I’m sure it came as a surprise to no one that in the rush to provide cover for ‘Creepy Joe’ most recent incompetence in Afghanistan it wasn’t going to take long for Willard Romney to slither out from under his rock and, like many of his fellow RINOs, place blame where it most definitely does not belong, on President Trump. You’ll remember it was Willard who couldn’t make the team, and so hated everybody who did. He is jealous, vindictive, and spiteful. He is a sociopath, which was why he lost his own election for president and was not selected to join ‘Team Trump.’

And it was again, just this past Sunday, during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” hosted by Jake ‘Mr. Fake News’, that Willard took the opportunity provided to him to accuse the Trump administration of having helped “cause this crisis” still unfolding in Afghanistan. Tapper said, “Should there be a U.S. military presence in the Kabul airport until every American citizen and legal permanent resident and Afghan SIV applicant is gone, even if that means service members staying for weeks and months? Of course, there’s this real possibility of American casualties.”

And, of course, Willard responded by saying, “Leaving Americans behind and leaving our Afghan friends behind, who worked with us, would put upon us and will put upon us a moral stain. This is the result of very ineffective decisions by the prior administration and the current administration. This did not have to happen. It was preventable. And let me note that’s very different than the military.” And he added, “Our military came in at the very last moment and has performed admirably as far as I can tell to move people out as quickly as possible.”

And he went on to say, “We didn’t have to be in this rush, rush circumstance with terrorists breathing down our neck. It’s the responsibility of the prior administration and this administration that’s cause this crisis to be upon us and has led to what is, without question, a humanitarian and foreign policy tragedy.” Tapper said, “Your home state of Utah is welcoming Afghan refugees, as I would expect, from Utah. But many conservative voices, including Republican lawmakers, have been speaking out against letting Afghans come into the country.”

Tapper continued, “Congressman Matt Rosendale said this crisis, quote, ‘Is not an excuse to flood our country with refugees from Afghanistan and on and on.’ How do you think the majority of the Republicans in the House and Senate would vote when asked if the U.S. should accept Afghan refugees?” Willard said, “I don’t really know, of course. I believe in their heart of hearts that they recognize that we have a moral responsibility, and in keeping with our national character, we welcome people into our country who seek asylum.”

He said, “And those particularly who have fought alongside our troops and have enabled our troops to have a higher degree of safety than they would have had otherwise. Those are people to whom we owe a debt of gratitude, and we would welcome them into our country. I think it’s one of the characteristics of our great nation. We are a nation that welcomes with open arms our friends around the world. We’re talking 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, maybe 50,000 Afghans. How many are coming across the border illegally? That number is exceeded almost every month.”

Willard said, “So let’s put this in perspective. I, for one, am very pleased we’ll have individuals that come to our country that can contribute to America and believe in the principles upon which it was founded.” So just how many of those now being brought to this country will end up being contributing members of our society? Likely very few. Obviously, Willard is again allowing his hatred of Donald Trump get the better of him. ‘Creepy Joe is to blame for what continues to be a complete total disaster. ‘Creepy Joe’ completely ignored the deal made by President Trump.

I’m likely stating the obvious here but it’s Willard, and the many just like him, who all embody everything that is wrong with American politics today. He is a liar, a backstabber, and is another who uses his office to enrich himself, while caring little about the American middle class. And he is one of those who says one thing but does another. Willard was desperate to worm his way into the Trump administration, and when President Trump turned him down, he became just another back biting weasel who doesn’t care if he hurts his country with his vengeful double dealing.

And is there anyone who better personifies what a political traitor is better than Willard? He’s not a conservative, nor is he very supportive of conservative causes. I wish we could dump all of these squishy, feckless, pathetic RINOS. Willard is a bitter, resentful loser. It must eat at him every day that Donald Trump won and enjoys so much support. This entitled rich kid can’t get over the fact that all his money could not make him that which he will never be: A leader. Willard is a dishonorable, unpatriotic liar and a bottom feeder who lacks morals and values. Typical RINO!

‘Creepy Joe’, and Creepy Joe’ alone, is responsible for the fiasco still unfolding in Afghanistan. He set the withdrawal deadline and was the sole arbiter of troop numbers and withdrawal strategy. President Trump wanted to end the Afghanistan war, but not if it meant surrendering to the Taliban. ‘Creepy Joe’ didn’t share his concerns and withdrew the troops despite the predicted consequences. It was only after public pressure was applied that he sent troops back in to clean up his mess that resulted in the death of thirteen soldiers and thousands of trapped American civilians.

Apparently, Willard believes that because President Trump made a plan to get us out of this mess, a plan that was completely ignored by ‘Creepy Joe,’ the resulting mess is now somehow all President Trump’s fault? Who does he think believes his tripe? Willard is delusional, because he must also think that President Trump’s withdrawal plan would have failed in a similar fashion as has Joe’s surrender and complete capitulation. Here is your problem Willard, President Trump DELIVERED on his promises. He was a leader who saw the guiding light and strove to reach it.

There are several countries who are not accepting any more Afghan refugees. The reason being that they do not choose to assimilate into western culture, but chose to live as if it is still the dark ages, America owes the world absolutely nothing. The ONLY Afghans that we take in should be 100% verified Afghans and their immediate family with actual proof of assisting the U.S., government officials and/or Afghan military. Leave the rest wherever they’ve gotten a ride to, out of Afghanistan. We are in a terrible position right now and our priority should be getting Americans out.

Finally, Willard’s is not a voice any conservative wants to hear. All he can provide is some sort of sick satisfaction to the despicable left and the Democrats. Willard is only too happy to allow himself to be used by the left for propaganda. He has no agenda contributing positively to the Republican Party. Willard continues to be a big part of the problem when it comes to trying to salvage what’s left of our country. It’s unbelievable that this man has become so consumed by his hatred of man that he is willing to act as nothing more than a pawn of those who want to destroy our country.


Please excuse my ignorance, and what some may see as naivete, when I say that there was once upon a time when I was very much a supporter of John Bolton. And it was then that I actually agreed with his tough talk directed at those who were America’s enemies. But it’s been more recently that I have come to recognize the error of my ways. And there is nothing that proves better what a fraud this guy is, and likely has always been, than how he seems to have come out in defense of ‘Creepy Joe’s Afghanistan debacle and instead proceeded to blame it all on…wait for it…DONALD TRUMP. I mean to make such a claim, even in jest, is absolutely ludicrous!

And so it was, as recently as this past Friday, that during a visit there at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka CNN, that Bolton was again provided a platform from which to spew more of his typical anti-Trump pablum when he said that former President Trump’s “mistake” of negotiation with the Taliban was what led to the unfolding chaos in Afghanistan as the United States withdraws. By all means, negotiation is never a good thing, we must always waste resources and manpower in trying to obliterate our adversaries and never even attempt to seek out a peaceful resolution to any conflict, potential or actual. This has always been his mantra and rarely has it been effective. And yet…

So anyway, it was Friday that Bolton said, “I think Biden has been very clear for a long time. He and Trump actually see this exactly the same way. They both wanted to get out. Now, there’s finger-pointing, Biden saying we’re stuck with the Trump deal, Trump saying well, they could have done it differently. Look, the basic mistake that’s playing out here is that Trump negotiated this deal only with the Taliban. There are a lot of mistakes in the deal itself.” And he added, “But the fundamental problem of dealing with this terrorist organization is that the Trump negotiators delegitimized the Afghan government.” He’s simply trying to provide cover for ‘Creepy Joe!’

And it was Bolton who continued by saying, “The government we set up — the government, with all its many, many flaws, had at least some democratic legitimacy, of which Taliban had none.” And he then went on to say, “And by delegitimizing the government, de-recognizing it in effect, we shattered the morale of the Afghan army. The army is saying, well, if the Americans won’t even protect that government, why are we going to end up protecting it?” And he concluded by saying, “Which is why, honestly, nobody should have been surprised that the army collapsed so quickly when Biden announced the final withdrawal.” Again, simply more excuse making.

Look, in truth, ‘Creepy Joe’ kept none of President Trump’s deals on anything, he simply went his own way. And I cannot be the only one who views it as being rather cowardly that they proceed to blame President Trump for the border crisis immediately after they stopped construction on the border wall and proceeded to throw open our southern border. They have blamed President Trump for everything that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ has done wrong, so this drivel now coming from Bolton should come as a surprise to anyone. Also, more than a little dishonest is how they’ve taken credit for the vaccines though, when that too was President Trump’s doing.

And, if I remember correctly, wasn’t it the Democrats who said they wouldn’t trust, nor would they take, any vaccine developed under President Trump. But now they claim that it was all their doing while at the same time making threats about how we must all be vaccinated or else! Democrats are nuts. ‘Creepy Joe’ has been nothing less than a disaster on every level that he could have been, and has done absolutely nothing right since being sworn in. And those who continue to defend him, like those such as Bolton, demonstrate what frauds they truly are and, sadly, likely have always been, making those who once trusted them feel like we were simply made fools of.

Bolton, by making such claims, is clearly demonstrating that there is nothing that he will not say in his effort to remain, in any way, relevant. But it’s not going to work with most. As far as I’m concerned, he’s worse than a loser, he’s a traitor who seems interested in doing nothing other than to put his own petty personal issues above the interests of the nation. So, of course, he’d show up on CNN. And it’s in his attempt to defend ‘Creepy Joe’ that Bolton is simply telling another whopper. ‘Creepy Joe’ publicly repudiated the deal President Trump negotiated with the Taliban back in April. That is why this mess, and the idiotic decision making is all on ‘Creepy Joe.’

‘Creepy Joe’ threw out any and all things President Trump did without any consideration because he thought it would make him look good. The whole purpose here was to make it look like Donald Trump had never been President. And it’s one thing for ‘Creepy Joe’ to dump President Trump’s deal, but to do so and have nothing to replace it with, that’s simply dereliction of duty. And while “Orange Man Bad” seems to continue as being the political battle cry of those on the Left, as we have seen, it’s not much of a foreign policy strategy. Diplomacy involves sitting down with those groups you don’t like and finding common ground and acting like an adult.  

Bolton was, and continues to be, patently incompetent, and is still childishly angry and resentful because he was fired by President Trump. Bolton is now even less in touch then he was when he worked for the Bushes. He is definitely not someone who should continue to be taken seriously. He has been reduced to a joke, and all by his own doing. The retreat from Afghanistan was totally the work of ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co., and any attempt to portray it is anything else should be seen as nothing more than a work of pure political fiction. So I ask you, can our country or, dare I say, the world afford another three and a half years of *president ‘Creepy Joe’ and his team?

As I said, Bolton continues to work so very hard to remain relevant, so hard, in fact, that he was forced to resort to appearing on CNN with its 250,000 viewers a night in order to prove just how irrelevant he still is. We all know, this would be the only Trump plan that ‘Creepy Joe’ would have followed, if indeed he had followed it. We aren’t stupid enough to believe that this ‘Keystone Kop’ plan was cooked up by anyone other than those who comprise the current administration. President Trump did the right thing by choosing to fire this fraud. Bolton has proven himself to be such a disappointment. The time has come for him to simply go away.


So I ask you, have we ever had a more pathetic *president than ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden? Hell, even Jimmy Carter wasn’t as much of a screwup as this demented boob is. And even more ridiculous is the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ has succeeded in doing nothing more than to take us back in time to those glorious days of the early 1970s and all the wonderful things that go along with that, and in so doing also created for himself a far more dangerous hostage crisis, at least potentially, than even the one created by that bonehead Carter. And I find it rather ludicrous that we’re expected to believe that there were 81 million Americans who actually voted for this senile old doofus.

That ANY reasonably intelligent adult could have thought it a good idea to vote for this guy is more than a little frightening, but the thought that 81 million of us may have actually voted for him suggests that this country is now in far worse shape than any of us might have thought. I mean it’s in ‘Creepy Joe’ that we have a guy who barely left his basement during the entire 2020 presidential campaign and who, on good day, couldn’t fill up your average sized gymnasium for one of his infrequent rallies. And now fast-forward to the first seven months of his *presidency and ‘Creepy Joe’ has proven to be so much worse than any other president in history.   

And then it was Thursday of this week that we had *president ‘Creepy Joe’ doing his best to sound tough to the terrorists who killed 12 American soldiers, but then crumbled pretty much in real time when challenged by White House ‘Fox News’ reporter Peter Doocy. And it was in reading from his teleprompter that ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay.” After his speech, ‘Creepy Joe’ then proceeded to take questions, calling on a list of preapproved reporters given to him from his staff. He ultimately called on Doocy, actually describing him as “the most interesting guy in the press.”

Doocy asked ‘Creepy Joe’ if he would take responsibility for the deaths of the 12 American troops and his chaotic and deadly exit from Afghanistan. ‘Creepy Joe’ said he did take responsibility but pointedly noted to Doocy that it was former President Trump who had made the withdrawal deal with the Taliban. Bickering with Doocy, ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “Remember that? I’m being serious. No. I’m asking you a question. No. No. No. Wait a minute. I’m asking you a question. Is that accurate…” And then, clutching his folder of remarks and notes, ‘Creepy Joe’ bowed down in frustration as Doocy followed up with additional questions about the Taliban.

‘Creepy Joe’ did acknowledge that the exit from Afghanistan was “messy,” but repeated that the short period of peace in the region was a result of President Trump’s agreement with the Taliban. When Doocy asked if the president stood by his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, ‘Creepy Joe’ replied, “Yes, I do. Because look at it this way folks…” He paused and indicated he was preparing to leave the room. Then he said, “I’m going to… I have another meeting for real,” before continuing to answer Doocy’s question. ‘Creepy Joe’ is clearly a feeble old man who has absolutely no business being in the office that he was fraudulently ‘selected’ to hold!

As has been pointed out by so many others, “elections have consequences and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences!!” God bless the Marines and the Sailor whose lives were so callously thrown away by ‘Creepy Joe’ and his incompetent handlers! We now have as our *president a 78 year old cognitively bankrupt, dementia patient, who has never been good at anything and who has been on the wrong side of every important foreign policy and national defense issue since the dinosaurs last roamed the earth. He is also someone who has zero experience in any executive or managerial capacity and yet has ended up in the presidency of the United States?

Regarding the events in Afghanistan there was no blunder, but we’re meant to think that it was. It was purely intentional, Democrats put into office their perfect candidate, someone who could be easily manipulated and who was willing to do whatever he was told to do. And ‘Creepy Joe,’ desperate to be *president, was happy to go along with any scheme that would get him into office. And now everything is going exactly according to plan. And that plan was to arm the terrorists in Afghanistan, humiliate the U.S. and to then import planeloads of terrorists into the U.S. All to ensure that the destruction of the U.S. would keep rolling along.

‘Creepy Joe’ referred to the loss of 12 of our service members as being a “tough day.” As if he might have lost a lot of money in the stock market. This man is a liar and is a disgrace to our country. To be honest we have not had a president since January 20 of this year. ‘Creepy Joe’ continues to prove that he’s nothing more than a mouthpiece for others, a presenter, the front man, a poser, and he can’t even do that without screwing it up. ‘Creepy Joe’ did everything backwards from President Trump’s well thought out, orderly, sane plan for withdrawal. And most importantly, President Trump warned of severe consequences if harm came to any American.

And these terrorists knew, because of the way he had followed through on previous instances, that President Trump would destroy them! These terrorists respect only one thing, and that one thing is POWER. And it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ and his entire feckless team that project nothing but utter weakness! This is all classic Democrat Party stuff. First you create the problem, then talk it up and act like you’re going to solve it for everyone, only you don’t solve it, and then move on to create another problem. That way you appear to be solving problems 24/7 for the little people. Oh, I forgot, lie the entire time. In fact, lying is an integral part of the Democrat Party.

And let’s be honest, ‘Creepy Joe’ hasn’t the balls to go hunting anyone down. He is a eunuch. He left that pathetic attempt at a press conference and likely took a nap, waking up having no clue what day it was, let alone what had happened. How many times a day does he likely need to be briefed on some subject matter? Or do they no longer even bother only rolling ‘Creepy Joe’ out when they need him to play his role as *president. Thousands of Americans and our allies will likely now be left to fend for themselves under Taliban rule. The blood on ‘Creepy Joe’s hands has only just begun. Things are going to get much more nauseating in the coming weeks.

How embarrassing! Can you imagine if President Trump had caused a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude and then folded? There were those news outlets who educated the American people about ‘Creepy Joe’s cognitive decline and his motives during the Presidential campaign. But his supporters watched the ‘fake news’ media that kept well-hidden ‘Creepy Joe’s mental decline. The ‘fake news’ and social media, the entire Democrat Party and nearly all of Hollyweird should be ashamed and held responsible for propping up this clueless man to be our *president, for hiding his dementia and for enabling him to put our Americans and our country at risk.

This is why those people who didn’t like President Trump for his ‘mean tweets’ and chose to vote for ‘Creepy Joe’ in the hope of getting themselves some “free stuff,” should be spayed and/or neutered at our earliest convenience. They have broken the bank, erased the border, handed the oil trade to the Russians and the Sheiks of the Middle East, offered Iran money for nukes, and now have armed a huge radical Moslem army now in possession of some very modern weapons. An army with intentions of expanding into other nations. And this goes to the spineless pukes who voted Democrat to in order to prove just how ‘woke’ they really are.


Look, I’m pretty sure we all remember how, when Donald Trump was president, all the Democrats, and their many media minions, could talk about was how America was in such terrible shape, and all because of President Trump. You know like the fact that we had become energy independent, the economy was booming, there was a real increase in wages especially for minorities and women, ISIS was eradicated and so very much more. But apparently what the Democrats were actually doing back then was to paint a picture of what America would come to look like if the American people were ever foolish enough to put them back in charge of running the country.

And so it was that courtesy of a fraudulent election the Democrats gained control of the White House and together with control of Congress, by the slimmest of margins, Democrats busily set about to wreak all manner of havoc upon this country and the world. Long before Donald Trump had ever mentioned running for office, we were constantly assured by Democrats, and their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, that the United States as we knew it was pretty much toast. And it was on election night 2016 that heads all across the world of ‘fake news’ were set spinning. And the many claims made by Democrats essentially became a self-fulfilling prophecy.   

It all began on election night 2016 as Hitlery’s various paths to the White House dwindled down to nothing and the talking heads at each and every network, including ‘Fox News,’ repeated the dire warning that a Trump victory meant certain doom for both America and for the world. It was the first of about a million things that they got so wrong. Trump’s economy was humming along in overdrive until the Wuhan lab let a bat go free. Objectively speaking, the first three years of the Trump era were damned good ones for our republic. And yet it was the Democrats who saw things so very differently. It was like they were all in some sort of alternative universe.  

And so, rather than just sit back and enjoy all of the peace and prosperity that President Trump helped bring about, all they could do was to rant about the fact that he had dared to defeat the least likable presidential candidate in history fairly and squarely. A fact that, nearly five years later, they, and the candidate herself, have yet to get over. And it was back then that had one been a regular consumer of the so-called ‘mainstream media’ here in the U. S. of A., all you read or heard about was how this great land ours was about to be ruined forever by the newly elected Donald Trump. And they kept up the wailing 24/7/365 while President Trump was in office.

There was nothing that was reality-based that fit their narrative, so they simply lied about everything. They breathlessly “reported” an avalanche of anonymously sourced anti-Trump garbage every sing day. From almost the moment that Donald Trump got into office, I enjoyed the way he never backed down and never surrendered. Instead, he gave it right back to them, and they simply didn’t know now to respond, a Republican had never behaved like this before. Which only caused their meltdown to intensify. The only real chaos during the Trump years happened in 2020, and it wasn’t his doing. The pandemic threw everything into a tizzy, including election integrity.

Now we’re seven months into a nightmare brought about by Democrat opportunists who ran over dead bodies just so they could point back and use them as excuses to obliterate any semblance of transparency in an American presidential election. The result of that, sadly, is the fact that we are now living the nightmare that Democrats falsely claimed was a reality during Trump’s presidency. ‘Creepy Joe’s brief tenure as occupier of the Oval Office has been a bigger threat to Americans than our enemies could have ever dreamt of being less than a year ago. Those who actually did vote for this loser should be ashamed of themselves, this is their fault!!!

And it’s nothing that better symbolizes what a complete and utter failure ‘Creepy Joe’ is as our *president and commander-in-chief than Afghanistan. We were already in a bad place as a country before the Taliban effortlessly waltzed across Afghanistan and erased 20 years of effort and sacrifice by the U.S. and our allies. Of course, those in the ‘fake news’ would never agree with that. They were busy pretending that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ was standing up to these bloodthirsty practitioners of what is nothing more than a cult based on all manner of violence and death. In truth it was our supposed commander-in-chief who was doing the complete opposite.

Democrats never seemed to tire of telling us how it was that our friends around the world no longer respected us because Donald Trump was our president. I would argue that it was specifically because of President Trump that America was respected more than at any time since Ronald Reagan. America was in great shape. And now, just seven months and a handful of days into ‘Creepy Joe’s tenure: inflation is exploding, the peace Trump brokered in the Middle East has been destabilized, our allies don’t trust us, our enemies are mocking us, our border with Mexico has become a porous COVID super-spreader event and then, of course, there’s Afghanistan

You have to wonder where ‘Creepy Joe’s approval rating would be if those in our ‘fake news’ media ever took it upon themselves to report the truth instead of to continuously spew that which is nothing more than pure propaganda. Imagine if they were to take part in real, in-depth reporting on illegal immigration, inflation, foreign affairs, crime and Covid, the real numbers, real stats and real stories about who it is that’s responsible for all of it. ‘Creepy Joe’ has been office for seven months, and it has been a long, terrible seven months. It’s the Democrats who need to face the facts and accept the fact that the United States is a big mess and it’s of their making.

The possible silver lining here is that the Democrats, by ‘winning’ the 2020 election, may have actually ensured their own demise for the next few election cycles. They ran on a platform of competence, both foreign and domestic, against their phony bogeyman Trump. They have been proven to be incompetent in both arenas. Furthermore, the degree of their incompetence, greed and outright lunacy is so staggering they may be poisoning the well for Democrat candidates in the mid-terms and beyond. Hence their rush to shove through Congress and to ‘Creepy Joe’s desk their blatant attempt to make law all that made it possible for them to ‘win’ in 2020.

The Democrats are doing everything within their power to nationalize elections under their power. If they succeed, you can kiss free and fair elections good-bye. We’ll be California in only a few years. One-party rule with just enough token RINOs in power so people think their vote still matters, and whose purpose will be to act as someone to blame Democrat failures on. All the Democrats need to do is pass the John Lewis Voting Act and no Democrat will ever lose another election! Will the Republicans hold the line? Will the Democrats suffer because of their overreach? Will the ‘fake news’ media remain a propaganda cabal? Who knows? So, we wait and we hope.


Let me start by asking the obvious question here. Just how stupid must our politician think we are? Because whether it’s the stifling of energy production here at home, the allowing of thousands to flood illegally, and unimpeded, across our southern border before then being bussed to all points across this country under cover of darkness, the spending of money as fast as it can be printed, the complete neutering of our military or the abandoning of thousands of Americans in the most barbaric region of the entire planet, I can only assume we’re viewed as being too stupid to notice or too intimidated to say anything. It’s now time to prove that we are neither!

All if which brings me to former George W. Bush campaign ‘strategist’ Matthew Dowd, who this past Tuesday, during an appearance on CNN’s “OutFront,” made the rather idiotic claim that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ has “done an extremely good job” on Afghanistan. Dowd said, “Joe Biden’s drift down of his approval ratings didn’t start with Afghanistan. It started with the COVID and the spread of the virus. I think Americans, not disapproval of him but disapproval of the situation, and I think that has to get fixed for his approval numbers to fundamentally go back up to where they were. It’s not a large drift. It’s a small drift of approval numbers.”

And it was this very same dolt who added, “I have a lotted the president from the very beginning about Afghanistan. He was dealt a horrible situation, and as of today, he’s done an extremely good job in the situation. There were many people over the last seven days that said there is no possible way he could get 50,000 people out. Not possible, no way, and that was the number of people thought had to get out. He’s got 70,000 people in the last eight days. 70,000 people out of Afghanistan in the last days. I actually think the president, from what he was dealt and done over the course of the last week, should be congratulated on the way this was done.”

And he then went on to say, “There is many things left to handle over the course of this situation. I think the president has done unbelievable work, and he’s the first president in four presidents to actually get done what the American people wanted done in Afghanistan, which was get out.” Is Dowd delusional? Let’s face it, ‘Creepy Joe’ could not possibly have screwed things up any worse. He’s a low IQ moron with a serious case of dementia. And just how was it that we were able to get to this point in our history? It’s a dark period in which we are now being led by a mentally-challenged individual ushered into office courtesy of a blatantly fraudulent ‘election’.

An extremely good job? Seriously? Since when is turning our back on thousands of American hostages, EVER a good idea? What we have here is another example of CNN’s modus operandi of shopping around for any and all RINOs who either despise President Trump, love ‘Creepy Joe’ or are nothing more than creatures of ‘The Swamp.’ And it’s this fool who certainly fits the bill, and on all counts. If the goal was to abandon both American civilians, and Afghan allies fall into the hands of a brutal terrorist group, if the goal was to provide billions of dollars worth of military equipment to those same terrorists, then, yes, ‘Creepy Joe’ did a fantastic job.

So yes, by all means, let’s congratulate ‘Creepy Joe’ for a job very well done! NOT! Such actions certainly deserve the praise of every single Democrat in the country because, as we all know, Democrats hate America. And what was it, exactly, that we’re supposed to believe that he was dealt? President Trump had some very specific conditions attached to his evacuation plans. Like, for example, we’ll turn you to ash if you get in the way. The ‘dealt-a-bad-hand’ mantra is complete bull crap. You will never find a more stark and more disturbing, example of the differences between these swamp rats and the American people out beyond the beltway, than this moron!!

This guy Dowd completely misses the herd of elephants in the room. That being, of course, the fact that the military left American citizens and billions of dollars in assets behind and unprotected on orders from ‘Creepy Joe.’ Duh! Dowd should not be allowed to be in public whenever he’s off his medication. And I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to hear that he’d gotten a call from Hunter asking what it is that he’s been smoking, snorting or shooting up. And I’m guessing that we’re expected not to believe the photos, videos, and reports from people on the ground and instead believe this guy whose nose seems surgically attached to ‘Creepy Joe’s ass.

Look, this guy is doing nothing more than to parrot the propaganda number of 70,000 Americans evacuated that ‘Creepy Joe’ has been touting. But the problem with that is: a) ‘Creepy Joe’ struggles with telling the truth as he has publicly told several lies in every one of his speeches since assuming office and before, b) any number associated with evacuations includes evacuation by allied forces and private parties; c) evacuation numbers do not separate the number of Americans from the Afghan numbers; and d) ‘Creepy Joe’ vacation had higher priority than the fact that the Taliban seizing Kabul. This man needs to be benched or thrown out of the park.

The ‘long view’ will come to be realized when on September 1 the world comes to the sad realization that American leadership failed to evacuate American citizens, failed to negotiate with the terrorists to get them out of the country safely, and that conflict is inevitable. Dowd is clearly as mentally deficient as ‘Creepy Joe.’ I never thought anyone could be more daft than ‘Creepy Joe,’ but Dowd is. I’m waiting for Romney to show up to praise ‘Creepy Joe.’ Once upon a time I thought they said crazy things because they were just playing politics and their supporters were stupid enough to believe them. It’s now apparent they believe what they’re saying.

Finally, there’s this cognitive dissonance Kool-Aid drinking thing where Democrats, as well as a few RINOs, would rather pretend to be right because they can’t stand the psychological blow-back caused by being wrong. The brain of the average Democrat voter just short-circuits at that point and accepts whatever fantasy version of ‘winning’ it can conjure up in support of deeply ingrained biases. The goal, here, was to appear to be as weak as possible on the world stage so our enemies would then be emboldened and strike us again. The administration could then declare martial law and next thing you know you’re in a concentration camp. The Democrats need chaos in order to justify tyranny, and it’s in that light that Afghanistan was a complete success.


You know, after roughly a year and a half of listening to him change his stories, I am now so over this attention seeking little blowhard of a narcissist. Tony Fauci has now managed to survive well beyond his ‘sell-by’ date and long ago exhausted what little credibility it was that he may have at one time possessed, especially when it comes to all things related to the ‘Chinese virus.’ But that certainly hasn’t prevented him from being sought out by those in the ‘fake news’ to spew his useless propaganda none of which, contrary to what he would like for us to believe, is based on any actual scientific data, only on that which is nothing more than poisonous political rhetoric.

And so it was, just this past Monday, that Fauci one again was provided with another platform from which to spew his drivel, this time while appearing on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.” And it was then that he made the argument that, in light of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granting full approval of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, the last barrier for companies, governments and schools to now mandate vaccines had been effectively removed. Tony said, “There was some poll that showed it, that about 30% of people who are not anti-vax, they were just waiting to get what they felt was the real final stamp of approval, which we just got today with the Pfizer product.”

And he went on to say, “And those 30% are saying when that occurs, they will feel very, very comfortable about getting vaccinated. So right away, you’re talking about 30%. I hope they come through with what the survey said.” He added, “But the other thing that you just mentioned now is they’re going to give a lot of incentive and backing for a lot of institutions and organizations and places of employment to mandate, and that could be colleges, university, the military, organizations that employ a lot of people, some of the big corporations are going to say if you want to work for us in person, you’ve got to be there and get vaccinated.”

And he finished up by saying, “I think that’s a good thing. I know I respect people’s freedom, but when you’re talking about a public health crisis that we’ve been going through for well over a year and a half, the time has come. Enough is enough. We’ve just got to get people vaccinated.” Frankly, I’m still waiting for this clown to demand that ‘Creepy Joe’ close the border. Not that that is likely to happen. I mean, you have to wonder if he even cares about the hundreds of thousands of “unvaccinated” illegals being secretly bussed into neighborhoods all across the country in the cover of night, or if it’s ONLY Americans who need to get the vaccine.

Just to be clear, I’m one of the 30% of who Fauci speaks, but I will NEVER be injected by these poisons that claims are so necessary to undo what he helped to engineer in a lab in Communist China. And I hope I live to see the day when his sorry ass is finally prosecuted and is sentenced to death for all the death and misery that he personally helped to orchestrate starting way back in 2017 when he made his prediction that a pandemic was coming shortly. My sense tells me it’s more than 30% that haven’t gotten this poison. Fauci truly has risen to a very evil level for a human being. And I sincerely hope he gets back tenfold of what it is that he has caused others.

And I wonder if, as a physician’ he cares at all about the children being gagged and suffocated with masks that have no real purpose. And too, I wonder why he has remained silent on the subject of ‘BO’s super spreader birthday bash? Fauci is a fraud, a liar and a mass murder. His flip-flops are worse than ‘Creepy Joe’s dementia. I find it all so hard to believe that our country has been held hostage by this twisted individual with a ‘little man’ complex who has been nothing more than a bureaucrat for the last 37 years. He’s never been a practicing doctor or a clinical scientist, he isn’t qualified to make and decision that will impact millions of Americans.

And I have no doubt that Human Resources departments all across the country have been busy collecting the various reasons for why people are rejecting the vaccine, with most likely saying that they’re not FDA approved. Keep in mind that just because the FDA approves something that has not properly been vetted, is meaningless. Thousands of doctors and scientists from all over the globe are issuing dire warnings about this new gene therapy. FDA approval means nothing in this case, as normal testing and studies have still not been done. This is nothing more than a rubber stamp of approval. And yet we’re to believe that it’s supposed to make a difference.

It takes an average of 10 years for the FDA to test and to approve an artificial sweetener, but a drug that has an effect on your DNA needs only nine months? Never-mind that there have been hundreds of mRNA drugs tested and ZERO mRNA drugs approved in the last 35 years. If we are following the science it’s in the “real” world that not everyone needs to be vaccinated, because you also have people who have had the virus, survived, have antibodies. Get enough of both people and you have herd immunity. What happened to that scenario? Not profitable enough? Did the science change? There is something very creepy going on here and I don’t trust them!

And how about Fauci spend a little less time lecturing people and a little more time on answering questions about precisely where this virus came from, and what he’s trying so desperately to keep hidden? I am not ‘anti-vaccine,’ I am anti-this-vaccine.’ And don’t lecture me about forcing these ‘vaccines’ on the American public while our southern border is a wide open covid sewer. I don’t think a mask will save us from the millions of sick people crossing the border. And I don’t think a virus that started in Communist China and has travelled around the world will be deterred by a mask. And yet we’re told that everyone from 3 months old to 90 years old must be masked.

Letting a government mandate that you must take this ‘vaccine’ that they designed, assumes that it will not be used for any other nefarious purpose such as promoting an early death after you reach a certain age. The people who are pushing so hard to force these injections on us are the very same people who forced thousands of elderly people into rest homes knowing full well the risk of serious complication or death, and thousands died. They are setting the stage to make these ‘vaccines’ a normal part of our healthcare. But what will they contain a few years down the road when the masses have come to accept as routine?

This is all absolute craziness. The way these people talk, one would think that we are dealing with the Black Death that killed off a third of the population of Europe, instead of disease that’s no worse than the common flu and for which most people already had natural immunity. And don’t forget the 99.97% survival rate. And the only reason why there were as many Covid deaths as there have been, is because so-called medical experts like Fauci suppressed the cures like Ivermectin, HCQ, intravenous Vitamin C and D, etc. simply to boost the death toll. The entire way the public has been made to think about Covid and these Covid ‘vaccines’ is so wrong.

Fauci has said, “I know I respect people’s freedom, but when you’re talking about a public health crisis that we’ve been going through for well over a year and a half, the time has come. Enough is enough. We’ve just got to get people vaccinated.” What a lying sack of crap this guy is. If he really respected peoples’ freedom, then he wouldn’t have been behind the funding of the “gain of function” effort in China to engineer a common cold-flu virus into the military grade bio-weapon that became ‘Covid-19.’ Why he remains able to walk around mouthing off simply astounds me. He should have been locked away where he could no longer do any harm.

And finally, it’s Fauci who is about as far removed as one can possibly be from being an actual physician and yet remain able to have MD after his name. And you have to ask yourself just why is it that he remains so desperate to get every one of us ‘vaccinated.’ And don’t tell me that it’s because of his overwhelming concern for public health or the safety of the American people. Because I’m simply not buying it. Honesty, does this guy really strike you as being someone who genuinely gives a shit about his fellow man? Let’s be honest, it’s become very clear that there are only two things that Fauci actually cares about, himself and money. That’s it!


I can’t help but wonder if ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace might now be having second thoughts regarding the part he played in getting ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden ‘selected’ *president. From the level of enthusiasm he exhibited both as a cheerleader for candidate ‘Creepy Joe,’ during the 2020 presidential campaign, and has since exhibited in his continuing effort to defend, and to make excuses for, the most incompetent individual to ever ‘elected’ to the highest office in the land. Somehow, I rather doubt it. And any attempt, on his part, to make it appear that might be the case should be seen for exactly what it is, a charade. Because that’s all it would be.   

So anyway, it was ‘Commie Chris’, during this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” who appeared to press our incompetent Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, over *president ‘Creepy Joe’s “flat wrong” statements regarding Afghanistan. After questioning Blinkin on ‘Creepy Joe’s claims that al Qaeda is not in Afghanistan, ‘Commie Chris’ said, “Here’s another statement that the president made that was flat wrong, take a look.” In a video, ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “I have seen no question of marketability from our allies around the world. I’ve got the exact opposite. We are acting with dispatch. We are committing to what we said we would do.”

Wallace said, “Armin Laschet, the likely successor to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said, “This is the biggest debacle that NATO has seen since its foundation.” He added, “Mr. Secretary, does the president not know what’s going on?” Blinken said, “This is an incredibly emotional time for many of us and including allies and partners who have been shoulder to shoulder with us in Afghanistan for 20 years, at high cost to themselves as well as us. But I’ve got to tell you this, Chris, I spent more time with our NATO partners in Brussels from before the president made his decision, to when he made his decision. We’ve been working very, very closely together.”

I’m pretty sure that ‘Commie Chris’ would rather we forget how it was that he worked so hard in trying to get ‘Creepy Joe’ elected. From covering up his dementia and making excuses for the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ never left his basement to the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ had a difficult time filling a gymnasium size venue when it came to his ‘rallies.’ And I would argue that were it not for ‘Commie Chris,’ and his colleagues in the world of ‘fake news’, we would not now be in this predicament. Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. Wallace is clearly complicit in helping this fraudulent regime steal the election and come to power.

But to be honest I do find it rather strange that ‘Commie Chris’ isn’t now heaping all manner of praise on ‘Creepy Joe,’ perhaps even praising him for his courage and decisiveness. I mean, after all, Afghanistan is no more of a major screwup than is the mess that is continuing to occur at our southern border, which is also of ‘Creepy Joe’s doing, our renewed dependence on foreign sources of our energy, or the various new health mandates that have absolutely no basis in any actual science. American lives are at risk in the case of each one of these screwups, and yet it’s ‘Commie Chris’ that singles out only the Afghanistan fiasco for his criticism.

We all know how it is that ‘Commie Chris’ has been dumping on Donald Trump going back to before he was first elected, and how he has been very enthusiastically defending ‘Creepy Joe for well over a year. And it’s kinda funny that it’s only now that ‘Commie Chris’ chooses to pretend that he’s a bona fide ‘journalist.’ But it’s too little, too late. As I said, it was this boob who helped install ‘Creepy Joe’ and ‘Headboard Harris.’ And I’m sure we all remember how it was that ‘Fox News’ got the ball rolling on election night by calling Arizona way, WAY, too early. And it has been since then that I have yet to watch ‘Fox News.’ I’m done with them.

‘Commie Chris’ is nothing if not an accessory to the crime of putting ‘Creepy Joe’ in office. And he now tries to act as if he can ask tough questions like a real journalist. He had his chance during the 2020 campaign, and he failed miserably. It was obvious to all which side he was on, and hence broke the first rule in ‘journalism’ once again proving what a fraud he truly is. This imbecile worked tirelessly to keep President Trump from getting re-elected all the while putting his support behind Biden and the Democrats. And it’s only now that he questions ‘Creepy Joe’s ability to lead? Mark my words America will remember all those who conspired with the Democrat regime.

And when was it that ‘Commie Chris’ ever gave the benefit of the doubt to President Trump in the same manner in which he does with ‘Creepy Joe?’ Oh that’s right, NEVER! It’s obvious that our current *president should be in a dementia ward at some assisted living facility, and most of us knew that prior to the election. The truth is that ‘Commie Chris’ knew it too, but he was blinded by his hatred of Trump. He just wanted ‘The Swamp’ to get back to business as usual once the only stumbling block to their grift was removed. Don’t act so surprised, the propagandists in the ‘fake news’ media and their RINO friends own every bit of this just as much as do the Democrats.

This is all on you ‘Commie Chris, and those like you in the ‘fake news’ media. ‘Creepy Joe’ was your boy, remember? This is what you, and yours, worked so hard to convince the American people would be such a vast improvement over President Trump. So this is exactly what you wanted, isn’t it? Now is the time to put your big boy pants on and own it, lock, stock and barrel. Now is the time for you to admit that your unreasonable hatred of Donald Trump has resulted in the most humiliating example of American incompetence in history, with the most disastrous and tragic results. All of which YOU and your ilk in the ‘fake news’ helped to create.

You and your fellow travelers in the business of ‘fake news’ got exactly what you wanted. You wanted ‘Creepy Joe,’ and now you got him. But it’s all rather unfortunate that it’s the rest of us that are now forced to live with the horrific result and the fallout courtesy of a ‘fake news’ media that continues to support an ‘election’ that was so very clearly rigged in order to install their guy in the White House. Unfortunately, we the supporters of President Trump have to live with what you have now wrought. In fact, the entire western world in now wondering how they could have miscalculated so badly. But it was right there in plain sight all along.

I cannot think of another ‘journalist’ who used his ‘fake news’ media platform, to the degree that ‘Commie Chris’ did, for the specific purpose of getting ‘Creepy Joe’ into the White House. ‘Commie Chris’ relentlessly hammered President Trump focusing on whether or not he had ‘sufficiently’ condemned white supremacy. His twisted obsession on this point in the first president debate was significant. And ‘Creepy Joe’ launched his campaign on the “fine people” hoax and kept repeating that lie throughout the campaign. ‘Commie Chris’ knew that President Trump had denounced all racist groups. His bias for ‘Creepy Joe’ was both dishonest and intentional.

‘Commie Chris’ along with the rest of the media never once called out ‘Creepy Joe’ for what they knew to be a lie, which then allowed him to continue to go forth the narrative that President Trump is a racist. ‘Commie Chris,’ and his ‘fake news’ colleagues did little more than to run interference for ‘The Big Guy.’ They got exactly what they wanted, the Democrats in control and working feverishly in their effort to destroy our country. I hope they are proud of their handiwork putting this country on a course that will not end well if something isn’t done. But of course, it was mission accomplished for them because Donald Trump is no longer the president.

‘Commie Chris’ doesn’t get to walk this one back. He and his many cohorts did everything they could to malign probably the greatest president in my lifetime in order to get a corrupt career politician, who’s “been wrong on every major foreign policy issue for 47 years” elected by any means possible. And Afghanistan is a result of that and is more than likely only the tip of the iceberg, now that the world knows how weak and worthless ‘Creepy Joe’ is. He’s an international embarrassment, who took the U.S. from a position of world strength and turned us into a laughingstock on the world stage. He’s given our allies every reason to never again trust us.

And finally, ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace continues to be nothing more than a willing minion and an accomplice first in getting ‘Creepy Joe’ elected and then in propping him up since he was sworn in. He has zero credibility. And it’s the lives that have been decimated by the ‘Chinese virus,’ and the destruction of our nation as a whole, the non-existent southern border and an illegal alien insurgency that has endangered any-town USA, but mostly our border states and, most recently, the debacle in Afghanistan that can be laid at the feet of those like ‘Commie Chris.’ They have willingly and with extreme malice voluntarily aided and abetted this lawless regime.


Does anyone, other than myself, ever wonder if any of our politicians, especially Republican politicians, actually give a shit about what is now being made to take place in this country? I mean we all know, or should by now, that Democrats want nothing more than destroy this country, but they also seem to be getting a great deal of help in that endeavor from what appears to be a growing number of RINOs. And if not the RINOs in Congress, damned if it’s not our RINO governors who continue to stab us in the back. Because, you see, we now have another gang of RINO turncoats who are doing their very best to prove what good little Democrats they really are.

But perhaps the better, more important, question to ask, would be ask whether or not enough of us actually care that it’s so many of these very same politicians who seem to be on no one’s side but their own and could care less if the country is destroyed, as long as it’s they who are the ones to come out on top of whatever it is that’s left of the country once all of the smoke clears. And you have to wonder, do they not care that what they are doing will likely result in our leaving behind a legacy that will consist of nothing more than stories about what America used to be like and what it was like to live in freedom. Apparently they couldn’t care less.  

All of which bring us to the ‘Gang of 10’ RINO governors who have actually requested *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s administration to resettle Afghans in their states as the State Department plans to bring thousands to the United States for permanent resettlement. As U.S. Special Forces withdraw from Afghanistan, it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden & Co. who has vowed to bring to the U.S. at least 22,000 Afghans via the refugee resettlement program. But it was as recently as this past Thursday that refugee contractors stated the number of Afghans said be looking to resettle in the U.S. is actually somewhere between 100,000 to 300,000. And that’s not acceptable.

Without a clear total bound for resettlement and a detailed vetting process, these ten RINOs have already asked ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. to resettle Afghans in their states. And these RINOs, most of whom many will be quite familiar with, include: South Carolina’s Henry McMaster, Maryland’s Larry Hogan, Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker, Utah’s Spencer Cox, Georgia’s Brian Kemp, Arkansas’ Asa Hutchinson, Arizona’s Doug Ducey, Iowa’s Kim Reynolds, Oklahoma’s Kevin Stitts and Vermont’s Phil Scott. RINOs ALL! And it’s all of us who should be angry that we’re being forced to accept these foreigners who have absolutely no interest whatsoever in becoming Americans.

It was Cox who said, “We are eager to continue that practice and assist with the resettlement of individuals and families fleeing Afghanistan, especially those who valiantly helped U.S. troops, diplomats, and other civilians over the past 20 years,” And Kemp suggested that he is open to resettling Afghans in Georgia, stating, “it is vitally important to keep those who partnered with American armed forces over the last 20 years safe from harm.” And Hogan said more refugee resettlement in Maryland “is the least we can do” to help Afghans, while Baker said that Massachusetts is looking to resettle refugees “seeking safety and peace in America.”

And it was on Thursday that Hutchinson said during a press conference Arkansas “would welcome” Afghans “as part of the other states that are welcoming those that need a place of refuge.” And it was Reynolds, joined by Sen. Joni Ernst, who told local media that she would “work with [the Iowa Bureau of Refugee Services] to … make sure we have a process in place and we have families and homes for them to go.” And it was Reynolds who also said, “We want to be a partner. We want them here, and we want them to know that. And we’ll work through those processes whatever they may be, but definitely we can handle that.”

These ten RINO governors seem quite eager to join Democrats like Gavin Newsom, Jared Polis, J.B. Pritzker, and Ralph Northam, among other Democrat governors, in asking ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. to resettle Afghans in their states. And as has been reported, states, counties, and local communities no longer have veto power over refugee resettlement. President Trump had signed an executive order in 2019 granting states and local jurisdictions the power to refuse refugees, but ‘Creepy Joe,’ in February, rescinded the order. These RINO governors are willing accomplices to the recklessly throwing open of the gates, allowing anyone who wants in, to come in.

Refugee resettlement costs American taxpayers nearly $9 Billion every five years, according to research, and each refugee costs taxpayers about $133,000 over the course of their lifetime. Within five years, an estimated 16 percent of all refugees admitted will need housing assistance paid for by taxpayers. So, first comes the chaos, then comes the offer of ‘safety’ provided, of course, one is willing to give up a few rights. You know like private property rights, the right to bear arms and, of course and any say-so regarding exactly what it is that your government might be up to. Gee, what a deal! Where do I sign? All of this is nothing short of insane.

Look, the only thing that makes any amount of sense here is to resettle these Afghans in another country in the same region, so they are close enough to go back and to possibly fight to retake their own country. If there is one thing that we don’t need more of in this country, it’s people who will NEVER assimilate. They bring with them their own customs, way of life, religion and beliefs, which almost always never aligns with what our country was founded upon. America is already a quagmire of foreign and cultural parasites. Commonsense would seem to say that it would be insane to import more, when they can more easily stay right there in the same region.

Politicians love to grandstand, and the latest form of that comes in two flavors, white guilt and self-hatred, and empty virtue-signaling. These 10 RINOs are indulging themselves in both by making themselves champions of these thousands of unvetted Afghan refugees and showing how ready they are to forget all about putting America and American citizens first. They think they are outsmarting the Democrats who have their own favored ‘refugees’ pouring over the southern border right now when they are only mindlessly copying them. They also expect the MSM to praise them for being anti-Trump humanitarians, since RINOs will do almost anything to get MSM approval.

So I can only assume that these ten RINOs don’t particularly care for the current lower crime stats in their states. Perhaps the number of rapes not high enough or perhaps they’re not spending enough on welfare and food stamps or perhaps they currently have an excess of ‘affordable’ housing. And maybe they see begging ‘Creepy Joe’ to send them a few thousand illiterate tribal feudal-minded indigents as a way of solving all of these ‘problems.’  These RINOs are worse than the Democrats and are doing nothing more than to bring death into their states, courtesy of these 6th century troglodytes. Moslems don’t assimilate, they are an infestation.

These governors do not own ‘their’ states. These states belong to the people who live in them in a representative democracy. If these ‘governors’ cared at all about their constituents, they would first check with them before allowing any of these refugees from a terrorist country to settle within ‘their’ states. It’s become abundantly clear that it no longer matters what “We the People” think. The ideology of the Middle east and the West are not compatible. Why not take a what’s best-for-everyone approach and simply relocate them to Moslem nations who extend them friendship? This is a Christian Judeo nation and we are under attack. Did 9/11 teach us nothing?

These RINOs make clear they are clueless. Most of these ‘refugees’ are future terrorists. Notice I said “most.” This ordeal will create fanaticism in many of them and in many already here. The first biggest migration mistake the U.S. ever made was bringing in slaves around 300 years ago. The second is allowing ‘any’ Moslem into the U.S., period. The future looks pretty bleak, my friends, and the sad truth is that we are now being led by morons and politicians who have no soul. If you think I’m overreacting, or exaggerating, just look around you at what both groups have already done and continue to do. And there will be more terrorist attacks to come.

And finally, to say that I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with these RINOs would be an understatement. They seem far more interested in assisting the Democrats than they are in doing what it is that those who voted for them and elected them to do. With the senile old fart that we now have in the White House, it’s the Republican Party that is our last line of defense again this rabidly leftwing Democrat lunacy. But yet again we have a bunch of RINOs who have made it crystal clear that they have no interest in taking a stand against that which is nothing more than a blatant act of tyranny to the point where we might as well have elected Democrats.


So, as if it was something that was really needed, we now have a recent poll that is essentially telling those of us with brain that which we already knew, and have known, for a very long time. You see, we’re now being told that 51 percent of voters believe that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden will likely not finish his ‘first’ term in office. Well duh? I mean, who among us actually believes that it was ever intended for ‘Creepy Joe’ to finish his ‘first’ term in office? His role was always been one of being a front man, and malleable figurehead that, once elected, would allow the Democrats to proceed with their radical plan to “fundamentally transform” America.  

But anyway, Rasmussen Reports recently asked 1,000 likely voters, “How likely is it that Joe Biden will leave office and be replaced by Kamala Harris before the 2024 election?” And it was 51 percent of those who took part in this poll said it was ‘very” (29 percent) or “somewhat” (22 percent) likely. It was only 14 percent who said it was “not very” (22 percent) or “not at all” (15 percent) likely. And ‘Headboard’ Harris is also losing favor with voters. Only 41 percent view her favorably, while a clear majority of 56 percent view her unfavorably. Keep in mind that it was back in April, her favorability rating was five points higher at 46 percent.

And it’s ‘Headboard’ Harris’ unfavorable rating that was then also five points lower at just 51 percent. As far as whether or not this moron actually qualified to be president, it was only 43 percent who believe so, while 55 percent say she’s not qualified. Confidence in old ‘Headboard’ is also waning. Back in April, 49 percent believed she was qualified, not so today. Those who don’t believe ‘Creepy Joe’ will finish his presidential term include a whopping 32 percent of Democrats and 55 percent of those unaffiliated with either party. More than two-thirds (68 percent) agree. I would argue that that is not good news for ‘Creepy Joe.’

To be honest, President Trump faced these same kind of numbers at one time but it was only because of a constant barrage from the ‘fake news’ media and Deep State who were colluding to fabricate all manner of impeachment-worthy scandals, like the Russia Collusion Hoax and the Ukraine Call Hoax. ‘Creepy Joe’ is facing these numbers because he is so old, and his mental acuity and stability are in obvious decline. In every interview or back and forth with the media, no matter how soft the ball that is thrown at him, ‘Creepy Joe’ is forgetful and expresses bursts of temper that signify the cognitive decline of dementia. Physically, he also appears frail and feeble.

Worst of all is his disastrous decision-making. His withdrawal from Afghanistan is one of history’s greatest blunders and catastrophes; he’s opened the southern border, allowing in illegal aliens who are infected with the coronavirus; his lunatic spending is creating an inflation recession, and he’s openly breaking the law with policies like his eviction moratorium. On top of that was his bizarre disappearing act during the first four days of the Afghanistan catastrophe. With thousands of Americans trapped behind enemy lines with bloodthirsty jihadists, he not only remained on vacation at Camp David but, other than a short statement, he disappeared entirely.

While a majority may think this illegitimate stooge won’t finish his term it’s many Americans who still believe these criminals that foisted that fool on us and who stole President Trump’s second term. You will never convince me, or millions of others, that ‘Demented Joe’ and ‘Headboard’ Harris won the election with over 81 million votes. That same ticket could barely scrape together more than a dozen people for any of their rallies, while President Trump was filling football stadiums. He won more counties and received more votes than any incumbent president in our history and yet we supposed to believe he lost the election? How is that even physically possible?

If ‘Creepy Joe’ makes it a year I’d be surprised. But regardless, in less than eight months he has done more to destroy this nation than any other president who sat a full term. He may not even be alive in 2024. This guy is a frail, demented old man. Some very misinformed and ignorant Americans voted for ‘Creepy Joe and ‘The Ho,’ but far more dead ones than live ones. Now, our country is being made to die right in front of our eyes. And it’s as more and more evidence comes to light that it’s becoming all the more obvious that ‘Creepy Joe’ is in no way a legitimate *president. The Democrats clearly cheated on a massive scale in order to get their guy into office.

And so I have just one serious question for my fellow Americans. Are we just going to sit around the television or in our local tavern and talk about the attack on our country or, are we going to take matters into our own hands and right this horrible wrong? We already know that voting will not right this wrong, it’s going to take physical resistance and sacrifice to get our country back on track! We cannot, like so many of our supposed conservative politicians, simply sit our hands and do nothing while our country is made to go up in flames. People must rise up and force, by any means necessary, that a full forensic examination of the 2020 election take place.

Too many politicians have lost their fear of the voter. We all know that those on the left have been slowly chipping away at our Republic for decades and the Republicans who we elect to represents us, do absolutely nothing but talk while the Democrats do whatever they need to do in order to advance their radical agenda. This country is now on the precipice and it’s all thanks to those in the Democrat Party who have long been aided by their RINO allies and their many minions in the state controlled, ‘fake news’ media. Politicians must be made to fear the voters again. They need to be reminded that it is they who work for us, it’s not the other way around.


You know, it says a great deal about the current state of our country when you’re able to find ‘Joe Biden’ and the words “approval rating” in the very same sentence. Because it’s anyone in their right mind who would never actually approve of anything that this senile old pervert has done, or continues to do, since becoming *president. Now while ‘Creepy Joe’ isn’t the only one responsible for our current, and quite sad, state of affairs, he ‘is’ the one that makes possible all that the Democrat Party is now trying to do in its ongoing effort to destroy this country.

Sadly, if there is one thing that you can say about a great number of Americans, it’s that they are definitely slow-learners. Because it’s every time they hand over to the Democrats complete control of our government, it’s only bad things that happen. Does no one remember the first two years of ‘BO’s presidency and how it was that the Democrats shoved Obamacare down the throats of the American people? So what was it, exactly, that these Americans were expecting to happen this time. Were they actually expecting Democrats to behave and to act responsibly? How naïve!!!

Now the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ came to end up in the White House was not totally the fault of the American people. Especially when you stop to consider the amount of election fraud that we now know took place in the effort to drag ‘Creepy Joe’ across the finish line. There were 78+ Million Americans who voted for President Trump, and we’re told that it was 81 Million who voted for ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. Now the number of votes for ‘Creepy Joe’ is probably much closer 30 Million, but that’s still 30 Million too many Americans who were actually supported this boob for *president.

And so now we’re told, courtesy of a recent Reuters/Ipsos survey, that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s approval rating sunk to another historical low this Tuesday following the debacle that he allowed to unfold in Afghanistan. This particular survey found Biden’s approval rating dropping significantly in mere days, falling to 46 percent, seven points lower than the 53 percent approval garnered in the same survey taken Friday, August 13. According to Reuters, Tuesday’s approval rating is the “lowest recorded in weekly polls that started when Biden took office in January.”

The survey came just days after the Taliban seized the ‘U.S. backed’ Afghan government as ‘’Creepy Joe’ vacationed at Camp David. He returned to the White House briefly on Monday to address the nation, admitting that the Afghan government’s collapse occurred “more quickly than anticipated.” In his speech, ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “I am president of the United States and the buck stops with me.” And he said, “I’m deeply saddened by the facts we now face but I do not regret my decision to end America’s warfighting in Afghanistan.”

And it was shortly thereafter that ‘Creepy Joe’ beat-the-feet back to Camp David to finish his much-deserved vacation that same day. After all, it’s hard work destroying your country. And it was White House press secretary Jen ‘Circle Back’ Psaki who told reporters on Tuesday that she is unsure when the 78-year-old commander-in-chief will return to the White House. It was during Tuesday’s press briefing that this genius said, “The president will return to the White House. I don’t have an exact time for you.” It’s for sure that he’ll never be able to find his way back on his own.

In the real world ‘Creepy Joe’s actual ‘approval rating’ is probably no higher than 30 percent. It’s only hardcore leftwing Democrats who would approve of the job that he has done since January! The Democrat electorate is comprised of fictional, brain dead, or just plain dead voters. It’s now roughly a third of this nation that is made up of those who are hardcore leftist, commie/socialists who will always approve of the Democrat agenda. That percentage is rising the fastest among the youngest, least educated and horribly inexperienced group of youngsters ever, here in the U.S.

You know, in a way it may be better that ‘Creepy Joe’s team did steal the election. Because the alternative to that, that ‘Creepy Joe’ actually did win the election fair and square is even more frightening. Because that would mean that there are actually 81 million Americans who are, quite literally, dumb as a freaking post in that they were actually able to justify voting for the train wreck ‘Creepy Joe’ because they had foolishly allowed themselves to be convinced that President Trump is somehow a racist or they didn’t like, what were called by many, his ‘mean’ tweets.

And then there’s the issue of a rising influx of foreign immigrants, who tend to vote Democrat, 2-1. Millions upon millions of immigrants, both legal and illegal, are pouring into this country, with many being illiterate, voting for progressives because of massive government programs that take away self-reliance and motivation to do better. I don’t see this stopping anytime soon and sadly it may soon be too late to stop it. And add to that progressive professors teaching left-wing ideology in colleges, with millions of students being exposed almost solely to anti-American teachings.

Far too many Americans are simply too ignorant of what goes on in the world and it’s as far as they are concerned that Afghanistan will soon be little more than old news. They’ll say, “What’s a bunch of Afghans got to do with us?” Until the internment camps ramp up, people are forced to get the vaccine, or wind up in one of those camps, and the economy is made to crash by the end of the year; it will not be until Americans, regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender (real or imagined), come to be affected directly, that it will come to matter to them, but it will be too late.

No President during my lifetime, and I am now 69 years old, has ever been this incompetent, or clueless, not even close. Even as bad as they were, Carter, Johnson, and even ‘BO’ were preferable to this demented, old crook of a pervert. ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is an incompetent fraud and has been for decades. How embarrassing for an American president to be so stupid and inept, this is the man who represents our country to the world. But this is what happens when you hijack an election and install a senile old man. Democrats only interested in their own self-enrichment.

Any approval number above 10 percent is questionable. It’s hard to fathom why any person over the age of 40 would be able to support this senile old moron. These people, these Democrats, are repugnant and are responsible for death and destruction in every corner of our lives. The ‘Chinese virus,’ wide open borders, unvetted terrorist infiltration, rampant inflation and social and moral collapse. They are the creators of the economic catastrophe now on the horizon. We’ve now advanced from The Greatest Generation to The Greediest Generation in just 80 years.

And we’re now to believe that, under these conditions, 45 percent of Americans actually support this boob? Not a chance! But ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats could care less about polls, or public opinion, because they know they obtained the presidency courtesy of illegal means, and blatant election fraud. And they’re now confident in their ability to pre-determine election outcomes with impunity, meaning they no longer fear ‘the People,’ because they now control ‘the People,’ aided by their many RINO allies and by a ‘fake news’ media that has now gone rogue.

And finally, ask any of the morons who are actually willing to admit that they voted for this clown why they did so and you’ll likely get vapid answers like “too much chaos” or “too many late night tweets” or some other drivel about “style.” None of which matters much now. These dolts had a secure southern border, a quiet middle east, a new vaccine, productive trade deals, North Korea tempered, and a blistering economy with zero inflation. They deserve what they get, but unfortunately it’s the rest of us who will end up getting sucked down into this sewer right along with them.