So riddle me this, with the average IQ of those who reliably vote Democrat being somewhere in the single digits, and Democrats apparently quite confident that boobs like John ‘Legend’ will be able to con those same folks into getting a shot that could very well end up killing them, why is it that those of us who persist in demanding that our elections be both free and fair continue to be the ones portrayed as simpleminded rubes?  And if the Democrats are successful in their continuing effort to destroy our Republic it will have been on the backs of those stupid enough to have fallen for the propaganda that is in turn echoed by so many of those in our ‘fake news’ media.

Which brings me to MSDNC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who on Tuesday’s “The Last Word,” commented on the fact that 53% of Republicans failed “a basic mental competency test question,” which is who is the president of the United States” because they think Donald Trump won the 2020 election. Now it’s long been pretty common knowledge that this clown, ‘Larry the Loser,’ has an over-inflated sense of importance and is someone who very obviously thinks he is much smarter than he actually is. And dare I say that I’m a proud member of that 53% if for no other reason that it’s becoming increasingly obvious every day that President Trump actually DID win the election!

Discussing new Texas election legislation, it was Rep. Joaquin Castro who said, “It’s very much a naked power grab. Also, if you look at the leadership in Texas, Lawrence, it very much is out of sync with the population of Texas. Texas is an incredibly diverse state, and the Republican leadership in Texas is not. It’s very sad to say, but I think it’s true that it is a lot of Republican White males that are trying to hang on to power. They’re trying to do everything that they can in a diversifying state to do that.” What the Hell is he even talking about? When he speaks about a “naked power grab,” does he mean one like the Democrats are now trying to pull off with HR 1? Just curious.

Anyway, it was then that Larry responded, saying, “Well, they definitely are in sync with the Trump vote. We have a new poll showing that 53% of Republicans — 53% — believe that Donald Trump is the true president. So, that means 53% of Republicans fail a basic mental competency test question, who is the president of the United States.”  Castro said, “Donald Trump owns the Republican Party in this country. He owns the Texas Republicans. And not only is it a matter of self-delusion. I mean, these people are delusional, but they’ve also gotten very dangerous to the people of Texas, and I think to the people of this county.” It’s Democrats who are delusional!

And you can really hear the desperation in their voices as they set about trying to gain support for their idiotic narrative by resorting to insulting, maligning and slandering of all those who happen to disagree with them. And yet it’s more and more evidence now coming to light that only serves to add more fuel to the fire that the election was stolen with a massive cover up ensuing shortly after. So with all things being equal, wouldn’t it then only make sense that the 62%, including Larry, who still believe that Hitlery won in 2016 should also be given “a mental competency test?” If Larry wants to talk about mental competence, then he can certainly bring it on.

Look, Larry is nothing if not a pathetic hypocrite, just one of many in the ‘fake news’ business. After all, if what happened to President Trump had happened to ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden or some other leftist presidential wannabe, the left would have declared war on day one and Democrats would be outraged, demanding all manner of investigations and setting up committees and appointing their twisted leaders to lead them. I am so sick of those in the ‘fake news’ media and their endless stream of lies. They lie about everything as they continue to attack the 74+ Million Americans who voted for President Trump hoping, I guess, that we will simply choose to give up.

‘Larry the Loser’ is a moron who makes a living by doing nothing more than to tell lies, making him incapable of seeing and telling the truth. We all saw the election and witnessed all the chicanery that took place in those contested states, I.e., the fraudulent mail in ballots with no signature verification, stopping votes count when it was apparent President Trump was leading only to ‘Creepy Joe’ leading when the counts resumed and everything else that went on. It was clear leading up to the election, as well as ever since, those like Larry have had an agenda. I don’t even know how these people in ‘fake news’ sleep at night knowing they’re such liars.

And if nothing else, the amount of time, effort and energy being spent on trying to convince us that President Trump did not win, tells me that he most definitely DID win. Fake votes are not real, perhaps those on the left in their deluded sunshine daydream, unicorn fairyland, collapsed cesspool of a mental state are incapable of grasping that fact. Let me emphasize it, ‘Fake Votes = Not Real.’ There were 35 Million unsolicited mail-in ballots spewed out upon the public, then scooped up by activists and counted without verification. This would not be allowed in the most oppressed third world banana republics, but we did it right here in America.

I’m a conservative who held his nose while voting for Willard. I also voted for Donald Trump BOTH TIMES. While I cannot say that ‘BO’ won fair and square, I can say that Willard was a weak candidate which was the reason ‘BO’ garnered a record number of votes for an incumbent president. And though I despised ‘BO,’ he won. President Trump broke ‘BO’s record. President Trump increased his number of votes by 20+% over his number of votes received in 2016. President Trump also broke the record for votes received by an incumbent president. Only a moron would believe that senile ‘Creepy Joe’ garnered more votes than BOTH President Trump and ‘BO’.

Larry’s president has late-stage dementia and yet he seeks to question the intelligence of conservatives?  When we say, “Everyone should vote in person, with a few exceptions,” Democrats say, “But blacks can’t figure out how to get to the polling center.” When we say, “People who want to vote absentee should show a photo ID and the ballot should be mailed to their known and proven address,” Democrats say, “Well blacks don’t have a particular address. They just roam around.” The TRUTH is that Democrats, including black Democrats don’t think much of the black population. They think that blacks are stupid and incapable of following directions or rules.

As a ‘journalist’ doesn’t the fact that we have the entire Democrat Party with all of its many ‘fake news’ media cronies and attorneys working 24/7 to stop these audits to get to the bottom of these allegations seem the least bit strange to Larry? He doesn’t think that there might be something that the Democrats are seeking to keep hidden and that President Trump did win but was cheated out of his rightful victory. It makes me more than a little curious. After all, those who have nothing to hide would not act this way. They would, instead, be cheering on these audits and recounts if no other reason than to enthusiastically prove us wrong, that the election was not stolen.

If Larry, and every other loon on the left are so sure that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden won fairly and squarely you would think they would be all in favor of investigations that would prove that fact if for no other reason than to be able to rub it in the faces of Trump supporters. But when was the last time you heard any Democrats, or some loser like Larry, say “Bring on any and all investigation into the elections, the facts will prove that President Trump lost?” Why are they not demanding open and transparent investigations instead of trying to shut down the investigations? The answer is a very simply one, President Trump won, and ‘Creepy Joe’ did not.


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