So, who is Don Lemon, other than a know nothing leftwing crybaby, and why is it that anyone should bother listening to him? Personally, I rarely waste a second of whatever time I have been blessed with on this Earth listening to those like Lemon, who are nothing if not outright liars. And it says much about these people that they are able to look directly into the camera and proceed to tell, and sometimes pretty convincingly, what they KNOW is a lie. And it becomes even more confusing when it comes to a guy like Lemon, a guy who is both black and is gay, who so adamantly defends those who, if we’re gonna be focused on telling the truth here, actually do hate him and for no other reason than BECAUSE he is black and BECAUSE he’s gay.  

It was this past Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” that Lemon hammered the Republican Party calling it “obsolete” and claimed that is not “operating in reality.” And in so doing Lemon laughingly referred to himself as “not a political person,” before going on to say that he does not know how to change the Republican Party but called for the party to be “restructured” because it has gone too far. Now speaking only for myself, and as someone who IS a political person, I agree that the Republican Party is in need of being “restructured,” but for a different reason than Lemon’s. You see, in my opinion the party has not gone far enough in efforts to safeguard our Republic, primarily because we’ve saddled ourselves with those who we call RINOs. 

Establishment RINOs such as Cheney, Willard, Kinzinger, McConnell, to name but a few, have no support in the base. Pulling the lever for these traitors is worse than voting for any Democrat. There is little difference between them and a malignant form of cancer. The only question is, will the treatment kill the patient before it kills the affliction. If the Republican Party truly is obsolete, then would it not be common knowledge and totally unnecessary for Lemon to even speak about? The media knows they can find those RINOs willing to come on and say just about anything and it’s only the fools among us who continue to listen to this garbage narrative and blindly accept it as truth when it is the complete opposite of all that is true.

And it was this very same guy who claims not to be a political person that said, “The only party now that is operating, in reality, is the Democratic Party.” Now I’m not sure what sort of reality in which Lemon, as a gay black man, may live, but I do now that, as a straight white man over the age of 65  it’s not a reality that any individual of even average intelligence would ever CHOOSE to live. And Lemon went on to say, “The Republican Party is obsolete. The Republican Party is not dealing and living in reality. So, you cannot negotiate with a party that doesn’t operate on logic. And so, I don’t know what the answer is when it comes to the Republican Party.” So is he really saying the Democrat Party operates on logic? Seriously?

And he said, “I think at this point it needs to be restructured, and perhaps Americans who want this country to be a country that is sane and rational and equitable and equal, that perhaps they need to challenge the Republican Party more, but I don’t think the Republican Party at this point is — I don’t think that they can be changed. I really don’t. I think that it is gone way too far, and it’s just sad to see.” And he concluded by saying, “Listen, again, I’m not a political person. I’m a person who lives in reality. I’m a journalist. I can see, and I can hear, and I can think. And there is no reason to believe that the Republicans are going to start playing fairly and are going to start operating as a party of sanity.”

All is Interesting talk coming from someone who believes the progressive narrative qualifies as reality. It’s the Left that is divorced from reality. Is there anything they are pushing that is reality-based? For them, their narrative trumps facts, truth and reality. Prove me wrong. The fact that this partisan hack feels compelled to say as much proves he actually thinks the opposite of what he’s saying or, is parroting what he’s heard his nervous superiors say. It’s all a game show. I detect a certain amount of desperation in what he says. Liberals are just plain scared and so they feel completely justified in making up any lie, even though, all of us know the truth. But, apparently, they feel they are able to fool us with what we know to lies.

People need to realize that, at least on the left, that there are not separate ‘news’ organizations putting out what each see as being the most important stories of the day. What we have instead is one massive media conglomerate focused on doing nothing more than to put out that which is blatantly false information, aka ‘fake news’ in order to advance a specific anti-America agenda. It’s organizations such as CNN, NPR, PBS, MSDNC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, AP and a whole host of others, who essentially collude to advance hate, racism and domestic terrorism. Their leftist anti-America narrative supersedes actual facts. And they prove that each and every time they broadcast or print a bogus story.

And who is it that’s not living in reality, the ones who claim that there actually is more than two genders, or that life DOES NOT begin at conception. Come Don, get your head out your ass, you’re in obvious need of oxygen! And it’s Lemon’s reality that allows for unlimited job sucking immigration, deficit spending without end, spending Trillions upon Trillions of dollars to combat another 1 degree rise in temperatures, supporting critical race theory propaganda and all manner of other atrocities. And for this guy to actually claim to a be ‘journalist’ should make it clear to everyone the sad state of ‘journalism’ in America today. Lemon is NOT by anyone’s definition a “journalist”, but is an activist pure and simple!!

And here’s a little dose of reality for Mr. Lemon: A billion dollars in damage was done by BLM/Antifa in 2020 – Don thinks that was peaceful, The Capital police did not confiscate one weapon on January 6th – none- this was testimony by the head of the capital police to congress. If it was an armed insurrection you would think there would have been some actual arms confiscated, More people voted in 2020 than ever before – Yet Don thinks voter suppression was running out of control, Asking for voter ID is not voter suppression anymore than asking for a vaccine passport is travel/work suppression and A mask does not stop the virus any more than a screen door stops water or a solid door will stop a flood.

Also, it’s Lemon’s Democrat Party that is an active participant in the largest human-smuggling/child-sex-trafficking operation ever in recorded history, that is pushing critical racism theory on a nation who lost 650,000 citizens in bringing an END to slavery and that, today, actively promotes racial hatred, Socialism, Marxism, and all sorts of anti-American ideologies. And it’s Democrats who shamelessly lie about doing those things that they themselves have been caught red handed doing. Democrats willingly cheat in order to steal congressional seats. They will cheat, lie and resort to every fraudulent method available to them to steal a presidential election, or pass legislation that is against the will of the American public.

And I’d also be curious to know how is that Lemon thinks the Republican Party of Constitutional Republicanism has “gone too far.” We’re talking about a Republican Party whose founding principles are based on the belief of limited government of, by and for ‘We the People,’ individual freedom and liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s such a party that is now “obsolete?” Strange to hear coming from a guy who supports the party of Slavery, of Jim Crow, of the KKK and that today consists of America hating Socialist Communists, Black Supremacists and racist media political propaganda operative Democrats who pretend to be a ‘journalists.’

And finally, it’s the Republican Party of Lincoln that embodies the indomitable spirit of ‘We the People’ to be and live free, that will never be obsolete and never be extinguished as long as one person is willing to stand up and fight for it! He may be right in a way. There is a sort of populist, blue-collar and small-business class which could be the core of a party which might actually bring America back to a more traditional free market capitalism, and which would maximize social, economic happiness, and preserved traditional ideas of liberty. The aristocrats who have spent generations vacuum-locked on the government teat (various Bushes, Romneys, etc.) serve only their social caste, not their party nor those who they count on for votes.


  1. “ Pulling the lever for these traitors is worse than voting for any Democrat. There is little difference between them and malignant cancer. ”

    This sums it up, perfectly.


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