We have today, a group of individuals who continue to masquerade as something that they most definitely are not and, in all likelihood, really never have been. They are men and women, past and present, who have continued to cast themselves as being ardent defenders of our Constitution, as written, and have vowed to fight for all the freedoms it guarantees to the American people, if we agreed to vote for them. But the sad reality is that these very people are nothing but sinister infiltrators working for the other side. Their mission is to get themselves elected so they can then assist in creating a façade of bipartisanship regarding the ongoing effort to destroy America.  

And we were witness to that yet again, just this past Friday, when during another broadcast of CNN’s “At This Hour” we heard ex-senator Jeff Flake (RINO) urge the Republicans to “shun” the “conspiratorial fringe element of the party” if they want to have any hope of winning elections moving forward. Flake, who has long been vocal about his disdain for former President Trump, emphasized that Republicans should break from Trump, and his supporters like Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, and instead turn to someone like former House Speaker Paul Ryan. Speaking only for myself, Ryan nowhere near represents the best of the Republican Party.

Flake said, “I do believe … that most Republicans out there want to get back to a party that believes in ideas, the kind that Paul Ryan described. But that subset of a subset of Republican voters that vote in primaries in droves still, you know, when they talk about let’s move on away from this commission or away from all of this, what happened in the last election, we still have in Arizona a Republican Party doing a recount of the 2020 election.” Now speaking only for myself, after having watched Paul Ryan in action as Speaker, and Boehner before him, and how they were both such miserable failures, that is not the party I am in any hurry to return to.

And he went on to say, “So, too many Republicans don’t want to move on, and I would just ask people, I mean Republicans, do you want to be the party of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene or one more of where Paul Ryan is? And the Paul Ryan kind of wing of the party is the one that can grow and actually be a majority party in the future.” And he added, “You know, the other party can win a few elections here or there, but we’ll lose over time. And Republicans, until we want to start winning elections, we’re going to have to, you know, shun this conspiratorial fringe element of the party. That’s all there is to it. And that includes the former president.”

Flake is a nobody, desperately trying to be somebody and has yet to grasp the fact that he, and those like him, are the ones now considered by many as being on the radical fringe of the Republican Party. The Republican Primary Voters changed the party and relegated Flake and his establishment cronies to the fringe in 2016. Flake’s Republican Party no longer exists. It has been President Trump’s “America First” Republican Party since 2016 and it remains so today. Make no mistake, President Trump won the last election and would now be in his second term today had it not been stolen. And it says much about Flake that he can’t bring himself to admit that.

If Ryan is considered the future of the Republican Party, then the party might as well start calling itself the Democratic-Republican Party and be done with it. The only way Ryan could win a general election would be if he had Hitlery as his running-mate. Ryan proved he was no leader once he got his shot at Speaker of the House. He and Boehner proved to be total light weights. Say what you will about Donald J. Trump, but he has shown he doesn’t wilt under pressure. Flake and Ryan are nothing more than status quo RINOs. Put them in a room with ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and you would have three sorry excuses for politicians all of whom are cut from the same cloth.

I think it safe to say that those who tend to reliably vote Republican have grown tired of these RINOs who seem to insist upon only bowing before the Democrats, always at the ready to concede and never willing to put up any sort of a fight. And when called out and accused of being spineless they simply call for the need to “simply move on.” The RINOs sole purpose is not to serve Republican voters but to provide cover for their masters in the Democrat Party. They want only to get back to the old way of governing with the Democrats in power, advancing their agenda to destroy America while providing nothing but a token resistance in an effort to fool their voters.

But Republican voters have grown tired of these pathetic losers. They are clearly not “America First” and don’t give a damn about the founding stock of this country. Flake and those like him have yet to understand that it is they who are now considered as being the fringe of the party and that President Trump who is now the head of the party, and they can do nothing to change that. And why? For the very simply reason that those in the Republican Party of old couldn’t find their ass with both hands. Simply put, we’ve had enough and aren’t going to take it anymore! ‘We the People’ are now leading, Flake and the rest of the RINO scum need to get out of our way!

This “fringe,” at least as described by Flake, represents roughly 90 million voters along with their families. We must understand that the left controls the ‘fake news’ media complex, social media, big tech, and a growing number of woke corporations. And they are very hard at work trying to convince the entire country that it’s a majority of the American people who support their insane agenda, when nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is, it’s ‘he who controls speech’ that controls the narrative. I have no doubt that it’s only a minute percentage of the population who shares what the radical left is desperate to inflict upon this country.  

Most Americans only want free and fair elections, and because of that he accuses us of being the fringe? I have been a Republican for decades but started to shy away from Republicans with George H. W. Bush. Yes, I continued to vote for the party’s candidate for president, doing so less enthusiastically with each succeeding candidate. Slowly the Republicans allowed the Democrats to get their way while merely pretending to be a responsible opposition party. Until Donald Trump. Trump should have made his move 20 years ago. But now that far left have shown their hand, and our RINOs will only agree and let the far left Democrats take over America.

Republicans would be doing themselves a ‘yuge’ favor if they were to shun the pansy wing of the Republican Party, personified by those like Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Bill Cassidy, Willard Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Collins and Rob Portman. It’s people such as these who still think that this is just about Donald Trump and his followers in the party, but it isn’t. It’s about those in the Republican Party who are tired of electing those willing to be no more than lapdogs to the Democrat Party, those politicians who are simply not up to the challenges of governing and are somehow able to find solace in their minority status and able to justify the lies they tell to their supporters.

But the voters spoke loudly in 2020, and what they said is that they supported the policies of a rejuvenated and reinvented Republican Party under the leadership of President Trump and were no longer willing to settle for a seat at the kiddie table of American politics. I love how Flake speaks of certain Republicans being the “conspiratorial” branch of the party. Remember Hitlery, and her claims right up to 2020 when she STILL told anyone who would listen that the 2016 elections were stolen from her? Or how Stacey Abrams is still claiming that HER elections were stolen from her? How about he address those issues before pointing a finger at his own Party! In a way,

I’m glad RINOs like Flake continue to speak out against the party’s base in such a conspiratorial and condescending manner. It keeps treachery up front and fresh in our minds. Sadly, they continue to have control of the party, at least for now. But we control our own mindset and we will no longer be ignored and berated by this corrupt little clique of arrogant country club snobs. They’re in for a shock in the months to come. Their ability to continue to dupe us has been severely diminished thanks to Donald Trump. We will no longer accept being seen only a source of votes and money. Because we, and not they, are this nation’s the last line of defense.


If there is one thing I can’t stomach, it’s a liar. We elect people to public office with the understanding that they will act on those issues they claim to support and in the manner which prompted us to vote for them in the first place. And at a time when the priority needs to be stopping the senile old dolt in the White House and the socialist Democrats in Congress from running our country into the ground and leaving us exposed to a growing number of enemies, we continue to have a cadre of individuals interested in nothing more than wasting time attacking a man who hasn’t been president for four months and is a member of the same party that they claim to be.

So, Senate Republicans, on Friday, blocked the Senate from moving forward on a bill that would create a commission to investigate the January 6 ‘riot’ at the U.S. Capitol. And while it was most Republicans who opposed the bill, we did, once again, have six RINOs who voted with the Democrats to advance the bill. Those six RINO turncoats who chose to vote for the Democrats’ blatantly partisan effort were, of course, the usual suspects, and have names we’ve all become quite familiar with: Murkowksi, Collins, Cassidy, Sasse, Willard and Portman. But despite receiving the support of these six traitors the Democrats still fell short of the ten RINOs they needed.

And it was Chuckie Schumer who tried to shame the Republicans for shooting down the Democrats’ sham commission. And it was in noting that many Republicans continue to embrace President Trump’s claims that the 2016 election was stolen that Chuckie said, “Shame on the Republican Party for trying to sweep the horrors of that day under the rug because they’re afraid of Donald Trump.” And Chuckie went on to say, “Senate Republicans chose to defend the ‘big lie’ because they believe anything that might upset Donald Trump could hurt them politically.” And Chuckie went so far as to suggest that he might force another vote on the legislation in the future.

Murkowski expressed disappointment Thursday night when it appeared that the Republican, the party of which she is supposedly a member, was poised to defeat the bill. She said, “To be making a decision for the short-term political gain at the expense of understanding and acknowledging what was in front of us on January 6, I think we need to look at that critically. Is that really what this is about, one election cycle after another?” And she went on to say, “I’m disappointed that we just haven’t been able to acknowledge that an independent commission would be an opportunity for us to have an independent review of this while we do our work.”

And as Senator Josh Hawley put it, in an interview on Thursday, he intended to vote against the commission because it was “not about getting the facts.” He said, “It’s a partisan political exercise, as proposed by Nancy Pelosi that’s controlled by Democrats. The scope of it is set by Democrats, the funding is set by Democrats.” Hawley stressed that he didn’t oppose legitimate investigations into what happened, but Democrats had politicized the issue over and over, rather than “being focused on fact-finding.” And I can only assume that, for whatever the reason, our six RINOs, in choosing to vote ‘with’ the Democrats, disagreed with Hawley’s view of things.

You’d have to be a complete moron or, as these six RINOs apparently do, have some sort of vendetta against President Trump to actually believe that this commission was intended to be, in any way, a search for the truth. The narrative has already been established and the Republicans, for the most part, are simply too weak as they have essentially chosen to revert back to the spineless pre-Trump version of themselves that we had come to know so well. Had it been allowed to proceed I have no doubt that it would have become nothing more than another anti-Trump sideshow which our Trump-hating ‘fake news’ media would have played up 24/7/365.

The majority of Americans have grown tired of these endless witch hunts by these thieving criminals on the left and their deep swamp cohorts in the various government departments, not to mention our ‘fake news’ media. Nothing these fools continue to concoct will pass the smell test with those of us on the right, after all the crap they’ve pulled. They needn’t even try to convince us, we’re not as stupid as they think we are. How about we have a commission to investigate who organized and financed the violent leftwing riots involving those who burned government buildings and private business, killed 24 people and set up an autonomous zone in Seattle.

Democrats continue to insist that their motives are pure and yet seek to establish a commission to investigate an event where one unarmed protester was killed by the Capitol Police, and that no one really seems to be all that upset about, and one that died of a drug overdose and three others died of natural causes. The fact that this peaceful protest (so much more peaceful than the protests of last year in which millions of dollars in damage was done and businesses destroyed and lives lost but delusional idiots like you wish to ignore) took place in D.C. does not make it an insurrection as the Democrats, and some RINOs, insist upon calling it.

Any threats against the useless politicians in Congress was mild as compared to the threats made by the BLM/Antifa thugs during their so-called ‘peaceful’ protests of last summer. So to view either of these events as something other than what they were is beyond delusional. Imagine if President Trump had been permitted to claim his victory, our nation’s capital, along with perhaps hundreds of cities, all across America, would still be smoldering and all with the approval of the Democrats and, dare I say, likely these same six RINOs! The Democrats seeking to use the events of January 6 to erase the acts of looting, arson, and death caused by their supporters.

Finally, I would only like to ask those Republicans in Congress, including these six RINOs, can we please move on? Our country is being destroyed right before our eyes and there seems to be little interest among those Republicans that we send off to be our voice in Congress, to do much about it. We don’t need those who are little more than accomplices in the Democrat effort to destroy America. We need those who are brave enough to put the survival of the country above their political ‘careers.’ And if they are unwilling to that or are simply overwhelmed then they need to let us know so that we can go in search of someone who is willing can be a replacement for them.


Sorry, but I have a difficult time taking seriously some boob by the name of Angus. The name, at least for me, brings back one of the characters from an old ‘Stooges’ short. And it’s this same guy who professes to be an ‘Independent’, as if it offers him some level of plausible deniability when it comes to his supporting the Democrat’s anti-America agenda. In truth he simply lacks the balls to call himself what he really is, a Democrat. Unlike Sanders who freely admits what he is. And, of course, the Angus I am referring to is none other than Sen. Angus King, Democrat from Maine.  

And just why is it that any of these clowns in Congress who choose to identify themselves as being neither Democrat nor Republican, ALWAYS side with the Democrats? For years it was Bernie Sanders who also billed himself as an Independent and yet always sided with the Democrats and in 2016 even ran for the Democrat nomination for president. And it has only been since then that Bernie has burst out of the closet and loudly proclaimed what he is, and always has been, is a proud Socialist. Apparently, Angus remains quite comfortable there in the political closet.

Anyway, it was on this past Thursday that Angus stopped by ‘fake news’ HQ to make an appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” hosted by one of the network’s many faux ‘journalists’ John Berman. And it was then that he sounded off on the expected Senate filibuster to block the commission investigating the ‘riot’ at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Angus said the fight to block the commission tells him that “Republicans don’t want to look at the facts” of the day’s events. He wondered what the Republicans are “afraid will be revealed.” Yup, he’s a real bright fella, NOT!

King said, “[I]t tells me that Republicans don’t want to look at the facts.” He said, “They don’t want to talk about what happened. John, this is really all about Donald Trump telling them to jump, and they say, ‘How high?’ I mean, it really is. Many of the same people who were angry, who were upset, who realized what a serious matter this was when it occurred a couple of months ago are now saying, ‘Well, it wasn’t any big deal, and we don’t really need to know about it, and we’re afraid this will be a political investigation.’ I mean, I have to say, I kind of laugh at that.”

And then Angus went on to add, “When people are moving heaven and Earth to block an investigation, you’ve got to ask what is it they’re afraid will be revealed?” Now one might ask Angus just what it might be that the Democrats seem so afraid of when it comes to what might be revealed about the 2020 election that has caused them to focus so much time and energy working to prevent any audits or recounts? What is it that the folks out here beyond the beltway are supposed to make of that? You know, for being an ‘Independent’ this guy sure comes across more like a Democrat. 

Let’s face it, if we’re going to talk about what was and what was not an act of insurrection, the actual insurrection that took place was the certification of all the massive voter fraud that we know took place and that the Democrats used to essentially steal the 2020 Presidential election. So, here’s a few of investigations that matter: 1)The BLM/ANTIFA insurrection, 2) the fraud surrounding the 2020 election, and 3) the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus. But like the Democrats, this boob who calls himself an ‘Independent’, apparently has no interest doing any of that.

Ok, Angus, let’s talk about the facts that you and your fellow Democrats don’t want to look at. You know, the facts that strongly suggest the 2020 presidential election was, in fact, stolen. Out here in reality, the statistical probability that President Trump had a seven, eight or nine percentage point lead with 80-93% of the precincts reporting in the key swing states, only to then lose all of them, is pretty much…ZERO. President Trump won all of those states in 2016. The odds that he would lose them all in 2020 were again, ZERO. Do they really think we’re that stupid? Apparently so.

And it was Pew research that examined the voter registration rolls and concluded that 18 million of the 156 million voter registrations that existed prior to the election were illegitimate. And yet we’re supposed to believe that somehow *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden got 85 million votes, and President Trump “only” got 75 million? That’s 160 million ballots — four million more than the total number of voter registrations. It is statistically impossible to get 100 percent voter turnout, and yet boobs like old Angus, expect us to buy the canard that we somehow had 103 percent voter turnout?

It’s that kind of ‘math’ that might make sense to absolutely no one other than those like Angus. But to those of us out here in the real world, where two plus two does not equal five — ever — it makes absolutely no sense at all! We call BS on that kind of, well, BS. “Delusional,” indeed. The delusion is the idea that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden legitimately won a legitimate election. Because to believe that would take, in the words of Hitlery, nothing less than a willing suspension of disbelief. But then, that’s how Democrats like Angus think. They have their own version of what the facts are.

And don’t you wonder why it is that people like Angus never once chose to speak out about the violence, looting, and rioting last summer or the shooting of Steve Scalise, or even the rhetoric of Chuckie Schumer outside of the Supreme Court building? What ARE you afraid of Angus? Is your love for the Democrats that strong that you will not obey your Oath of Office? Why have you said nothing about the vile speech of Maxine Waters? What ARE you trying to hide? Why have YOU not spoken out about the lack of action by Nancy Pelosi before and on January 6th? You, Angus, are a hypocrite!

And why is it, Angus, that you have yet to speak out about all of the obvious abnormalities that took place in several states during the 2020 election? Are you complicit in this? Tell us, sir, if the actions of a couple of thousand, at most, is an insurrection and the attack on city governments, federal buildings and courthouses, and the wanton destruction of private businesses and billions in damage is not! Explain to me what the differences are? Until you can explain all this, you have no room to accuse anybody of hiding something or being afraid of something!

There is not one person who denies what happened on January 6 was wrong, but can you, Angus, say, in any way, that it was worse than were any of the events that occurred just last summer that were committed by those who support your party? I wonder what the cost was to repair the damage that occurred on January 6, there were no weapons found on the folks who were arrested and the only person that died during the ‘riot’ was an unarmed USAF veteran. And compare that to the cost, in lives lost and in property damage, caused by rampaging leftists all of last summer?  

And finally, you don’t need to be a political genius to recognize what motivates those behind all of this ‘commission’ nonsense. The Democrats see it as a way to impeach President Trump for a third time while their ‘fake news’ media allies would use the propaganda generated in an effort to destroy the populist movement on one hand and collapse the Republican Party on the other hand. The Democrats bear most, if not all, of the responsibility for the events that occurred on January 6. Democrats disenfranchised millions of voters, with their in-your-face cheating, and nullified their votes!


You would have had to have spent the last year and a half living under a rock or have all the intelligence of your average doorknob, not to realize that Tony Fauci is nothing if not a complete fraud, a pathological liar and a political hack, as well as, dare I say, guilty of treason. And yet, there he sits lecturing us all from there on high as *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s chief medical advisor. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about the *presidency of one ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.

Which brings me to a recent Rasmussen poll that was released just this past Wednesday. And what this most recent poll found is that there is now a majority of likely U.S. voters who believe that political considerations have, in fact, influenced Fauci’s decisions and statements regarding the ‘Chinese virus.’ The survey asked respondents, “How much influence do you think political considerations have had on Dr. Fauci’s decisions and public statements about the COVID-19 pandemic?”

And it was in answering the question that 65 percent of respondents said political considerations had at least some influence on his decisions and statements. Of those, 40 percent said “a lot of influence.” While Republicans are more likely to believe politics played a role in his statements (74 percent) it was a majority of Democrats (57 percent) who tend to agree as well. Also, it was 61 percent of Independent voters who also agreed that politics at least somewhat influenced Fauci’s remarks.

Respondents were also asked to gauge their confidence in Fauci. It was a plurality, or 40 percent, that said they have become “less confident” in Fauci’s recommendations over the last year, followed by 28 percent, who said they are “more confident” and 28 percent, who said their confidence level is “about the same.” A majority of Republicans, 61 percent, said they have become “less confident,” while a plurality of Democrats, 43 percent, said they have become “more confident.”

Despite the apparent skepticism, voters tend to have a favorable rating of the White House chief medical adviser with 34 percent identifying him as “very favorable” and 20 percent choosing “somewhat favorable.” Just over a quarter, or 26 percent, have a “very unfavorable” view of Fauci. And I’m quite sure it comes as no shock that, according to this poll that it’s ‘Creepy Joe’s strongest supporters that are Fauci’s biggest fans. But having a 34 percent favorability is not something to brag about.

Among voters who Strongly Approve of ‘Creepy Joe’s job performance as *president, it’s 73 percent who have a very favorable opinion of Fauci. By contrast, among voters who Strongly Disapprove of ‘Creepy Joe’s performance it’s only two percent (2%) who have a very favorable impression of Fauci, and 67 percent have a very unfavorable view of Fauci. And let me just say that I am a very proud member of that 67 percent and have never been onboard with those who saw this guy as some kind of genius.

Fauci has long come under fire for appearing to continually shift his positions on key issues regarding the ‘Chinese virus’ scamdemic. Perhaps most famously was when he dismissed the universal need for masks in a March 2020 interview on 60 Minutes. It was then that he said, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.”

Fauci later became a vocal champion of universal mask-wearing, even speaking highly of double-masking. And he recently made headlines yet again after stating he was “not convinced” that the ‘Chinese virus’ developed naturally, only to then change his mind shortly after, stating it was “highly likely” the ‘Chinese virus’ developed naturally. This guy has NEVER been credible, and he is far from someone who we should trust when it comes to not only our own health but the health of our kids.

To say that Fauci was influenced by the politics of the day would be the understatement of the decade. It’s more likely that he was driven by a ‘treasonous Intent.’ The CDC, under this useful idiot and at the direction of Democrats, actually collaborated with the Communist Chinese for specific purpose of destroying the American economy in what was a coordinated effort to remove Donald Trump from office. These two entities were the only ones to gain by this diabolical scheme.

Shutting down the economy was ‘successful’ for no other reason than because of rabid fearmongering and data manipulation, both of which, I would argue, Fauci played a contributing role. However, getting Donald Trump out of the presidency was far more difficult and forced the Democrats to resort to what was nothing less than massive and wholesale election cheating and voter fraud scheme along with the collaborations of thousands of judges and elected officials, both Democrat and Republican.

Fauci has repeatedly lied to the American people about nearly everything. From whether or not they should wear masks to the success of the numerous vaccines. Initially he had said no masks, not because it was unnecessary but rather so medical professionals wouldn’t ‘run out.’ If Americans had been told from the beginning to wear masks, far fewer Americans would have died. He should be stripped of his license to practice medicine and be put on trial for conspiracy to commit murder.

WANTED: Tony Fauci, the guy who stole 15 months from us and prevented us from getting together for weddings, funerals, sporting events, college life, vacations, casinos, high school graduations, church services, trips to the Mall, libraries, restaurant dining, hotel/resort visits, haircuts, airline flights, cruises, Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving, New Years, Memorial Day parades, concerts, fishing trips and so much more. And his rationale for doing so was based on faulty science and politics. 

It was in an interview with ProPublica that Fauci also said that children as young as first graders may be able to get the ‘Chinese virus’ vaccine by the time school starts in September, presuming trials are successful in those age groups. Hurry up children, get on the boxcars to Auschwitz. Blood clots, sterilization and autoimmune diseases can be fun and exciting. So who in their right mind trusts this guy enough to allow the administering of any of these vaccines to their children. That is totally insane!

It’s clear that Fauci is compromised, that was obvious a year ago when he shot down President Trump’s idea of using cheap and plentiful HCQ and therapeutics which would have been much more effective and saved far more lives than any vaccine. They had to shut down those drugs in order to get their emergency vaccine thru, which would not have happened had there been readily available treatments. Essentially causing the senseless deaths of tens of thousands of people. And why?

No one should speculate about the progression of some new disease or take questions that they really can’t answer. Of course, the covid is political it was used to attack President Trump and reported to put ‘Creepy Joe’ in a good light. Fauci’s statements show he has no clue and he goes in whichever direction the wind is blowing. We all know that the Democrat ‘Golden Rule’ is to never let a crisis go to waste. And we see it with government edicts that they feel safe to ignore as they remake our country.

Fauci’s ego, his proclaiming use of an expensive vaccine over therapeutics, his aid to a Chinese bio program and his role in the destruction of many small businesses point to one of the most corrupt narcissistic bastards in the history of this nation. His incompetence and corruption have been obvious during his entire career. He has the blood of MILLIONS on his hands over the course of the last 40 years. It’s way past time to oust this menace. He’s the classic example of the unaccountable bureaucrat.

Let’s face it, the one certainty here is that Fauci epitomizes all that is wrong with our bloated federal government. Most of its agencies are heavily politicized, and it’s now the Defense Department that is quickly becoming the latest statistic in that trend. The Senior Executive Service (SES) is 98% Democrat. Lastly, consider this: Fauci is the Federal government’s highest paid employee, making over $417,000 per year which is more than the U.S. president makes, and that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


So riddle me this, with the average IQ of those who reliably vote Democrat being somewhere in the single digits, and Democrats apparently quite confident that boobs like John ‘Legend’ will be able to con those same folks into getting a shot that could very well end up killing them, why is it that those of us who persist in demanding that our elections be both free and fair continue to be the ones portrayed as simpleminded rubes?  And if the Democrats are successful in their continuing effort to destroy our Republic it will have been on the backs of those stupid enough to have fallen for the propaganda that is in turn echoed by so many of those in our ‘fake news’ media.

Which brings me to MSDNC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who on Tuesday’s “The Last Word,” commented on the fact that 53% of Republicans failed “a basic mental competency test question,” which is who is the president of the United States” because they think Donald Trump won the 2020 election. Now it’s long been pretty common knowledge that this clown, ‘Larry the Loser,’ has an over-inflated sense of importance and is someone who very obviously thinks he is much smarter than he actually is. And dare I say that I’m a proud member of that 53% if for no other reason that it’s becoming increasingly obvious every day that President Trump actually DID win the election!

Discussing new Texas election legislation, it was Rep. Joaquin Castro who said, “It’s very much a naked power grab. Also, if you look at the leadership in Texas, Lawrence, it very much is out of sync with the population of Texas. Texas is an incredibly diverse state, and the Republican leadership in Texas is not. It’s very sad to say, but I think it’s true that it is a lot of Republican White males that are trying to hang on to power. They’re trying to do everything that they can in a diversifying state to do that.” What the Hell is he even talking about? When he speaks about a “naked power grab,” does he mean one like the Democrats are now trying to pull off with HR 1? Just curious.

Anyway, it was then that Larry responded, saying, “Well, they definitely are in sync with the Trump vote. We have a new poll showing that 53% of Republicans — 53% — believe that Donald Trump is the true president. So, that means 53% of Republicans fail a basic mental competency test question, who is the president of the United States.”  Castro said, “Donald Trump owns the Republican Party in this country. He owns the Texas Republicans. And not only is it a matter of self-delusion. I mean, these people are delusional, but they’ve also gotten very dangerous to the people of Texas, and I think to the people of this county.” It’s Democrats who are delusional!

And you can really hear the desperation in their voices as they set about trying to gain support for their idiotic narrative by resorting to insulting, maligning and slandering of all those who happen to disagree with them. And yet it’s more and more evidence now coming to light that only serves to add more fuel to the fire that the election was stolen with a massive cover up ensuing shortly after. So with all things being equal, wouldn’t it then only make sense that the 62%, including Larry, who still believe that Hitlery won in 2016 should also be given “a mental competency test?” If Larry wants to talk about mental competence, then he can certainly bring it on.

Look, Larry is nothing if not a pathetic hypocrite, just one of many in the ‘fake news’ business. After all, if what happened to President Trump had happened to ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden or some other leftist presidential wannabe, the left would have declared war on day one and Democrats would be outraged, demanding all manner of investigations and setting up committees and appointing their twisted leaders to lead them. I am so sick of those in the ‘fake news’ media and their endless stream of lies. They lie about everything as they continue to attack the 74+ Million Americans who voted for President Trump hoping, I guess, that we will simply choose to give up.

‘Larry the Loser’ is a moron who makes a living by doing nothing more than to tell lies, making him incapable of seeing and telling the truth. We all saw the election and witnessed all the chicanery that took place in those contested states, I.e., the fraudulent mail in ballots with no signature verification, stopping votes count when it was apparent President Trump was leading only to ‘Creepy Joe’ leading when the counts resumed and everything else that went on. It was clear leading up to the election, as well as ever since, those like Larry have had an agenda. I don’t even know how these people in ‘fake news’ sleep at night knowing they’re such liars.

And if nothing else, the amount of time, effort and energy being spent on trying to convince us that President Trump did not win, tells me that he most definitely DID win. Fake votes are not real, perhaps those on the left in their deluded sunshine daydream, unicorn fairyland, collapsed cesspool of a mental state are incapable of grasping that fact. Let me emphasize it, ‘Fake Votes = Not Real.’ There were 35 Million unsolicited mail-in ballots spewed out upon the public, then scooped up by activists and counted without verification. This would not be allowed in the most oppressed third world banana republics, but we did it right here in America.

I’m a conservative who held his nose while voting for Willard. I also voted for Donald Trump BOTH TIMES. While I cannot say that ‘BO’ won fair and square, I can say that Willard was a weak candidate which was the reason ‘BO’ garnered a record number of votes for an incumbent president. And though I despised ‘BO,’ he won. President Trump broke ‘BO’s record. President Trump increased his number of votes by 20+% over his number of votes received in 2016. President Trump also broke the record for votes received by an incumbent president. Only a moron would believe that senile ‘Creepy Joe’ garnered more votes than BOTH President Trump and ‘BO’.

Larry’s president has late-stage dementia and yet he seeks to question the intelligence of conservatives?  When we say, “Everyone should vote in person, with a few exceptions,” Democrats say, “But blacks can’t figure out how to get to the polling center.” When we say, “People who want to vote absentee should show a photo ID and the ballot should be mailed to their known and proven address,” Democrats say, “Well blacks don’t have a particular address. They just roam around.” The TRUTH is that Democrats, including black Democrats don’t think much of the black population. They think that blacks are stupid and incapable of following directions or rules.

As a ‘journalist’ doesn’t the fact that we have the entire Democrat Party with all of its many ‘fake news’ media cronies and attorneys working 24/7 to stop these audits to get to the bottom of these allegations seem the least bit strange to Larry? He doesn’t think that there might be something that the Democrats are seeking to keep hidden and that President Trump did win but was cheated out of his rightful victory. It makes me more than a little curious. After all, those who have nothing to hide would not act this way. They would, instead, be cheering on these audits and recounts if no other reason than to enthusiastically prove us wrong, that the election was not stolen.

If Larry, and every other loon on the left are so sure that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden won fairly and squarely you would think they would be all in favor of investigations that would prove that fact if for no other reason than to be able to rub it in the faces of Trump supporters. But when was the last time you heard any Democrats, or some loser like Larry, say “Bring on any and all investigation into the elections, the facts will prove that President Trump lost?” Why are they not demanding open and transparent investigations instead of trying to shut down the investigations? The answer is a very simply one, President Trump won, and ‘Creepy Joe’ did not.


Imagine my surprise, shock even, upon hearing from yet another leftwing, Democrat political hack that it’s actually the Republican Party and NOT the Democrat Party that runs on hate. Now he never really explains on what he bases such a ludicrous accusation, but then he likely thinks that there is really no need since he’s a pretty well entrenched member of the ‘fake news’ media who are able to say whatever it is that they want without ever having to provide any evidence that what they say is actually, and in any way, true. And even though I should never be surprised by the lengths they are willing to go and the lies they are willing to tell, I still am.  

This time around it was some hapless dolt who’s billed as being the MSDNC ‘national affairs analyst,’ some Democrat hack by the name of John Heilemann. And this past Monday, during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Deadline” it was this supposed ‘national affairs analyst’ who made the claim that the Republican Party had become nothing more than “a big, ugly, hate machine.” Now, frankly, being a lifelong Republican myself, although at times with great difficulty, I took offense to that assessment of my party. Because it has been for as long as I can remember that the political party that has busied itself with spewing nothing but hate is the…Democrat Party.

Anyway, it was ‘anchor’ Nicolle Wallace who said, “I don’t know if you saw the tape we played in the last hour of George Will describing Republicans as feeling terror from their own voters. That feels like a copout for why Kevin McCarthy won’t deal with Marjorie Taylor Greene, who’s been harassing Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the halls of Congress, who is brazenly anti-Semitic. She doubled down. We didn’t play the original comments, but she said, ‘I’m anti-Semitic, and I’m staying anti-Semitic. ‘That’s the point of the doubling down. She’s essentially waving a red flag in front of Kevin McCarthy and saying, ‘Come get me.’”

And she then went on to ask, “Does he have anything in him to try to eradicate sort of this fountain of antisemitism and extremism and lunacy within his caucus?” And Heilemann responded, saying, “This is an area where you have to stand up to hate…Of course, Kevin McCarthy doesn’t have anything in him to do this because the entirety of the thing that animates now, the Republican Party. Which is to say, the thing that George Will is talking about, what is the Republican Party? It’s now its basest part of its base. The basest part of its base is animated by hate. It’s very hard to make a distinction between one kind of hate and another kind of hate.”

He went on to say, “If you’re Kevin McCarthy, you start denouncing hate. Where are you going to stop? Once you start to denounce this kind of hate and you take a stand, you’re now surrounded by all kinds of hate, and the only thing that runs the GOP is hate. It’s now a big, giant hate machine. So, of course, he can’t denounce her for this because once he denounces her for this, where are you going to stop? You have to denounce the entire party because that’s all it is. That’s all it is, a big, ugly hate machine.” This is how desperate those on the left have become in their effort to portray those of us tired of watching our country being destroyed, as the bad guys.

Wrong again! It’s hate that runs like a Tsunami from the Democrat Party and into the heart of our nation. Democrats hate hardworking American citizens, our Constitution, our nation, religion, law enforcement, Jews, Koreans, legal immigrants and the list goes on and on. Meanwhile they promote lies about conservatives being racist while keeping blacks on the Democrat big city plantations dependent on the government for everything. They don’t want them to succeed and to start businesses, own their own homes, on their own, like they were doing under President Trump. Democrats prefer blacks destitute and fully dependent. This is just more BS from a leftist hack.

This is all really just another giant steaming pile of typical Leftist PROJECTION! There’s an old saying: “If you want to know what lying Leftists are up to, just listen to what they’re saying about you, and there’s your answer.” And instead of vilifying and denigrating his fellow Americans, wouldn’t it be a sign of unity and brotherhood if Heilemann kept his negative opinions, that have absolutely no basis in any sort of actual fact, to himself? When was the last time you heard anyone on MSDNC offer up anything other than vitriol for President Trump or his millions of supporters? I can’t imagine trying to sleep at night with that much hate bottled up in my head.

And with all of that said, while the anti-Republican narrative that the Democrats continue to push is annoying, it’s becoming tiresome and boring, as they’ve been pushing the same narrative for decades. Republicans hate black people, Republicans hate brown people, Republicans hate sick people, Republicans hate old people, Republicans hate Moslems, Republicans hate gay people. Whatever the identity group of the day happens to be, Republicans hate them. Personally, what I hate is all if the nonstop manufactured racism and the intentional division of Americans on the part of those in the Democrat Party. That’s what I do hate, as we all should.

Democrats always tell us that there are no better solutions to our problems than those they offer, and when those solutions fail, and fail rather spectacularly, as they are at this very moment, they tell us that it’s the Republicans who are to blame. Somewhere along the line Democrats decided that it was more effective to manipulate the American people than to simply offer us better options than what was being offered by Republicans. So while Donald Trump did things that made life better, and safer, for all Americans, not just a select few, Democrats, as well as more than a few RINOs, told us he was a hateful racist and a white supremacist who belonged in prison.

And what party is it that is out screaming about how awful America is? What party is screaming about how racist America is? What party is screaming about how America is so badly broken that it must now be burned to the ground so that it can then be rebuilt, by them? What party is it that is busy destroying all that America has built and done throughout the world? Well obviously, that would, of course, be none other than the Democrat Party. The entire Democrat Party is literally consumed by hate, hate of every kind, hate of everybody and hate of everything. They hate capitalism, they hate patriotism and they hate all those who refuse to get with ‘their’ program.

In the Democrat Party, character assassination has taken the place of legitimate debate, so when Republicans disagree with Democrats, Democrats insist they are motivated by hate, racism and/or bigotry. Think about it, when was the last time a Democrat defended his/her position without using hate, racism or bigotry? The Democrats have become masters of manipulation and projection, and at taking credit for the good accomplished by others while at the same time blaming others for their failures. The goal of the Democrat Party is not now, nor has it ever been, to make this country better for all who live here, for them it has always been about power.

And finally, for those who have long thought that the (D) appearing after a Democrat politician’s name actually indicated they’re a member of the Democrat Party, what that (D) can actually stand for any, or ALL, of the following: (D)egenerate, (D)eranged, (D)emented, (D)emagogic, (D)espotic, (D)espicable, (D)iabolical, (D)amnable, (D)astardly, , (D)evious, (D)emonic, (D)angerous, (D)eplorable- yes, deplorable, (D)ebauched, (D)eleterious, (D)ingy, (D)issembling, (D)etrimental, (D)isgusting, (D)ictatorial, (D)ubious, (D)uplicitous, (D)erogatory, (D)opey and (D)iaperish. Oh, and then there’s (D)ouchebag. Feel free to mix and match.


Not that anyone really cares what this moron has to say concerning just about everything, it was Cory Booker, aka Spartacus, who recently expressed his deep, DEEP, concern regarding the survival of our Republic and the ‘obvious’ lack of concern on the part of members of the Republican Party, especially when it comes to the events of January 6. And it was Booker who, on Sunday during another of his routine visits to CNN, while appearing on “State of the Union,” said that it was “outrageous and unacceptable” that Republican senators were not backing legislation to create a commission to investigate the January 6 incident at the U.S. Capitol.

Ann it was ‘anchor’ Dana Bash who asked, “I have to ask you about the January 6 commission that Senate Republicans are throwing cold water on the notion of creating this bipartisan commission. They argue it would be redundant. There are already hearings and investigations going on into the insurrection. What’s your response to that?” Booker said, “I have seen bipartisan commission commissions over tragic days in our country, unfortunately. We all know the extraordinary job done after 9/11. I was on the Senate floor when it was laid siege to, where they had to escape the vice president of the United States, as people were chanting to hang him.”

He said, “As we fled the Senate floor, I saw police officer after police officer, three officers severely injured. Ultimately one from New Jersey was killed, Brian Sicknick. To say this wasn’t one of America’s most shameful days as Confederate flags and anti-Semitic slogans were waved triumphantly in our most civic sacred place is to me outrageous and unacceptable. We should be coming together in a bipartisan way to do a thorough investigation to make sure that the second time in American history that our Capitol was taken is the last time, and that the deaths and injuries of officer we should honor them by coming together and doing the necessary investigation.”

Actually, what I personally view as being totally outrageous is how most of those in the Democrat Party, Booker included, acted as little more than cheerleaders for those who spent much of last summer, burning our cities, destroying and looting private businesses, and doing bodily harm to just about anyone who had the misfortune of getting in their way. Also it was some right there within HIS own party who took things a bit further than merely acting as cheerleaders, when they actively fundraised for the very groups committing all of the damage and raised money that was then used to bail out the few perpetrators who were actually apprehended and arrested. 

But as is ALWAYS the case with these Democrats they have a rather skewed perspective of what is, and what is not, to be considered outrageous. And it would seem that it’s never anything done by their supporters that can be viewed as outrageous or, for that matter, even inappropriate. I suppose that would be because they are, or so we are told, fighting against oppression, racism or they have some other cockamamie cause which would justify their violent behavior that is then excused by those like Booker and so very many of those in our ‘fake news’ media. And so, as long as you support Democrats, you will face no consequences for your actions.  

It’s only those tired of watching their country being destroyed right before their eyes that will ever made to face any sort of consequences for choosing to object to the wholesale destruction being done to this country by one political party and its many supporters. And it’s they who will never have the luxury of an acceptable excuse for taking to the streets to protest against those desperate to make America into something that it was NEVER intended to be, which of course, would be a Socialist nation! Because, you see, you essentially have no right to object to, or to make any attempt to prevent, the Democrats from completing their Socialist objective.   

And for this boob to utter in the same breath 9/11, when over 3000 Americans died, and the events of January 6, when one female veteran was essentially executed by a Capitol Hill cop, while pretty despicable, it typical for a Democrat. We all know what happened on January 6 just as we know why it happened. This supposed ‘bipartisan’ commission would be nothing but pure ‘partisan’ political theater. The Democrats are seeking this commission for no other reason than because they can’t impeach President Trump for third time. And it’s those of us who continue to support him who are also in need of being punished because we demand free and fair elections.

Booker is nothing if not a congenital liar. The FBI, CIA, DOJ, Homeland Security, Capitol Police are among those who have already investigated this 2.5 hour demonstration in OUR Capital after what was the obvious theft of a Presidential Election. NO one was carrying firearms, except the Capitol Cop who shot the un-armed Veteran. NO buildings were burned, NO businesses were destroyed or looted…NO occupations for longer than a couple of hours. And while it perhaps may have gone a bit too far, it was not Portland or Minneapolis or Seattle! All places where violent riots took place and that were all condoned by Democrats like Booker.

Don’t be fooled, the Democrats have no interest in yet another investigation, all they are interested in doing is to create another platform from which duplicitous slime-bags like Booker can continue to spew their propaganda that those in our ‘fake news’ will then put on repeat as they work claim how it was that those involved were nothing more than supporters of white supremacy out to overthrow the government of the people. And how it’s the evil and racist Republicans who oppose this commission for no other reason than because they seek only to hide the truth. And it’s this ‘commission’ that is the only way we have of getting to the bottom of what happened.

It’s a regurgitation of Democrat talking points that is all that those like Booker know how to do. There were those who entered the Capital building, unarmed to protest the election. One would have thought a group of those bent on insurrection would have been armed with something other than flags and signage. And for all the chants and screams, they killed no one. Yet Democrats have colluded with the ‘fake news’ media outlets to ensure the non-stop mantra that “conservatives are terrorists.” Democrats, and more than a few RINOs, were desperate to get Donald Trump out of Washington so they engineered a stolen election. Now they desperately fear his return and seek to prevent him from running again.


So, who is Don Lemon, other than a know nothing leftwing crybaby, and why is it that anyone should bother listening to him? Personally, I rarely waste a second of whatever time I have been blessed with on this Earth listening to those like Lemon, who are nothing if not outright liars. And it says much about these people that they are able to look directly into the camera and proceed to tell, and sometimes pretty convincingly, what they KNOW is a lie. And it becomes even more confusing when it comes to a guy like Lemon, a guy who is both black and is gay, who so adamantly defends those who, if we’re gonna be focused on telling the truth here, actually do hate him and for no other reason than BECAUSE he is black and BECAUSE he’s gay.  

It was this past Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” that Lemon hammered the Republican Party calling it “obsolete” and claimed that is not “operating in reality.” And in so doing Lemon laughingly referred to himself as “not a political person,” before going on to say that he does not know how to change the Republican Party but called for the party to be “restructured” because it has gone too far. Now speaking only for myself, and as someone who IS a political person, I agree that the Republican Party is in need of being “restructured,” but for a different reason than Lemon’s. You see, in my opinion the party has not gone far enough in efforts to safeguard our Republic, primarily because we’ve saddled ourselves with those who we call RINOs. 

Establishment RINOs such as Cheney, Willard, Kinzinger, McConnell, to name but a few, have no support in the base. Pulling the lever for these traitors is worse than voting for any Democrat. There is little difference between them and a malignant form of cancer. The only question is, will the treatment kill the patient before it kills the affliction. If the Republican Party truly is obsolete, then would it not be common knowledge and totally unnecessary for Lemon to even speak about? The media knows they can find those RINOs willing to come on and say just about anything and it’s only the fools among us who continue to listen to this garbage narrative and blindly accept it as truth when it is the complete opposite of all that is true.

And it was this very same guy who claims not to be a political person that said, “The only party now that is operating, in reality, is the Democratic Party.” Now I’m not sure what sort of reality in which Lemon, as a gay black man, may live, but I do now that, as a straight white man over the age of 65  it’s not a reality that any individual of even average intelligence would ever CHOOSE to live. And Lemon went on to say, “The Republican Party is obsolete. The Republican Party is not dealing and living in reality. So, you cannot negotiate with a party that doesn’t operate on logic. And so, I don’t know what the answer is when it comes to the Republican Party.” So is he really saying the Democrat Party operates on logic? Seriously?

And he said, “I think at this point it needs to be restructured, and perhaps Americans who want this country to be a country that is sane and rational and equitable and equal, that perhaps they need to challenge the Republican Party more, but I don’t think the Republican Party at this point is — I don’t think that they can be changed. I really don’t. I think that it is gone way too far, and it’s just sad to see.” And he concluded by saying, “Listen, again, I’m not a political person. I’m a person who lives in reality. I’m a journalist. I can see, and I can hear, and I can think. And there is no reason to believe that the Republicans are going to start playing fairly and are going to start operating as a party of sanity.”

All is Interesting talk coming from someone who believes the progressive narrative qualifies as reality. It’s the Left that is divorced from reality. Is there anything they are pushing that is reality-based? For them, their narrative trumps facts, truth and reality. Prove me wrong. The fact that this partisan hack feels compelled to say as much proves he actually thinks the opposite of what he’s saying or, is parroting what he’s heard his nervous superiors say. It’s all a game show. I detect a certain amount of desperation in what he says. Liberals are just plain scared and so they feel completely justified in making up any lie, even though, all of us know the truth. But, apparently, they feel they are able to fool us with what we know to lies.

People need to realize that, at least on the left, that there are not separate ‘news’ organizations putting out what each see as being the most important stories of the day. What we have instead is one massive media conglomerate focused on doing nothing more than to put out that which is blatantly false information, aka ‘fake news’ in order to advance a specific anti-America agenda. It’s organizations such as CNN, NPR, PBS, MSDNC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, AP and a whole host of others, who essentially collude to advance hate, racism and domestic terrorism. Their leftist anti-America narrative supersedes actual facts. And they prove that each and every time they broadcast or print a bogus story.

And who is it that’s not living in reality, the ones who claim that there actually is more than two genders, or that life DOES NOT begin at conception. Come Don, get your head out your ass, you’re in obvious need of oxygen! And it’s Lemon’s reality that allows for unlimited job sucking immigration, deficit spending without end, spending Trillions upon Trillions of dollars to combat another 1 degree rise in temperatures, supporting critical race theory propaganda and all manner of other atrocities. And for this guy to actually claim to a be ‘journalist’ should make it clear to everyone the sad state of ‘journalism’ in America today. Lemon is NOT by anyone’s definition a “journalist”, but is an activist pure and simple!!

And here’s a little dose of reality for Mr. Lemon: A billion dollars in damage was done by BLM/Antifa in 2020 – Don thinks that was peaceful, The Capital police did not confiscate one weapon on January 6th – none- this was testimony by the head of the capital police to congress. If it was an armed insurrection you would think there would have been some actual arms confiscated, More people voted in 2020 than ever before – Yet Don thinks voter suppression was running out of control, Asking for voter ID is not voter suppression anymore than asking for a vaccine passport is travel/work suppression and A mask does not stop the virus any more than a screen door stops water or a solid door will stop a flood.

Also, it’s Lemon’s Democrat Party that is an active participant in the largest human-smuggling/child-sex-trafficking operation ever in recorded history, that is pushing critical racism theory on a nation who lost 650,000 citizens in bringing an END to slavery and that, today, actively promotes racial hatred, Socialism, Marxism, and all sorts of anti-American ideologies. And it’s Democrats who shamelessly lie about doing those things that they themselves have been caught red handed doing. Democrats willingly cheat in order to steal congressional seats. They will cheat, lie and resort to every fraudulent method available to them to steal a presidential election, or pass legislation that is against the will of the American public.

And I’d also be curious to know how is that Lemon thinks the Republican Party of Constitutional Republicanism has “gone too far.” We’re talking about a Republican Party whose founding principles are based on the belief of limited government of, by and for ‘We the People,’ individual freedom and liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s such a party that is now “obsolete?” Strange to hear coming from a guy who supports the party of Slavery, of Jim Crow, of the KKK and that today consists of America hating Socialist Communists, Black Supremacists and racist media political propaganda operative Democrats who pretend to be a ‘journalists.’

And finally, it’s the Republican Party of Lincoln that embodies the indomitable spirit of ‘We the People’ to be and live free, that will never be obsolete and never be extinguished as long as one person is willing to stand up and fight for it! He may be right in a way. There is a sort of populist, blue-collar and small-business class which could be the core of a party which might actually bring America back to a more traditional free market capitalism, and which would maximize social, economic happiness, and preserved traditional ideas of liberty. The aristocrats who have spent generations vacuum-locked on the government teat (various Bushes, Romneys, etc.) serve only their social caste, not their party nor those who they count on for votes.


Making clear that she is obviously just as demented as is her demented husband, it was recently that *Dr. Jill Biden again made it very clear that she’s nothing other than another corrupt Biden bubble dweller who thinks she speaks for all of America. I’ve often wondered just how deluded she must have been to marry a doofus like ‘Creepy Joe.’ But she recently demonstrated that she is far more delusional than even I thought she was. I have very little respect for this ‘doctor’ and know very few who do. She makes about as much sense as does her demented husband. Which is NONE!

Biden recently referred to Tony Fauci as being an American hero. She did so during a visit to a vaccination site on Thursday. She asked the crowd, while holding Fauci’s arm, “Did you meet our American hero here?” Fauci briefly put his hands over his masked face in response to the round of applause. Biden and Fauci visited the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, to promote coronavirus vaccines for children. Biden told the children not to worry about getting their shots. She told one child, “It’s so fast, it’s like you don’t even realize it’s over.”

Biden praised Fauci as they took questions from whatever reporters were also there. She started out by asking, “Dr. Fauci’s here. You know, who doesn’t love Dr. Fauci?” And in answering her own idiotic question, she said, “I think every American loves Dr. Fauci.” Fauci, of course, took it all in and bowed slightly toward Biden as the rest of the room broke out in applause. Oddly it was Biden, Fauci, and all medical officials in the attendance who were all wearing masks, despite the fact that they had all been vaccinated. So, as so many others have asked, what’s the point of being vaccinated?

And as expected, it was Fauci who once again warned Americans that mask mandates were still important for the unvaccinated after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) again updated the mask guidance just last week. He said, “Unfortunately some people interpreted that as everyone can get rid of their mask, which is not the case.” Look, anyone still following any advice provided to them by this obvious quack is either a complete moron or a devoted Democrat, but I repeat myself. Because this clown has not been right about a single thing since all of this ‘Chinese virus’ nonsense started.

Instead, Fauci is, in all likelihood, currently one of the most despised men in all of America. After all, he has never once told us the truth and yet continues to be touted as the ‘resident expert’ regarding all things, even remotely, related to the ‘Chinese virus.’ And let’s face it, he is up to his neck in all of this ‘Chinese virus.’ crap. But it’s no big deal, really, because he’s a good Democrat and helped to dump Trump. And Jill is another piece of work but that’s a story for another day. Fauci is a deeply corrupt criminal who should be in jail- the damage this idiot has caused is incredible.

And what about the children? How many children have actually contracted the ‘Chinese virus?’ And ow many children have actually died because of the ‘Chinese virus?’ And how is that this *doctor thinks that it’s in any way a good idea to give children this vaccine? Where’s the science to back that up? Making the choice to take the vaccine is a pretty big thing, but to push on our kids is the sickest yet. Anything that those like this boob Fauci are working so hard to convince us to do, has to be questioned. I have not had the injection and I have no intention of doing so.

Jill Biden is clearly clueless, and as much of a joke as her husband. ‘Every American’ considers Fauci a hero, she proclaimed. Not likely. Yes, alas she is clueless. Being praised by the likes this clueless bimbo who always looks like she rolled out of bed and forgot to take a shower is really no praise at all. Coming from someone whose number one accomplishment in the White House is making sure old Creepy Joe’ gets his glass of warm milk and is tucked into bed before 7:00, the “hero” compliment is a figment of her rather warped imagination. She’s deserves only to be ignored.

Fauci, the self-professed ‘resident expert’ on all things related to the ‘Chinese virus’ has been wrong on every recommendation he has made. He has waffled so many times he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or he is going. And to refer to him as being a “hero” is insane. In the beginning, Fauci was able to convince a lot of gullible folks into believing that he was going to be their savior. He and the CDC are very good at brainwashing the public using fear as a method to get people to comply. I don’t think of him as a hero by any stretch, he’s more like a modern-day version of Mr. Hyde.

The more BS that comes out of Fauci’s mouth, the more he changes his mind about what’s supposed to best for the rest of us, it’s more and more Americans who are coming to realize that he’s no hero. In fact, he’s become downright irritating, like chalk on a blackboard. It became clear Fauci was not to be trusted the moment he began to enjoy the full-throated, unwavering support of every flaming leftist in the country, no matter how many times he contradicted himself. When the left tells you someone is above reproach, it usually means you’re about to be screwed.

And so, apparently there is now no Bidens capable of speaking the truth! I know of no more than a handful of people who actually believe Fauci, let alone love, or respect him! He’s a ZERO not a hero. He has caused thousands of businesses to be shuttered, millions of jobs to be lost, irreparable mental anguish, especially among our children, increased domestic violence and suicide, and all because this fear-mongering twit is desperate to remain in the spotlight for as long as he can. In truth, it’s Fauci who belongs in prison for having played a role in the creation of the Covid bioweapon.

We MUST not allow Fauci to be remembered as being anything other than the villain that he is. He spooked the whole world, ruined countless lives, traumatized a generation of children. He did not invent a vaccine. In fact, he played a hand in funding the development of the ‘Chinese Virus.’ The numbers are dropping, not because of anything Fauci has suggested but because of natural herd immunity. Many of us have had it and most of us didn’t notice or had mild symptoms. It’s now time to start ignoring all of the fearmongering and focus on getting things back to normal.


As I have said before and am quite sure, knowing these people as we all do, that I will say again, it’s the RINOs who represent a far greater threat to our Republic than do the Democrats. And while we have come to expect all manner of treachery from the Democrats, we shouldn’t have to worry about being stabbed in the back by those who continually profess to be on our side. And while they will always claim that their motives are pure, it’s their actions that we must pay the closest attention to. And that is what should make very clear the fact that these people can no longer be trusted.

Which brings me to the 35 House Republicans who chose to side against the people by choosing to, once again, stand with the Democrats in voting on Wednesday to establish a commission to investigate the riots and protests on January 6. You see, it was with help from these very same RINOs that the House passed H.R. 3233, the National Commission to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act, with 252 votes in favor and 175 votes against the bill. So once again we conservatives felt that knife go deep into our back and even given a bit of a twist.

Thirty-five House Republicans voted for the legislation, this despite the fact that House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy had come out pretty firmly against the bill. He criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not negotiating in good faith. No offense to Mr. McCarthy, but I do think it a bit naïve on his part to even consider that a lowlife like Pelosi would have any interest negotiating in good faith, or otherwise. Pelosi is on mission to do as much damage to President Trump, and his supporters, as possible and she seems to be getting considerable help from a contingent of RINOS.

And that contingent includes: Tom Rice, Dan Newhouse, Cliff Bentz, Tom Reed, Peter Meijer, Adam Kinzinger, John Katko, Dusty Johnson, Brian Fitzpatrick, Anthony Gonzalez, Jamie Herrera Beutler, Chris Jacobs, Steve Womack, Stephanie Bice, Andrew Garbarino, Liz Cheney, David Valadao, Chris Smith, Fred Upton, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Rodney Davis, Don Bacon, Van Taylor, Tony Gonzalez, Mike Simpson, Maria Elvira Salazar, John Curtis, Michael Guest, French Hill, David Joyce, David McKinley, Barry Moore, Trey Hollingsworth, Jeff Fortenberry and Carlos Giminez.

And I’m pretty sure it comes as no surprise that those who comprised the ‘Gang of 10’ House Republicans who joined with their ‘friends’ across the aisle in voting to impeach former President Trump also voted for the commission to investigate the ‘riots’ that took place on January 6. These 35 traitors to our Constitution, and that’s exactly what they are, stand in stark contrast to those House Republicans like Rep. Chip Roy, who contended on the House floor before the vote that many committees already have the ability to investigate the incidents on January 6.

And it was Rep. Lance Gooden who said in a statement after the vote that Pelosi hopes the commission distracts from the Democrats’ many ongoing crises. He said, “This partisan legislation was designed to distract the American people from the unprecedented crisis at our border, Joe Biden’s wasteful tax-and-spend policies, and the fact Democrats would rather defend radical Islamic terrorists in Palestine than support our allies in Israel.” It’s every one of these treasonous frauds who need to be primaried, but that will depend entirely on the folks within their districts.

We’ve always been told to vote Republican, even if we need to hold our nose, in order to save the nation. After all, they say, any Republican is better than any Democrat. Since when? I’ve voted party line pretty much my entire voting life because of this narrative. Well folks, that has proven to be a failed strategy. Whenever the Republicans have been in power, they’ve been utter failures. They make it look close, but it really isn’t. The 35 names on that list are just the tip of the iceberg. Can we really depend on McConnell? Or McCarthy? Or Graham? Or Rubio?

I think we can all agree that Donald Trump was able to make abundantly clear the extent to which the Republican Party is now very much in need of a thorough house cleaning. And I hate to be the one to tell our cadre of RINOs, but the days of us all being good little Kool-Aid drinkers and holding our nose while we once again faithfully troop off the polls to vote for them, those days are now officially over. And let’s face it, that was nothing other than a strategy employed by those who were intent upon conning those folks who would have never otherwise done so, into voting for them. 

So perhaps it’s any one of these 35 political geniuses who can explain to me just how it is that, going forward from here, any of us will ever again be able trust any of them? Because try as I might, I’m just not seeing any way around their continuing treachery, blatant dishonesty and outright betrayal. It’s this kind of behavior that should piss off every Republican. The whole purpose of this proposed commission is to give the Democrats a forum from which they will see themselves as being free to trash Republicans in an attempt to swing the coming mid-term elections their way.

And why a commission on January 6th? There were no buildings burned, nobody was killed, EXCEPT for a Trump supporter, and still we wait for the identity of the shooter. Meanwhile, NO commission on the insurrection of 2020, the BLM and Antifa terrorists who burned U.S. cities, attacked federal buildings and personnel, attacked police and attacked the White House. And instead of a commission we had Kamala ‘The Ho,’ and more than a few other Democrats, supporting those who took part in these riots and even provided bail money for those few who were actually arrested.

And so here we go again with 35 RINOs happily jumping on the bandwagon for ANOTHER ‘fake investigation’ of a specific incident that the Democrats planned and the executed for the specific purpose of framing President Trump. Every time you turn around it’s the Democrats perpetrating the very crimes that they accuse Republicans of committing. And it’s the RINOs who can always be counted on to fall in line behind the Democrats to support this nonsense. The RINOs have yet to grasp that the American people will not allow things to go back to how they were pre-Trump.

And you have to wonder just how much longer do these political turncoats actually expect us to put up with this kind of blatant betrayal? All they’re succeeding in doing is to convince us all of how stupid we were to ever have believed any of them in the first place. And do they really expect us to vote for them again after outing themselves and making it so painfully clear what, and who, they really are? And do they really think we’re that stupid? And if they do, then isn’t that yet another reason for NOT voting for them? Why would I vote for anyone who thinks I’m so stupid?