Look, I think most intelligent people understand that the Crooked News Network (CNN), aka ‘fake news’ HQ, is not an actual ‘news’ network and neither does it have in its employ any bona fide ‘journalists’.  And ordinarily I wouldn’t waste the time that it takes to point out how useless this supposed ‘news’ network really is.  But one of the network’s many resident morons recently chose to make it somewhat personal, leaving me no choice but to comment.  Now while I never actually watch CNN myself, it was while perusing those websites I routinely visit that I came across some rather belligerent comments that I couldn’t help but feel were being directed at me.

You see, it was during his Thursday night broadcast, likely viewed by his regular dozen or so viewers, that CNN primetime host Don Le’ Moan actually took the time, and apparently saw it as being rather clever, to equate those of us who continue to choose to supporter President Trump to drug addicts.  It was while discussing the supposed recent surge in the of cases of the ‘Chinese virus’ in some or our less populated states, Le’ Moan said, “I have many people who I love in my life. I come from a red state, and I’ve lived in several red states. There are a lot of friends who I had to get rid of because they are so nonsensical when it comes to this issue.”

Le’ Moan went on to say, “They have every single talking point that they hear on state TV and that they hear from this president. They repeated, and they are blinded by it.”  He continued by saying, “I had to get rid of them. They are too far gone. I will try and try and try. They’ll say something stupid, and I will show them the science and give them the information, and they still repeat those talking points.”  He added, “If you look at the information that we put up last night that showed you saw how red states taken over where the blue states were.” He said, “People came in from bigger cities where there is more transmission, obviously where people are closer together.

Mr. Le’ Moan said, “Now the red states are the problem. I just had to get rid of a lot of people in my life because sometimes you have to let them go.”  He went on to add, “I think they have to hit rock bottom like an addict. Right? They have to want to get help. They have to want to know the truth. They have to want to live in reality and want to be responsible not only for other people’s lives but for their lives. It is so sad.”  Right, it’s all just so sad.  And he then went on to say, “I don’t know if, after this, I will ever be able to go back and be friends with those people.  At a certain point, they’re too far gone, and I got to let them go.”

And he concluded by saying, “If they’re willing to come back and willing to live in the reality, then I will welcome them with open arms. I can’t do it anymore.”  But if I was old Don Le’ Moan I think I’d be far more concerned about whether or not “those people” would ever be interested in re-associating with me, especially as someone who has gone pretty far out of his way to malign, and to blatantly lie about, the candidate “those people” intend to vote for.  Personally, if there was someone whom I thought of as friend made it clear that as long as I supported the president he simply could no longer be my friend I would begin to doubt if he had EVER been my friend.

I find it all pretty ironic that we could have two people talking about reality, who call themselves journalists yet neither one seems willing to touch the biggest story of the election season, the Hunter Biden story.  Also neither of these journalists will admit that the Steele dossier was not only ‘fake news’ but actually Russian disinformation and both still try to pretend they have their journalistic integrity intact.  But, of course, they refuse to talk about the true drug addict in the room, which is the crack smoking Hunter.  Well I understand what Le’ Moan is attempting to do here and that’s to paint ‘Creepy Joe Biden’s opponent with the same charges.

But look, these playground insults in place of intelligent political discussion have been standard operating procedure for those on the left ever since ‘BO’.  After all, why risk losing an argument with your dumb ideas when you can simply proclaim people being guilty of possessing some ‘phobia’ and receive your accolades from your many Kool-Aid guzzlers?  Don Le’ Moan thinks his opinions matter and tries to shame others into thinking like he does.  And sadly this is what seems to pass for ‘journalism’ today.  It’s hard to imagine that CNN was ever an actual news channel, that it ever provided real news, and not just political propaganda.  Which is all it does today.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, every day right up to Election Day.  There is NO ONE who makes the case better for voting AGAINST Democrats, ALL Democrats, than do the Democrats themselves.  How is it that any reasonably intelligent individual can listen to someone promising to lower the voter age to 16, allow illegals to vote, pack the Supreme Court while adding justices elsewhere, making DC and Puerto Rico into states, throwing open our borders and manner of other examples of corruption, and still think it’s a good idea to vote for such people.  And yet millions actually do.  

Cory Booker, aka Spartacus, Democrat from New Jersey, made another of his illustrious appearances this past Wednesday on MSDNC’s “All In” hosted by that journalistic genius, Chris Hayes.  And for anyone who happened to be tuned in during this clown’s show, Booker did little more than to make himself, as well as Democrats in general, sound not like the responsible leaders we all thought we were electing but, instead, like a bunch spoiled upset children angry because they didn’t get their way.  Yet it was Booker’s own hero who once said, “Elections have consequences!” 

Anyway, Hayes started out in typical fashion by saying, “I’ve been listening to a lot of your colleagues in the wake of that Amy Coney Barrett vote. And it seems to me that there’s — I don’t want to say radicalization, but there is a little scales falling from the eyes. Brian Schatz said you killed the old Senate. Whatever it was, it’s dead now. You killed it. We’ve got to make something new that’s better and works better. What happened in the last week that —what is going through everyone’s minds and hearts about what we’ve seen happen and what is ahead of us in this next week?

To which Booker answered by saying, “I joined this institution almost seven years ago to the day in a special election. And I have watched the erosion of norms accelerating from Mitch McConnell and the Merrick Garland incident to just tumbling downward from there. And the Senate is broken. It’s deeply wounded and injured. It’s not dead, but it is deeply wounded and injured. I think folks understand this is not something you can have in an earnest sort of naive way, this idea that if we just win back control of the Senate, things will get better. No. It’s going to take steps.”

And it was ‘Spartacus’ who then went on to say, “I don’t know what they are going to be. We’re going to debate them hotly. But I think that the atmosphere in the Senate to taking steps to try to right wrongs, balance scales, and do justice. The number of mild-mannered senators now to break out their inner wolverine or whatever superhero nerd illusion I can make. I think you’re going to see a lot of people stepping up to try to figure out what we can do after a very dark period in which, not just in the Senate but our constitutional norms and traditions have been trashed.”

And ‘Spartacus’ continued by saying, “And what is worse than the person that actually trashed them in Donald Trump is the people that stood by and did nothing.”  Now I’m assuming that the “very dark period” which Spartacus makes reference to would be the presidency of Donald Trump.  But I must admit that I was a bit confused regarding just what it was that he might have been talking about when he made the claim that “our constitutional norms and traditions have been trashed.”  And he never really explained how it was that the confirmation of Justice Barrett brought that about.

And while I am far from being any sort of a constitutional expert, it would appear that I know a good bit more about it than most, if not all, Democrats apparently do.  Because if memory serves nowhere does the Constitution actually specify that there must be some sort of a ‘balance’ in justices based on the party of the nominating president.  What it does say is that it is the obligation of the president to appoint justices to the court.  So, Donald Trump is still the president and is therefore fully within his right AND with precedent to have nominated Justice Barrett.

Look, I think we can all see what’s going on here.  This blowhard, Booker, is just setting up an excuse for the further defiling of our Constitution and our Republic in a blatant and unethical power grab.  Not hard to understand. These Democrats are disgusting, power hungry, liars.  They should be careful as to what they consider because, as we have seen, there will be Hell to pay.  And it is my fervent hope that all of the treachery that we have seen coming from them for the last four years has now fully awakened an angry giant who is about to make its presence known.

Democrats speak of some “injustice” that has been done, which implies some sort of violation of the law.  But what law is it that was supposedly violated?  That, Booker doesn’t seem able to tell us.  But then none of the Democrat can tell us, for the very simple reason that no law was violated.  And when he speaks of the process being “illegitimate” Booker implies there was some violation of the Constitution.  But again, exactly what part of the Constitution was violated?  Neither can Booker tell us that! That’s only because no law has been broken nor has the Constitution been violated!

And why is it that whenever the Democrats are not in-charge, the Senate is said to be somehow “broken?”  Or to use Booker’s own words it is “deeply wounded and injured. It’s not dead, but it is deeply wounded and injured.”  And just who was it that changed the rules?  Can you say ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid?  He was the guy who apparently thought Democrats would have a majority forever and he would be able to bully through all manner of progressive garbage, he changed the rules and then they lost the Senate and have been complaining ever since!  They brought it on themselves!

And so riddle me this, if President Trump does win re-election, and the Republicans do keep control of the Senate, what’s to stop them from packing the Court with conservatives?  I mean, if the Democrats can threaten to do it, why not us?  I’m so tired of those on our side simply trying to play nice while those on the other side behave as little more than a bunch of assholes!  The confirmation of Justice Barrett was a thing to behold.  But I must be honest, I was never sure it was going to happen until the vote had been taken and it was official and the heads on the left exploded.  

And finally it was someone much smarter than myself who recently made the following points:

“Donald Trump did not set the tone of the Robert Bork hearings. Trump did not set the tone of the Clarence Thomas hearings. Hundreds of conservatives did not disrupt the hearings when Barack Obama nominated Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. Nor do conservatives shout down speakers and assault innocent people attending public rallies. Conservatives do not protest our police officers or attempt to thwart the duly enacted laws of this country. Conservatives were not the ones in the streets in the 1960s, and they are not the ones violently ‘occupying’ the streets today.”

And they then went on to say, “There are valid reasons why nearly 60% of Americans fear left-wing violence. It is the Left, not Donald Trump, that has taken America to the brink of anarchy.  Electing more left-wing extremists to Congress this November is definitely not the prescription for what ails America today.  Can you imagine a Congress dominated by Cory Bookers?  That thought should compel every conservative to vote this November.”  Look, we all know what it is that we must do if we want our country to survive.  And it is not to vote for ANY Democrat!  Yes, it is that simple!!


When was the last time anyone heard from any Democrat, during any election cycle, anything other than a laundry list of reasons why one should vote AGAINST the Republicans but never a list of reasons why one SHOULD actually vote FOR the Democrats?  And yet the millions of simpletons among us march right out to the polls and vote for these same Democrats who seek nothing other than the power to control every aspect of our lives.  And what does it say about someone when they purposely work to convince folks of their own race to vote for those who want nothing more than to permanently enslave them to a political party that both what’s to keep them forever in poverty and is also busy killing them at the rate of 1000 every day.

All of which brings me to ‘Racist Jimmy’ Clyburn, Democrat, who told us just this past Tuesday, during an appearance on CNN’s “Andy Cooper 360”, that President Trump is “not a good person.”  ‘Racist Jimmy’ claimed his disdain for “African-American women” proved it.  In a clip from Fox News, Trump adviser Jared Kushner said, “One thing we have seen in the black community which is mostly Democrats, is that President Trump’s policies are the policies can help people breaking out the problems they complain about.  He can’t want them to be successful more than they want to be successful.”  ‘Racist Jimmy’ is a leech, a leper to America and a liar … apart from that he strikes me as your garden variety low IQ southern black racist.

‘Racist Jimmy’ said, “I want Jared Kushner to know, I think I got a pretty good idea what’s best for me and my children. I can tell you this — it ain’t in the policies of Donald Trump. I am hearing all these numbers they’re coming out with, telling they are expecting to get 20% of black votes. I want to see a black man who can tell me they can reconcile President Donald Trump looking into the camera speaking into a mic and calling an African-American woman a dog. Tell me how you reconcile that. Tell me how you reconcile this president calling the first African-American woman, Asian-America woman be on a major party ticket, and he called her a monster, and you are going to vote for him?”  All I can say to that is, if the shoe fits…

‘Racist Jimmy’ then proceeded to say, “I am the father of three African-American women. I am the son of an African-American woman. I can’t abide those kinds of insults coming from Donald Trump. I cannot abide the insults coming from Jared Kushner telling me he knows what’s best for me.”  After playing a clip of President Trump mispronouncing Kamala Harris’s name, Copper said, “It is like a fourth-grade kid making fun at each other, mispronouncing their names. It is so juvenile, and of course, it is something he’s targeting women of African-American descent. He’s targeting a black woman in America.”  Actually, what’s so juvenile is all of the racist drivel that we continue to hear from pathetic leftwing losers, like Jimmy.

Anyway, Jimmy said, “You are being very kind to elevate him to the fourth grade that is kindergarten stuff. That’s his mindset. He has a low regard for African-American women. He disrespects women. He disdains African-American women. I really feel that the goodness of this country is what’s on the ballot.”  He added, “This campaign is about restoring America’s goodness so we can maintain America’s greatness. Donald Trump is not a good person.”  It’s little more than comic relief whenever some liberal goes on television using words that they have no idea the meaning of.  Where would they be without their teleprompters and someone close enough to help interpret the message and to help them pronounce those really, really big words?

So I’m thinking that what we really had here was nothing more than yet another obvious attempt perpetrated by he who is really nothing more than Nancy’s Stooge, whose job is to fool the truly gullible who buy his drivel.  The fact that President Trump treats everyone EQUALLY is what really bothers those like ‘Racist Jimmy.’  It’s as if he thinks that Black women should be treated BETTER than anyone else, based upon their race and gender.  Which, or so you would think, could be considered as being both racist, and sexist.  Personally, it would seem pretty clear that it’s men like Jimmy who are the ones who have such disdain for black women.  Perhaps that’s why he remains such an enthusiastic supporter of Planned Parenthood?   

Look, this racist old dolt, along with every other member of that racist bunch of bigots referred to as the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), are nothing other than a bunch of 21st century plantation overseers, doing their best to keep blacks firmly in place right there on those inner city plantations.  And if you don’t know that, then you ain’t black!  And who maintains a very firm grip over those inner city plantations?  Well it sure ain’t the Grand old party of Donald J. Trump.  That you can take to the bank!  It’s the very same Democrat Party of which ‘Little Jimmy’ is a very proud member!  There does not need to be these inner city plantations, there’s no need for them.  But apparently many in the hood love the hood and that way of life.

So ‘Racist Jimmy’ is heard once again lying to black folks in what is nothing more than an attempt to scare them into doing the bidding of his white massas.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy’s great grandpa once sold out other blacks on the plantations, and his great, great, great grandpa was likely one of those back in the old homeland selling blacks into slavery.  Jimmy sure do jump high when ‘Creepy Joe’ comes a whistlin’.  Jimmy spew racial slurs, because he lacks the intelligence to debate the real issues.  He’s another of those who work to keep blacks down, not President Trump nor the Republicans, because he needs the racial strife as a campaign issue. All these years in Congress and what has he accomplished?  Absolutely nothing!!

Jimmy really should quit peddling all of his racism crap.  If he was honest he’d admit that, yes, Donald Trump has done more to actually benefit the black community in four years than Jimmy’s hero, and our first black president, managed to do in eight years.  It’s called creating a bona fide economic recovery and real job growth.  Not whatever it was that ‘BO’ had going before leaving office.  And as far as Harris being the first ‘black’ woman on a major party ticket, I’d say that’s up for debate.  Granted she is at least part black, no doubt, but you’ll remember that she also claimed to be Asian American, Indian, when she won her seat in the Senate.  So apparently she’s whatever she feels she must be in order to garner the most votes.  

And look, President Trump was speaking of Harris, the person, not about all black women everywhere, and Jimmy is very well aware of this, but this is what this stooge does.  And let’s be honest here, all claims of racism aside, Harris IS a monster and her record as D.A. of San Francisco quite literally proves that.  And it’s Harris’ rather checkered prosecutorial history, much like ‘Creepy Joe’s questionable legislative history, that ended up hurting a great many black people.  She would harm them even more if her imbecilic policy positions were ever allowed to become a reality.  Maybe you should be looking at that rather than at her skin color, Jimmy.  It would be a good habit to get into.   But then what’s the point in that, right Jimmy? 

Is it the historic unemployment numbers for Black Americans that led Jimmy to say of President that “He’s not a good person?”  It’s not that Harris is black, or half black, nor even that she’s a women.  It’s the fact that she simply SUCKS as a human being and is obviously nothing more than another of our run-of-the-mill corrupt politicians!  There is absolutely nothing special about her other than the apparent ease with which she seems to be quite willing to get on her knees, or her back, if only with the proper incentive.  Race and gender have nothing to do with it, screwing her way to the top and then screwing other people in order to stay there, that’s the problem!  And if she’s not wanting that to be talked about, she’s in the wrong line of work!

And I can’t help but wonder if there will EVER come a day when blacks in America finally wake up and realize just how badly they have essentially been played by the Democrats and also how it was that those like Jimmy not only allowed it to happen but were also pretty active participants.  And will it be too late to do anything about it once they do wake up?  I mean more and more blacks are slowly starting to come to their senses but it’s still so many more who seem to be quite content with the manner in which they are treated by the Democrats and who still look upon those like Jimmy as being someone whom they can trust and who has their best interests at heart.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  And that’s what is just so sad.

Besides being a racist, might we also argue that perhaps Jimmy is also be a bit of a cultural appropriator. How dare him refer to Harris as being African-American. Jimmy has to know that Harris is of Jamaican-Indian descent. The closest tie to Africa in Harris’ history is the fact, according to her father, that her ancestors practiced buying and selling slaves from Africa.  Jimmy is simply practicing cultural appropriation by identifying Harris as an African-American in hopes that other African-Americans will simply vote according to the perceived race of the candidate.  Harris has closer ties to the African slave trade than does 99% of the American citizens that she claims owes reparations for what happened in this country centuries ago.

And let’s be honest here, shall we Jimmy?  After all it’s Jimmy himself who has reaped, and continues to reap, the benefit of being black courtesy of the fact that his congressional district, like so many other districts in so many other states, is little more than a cutout of an area populated predominately by blacks. If they want to claim systemic racism, aren’t these ‘cutouts’ racism in itself?  Equality usually means competing on a level field, but it seems, to the Democrat, a level playing field is inherently tilted in their favor and black Americans still can’t make it without government help.  When will the black community shed the overcoat of such assistance and stand on their own, and kick racists like Clyburn to the curb?

President Trump insults everyone, and to suggest that some people should be entitled to ‘special’ treatment because of their ‘special’ status is, itself, a kind of racism. When you do that, you suggest that Harris is not the equal of everyone else President Trump insults, that she should somehow be treated more carefully because she’s not as capable of handling it by virtue of her race.  If she wants to play in the big leagues that she needs to expect to take a few hits just like everyone else.  And as I mentioned earlier, if she has a problem with that then perhaps she’s in the wrong line if work. I’d like to see how well she would be able to handle the barrage of insults that President Trump has had to deal with for four years.  And it bothers him not!


Let me just say, that there is no one who makes the case that we should never EVER vote for Democrats, better than do the Democrats themselves!  And the most recent example of that is how they ALL behaved like spoiled brats through the entire process during which Judge Barrett transitioned to Justice Barrett.  I mean, are these people really the responsible adults that we all want, or need, to have in charge of running our country?  Do they really think that we’re all THAT stupid?  Granted, most of those who chose to routinely vote for Democrats aren’t exactly known for their intelligence just as, and very obviously so, are the many politician who run as Democrats.

So what makes me ask the question is that during Monday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” it was Democrat Senator Chris Coons who said that there should be a “wide-open conversation” on rebalancing the courts, including the circuit and district courts, where there are “hundreds” of judges who should not “be allowed to sit peaceably without our re-examining the process, the results, and the consequences.”   So I’m guessing that, like most Democrats, Coons’ understanding of the Constitution is pretty thin, if he has an understanding of it at all.  But then also, like most Democrats, Coons likely views our Constitution as being etched in Jell-O.

Coons said, “[W]e’ve got to have a wide-open conversation about how do we rebalance our courts. Yes, the two Supreme Court [seats] that have been stolen through these processes that are just wildly hypocritical have been used to jam through partisan nominees. But we’ve got to look at our federal courts as a whole, Rachel. Because we’ve seen hundreds of conservative judges put on circuit courts and district courts all over this country in the last four years, in many cases, too young, too unqualified, and too far right to be allowed to sit peaceably without our re-examining the process, the results, and the consequences.”

The only reason there were so many judges available for President Trump to seat is because his predecessor, ‘BO’, never got around to fill them as he was far too busy wreaking all manner of other havoc upon the country and, anyway, Hitlery would be there to fill them once she was ‘elected.’  Oops!  If Coons wants to lay blame, anywhere, he needs to focus all of his attention in the direction it belongs, at ‘BO’. Oh wait he’s a Democrat and Democrats never, EVER, take responsibility for their own actions.  Taking responsibility of one’s actions, well that’s just for “chumps!”  These people are disgusting, and those who continue to vote for them, are morons.

And dare I ask what, exactly, it is that Coons means when he says, “not allowed to sit peaceably?”  I mean, is he openly threatening the safety, the security, or the ability of the lower court judges to sit on the bench and to perform their duties or is he, once again, being little more than your typical leftwing blowhard out to gain for himself a little attention from the ‘fake news’ dopes all in the hopes of not losing his next reelection?  It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference, but it would seem to me that threatening the safety and security of the sitting judges would land someone like you or me in jail.  But apparently those like Coons have a ‘Get outta Jail Free’ card?    

And why is it that whenever the Republicans play by the rules, and actually win, the inevitable Democrat response is always to demand that the rules be changed?  Democrats feel that they should be able to win all of the time because, as they see it, it’s their cause that is simply more just than that of their opposition.   But in truth Democrats are all about power and they feel it is their right be in total control of everything.  They want be able to control every facet of American life because it is they who know best.  And yet it’s time after time that they make it painfully obvious that they don’t.  Everything they touch almost immediately turns to shit!

And why is it suddenly that the court can be said to be unbalanced, or out of whack, or unfair?  Because the Democrats aren’t winning elections and therefore are unable to Constitutionally nominate judges, then the whole damn system needs to be torn down?  Or maybe, to use language Democrats better understand, is it in need of being burned down?  They are the ones out of step with America, along with the useful idiots who enable Democrats to acquire the power that they seek.  Democrats have become a violent, tyrannical party and in so doing have become the most dangerous threat America now faces.  Not ‘climate change’ and not white supremacy.

The Democrats have used the circuit courts to legislate for decades. They would pay groups to sue our government and purposefully lose so they could say one thing to the people, then throw their hands up in the air when they got what they wanted through the courts telling the people what else could they do. Now that the courts are following the Constitution the Democrats are unhappy because they must actually pass laws that do not stomp on the Constitutional rights of the citizens. The people can hold their elected officials accountable and the courts can protect the citizens of this country according to the Constitution. No wonder Democrats are so angry.

It’s now in just one week that every freedom loving, patriotic American must make sure that we do everything that we can to make sure we rid ourselves of as many of those Democrats who continue to say one thing and mean something very different.  And those who view the Judiciary not as another separate but equal branch of our government but instead as something meant to be bastardized in such a way as to allow them to get what they want and to force their liberal, unconstitutional policies down our throats instead of being forced to go through the normal legislative process as intended by those who first brought this great country into being. 

So what continues to have Democrats, like Coons, so wrapped around the axil, is that none of this was ever supposed to happen.  Instead, we were to continue down the path that ‘BO’ had set us on, led by none other than Hitlery.  Our economy was to continue ‘growing’ at 1 percent annually, wages were to do nothing but to continue to stagnate, we were to become increasingly dependent on countries who hate us for our ever more costly energy needs, we were to continue to send your young off to die in pointlessly wars and we were to go broke in an effort to combat bogus ‘climate change.’  But instead, Donald Trump won, and with God’s help he will win again!!!


When it comes to being delusional, no one can hold a candle to she who has now failed twice in her bid to become our first female president.  And it was she who recently admitted that she has frequently thought about how she would have handled the coronavirus pandemic so much better than has President Trump.  Yes, it was Hitlery who commented about the issue during a recent interview with New York Times ‘opinion’ writer Kara Swisher, one that previewed for Axios this past Sunday.

Swisher asked Hitlery if she felt that a woman president would have handled the virus better.  Hitlery replied, “I have no doubt, especially if it were me.”  Before going on to say, “I have no doubt. I mean, I was born for that.”  Oddly enough, the New York Times had published the argument in May that female leaders New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen were handing the virus much better than the male leaders were.

Hitlery, long a big admirer of Dr. Anthony Fauci going back to even before the ‘Chinese virus’ pandemic came upon us, would have very likely featured him, and very prominently so, in what would have been her likely response to the virus.  And it was also during this interview that she let her feelings be known regarding the man who last defeated her.  Obviously she has yet to move beyond her humiliating defeat. She said, “I can’t entertain the idea of him winning, so let’s just preface it by that.” 

And she went on to add, “Well, because it makes me literally sick to my stomach to think that we’d have four more years of this abuse and destruction of our institutions, and damaging of our norms and our values, and lessening of our leadership, and the list goes on.”  Asked if she felt any “fear” that President Trump would target her legally should he be reelected and Hitlery said, “There’s no doubt that he would do everything he could to attack and punish anyone who was, in his view, an adversary.”

And she continued by saying, “And he would be aided and abetted, sadly, by both elected and appointed officials.”  Hitlery said, “So, of course, one of the most important accomplishments that I hope we see in this election is a Democratic Senate, where that would be the check that we would need against further abuse of power.”  Hitlery accusing anyone of abuse of power is absolutely laughable.  There was no one more guilty of that than both herself as well as her former boss, ‘BO’!

And according to Hitlery, President Trump “lives with this specter of illegitimacy” over the 2016 election, which she lost.  She said, “I don’t think he has any boundaries at all, Kara.”  And she said, “I don’t think he has any conscience. He’s obviously not a moral, truthful man. So he will do whatever he can to lift himself up. And remember, as I said, he lives with this specter of illegitimacy. He knows more about how he got really elected than we still do. Hopefully, we’ll learn more in the years ahead.”

Look, we’ve been forced to contend with this woman now for nearly 30 years, and it has been during that period of time that we have all grown painfully accustomed to exactly what it is that she is as both a politician and a human being, and really even as a wife.  And there is nothing in that long painful history that would seem to indicate that she would have handled the ‘Chinese virus’ in anything other than a way that would have much, much worse than how President Trump has handled it.

And quite frankly, what makes ME “sick to my stomach” is how Hitlery, and every other Democrat, cares so very little about this country that they would push as their candidate for president a man who is so very obviously more than a few brinks short of a load.  And for no other reason than because they see him as their vessel back to power.  Because that’s what this is truly all about.  She was not supposed to lose in 2016 and here we are four years later and she has yet to get over that she did lose.

Look, neither Hitlery, nor any other Democrat, gives a squat about how many Americans have died because of this virus.  Frankly, if she had had her way many more Americans would have likely been made to die.  But because of President Trump’s quick response the potential death toll was very significantly reduced, and it’s THAT that really has the Democrats’, including Hitlery’s, panties in such a bunch.  And we have Democrat’s in their own words, on videotape making that all very clear.     

Hitlery’s rather checkered history as it relates to healthcare is far from comforting. President Trump chose to act quickly when he learned of the virus.  And it was the Democrats, including Hitlery, who chastised the president for blaming who it was that was most responsible, China and the World Health Organization (WHO), both of whom downplayed this virus until it exploded in China and spread worldwide.  And Hitlery would have never confronted either of these entities regarding their recklessness.

And why is it that we should believe Hitlery when she says she would have acted any differently than those Democrats who essentially did nothing more than to tell the American people that there was absolutely nothing to worry about with this virus?  That and to call President Trump a racist and xenophobe for taking the immediate actions that he did.  Oh ya, Hitlery would have done a much better job and the number of dead Americans would now likely be rapidly approaching 1,000,000.

If there is any area in which Democrats can be said to excel, it would be in the area of death.  I mean, can anyone name one Democrat who opposes the murdering of the unborn or who sees something fundamentally barbaric about the fact that 60 million babies have been killed in the last 47 years.  So why is it that Hitlery would likely have taken ANY actions regarding the ‘Chinese virus’ that would have resulted in anything other than to escalate the death toll.  I mean, it only stands to reason!   

I will never understand this type of criticism, especially from certain politicians or those in the ‘fake news’ media who have zero medical training.  The President is not a medical doctor.  He immediately shut down travel from the country of origin and called in the presumedly best experts this nation had to form a task force to best deal with a novel virus causing a pandemic. He made resources and funding available to the states to treat patients.  What more could he have done?  Absolutely nothing!

Even with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight, this is getting downright ridiculous. All these so-called experts keep saying how they would have done things differently had THEY been in charge.  And I have not yet heard anything in the way of concrete measures from any of these political naysayers who would have done anything different than the president despite having the benefit of that hindsight. I consider anyone who uses the health of others to score cheap political points, to be an enemy of the people.

Hitlery speaks of concern over the “destruction of our institutions,” when destruction seems to be the sole purview of the left.  Destruction of our history, abolishing law enforcement, destroying our sovereignty with open immigration, burning and looting our cities, abolishing prisons, perverting our justice system, shunning law and order, packing the Supreme Court, ripping up the Bill of Rights to curb free speech and abolish gun ownership, devaluing the nuclear family, butchering babies and more!

In truth, had it been Hitlery who was President, and not Donald Trump, during this pandemic, the White House would have likely stopped, all together, the reporting of COVID cases only a few months in and stopped all testing before then going on to claim that it was pointless because we already knew there was a pandemic, just like ‘BO’ did during the days of H1N1.  Democrats would have covered up the deaths in their states, and buried the nursing home nightmare like Andrew Cuomo created.

As well Democrats would also have likely mandated the wearing of masks, likely under threat of imprisonment; people would have been imprisoned in their homes, under threat of punishment; peoples’ power and water would have been shut off for failure to comply with the dictates of government.  This is what Hitlery was born to do!  Trust me when I say we should that our God above that it WAS Donald Trump who was our president and NOT Hitlery.  That would have been a true nightmare scenario!


What is it about Democrats that makes them view those who chose not agree with their vision of the future or to support them as a candidate in our political process, as being somehow “deplorable,” “the dregs of society,” or accusing those “of not being black” who most definitely ARE black.  It’s just all so bizarre!  I can only guess that Democrats view those who refuse to support them in their political endeavors as simply being to stupid to see what they are actually trying to do FOR us.  That, and while they see themselves as being as pure as the wind driven snow, we do not.

And it was as recently as this past Saturday that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden who recently added to the list of names those of us who don’t see the benefit in supporting Democrats when he referred to those who support his opponent as “chumps” while delivering remarks in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  It was during some sort of a drive-in rally that ‘Creepy-Joe said, “I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do, including those chumps with the microphone out there.”  So instead of trying to persuade those folks to join HIS folks, he calls them names?  Seriously?  

Because ‘Creepy Joe’ was apparently referencing supporters of President Trump who had gathered nearby his rally. Pictures and videos show the president’s supporters waving flags and honking their horns during ‘Creepy Joe’s speech.  But this was far from being the first time that ‘Creepy Joe’, or for that matter any number of other Democrats, has insulted President Trump’s supporters despite his current declaration that he would fight for all Americans.  This is standard operating procedure for Democrats, those who don’t support them are simply too stupid to know better.

Folks may recall that it was during a fundraiser back in April that ‘Creepy Joe’ suggested that the president’s supporters “like” that President Trump is “engaged in the politics of division.”  He said, “There are people who support the president because they like the fact that he is engaged in the politics of division.”  It was nothing less than a thinly vailed attempt to accuse those who support President Trump of being both racist and xenophobic.  But how does ‘Creepy Joe’ think that that, in any way, convinces those who support President Trump, to support him?

And it was on this same occasion that ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “They really support the notion that, you know, all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are bad and… dividing this nation based on ethnicity, race. This is the one [sic] of the few presidents who succeeded by deliberately trying to divide the country, not unite the country.”  And speaking as a “chump,” I feel confident in saying that there is a candidate in this contest who is deliberately trying to divide this country, but it isn’t Donald Trump.  And ‘Creepy Joe’ will never be able to unite this country behind his leftist agenda.

‘Creepy Joe’s decision to appear in Pennsylvania followed President Trump’s choosing to highlight ‘Creepy Joe’s blatantly dishonest position on fracking during the second and final presidential debate.  It was during the debate that we saw ‘Creepy Joe’ assert that he did not support banning fracking and when told he was on tape doing just that, he challenged the president to “show the tape!”  And it was shortly after the debate that President Trump did exactly that by posting a video montage of ‘Creepy Joe’ both criticizing the process and threatening to bring it to a stop.

So, anyway, now I’m a deplorable chump?  Okay, I can live with that.  I just consider the source, a decrepit, senile old fart desperate to be president.  But you see, I would argue that the true “chumps” are those Democrats, along with anyone else of the same opinion, who are thinking that you can somehow lead a country when half the time you don’t know where you are or even for which office you are actually running.  This man has done nothing for his entire 47 year career in government, except to steal from the taxpayer and make his family rich. Wait, maybe we are chumps.

Nothing warms the heart to gain one’s support better than insulting them.  I don’t seem to recall that it worked all that well for Hitlery after she used her “basket of deplorables” comment back in 2016.  But it was also ‘Creepy Joe’ who has, in the past, referred to Hitlery’s “deplorables” as being the “dregs of society.”  So keep it going Joe, it’ll work, just think of how well it was taken when you told black people that “they ain’t black if they vote for Trump.” I wonder how many times that scrappy guy from Scranton has gotten his ass kicked throughout his life for running his mouth?

So if you don’t choose to vote for ‘Creepy Joe’, then you’re a chump. And this guy is running for President?  Surely if he wins the shoe will be on the other foot.  Imagine ‘Creepy Joe’s response to our enemies, that is if he can figure out who our enemies are (that’s a major problem).  They will easily ‘shame’ him (personally) into doing whatever it is they want him to do for their own good and their own purposes. Our enemies will be the ones saying, “So I told old Joe if he doesn’t give us 350 billion dollars, then we’ll condemn the U.S. at the U.N. for everything we can think of.”

‘Creepy Joe’, like all con artists, is simply incapable of keeping up with his own narrative. He may frequently contradict himself because he’s demented, or simply because he is a fraud, as frauds struggle to remember their lies.  We’re constantly told that we all need to vote for ‘Creepy Joe’ because he’s the only guy capable of bringing us all together and uniting the country.  But what’s unifying about calling those who disagree with you politically, chumps, deplorables, irredeemables, racists, fascists and misogynists?  ‘Creepy Joe’ is mentally impaired and undeniably crooked.


What can we say about a group of individuals, an entire profession really, who seem to go out of their way to mislead, deceive and outright lie to the American people when it comes to what is the single most important civic duty ANY American citizen will ever take part in.  And add to that, what is it that we can now say about a certain ‘news’ network, that once referred to itself as being the conservative alternative to what the majority of other outlets had become and that, rather ironically, still bills itself as being “Fair and Balanced” when today it is so very clearly neither.

And there are those employed by this particular ‘news’ network, who seem not all that fond of our president, all of whom we’re very familiar with so there’s no need to list them here.  But there is one worthy of an honorable mention, if for no other reason than the fact that he has spent an inordinate amount of time and energy, over the course of the last four years, in what appears to have been some sort of a vendetta against our president.  And now that the president is seeking re-election he has now pulled out all the stops in an effort to prevent that from happening.

And apparently his colleagues, there at ‘Fox News’, have not yet come to recognize the harm that they likely do to their own credibility every time they have as their guest ‘The Pro’, aka none other than ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace.  And while I suppose there was once a time when he may have been considered an unbiased, objective and credible ‘journalist’, I can only assume that that could only have been a very, very long time ago.  Since I have seen no evidence of him being anything other than a pitiful two-bit political hack over the entire course of the last four years.

And it was again, just this past Friday, that we again saw further evidence again on full display when ‘Commie Chris’ made an appearance on Fox News’ “Bill Hemmer Reports” where, in discussing the previous night’s debate, he made the rather bizarre claim that ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden had delivered a “powerful” message while President Trump lacked the necessary details of a second term agenda.  Now as someone who actually watched the debate, I must say that I was more than a bit confused by ‘Commie Chris’s rather idiotic rebuke of the president.

‘Commie Chris’ said, “You look at the polls people not happy with the way this president has handled the COVID, the coronavirus. Joe Biden laying out a specific set of plans there, not just talking as the president did last night, about waiting for the vaccine. I thought it was smart also to tie it to healthcare and the fact that the president is in the Supreme Court the week after the election going to try to kill the Affordable Care Act. When Biden says if talking about trying to kill the ACA in the middle of a pandemic, that’s a pretty powerful message.”  What a bunch of drivel!

And ‘Commie Chris’ went on to say, “Then just the generally the argument about unity that these are not red states, blue states, it’s the United States. We’re all in it together. It’s a good message for him. I suspect it’s the message you’ll be hearing a lot in these last 11 days of the campaign.”  He went on to add, “The one thing that I thought was lacking last night is that he didn’t talk much about what his agenda would be for a second term. Generally speaking, particularly with the president seeking re-election, voters want to know.”   

And he concluded by saying, “Okay. You’ve done this over the first four years. What are you going to do the next four years? We didn’t hear a lot of that from the president. I know there are a lot of top Republican strategists who think that the president needs to do more of that in the last week of this campaign.”  Me thinks that old ‘Commie Chris’ was again grabbing at straws in what was obviously another of the many attempts, on his part, to try to bolster ‘Creepy Joe’s chances, while at the same time trying to do damage to the president.  This is how this creep operates.    

So ‘Commie Chris’ made the argument the ‘Creepy Joe’ delivered what he called a “powerful” message, yet in the debate that I watched it was ‘Creepy Joe’ who did nothing more than to tell one lie after another.  While President Trump spoke the truth, ‘Creepy Joe’ did little more than regurgitate talking points. I could go on here with what ‘Commie Chris’, the journalist, saw as not being important enough to comment on, but it’s his obvious biases that makes the point better than I ever could in how it is that he is less a journalist than a political consultant for ‘Creepy Joe.’

‘Creepy Joe’ said that he would give amnesty to 25-30 million illegals compared to President Trump working heard at protecting our borders and stopping the millions of illegals from invading our country, a promise that he ran on in 2016 and one he has kept.  ‘Creepy Joe’ claimed to “have a plan” without any details, but after nearly a half a century in Washington it would seem to me that he should have more than a plan, he should have a record of actually doing.  But he doesn’t, what he has a record of is corruption, something that ‘Commie Chris’ also seems to have missed.

But then again, we are talking about ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace here.  He apparently has the uncanny ability to tune out debates including the ones he himself has ‘moderated’.  He insisted, on-air, to his colleagues in a discussion after the debate that ‘Creepy Joe’ actually HAD answered his question about packing the Supreme Court. No he didn’t!  But what ‘Creepy Joe’ did speak of is the phasing out of fossil fuels over 15 years which will lead immediately to higher energy costs and then ultimately to the destruction of American farming and the American economy.

And we’re supposed to believe ‘Creepy Joe’ when he promises to stop poverty by making sure it doesn’t continue.  Or how he’s going to stop ‘climate change’ by halting it and responding to it, forcefully.  ‘Creepy Joe’ has a plan for Black America.  It’s really great, or so we’re told. You’d definitely think so if you saw it.  He’s not going to show you it but if he were to, you’d be really impressed.  And ‘Creepy Joe’ knows the best way to work with Communist China, is to give them what they demand, without any pushback. That will make the takeover that much less painful.

And it’s ‘Commie Chris’ who apparently thinks that a senile, extremely corrupt, career do nothing politician is a much better choice than is a dynamic President that actually gets things done.  I’m tired of Democrats who continue to falsely accuse this President of anything that they think might derail his re-election bid no matter how hairbrained or ‘Twilight Zone-ish’ their claims may sound to normal working class Americans.  And I’m just as tired of the many media hacks, like ‘Commie Chris’, who continue to treat these accusations as if they are actually credible, when they’re not. 

‘Commie Chris’ Wallace is one of the biggest frauds in all of our ‘mainstream’ news industry.  He is an arrogant, egotistical ass who thinks of himself as being able to convince us that, for the good of the country, we must vote for ‘Creepy Joe’.  Which is not his job as a ‘journalist’.  He represents the new direction in which ‘Fox News’ seems now to have embarked, one less conservative and more liberal.  It’s my hope that ‘Fox News’ will come to find out that when you get WOKE, you go BROKE.  They have abandoned conservatives in favor of becoming a clone of both CNN and MSDNC!


And so, it was during what was billed as the “post-presidential debate coverage” on Fox Business News that those tuned in got to hear, within minutes of the debate ending, one of the network’s many ‘NeverTrumpers,’ Neil Cavuto, come rushing to make excuses for ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  Sometimes I wonder if there might be some sort of competition going on over at Fox to see who it is that can be seen as being the biggest ‘Trump Hater.’  Right now I’d say that it’s pretty much of a tossup between Cavuto and Wallace.  But there are several others who are also in the running.

But, the focus here is going to be on Cavuto who, on Thursday night, again during Fox Business Network’s post-presidential debate coverage, took the opportunity to react to ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s rather bold declaration about getting rid of fossil fuels.  The comment that seemed draw Cavuto’s attention was when ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “I would transition from the oil industry, yes.”  And it was our old Trump-hating buddy Cavuto who likened ‘Creepy Joe’s comment to what was then considered as being a gaffe committed by Gerald Ford back in a 1976 presidential debate with Jimmy Carter.

Cavuto said, “That’s what they call an unforced error, folks.”  Before then going on to say, “I don’t know if that was his intention, but that sounds very familiar to me. The goof that Gerald Ford made in the 1976 debate with Jimmy Carter when he famously said Eastern Europe was not under any Soviet aggression or oversight. Gerald Ford lost the debate that night, and many argued that he lost what was a closing race for him when the numbers were looking good because of that comment, that the Soviets had no dominating influence over Eastern Europe.”  Which was no small faux pas.

And it was our buddy Cavuto who continued by saying, “This is a very different beast, I grant you.”  Cavuto added, “But over the debate over fracking and whether he’s for or against it, he says on public lands. I’m against it. I’m for it on private lands. But to go the extra step of saying, you know, eventually close down the oil industry, I’m sure he would want to take back or at least clarify that remark tomorrow.”   ”Clarify,” Cavuto?  It all sounded pretty clear to me.  From the many earlier statements made by both ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ it’s clear they want to shut down the oil industry.

Cavuto is another one of those at Fox News who chose to willingly surrender what little credibility they may have once had, in what has been a continuing effort by the network to do damage to this president. However, the low IQ voters that he, and those like him, most likely appeal to don’t really care what the truth is.  And despite Cavuto’s attempt to portray it as such, ‘Creepy Joe’s comment was far from being any sort of an error on his part.  Instead, it was actually one of the very few true statements that was made by ‘Creepy Joe’ throughout the entire debate.

Now while I am not, by any means, an expert on sports analogies, isn’t an “unforced error” something that one makes quite unintentionally?  Which would make this supposed error anything but “unforced” as ‘Creepy Joe’ has, in fact, made this very same ‘error’ numerous times before on those rare occasions when he has actually ventured out of his basement headquarters and out onto the campaign trail.  So once again we have Cavuto acting as nothing other than the ‘Creepy Joe’ sycophant that we all know him to be.  He’s another of Fox News’ true Biden butt-swabs.

It’s obvious that ‘Creepy Joe and the Ho’ would love nothing better than to put this country back to where we would once again be at the mercy of the world’s oil producers, most of whom are hostile to this country.  President Trump has made us energy independent, something else that the great ‘BO’ once said could NEVER be achieved.  It’s a national security issue, and therefore is low on the list of Democrat priorities.  President Trump wants wind, solar, hydroelectric too, but realizes right now they can’t provide near the amount of energy that we need as a nation. 

And maybe I’m just being a little suspicious here, but it all sounds just a little bit too much like Venezuela to me.  Another one of those places that’s always being touted by so many on the left as being another socialist paradise.  But it also happens to be a place where they have massive oil reserves, still in the ground, with nary a drop of gasoline at the gas stations.  And whether it was “unforced” or a bit of honesty on his part, it certainly wasn’t very bright to risk losing millions of voters in the oil patch.  But then ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden has never been one known for being particularly bright.

And let’s be real, any American who doesn’t know by now that signing on to the ‘Paris Agreement’ would result in a huge wealth transfer from the U.S. to China shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  Any American who doesn’t know by now that terrible trade agreements like NAFTA (and the TPP, a bullet that Trump shielded America from) inevitably result in massive numbers of American jobs relocating to China, shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  And any American who doesn’t realize by now that the Democrats plan to end the use of fossil fuels, also shouldn’t be allowed to vote. 

And it’s always amusing watching these twits attempt to spin the narrative for their champion when he sticks his, or her, foot in his, or her, mouth.  But the sad reality here is that contrary to what this fool Cavuto would have us all believe, this was no ‘error,’ unforced or otherwise, on the part of ‘Creepy Joe’.  And while you can certainly call into question ‘Creepy Joe’s mental stability, it was in making this specific comment that he said exactly what he meant to say.  He has also said that he would throw oil executives into prison for environmental crimes against humanity.

Look, the intent here is to force us into paying for enormously expensive, ‘renewable’ energy.  So who is it that’s in favor of going back to 4, or more, dollar a gallon gasoline or would like to fork over a grand, or more, every month just to heat and/or cool your home?  If so, then just vote for ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ and you will definitely get your wish.  And if, God forbid, these two loons do win, my friends, it will then be up to us whether we get to heat/cool your home, get to buy food or get to buy needed medicine.  We just won’t be able to do them all in the same month!


You know, every time I hear some Democrat speaking about “our” values, I kinda get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  You know the one, that one you get just before you…puke.  We all need to be more than a bit wary when our politicians, especially Democrat politicians, start throwing around the word “our!”  Because who it is that he, or she, includes in “us” or “our” is not your average American citizen! Nope!  Whenever a Democrat speaks of “our” country, “our” children, “our” values, or “our” priorities, they mean “our” as in “belonging to us, the Democrat Party!”

And such was the case yet again just this past Wednesday when ex-president ‘BO’, on Wednesday, chose to berate President Trump at a campaign stop for his former vice president, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden.  It was then that ‘BO’, when arguing that ‘Creepy Joe’ and his running mate, ‘The Ho’, could lead the country out of “dark times,” said, “We need to reclaim our values.”  ‘BO’ also criticized President Trump’s character, citing the angry messages on Twitter and the personal attacks against his rivals.  ‘BO’ must not remember, as the rest of us do, his own many angry, and very personal, attacks!

‘BO’ noted that Americans would not tolerate President Trump’s behavior from a high school principal or a coach, but perhaps only from a “crazy uncle” in someone’s family.  He said, “That’s not normal presidential behavior.”  And he went on to ask in faux disbelief, “Why would we accept this from the President of the United States and why are folks making excuses for that?”  So I’m guessing that if President Trump were instead to threaten to use his phone and his pen, that WOULD be seen as being acceptable “presidential behavior?”  Right, and ‘BO’ was ever so ‘presidential!’

‘BO’ said that the president’s behavior only serves to embolden the negative forces in the country.  He said, “There are consequences to these actions. They embolden other people to be cruel and divisive and racist.”  And he claimed, “I will tell you one thing, four years ago, he would be tailgating here at the lake instead of watching the speech from your cars.”  But it struck me as rather odd that ‘BO’ was heard describing President Trump as if he was talking about himself when speaking of the president’s actions encouraging other people to be “cruel and divisive and racist.” 

‘BO’ took the stage taunting President Trump for joking about having to work hard for reelection due to the coronavirus pandemic.  ‘BO’ said, “The president spent some time in Erie last night and apparently he complained about having to travel here and he cut the event short.”  And he added, “Poor guy. I don’t feel that way; I love coming to Pennsylvania.”  Right, the guy who spends the vast majority of his time in Washington, DC or at his newly purchased $11.75 million home in Martha’s Vineyard, just loves getting out amongst those whom he considers as the unwashed masses.

‘BO’ said, “America is a good and decent place, but we’ve just seen so much noise and nonsense that sometimes it’s hard for us to remember.”  Right, and that America remains a good and decent place is in spite of, and not because of, what those like ‘BO’ insist upon turning it into.  And God forbid, should it be ‘Creepy Joe and The Ho’ who actually do win in November, the chances of this remaining a good and decent place will be rather significantly reduced.  I mean these two are about as crooked as they come and possess no real desire to keep America neither good nor decent.

And also, as expected, ‘BO’ criticized President Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic.  He said, “This idea that somehow this White House has done anything but completely screw this up is just not true.”  Which I thought was more than a little odd especially coming from the very same guy who not only monumentally screwed things up during the H1N1 outbreak, but also never saw fit to replenish the stockpile of N95 respirator masks after the outbreak was over, leaving that to whomever would come after him.  This guy is such a loser on so many levels.

‘BO’ also compared South Korea and Canada’s response to that of the United States, praising their governments for handling the response to the coronavirus differently. ‘BO’ said, “Donald Trump isn’t suddenly going to protect all of us. He can’t even take the basic steps to protect himself.”  And of course ‘BO’ accused President Trump of “screwing up” testing, calling scientists “idiots,” and he criticized Trump for hosting a “super spreader event” at the White House.  But again, coming from a guy who did nothing but to make things worse for eight years it means absolutely nothing!

And in sounding as crazy as many of those who have already come out to prop up ‘Creepy Joe’, ‘BO’ also claimed that his economic record was far better than that of President Trump, actually going so far as to accuse the president of making the economy worse.  ‘BO’ said, “Just like everything else he inherited, he messed it up.” Some of ‘BO’s attacks were predictable, criticizing President Trump for trying to repeal Obamacare and arguing that he only supported tax cuts for billionaires, but the ex-president also leveled several misleading political attacks against President Trump.

‘BO’ repeated the debunked story that President Trump called soldiers “suckers” and “losers.”  He also taunted President Trump for having a “secret bank account” in China, even though it’s a requirement for doing business in China.  But overall, ‘BO’ seemed to focus on a moral argument for Americans to vote out President Trump, urging his supporters to not trust the polls that showed ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden winning. ‘BO’ said, “We need to get those values back at the center of our public life.”  And he added, “And we can, but to do it we’ve got to turn out like never before.” 

So what we really had on display here was the most corrupt President in our history actually having the gonads to bring up the subject of values.  Pretty ballsy coming from a guy who had two crooked Secretaries of State, a crooked vice president, an ambassador who illegally unmasked over 100 citizens, and a Communist Party voter in charge of the CIA, all while claiming to have headed up the most scandal free administration in history.  Apparently, he must think that many of us were paying as much attention to his many antics as were so many in the ‘fake news’ media were.    

‘BO’ tells his supporters that the way a president speaks is more important than what he delivers.  It worked for him.  Stealthily dividing our country, all the while accusing others of doing it.  But many of us still saw through his tactics.  He was clearly the worst president in my lifetime, guilty of the worst sin of all, tearing Americans apart.  And here he is, doing it yet again! He’s promising the darkness will end but only if Americans would vote for his party.  The wanton ineptitude I could live with, as I did Jimmy Carter.  ‘BO’ was not inept in what he did.  It was deliberate.  All of it!

Nobody really gives a rat’s behind what ‘BO’ thinks.  He had eight years in office and accomplished absolutely nothing for the black community here in America. He failed them completely. He also worsened the racial climate in our country too, setting it back 50 years and we see a lot of the results of it in the BLM movement today. Nothing but cultural Marxist/Communist bull.  ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is a corrupt politician who has been leeching off taxpayers for decades and accomplishing very little in return. I wouldn’t be betting the farm on the polls yet. Remember 2016?

And it’s in ‘BO’ that we have a guy who: Never ran a business, Never ran a city as mayor, Never ran a state as governor, Never introduced a major piece of legislation as a U.S. Senator and Never was tenured faculty at the University of Chicago.  What he was, was a lecturer. He was not an associate professor, an assistant professor or a full professor.  And he was mentored by someone who was a Communist Party USA member, a pornographer and a regular on the FBI watchlist, Frank Marshall Davis, who instilled HIS values in ‘BO’ and now he’s lecturing us on civics and morality? Seriously?

Despite all of the polls supposedly telling us that this election is going to be a cakewalk for old ‘Creepy Joe’ I can’t help but wonder if it’s just the opposite that’s true.  I mean, what is one supposed to think if ‘Creepy Joe’ now has to rely on ‘BO’ for help.  As far as I’m concerned ‘Creepy Joe’ might as well grab onto the anchor and jump overboard.  And if ‘BO’ is that good, why is ‘The Ho’ not appearing right along with him or, for that matter, anywhere else?  Because she’s nothing more than the chain that goes with that anchor all the way to the bottom of the ocean.

So nice of ‘BO’ to come back and remind us all of his many empty promises, how racism worsened under his watch, and of the violent destruction he brought to America all in his typical sarcastic manner that we’re all quite familiar with.  He nearly destroyed the nation, his ultimate objective, and belongs in jail for his treasonous role in the attempted coup against a sitting President.  He was, and continues to be, a complete disgrace.  And it’s anyone who can be convinced by this political thug into voting for ‘Creepy Joe’ that is someone who’s a moron.

‘BO’s values, and the left’s values, are not my values. Not to mention, as we have seen in the Democrat run cities, Democrats don’t seem to make neither good managers or administrators. I really don’t want a return to ‘BO’s eight years, the main reason Donald Trump was elected in 2016. If this country is to survive, conservative values must form the foundation. Protecting the country is needed now more than ever. The barbarians are at the gate.  Giving away the country is not the way to save our country for our future generations.  America must come first!!!


If the election of Donald J. Trump has shown us anything, it’s just how truly crazy those who so proudly call themselves Democrats are here in 2020.  I mean what sort of responsible political party behaves in the manner that we have continued to see coming from these pathetic individuals in the Democrat Party for over four years.  And what’s truly sad, is the fact that so many of their supporters seem to be crazy as they are, which only serves to encourage even more insane behavior.

Which brings me to Democrat ‘Little Dick’ Durbin’s and his latest silly appearance on CNN this past Tuesday on “The Lead” where he made the statement that if his party takes the majority in the November election, they will work restore “balance” to the courts in response to the Republican-controlled Senate confirming President Trump’s nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, to the Supreme Court.  Which, I would argue, prompts the question, how is it, exactly, that ‘Little Dick’ might define ‘balance?’

Anyway, it was ‘anchor’ Jake ‘The Fake’ Tapper who said, “If Barrett is confirmed as it looks like will happen, and Democrats win back the Senate, we don’t know if that is going to happen or not, but hypothetically, if that were to happen, would you vote to add to the number of justices on the Supreme Court?”  And ‘Little Dick’ responded saying, “I haven’t made up my mind on that issue. It’s a serious one. Very serious.”  Right, I’m quite sure that ‘Little Dick’ has yet to make up his mind.  Anyone buy that?  

‘Little Dick’ said, “I think the American people want balance on our federal courts, and for the last three and a half years, they have watched Senator McConnell load these courts up with right-wing ideologues. We need real balance if we want real justice.”  By “balance” ‘Little Dick’ likely means having a majority of liberal judges who rule in favor of the Democrats regardless of the constitutionality of the issue being decided enacting, by judicial fiat, policies that voters would never support.

Anyone who is the least bit familiar with this turd, ’Little Dick,’ no doubt realizes that his claim to be only interested in “real justice” is likely a pretty dishonest one, or at least a bit disingenuous.  And it would be to anyone who actually believes this lying sack of shit that I would love to sell some prime ocean front property I currently own in Arizona.  President Trump is simply doing what should have been done all along, seat judges who will NOT legislate from the bench as is the leftist preference.

While they may not agree, their current predicament regarding the courts is yet another issue where the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves.  It all goes back to 2016 when they were so confident that Hitlery was going to win, in fact there was no way she could possibly lose to Trump.  ‘BO’ left over 140 court vacancies with the express purpose of having Hitlery fill them.  But a funny thing happened on the way to Inauguration Day, it was Donald Trump who got sworn in as President.

Actually, it’s the Supreme Court that is currently ‘balanced’ with four Justices who follow the Constitution and four who … don’t.  And as we recently saw not much gets decided in “balanced” courts!  Hey, here’s an idea, how about all courts be 100% one sided, one sided in favor of the law and the Constitution.  Oops, never mind, I forgot about whom it was that I was speaking of, the Democrats.  And as we all know, Democrats have virtually no interest in the law or, even more so, our Constitution.

The American people, at least those who genuinely care about the rule of law, equal justice for all and the Constitution, want objective jurists on the court, not those jurists who are simply interested in being puppets of the Democrat Party.  Democrat leaders consider “balance” as ensuring they have enough judges unhinged from the law and willing to legislate from the bench that will then allow them to advance portions for their agenda they can’t advance through the proper legislative process.

So here’s a translation of what ‘Little Dick’ really means when he speaks of wanting “real justice.”  He means that Democrats will work to pack the courts, all of them.  Then it’s goodbye Second Amendment, goodbye free speech and freedom of religion. Goodbye Conservative talk radio. Goodbye energy independence. Goodbye private and charter schools.  Goodbye military flyovers and the military. Goodbye police. Does Durbin offer ANYTHING that makes America better, stronger or more prosperous? 

‘Little Dick’ Durbin is an idiot and liar. He’s just another career politician, who has been in Washington for nearly 40 years.  He is just another of those who continues to be part of the problem and another who offers no solutions other than political ones that always seem to benefit only his party not the country. If voters in Illinois were smart, which apparently very few are, they would kick this buffoon to the curb and vote in a person, with real life experiences, to represent them in the Senate.