Sorry, but I have a difficult time taking seriously some boob by the name of Angus. The name, at least for me, brings back one of the characters from an old ‘Stooges’ short. And it’s this same guy who professes to be an ‘Independent’, as if it offers him some level of plausible deniability when it comes to his supporting the Democrat’s anti-America agenda. In truth he simply lacks the balls to call himself what he really is, a Democrat. Unlike Sanders who freely admits what he is. And, of course, the Angus I am referring to is none other than Sen. Angus King, Democrat from Maine.  

And just why is it that any of these clowns in Congress who choose to identify themselves as being neither Democrat nor Republican, ALWAYS side with the Democrats? For years it was Bernie Sanders who also billed himself as an Independent and yet always sided with the Democrats and in 2016 even ran for the Democrat nomination for president. And it has only been since then that Bernie has burst out of the closet and loudly proclaimed what he is, and always has been, is a proud Socialist. Apparently, Angus remains quite comfortable there in the political closet.

Anyway, it was on this past Thursday that Angus stopped by ‘fake news’ HQ to make an appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” hosted by one of the network’s many faux ‘journalists’ John Berman. And it was then that he sounded off on the expected Senate filibuster to block the commission investigating the ‘riot’ at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Angus said the fight to block the commission tells him that “Republicans don’t want to look at the facts” of the day’s events. He wondered what the Republicans are “afraid will be revealed.” Yup, he’s a real bright fella, NOT!

King said, “[I]t tells me that Republicans don’t want to look at the facts.” He said, “They don’t want to talk about what happened. John, this is really all about Donald Trump telling them to jump, and they say, ‘How high?’ I mean, it really is. Many of the same people who were angry, who were upset, who realized what a serious matter this was when it occurred a couple of months ago are now saying, ‘Well, it wasn’t any big deal, and we don’t really need to know about it, and we’re afraid this will be a political investigation.’ I mean, I have to say, I kind of laugh at that.”

And then Angus went on to add, “When people are moving heaven and Earth to block an investigation, you’ve got to ask what is it they’re afraid will be revealed?” Now one might ask Angus just what it might be that the Democrats seem so afraid of when it comes to what might be revealed about the 2020 election that has caused them to focus so much time and energy working to prevent any audits or recounts? What is it that the folks out here beyond the beltway are supposed to make of that? You know, for being an ‘Independent’ this guy sure comes across more like a Democrat. 

Let’s face it, if we’re going to talk about what was and what was not an act of insurrection, the actual insurrection that took place was the certification of all the massive voter fraud that we know took place and that the Democrats used to essentially steal the 2020 Presidential election. So, here’s a few of investigations that matter: 1)The BLM/ANTIFA insurrection, 2) the fraud surrounding the 2020 election, and 3) the origin of the Wuhan coronavirus. But like the Democrats, this boob who calls himself an ‘Independent’, apparently has no interest doing any of that.

Ok, Angus, let’s talk about the facts that you and your fellow Democrats don’t want to look at. You know, the facts that strongly suggest the 2020 presidential election was, in fact, stolen. Out here in reality, the statistical probability that President Trump had a seven, eight or nine percentage point lead with 80-93% of the precincts reporting in the key swing states, only to then lose all of them, is pretty much…ZERO. President Trump won all of those states in 2016. The odds that he would lose them all in 2020 were again, ZERO. Do they really think we’re that stupid? Apparently so.

And it was Pew research that examined the voter registration rolls and concluded that 18 million of the 156 million voter registrations that existed prior to the election were illegitimate. And yet we’re supposed to believe that somehow *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden got 85 million votes, and President Trump “only” got 75 million? That’s 160 million ballots — four million more than the total number of voter registrations. It is statistically impossible to get 100 percent voter turnout, and yet boobs like old Angus, expect us to buy the canard that we somehow had 103 percent voter turnout?

It’s that kind of ‘math’ that might make sense to absolutely no one other than those like Angus. But to those of us out here in the real world, where two plus two does not equal five — ever — it makes absolutely no sense at all! We call BS on that kind of, well, BS. “Delusional,” indeed. The delusion is the idea that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden legitimately won a legitimate election. Because to believe that would take, in the words of Hitlery, nothing less than a willing suspension of disbelief. But then, that’s how Democrats like Angus think. They have their own version of what the facts are.

And don’t you wonder why it is that people like Angus never once chose to speak out about the violence, looting, and rioting last summer or the shooting of Steve Scalise, or even the rhetoric of Chuckie Schumer outside of the Supreme Court building? What ARE you afraid of Angus? Is your love for the Democrats that strong that you will not obey your Oath of Office? Why have you said nothing about the vile speech of Maxine Waters? What ARE you trying to hide? Why have YOU not spoken out about the lack of action by Nancy Pelosi before and on January 6th? You, Angus, are a hypocrite!

And why is it, Angus, that you have yet to speak out about all of the obvious abnormalities that took place in several states during the 2020 election? Are you complicit in this? Tell us, sir, if the actions of a couple of thousand, at most, is an insurrection and the attack on city governments, federal buildings and courthouses, and the wanton destruction of private businesses and billions in damage is not! Explain to me what the differences are? Until you can explain all this, you have no room to accuse anybody of hiding something or being afraid of something!

There is not one person who denies what happened on January 6 was wrong, but can you, Angus, say, in any way, that it was worse than were any of the events that occurred just last summer that were committed by those who support your party? I wonder what the cost was to repair the damage that occurred on January 6, there were no weapons found on the folks who were arrested and the only person that died during the ‘riot’ was an unarmed USAF veteran. And compare that to the cost, in lives lost and in property damage, caused by rampaging leftists all of last summer?  

And finally, you don’t need to be a political genius to recognize what motivates those behind all of this ‘commission’ nonsense. The Democrats see it as a way to impeach President Trump for a third time while their ‘fake news’ media allies would use the propaganda generated in an effort to destroy the populist movement on one hand and collapse the Republican Party on the other hand. The Democrats bear most, if not all, of the responsibility for the events that occurred on January 6. Democrats disenfranchised millions of voters, with their in-your-face cheating, and nullified their votes!


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