It has been on many occasions that Rob Reiner has attempted to live up to the aspirations of the character that he played on television from 1971 to 1978. But recently he even outdid even himself in what has been his continuing, as well as very visible, attempt to leave absolutely no doubt that, yes, he truly is a ‘Meathead.” And who is it among us that can remember the last movie this guy made that was worth a shit?  But then, has he EVER made a movie that was worth a shit? And if Reiner’s father hadn’t already been a famous Hollyweird personality, he’d be no different than the other odd-ball living in the bushes under any freeway overpass.

We’re all familiar with the fact that Reiner has made many wild and unsubstantiated claims on Twitter. But it was on Friday that he managed to top even himself by declaring that Joey is the best president in nearly 60 years. The result, and rightly so, has been widespread ridicule, with the term “Meathead” trending on Twitter late Friday. Reiner, one of ‘Joey’s biggest Hollyweird fundraisers during the 2020 election, trumpeted his opinion while acknowledging that it goes against the prevailing popular sentiment. After all, it was recently reported that a recent Yahoo News/YouGov survey found that just one in five Americans want Joey to run for reelection in 2024.

Reiner tweeted Friday. “Joe Biden has a record of accomplishments in the first two years of his Presidency that has gone unmatched for almost 60 years.” Apparently in Reiner’s estimation, Joey has outperformed every president since Lyndon Johnson. Which speaks volumes about his current mental state. In recent weeks, Reiner has been one of Hollyweird’s biggest cheerleaders for the January 6 show trial, ginning up enthusiasm for the ratings-challenged broadcasts. Reiner was one of numerous celebrities who trumpeted former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s discredited accusations that then-President Trump physically attacked two Secret Service agents.

The folks who voted for Joey must measure “accomplishments” in terms of how much destruction has been done to our country, which is pretty easily quantified. Reiner was completely unhinged during the Trump presidency. Apparently, he still is today. All liberal celebrities share pretty much the same attributes, those being stupidity, ignorance, and a lack of basic Intelligence. And they somehow think that being in their chosen profession somehow makes them so much smarter than the rest of us when it’s just the opposite that is so true. It is we who are so very much smarter than they. After all, it takes very little actual intelligence to do what it is that they do.

Reiner has lived the most privileged life one could live. He was born into the Hollyweird elite. He is an average actor and an average Director who was handed a career because of who his father was. He makes millions of dollars for merely being average. And yet he somehow feels that he should be able to tell everybody else how they should live while at the same he being completely insulated by his privilege and unearned prestige from his woke liberal policies. As Hollyweird has-beens go, he’s as has-been as you can get. But I do agree that Joey’s record is unrivaled. No other *president in history has done so much damage to our country in so little time.

Finally, Reiner’s criteria for determining greatness does strike me as being a bit odd. I mean, how is it that being the *president responsible for our current state of raging inflation, skyrocketing gas and food prices, allowing an invasion to take place at our southern border, a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, economic recession, empty store shelves, and so much more, equate to being the best president? Even for a moron like Reiner? There is no end to the stupidity of these liberal entertainers. These irrelevant ‘celebrities’ will say absolutely anything to try to keep their name out there. And their commitment to destroying this country seems nearly endless.


It’s been some time since our last chapter of ‘The Gasbag Chronicles,’ a little series of ours that follows the endless trail of political BS spewed by one, Steny Hoyer, the most recent example of which was heard just this past Friday. Hoyer is another of those who long ago surpassed their ‘sell by’ date, and is another example of why we so desperately need term limits for members of Congress. The 83 year old has spent the last 56 years living off the taxpayers, with 49 of those years spent in the U.S. House. The man rarely makes sense and yet has managed to be able to remain in off all these many years because of the stupidity of those within his Maryland district.    

And it was in true form as the ‘gasbag’ that he is, that during an appearance this past Friday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” Hoyer attempted to make the argument that inflation is a worldwide phenomenon caused by the Chinese virus plandemic and the war in Ukraine. Hoyer said, “Gas prices have come down approximately 20 percent over the last 40 days. That’s good news. Let’s hope it continues because inflation is a real problem. There’s no doubt about that.” And then went on to say, “We ought to focus on the fact that this is a worldwide phenomenon caused by the pandemic and caused by the war in Ukraine that Putin started and is pursuing.” Putin? Seriously, Steny?

Hoyer said, “So that the United States is about in the middle in terms of how much inflation we have of the developed countries in the world. So it’s a worldwide phenomenon.” He added, “Do we need to get a handle on it, are people having trouble at the grocery store and the gas pump? They are. We passed a bill on gouging that our Republican friends did not support. We passed a bill on infrastructure. We passed a bill on fuel and food to try to bring food prices and fuel prices down and protect supply chains. So we’ve taken a lot of actions to try to address this. It’s a real problem.” This clown has been part of nothing that has helped the American people.

He continued by saying, “The federal reserve, of course, again, acted yesterday, and what the trick is to bring prices down without creating a recession. Of course, there’s definition of recession goes back and forth. But we have 3.6% unemployment. That’s a very low unemployment. It was 10.8% unemployment in the second year of the Reagan administration, and we have 8.7 million new jobs over the last 15 months.” Hoyer is nothing more than another of those corrupt career politicians who should have left politics a quarter century ago. And riddle me this, how can none of this be Joey’s fault when it was as soon as ‘assumed’ office all proceeded to come undone?

Agreed, it is a worldwide problem, and is caused by the usual suspects, Leftists and Socialists. And it’s here at home that the perfect example of that is the fact that more than half of Joey’s cabinet, and 90 percent of those in his administration have zero first-hand business experience. These clowns have no interest in taking those measures needed to create a strong and vibrant economy. Joey and his merry band of misfits killed the economy and started the ball rolling on their first day in office. You can’t sign illegitimate Executive Orders killing the energy industry and open the border and expect anything less. We see through all the lies and misinformation.

Putin had nothing to do with it, you gasbag. It all started when the Democrats shut down the government due to the ‘Chinese virus,’ and then ‘Joey’ chose to shut down the energy pipeline, throw open the border, insisted on spending trillions so people didn’t have to go back to work, and now because of his crap policies the inflation rate has risen to over 9 percent and is stifling not only home prices, but tanking the market as well. This is all on the Democrats and Joey. The Democrat Party has successfully destroyed the most powerful American economy in the last 50 years and it only took them 18 months. Democrats destroy, it’s all that they know how to do.

Joey’s insane shut-down of America’s energy supply is the cause of the WORLDWIDE recession and inflation. All that it is now going on is 100 percent Joey’s fault. He declared war on the oil and gas industry that has the U.S. energy independent, and a net exporter for the first time in decades. When oil production went down in America, the world’s supply was affected, oil was the first domino. Oil price goes up, the supply chain gets disrupted, everything shipped by 18-wheeler or airplane or ship goes up due to increased fuel costs, products don’t get to shelves and everything goes up in price. Damn right Joey’s responsible. He was so damn quick to undo everything Trump he didn’t stop to think Trump was right, especially about the economy.

Democrats are serial destroyers. Joey’s attack on energy and his two billion dollar wasteful spending bill at the beginning of his reign kick-started this recession. Also, the Fed kept interest rates too low and provided too much liquidity into the market. Now this new reckless spending and tax bill will only serve to make matters worse. These idiots in Washington continually ignore the fact that corporations do not pay taxes, they collect taxes and pass them on to the government. A 15 percent minimum tax will be visited upon the economy by raising prices further, or a reduction in employment or investment. This is going to get nasty if this passes, which it will.

Hoyer cannot speak without lying. The majority of these ‘new’ jobs are simply people going back to work to their old jobs, or simply switching employers. Gas here is down approximately 10 percent over the last two weeks. The definition of recession does not go back and forth; it has meant the same thing for decades. All this dud wants to do is to spend, spend, spend, like all Democrats. Otherwise known as tax and spend. Democrats always want to be charge but they’re NEVER willing to take responsibility for what their cockamamie policies bring about, whether we’re talking about the economy, heath care, guns or just about anything they claim to want to ‘fix.’


Look, we all knew it was only a matter of time before Joe Manchin would again come to make it very clear that he is far from being the ‘moderate’ Democrat that so many seem to insist that he is. In fact, he is just as radical and just as anti-America as is every other member of the Democrat Party. And so, it should come as no surprise that Manchin has joined his Democrat colleagues in foisting upon us that which is nothing more than a fiscal boondoggle. We all knew he had a price, just as we knew Schumer would eventually meet it. And once he did, Manchin was quick to put what was best for his party over and above what was best for the country and the American people.

And, of course, in so doing Manchin offered us what was little more than a bullshit excuse for his blatant treachery, claiming that it was somehow the “responsible path forward.” And deemed to be so by whom, exactly? Schumer? And so, despite the fact that this piece of legislation has yet to be written, Manchin blew a rather copious amount of smoke in trying to justify how it was that he had chosen to support the radical agenda of Schumer instead of choosing to stand with the American people! And so it was that Manchin announced on Wednesday that he would be supporting a reconciliation package targeting prescription drug prices and the energy sector.

As I mentioned, the legislation, which has been dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, has not yet been written. However, Manchin said in a statement that the package will fight inflation by promoting an all-of-the-above energy policy and lower prescription drug prices. Inflation increased 9.1 percent over the twelve-month period ending June 30, the highest year-over-year increase since December 1981. It was in a statement released by his office that Manchin said, “I support the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 because it provides a responsible path forward that is laser focused on solving our nation’s major economic, energy and climate problems.”

And the statement went on to say, “The question for my colleagues is whether they are willing to put their election politics aside and embrace the commonsense approach that the overwhelming majority of the American people support and will best serve the future of this nation.” And he went on to say, “In addition to fighting inflation, we must stop pretending that there is only one way to combat global climate change or achieve American energy independence. This legislation ensures that the market will take the lead, rather than aspirational political agendas or unrealistic goals, in the energy transition that has been ongoing in our country.”

And he said, “The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 invests in the technologies needed for all fuel types – from hydrogen, nuclear, renewables, fossil fuels and energy storage – to be produced and used in the cleanest way possible. It is truly all of the above, which means this bill does not arbitrarily shut off our abundant fossil fuels.” You may recall how it was that Manchin repeatedly objected to the Build Back Better reconciliation framework throughout 2021, arguing that the package’s proponents were hiding the true cost of the legislation through “budget gimmicks” and “shell games.” So what is it that might have changed? Nothing! Manchin is a liar!

Manchin said in his statement, “Build Back Better is dead, and instead we have the opportunity to make our country stronger by bringing Americans together.” A bigger bunch of political bullshit you will never hear. He should be ashamed of himself, but I’m quite sure he is not. People like Manchin have no shame. People like Manchin go into politics because they’re incapable of doing anything else. Manchin has spent the better part of his adult life being little more than a professional parasite, relying on the voters for his livelihood. And as such has learned over time that one must say whatever what one must to get elected, and then do whatever you damn well please.

Manchin has been a U.S. Senator since 2010, succeeding Robert ‘KKK’ Byrd after Byrd died. Manchin, who was governor at the time, appointed an interim appointee to fill out a very short portion of the term until, in November of 2010, he declared he would run for the Senate and succeeded in winning that election. Earlier, Manchin had been the 34th Governor of West Virginia from 2005 to 2010, and he was the 27th Secretary of State of West Virginia, from 2001 to 2005. In other words, Manchin literally couldn’t earn himself a bigger pension basis if he tried, BOTH State and Federal! You think he gives a rat’s ass at the age of 74? He just waited long enough to sell out.

Far from being any sort of a moderate, which many still seem determined to call him, Manchin is just another sleazy corrupt Democrat politician who finally got the right amount of money to throw the country under the bus. I guess the going rate is at least enough dollars for generational wealth. It can no longer be said that America’s leaders serve the people, and therefore they must be removed and replaced with better people. What does Manchin bring to the table? Absolutely nothing! He’s just as wicked and corrupt as the rest of the Democrats. This guy has always sold out, he makes believe that he has some sort of values then votes the opposite way.

I feel confident in saying that no threats were likely necessary in persuading him join with Schumer. After all, Manchin is a Democrat through and through, and like all Democrats he has the same agenda on things like ‘climate change,’ taxes, Obamacare and the size and function of the government. The Democrats, which includes Manchin, now have the U.S. on a collision course with oblivion! Every time they come up with some hair brain idea it usually spells trouble for the country and her people. It has been two years now since we turned our country over to a mad man for *president and a Congress comprised of a group of radicals! It seems we never learn our lesson.  

I cannot think of anything the Democrats have ever done, or any legislation they have ever produced, that has benefitted the average American citizen. Everything they do is designed to increase the Democrat Party’s grip on power. Inflation reduction? Lower health care costs? Lower drug costs? They’ve been promising such things for over two decades, and we’re still waiting for the reductions. They take a pig in a poke sack, give it a pretty name with some lipstick, and shove it down our throats. The sad part is that over a third of the country actually believes them. We’re going to need a very long ladder to climb out of the hole they have now put this country in.

And so, it’s once again into the breech.  Price fixing has never worked, and it never will work, yet it is always a popular political ‘fix.’  Just exactly like communism and its lightweight clone, socialism. Democrats know their base is ignorant and so they continue to play to it. It’s worked very well for them. It gets them elected and reelected so what else do you expect them to do? Manchin willingly bent over and I’m sure he’ll be properly compensated for whatever pain it might cause him at home. This yet to be written legislation is merely a ruse. It will do none of the things that have been promised, all it will do is make life for average Americans more difficult.


It never ceases to amaze me whenever we have some RINO who seems so surprised when taking a major hit in the old favorability rating after they’ve chosen to take a stand against President Trump and his millions of supporters. They’re always so dumfounded. Like, what is it, exactly, that they were expecting to have happen, for everyone to be cheering them and slapping them on the back? They made a conscious decision to stand against he who is, without a doubt, the greatest president in decades, if not forever. I, for one, do not hate President Trump, I have voted for him twice and, with luck I’ll have the opportunity to vote for him for a third time.

Which brings me to a recent Politico poll showing Liz Cheney’s nationwide favorability rating is now underwater and the apparent cause for that is likely her decision to remain rather fixated on President Trump from her perch there on the blatantly partisan January 6 Committee. And it was this same poll that found only 32 percent of voters view Cheney favorably, while 35 percent view her unfavorably. And apparently it was 18 percent who apparently had never even heard of Cheney. And, as is always the case, there were those who claimed to have no opinion, and in this poll that number was 15 percent. Now, seriously, she had to have seen thar coming.

The poll comes after Cheney has spent the majority of the midterm campaign season in Washington, D.C. helping the committee. As vice chair, she has been in the spotlight during the regularly occurring hearings, speaking negatively about the defenseless former president. And it was this past Thursday, during the hearing, that Cheney said of President Trump, “We have considerably more to do. We have far more evidence to share with the American people, and more to gather.” Merely another attempt to blow a little smoke since she has, at this point, a zero chance of being able to get herself re-elected. She seems determined to go down swinging.

Meanwhile, multiple polls show Cheney is well behind in her race to win reelection on August 16 against Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, who surged in second-quarter fundraising. Hageman is endorsed by Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Hageman earned their support after Cheney was ousted from her conference chair position by the Republican House caucus by a vote of no confidence. Cheney had previously helped Democrats’ attempt to impeach President Trump, along with reportedly orchestrating “unprecedented” Republican sabotage in the Washington Post. As a result, the Wyoming GOP no longer recognizes her as a Republican.

And as bizarre as it may sound it was in an interview with the New York Times that Cheney actually alleged that her weird obsession with President Trump is not in any way political but is, instead, educational. When it came to her ‘work’ on the January 6 committee she went so far as to say, “I don’t look at it through a political lens.” And she went on to say, “I look at it through the angle of: People need to understand how dangerous he is and how unfit for office he is.” Now for anyone who is actually stupid enough to believe any of this pathetic drivel, I do have some prime oceanfront property in Arizona that I would be willing to let you have dirt cheap.  

If this polling data is actually accurate then it would seem to indicate that Cheney clearly miscalculated, politically, by her constant obsessing over President Trump, who won her state in 2020 with nearly 70 percent of the vote. And it was Brad Coker, managing director of the polling firm Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, who believes that Cheney will lose the August 16 primary against Hageman due to her very obvious alliance with Democrats on the committee. Coker said, “This race is more about Liz Cheney than it is about Donald Trump.” And he went on to say “The big story is Liz Cheney is going to get beat.” And he added, “That’s a foregone conclusion.”

The main thing that Cheney NEVER got and, like so many others in Congress on both sides of the aisle, still doesn’t get for that matter, is that Donald Trump was, and remains, ‘We the People.’ That’s why WE elected him twice and will likely elect him for a third time. What Donald Trump DID, was to show all of America what a bunch of frauds our members of Congress truly are. And how it is that instead of working for us they are clearly working for themselves. They are greedy, selfish, self-righteous and patently dishonest. We will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy whose only agenda is personal enrichment. It is time for all of them to go.

Donald Trump accomplished three things that even my revered Ronald Reagan was unable to accomplish: 1) He was able to show that those in the ‘establishment media’ are nothing more than communist water carriers for the Democrats, 2) He showed the ‘Deep State’ for what it is and made clear the danger it represents to all of us regardless of political persuasion, and 3) He appointed three conservative justices who are closer to originalists, than activists. That’s why they are so desperate to destroy him. They being the legacy media, the Democrats, the RINOs, and the Deep State represented by the hopelessly corrupt DOJ, and their Chinese masters.

And so, I guess the main question that I have is, why it is that there is anyone who has more trust in our government, and those who run it, as well as in the ‘fake news’ media than they do in the truth of what President Trump accomplished in such a short period of time, politically speaking. President Trump represented the people. RINOs, like Cheney, represent only themselves and, of course, their donors. She played her cards and lost. She had plenty of warning to change her direction but I’m sure her last name gave her a sense of false confidence and she refused to listen. Now she pays the price. No pity from me…. Hopefully she’ll never hold political office again.


You do have to laugh at all of those who are members of NeverTrump, Inc. That group comprised of those who have long claimed to conservatives but have, especially since the arrival of Donald Trump onto the political scene, continued to demonstrate that not only are they NOT conservatives, but very clearly never have been. And in what appears to yet another bizarre attempt on their part to prevent President Trump from regaining the White House they have made it very clear how foolish we were to have ever taken them seriously. And it’s one of the primary players in this rather twisted cast of characters that is the biggest fraud of all, none other than Bill Kristol.

And in what could be dubbed, “Operation Desperation,” is how Kristol is actually suggesting to the Democrats, via Twitter, that perhaps they should recruit left-wing pop star John Stephens, aka John Legend, to replace *president Joe Biden in 2024, calling the “So High” singer “our version of [Ukraine President Volodymyr] Zelensky.” Kristol wrote, “I’ve been saying for a while that we need as our next president our version of the admirable Volodymyr Zelensky.” He added, “Today I got another ‘personal message,’ i.e., mass e-mail, from @johnlegend on behalf of Democrats.” He added, “Which leads me to ask: When Biden steps aside — John Legend in 2024?”

And readers quickly took to social media to mock Kristol for his suggestion, as well as express their confusion over his rather idiotic remarks and the presumption here is that “our version of Zelinsky” is a good thing. But this was not the first time Kristol has made social media users scoff over his comments. In March, Kristol was torched on Twitter for comparing *president Joey’s dangerous call for a regime change in Russia to former President Ronald Reagan’s iconic “tear down this wall” speech. And the last time I checked, this guy Zelensky had managed to bungle his way into an existential war that will likely lead to the total destruction of his country.

It cannot be said enough that President Trump disrupted all of the cheaters, liars, connivers like Kristol which resulted in their ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ (TDS). Donald Trump broke many people by being elected in 2016, and most have never recovered. I’m all for it happening again in 2024. I find it very interesting how one man, former President Trump, has so thoroughly upset the entire world? President Trump owns the 2024 election. He is the only person who can save America, and the people like Kristol know it. Kristol hasn’t had any credibility ever since he refused to get on the Trump train. He’s been walking the rails and complaining ever since.

President Trump is the most successful President in recent history. More so than even Ronald Reagan. We need him now more than ever, and more like him, not the same old tired corrupt politicians of both parties. And while i believe there was a time when Kristol was actually respected, it’s these days he sounds more like a court jester. Kristol has jumped the shark, he’s so irrelevant that he has to say provocative things to stay in the spotlight. Kristol played the upper middle class twit conservative role on panel shows. He played the unlikable nerd character to the hilt. Now he’s playing himself and doing a great job of being a horrible and authentic Leftist idiot.

John Stephens? A below average singer and so that somehow equates to being presidential timber? Yes, by all means, we need someone like Stephens, a BLM racist in the White House with his putty face wife from too many plastic surgeries as our First Lady. The real story here is that Kristol had to say something this stupid just to finally get noticed. Kristol picked the wrong horse in 2016 and has been bitter about it ever since. I stopped listening to him when he went full anti-Trump and I regret ever having listened to him in the past. That’s what Trump really did. He exposed everyone for who/what they really are, and I think that’s why they hate him so much.

EVERY time one of these faux conservative imbeciles opens their mouth to spew some absolute stupidity, they add a name to the list of people that I just can’t take seriously. It wasn’t that long ago that Kristol was someone I thought of as making a lot of sense. Now I can’t look at him without laughing. And that list is growing pretty rapidly! Every time some moron tries to tell me what type of car to drive and how many mpg it should get, every idiot that mentions a carbon tax, every dimwit that thinks that socialism is somehow good, or even functional. every loon who doesn’t want me to have a gun because they are scared, I realize what frauds they are.

Finally, Krystal along with George Will and the rest of the pseudo conservative Republicans became irrelevant when they insisted that Donald Trump would never be the Republican nominee, let alone be elected President of the United States. Donald Trump proved all of them wrong and the people turned their backs on these NeverTrumpers relegating them to the fake news ash heaps of CNN, MSDNC, WaPo, NYT and so many others. Hey Bill, you did your father’s legacy a great disservice. Your second mistake was naively believing that people will eventually come around to your rather warped way of thinking which has now been proven to be a fool’s errand.


So, let’s just say, for the sake of argument that all of this hoopla about ‘man made climate change’ is actually true. And if you happen to be a disbeliever, as I am, how is it that one who is a true believer would be able to persuade you to come over to his, or her, side in this continuing discussion? Would it be by accusing you of being a “denier” or, perhaps, a “flat-earther?” Or how about this, would it be by comparing your hesitation to buy into the theory of ‘climate change’ to the rather lackluster response by the police to the Uvalde, Texas school shooting. Because that seems to be Gore’s method of trying to persuade nonbelievers of the ‘climate change myth.’   

You see, it was during an appearance on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ that Gore managed to equate those deemed guilty of climate “inaction” to the response of police officers in the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting tragedy. And according to Gore, “Climate deniers are really in some ways similar to all of those almost 400 law enforcement officers in Uvalde, Texas, who were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred.” Gore, a noted private-jet aficionado who travels the world lecturing on climate issues, went on to describe the moral equivalence he sees: “They heard the screams, they heard the gunshots and nobody stepped forward.”

Uvalde police have come under some rather intense scrutiny examining their reaction to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24, where 19 children and two teachers were killed. As it has been reported that the Texas House Investigative Committee on the tragedy released a 77-page report one week ago providing the most detailed account of the incident to date. The report said that no one was able to stop the shooter because of what it described as “systemic failures and egregious poor decision making” by people who were either in power or could have been in power, to take action. So Gore’s analogy simply makes no sense. But no surprise there.

In addition to the law enforcement response, the report details the actions of school officials that contributed to the shooter being able to easily access the building and the classroom. It also goes into the background of the shooter and indications of his potential to carry out the attack on May 24. Gore has consistently challenged any, and all, disbelievers of his silly argument that all forms of life face a grim future unless “climate change” is addressed forthwith. In the interview, he went on to argue the public needs to elect more “pro-climate” senators and representatives from both parties to enact more pro-climate policies at a greater pace than ever before.

And as is usually the case with Gore, he claimed, again without offering any evidence to support his ridiculous claims, that renewable energy from wind and solar is now more affordable than electricity from fossil fuels in almost the entire world. Gore said ‘Joey’ has reversed some of the “terrible policies” of former President Donald Trump but needs congressional action to take the “bold steps” to enforce immediate climate action against those who disagree. And Gore went on to counsel the *president to still take steps like switching the U.S. Postal Service’s new fleet to electric vehicles and no longer approving any additional fossil-fuel development on federal lands.

Look, this fraud has been predicting the end of the world for longer than I care to remember. And despite his devotion to this notion there is simply no such thing as climate deniers. And that would be for the very simple reason that while you can deny a fact, you can’t deny a theory and despite the claims by believers that it is “settled science,” ‘climate change’ remains nothing more than a theory. You can believe it or not, but it is a theory, not fact. But nevertheless, Democrats continue to push green energy as a way to, if we allow them it, gain more control over our lives. Meanwhile they buy homes that would soon be under water if their theory was fact.

Gore has repeatedly been shown himself to be nothing more than a charlatan and a liar. And yet those who are part of our ‘fake news’ media insist upon providing him a platform from which to spew his drivel. Gore hasn’t been right about a single one of his apocalyptic global warming forecasts made in the last 30 years. Meanwhile he continues to fly around the world on private jets, owns multiple homes houses that are ten times the size of the home of your average America and has a carbon footprint the size of a small state. Gore needs to peddle his fake science to China and India first. Once they’re onboard then maybe we can talk about cutting back.

If global warming skeptics are like the Uvalde police, then I would argue that Gore should be compared to the Uvalde shooter. I equate Gore with the shooter because he spews more carbon from his private jets and mansions in a month than most people do in a year. Look, the police officers who waited an hour before going in to confront the Uvalde shooter deserve all the criticism they’ve been getting, but they have nothing on Gore who, if he got his way, would be responsible for the deaths of millions. No one is profiting from the Uvalde tragedy, whereas Gore is making tens of millions from the ‘climate change’ hoax. Gore has taken hypocrisy to a new level.

Democrats love to foist their long list of comparisons upon us. Such as, Trump fans are this, MAGA patriots are that. Climate deniers are ‘flat earthers,’ anti-vaxers are monsters, pro-gun people are wrong, on and on and on. Whatever the left doesn’t like, they ‘demonize.’ When you refuse to support their agenda, you are to be mocked, locked-up, disarmed, and put down like the dogs they say we are. And the sheep simply lap it up. Actually, I’m happy they feel this way. It wakes more people up, at least the fence sitters, because the sheep are hopeless. And it desensitizes us to any care for the lefties whom we may have to fight if we are to save this country.

But Gore is just a part of the ongoing climate scam, but he does make serious major bank on it. Climate change, or to be more specific, man-made ‘climate change,’ flat out doesn’t exist, at least not in any measurable amount. It’s clear that 100 percent of the change regarding our climate is due in large part to the Sun…period, end of story! Anyone screaming otherwise about ‘climate change’ is either simply a sheep, an idiot or is, like Gore, simply making bank on it. Gore’s problem isn’t those of who have been labeled as “climate deniers.” Gore’s problem is that no evidence exists that ANY human activity has EVER resulted in ANY change to the Earth’s climate.

The problem with Gore is where he puts his money, and the profits he makes. He does nothing on a personal basis to reduce his own carbon footprint. So how does he justify his creating a carbon footprint, in one month, that would take an average person 20 years to create in combating ‘climate change?’ If he can’t speak with facts, or lacks language skills to speak intelligently, he resorts to his old standby, to put the fear of God in all who listen that the Earth will burn up. And now, “You’re a coward who likes to watch children die?” The only one who will burn up this planet is God, to get rid of toxic waste like Gore and his cohorts, and a few others that I need not mention.

Look, Gore is a huckster with delusions of grandeur. He actually believes that he’s the only one smart enough to save us all from ourselves while getting wealthy doing it. He started his scam with ‘global warming,’ and then when that didn’t pan out, he conveniently changed the term to ‘climate change.’ He blames everything on modern day man, and refuses to acknowledge that changes in the Earth’s climate has undergone numerous changes over millions of years. Everything he has proposed to save us calls for the government to spend trillions of dollars on those things that would make virtually no difference. All it would do would be to Gore richer.

Finally, this guy is something else, and like all the other ‘climate change’ zealots Gore is doing is best to push us into environment-damaging EVs when our electrical grid already can’t keep up, pushing solar panels which can’t be recycled and are nothing more that toxic waste at the end of their lifespan and windmills that catch fire and kill birds. All while at the same the U.S. has enough oil to last for 400 years. Do humans pollute the world? Unfortunately, yes. The Sun, however, plays the primary role in the changing of our climate. God forbid, however, that we should choose to follow the science when instead there are massive fortunes to be made by pushing fear and blame.


Personally, I could have sworn that this guy, John Dean, was dead, and had been for some time. But, apparently not. And with that said, I never saw this guy as being  anything other than a stooge under the employ of those forces who sought to remove Nixon from the White House. Speaking of which, can we consider it as being that farfetched in considering what was done to Nixon is really not that much different from what is being tried against President Trump? And so, in what was clearly an attempt to relive his glory days, Dean was likely quick to offer, to anyone willing to listen, his ‘expert’ opinion regarding what it was that took place on January 6, 2021.  

In what was clearly an attempt to save the Democrats’ asses, CNN resorted to bringing Dean out of mothballs in their effort to breathe life into the hearings on January 6. It was on Friday during an appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that Dean said that the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot has made a clear case that President Trump was part of a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States. Franky, I find it rather amazing how desperate Democrats make nice with disgraced Republicans when it helps their cause. But no one here who should be seen as having any amount of credibility.

Discussing Thursday’s hearing, guest anchor John Berman said, “So, John Dean, does this strengthen a potential criminal case against the former president and perhaps increase the likelihood that the Justice Department will go in that direction?” Dean said, “It depends on upon the case they seek to make. The case I think they should make is seditious conspiracy. The case I think they have made and it’s pretty clear in this added to it, is conspiracy to defraud the United States. 18 U.S. Code 371, which happens to be the statute that got most of the people in Watergate, including a draft indictment against Nixon.” He added, “So they’ve made that case.”

Dean then went on to say, “They’ve also made obstruction of Congress. I think they have a case. But I don’t think they have the right case yet, which, as I say, is seditious conspiracy, which is a very serious crime, but this was a very serious event.” And so, it’s once again that all we have here is yet another ‘Trump Hate Piece’ brought to you by those at ‘fake news’ HQ,’ using some dredged up blast from the past to slander President Trump with no real evidence, just another crock of accusations. In reality, these hearings are conducted by those desperate to glean from what are nothing more than a cavalcade of sound bites, some crumb of evidence that will stand up in court.

All that we are witnessing here is yet another desperate attempt by the Democrats, and their many minions in the ‘fake news’ media to dig up anyone and everyone they can to vilify and to condemn President Trump. They continue to work tirelessly to convince the Justice Department there was an actual crime committed by President Trump. So far Merrick Garland is not convinced, and knowing this little creep as we all do, I’m surprised. But we’ll see if he can be pushed into acting before the November midterms. Frankly, I doubt it, but you never know, desperate people do desperate things. And there is now no one more desperate than are the Democrats.

Sorry, but in an actual trial, you can’t make up evidence to justify the verdict that you’re seeking. And it’s all of those taking part in this kangaroo court who are clerly haters of President Trump. There is no one involved in this hearing who has even the slightest interest in defending President Trump. It’s Pelosi who is the one singularly responsible for all that happened on January 6. It was she who was the one to not have for security and she is the one who told security to open the doors and to wave people in. And for whatever reason the Democrats fail to see that they are accomplishing nothing more than to make President Trump more popular. And yet…

It was Dean who was the point man who conceived and executed the Watergate operation. He lied to Nixon about the entire situation and hid the truth about Dean’s role as instigator. Then, to save himself, he turned into the “whistleblower” accusing President Nixon of having committed those crimes he was guilty of in an attempt to evade the consequences. I’ve read that Dean was carrying out the operation, but it was a CIA operation and that he was well compensated for his time served. I guarantee you that anybody who lived through the Watergate era and understands what really happened, will not bother listen to anything Dean has to say.

Dean put the knife in Nixon’s back and very much enjoyed, I think, twisting it very, very, very, slowly. And despite the fact that there is no one who knows more about crime than a convicted felon, that’s where I would get my advice. Dean must understand that no one, neither Republican or Democrat, nor right or left, would ever take his opinion about criminal activity committed by elected officials seriously. But I have no doubt that Dean will say anything to get his face on television and to collect a paycheck. Dean should still be in prison. What a disgrace this guy is, a disgrace to the law profession, a disgrace to media and a disgrace to common sense.

Interestingly, it’s the facts which would seem to indicate that Watergate was not about stealing Democrat election plans, but was, instead, about Democrat loyalists stealing records of Democrats patronizing prostitutes so they wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. Nixon was not told about this and was convinced to participate in the cover up. The official narrative is a joke, like so many official narratives. Most Americans don’t even know who this guy is, and therefore could not care less for his opinions. So it’s once again that we see how it is that the Democrats, and their allies, are beyond desperate in their effort to permanently sideline President Trump.

This committee is conducting an unconstitutional trial of a former president. There is no defense, there is no rebuttal, nothing but the scripted narrative of the Democrats. No charges will be brought against President Trump because he committed no crimes. But Democrats lie. They lie, lie, lie and then they lie some more. Either produce actual evidence that a crime was committed or all you have is a political vendetta; a well-orchestrated attempt to convince the American people Donald Trump plotted and planned an “insurrection” to overthrow the government. None of it is true, it is selective testimony presented to support a specific narrative, and nothing more.

Dean is getting up in years and clearly his hearing is going. Because there is simply no way that he could listen to what has transpired here, courtesy of these bogus hearings, and think that for one moment that the Democrats have succeeded in their quest to criminalize the actions of President. The attempt to place guilt is based upon all manner of lies, innuendoes, and ‘feelings,’ instead of actual evidence. The only thing that this committee has proven is that it is the most partisan investigatory committee ever assembled in the history of Congress. It has proven that it has no evidence to convict Trump, and that it has lied to the American people once again.


It’s been over the course of these ridiculous hearings, the purpose of which, or so we’re constantly being told by the participants, is to get to the bottom of the events of January 6, that I have come to a conclusion. That being, that those in charge of the Democrat Party just might want to at least consider implementing an IQ test for those who run for elected office as a Democrat. Because I gotta tell ya, I’ve never seen such a collection of mental misfits that is today’s Democrat Party. And it seems that none of them are the least bit shy about showing off their obviously very limited mental capabilities. It’s almost as if they’re proud of being the morons that they are.

Which brings me to someone who I hate to keep bringing up, but the guy makes some of the most insane accusations that I just can’t help myself. For instance, it was on Friday that Jamie Raskin, member of House Select Committee ‘investigating’ January 6, floated what is likely his most ludicrous theory yet, claiming that President Trump wanted to go to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, because the then-outgoing president thought “he would end up as president at least for another four years, if not president for life.” Raskin revealed that the question of why President Trump was “so adamant” to go to the Capitol amid the riot had “bugged” him since the impeachment trial.

And it was this same dolt that then went on to say, “I think each member of the committee has his or her own questions.” Raskin said, “I mean, one question on my mind is why exactly was Donald Trump so adamant to be at the Capitol? We know he wanted to go on the march so he could galvanize people further, incite them further, get them hyped up for what he knew would become an attack on the Capitol, in which, you know, later on, he defended and embraced, as we saw in the conversations with Kevin McCarthy and others.” And he went on to add, “But what exactly did he think was going to happen when he got up there?”

He continued, “This is something that has bugged me ever since the impeachment trial. And I have got some theories about that, but I would like to nail down some hard facts about what sequence of events he thought was going to take place such that he would end up as president at least for another four years, if not president for life at that point.”  How absolutely absurd. And to think that someone can be this dumb and still receive taxpayer money for the rest for their lives. Raskin has to be one of the lowest intellectual cogs in the Democrat Party machine. Most people with at least a room temperature IQ can see this farce of a hearing for what it is.

Raskin is living proof of what has come to be recognized by so many on the other side as being the sickeningly low IQ possessed by the vast majority of those who tend to vote Democrat. And just who is it, on either side of the political aisle, that doesn’t believe that ‘BO’ didn’t have the fantasy of being president forever? The Democrats on this committee are clearly out of their minds. Some may even be a little insane and delusional for sure. President Trump never said to the protestors go and burn down the Capitol. The only people who are hyped up are the Democrats. This committee has failed spectacularly, it has been a big waste of time and money.

It was back in 2016 that Hitlery was supposed to just waltz into the Oval Office and to be the next chapter in ‘BO’s domestic reign of terror. Her job, had she actually won the election, was to stick that final fork in America to make sure it was done. Which is why Democrats were so distraught when Donald Trump derailed their plans. So what were they to do but to set about implementing escalating coup attempts culminating with an ‘all in/all of the above’ strategy for election theft in 2020. And now, ‘BO’ has finally gotten his third term. His minions surround the cognitively declining sock puppet and instruct him where to stand, where to sit, what to say and what to sign.

These idiots continually try to appeal to the lowest common denominator amongst us. But that said, there are likely those eager to believe this kind of political tripe. And it’s amazing how every douche bag Democrat thinks that they are somehow capable of reading President Trump’s mind. They claim to know what he’s thinking and to know what it was that “he was really saying” at any given moment. That’s what happens when you get irrationally obsessed about someone.  And so what if President Trump wanted to be at the Capitol? He was reaching for every LEGAL means to spare America from the last 18 months of unending self-inflicted national ruin.

President Trump wanted what all Americans should want. A fair and free election without fraud. If you do not want these things, then you are nothing more than part of the problem. Those operating from behind the curtain and pulling ‘Joey’s strings hate America and the whites that allowed it to be great. They hate that there are virtually no countries run by people of color that are successful, look how fast black turned South Africa into a wasteland. They forget that God, and love of country made the white countries successful. The one thing that made America stand out was the rule of law, Democrats hate that, and we see how that’s working out for them.

Democrats have turned the country into a raging dumpster fire and yet all they can blather on about is President Trump. And this retard, Raskin, has once again proven that Trump Derangement Syndrome is in fact a very real thing. And Trump as president for life? Hell, I’d be good with that! After all, would that really be such a bad idea? Imagine gas for $1.89 a gallon, peace through strength and about $1500 a year more over the extra $6500 President Trump had already put in our pockets. Imagine being proud to be American again instead of being embarrassed to tell people abroad that you’re an American. How much better would life be for all of us?

Politicians like Raskin only prove just how stupid your average Democrat voter has to be to believe garbage such as this. It proves that education has failed in America as even Democrat members of Congress are blithering idiots. The problem with traitors like Raskin is that they can only think in terms of what it is that THEY want and not of what those who actually love America, as does President Trump, want. Raskin dreams of being a permanent member of the Democrats’ politburo, and to Hell with the American people. President Trump wants to make America the greatest country in the world, something Raskin, and the Democrats, detest the mere thought of.

Raskin says that Donald Trump thought he’d end up president for life. Can you imagine a more irresponsible deliberate, mob-rousing lie uttered by a high-ranking federal government official? I mean in this country, not a third world banana republic. To say such a thing is not only criminal slander but is also the kind of statement that further contributes the destabilization of this nation. In a sane world, this man would be booted out of Congress immediately and be held ineligible for any future public ‘service.’ On the other hand, maybe we should thank him for exposing the credibility ranking of him, and his committee, as ZERO. Zero for personal integrity as well.


Ok, so riddle me this…What right does a 62 year old, man caught stroking his tube during a Zoom meeting have to be lecturing us on President Trump or, for that matter, anything else? And why is this pervert still permitted to show his ugly mug anywhere on television? And were it not for the fact that he works in that bastion of perversion, CNN, he likely wouldn’t be working anywhere. And it’s this same guy who serves as yet another example of why few in America still bother to listen to such people, let alone trust them to tell the truth. Not because of his rather peculiar sexual habits but because he lacks credibility on any subject he might want to speak about.

And yes, it’s ‘legal analyst’ Jeffrey Toobin of whom I speak. It was on Wednesday during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” that Toobin claimed that President Trump “is like a tinfoil hat crazy” over the 2020 election. Toobin was apparently reacting to the speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly, Robin Vos, who said in an interview with WISN Channel 12 Milwaukee that President Trump called him two weeks ago to ask if he would decertify the 2020 election results in his state. It’s Toobin who is now what passes for a ‘journalist’ on CNN. But who takes this old pervert seriously?  And Toobin, doing Toobin on Zoom really doesn’t have standing to even speak Trump’s name.

Anchor Kaitlan Collins said, “Given the way that this is heating up in Georgia and the questions are what’s happening at the Justice Department if you were a former president, maybe named Donald Trump, would you be making calls to the assembly speaker in Wisconsin just last week or two weeks ago?” Toobin said, “You know if someone had come up to you on the street and someone said, in July of 2022, that they were trying to overturn the election held almost two years ago, you would say this is like a tinfoil hat crazy person. The idea that the former president thinks this could be overturned is so bizarre. I don’t know if it counts for criminal intent.”

And he went on to say, “It’s almost hard to wrap your mind around… but it just shows that the former president is obsessed with this issue and is not letting it go, and if they are still looking for criminal intent, that is potentially more evidence.” Toobin has to be kidding. If anybody is crazy wouldn’t it be the guy who plays with himself and masturbates online with his laptop? And now he sits there at CNN, after an eight-month suspension, claiming President Trump is acting like a tinfoil hat crazy person? As long as we’re talking about ‘tin hats,’ isn’t believing that 81 million voters actually voted for a senile old man living in his basement, not tin hat material?

Toobin has always gone out of his wat to try to bait conservatives. I guess we could refer to him as being somewhat of a ‘master-baiter.’ You can’t take that away from him, even if he rubs you the wrong way. I mean, here we have a senile, imbecilic fraud illegally occupying the White House, and one who is clearly bent on destroying our country and this pervert on CNN insists upon calling President Trump crazy? And all of which, I suppose, would likely be a much easier sell by those like Toobin if it wasn’t for the fact that just 18 months ago things were so very different. Like, for instance, the fact that I was paying less than two bucks for a gallon of gas.

These people must have a rather serious of amnesia, it’s the only explanation. For four years they tried to delegitimize President Trump’s election, using every single dirty trick they could, combined with the full weight of the ‘Deep State’ in the process. They are literally the last people who should be talking about President Trump wanting justice for what was clearly the stolen election of 2020. Every day for them is a new day trying to keep their Washington corruption from being investigated, especially the 2020 election. President Trump, a duly elected president, has been treated like a domestic terrorist from the day he first came down the escalator.

And it’s the Democrats, backed up by those in the ‘fake news’ media like Toobin, who continue to use the same tactics in what is a continuing effort to eliminate him as a potential candidate in 2024. And in the effort to destroy him they will use any means at their disposal; foreign enemies, smear campaigns, all manner of false flag events, spying, framing, and election interference. These people aren’t afraid that he will hurt the country. They know he was a successful president, in spite of them. They know he isn’t afraid to expose them. They know that if the 2020 election fraud, that we all know took place, is exposed they will all be implicated in those events.

And for whatever the reason whether amnesia, or something worse, they fail to understand that by continuing to talk about President Trump wanting justice for the stolen 2020 election, they keep reminding us of just how great a President Trump truly was, and should still be. He kept inflation below 2 percent, dropped illegal immigration by 700 percent in 4 months, made America energy independent, kept gasoline prices at half of what they are now, exposed fraudulent politicians and exposed the incredible bias of the media, to name only a few of his accomplishments! And remind me again, which one of Trump’s sons made a video of himself smoking crack?

Look, we all know that with the election of Hitlery the Democrats were going to continue with the ‘BO’ reign-of-terror-third-term-of-doom. Hitlery, the long-suffering witch in the wings was going to be crowned First Woman President and old ‘Slick Willy’ himself was going to be the ‘First Man.’ The plan for the Democrats was to make sure that Donald Trump was voted in as the opposition candidate by encouraging their voting base to conduct massive crossover voting. Hitlery was already their candidate so this was to guarantee that she would be going up against a perceived loser of a Republican candidate. But a funny thing happened on the way to Election Day.

That loss created the most diabolical, insidious internal coup ever attempted by a political party in this country. Devised and carried out by the political party, and their candidate, who had convinced themselves that they had somehow been robbed. And as a result, this country will now never be the same. The damage that has been done has been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before in this nation’s history. And sadly, the Democrats have made it very clear that they are nowhere near done with trying to destroy all that we have known. They are still working to make good on the promise ‘BO’ once made to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.

There is no way ‘Joey’ was the candidate ANYONE, in either party, would have even chosen as their 10th choice, let alone their first choice. This was intentional because he was meant to be nothing more than a place holder, of sorts. A rubber stamp for every anti-America piece of legislation the Democrats could get to his desk. These people don’t just hate Donald Trump, they hate anyone who dares to reject them and their vision for America. They have largely been exposed and even though they have gained a short-term advantage with their attack on the traditions and values we had always taken for granted, people are waking up and beginning to push back.

The ongoing disinformation campaigns and smear by the fake news organizations no longer have much impact. Trust in their ‘reporting’ is now in single digits. The deep state won’t be able to open enough gulags to stop the push back. They are desperate. It may make them more dangerous in the short run, but they know the jig is up. Nobody wants this crap. The time has come to fight back on a grander scale. It’s time for all those who love this country to step up. It’s time to make those who are out to destroy all that we hold dear to understand that is this far and no further. And that we do not want our children to grow up in the world they are so desperate to create.


We continue to have a rather significant number of RINOs who persist in doing their best to talk down President Trump when it comes to his being a viable candidate for 2024. And it’s at the same time that they seem not to realize, for whatever reason, that as desperate as they may be in their effort to make him appear less appealing, all they are really succeeding in doing is to make him more popular. There’s an old adage that these folks fail to grasp, it says that when you find yourself in a hole it’s best if you stop digging. Because in continuing to bring up President Trump all they’re doing is remind just how thoroughly ‘Joey’ has managed to fuck things up.   

And one of those more determined diggers is none other than John Kasich. Kasich recently demonstrated how must feel that any amount attention is better than no attention when he chose to appear on CNN’s ‘Don Lemon Tonight.’ And it was this past Monday while appearing with Lemon that Kasich actually predicted that President Trump was going down. He added that a 2024 presidential run announcement will only serve to help Democrats. Lemon said, “Let me ask you about the January 6 committee that will be wrapping up its current hearing, scheduled on Thursday. What do you think is going to come out of this hearing?”

Kasich said, “I said a week ago that the Trump supporters, many of them, have become mushy. They aren’t defending him anymore. I think that the fact of the matter is he is like a scrambling man. You remember the song by The Allman Brothers, the ‘Rambling Man,’ he is the scrambling man. That’s why he is talking about announcing. He’s talking about announcing for president to try and change the subject because listen, the Trump ship’s beginning to head down. It is beginning to go down.” On the contrary, you can literally reverse everything that he said and to have become the truth. Trump’s ship is rising, if he announces the Democrats are toast.

Kasich went on to say, “I felt it for a while. I think it’s going to continue to go that way. He may even make an announcement which will freak all the Republicans out because it will motivate Democrat turnout, which could help the Democrats in the Senate races across this country. Republicans are holding their breath that he won’t do it. He probably will. Everything has to be about Donald Trump in the end, as you and I have been talking about for four years.” Any ‘Republican’ who feels the need to go on Lemon’s show is no Republican. And in so doing it tells us all we need to know about whether Kasich has a clue regarding the state of the Republican Party.

Kasich is likely trying to gain favor for his own presidential run, but millions of Americans are fully onboard with President Trump and “America First.” We are the most powerful part of the party, the millions of voters who support President Trump. The RINOs have a few hundred elected politicians, and with luck their days are numbered. The public loves President Trump’s ‘America First’ concept of government that serves the people, not politicians, political parties, and/or their donors. RINOs want to hold on to the ‘Establishment’s control of Washington, but we’re going to reestablish government of the People, by the People, and for the People!

I wonder why it was that Lemon didn’t ask Kasich to explain how it is that out of 147 of those endorsed by President Trump in the 2022 Republican primaries, it has been 137 of them who have gone on to win? That doesn’t look much a sinking ship to me. It’s just the opposite. He proven that RINOs are the last thing Conservatives want. President Trump is loved by those who love America. People who hate America, like our cadre of RINOs, are upset that they’ve now been exposed for what they are. Kasich, Cheney, Kinzinger, and so many others are resented by real Americans. President Trump clearly lives LARGE in the heads of a great many people.

Kasich is real a piece of work. He appears in interviews with all those in the liberal media and then says President Trump will help the Democrats? Kasich is so caught up in hating President Trump that he no longer makes sound decisions. He still thinks he has a chance to be president if he can only destroy Donald Trump. Kasich refuses to accept the fact that it’s over for him. Everyone not living under a rock knows who and what he is. He has now been forced to resort to being interviewed by Lemon on a network no one watches. No one else wants to talk to him except perhaps other CNN phonies or those on MSDNC. Kasich must be feeling pretty irrelevant right about now.

Kasich is the epitome of all that it means to be a RINO. He supports bigger and bigger government, and all that goes with it. And he very clearly hates anyone who tries to upset his gravy train as a career politician. Kasich is nothing more than a bitter, vengeful loser. President Trump spanked him just as he did Jeb, and he still hasn’t gotten over it. Kasich’s ship sailed onto the rocks a long time ago but still he refuses to accept that his is a dead political career. He’s just another squishy whiner, the type of ‘Republican’ that those who reside outside the ‘beltway’ have grown tired of because they continually serve no purpose other than, of course, their own.

But those of us who continue to support President Trump need to realize that many in the Republican Party will be doing all that they can to keep President Trump off the 2024 ballot. And, like Kasich, many will claim that he will only serve to assist the Democrats in 2022 by his re-litigating the 2020 election, while all the other ‘Republicans’ simply gave up on that battle. It’s very clear they do not want President Trump in the party. They first wanted him to not run and to, instead, be a king maker. Then they criticized him for his endorsements, as if every candidate has a 100% endorsement rate. Kasich doesn’t realize he’s on everyone’s shit-list!

Kasich was able to fool a great deal of Republicans for a long time, but eventually most came to be able to see through the charade. He seems to never have forgiven Trump for taking the nomination away from him and the entire big field of the best the Republicans had to offer. Thank goodness Trump managed to pull it out. A Hitlery’s fraudulent election steal was already planned for, which the white hats managed to prevent at the last minute. If someone like Kasich had been nominated, he would have merely gone through the motions, before losing to Hitlery and assuming the role of another gracious loser just like ‘The Maverick’ and Willard.

Self-centered elites, such as Kasich, are unable to comprehend the strength of a true populist, since such an acknowledgement would mean their own self-worth is diminished by comparison. Therefore, they declare the popular candidate to be a liar in a bout of projection and go about trying to diminish him in the eyes of his followers. According to Kasich, Trump’s ship has sunk at least 30 times already. How many times have we heard from every RINO, and Democrat, that Trump is finished? President Trump will decide his own future, and there’s nothing Kasich and his cronies can do to hurt him. If Trump want’s the nomination in 24, it’s his for the taking.