You would have had to have spent the last year and a half living under a rock or have all the intelligence of your average doorknob, not to realize that Tony Fauci is nothing if not a complete fraud, a pathological liar and a political hack, as well as, dare I say, guilty of treason. And yet, there he sits lecturing us all from there on high as *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s chief medical advisor. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about the *presidency of one ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.

Which brings me to a recent Rasmussen poll that was released just this past Wednesday. And what this most recent poll found is that there is now a majority of likely U.S. voters who believe that political considerations have, in fact, influenced Fauci’s decisions and statements regarding the ‘Chinese virus.’ The survey asked respondents, “How much influence do you think political considerations have had on Dr. Fauci’s decisions and public statements about the COVID-19 pandemic?”

And it was in answering the question that 65 percent of respondents said political considerations had at least some influence on his decisions and statements. Of those, 40 percent said “a lot of influence.” While Republicans are more likely to believe politics played a role in his statements (74 percent) it was a majority of Democrats (57 percent) who tend to agree as well. Also, it was 61 percent of Independent voters who also agreed that politics at least somewhat influenced Fauci’s remarks.

Respondents were also asked to gauge their confidence in Fauci. It was a plurality, or 40 percent, that said they have become “less confident” in Fauci’s recommendations over the last year, followed by 28 percent, who said they are “more confident” and 28 percent, who said their confidence level is “about the same.” A majority of Republicans, 61 percent, said they have become “less confident,” while a plurality of Democrats, 43 percent, said they have become “more confident.”

Despite the apparent skepticism, voters tend to have a favorable rating of the White House chief medical adviser with 34 percent identifying him as “very favorable” and 20 percent choosing “somewhat favorable.” Just over a quarter, or 26 percent, have a “very unfavorable” view of Fauci. And I’m quite sure it comes as no shock that, according to this poll that it’s ‘Creepy Joe’s strongest supporters that are Fauci’s biggest fans. But having a 34 percent favorability is not something to brag about.

Among voters who Strongly Approve of ‘Creepy Joe’s job performance as *president, it’s 73 percent who have a very favorable opinion of Fauci. By contrast, among voters who Strongly Disapprove of ‘Creepy Joe’s performance it’s only two percent (2%) who have a very favorable impression of Fauci, and 67 percent have a very unfavorable view of Fauci. And let me just say that I am a very proud member of that 67 percent and have never been onboard with those who saw this guy as some kind of genius.

Fauci has long come under fire for appearing to continually shift his positions on key issues regarding the ‘Chinese virus’ scamdemic. Perhaps most famously was when he dismissed the universal need for masks in a March 2020 interview on 60 Minutes. It was then that he said, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.”

Fauci later became a vocal champion of universal mask-wearing, even speaking highly of double-masking. And he recently made headlines yet again after stating he was “not convinced” that the ‘Chinese virus’ developed naturally, only to then change his mind shortly after, stating it was “highly likely” the ‘Chinese virus’ developed naturally. This guy has NEVER been credible, and he is far from someone who we should trust when it comes to not only our own health but the health of our kids.

To say that Fauci was influenced by the politics of the day would be the understatement of the decade. It’s more likely that he was driven by a ‘treasonous Intent.’ The CDC, under this useful idiot and at the direction of Democrats, actually collaborated with the Communist Chinese for specific purpose of destroying the American economy in what was a coordinated effort to remove Donald Trump from office. These two entities were the only ones to gain by this diabolical scheme.

Shutting down the economy was ‘successful’ for no other reason than because of rabid fearmongering and data manipulation, both of which, I would argue, Fauci played a contributing role. However, getting Donald Trump out of the presidency was far more difficult and forced the Democrats to resort to what was nothing less than massive and wholesale election cheating and voter fraud scheme along with the collaborations of thousands of judges and elected officials, both Democrat and Republican.

Fauci has repeatedly lied to the American people about nearly everything. From whether or not they should wear masks to the success of the numerous vaccines. Initially he had said no masks, not because it was unnecessary but rather so medical professionals wouldn’t ‘run out.’ If Americans had been told from the beginning to wear masks, far fewer Americans would have died. He should be stripped of his license to practice medicine and be put on trial for conspiracy to commit murder.

WANTED: Tony Fauci, the guy who stole 15 months from us and prevented us from getting together for weddings, funerals, sporting events, college life, vacations, casinos, high school graduations, church services, trips to the Mall, libraries, restaurant dining, hotel/resort visits, haircuts, airline flights, cruises, Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving, New Years, Memorial Day parades, concerts, fishing trips and so much more. And his rationale for doing so was based on faulty science and politics. 

It was in an interview with ProPublica that Fauci also said that children as young as first graders may be able to get the ‘Chinese virus’ vaccine by the time school starts in September, presuming trials are successful in those age groups. Hurry up children, get on the boxcars to Auschwitz. Blood clots, sterilization and autoimmune diseases can be fun and exciting. So who in their right mind trusts this guy enough to allow the administering of any of these vaccines to their children. That is totally insane!

It’s clear that Fauci is compromised, that was obvious a year ago when he shot down President Trump’s idea of using cheap and plentiful HCQ and therapeutics which would have been much more effective and saved far more lives than any vaccine. They had to shut down those drugs in order to get their emergency vaccine thru, which would not have happened had there been readily available treatments. Essentially causing the senseless deaths of tens of thousands of people. And why?

No one should speculate about the progression of some new disease or take questions that they really can’t answer. Of course, the covid is political it was used to attack President Trump and reported to put ‘Creepy Joe’ in a good light. Fauci’s statements show he has no clue and he goes in whichever direction the wind is blowing. We all know that the Democrat ‘Golden Rule’ is to never let a crisis go to waste. And we see it with government edicts that they feel safe to ignore as they remake our country.

Fauci’s ego, his proclaiming use of an expensive vaccine over therapeutics, his aid to a Chinese bio program and his role in the destruction of many small businesses point to one of the most corrupt narcissistic bastards in the history of this nation. His incompetence and corruption have been obvious during his entire career. He has the blood of MILLIONS on his hands over the course of the last 40 years. It’s way past time to oust this menace. He’s the classic example of the unaccountable bureaucrat.

Let’s face it, the one certainty here is that Fauci epitomizes all that is wrong with our bloated federal government. Most of its agencies are heavily politicized, and it’s now the Defense Department that is quickly becoming the latest statistic in that trend. The Senior Executive Service (SES) is 98% Democrat. Lastly, consider this: Fauci is the Federal government’s highest paid employee, making over $417,000 per year which is more than the U.S. president makes, and that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


  1. “ Which brings me to a recent Rasmussen poll that was released just this past Wednesday. And what this most recent poll found is that there is now a majority of likely U.S. voters who believe that political considerations have, in fact, influenced Fauci’s decisions and statements regarding the ‘Chinese virus.’ The survey asked respondents.”

    Ya think? Of course. He is a shifty-shady-shafting SON-OF-A-BITCH!!! Tucker Carlson has proved that about him time and time again.


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