I know conservatives everywhere will be very sad to hear the news that it was just yesterday that MS(LSD)’s ‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough made it official that he is no longer a member of the Republican Party.  I know, right?  Were you as shocked as I was?  Not!  So apparently he’s now registered in his home state of Connecticut as an Independent.  Scarborough announced his new voter registration status via Twitter finally making good on a series of threats he’s made that he would leave the party.  And I’m sure most folks will be bothered by that news about as much as they were bothered to hear that a Tennessee Titan football player, Rishard Williams, has now ‘threatened’ to stop playing football if he has to stand for the national anthem.  And I should care about that why?

Anyway, in getting back to Scarborough, making his announcement, he tweeted, “I became an independent today. Here I am holding a copy of Donald Trump’s birth certificate, proving he was born in Nambia.”  I can only assume that Scarborough’s rather idiotic attempt at humor was intended to mock the so-called “birthers” who demanded to see ex-president Obummer’s birth certificate after questioning whether he was born in the U.S.  Scarborough first announced that he intended to leave the party three months ago during an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  He told Colbert, “I am a Republican, but I’m not going to be a Republican anymore.”  Scarborough, for those unaware, served as a congressman from 1995 to 2001  representing Florida’s First Congressional District.

But look, Scarborough has long been little more than simply a Republican-In-Name-Only (RINO).  Not since his days as a Florida congressman, when he apparently did have a fairly solid conservative record, has he taken a position on any issue that could be considered even remotely as conservative.  He has, over time, become little more than an overpaid mouthpiece for MS(LSD), one who frequently tends to advocate for the liberal, progressive or, dare I say, Socialist position on those issues that are deemed most important.  And if you’re one of those who tune into ‘Morning Joe’ then I’m sure you’ve come to realize how it is that he seldom strays far from the script that has been provided to him.  And like Chris Matthews, he’s satisfied to lick the boots of the people in charge and getting rich in the process.

Scarborough has been a NeverTrumper since Day 1 of, then candidate, Donald Trump’s campaign, and has remained an outspoken critic of Trump’s presidency since the election, as well as of those in the Republican Party who chose to vote for him.  He most recently described President Trump as being the reason for the “destruction” of the Republican Party and in a tweet on Wednesday said, “The destruction of the Republican Party will be part Trump’s political legacy, and the least damning.”  News flash, Joe, and not ‘fake news,” the GOP essentially destroyed itself by putting RINOs like McCain up against Obummer in 2008 and then running another RINO in 2012.  And, also by breaking nearly every promise they ever made to the American people.  The party hasn’t been a truly conservative party in years.

And by the way, Joe, I do want to take this opportunity to say thanks for finally making it “official”.  We out here in the real world have long suspected that you had left the Republican Party a long time ago, and that you have far more in common with Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi than you do with hardworking Americans.  Time after time you’ve made it pretty clear that you’re far more comfortable standing with ‘The Establishment’ than you are in standing with the people.  I mean, seriously Joe, when was the last time you actually supported your party or had a conservative thought filter through that anatomical area that YOU like to think of as being your brain?  But on the bright side, I guess, at least you won’t have to bother playing “let’s pretend” anymore.  You’ve finally come out of the closet.

So Joe was a Republican?  Like I said, most of us average folks have long thought of him as one of those guys commonly referred to as a RINO.   So it’s good riddance, I say.  After all, with ‘friends’ like him ‘pretending’ to be a Republican, or at least pretending to be conservative, who needs enemies here on the Republican side.  We have enough of those already!  And while he may now claim to be an Independent, what he really is, is nothing more than a traitor, politically speaking of course, a socialist/progressive/liberal Democrat.  So I can’t say that I’m not sorry he’s gone, and I hope others like him will leave because they long ago abandoned their base and their values and their principles.  Many who call themselves ‘Republicans’ long ago abandoned America and patriotic, hardworking Americans.

And let’s face it, the real purpose behind even having Scarborough on MS(LSD) in the first place is a relatively simple one.  That would be for the very same reason that whenever any ‘news’ show needs some Republican willing to bash the president they just call in McCain or Graham who are always happy to oblige.  They just need someone with an (R) after their name to try to push the definition of ‘Republican’ further left.  Now that it’s finally moving back towards the right, albeit slowly, he’s fulfilling his final purpose, denouncing the GOP to poison the well as much as possible.  And like most self-indulging idiots who work in the media, they will call themselves anything that they think will increase their ratings and inflate their ego’s.  In my opinion, Scarborough is little more than a waste of skin.


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It would seem that I now have fewer and fewer places to go in my attempt to avoid the ‘NeverTrumpers’ in my search for both useful and accurate information.  Those diehard folks who just can’t move beyond the fact that Donald Trump is now president.  Many of the websites that I once frequently visited, but these days rarely visit at all, have become as obsessed as the Democrats in their effort to undermine President Trump, and they seem to be hoping, albeit not quite as openly as the Democrats, for his impeachment.  I used to visit such sites as Newsmax nearly every day, but these days it’s not so much.  And also, where I was once a fairly regular viewer of Fox News, from the time I got home from work 6 to when I went to bed at 11, that too has tapered off considerably.  These days with Bret Baier having become someone who seems more than a little preoccupied with Trump, Martha MacCallum who seems to have taken the anti-Trump baton from Megyn Kelly, and those boobs on ‘The Five’, watching Fox has come to differ very little from watching CNN or MSNBC.  These days I’m down to watching Tucker Carlson at 8 and Hannity at 10.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to be hearing all good news, all of the time, when it comes to President Trump.  But what I do expect to hear and to read, at least when it comes to Fox and other supposedly ‘conservative’ media, is something that more closely resembles “fair and balanced” reporting.  I am well aware of the fact that there are going to be those times when the president does something or says or Tweets something, that will be called into question, and rightfully so.  But even with that being said, there are plenty of things that he has done, and that he continues to do, that should be reported on with the same level of intensity.  And that’s what seems to be missing, and what seems to be all the more noticeable on Fox.  We’re not used to seeing such totally one sided reporting coming from Fox.  And whether that might be because the network is now under new management or is because of something else, they might want to at least try to get back to their old way of doing business before folks decide that there’s simply no reason to watch anymore.  I mean if I want one-sided ‘news’ I can watch anyone.

But Fox News is far from being the only source for news and information that has had, up until recently, a more conservative slant.  Numerous websites as well as more than a few publications that in the past were reliably conservative seem to have come off the tracks, at least to some degree, when it comes to President Trump.  Which I might add, says far more about them then it does about the president.  I mean, were all of those years spent advocating for conservatism nothing more than a way of selling subscriptions?  And regarding all those websites claiming to be conservative, were they too only ‘conservative’ as a means of generating traffic to their site?  Look, I’m not going to even attempt to make the claim that President Trump is a some lifelong conservative, but what he has said he wants to do matches up fairly closely to what I, as a conservative, would like to see get done.  And it is these various publications, websites as well as many on Fox News that seem to be doing all that they can to undermine him to the greatest extent possible, making it that much more difficult for him to get those things done.

And it’s beginning to get so frustrating.  For instance, we all know there is nothing sinister going on here as far as there being some supposed involvement of Russia in the 2016 election.  And yet, because Hitlery lost an election that so many thought she had in the bag, that’s the claim and thus the American people continue to be subjected to what is little more than a temper tantrum at the expense of saving the country.  I mean, where was the outrage when Obama meddled in the Israeli election for the sole purpose of trying to bring about the defeat of Prime Minister Netanyahu?  The Democrats, as well as so many in our media, simply cannot bring themselves to admit the fact that the real reason Hitlery lost was because she was a terrible candidate, and she was the most corrupt individual to ever run.  But instead of doing a little soul searching, as a party, the Democrats somehow see it as being in their best interest, politically speaking, to pursue this ongoing Russian nonsense.  And it would seem that the majority of our so-calling conservative media is only too happy to provide them with what appears to be a growing amount of cover.

In a way I’m kinda feeling like I’ve been somewhat abandoned here.  So, after having now been left to my own devices, I will embark on a journey the purpose of which will be to keep myself informed without having to rely upon those who seem far less interested in providing me with accurate information and far more interested in providing me with what is really nothing more than propaganda all in their effort to convince me that our duly elected president is something other than what he says he is.  Trust is a very important and valuable thing, and once it has been lost is nearly impossible to regain, ever.  And I have now come to a place where I no longer believe those who I once allowed the privilege of providing me the information on which I based a great deal of my more important decisions.  Therefore I can no longer afford to trust them.  It’s become painfully obvious that their interests are not my interests.  And it would appear that they too are part of the very same swamp that we sent Donald Trump to Washington to drain.  And they are now doing everything within their power to prevent him from doing just that.



Is it just me or does it seem that as the more crucial that elections become, the fewer places we have to turn in our attempt to gain for ourselves some level of useful information so that we can then make an educated decision when it comes to casting our vote?  Let’s face it, there is simply not enough time in a day to personally conduct the type of research that is both necessary and that would effectively cut out the middleman, aka anyone in the state-controlled media, in our effort to cast and intelligent vote.  And it only seems to be getting worse.

Because sadly, it’s these days that it seems there are fewer and fewer of those who can actually be trusted.  Everyone now seems to have their own agenda. And now another of those who has seen his credibility shrivel over the years is Fox News focus group guru, Frank Luntz.  Now I will admit that when Frank first appeared on the scene I was quite impressed with his schtick.  But all that I’ve seen taking place since that time is a rather impressive increase in the size of the man’s ego.  An affliction that now seems to have infected many over at Fox News.

Why I even bring this up is the fact that it has now been 12 days since the first Republican presidential debate was broadcast on the Fox News Channel.  It was immediately following that event on the network’s ‘The Kelly File’, that pollster Frank Luntz conducted a focus group on location there in Cleveland, the site of the debate.  According to the participants of this particular focus group, real estate mogul Donald Trump, the frontrunner of the race, fared pretty poorly, but they gave a mixed response as to who was the strongest in the debate.

Many of the respondents taking part in Frank little group gave favorable reactions to Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson as well as to Marco Rubio.  Luntz even went so far as to highlight Huckabee as having received the most favorable reaction of the debate based on his real-time dial response from the focus group during the live event. “Bad news for Donald Trump. Great news for Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee,” Luntz said in assessing the reactions of his focus group panel to the August 6 debate.

However, it would appear that those respondents of Frank’s turned out not to be a very accurate indicator of how the public seems to be reacting to the Republican field nearly two weeks after the debate.  Because, you see, according to an average of a bucket of post-debate polls calculated by Real Clear Politics, Trump, at 22 percent, still holds a commanding double-digit lead in the very crowded field over Jeb Bush, at 10.7 percent.  So I’d be curious to know how it is that old Frank might explain that?  How is it that his group could have been so out of touch?

Because of those that performed well in Luntz’s focus group, only Carson remains in the top tier coming in at 9.7 percent.  Meanwhile, Rubio and Cruz are in the middle of the pack, at 7.3 percent each respectively, and Huckabee, seemingly a favorite of Frank’s, has seen a 2.5 percent drop in polling since the debate.  So I’m kind of wondering what criteria it was that Frank might have used in putting his little focus group together.  And was he, perhaps, trying to skew the out toward a certain candidate or certain candidates?  Just sayin’.

For whatever reason Luntz has been particularly critical of Trump from the very beginning of his presidential campaign.  According to a report from Hadas Gold and Ken Vogel in Tuesday’s Politico, Luntz has been outspoken about Trump’s candidacy, deeming it, and the insurgent candidacy of Democrat hopeful Bernie Sanders, a self-professed Socialist, to be a “big ‘f—- you’ to the elites in America,” but prefacing it as not being helpful to finding solutions to the country’s difficulties.  Seem to me that Frank is as out of touch as was his little focus group.

On a broader note, I’m not quite sure, exactly, what it is that is currently underway over there at Fox News.  But one thing I do know for certain, and it is that these days I’m watching a lot less of the network than I used to, primarily because with each night it becomes all the more obvious that their success has gone straight to their head.  And the success that they have now seems to have bred a certain level of arrogance that, I think, tends to turn people off.  And it is an emotion that old Frank himself seems to have fallen victim to.