Making clear that she is obviously just as demented as is her demented husband, it was recently that *Dr. Jill Biden again made it very clear that she’s nothing other than another corrupt Biden bubble dweller who thinks she speaks for all of America. I’ve often wondered just how deluded she must have been to marry a doofus like ‘Creepy Joe.’ But she recently demonstrated that she is far more delusional than even I thought she was. I have very little respect for this ‘doctor’ and know very few who do. She makes about as much sense as does her demented husband. Which is NONE!

Biden recently referred to Tony Fauci as being an American hero. She did so during a visit to a vaccination site on Thursday. She asked the crowd, while holding Fauci’s arm, “Did you meet our American hero here?” Fauci briefly put his hands over his masked face in response to the round of applause. Biden and Fauci visited the Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC, to promote coronavirus vaccines for children. Biden told the children not to worry about getting their shots. She told one child, “It’s so fast, it’s like you don’t even realize it’s over.”

Biden praised Fauci as they took questions from whatever reporters were also there. She started out by asking, “Dr. Fauci’s here. You know, who doesn’t love Dr. Fauci?” And in answering her own idiotic question, she said, “I think every American loves Dr. Fauci.” Fauci, of course, took it all in and bowed slightly toward Biden as the rest of the room broke out in applause. Oddly it was Biden, Fauci, and all medical officials in the attendance who were all wearing masks, despite the fact that they had all been vaccinated. So, as so many others have asked, what’s the point of being vaccinated?

And as expected, it was Fauci who once again warned Americans that mask mandates were still important for the unvaccinated after the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) again updated the mask guidance just last week. He said, “Unfortunately some people interpreted that as everyone can get rid of their mask, which is not the case.” Look, anyone still following any advice provided to them by this obvious quack is either a complete moron or a devoted Democrat, but I repeat myself. Because this clown has not been right about a single thing since all of this ‘Chinese virus’ nonsense started.

Instead, Fauci is, in all likelihood, currently one of the most despised men in all of America. After all, he has never once told us the truth and yet continues to be touted as the ‘resident expert’ regarding all things, even remotely, related to the ‘Chinese virus.’ And let’s face it, he is up to his neck in all of this ‘Chinese virus.’ crap. But it’s no big deal, really, because he’s a good Democrat and helped to dump Trump. And Jill is another piece of work but that’s a story for another day. Fauci is a deeply corrupt criminal who should be in jail- the damage this idiot has caused is incredible.

And what about the children? How many children have actually contracted the ‘Chinese virus?’ And ow many children have actually died because of the ‘Chinese virus?’ And how is that this *doctor thinks that it’s in any way a good idea to give children this vaccine? Where’s the science to back that up? Making the choice to take the vaccine is a pretty big thing, but to push on our kids is the sickest yet. Anything that those like this boob Fauci are working so hard to convince us to do, has to be questioned. I have not had the injection and I have no intention of doing so.

Jill Biden is clearly clueless, and as much of a joke as her husband. ‘Every American’ considers Fauci a hero, she proclaimed. Not likely. Yes, alas she is clueless. Being praised by the likes this clueless bimbo who always looks like she rolled out of bed and forgot to take a shower is really no praise at all. Coming from someone whose number one accomplishment in the White House is making sure old Creepy Joe’ gets his glass of warm milk and is tucked into bed before 7:00, the “hero” compliment is a figment of her rather warped imagination. She’s deserves only to be ignored.

Fauci, the self-professed ‘resident expert’ on all things related to the ‘Chinese virus’ has been wrong on every recommendation he has made. He has waffled so many times he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or he is going. And to refer to him as being a “hero” is insane. In the beginning, Fauci was able to convince a lot of gullible folks into believing that he was going to be their savior. He and the CDC are very good at brainwashing the public using fear as a method to get people to comply. I don’t think of him as a hero by any stretch, he’s more like a modern-day version of Mr. Hyde.

The more BS that comes out of Fauci’s mouth, the more he changes his mind about what’s supposed to best for the rest of us, it’s more and more Americans who are coming to realize that he’s no hero. In fact, he’s become downright irritating, like chalk on a blackboard. It became clear Fauci was not to be trusted the moment he began to enjoy the full-throated, unwavering support of every flaming leftist in the country, no matter how many times he contradicted himself. When the left tells you someone is above reproach, it usually means you’re about to be screwed.

And so, apparently there is now no Bidens capable of speaking the truth! I know of no more than a handful of people who actually believe Fauci, let alone love, or respect him! He’s a ZERO not a hero. He has caused thousands of businesses to be shuttered, millions of jobs to be lost, irreparable mental anguish, especially among our children, increased domestic violence and suicide, and all because this fear-mongering twit is desperate to remain in the spotlight for as long as he can. In truth, it’s Fauci who belongs in prison for having played a role in the creation of the Covid bioweapon.

We MUST not allow Fauci to be remembered as being anything other than the villain that he is. He spooked the whole world, ruined countless lives, traumatized a generation of children. He did not invent a vaccine. In fact, he played a hand in funding the development of the ‘Chinese Virus.’ The numbers are dropping, not because of anything Fauci has suggested but because of natural herd immunity. Many of us have had it and most of us didn’t notice or had mild symptoms. It’s now time to start ignoring all of the fearmongering and focus on getting things back to normal.


  1. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that O-BIDEN & Co, Is our once Christ blessed Nations number 1 enemy. BY FAR. But what is really sick is there are people in our Nation, numbering in the millions that actually love this mental stumbling midget. And, they firmly believe in him. To me, that is more scary than Chinese.


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