Johnson 03

At the risk of repeating myself I feel compelled to once again point out just how ignorant that that clown from Georgia, Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson, really is. Hank recently referred to last week’s hearing in the House Judiciary Committee on Planned Parenthood as being a “show trial” examining edited videos, but then, like any true Democrat, he also admitted that he’s “not seen the edited videos.”

The committee hearing was entitled “Examining the Horrific Abortion Practices at the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider” and featured testimony from attorney James Bopp of National Right to Life regarding the series of undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress.  Once again it was Johnson who put on yet another display of what as become familiar as his rather unique level of stupidity.

There was an exchange between Mr. Bopp and Johnson that went like this:

Johnson asked Bopp: “You were not involved and you were not present at the time these videos were being shot, were you?”

Bopp replied, “No.”  After which Bopp asked Johnson, “You haven’t seen these videos in their unedited entirety, have you?”

Johnson responded, “No.”  And Johnson continued by saying, “You want this committee to accept your opinions about some edited videos that you – you – this is a show trial.”

Bopp replied, “I’m testifying based upon the videos.”

Hank then said, “So you’re not testifying on unedited videos, you’re testifying based on edited videos.”

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) asked Hank, “Just for my clarity, has the gentlemen seen all the unedited videos himself?”

“No, I have not,” Johnson replied as laughter can be heard in the room.

“But of course he’s still trashing them,” Bopp said.

“I’ve not even seen the edited videos,” Johnson added.

Ya know, to call this guy, Johnson, an imbecile is really an insult to imbeciles everywhere. But let’s face it, that he is the best that can be found in his entire district says a lot about the general intelligence of its population.  Obviously they haven’t spent much time looking for someone better, or maybe the fact that he’s black is cause enough to vote for him.  But they could most definitely do better for themselves than Hank and yet apparently have no desire to do so.