’t know anything about technology, which is why she carried three devices, because she was confused.  She was so confused about what happened in Benghazi she orchestrated the arrest of some poor shlub who created one of the cheesiest videos ever and proceeded to tell everyone that it was the sole cause of what happened.  And she was seen as being the best candidate the Democrats had for president in 2016.

And then it was when she was confronted by Congress that she got so emotionally distraught that she just blurted out, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” forgetting that she was the one in charge and it was an investigation.  She always seems confused and claims to live under the constant threat of some “vast right wing conspiracy” who, after all these years, is either non-existent or the most inept conspiracy group ever.  So you see, it really can’t be her fault, just ask her.  Sadly, unless and until the Clinton’s and their equally corrupt “friends in high places” are fully exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, America will continue to rot from within.

All of which, at least from where I’m standing, begs the question, where the Hell is Attorney General Jeff Sessions?  Or for that matter, where the Hell is FBI Director, Chris Wray?  Are we simply to assume that they too are members of ‘The Swamp’ as well?  Nothing else makes any sense.  It’s now become painfully obvious, and a little more so with each passing day, that what we seem to have here is those involved in the Trump campaign now being investigated, and indicted, after being accused of doing exactly what it was that Hitlery & Co. were so obviously involved throughout the entire 2016 campaign.  It’s just all so very bizarre and more than just a little frustrating, as well as disconcerting.


Wilson 6

Yes, I know I said that I was through talking about this racist bitch.  That the horse had officially been pronounced as dead.  But that was before she insisted upon breathing new life into said dead horse, yet again.  And it was also before she chose to once again shoot off her big mouth this past Sunday, this time on MS(LSD)’s “AM Joy.”  It was then, while discussing with the show’s blatantly racist host Joy-Ann Reid the disputed phone call President Donald Trump made to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow, that Wilson said General John Kelly owed her an apology for his “character assassination.”  You see, in making what was seen by many as being the most appropriate analogy in discussing Wilson, the General said that is always empty barrels that make the most noise.  And if Wilson is anything, it’s an empty barrel.  And I’m more than a little confused about why it is that she views the General’s statement as “character assassination.”

Wilson said, “John Kelly is almost —I guess you could say he was a puppet of the president and what he was trying to do was divert the attention away from the president on to me, and he basically just lied on me. I don’t appreciate people lying on me. And that’s what he did. I have been in politics a long time, and most things don’t bother me, you know, it just rolls off my back. I have been lied on before, but the character assassination that he went through to call me out of my name, an empty barrel and all the work that I’ve done in this community —not only does he owe me an apology, but he owes an apology to the American people, because when he lied on me, he lied to them. I don’t think that is fair I think it is wrong.”  She added, “Yes, he does owe the American people an apology for lying on one of their congresswomen.”  It’s only someone who is so very clearly pathological could arrive at such a bizarre conclusion.

Now I will admit that I am not someone who is able to think quite like Ms. Wilson does, and for two very important reasons.  For one thing, I’m not black, but there are those days when I actually wish I was.  Think about it, if you’re black you’re not responsible for ANYTHING, least of all your bad behavior, you don’t need great grades to get into college, and once you do get a job it’s damn near impossible to fire you because of your boss’s fear of being called a racist.  Also you get to go on random shopping sprees every time some black thug gets himself shot by a white police officer, taking the opportunity to grab that fancy pair of sneakers or that flat screen television you’ve been admiring, all with basically no fear of being arrested even if they get your face on camera.  And for another thing, I’m not a Democrat.  Which is something I thank God for every single day.  Because most of those who proudly call themselves Democrats are dumb as bricks.

I tend to think that the Democrats may have not only opened up a real can of worms here, but they may have also proceeded to then kick over that can of worms.  Because it’s in having Ms. Wilson, and any number of other Democrats, serving as their rather stellar example, that the Democrats’ base has now seemed to have lost complete control of what few manners they may at one time actually possessed as well as whatever limited sense of protocol they may have once had.  For the Democrats to address the incivility and boorish actions from the elements within their own base would require them to take a hard and unpopular stand.  And as we all know, Democrat politicians are unlikely to do anything that might endanger their fragile cobbled together coalition of various voting blocs.  Maybe that’s why they keep doubling down on identity politics, because they’re too far gone. There is no way to put the genie back in the bottle.

It’s much the same sort of predicament that many of those in our state-controlled media now find themselves.  It would seem that they have now cast aside all manner of journalistic norms and have instead turned into full-blown liberal activists.  And things have now progressed so very far that I seriously doubt that there would be any possible way for them to ever get things turned back around.  Now I suppose, however unlikely, that they could all start being completely truthful and unbiased tomorrow, but even at that the vast majority of people still wouldn’t trust them to be telling the truth because they’ve been conditioned to believe that they’re being lied to.  Things have now progressed that far.  And they have no one to blame but themselves.  The media’s death spiral, that began decades ago, increased quite significantly back in 2007/8 in both speed and trajectory, and things have only gotten much worse since then.  But I digress.

In getting back to Ms. Wilson, I’d be dying to know if anyone else has noticed how it is that this congresswoman seems to have a rather difficult time when it comes to her being able to string enough words together to make both a complete and coherent statement, or to her being able to speak proper English.  How is that she is able to get away with speaking her own language?  I mean what exactly does the phase “lying on me?”, mean?  And what the hell does “call me out of my name” mean?  Where was it that she may have been educated?  And it would seem that in Ms. Wilson is yet another viable argument against Affirmative Action.  Or, does she speak in such a way in order to make herself appear more like her homies back in her district so they keep re-electing her?  Either way, while she may come across well to those in her district, it’s to millions of other Americans that she tends to come across as being little more than a cartoon character.

It continues to become increasingly difficult to take this clown seriously. But I can only guess that she must possess that which her constituents look for in a candidate.  And I’m also of the opinion that if there is anyone in need of having to apologize, it would be Ms. Wilson.  She should apologize to all of us for lying to America and inciting hatred for our President.  And I can’t help but wonder what happened to the giddy Congresswoman Wilson who, not long ago, was joyously celebrating her new “rock star” status after General Kelly’s smackdown.  I guess she finally realized how effective and incredibly revealing General Kelly’s truthful “empty barrel” comments about her really were.  No one should have to apologize for telling the truth. The truth often hurts those who work to avoid it most of their lives.  A battle between a seasoned dedicated patriot and an “empty barrel” is not a fair fight but it is a gratifying one to watch.

Look, let’s be very clear here, shall we.  At this point the only thing that General Kelly, the American people, and even the Black community owe Ms. Wilson is nothing more than a nice, safe padded cell somewhere.  This women is so transparent she makes me sick to my stomach.  Because it was while she was traipsing around bragging about being a ‘rock star’ that the young man who was supposed to be the focus of her outrage was being placed in the ground.  If that doesn’t prove the point that he was serving as little more than a prop to be used against the president, nothing will.  Because the color of his skin shouldn’t matter, the only thing that should matter is that he died in the defense of his country.  And keep in mind, that this clown was one of the 70 other Democrat clowns who chose to boycott President Trump’s inauguration.  Wilson, like so many others in her party, is nothing more than a hater, a hater to the extreme.



Wilson 5

Just one more thing about this belligerent, racist, piece of garbage, Frederica Wilson, and then I’m gonna stop talking about her and consider the horse to be officially dead.  That said, I do think that it’s high time to find out just how many of the American people support the rather demented perspective that the Democrat Party has on the truly important issues from national defense to illegal immigration to healthcare.  And I think the next election should be framed as being a referendum, of sorts, on where it is that the Democrat Party, and the Establishment Republicans, wish to take this country.  The 2018 election could very well turn out to be a defining moment for American politics, because it could very well determine what sort of future the American people want for their children and their children’s children.

And what I think would be the perfect representation of the Democrat Party is the smirking mug of one Frederica Wilson, who now claims to be a “rock star” because of her recent, and rather incendiary, attack on President Trump over a phone call made to the widow of a soldier killed on active duty.  This brainless liberal hack who is one of the more anti-military members of Congress now claims to have her panties in a bunch over what she says was a rude and callous phone call from the president.  This scumbag is nothing more than a political opportunist who couldn’t care less about this young man who lost his life, nor about the widow that has left behind.  And what does this latest trip into the bizarre by this walking/talking freakshow of a politician say about the people who voted for her?  Only that they must be as stupid as she is.

It was Miami’s 7News WSVN that reported how, during an interview on Thursday, Wilson responded to criticisms from the White House by stating that it’s “amazing” that she’s become important enough to be followed by the White House and will have to tell her kids “I’m a rock star now.”  According to 7News, Wilson responded to White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly’s criticisms of her by stating, “Let me tell you what my mother told me when I was little. She said, ‘The dog can bark at the moon all night long, but it doesn’t become an issue until the moon barks back.’”  The video of this piss-poor excuse for a human-being should be played over and over again in all manner of campaign ads between now and next November.  Because this is how disgusting Democrats, ALL Democrats, truly are.

Now you would think that somewhere along the line the Democrat Party would have embarked on a different path than many longtime Democrats, having moved much further to the left, but when I see the number of those still willing to vote for Democrat candidates, I do have to wonder.  Because it seems that no matter how outlandish, or how far to the left, the party becomes there are still those who will vote Democrat for no other reason than because they always have.  Are these people living under a rock?  The national debt now stands at over $20 Trillion and still there seems to be no interest in cutting back on the amount of money being spent.  But it’s anyone who advocates for spending cuts that is almost immediately attacked as being someone who wants to hurt minorities who ‘need’ government ‘assistance’.

If you pay close attention it’s in pretty short order that after a while you begin to notice that we have a pattern developing.  Because as time goes by we seem to see the same people crawling out from under their rock, with each one spewing the exact same drivel as they attack both President Trump and conservatives in general.  And once we tire of one, it’s very quickly that they’re replaced by another and the cycle repeats itself with a new face spewing the same old rhetoric.  You’ll notice that the more vocal critics tend to be black, and Democrat, and tend to migrate most often to MSNBC and CNN with exactly the same talking points and with exactly the same agenda.  And it is a list of the usual suspects that follows, those who willingly throw their fellow blacks under the bus in exchange for a little political power:

John Lewis

Elijah Cummings

James Clyburn

Al Green

Corey Booker

Keith Ellison

Hank Johnson

Kamala Harris

Sheila Jackson Lee

Gwen Moore

Marcia Fudge

Maxine Waters

And now this most recent idiot, Frederica Wilson

And you know, all of these people, besides being incredibly disingenuous, more than a little dishonest and just a tad bit creepy, are also incredibly corrupt individuals who are not the least bit afraid to use the color of their skin as their main bargaining chip in their continuing effort to get, and to keep, a place at the Democrat Party decision making table.  And while they seem quite content to be excluded from the actual decision making process, they are always willing to follow the orders they are given to go into the black community and to con black folks into believing that it’s still the Democrat Party that has their best interest at heart.  And it says a lot about both Wilson and her party that she could, and so casually, use the death of this soldier and his widow to do nothing more than to attack President Trump and Republicans.

To be perfectly honest, this truly is one very twisted woman.  And as much as she might want us all to think that she is somehow some great friend of those who serve in the military. She is, in reality, anything but.  Wilson has voted against anything and everything that can be said to be even remotely connected to our military.  She opposed a bill Expanding Benefits to the Families of Fallen Soldiers and she voted against a bill Protecting Whistleblowers within the VA.  Also, Wilson opposed the “Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act,” which prevented a government shutdown and provided funds for the U.S. military and the VA.  And these are but a few of the examples of just how hypocritical she is when it comes to our veterans, as well as those who are still serving on active duty

Let’s face it, Wilson is the perfect example of how it is that the Democrat Party of today has come to be comprised solely of those who are so consumed by hate that they have reduced themselves to the equivalent of someone who has no soul.  They hate the president, they hate those who voted for the president, they hate the country, they hate, hate, hate, and then they hate some more.  It’s what they do, it’s what gives them their purpose and yet it’s what they constantly accuse those of us on the right as being guilty of.  And how is that anyone, regardless of their skin color, ethnic background or social status can look within themselves and say yes, I can vote for someone who is a Democrat?  It’s absolutely mind-boggling!  Democrat politicians, as well as many the Republican Party, are no longer worthy of our votes.



Wilson 4

Have you ever noticed how selective the Democrats are when it comes to their willingness to actively support our military?  More often than not they view the military as being little more than a Petri Dish upon which they are quite comfortable with inflicting their many ‘progressive’ social experiments, for example the allowing of gays into the military, because they consider those who fight for our country as being their own personal guinea pigs.  Rarely, if ever, does any Democrat ever come to the defense of those in the military unless, of course, an opportunity has conveniently presented itself that will somehow allow said Democrat to score some cheap political points.

Which brings me to that racist-cowboy hat wearing-kook-of-a-scumbag Democrat, Frederica Wilson, who has essentially been on one of her classic ideological rants for the better part of the past week.  This past Wednesday during an episode of that proverbial little freakshow known as ABC’s “The View,” which consists of a rather bizarre group dedicated to the spewing of leftist garbage to be consumed by those braindead females who decide to tune in, it was while discussing the disputed phone call President Trump made to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow that Wilson put forth her theory that the deaths in Niger of four American special forces soldiers could well end up being “Mr. Trump’s Benghazi.”

Wilson said, “My purpose was not necessarily there to hear Mr. Trump’s verbiage to the wife. I want to know from Mr. Trump what happened to La David in Niger.  Why was he the last one found?  Why did it take 48 hours for them to discover him?  Why wasn’t the car an armored truck?  Why did he have weapons weaker than the terrorist’s weapons?  Why were they able to surround them and kill him?  This is going to be Mr. Trump’s Benghazi because I cannot get the answers.  Nobody can get the answers. Until we get those answers, it is his Benghazi, and this whole thing about what he said to the widow is a cover-up.”  A cover-up?  Does she realize how stupid she sounds?

Wilson claims she was listening on speakerphone to part of President Trump’s conversation with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, who was one of four American soldiers killed during a recent ambush in Niger.  She also made the claim that the president “didn’t even know” La David’s name, and she said President Trump told the widow that the young soldier must have known what he was signing up for when he joined the military, but that his death still hurts.  Wilson called it “sarcasm” and “insensitive” on Trump’s part, and she said Trump made the grieving widow cry.  Democrats like this moron, Wilson, are some of the most despicable people on the planet.  How many of such calls has she made?

And then, it was during her appearance on the “Conspiracy News Network’s” ‘New Day’ program, that this flaming kook said, “We want an investigation,” asking why La David apparently became separated from his unit that was in Niger for still unexplained reasons.  She said, “It doesn’t seem as if they had sufficient cover; it doesn’t seem they had sufficient vehicles, the appropriate armored cars. It seems as if they were outnumbered. It seems as if he was missing for 24 hours, but his transmitter was still beeping. And it seems as if they could have found him.”  I simply had no idea that someone as incredibly ignorant as Wilson could also be such a knowledgeable military tactician.

And of course she said, “This might wind up to be Mr. Trump’s Benghazi.”  And added, “So he needs to investigate this very, very closely, because I will be making sure that Congress does that.”  And whereas this corrupt imbecile had no interest, whatsoever, in investigating all that lead up to four Americans being murdered in Benghazi, she now seems more than a little eager to investigate what happened in Niger.  But then, the four men who were murdered in Benghazi were white and were left there to die by a black president, the one man who died while on patrol in Niger was black, and our president is white.  While every death is tragic, this racist bonehead seems unable to see the difference between these events.

Wilson said, “I see him (Trump) as Ned in the first-grader reader, trying to find something to do. And he has a lot to do,” Wilson said. “We are almost at war with North Korea, we’re dealing with Iran and he needs to learn from past presidents, like President Obama, and be presidential during times like this.”  And she went onto say,  “Someone needs to train him and teach him what to say. Maybe they can write a script for him, and he can just call and say, ‘You have my sympathy and I’m writing you a letter.’”  Now left’s be real here, if there is one thing that President Trump should never do, it’s to take any kind of advice from Obummer, he who was the worst U.S. president in modern history.

Wilson is nothing more than another one of those parasites who has never had what can be called a real job in her entire life.  She was first elected to the U.S. House in 2010. She previously served in the Florida state Senate from 2002-2010 and the state House of Representatives from 1998-2002.  So as we can see, she’s another waste of skin who has been living off the taxpayers for nearly 20 years.  And according to her House of Representatives website, she lists several issues of concern, including education, gun violence, health care, immigration and jobs.  She says she’s against “Republican efforts to change Medicare from an entitlement to a voucher program for individuals aged 54 and under.”

In reality Ms. Wilson is qualified to run little more than her big fat mouth, which does quite often.  She seems to enjoy repeating how she thinks that this will end up being President Trump’s Benghazi forgetting, I guess, that it was Obummer, and Hitlery, who simply turned their backs on those men, and were bothered very little by the fact that those four men were murdered.  You can’t compare President Trump to Obummer because all Obummer ever did was to focus on dragging our country down.  She needs to take that cowboy hat off, it must be squeezing her pea brain.  Trump has focused on putting the needs of the military ahead of other things.  Obummer always turned his back on those serving our country.

The entire Democrat Party, the state-controlled media and ‘the deep state’, all acting in concert, have now succeeded in bringing our nation to the brink of destruction. They have covered for their criminality for decades and will not lift a finger to investigate each other.  We the people can now see how totally corrupt the elitist leaders of our nation really are. They expected Hitlery to win the Presidency so they could continue their criminal ways and continue to support the dual justice system that they have created.  President Trump exposed the corruption, immorality and anarchy originating from the House, Senate and the corrupt departments that are loaded with deep state criminals.

Speaking as someone who spent 24 years in the Navy, I can honestly say that most people who’ve joined the military understand going in all of the risks involved, so if the President actually said that Sergeant Johnson knew the risks, then he was making an accurate statement.  I wouldn’t be offended if my wife or parents heard that should I have, somehow, been killed.  I certainly wouldn’t want my loved ones thinking I didn’t know the risks and stumbled into a deadly situation unknowingly.  I would want them to know I served with honor, fully understanding the risks.  The only thing we have to go on here, is an unhinged political hack’s account of what happened in a part of a conversation she overheard.

Several things come to mind when listening to this racist buffoon who very clearly belongs in a padded cell.  First of all, Wilson is obviously all hat and no cattle.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never had my congressman listen to my phone conversations on speaker phone!  This woman is nothing but Democrat hack trying to lift her political career out of obscurity.  What other reason was there be for her to listen on the woman’s speaker phone?  I’ll bet it was to practice the fine art of being perpetually offended and to make sure that everyone else is offended by, something, anything.  Did she just invite herself over so that she could try and make a name for herself in the media?

And how convenient that she happened to be in the house when the President called.  Offended?  Why, because she feels that the President could have said things in a better way?  I wonder if she has ever tried to make one of these gut wrenching phone calls herself?  Doubtful.  So the President of the United States takes the time to make a phone call to the soldier’s wife, and the best that this disgusting shill can do is to try and manufacture some supposed offense?  That’s the best she’s got?  And with all of the countless examples from history and literature in the world to draw inspiration from, the best example she can find to illustrate her point is ‘Ned from the First Grade Reader?’

Personally, it looks to me like the first grade may have been best eight years of Ms. Wilson’s life!  She’s just another hot head blaming Trump for breathing.  No President, including Obummer has been attacked so constantly, and so viciously, as has President Trump!  The Left has made it their mission to take this President down, simply because they lost an election!  Consequences be damned, their agenda and hurt feelings are all that matters.  These people not only hate Trump, they literally hate anyone and everyone who voted for him, and they hate America and its Constitution!  This is beyond being wrong, it’s sick, insane, and pathological behavior that has got to stop!




Democrats are a weird and, to be honest, a rather dangerous bunch.  They can sit idly by for eight long years, essentially sitting on their hands watching, as one of their own worked very hard to shred our Constitution and to “fundamentally transform” our country.  More was done to destroy our economy, bankrupt our country and to surrender America’s leadership position in the world than during the days of Jimmy Carter.  And yet they, quite literally, they have a cow when it comes to President Trump’s efforts to undo at least some of the damage done by his predecessor.

Which brings me to Brad Sherman, dipshit House Democrat from California, who said in a speech on the House floor, just this week, that President Donald Trump has “an uncontrollable person need to pour disgusting liquids on anything associated with President Obama.”  It was back in July, just six months after President Trump was officially sworn in, that this moron, Sherman, filed articles of impeachment against President Trump—that have gone nowhere in the House—and last week put out a press release entitled “The Case for Impeaching Donald J. Trump.”

In his speech on the House floor, which was televised on C-SPAN and reported in the Congressional Record, Sherman did not specify exactly which fluids he might have been speaking about, but the fact the he’s a Democrat, and we know how perverted they are, I suppose we can assume.  He made the remarks toward the end of a 30-minute long floor speech.  At that point in the speech, Sherman was giving his views on why he believes the U.S. should not renounce the nuclear deal that ex-president Obummer made with Iran, but should impose tough sanctions on Iran.

Sherman said, “Now, there is one part of the policy I put forward that may not meet the psychological needs of the President of the United States, for he has shown an uncontrollable personal need to pour disgusting liquids on anything associated with President Obama.” He said, “And maybe it meets his psychological needs to say he is renouncing the nuclear deal.”  And added, “But the fact is we don’t have to renounce the nuclear deal and liberate Iran from its obligations in order to impose the toughest imaginable sanctions on this regime that is doing so much evil.”

To be honest here, the only real purpose of Sherman’s speech given from there on the House floor was to vilify, and in typical leftwing terms, President Trump for wanting to fix the legal, social, and healthcare aberration laughingly referred to as Obamacare.  The nation laughs at this imbecilic clown from California.  Subversive members of Congress like this leftist boob are doing little more than to feed and to guide those groups Antifa and BLM that are really nothing more than leftist terror organizations.  They are the voice for the vile anti-Americanism infecting our country.

And sadly, even with California being the cesspool that it has become, both fiscally and morally, I have no doubt that this moron will be returned to office by his homies no matter how outrageous his statements.  He exemplifies the degeneration of the terrorist group formerly known as the Democrat Party, a party that has now been reduced to a few safe seats within walking distance of faculty lounges, gay bars, welfare offices and mosques. The rest of the country needs to put the party of Resistance, Revolution and Rape where the Constitution don’t shine in 2018.

And apparently those like Sherman, of which there are many in his party, have learned nothing from the countless failures that have been produced by their party.  Or perhaps, even more frightening, is that they don’t view their failures, as failures t all but, instead, as progress.  They support the if-it-feels-good-do-it and inconsequential lifestyle that resulted in the far left today.  Call me conservative if you want, but Democrats are a failed group and so are their constituents.  They are blinded, and willfully so.  And there are none so blind as those who will not see.




It is once again that we have been provided with what is yet another perfect definition of hypocrisy by a Democrat who, as difficult as this may be to believe, recently saw fit to lecture our Vice President on the topic of fiscal responsibility.  This after not so much as uttering a peep for the last eight years as a Democrat president took it upon himself to essentially double our national debt.  Democrats have a funny habit of only getting stingy about spending public funds in two very specific circumstances: military spending, and anything perceived to be politically beneficial to Republicans. The latter cause, seems to have turned California Democrat Adam Schiff into a fiscal conservative.  I know, right?  Sure didn’t see that coming!  You?

As most of you are likely aware, yesterday Vice President Pence chose to leave a football game where we had players who thought it a good idea to disrespect our flag.  He later tweeted: “I left today’s Colts game because @POTUS and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem.”  To which Adam ‘Crazy Eyes’ Schiff responded, also via Twitter, “After all the scandals involving unnecessarily expensive travel by cabinet secretaries, how much taxpayer money was wasted on this stunt?”  After Pence tweeted about leaving the game, President Trump then tweeted that he had asked him to leave if any players chose to protest.  More 49ers have protested than any other players for any other team in the league.

Look, Schiff and those like him are hopeless.  I mean if they truly do hate America as much as they seem to, and it’s such a horrible place for them to have to live, they should have the balls to just pack up and leave.  No one is stopping them, least of all me, and with a U.S. passport they can go pretty much anywhere on the planet without a problem.  I mean the list of socialist ‘paradises’ to which they could go is limitless and they could go to any of these ‘utopias’ and live happily ever after.  Of course, the definition of ‘happily ever after’ in any of these countries would be about two seconds after you make any kind of derogatory remark about one of their ‘great’ leaders or perhaps take a knee while they’re playing the national anthem.

It would be a little easier to take Schiff seriously if perhaps he was complaining about how, for the last 20 years, the American public has spent more than $7 Billion dollars to build or renovate NFL stadiums, taking on 46 percent of the total costs of those projects, and how it is that the owners and players end up keeping 100 percent of the profits they make courtesy of their taxpayer subsidized structures.  Yet instead, we have this moron doing nothing more than trying to turn the tables with another “well the Republicans do it too” scenario.  In effect he’s admitting that, yes, we Democrats are completely over-the-top with our spending habits, but if we can find an instance where we can claim Republicans are too, then that makes it all okay!

As far as I’m concerned, wasteful government spending isn’t acceptable when done by either party.  It’s just that the Democrats have made it THE fundamental feature of all of their policies and have developed it into somewhat of an art form.  And stunt or not, which it most assuredly was not, Trump and Pence took a tactic out of the Democrat handbook and threw it right back into their faces, but for a noble and just cause.  And it’s working.  NFL ratings have continued to plummet and yet we still have these overpaid punks, albeit a few less than there was when this insanity began, doing their best to somehow justify their pathetically juvenile behavior while being provided with some level of support by Democrats like this moron Schiff.

Here’s a question, how much money has been wasted by Schiff and his fellow Democrats on the many investigations that they remain determined to keep going, with no justification?  How much money is Mueller and his cabal of Democrat lawyers spending in desperation to find something that can then be used to embarrass the president?  And all in an effort to somehow justify the fact that Hitlery didn’t lose the election because she was a horrible candidate, she lost because she was somehow cheated out of her chance of becoming the nation’s first female president.  Let’s face it, Schiff is a scumbag of the highest order.  Nothing more than a treasonous snake, who hates America and her people.  You have been exposed again, Mr. Schiff.

I have to tell you, Mr. Schiff, you are just too, too funny!  A Democrat pretending to be concerned with governmental spending?  Let’s face it, coming across a Democrat who’s actually concerned about the spending of taxpayer money would be like coming across a Bigfoot.  It’s just not going to happen.  So you can make all the noise you wish but as a Democrat, as well as someone who represents a district in the most fiscally screwed up state in the nation, you really have no credibility on the subject.  I mean, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take people like Schiff seriously, regardless of the issue that’s being ‘discussed’.  We have a bunch of multi-millionaires disrespecting our country and our flag, and the left sees it as being no big deal.

You see, where once upon a time love of country, and support for the military were sentiments that could easily be found among those who called themselves Democrats, as those folks died off, they were apparently replaced by those who have nothing but contempt for their country as well as for those who volunteer to fight for it.  And whether we’re talking about scumbag politicians, brain-dead entertainers or athletes who have obviously taken one too many shots to the head, most seem to be cut from the same unpatriotic cloth.  And what’s ironic is that had any of these people so determined to run down their country been born in any other country, the chances of their being able to acquire the level of wealth that they have, is beyond remote.