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Ok, so it has now been 490 days since our last presidential election and yet we find Hitlery still bitterly angry, still acutely hateful, and still exceedingly vengeful as evidenced by her recently lashing out at those red-state Americans over her self-inflicted and humiliating epic election loss for the ages where America totally and completely rejected her, and chose, instead, to embrace a fed up businessman with a truckload of moxie and zero political IOU’s.  It’s all become so completely bizarre.

I’m sure most have heard by now how it was that Hitlery gave a little talk over in India this past weekend, during which she made some rather hateful accusations regarding those who dared to vote for Donald Trump.  She claimed that less sophisticated and diverse red state voters were drawn to Trump’s anti-immigrant “looking backwards” realty TV campaign. She said, “You know, if people were looking for the reality TV campaign, maybe I should have given them more entrainment.”

She went on to say, “You know, I’m the mother who says eat your spinach so you grow up strong and somebody else is saying eat all the fast food and ice cream you can possibly stick in your mouth. And all of a sudden I’m thinking wait a minute, maybe I’m running a campaign like all the other campaigns I have been a part of and he is doing something entirely different, which is this reality TV campaign. Fascinating and it’s something that will come to a democracy near you at some point.”

And it was from there that Hitlery continued with her sophomoric assault on those folks who chose Trump over her, saying, “And voters have to be prepared to say, ‘OK that was entertaining. Wow, couldn’t take my eyes off him, but what is he really going to do and what has he ever done that convinces me he could actually accomplish any of it?’ So it’s going to require a lot more—a much more sophisticated analysis by voters if this trend goes from our 2016 campaign.”

She continued, “If you remember, Trump started his campaign attacking immigrants because he knew that in many parts of the country—and let me just hasten to add, in many parts of the country where there aren’t many immigrants—he was able to scapegoat immigrants. If you have problems like you are not happy with your job, you probably don’t think you have gotten enough advancement, you working for a woman now and you don’t like it—whatever the reason was, he stirred that up.”

And she went on to say, “And anti-immigrant feeling became so virulent thanks to his rhetoric that it was a big motivator in a lot of the votes in certain parts of the country.”  She added, “If you look at the map of the United States, there is all that red in the middle where Trump won. I won in the coasts, I won in Illinois, in Minnesota, places like that. But what the map doesn’t show you is that I won the places that represent two thirds of America’s gross domestic product.”

She said, “So I won the places that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward, and his whole campaign, Make America Great Again, was looking backwards. You know you didn’t like black people getting rights, you don’t like women getting jobs, you don’t want to see that Indian American succeeding more than you are. Whatever your problem is, I’m going to solve it.”  Actually she actually won places that are increasing radically leftwing and anti-America.

I can’t help but wonder how it is that Hitlery thinks such behavior will in any way convince those who voted for President Trump that they somehow made a mistake by doing so.  If nothing else, it should convince them that they made exactly the right decision.  And yet she insists upon going out of her way to bad-mouth those American citizens whose only ‘fault’ is that they were simply too smart to fall for her shtick.  And her claims ring increasingly hollow with each new President Trump success.

And I find it rather odd that the left, including Hitlery, can constantly accuse President Trump of decreasing America’s standing in the world when it was their hero Barry ‘O’ who was exceptionally adept at doing that very thing.  And these are the very same people who are constantly saying divisive and hateful things about those who disagree with them and about our country, over and over again, day in and day out, with those in our state-controlled media only too happy to repeat them.

The lady is nuts, there’s simply no other way to put it.  The main political opposition to blacks throughout the history of America has always been the Democrat Party.  And people, especially blacks, should be ashamed to belong to such a corrupt, divisive and and blatantly dishonest political party.  Who exactly would join a resurgent Nazi Party in Germany today, even if it claimed to be reformed?  And are people in India actually naive enough to believe Hitlery’s version of events regarding the 2016 election?

I’d like to ask her exactly what rights we conservatives are seeking to take away from black Americans.  It was a Republican who initially freed the slaves and today it’s another Republican who doing his best get them off the modern day plantation by creating REAL jobs for them.  Even with the Obummer as president unemployment for blacks skyrocketed.  Republicans want to see everyone succeed, whereas Democrats seek to keep as many people as possible, especially blacks, addicted to government.

What Hitlery continues to be unable to come to grips with are the many reasons why it was that she was not elected and the fact that none of those reason had anything to do with those Americans whom she seems to have such disdain for.  Unless, of course, you consider the fact that they were much better able than she at recognizing the fact, despite the many claims from those on her side, that she was nowhere near being the most qualified candidate ever to run for president.  Because instead she:

(1) is a compulsive liar who even lied to the families of those who lost loved ones at Benghazi knowing that she did nothing to rescue them.

(2) was under threat of indictment (and should have been indicted) for serious violations of federal law involving mishandling of Top Secret classified information.

(3) essentially rigged the Democrat primaries so only she could get nominated.

(4) was responsible the most ineptly run campaign in political history, thinking all she had to do was show up and she would be elected.

(5) offered no vision for the country and no new policies promising only to continue the failed policies of Barry ‘O’.

(6) claimed to be a champion for women but her only accomplishment was to successfully defend a guilty rapist and attack the character of women who accused her pervert husband of sexual harassment.

(7) never accepts responsibility for any mistakes,

(8) insulted, and continues to insult, the voting public with baseless slurs.

(9) is a corrupt, arrogant, condescending person who is more interested in power than in helping people.

Hitlery and her fellow Democrats love to tout how she won the ‘popular vote.’  But if you were to take away the welfare vote, I’m sure we would see that candidate Trump would have easily won nearly every state.  And then, of course, there are those sanctuary areas where illegals are free to do absolutely anything, even vote.  Even her blue states are mostly red.  And let’s not forget that it’s those red areas that Hitlery seems to hate so much that are where most of the producers reside.

It’s pretty clear how Hitlery feels about those Americans who live in the red states they’re “DEPLORABLE.”  And yet despite being handed the Democrat primary, handed all manner of free press coverage by the state-controlled media, being given a pass by both the FBI and the DOJ for her mishandling of classified documents, despite being HANDED EVERYTHING she still managed to lose an election that was supposed to be but a mere formality.  And that she lost is no one’s fault but her own.



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So it is then on this the first anniversary, give or take a day or two, of her second failed attempt at becoming President of the United States, I thought it would be rather fitting to review just a few of the many reasons for why she feels that it is not her who we find sitting in the Oval Office one year later, but instead we find Donald J. Trump.  Since losing the 2016 presidential election, Hitlery’s blame list for her loss has continued to grow and, to date, includes at least 27 sources responsible for her defeat.  And it is nowhere on this list that will you find her name.

Since trying to list all of her excuses here would consume the better part of my day and would likely fill up a dozen or more pages, I’ve decided to simply hit the ‘highlights’ regarding the list of people, groups, ideologies – and even those who thought she would win – that Hitlery blames for her failure to be elected president one year ago. The list that I’ll be working from was compiled by various media outlets, including the UK Daily Mail, the BBC, the Daily Wire and Breitbart News.  So what follows here is essentially a partial list of her many excuses:

James Comey – It was on the ‘Today’ show back on September 13 — her first interview since losing to Trump, that Hitlery said, “I was just dumbfounded.”  She went on to say, “I thought, what is he doing?  The investigation is closed. I knew there was no new information.  And then it became clear. This was not necessary.” And she added, “Absent that, I believe, and I think the evidence shows, I would have won.”

The FBI –  It was in her book, ‘What Happened’, that Hitlery wrote, “The FBI wasn’t the Federal Bureau of Ifs or Innuendoes.  Its job was to find out the facts.”  (Sidenote: I guess it’s only the ‘Bureau of Ifs’ when it’s about President Trump or some other Republican.)

Vlad Putin – Hitlery told USA Today, “There’s no doubt in my mind that Putin wanted me to lose and wanted Trump to win.”  And it was in December that the New York Times obtained audio that revealed Hitlery had said to donors: “Putin publicly blamed me for the outpouring of outrage by his own people, and that is the direct line between what he said back then and what he did in this election.”

The Russians – Hitlery has publicly blamed the Russians on numerous occasions, including the Codecon convention in May when she said that “1,000 Russian agents” had filled Facebook with “fake news.”  Hitlery also told NPR, “My path toward November was being disrupted with Russians.”

WikiLeaks – And it was in September that Hiltery told NPR, “Unfortunately, the Comey letter, aided to great measure by the Russian WikiLeaks, raised all those doubts again.”  And in her book ‘What Happened’, Hitlery said of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: “In my view, Assange is a hypocrite who deserves to be held accountable for his actions.”

Low information voters – It was also at the CodeCon convention that Hitlery said, “You put yourself in the position of a low information voter, and all of a sudden your Facebook feed, your Twitter account is saying, ‘Oh my gosh, Hillary Clinton is running a child trafficking operation in Washington with John Podesta.’”  I must admit that this excuse was more than a bit perplexing to me, especially when you stop and consider the fact that were it not for low information voters no Democrat would win ANY election, EVER.  Democrats prey on low information voters.

The Electoral College – And it was to Vox that Hitlery said, “We have an electoral college problem,” adding that she has called for its abolishment since 2000.

The Conservative media (aka the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy?) – Hitlery said that her campaign was hampered by the “dedicated propaganda channels” on the right.  She said, “That’s what I call Fox News.”  And she said, “It has outlets like Breitbart and crazy Infowars and things like that.”  Hitlery went on to say, “They have a mission.” And added, “They use the rights given to them under the First Amendment to advocate a set of policies that are in their interests, their commercial, corporate, religious interests.”

Anti-American Forces – And it was again at CodeCon that Hitlery said, “I think it’s important that we learn the real lessons from this last campaign because the forces that we are up against are not just interested in influencing our elections and our politics, they’re going after our economy, and they’re going after our unity as a nation.”

Everyone who predicted she would win – And it was also at the CodeCon convention that Hitlery said, “I was the victim of a very broad assumption that I was going to win.’

Polls – And it was again at CodeCon that she said, “I think polling is going to have to undergo some revisions in how they actually measure people.’

Green Party candidate Jill Stein – It was in her book that Hitlery wrote, “In each state, there were more than enough Stein voters to swing the result, just like Ralph Nader did in Florida and New Hampshire in 2000.”  And she said, “The best assessments as of right now are that the polling was not that inaccurate, but it was predominantly national polling and I won nationally.”

Ex-President Barry Obummer – And it was also in her book that Hitlery wrote, “No non-incumbent Democrat had run successfully to succeed another two-termer since Vice President Martin Van Buren won in 1836.”

White Women – Hitlery told Vox, “I believe absent Comey, I might’ve picked up one or two points among white women.”

Bernie Sanders – Hitlery wrote in her book, “His attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign.”  And she said, “I don’t know if that bothered Bernie or not.”

Misogyny or Sexism – It was the Crappy News Network’s Christine Amanpour at something called the ‘Women for Women International’ event in New York back in May who asked Hitlery if misogyny was to blame.  To which Hitlery responded by saying, “Yes, I do think it played a role.”  Hitlery went on to say, “I never said I was a perfect candidate, and I certainly have never said I ran perfect campaigns, but I don’t know who is or did.”  And she added, “And at some point it sort of bleeds into misogyny.”

Campaign Finance – And again it was while at CodeCon that Hitlery said, “You had Citizens United come to its full fruition.”  And she would go on to say, “So unaccountable money flowing in against me, against other Democrats, in a way that we hadn’t seen and then attached to this weaponized information war.”  So says the candidate on whose behalf roughly $2 Billion was spent to get her elected, and who was also able to raise over twice as much money as was her opponent.

The Media – Hitlery wrote in her book, “American journalists who eagerly and uncritically repeated whatever WikiLeaks dished out during the campaign could learn from the responsible way the French press handled the hack of Macron.”

Women who didn’t vote – And it is again in her book that Hitlery recounts a moment when a mother dragged her daughter by the arm to apologize for not voting.  She wrote, “I wanted to stare right in her eyes and say, ‘You didn’t vote?  How could you not vote?! You abdicated your responsibility as a citizen at the worst possible time!  And now you want me to make you feel better?’”  And in writing in her book about the protest march against President Trump that took place after his election, Hitlery wrote, “I couldn’t help but ask where those feelings of solidarity, outrage, and passion had been during the election,”

White Voters – And Hitlery told Vox, “White voters have been fleeing the Democratic party ever since Lyndon Johnson predicted they would.”  This too is a rather odd complaint for her to make in that there has been a very dedicated campaign underway on the part of the Democrat Party to bill itself as being the party of the non-whites.  The party has, for some time now, demonstrated a less than caring attitude when it comes to white Americans, almost as if it wishes to purge itself of white voters.  So should they really be blamed for not voting for a Democrat candidate?

So there you have it, an abbreviated list regarding the many excuses used thus far by she who is the most self-obsessed, egotistical, arrogant, white-loathing, man-hating despicable candidate, man or woman, to have ever run for the high office of President of the Unite States.  But that’s not to say that she won’t keep trying to remain, to one degree or another, politically relevant, or will try to insert herself into anything that will bring her into the limelight to greatest extent possible.  But I’m quite sure there will come a time when even Democrats tire of her.

Hitlery seems to take great pleasure in continuing to harp on the fact that she got more votes in the general election and therefore wants the Electoral College to be abolished.  Of course the only places she garnered the most votes were in those areas where there is an unusually high concentration of liberal parasites.  If she were to be shown a county-by-county electoral map she would see exactly just how unpopular she was in the VAST majority of the country.  Luckily for us, the framers of the Constitution foresaw just such a need and baked it into the Constitution.

And you know, you can measure a person very well by the way they are able to handle failure or defeat.  Hitlery has proven not only that she’s not fit for public office, but that she is not even worthy to walk among the people of the United States.  She has set a very poor example for young women to follow and I’m afraid she’s done the impossible, lowered the standard of behavior for politicians.  I thought Obummer dug that ditch as deep as someone could without the whole thing collapsing.  It would seem that while Obummer used a shovel while Hitlery used a backhoe.

Finally I would like to offer to Hitlery a little piece of friendly advice.  Please, for your own sake stop trying to convince us why you think you lost the election.  You’re only embarrassing yourself by reminding us of how it was that “the smartest woman in the world” was unable to defeat he who many of your supporters called an “orange-faced buffoon.”  And if you truly do need a reason for why you lost the election before finally being able to move on with your life, simply stand in front of the nearest mirror and slowly repeat, “It’s my fault, I ran a crappy campaign.”


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Has there ever been anyone who, after running for president and losing, continued to harp on that fact for 11 months, and counting, especially after experiencing what many have described as being the most humiliating defeat in modern political history?  Personally, if it were me I would go into a self-imposed exile instead of spending all of my time coming up with increasing idiotic excuses for why I lost?  Nor would I persist in demonstrating my refusal to accept defeat by doing nothing more than to carryon about what a terrible president the guy who defeated me has turned out to be.  I mean, why would anyone, especially someone who has been involved in politics for over 30 years want to keep reminding people about how it is that she managed to get beat by someone who had never before run for public office?  It seems to me that you’d want people to forget.

And so here we are, nearly a full year after the last presidential election, and still Hitlery is unable to accept the fact that she was actually defeated by Donald Trump.  She remains stubbornly unable move behind the fact that she lost to someone who was a total newcomer to the world of politics, and who no one thought had a chance of winning.  And it goes beyond simply accepting defeat.  She’s now resorted to making all manner of rather absurd accusations against the man responsible for her defeat.  Just this past Monday, at the University of California-Davis, failed Democrat presidential candidate Hitlery went so far as to describe President Trump as being nothing short of being “insidious and subversive to democracy.”  And I thought, what a coincidence!  “Insidious and subversive” are exactly how I’ve described the threat posed by Hitlery, and the left, to our Republic.

Hitlery said, “There is no such thing as an alternative fact. And despite the best efforts by some to wage war on truth, reason, and evidence we cannot let that happen.”  She continued by saying , “When leaders deny things we can see with our own eyes like the size of a crowd of an inauguration it is just frustrating to us that pride ourselves on living in a fact-based universe, it is insidious and subversive to democracy. And when they refuse to accept evidence on everything from the settled science of climate change, to what is actually being proposed — because all you have to do is read it — in their so-called tax reform it has real-world consequences that will only get worse.”  How about when a known sexual predator is accused of rape or inappropriate sexual advances involving a young woman, and all Hitlery does is to trash the women involved, is that not an “alternative fact?”

Anyway, Hitlery went on to say, “Just last week the Trump administration announced a new rule that would allow any employer or insurance company to refuse to cover contraception if they have a religious or moral objection. Now that just doesn’t undermine every woman’s right to make her own health decisions it flies in the face of medicine, science, and facts. Thanks to decades of hard work and investment in prevention American is now at a thirty year low of unintended pregnancy, a forty year low for teen pregnancy and the lowest abortion rate since Roe v Wade was decided. And no matter your political party or ideology that has something to do with access to birth control.”  She acts as if all forms of contraception were have suddenly become banned in the U.S.  She’s so transparently dishonest.  We know she’s lying as soon as she opens her mouth.

Hitlery once said something about the pointlessness of living in the past, that doing so prevented one from seeing opportunities in the present yet she has done nothing but relive the election for the past 11 months.  Oh well, I suppose if it keeps her stuck in what is nothing more than what has become a perpetual pity party it’s all the better for us.  But you have to think that she comes across as looking kind of desperate to most in the general public.  Americans, whatever their political leanings, tend to dislike those engaged in self-pity.  And in so doing, Hitlery continues to hand more and more ammunition to her opposition, which is fine with me.  I’ve always thought it odd how the left continues to claim that she’s so smart and experienced when it’s every time she that opens her mouth she proves that it’s just the complete opposite that’s true.  She lost because she ran a horrible campaign.

And I gotta tell you, any woman who actually chose to believe any of the garbage that Hitlery spewed during the last campaign, or continues to buy any of the excuses she has come up with in her effort to explain her ‘unexpected’ loss, I would argue, can be lumped together as little more than a bunch of uneducated and exceptionally gullible females.  Every woman has the right to access birth control, however, people who do not believe in it, should not have to be forced into paying for it.  If birth control is truly something women want, then they can add it into their budget, and purchase it.  It’s not that expensive.  And for those who can’t afford a few dollars for birth control, then perhaps they should re-think the whole notion of recreational sex and perhaps practice a little self-control/discipline.  Why should I be forced into subsidizing anyone’s desire to have sex?

And lastly I must admit that deep down inside that I hope Hitlery keeps on with her self-destructive, albeit rather pointless, desire to run down our president.  Please Hitlery, I beg you, keep on pushing his buttons.  I know you think you’re safe and remain confident that he won’t bother coming after you, even after promising to do so if elected.  But if the truth be told, once you hit his bad side there’s going to be no turning back, regardless of what dirt you think you may have on him.  And then he’ll crush you, and ‘Slick Willy’, like the bugs you are.  Because while he may not be the richest guy on the planet, he’s got more than you do, despite all your money-making little schemes.  So please keep it up, Hitlery, because I just bought me a big ol’ case of popcorn, a case of beer, and have the DVR all set to go so I can watch, and then re-watch, the ‘Hitlery Goes to Prison’ show.




So, the election was almost a year ago now, and the old girl has now come up with just about every excuse imaginable for why she lost an election that she, and her many braindead followers, thought she had pretty much in the bag.  And it is in her soon to be released ‘memoir’ that she is, apparently, able to come up with even MORE excuses in her attempt to justify how it was that someone like Donald J. Trump was able to beat “the most qualified person ever to run for President of the United States.”  Because that simply was never supposed to happen!

So we’ve been told that it is in this latest recording of the trials and tribulations of Hitlery that she proceeds to unload on Democrats which, as you can well imagine, is not sitting all that well with more than a few Democrat Party officials. Excerpts from Hitlery’s 2016 campaign memoir, “What Happened”, which is set to be released next week, show Hitlery venting her frustrations about working with some of the Democrat Party’s most powerful figures leading up to her eventual defeat by President Trump.  So still she seems to be totally incapable of accepting any blame.

It’s in one passage that Hitlery even went so far as to make the claim that former president Obummer put her in a “straight-jacket” when he told her to refrain from attacking her rival, Bernie Sanders, in the Democrat primary over fears that it would divide the Democrat Party heading into the general election.  And in yet another passage that she points out that didn’t particularly like it when former vice president ‘Slow Joe’ Biden told her that she did not adequately address how the Democrat Party would help our struggling middle class.  Democrats help the middle class?  Who knew?

Hitlery also took the opportunity to mock Sanders’ many policy proposals as being “pie-in-the-sky” endeavors and called his supporters sexist.  She also complained that Sanders’ attacks on her during the primary did “lasting damage” to her shot at winning the general election.  She even went so far as to actually accuse Sanders of aiding Trump.  Sanders responded to Hitlery’s criticism this past Wednesday by simply saying that Democrats need to “look forward, not backward.”  But there are others in the party who have not been quite so forgiving of her statements.

And apparently one of those less forgiving folks was a former Hitlery fundraiser, and surrogate who played an active role, of some sort, at the Democrat convention.  And it was this particular individual who expressed the opinion held by many within the party when they said, “The best thing she could do is disappear.”  And it was this same surrogate who went on to say, “She’s doing harm to all of us because of her own selfishness. Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the f— up and go away.”  So they’re just now realizing that Hitlery thinks only about herself?

Hitlery has blamed just about everyone possible for her 2016 election loss, including former FBI Director James Comey, the Russians, the press, Obummer, and the DNC.  But what remains to be seen in this book is whether she takes any responsibility at all for losing the election.  Look, we hated Crooked Hitlery, but we ALL love ‘Sore Loser Hitlery!  She’s the worst thing to ever happen to the Democrat Party, next to Obummer.  I’m guessing that Hitlery now sees her career as being pretty much over, and has decided to take the whole damn party down with her!

I absolutely love that Hitlery continues to beat a horse that has long since been dead.  Because in the process she’s alienating people, she’s driving a wedge between the now smaller, older version of the Democrat Party and the, now growing, new version of radical leftwing Democrat Party.  And calling Bernie’s supporters sexist, that’s classic.  You go girl!  You’re doing more damage to the Democrat Party than the entire conservative movement could ever do!  Every time she opens her mouth, she reminds us of “What Happened.”  America dodged a bullet, that’s what happened!

Insisting upon embarrassing herself we see in Hitlery a woman who completely lacks any integrity or self-respect, as well as any dignity.  So embarrassing herself is the least of her many problems!  She actually thinks that people still care about her and are interested in hearing what it is she has to say.  But as we heard earlier, even her own party wants her to just go away!  She is dumber than a box of rocks!  She is nothing more than a bitter and selfish old shrew, and this book proves it.  The more she tries to explain herself, the more there is to dislike.

From those excerpts we have thus far been treated to, it would seem that the general thesis that we can draw from her book is: “I would have won if I could control literally everything and everybody.  It would be for your own good too, and you wouldn’t have a choice.”  Then she goes on to blame everybody and everything that stood in her way of controlling everybody and everything.  A textbook model of a sociopathic narcissist with extensive insecurity issues!  She will never take responsibility for anything and the more she carries on like this, the more damage she does to her party!

And am I the only one wondering how it was that anyone on the Democrat side could have ever thought that it was in any way a good idea to push her as being their candidate in the first place?  Especially with the rather long and sleazy reputation of the Clintons going back over 25+ years.  And rather than face the fact they just might have made a mistake, they opted, instead, to try to destroy Trump by digging up all manner of dirt on him and, when that failed, to simply make up dirt.  Apparently that was preferred to actually having to admit that they had screwed up.

And by the way, the more we hear those ‘popular’ leftwing buzz words like “diversity” and “inclusive”, along with the ever popular “white supremacist”, “racist”, and, of course “Nazi”, along with all those comparisons to ‘Hitler’, the more it proves our point!  And then there’s the fact that the Democrat Party has now chosen to side with every Islamic extremist group and every black hate group because of their deep-seated hatred of and for ANYTHING American. The more violence and name calling they do, the more they show their true colors.

Come on Hitlery, do you really not know “What Happened?’  Seriously?  Well, and just for starters, how about the fact that you:

  1. Sold Russia 20% of America’s uranium deposits (used for Nuclear weapons).
  2. Used a private email server that you had put in your spare bathroom at your own home to do government business on, and also the Clinton Foundation.
  3. As Secretary of State had Gaddafi killed and Libya became a breeding ground for terrorists.
  4. Lied about sniper fire you received while in Bosnia.
  5. Lied about Benghazi and about what really happened there
  6. Had the nerve to put out the propaganda that is was all about a video.
  7. Lied to the parents of the deceased Americans and Ambassador saying it was caused by that fake video.
  8. Called half the nation deplorables.
  9. Destroyed 30,000 e-mails that were to be turned over to the FBI
  10. And your criminal friends destroyed cell phones and laptops with information that would have showed you were guilty as sin.

I can’t help but wonder if all those “I’m with Her” morons would ever vote for her again.  Especially after everything we’ve all seen and heard since the election?  They probably would, because when it comes to those who routinely vote for Democrats, rarely is it that they ever look at such things as a candidate’s honesty, character and integrity when determining who it is that they should vote for.  I mean, if that were the case would a Klansman have ever been elected, or for that matter a guy who got away with murder?  Or would a rapist have been elected president?




So the presidential election was held last November 8, and here we are rapidly approaching the 4th of July weekend and still we’re hearing excuses as to why she who was supposed to have won the election quite handily, actually ended up losing.  And it’s just when you thought you had heard every conceivable excuse imaginable, that one of the geniuses over at MS’LSD’ has come up with one that you would never have come up with on your own.  At least, speaking for myself, it’s never one that would have popped into my head, ever.  It was one of the ‘contributors’ at MS’LSD’, some loon by the name of Wendy Sherman, who said she believes that Hitlery may have lost the election because it was simply too hard for America to elect the first female president directly after electing the first black president.  But then being a vile, filthy, disgusting, lying, cheating, racist, rape enabling criminal married to a habitual rapist probably didn’t help her all that much either.

Sherman was on a panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival discussing modern political technology when she segued into the bizarre comment.  She said, “President Obama’s major mode of communication was the traditional one.”  And then she went on to say, “Big speeches, some of which were powerful and brilliant.”  She added, “And I hesitate to say, but I think it’s critical, looking out at our audience, looking out at most of us — that there is no doubt that we just had eight years of an African American president is not a factor in all that we are experiencing today.”  And she said, “When we make social change, when we make a decision to do something we have never done before, we then take two steps backward, at least. And I believe in my bones…that it was pretty hard to elect a woman after we elected the first African America president.”  Wow, that’s quite a theory she’s come up with.  Have you ever noticed how it’s the left that’s so preoccupied with gender and race?

And of course it’s those who are Hitlery’s more devoted followers who continue to make the claim that the Benghazi, email server, and Seth Rich ‘scandals’ were long ago thoroughly debunked.  And while maybe that’s the case for folks like Ms. Sherman, the truth is that none of those issues have been debunked.  They are, especially Seth Rich, still very much under investigation, including Benghazi!  Look, Hitlery lost because she had too many negatives, no positives, no solutions and no ideas.  These sad people simply refuse to admit that they had the worst possible candidate in modern electoral history.  If they had run almost anyone else they likely would have won.  It wasn’t the Russians or the deplorables, it was Hitlery.  She had no message, she is a lying crook with all the charisma of a USMC DI.  She allowed the consulate in Benghazi to be overrun and watched as four Americans, including our ambassador, died and yet she thought we still trusted her.

The Left in America simply can’t help themselves when it comes to identity politics. They refuse to look at results.  They refuse to see that Obummer oversaw a huge rise in Food Stamp participation, a doubling of our national debt, the lowest labor participation rate in over 40 years, wages that didn’t rise during his eight years, triple digit percentage increases in insurance premiums and deductibles, an open border policy that cost American lives, kow-towing to Moslem terrorists, apologizing for American exceptionalism, prioritizing non-citizens over citizens especially veterans and on and on.  The Left refuses to look at Obummer results and see failure so instead they have to blame race.  What many voters saw and understood was that Hitlery had every intention of continuing the failed policies that Obummer had put in place.  Her most important job, had she been elected, would be to put that final nail in the coffin of our Constitutional Republic.  Thankfully, she lost.

But I must admit that in one sense Ms. Sherman could be onto something.  A great many Americans did not like ex-president Obummer, but it wasn’t because of his race, it was because of his rabid ideology and the fact that he was blatantly anti-America, which he made quite clear even before he was elected by stating that if elected his intent was to “fundamentally transform” America.  And it was after watching Barry achieve some level of success in doing just that, that people chose to vote for President Trump.  And they did so not because of Hitlery’s gender or Barry’s race, what it came down to is the fact that there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between how both Hitlery and Barry viewed America.  Over the years it has become painfully obvious that neither are all that fond of America, at least as how it was conceived by ‘The Founders’.  So in a sense the electing of Barry may very well have had an adverse impact on the willingness of Americans to elect Hitlery.

And on a final note, I have long wished that those on our side, the Republican side, would play the political game a bit more like the Democrats play it.  And now that we have someone who does it’s become very apparent that the Democrats, their many minions in the state-controlled media, as well as more than a few of our wimpy RINOs, can’t quite handle it.  After all, they’re much more accustomed to watching our Republicans behave rather meekly as they simply sit there and take whatever it is that’s hurled at them with little or no response.  But now the Democrats find themselves in the position of being confronted by someone who does not just sit there and take it, he fights back.  And they don’t seem to be the least bit happy about it!  So as the president continues to fight back, we get to watch, with some level of enjoyment, as he continues to make liberal heads explode.  This is why many voted for him and why many will always support him.



Hitlery 12

And so it would seem that there is now a growing number of Democrats who are becoming more than a bit weary of Hitlery as their patience continues to wear a little thin when it comes to her litany of excuses for why she was unable to defeat a candidate that was supposed to be so easily dispatched.  And more than a few are becoming increasingly vocal when it comes to expressing their desire for her to step out of the limelight.  The consensus among former Hitlery aides, former Obummer aides, and Democrat strategists is that Hitlery’s remarks blaming the Democratic National Committee and others for her election loss are hurting both her image and the image of the Democrat Party.  When it comes to the image of the Democrat Party, Hitlery is far from the only one doing damage.  It was one longtime aide who recently said, “She’s apparently still really, really angry.  I mean, we all are. The election was stolen from her, and that’s how she feels.”  And this same aide went on to say, “But to go out there publicly again and again and talk about it?  And then blame the DNC? It’s not helpful to Democrats. It’s not helpful to the country, and I don’t think it’s helpful to her.”

Remember how it was back during the campaign when the Democrats and all those in the state-controlled media, were doing their damnedest to convince us all how it was that Hitlery was the greatest thing since sliced bread?  Well it would seem that the bread may have become more than just a bit moldy.  So word is that there are several Democrats who are reportedly encouraging the old girl to step out of the limelight. Which is ironic, really, since Americans representing 306 electoral votes, asked her to do just that last November.  They don’t catch on very quickly do they?  Apparently, they are only now coming to view Hitlery’s remarks blaming the DNC and others for her loss in November as damaging the image of the Democrat Party.  Actually, her excuses notwithstanding, she simply didn’t have enough loyalists able to steal it for her, like Obummer did, twice. That’s not the same thing as having the election stolen from her.  She just couldn’t get enough support to steal it from us, like her comrade. Hence, the absolute SHOCK she went through when she didn’t win. She truly thought she had it in the bag.  And that kind of confidence over something so important only comes from ‘knowing’ you’ll win, because you cheated.

Hitlery has now gone on-the-record blaming everyone from former FBI Director James Comey, to the Russians, the media, her primary and general election opponents, and even sexism for her election loss.  Some aides and strategists think the time has now come for her to retreat into the shadows and allow new ‘leaders’ in the party to step forward and into the spotlight.  In fact, it was a former Obummer aide who said, “If she is trying to come across as the leader of the angry movement of what happened in 2016, then she’s achieving it.”  And this same aide went on to say, “But part of the problem she had was she didn’t have a vision for the Democratic Party, and she needs to now take a break and let others come to the forefront.”  Despite those in the party calling on her to leave the public eye, Hitlery’s aides and advisers say she will likely remain in firmly in the public eye discussing the 2016 election as a way to promote her new book which will be released this fall.  Democrat strategist Jamal Simmons says that she should talk more about where she went wrong in the election as opposed to blaming others for her elections.  He said, “It would be nice to hear a little more about the things she did wrong, which I believe mattered more than what she has discussed.”

The time has long since passed for when both Hitlery and the Democrat Party should have been able to come to grips with the fact that the election was in no way stolen from them.  In truth I think the argument can be made that Hitlery and the party simply threw away any chance they had to win, by stubbornly choosing to allow psycho-sexual perverts into little girl’s bathrooms, the committing of numerous felonies that Hitlery was not charged with due to Lynch’s corruption, the secretly handing over of 400 Billion in cash to Iran, and enthusiastic embracing of the BLM thugs.  And all anyone had to do was to watch the rallies.  Trump would talk about defending our borders, the economy, job creating, and stopping ISIS for over an hour and 30 minutes, 3 states a day, 6 days a week.  Hitlery would have her half an hour speeches about nothing but what Trump said, how dare Trump say that, and can you believe what Trump said.  Nothing about policy, little about her plan to keep Americans safe, and no mention of ISIS or job creating.  And the only way she could come close to matching Trump’s rallies was to enlist her celebrity friends.  She was nothing but a political donor puppet.

When Obummer won the first time around, while I certainly didn’t like it, at the same time that I was neither surprised or shocked, and for any number of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that we had been stupid enough to nominate John McCain as our candidate.  But when Obummer won the second time I did feel a sickness in my stomach because after having watched him for the four years prior as he proved himself time and again to be nothing short of a disaster, I had hoped the American people would have had enough sense not to re-elect him.  But I was wrong.  Granted, once again we Republicans had managed to saddle ourselves with a less than stellar candidate in Mitt Romney, but even with that said, had Romney been a bit more aggressive, perhaps, dare I say, a bit more like Trump, I think he just might have been able to win.  And while I was less than thrilled by the outcome, I knew I had no option but to accept it.  And I certainly didn’t advocate for my favored candidate to form some sort of “resistance”, or for people to start taking to the streets calling for Obummer’s impeachment, despite the fact that it was easy to argue the point that he certainly deserved it.

In all of my 47 years as a registered voter I have never once seen the wisdom in voting for a Democrat and I feel quite confident in saying that I never will.  But to those who chose to come across the aisle and vote in support of America, I say thank you.  But then, like they say, even a crazy person will run out of a burning building.  And to those Democrats who had the courage to vote for candidate Trump, I say thank you for having principles and convictions to see through all of the garbage.  And to be able to recognize the fact that despite all their talk of tolerance and of being accepting and inclusive, Democrats are neither tolerant nor accepting.  They preach tolerance only of those things which they seek to force upon the rest of us and accept no differing opinion.  So this attempt to now try to distance themselves from Hitlery makes clear how it is that the Democrat Party has learned nothing from the stunning loss experienced by their candidate, because their problem goes much deeper than Hitlery.  And they shouldn’t count her leaving the spotlight until she’s ready to leave the spotlight.  And the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves, they alone are responsible for creating this political Frankenstein.



Hitlery 10

What is it, exactly, about Democrats from Al Gore to John Kerry-Heinz to Hitlery, that has them being so completely unable to comprehend why the American people simply did not want any of them as their president?  And then when after they have lost, the reason for that loss can ONLY be because their opponent was somehow able to cheat.  Now we all know that when it comes to political chicanery no one, and I mean no one, can hold a candle to the Democrats.  From the dead showing up and being allowed to vote, to ballots being found in the trunks of voting officials’ cars, over the years we have seen just about everything.

Which brings me to an increasingly bitter Hitlery who recently added yet another culprit to her apparently endless list of people and/or groups who she views as being responsible for her rather stunning 2016 election defeat.  That being, of course, the Democratic National Committee.  The failed presidential candidate, in a discussion Wednesday at the Code Conference in California, said that when she won the Democrat nomination she “inherited nothing” from the DNC.  She said, “I mean it was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. I had to inject money into it.”

She then went on to compare it to the Republican National Committee operation, which under then-RNC Chair Reince Priebus had bumped up its tech operation and had a multi-million dollar war chest behind it.  Hitlery went on to say, “So Trump becomes the nominee and he is basically handed this tried and true, effective foundation.”  Blaming the DNC marks an extension of the blame game in which Hitlery’s team engaged since within 24 hours of losing to President Trump in November.  And after all her railing against candidate Trump’s reluctance to accept the election outcome, who is it that has stubbornly refused to

Hitlery has repeatedly blamed FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the investigation into her private email server, as well as an alleged wide-ranging Russian-led conspiracy against her.  She has also blamed misogyny for her loss, as well as “voter suppression” in Wisconsin.  It was in a recent New York Magazine interview that Hitlery said, “I would have won had I not been subjected to the unprecedented attacks by [former FBI Director James] Comey and the Russians, aided and abetted by the suppression of the vote, particularly in Wisconsin.”  To say that she continues to live in denial would apparently be a gross understatement.

At the conference Wednesday, beyond the DNC, she repeated the Comey and Russia allegations, and also took an apparent swipe at voters — implying they weren’t interested in her “specific, costed plans” that allegedly were paid for.  She said, “I had this old-fashioned idea that it really mattered what I’d do as president.”  Well, it did really matter to many people what she’d do as president, that’s the primary reason she lost.  All we would have had, had Hitlery won, would have been a third Obama term, and millions of Americans understood that the country would never survive another four years that would likely resemble the last eight.

And when asked what her biggest mistake was in the campaign, she said it was her use of a private email server. However, she also accused what she called “the mainstream media” of covering her email scandal like Pearl Harbor and said that her email scandal was “a nothingburger.”  But she said it was exploited effectively and therefore she regrets doing it.  So she doesn’t regret the fact that our nation’s secrets were exposed to has now become, thanks to her, a rather lengthy list of enemies, only because it was able to be exploited during a political campaign.  That right there tells you all you need to know about Hitlery.

She also targeted what she referred as the ‘mainstream media’ for perhaps being too supportive, saying she was “a victim of the very broad assumption that I was going to win.”  Hitlery also blamed misogyny for her election defeat, saying of criticism of her: “At some point it bleeds into misogyny.”  She called it “maddening” that she is not able to get as angry publicly as male politicians.  One of the hosts seemed to notice Hitlery’s blame game, and remarked: “You seem as mad as ever.”  But Hitlery again could not bring herself to accept responsibility in any meaningful way, despite some of her clunky answers giving an insight into why she lost.

So I ask ask you, throughout the entire history of the United States, and in the entire history of world politics, has there ever been another person to go on and on about the myriad of reasons why they lost an election?  Especially seven months after the election?   It’s just all so pathetic, so Hitlery, and so very Democrat Party.  Accepting defeat with grace and dignity sure as Hell is not something that Democrat are able to do.  With each passing day with each new excuse and new claim of being a victim of “others”, she only serve to make a bigger ass of herself and looks even more pathetic. She is quite the piece of work. Thank God she lost.

And how is it that she can claim to have inherited “nothing”?  Really?  I guess that would be nothing except, you know, a nationwide (and often times, global) network of media companies and personalities, academics, A-list Hollywood and Music industry celebrities and other cultural movers and shakers promoting her 24/7, as well as ‘journalists’ meeting with her at quiet dinners against the ethics of their profession, as well as an Obama Administration lying to FISA courts to gain access to info on political opponents for political reasons.  I guess if you don’t count all if that then, yes, Hitlery did inherit absolutely nothing.

Is she also claiming that Bernie supporters weren’t organized and enthusiastic, that they weren’t actively campaigning for him or is that disclosure about DNC incompetence her way of admitting that the DNC was working against him and now she’s playing both sides?  Also, used “her own money?”  What did she think, that all those foreign plutocrats were just giving her money because they thought she was so, darned lovely?  No, those random chunks of cash were given to try to get her into power so they could use her to get whatever they wanted from the USA.  This woman has less introspective and self-awareness than a gnat.  My apologies to gnats.

So let’s recap the many reasons why Hitlery say she lost to Donald J. Trump:

1)  The DNC was broke.

2)  She wasn’t allowed to get mad.

3)  Her use of a private email server.

4)  The media talked about her server.

5)  The media supported her too much.

6)  Wisconsin requires an ID to vote.

7)  She got paid for speeches.

8)  Comey, Comey, Comey.

9)  Hacking of her server, which is new info.

10) Hacking of DNC by Russia, who were too dumb to use the info, so they called Kushner.

11) And the Russians…

Now she’s pointing her finger at the DNC itself, saying that they were near bankrupt and offered little if any help.  But isn’t this the same DNC that brazenly colluded with Hitlery’s campaign and the press?  The press which submitted stories that were either pro-Hitlery and/or anti-everyone else for proofing prior to being sent to press?  Isn’t this the same DNC that Debbie Wizzerman Shultz worked hand in hand with Hitlery to the detriment of Bernie Sanders?  Isn’t this the same DNC that was a well-tuned, well-oiled political machine throughout the eight years of Obummer?  Yet somehow it went from being a well-tuned and well-oiled machine to near bankruptcy?

Never has one person more responsible for her own defeat, been so reluctant to accept any blame and so quick to blame others for that defeat than Hitlery.  She had folks on the ground in traditionally Red states asking why they were there, and folks in traditionally Blue states asking where’s the help that we need?  Her campaign had no message for voters other than that they were bigots, racists, sexists, a homophobes, Islamaphobic, or a deplorable and that we just need to accept men dressing as women, women dressing as men and each in the other’s bathroom.  No wonder so many didn’t vote for her, no wonder at all.

Hitlery demonstrates every time she speaks about the election, that she has continued to learn nothing.  Did she get hacked?  Sure.  But she and the DNC are only crying foul over it because it was a hack against their party, her campaign.  Had it been the GOP and/or Trump who had been hacked I’m sure they’d be singing a very different tune.  Overseas forces and influences?  Well apparently it was okay when folks in Israel and select other middle-eastern countries helped Obama with calling Americans to get the vote out.  Sexism, misogyny, bigotry and whatever else.  We’ve heard it all before Hitlery, and we still don’t believe you.