Not that anyone really cares what this moron has to say concerning just about everything, it was Cory Booker, aka Spartacus, who recently expressed his deep, DEEP, concern regarding the survival of our Republic and the ‘obvious’ lack of concern on the part of members of the Republican Party, especially when it comes to the events of January 6. And it was Booker who, on Sunday during another of his routine visits to CNN, while appearing on “State of the Union,” said that it was “outrageous and unacceptable” that Republican senators were not backing legislation to create a commission to investigate the January 6 incident at the U.S. Capitol.

Ann it was ‘anchor’ Dana Bash who asked, “I have to ask you about the January 6 commission that Senate Republicans are throwing cold water on the notion of creating this bipartisan commission. They argue it would be redundant. There are already hearings and investigations going on into the insurrection. What’s your response to that?” Booker said, “I have seen bipartisan commission commissions over tragic days in our country, unfortunately. We all know the extraordinary job done after 9/11. I was on the Senate floor when it was laid siege to, where they had to escape the vice president of the United States, as people were chanting to hang him.”

He said, “As we fled the Senate floor, I saw police officer after police officer, three officers severely injured. Ultimately one from New Jersey was killed, Brian Sicknick. To say this wasn’t one of America’s most shameful days as Confederate flags and anti-Semitic slogans were waved triumphantly in our most civic sacred place is to me outrageous and unacceptable. We should be coming together in a bipartisan way to do a thorough investigation to make sure that the second time in American history that our Capitol was taken is the last time, and that the deaths and injuries of officer we should honor them by coming together and doing the necessary investigation.”

Actually, what I personally view as being totally outrageous is how most of those in the Democrat Party, Booker included, acted as little more than cheerleaders for those who spent much of last summer, burning our cities, destroying and looting private businesses, and doing bodily harm to just about anyone who had the misfortune of getting in their way. Also it was some right there within HIS own party who took things a bit further than merely acting as cheerleaders, when they actively fundraised for the very groups committing all of the damage and raised money that was then used to bail out the few perpetrators who were actually apprehended and arrested. 

But as is ALWAYS the case with these Democrats they have a rather skewed perspective of what is, and what is not, to be considered outrageous. And it would seem that it’s never anything done by their supporters that can be viewed as outrageous or, for that matter, even inappropriate. I suppose that would be because they are, or so we are told, fighting against oppression, racism or they have some other cockamamie cause which would justify their violent behavior that is then excused by those like Booker and so very many of those in our ‘fake news’ media. And so, as long as you support Democrats, you will face no consequences for your actions.  

It’s only those tired of watching their country being destroyed right before their eyes that will ever made to face any sort of consequences for choosing to object to the wholesale destruction being done to this country by one political party and its many supporters. And it’s they who will never have the luxury of an acceptable excuse for taking to the streets to protest against those desperate to make America into something that it was NEVER intended to be, which of course, would be a Socialist nation! Because, you see, you essentially have no right to object to, or to make any attempt to prevent, the Democrats from completing their Socialist objective.   

And for this boob to utter in the same breath 9/11, when over 3000 Americans died, and the events of January 6, when one female veteran was essentially executed by a Capitol Hill cop, while pretty despicable, it typical for a Democrat. We all know what happened on January 6 just as we know why it happened. This supposed ‘bipartisan’ commission would be nothing but pure ‘partisan’ political theater. The Democrats are seeking this commission for no other reason than because they can’t impeach President Trump for third time. And it’s those of us who continue to support him who are also in need of being punished because we demand free and fair elections.

Booker is nothing if not a congenital liar. The FBI, CIA, DOJ, Homeland Security, Capitol Police are among those who have already investigated this 2.5 hour demonstration in OUR Capital after what was the obvious theft of a Presidential Election. NO one was carrying firearms, except the Capitol Cop who shot the un-armed Veteran. NO buildings were burned, NO businesses were destroyed or looted…NO occupations for longer than a couple of hours. And while it perhaps may have gone a bit too far, it was not Portland or Minneapolis or Seattle! All places where violent riots took place and that were all condoned by Democrats like Booker.

Don’t be fooled, the Democrats have no interest in yet another investigation, all they are interested in doing is to create another platform from which duplicitous slime-bags like Booker can continue to spew their propaganda that those in our ‘fake news’ will then put on repeat as they work claim how it was that those involved were nothing more than supporters of white supremacy out to overthrow the government of the people. And how it’s the evil and racist Republicans who oppose this commission for no other reason than because they seek only to hide the truth. And it’s this ‘commission’ that is the only way we have of getting to the bottom of what happened.

It’s a regurgitation of Democrat talking points that is all that those like Booker know how to do. There were those who entered the Capital building, unarmed to protest the election. One would have thought a group of those bent on insurrection would have been armed with something other than flags and signage. And for all the chants and screams, they killed no one. Yet Democrats have colluded with the ‘fake news’ media outlets to ensure the non-stop mantra that “conservatives are terrorists.” Democrats, and more than a few RINOs, were desperate to get Donald Trump out of Washington so they engineered a stolen election. Now they desperately fear his return and seek to prevent him from running again.


  1. What a waste of taxpayers $$$$$$$. And to think, a pile of chicken-shit-Republicans signed on to this farce-horse-shit.


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