Waters 22

You will never convince me that there are not a great many blacks who gain a certain satisfaction from being able to intimidate ‘whitey’ every chance they get.  And one of the repercussions of that type of behavior is when one who feels intimidated might shoot first and ask questions later.  And it’s in that instance that the resulting death should not be seen as the fault of the shooter.  It’s unfortunate, but it’s the actions of a few that now cause even reasonable people to question the behavior of the many.

And have you ever asked yourself, if they didn’t have the race card to play, where is it that the Democrats would now find themselves?  Hence the reason, I suppose, why so many of them work so hard to create the perception that racism in this country is worse today than it was even during the days of slavery.  And why they never let any opportunity, real or imagined, to prove their point pass by without hyping it to the greatest extent possible.  And in so doing only do a grave disservice to black voters.

As we have seen there is literally nothing Democrats will not do or say in their effort to ensure that blacks remain convinced that the Democrats are their only hope, hence their mission to bring about that which would be nothing short of a ‘Get-out-of-jail-free’ card for blacks.  What Democrats seem to be seeking is that which would be one set of laws for whites and another, much less punitive, for blacks.  Seems fair, right?  NOT!!  But hey, it’s just more of the same with slavery being used as the excuse.

Now I’m sure all everyone is aware of the recent Executive Order signed by President Trump, the subject of which is ‘police reform.’  And as expected it was shortly after that we heard from one of the more prominent racists in Congress, none other than ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, who took to Twitter and proclaimed, “Police reform is NOT ENOUGH. Getting rid of serial, racist, ignorant, & stupid cops must be a top priority. Let’s call them out! Police protective unions, you’ve got to go too!” Blah, Blah Blah.

Frankly, I have a much better idea, how about we start by removing, “racist, ignorant and stupid” members of Congress.  You know, ones like Waters, Cylburn, Lewis and any number of others!  It’s time give them all the boot!   We need to get rid of racist and ignorant Democrat politicians or this country is LOST.  It’s because of individuals such as these that racism continues to be the issue that it is.  They all represent stunning examples of the racism and ignorance that exists in the Democrat Party.

Anyway, what she was ranting about is Rayshard Brooks, 27, who was killed in an officer-involved shooting incident last Friday after police responded to a call of someone sleeping in the drive thru of a Wendy’s, blocking traffic. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), the responding officers tried to take Brooks into custody after he failed a field sobriety test. However, he resisted arrest, managed to gain control of an officer’s Taser, and then even attempted to use it on the officer.

And, oddly enough, it just so happens that surveillance footage of the incident actually corroborates the GBI report.  And yet Mr. Brooks’ death has now been ruled a homicide and, as expected, resulted in all manner of chaos in Atlanta on Saturday, as more rioters took to the streets, blocking major roadways and setting the Wendy’s, where the incident occurred, on fire.  And of course these so-called activists gathered in front of Atlanta’s City Hall demanding local leaders “defund the police.”

This is far from being the first time that old ‘Mad Maxine’ has spoken out following the civil unrest now sweeping the country.  Just last month, she went so far as to suggest that President Trump had “emboldened” the former officer charged for the murder of George Floyd.  It was during an appearance on MSDNC that this moron said, “He has disparaged blacks in so many ways. All that stuff about loving blacks is so disingenuous. Nobody believes that. He’s such a liar. He cannot be trusted.”

And it was then that she went on to say, “And yes, I think he has emboldened those who are racist. He’s emboldened police officers to be nastier, tough, to do things like the chokehold. I believe all of that.”  Actually, if anyone has done anything to embolden bad behavior it’s the many racist politicians, like ‘Mad Maxine’, who call the Democrat Party home and who continue to actively encourage those who seem determined to use such tragic incidents as justification for going on a rampage.

Now I think it’s very plain to see that what happened to Mr. Brooks was entirely his own fault.  The police were being respectful and professional and if he had simply cooperated and not resisted arrest by struggling and fighting the officers, there is now doubt that he would still be alive today!  Any reasonable person who looks at all the video footage would have to agree that it was Brooks’ own behavior and actions that got him killed. Waters’ willingness to lie about it proves she’s part of the problem.

For 60 years Democrats have promised to bring an end to poverty and for 60 years they’ve done nothing more than to flush what has been trillions of dollars down the very same toilet in an effort to keep blacks on the plantation and to keep them as slaves to the party.  Then a man, an American businessman, became president and managed to do more for blacks in three short years than did his predecessor, our first black president, was able to do in eight long years.  And yet he’s still called a racist.

For decades, Democrat administrations in Democrat cities in Democrat states have continued to institute misguided ‘reforms’ that rarely if ever actually addressed the real issues, and instead only made matters worse.  And Democrats always look to blame everyone but themselves.  Nothing has worked and now they seek to blame the police officers themselves accusing them of being racist.  Who has been in charge of those police departments for decades?  It most certainly wasn’t Donald Trump.

To be honest the vast majority of racism that does still take place in America is the racism that is directed at WHITES by BLACKS.  And any claims that somehow blacks cannot be considered as being racist is simply a myth perpetuated by racist blacks.  And there is a no bigger racist than ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters!  Try approaching a black stranger in a grocery store to strike up a conversation, even if it’s about the weather, and it’s far more often than not that you’re treated as if you don’t even exist.

As I have tried to point out before, what is now taking place, right before our eyes, is the vision that the Democrats have for America.  They hate this country, and they are out to forever change it, and not for the better.  And it is they who have on their hands the blood of every innocent black who dies in this country.  Black politicians like ‘Mad Maxine’ are assisting the Democrat Party, by using her fellow blacks, in its ongoing effort to both get rid of the president and to gain political power for itself.




It really pisses me off to be called a racist, but it REALLY pisses me off when it’s by someone who actually IS a racist!  Such was the case when the chairmoron of the Michigan Democrat Party (MDP) took it upon herself to condemn all supporters of Donald Trump as “racist” during a Sunday tirade.  On the very same day that a mass of rampaging Negroes attacked businesses, and even the office building of the state’s Democrat governor in downtown Lansing, it was MDP Chairmoron Lavora Barnes who took it upon herself to smear, en masse, those of us who support President Trump.

It was in a statement entitled, “The Time for Silence is Over,” that this obviously very racist bitch, Barnes, warned the tactics Democrats are using do not “seem to be working” before she went on to attack President Trump’s supporters.  She said, “If you support Donald Trump, you are a racist. Here is where it gets tricky and uncomfortable.”  She then went on to say, “Donald Trump is a racist, and if being a racist is not a dealbreaker for you, you are the reason Black people are being murdered for being Black.”  “Black people being murdered for being black?”  Really?

It was then that this flaming imbecile went on to claim that it “is time to challenge, time to have uncomfortable conversations with people that are not ready to have them. It is time to risk some friendships, time to make waves at work, time to recognize that we are past politics now.”  This bitch as lost it.  I mean let’s recap how we got here: A cop, whose belongs to a Democrat supporting public union, with a Democrat boss as police chief, who was hired by a Democrat mayor, murders a black Democrat in a Democrat-run city. But it’s President Trump who’s the racist?

But she didn’t stop there because this moron also went so far as to propose a new system of justice: “Here is what I want to see: I want the economic oppression of Black communities to stop, including holding the oppressors accountable. I want meaningful criminal justice reform. And I want law enforcement to actually do their jobs and prosecute hate crimes, and when law enforcement participates in racist conduct I want them held accountable — not by the prosecutors and colleagues they work with every day, but by an independent body, that they hold no sway over.”

Barnes said that it “is time to challenge, time to have uncomfortable conversations with people that are not ready to have them.”  By all means, Ms. Barnes, let’s have those “uncomfortable conversations.”  Let’s talk about what the black community needs to do. Let’s have a discussion about black crime.  Let’s also have a discussion about black drug use.  Let’s have a discussion about all of the social welfare systems that blacks use.  Let’s have a discussion about affirmative action’s inherent racism towards whites.  Let’s talk about today’s black leaders and their ‘race hustle.’

Oh, but let’s not stop there, Ms. Barnes, let’s also talk about the black community’s perpetual-victim mentality. Let’s talk about how the black community sacrifices their dignity by swearing fealty to the same Democrat slave masters Republicans freed them from.  Let’s talk about the fact that the best thing that ever happened to ANY black American alive today is that one of their ancestors was brought to America. And let’s finally talk about the history of slavery in the U.S., and the fact that it wasn’t white men rounding up blacks for slavery – it was other blacks.  Go figure!

It’s all really pretty amazing!  I mean, here we have this racist pig calling out President Trump and his supporters as being “racists” while at the very same time we have all manner of roaming hordes of rampaging Negroes, in cities all across the country, looting and torching everything in sight and now calling for these riots to “move into the White suburbs!”  But, I’m the one who must be a “racist” because I support our President who’s calling for an end to this senseless violence.  Sorry I’m not getting the logic here, but then I’m not some brain dead Democrat.

But let’s be real, racism has always been at the core of the Democrat Party, and it remains so to this very day.  Yet blacks like Barnes are somehow able to pretend that that’s not the case at all, and for the very simple reason that by convincing her fellow blacks to remain there on the Democrat plantation, she is able to share the table with the party powerful. Democrats peddle fear and hatred of one group over another. The only thing that’s changed since the mid-20th century is which groups the Democrats peddle their fear and hatred to, and which they target as scapegoats.

Black racists, such as our esteemed Ms. Barnes, continue to make all manner of claims about how it’s only young black men who are killed by supposed racist ‘white’ cops. It’s unfortunate that such claims are nowhere near accurate, nor are they anywhere near to being true.  Things have gotten to the point where the term ‘racist,” at least as it is used by any Democrat, or anyone in the ‘fake news’ media scum, stopped having any real meaning a long time ago.  Because when you spend all your time calling everyone a racist what ends up happening is that no one can be a racist.

Let’s not forget that it’s Democrats, both in Washington and in any number of state governments, who have been very vocal in their support of this ongoing vandalism, arson, looting and assaulting and they have done virtually nothing to bring it under control.  Democrats are actually applauding these anarchists despite all of the violence, the millions of dollars of damage, the assaults and, yes, the resulting death of those in law enforcement.  They do so because it’s all of those who are now taking part in all of this violence and destruction that are actually Democrat voters.

Democrats, such as Barnes, want people to believe that blacks being murdered for simply being black is a phenomenon that is somehow unique to the fact that Donald Trump being president.  But that is nothing more than racist propaganda of the very worst kind. Democrats want voters to forget that prior to the ‘Chinese virus’ madness, and courtesy of the president’s leadership and tax cuts, unemployment numbers for blacks and other minorities had reached a historic lows. Very likely, as the country slowly opens up again those unemployment numbers will return.

It’s clear for all to see how Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and all the other usual suspects, are actually being encouraged to do the dirty work of the Democrat Party! Meanwhile the party focuses all of its energy on blacks who, while only 13% of the population, it’s 90% of which that the Democrats must have to win.  Thus the motivation for exploiting the death of George Floyd.  It’s black men who have been hurt the most by liberal policies.  And it’s President Trump who has already done more for black men than did even our first black president in eight long years.

It’s the vision that the Democrats have for America that continues to play out right before our eyes.  Make no mistake, this IS what America will become if we are foolish enough to elect ‘Creepy, Crooked Joe’ Biden as president and worse hand control of Congress over to the Democrats as well.  The fate our country, and therefore the fate of future generations to come is in our hands.  In a way we owe those in the ‘fake news’ media a bit of gratitude, because it is they who have shown us the unvarnished truth of what their masters in the Democrat Party wish to make America into.


Rep. John Lewis Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

At the risk of being called cold and callous, or accused of sounding like those on the left after the death of a prominent conservative, I must admit that it was upon hearing the recent news of John Lewis’ recent diagnosis of Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer, I wasn’t all that surprised.  You see, I remember being told as a child that I should never ‘hate,’ because it was hate that would destroy me if I were ever to let it control me.  And if Lewis is anything, he’s the perfect example of how that is in fact the case.  And when he does finally leave this earth, it won’t be because the cancer that killed him, it will be the hate that has been festering inside of him for decades.

Lewis is now in his 17th term as a congressman, and is now finishing up his 32nd year in the House, and what exactly does he have to show for all that time in Congress?  Not much really, legislatively speaking.  And what is it that his constituents have to show for these many decades of continued support and a willingness to send this dolt back to Washington time after time after time.  You’d think they would have come to their senses at some point, but apparently that’s not the case.  And it’s really kind of sad that the people in his district don’t seem bright enough to see that just because he’s black doesn’t mean that he’s someone that they can, or even should, trust.

Anyway, Lewis said he was diagnosed after a routine doctor’s visit earlier in December and it has now apparently been confirmed by other physicians.  It was in a statement that he said, “I have been in some kind of fight – for freedom, equality, basic human rights – for nearly my entire life. I have never faced a fight quite like the one I have now.”  Actually what he’s been involved in during nearly all of his political life was fighting very hard against those very things and for moving this country further and further to the left.  There is nothing he can claim to have done that has made our country stronger or safer in any meaningful way.  He’s nothing but a fraud.

It was then, in his statement, that he went on to say, “To my constituents: being your representative in Congress is the honor of a lifetime. I will return to Washington in coming days to continue our work and begin my treatment plan, which will occur over the next several weeks. I may miss a few votes during this period, but with God’s grace I will be back on the front lines soon.”  And he concluded by saying, “Please keep me in your prayers as I begin this journey.”  Ironic, don’t you think that such a man who has spent nearly his entire adult life hating those who are different from himself, politically as well as racially, would now be asking for prayers.  Sorry!

Lewis’ leftist politics and racial hatred have been as a cancer on our country and our way of life.  He’s another who lives only to hate.  He is a self-centered racist who has never been part of any real solution and seemed quite pleased with himself to only be part of what has been a continuing problem!   So while I’m sorry for those he will leave behind, it does not change the fact Lewis is a devout racist who will go to his grave spouting his ugly, hateful lies about President Trump and all those who support him.  And I have no doubt that the Democrats will seek to somehow use this ‘very sad’ news to their advantage.  It’s already starting.  It’s what they always do.

Lewis is a guy who has been riding on his reputation of being a supposed civil rights icon for decades.  But that was 40 years ago.  What exactly has he done in his last 32 years in Congress?   How has his district been made any better?  Are there better schools, better housing, better jobs or lower crime?  The answer is NO!  He’s just like every other Democrat who makes promises which are never kept from election to election.  Baltimore, it was recently announced, will set a record this year for the number of murders committed in the city.  What has Lewis done to address that?  Or will that also be, as is usually the case, considered as being President Trump’s fault?

It’s in Lewis that we have yet another corrupt politician who has done precious little to improve life for the American people.  Can anyone name a major piece of legislation he’s gotten passed that has significantly changed the life of anyone for the better?  Neither can I.  Every time I hear about him giving a speech he’s always denigrating the country and angrily railing on about his favorite boogie man, the endemic and pervasive racism of America.  Perhaps Lewis’ Stage IV cancer was a direct result of his Stage VI Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  I mean how is it that you can spend your entire life hating and not be adversely affected by it in some way?

Lewis is one of the most hateful racists that America has ever produced.  And dare I say his end will be a rather fitting one.  And it should leave no doubt that this is how a life built on what has been the purest form of hate imaginable, ends.  And he not only hates white folks, but I would argue that he hates black folks as well.  Why else would we see him as being a proud member the very same party that supported slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK, and succeeded in coming up with what was nothing more than a new and improved from of slavery, but slavery just the same, by actively destroying the black family and creating a near total dependency on government?

Lewis is a charlatan of the very worst kind.  He knew that his Democrat Party was, is, and always will be most responsible for the continuing plight faced by Blacks.  And yet he still stands out in front of Black Americans and boldly declares that he’s been doing everything that he could for them and were it not for those racist Republicans he would have been able to get far more done for them.  Lewis is, and will long be remembered as being, the textbook definition of what it means to be a racist in America.  In fact, if one were to look up ‘racist’ in the dictionary one would likely see a picture of Mr. Lewis.  The world will be a much better place once he’s gone.


Jackson lee 5

Yes, by golly, America is ready for reparations.  Just ask that flaming dipshit from the great state of Texas, Sheila Jackson Lee, or she who is dumber than a bag of hammers.  By all means, let’s shell out billions of dollars to millions of folks for no other reason than the color of their skin on the assumption that somewhere in their past there was someone who was a slave.  What a wonderfully idiotic idea!!  Just one more benefit of being black in America.  Right along with the many other benefits like lower standards for getting into college, the ability to get hired for a job that you’re nowhere near qualified for and then impossible to get fired from once that has been discovered.  Yup, black privilege is a wonderful thing!  But I digress.

Anyway, in getting back to the topic at hand, which is ‘reparations,’ it was this past Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” that Jackson Lee was actually heard to say how Americans were now ready for the “descendants of slavery” to receive reparations because of President Trump’s “attitude.”  His attitude?  I’m assuming that this old ‘black kow’ can only be talking about the president’s obvious racist and white supremacist ‘attitude.’  Or that which is obvious only to her and her many fellow racists there in Congress and more specifically in that group of vile race haters of everyone white, known as the ‘Congressional Black Caucus.’  A group of more toxic individuals you will not find anywhere on the entire planet.

Jackson Lee said, “The commission would study reparation proposals. We would not dictate to the commission its design but, clearly, it would be designed for those descendants of slavery. Tragically, 250 years of slavery in the United States for those enslaved Africans did not receive workman’s comp, salary, 401(k), or anything, and literally built the wealth of the United States and Europe. That’s why it was called the trans-Atlantic slave trade, taking enslaved Africans from Africa, frankly, from many parts of Africa. This commission would have the authority appointed by the President, the Majority Leader, the Speaker, and scholars, to really dig deep, something that we have never done before and to design the response.”

She added, “I think America is ready for this because of what we have been going through in the last couple of weeks, because of the attitude of our Commander-in-Chief, and because of what we have seen. The dastardly impacts of white nationalism, white supremacy, and outright racism that has impacted others but certainly has impacted over the decades and centuries African-Americans, the descendants of enslaved Africans.”  She, like every other one of her racist ‘colleagues’ there in Congress continue to do nothing more than to stoke and to incite, all in an attempt to score some cheap political points.  She, and they, are disgusting and are the true racists in the equation here, not the president!

In effort to correct what is yet another example of her obvious lack of knowledge regarding the history of this nation, the freedom for slaves was secured as a result of the Civil War, the death toll of which was over 600,000 men.  Oh, and by the way the vast majority of those men were WHITE.  And if that’s not enough to make up for the sin of slavery, then I feel very confident in saying that nothing ever will be enough.  Granted, a war that took place over 150 years ago has very little impact on the political fortunes of black racists today, like Jackson Lee, but as far as I’m concerned blacks in this country have already been provided with the equivalent of ‘reparations’ courtesy of numerous Democrat sponsored, government giveaways.

To be honest, like all programs that the Democrats champion for their victim class of constituents, it’s just a stepping stone for the eventual never ending payment scheme. Jackson Lee’s only intent here is to get the ball rolling.  Once reparations are started you can pretty much rest assured that it will most certainly turn into a never ending payment system that benefits exclusively the Democrat Party.  Democrats are not against slavery per se, they use slavery as a ruse to attack whites/Christians.  Democrats have never once mentioned the Islamic slavery, historic or contemporary.  The Koran allows for non Moslem slaves and Leftists have no problem with that either. In fact, they have formed political alliance, of sorts, with Moslems against Christians.

Jackson Lee says, “The dastardly impacts of white nationalism, white supremacy, and outright racism that has impacted others but certainly has impacted over the decades and centuries African-Americans, the descendants of enslaved Africans.”  But I feel I must remind Ms. Jackson Lee that the vast majority of all U.S. slaves were owned by Democrats.  And that the Ku Klux Klan was created by the Democrats as the enforcement arm of Jim Crow, which Democrats instituted with the specific purpose of oppressing blacks after they lost the Civil War.  And so it’s Jackson-Lee and her Democrat cronies who now must look in the mirror and figure out how they can atone for their racist past by being affiliated with the Democrat Party.

Reparations for people who never were slaves paid for by people who never owned slaves?  How does that make any amount of sense?  I want reparations for the Trillions of wasted dollars spent in in the form of welfare, Medicaid, Section-8 housing, and every other ‘free’ government funded freebie stolen from taxpayers since the 1960s. I want reparations for turning our once beautiful cities into no-go urban war zones.  I want reparations for forced busing.  I want reparations for ‘Affirmative Action.’   I want reparations for decades of insults and degradation. I want reparations for all the victims of the disproportionately black-on-white violent crime.  And that’s just the beginning.  It’s a very long list and it grows longer with each passing day.

And as a oh-by-the-way, it was after the Civil War, that the United States could have rounded up all the slaves and returned them to their countries of origin.  But instead, it allowed them to stay and live as free men and women.  Now as much as racists like Jackson Lee would like nothing more than to make me the scapegoat here, in truth it’s not my fault that so very many of blacks, over the course of our history, have chosen to squander the many opportunities that were provided to them.  And while there were many who did not squander them to overcome hardship and racism and to go on to become successful and contributing members of American society, there were far too many who simply squandered it and continue to do so.

Democrats are not above using anything, or anyone, when it comes to their continuing, and near endless, attacks made against this country.  They hate everything about our country, and it is that hate the drives them in their ongoing effort to destroy it.  So don’t be fooled when they claim to love this country and seek nothing more than to make it better for every American.  Because it’s all bullshit!  There is but one thing that motivates Democrats, and it most definitely is not love of country.  What it is, is love of power, power to control every aspect of every person’s life, to the greatest extent possible.  And if more of the American people would only come to understand that, the future of our country would be far more secure.


Jackson lee 4

Let me start by just saying that while I have no doubt that there are in America those white folks of whom it can be said are racist, it is without a doubt that the vast majority of those who exhibit racist behavior come from within the black community.  Now as I have mentioned before when writing on this same topic, I have been told for the better part of my life, which now spans over 6 decades, that it is simply impossible for blacks to be racist.  But not only can they be racist, they most certainly ARE racist, and yet it’s something that seems to be both condoned and even excused.

Take for example Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat, who very boldly declared, just this past Tuesday, that “racism” has become “a national security threat” and urged President Trump’s administration to invest more of our tax dollars to “get into the lives” and “minds” of young white males who are “drawn to white militia, white supremacy, white nationalism because they have nothing else to do.”  But again, to make such a blatantly idiotic statement is to completely ignore the real problem, something that Democrats, such as herself, are so very good at.

Anyway, it was during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing that our esteemed Ms. Jackson Lee said, “I believe that racism… should be declared a national security threat.”  And it was from there that she went on to say, “Racism is a national security threat. Before, we would say, ‘you have a right to your racist views. You have a right to believe that slavery was right. That segregation was right.’ We live in an era where that can no longer be allowed.”  It just goes to show how far gone she really is that she can so confidently spew that which is politically motivated bullshit!

Before insisting again that “racism is a national security threat,” Jackson Lee added that she is a “huge believer in civil liberties and the Bill of Rights, and particularly the First Amendment of the Constitution.”  But in truth Ms. Jackson Lee is NOT a believer, huge or otherwise, in anything related to our Constitution!  She also made the rather bizarre claim that FBI statistics ‘prove’ “an acceleration” of hate crimes since President Trump became president and asked: “Who is the predominant actor? Young, disaffected white males… what is a major factor? Youth.”

She continued saying, “We must find a way to invest huge sums of money intervening in these white minds that are drawn to white militia, white supremacy, white nationalism because they have nothing else to do — no intervention, no recreation, no libraries, no training of communities.” And she warned that without these investments that will enable organizations, like faith-based groups, “to be able to get into the lives of these individuals,” America will wind up with more dead parishioners and more people “whose lives are turned upside down” by white supremacists.

Jackson Lee said the federal government must find “real remedies” because “racism is killing us.”  Right, but before remedies can be enacted, it’s the source of most racism in America that MUST first be correctly identified.  And that is something that we’re unlikely to see because, or course, as I said earlier, most racism today is not being directed at blacks by whites, but at whites by blacks.  And one of the main reasons that such racism persists is because it is actually encouraged by such racist frauds as Jackson Lee as well as every other liberal black Democrat in Congress.

While I hate to disagree with the incredibly racist Ms. Jackson Lee, she so very obviously has it all completely backwards which for her, regardless of topic, is usually always the case.  The REAL racism we see going on 24/7/365 in just about every corner of this great country is…BLACK racism. What we see in reality is white people being harassed, assaulted, raped and murdered by BLACK people, not the other way around.  Blacks are the most racist people in America, hands down. And yet it’s something few people want to talk about!  And it needs to be talked about!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Black members of Congress such Jackson Lee, Cummings, Lewis, Waters, Johnson, along with any number of others, care nothing about improving the lives of black folks in America.  If they did they wouldn’t support the butchers of Planned Parenthood slaughtering their children by the tens of thousands every single year.  More black babies die each year courtesy of the butchers at Planned Parenthood, than were killed during the entire history of the Ku Klux Klan, another well-known Democrat sponsored, and very racist organization.

And while Jackson-Lee and the rest of the black posse in Congress are enjoying the good life, it’s the majority of their constituents who sadly continue to live in squalor and crime infested neighborhoods.  And may I add that it’s having people as dumb as Jackson-Lee, Hank Johnson, Elijah Cummings and John Lewis, as sitting members of Congress that embodies the real national security threat.  And it is stellar individuals such as these, and whose collective IQ would likely be roughly the equivalent of their shoe size, who are making our laws and governing the country.  Scary stuff!!

Jackson Lee apparently believes that freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and freedom of thought “can no longer be allowed” while expressing her “huge” belief in our First Amendment. Too bad she doesn’t support it.  She claims that young white men “have nothing else to do — no intervention, no recreation, no libraries, no training of communities” and therefore simply have no choice but to become racists. Except most young white men work with no time for the other things she mentioned.  Jackson Lee is a typical modern day Democrat: ignorant, delusional, and very RACIST.

Let’s face it, only a racist imbecile like Jackson Lee would believe that white supremacists exist in any numbers in this country.  But it is true that racism is a national threat, especially when decent hardworking white folks can’t walk through a black neighborhood without being verbally or physically assaulted, or robbed, or raped, or even murdered.  Meanwhile it’s those in the employ of our ‘fake news’ media and racist politicians like Jackson Lee who continue their effort to hide it and act as if it doesn’t exist.  Yes, racism is getting worse, and it’s all thanks to them.

And what it is, quite frankly, that strikes me as being rather sad, is the fact that politicians like Jackson Lee seem to be nothing short of completely disinterested in the plight of so many in the black community.  And what is it that should be considered as being the bigger problem, the fact that there are some whites who feel that blacks bring many of their problems upon themselves, or the fact that black politicians, in general, couldn’t seem to care less about the issues those within their own community are made to face nearly every day. I would suggest it’s the latter.

I am a little confused when it comes to those in the black community who, if they truly wanted to, could easily make a recognizable difference in the lives of their fellow blacks.  But for whatever reason it’s left to those outside of the black community to do so, and their only thanks is to be called racist.  Case in point is the fact that black unemployment is now the lowest it has EVER been, and it’s all thanks to the policies of President Trump.  And what is it that he gets in return?  Endless calls of being a racist and a white supremacist.  Makes perfect sense to me.  NOT!!


And while it is in no way racist on my part to point this out, it’s a cold hard ‘fact’ that only 13% of our population here in America is black, and yet it’s that 13% that is responsible for:

85% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks.

80% of all shootings are committed by blacks.

79% of all robberies are committed by blacks.

59% of all murders are committed by blacks.

52% of all violent juvenile crimes are committed by blacks.

49% of ALL murder victims are BLACK.

45% of all drug offenses are committed by blacks.

42% of all cop killers are black.

8% of America’s population are black men, and yet they account for 40% of America’s total prison population.

99% of all major riots involving property damage, looting and civil disobedience are committed by blacks as opposed to ANY OTHER minority in America.

Blacks commit 25X more violent assaults against Whites than Whites commit against Blacks.

And the most amazing statistic of all:

33% of all crimes in America are committed by just 3% of the population and that would black males between the ages of 16 and 36.

42% of blacks are on welfare (According to the Dept. of Commerce)

Only 59% of blacks graduate high school (only 20% in Detroit)

Over 60% of black households have no father present

72% of black mothers are unwed.


Cummings 6

For as long as I can remember I can’t recall there being a Republican president who has been genuinely feared by the Democrat Party, not even Ronald Reagan.  Hence their desperate attempt to paint President Trump as a racist.  And it was during this past Sunday’s idiotic episode of ABC’s “This Week,” hosted by former Clinton hack and now wannabe ‘journalist’, George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, that we had yet another attempt, this time perpetrated by Elijah Cummings, during which the president was once again accused, by Cummings, of being nothing more than a common racist and of actually instilling fear in those within the black community.

Cumming’s made it very clear that he believes that there is virtually no doubt that President Trump is a racist.  It was in discussing the president’s ongoing battle with the “Squad” that Stephy asked, “Do you believe President Trump is a racist?   To which Cummings responded saying, “Yes, no doubt about it. I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. I got to tell you, George, let me tell you, these young ladies, are merely trying to bring excellence to government and trying to make sure that generations yet unborn have an opportunity to experience a true democracy.”  Really, is that what these four imbeciles are trying to do?  You could have fooled me!

He went on to say, “When I hear those things it takes me back like I said and I can still remember bleeding from my forehead when people were throwing bottles, and these were adults, throwing bottles and saying go home.”  And Cummings continued claiming that his constituents tell him they are scared of President Trump.  Cummings said, “No matter where I go, what I’m hearing over and over from my constituents is ‘please, say save our democracy.’”  He continued, “They say ‘I’m scared.’ I have never in my total of 37 years in public service ever heard a constituent say they were scared of their leader.”  ‘Public service’, or service to himself?

Now keep in mind here that this is the very same dirtbag who once claimed that, when part of group marching to the Capitol to vote to destroy healthcare by voting for Obamacare, Tea Party folks were spitting on him, screaming racial epithets and even threatening his life. And despite being surrounded by all manner of cameras and microphones, he was never able to produce any bit of evidence to support his wild claims.  People who live in alternate universes tend to show signs of mental illness and therefore tend not to carry much credibility.  Let’s face it, Cummings clearly hates America, or maybe he just hates himself for ending up as a racist.

Cummings accusing President Trump of being a racist is not only idiotic, it’s patently dishonest.  And if he were to look in any mirror he would see what it is that a true racist looks like.  Cummings’ district encompasses just over half of Baltimore, most of the majority black sections of Baltimore County, and the majority of Howard County.  If his constituents express fear of anything, it’s likely regarding how their children may not make it out of that city alive!  Thousands of taxpayers have fled the area due to the crime and high taxes. And you still cannot defend yourself in Maryland.  And yet this racist old buffoon has managed to get himself re-elected since 1996.

Seriously folks, is there anyone in ALL of the U.S Congress who has done LESS for Blacks in America than this racist old boob, Elijah Cummings?  Ask anyone and they will tell you how his district is an atrocity, a hellhole, a blood soaked ‘No Go’ Zone and a place of death, drugs, permanent destruction and the worst sort of poverty.  Cummings is a liar, perhaps they should be asking him how it was that he became a millionaire on his salary and why the hell is he fighting for illegals more so than his own constituents.  He’s been in public office 37 years and hasn’t done a damn thing and is proof just because you have a job doesn’t mean you’re working.

But say Cummings is right, but what is it about President that has black Americans so scared?  What in the world is President Trump going to do to them that he hasn’t done already?  I mean besides lower crime rates, lower black unemployment, and trying to protect jobs for them by working to secure our border?  Blacks need to stop listening to dishonest liars like Cummings, because they’re simply being lied to over and over again.  For whatever the reason Blacks have continued to allow themselves to be used by a political party that has essentially done nothing for them, and it needs to stop.  President Trump is a far better friend to black than are the Democrats.

Cummings and his ilk love to fan the flames and then blame President Trump for the resulting fire. The mission of the ‘left’ and it’s ‘fake news’ media cohorts is to make people fearful of President Trump and they do so courtesy of all manner of distortion, rumor, innuendo,  misrepresentation and outright lie.  It’s sedition on an astounding scale, and proof of the failure of the ‘left’ to honor the social contract defined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They willfully and openly conspire to violate the rule of law on a daily basis. They are out of bounds, and they have disqualified themselves from participating in our government, and holding any political power, by doing so.

I’m thinking that what may be driving Cummings, and any number of his fellow Democrats, to become even more desperate in their effort to attack President Trump is the fact that more and more Black folks are slowly waking up to the facts around them and realizing that the president has done more to improve the black community via employment, housing, criminal justice reform, etc.  Whoever the Democrat candidate for president turns out to be in 2020 they will still receive the overwhelming amount of support from blacks, but I have no doubt it will be less than it has been in the past.  And it’s that that has the Democrats absolutely terrified.

Elijah Cummings is nothing but a charlatan and ‘race hustler’ no different than a Sharpton, a Jackson or a Farrakhan. He has no idea, nor does he even really care, what his ‘constituents’ want or need.  Like every other Democrat his intent is to keep blacks in poverty so they can then be convinced they ‘need’ the Democrats.  Yet it’s been President Trump who has done more for black folks than even Barry ‘O’. Economically, blacks are in the best shape since historical economic statistics have been kept.  So if that’s Cummings’ definition of being ‘racist’, keep it up.  Despicable human beings like Cummings will get is just reward, in this lifetime or the next.

What a clown, what a buffoon, what an ignoramus, what a…racist this guy, Cummings, is.  If we’re being honest here his constituents have far more to fear from Mr. Cummings and his many friends in the Democrat Party than they do from Mr. Trump. After all, it’s parts of Cummings’ district that has long had one of the highest murder rates in the entire country.  He’s represented his district for decades and what exactly has he done to improve the life of even one person who resides there?  That would be, absolutely nothing!  But then, that’s what you get when you elect and reelect a corrupt moron who can barely put a coherent sentence together.

Suppose we rephrase the question, shall we?  What it is that Cummings, and so many other Democrats, now seem to be so afraid of?  Might he, and they, be afraid that Democrats constituents will continue to get jobs and move up the ladder, all thanks to President Trump?  And might they be afraid that they will soon be moving off of the Democrat plantation?  As long as blacks continue to fall for the nonsense spewed by people like Cummings, the longer their going to find themselves left holding the nasty end of the stick, because that’s all the Democrats remain willing to give them.  And sadly, a great many blacks seem to be all too satisfied with that.  Too bad.


Lewis 09

It has long been a standard tactic of those in the Democrat Party, tell a big lie, tell it over and over and eventually your imbecilic followers will come to believe it as being the truth. And it’s everyone’s favorite racist, John Lewis, who has made quite a career out of doing just that.  Democrats like Lewis continue to profit from the racial divide in America prompting them to work all the harder to make it even worse.  Oddly enough it was during the tenure of our first black president, a time when things should have improved, that race relations in America took a serious nosedive.  And just like Barry, Lewis has done nothing to fix things, instead he has done just the opposite, making Lewis not only a fraud, but a fraud of the very worst kind.

Most intelligent people understand that the Charlottesville hoax has now been thoroughly debunked.  And yet it was Lewis who told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews just this past Monday that President Trump “feels at home with” recent acts of racist violence, citing the president’s comments on the Charlottesville riots in 2017 as proof.  Lewis said:  “I don’t think this president has been helpful. I think he feels at home with what is going on. When he reacted to what was happening in Charlottesville, you know, “Good people on both sides,” I cried. It’s not the America that I dream for, the one I was trying to help set right. It’s not the America we had during the days of President [John F.] Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. It’s — it’s different.”

Now if Matthews was anything other than a partisan hack interested in something other than the spreading of ‘fake news’ he would have pointed out that President Trump had been referring to non-violent protesters on both sides of the issue of the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. He specifically excluded neo-Nazis and extremists, whom he said should be “condemned totally.”  And that the president had delivered a televised statement from the White House the day before saying,  “Racism is evil — and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”  But nope, not Chris.

And it was Lewis, after being prompted by Matthews, who likened him to “a character out of the Bible”, who then went on to make the rather idiotic, and patently false accusation that it was President Trump’s election that had “arrested that movement toward goodness and openness” that had characterized race relations under his predecessors.  But in fact, and we all know how Democrats LOVE facts, a widely-cited Gallup poll shows pretty clearly that race relations began to tank pretty serious during Barack ‘O’s second term, in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin controversy and through the Black Lives Matter movement that followed.  So we see how Mr. Lewis again has a rather obvious difficulty when it comes to telling the truth.

And I’m pretty sure that most will remember how in 2010, it was our same Mr. Lewis who was at the center of another alleged racial hoax, one that supposedly took place when several Democrat members of the Congressional Black Caucus claimed that Tea Party protesters had shouted the “n-word” at him as he walked through their demonstration on the weekend that Congress was voting on Obamacare. The claim, widely repeated throughout the media and used to malign the Tea Party as racist, was never substantiated.  Despite Lewis and his colleagues being literally surrounded by hundreds of video cameras at the time, no video of the alleged incident has ever emerged.  But that hasn’t prevented this pathetic racist from perpetuating the lie.

And it was back in 2008 that the racist Mr. Lewis cast Sen. John McCain and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as being nothing more than couple of racists and persisted in his likening the Republican presidential ticket to segregationist George Wallace, noting that Wallace “created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans” and warning the Republican candidates were doing the same, without explaining exactly how.  While I was never a fan of McCain, he was certainly no racist.  In fact he had cited Lewis as being one of three leaders whom he would consult for advice once elected.  And then in 2018, after McCain’s death, Lewis kind of changed course praising the late senator as being a “warrior for peace.”

I have no doubt that Lewis actually believes the many lies he’s told, after all, he’s told them so often that he’s likely now convinced himself that they’re all true.  He’s another of those who are basically hard-wired to see ALL white folks as being racist.  But then when you stop and think about it accusing whites, and more specifically white Republicans, of being racist has been a shtick used by the Democrat Party going back more than 50 years.  And over the years it’s something that has continued to work pretty darn well for them.  Because despite the fact that Democrats have done absolutely nothing to address any of the many issues the plague the black community, blacks continue to vote nearly 100 percent Democrat.  Weird, don’t you think?

But I have to say, this persistence in calling the president racist is really beginning to wear a little thin.  At a time when black on black crime is skyrocketing, rarely do we ever hear someone like Lewis talking about it, choosing instead to focus only on those issues than can be exploited.  You’d think Lewis would be more concerned about how black babies have an 80% chance of being born into fatherless homes, let alone the fact that black babies are aborted at rate much higher than their percentage of the population. We’re supposed to believe that this racist old fool is crying because of something that President Trump never said about the group of people that showed up in Charlottesville to try to stop the removal of what was a historical monument.

That Lewis continues to play the race card after having not uttered a word when Barry ‘O’ was invited ‘Black Lives Matter’ (BLM) thugs to the White House, tells you all you will ever need to know about this racist scumbag.  BLM is nothing more than a black supremacist group, one that conjures up images similar to those of such groups as the Ku Klux Klan in promoting racial animas and violence.  And that would be the very same Klan which, as we all know, was a creation of Mr. Lewis’ own Democrat Party.  And I’m a bit appalled, to say the least, that Lewis and his fellow members of the Congressional Black Caucus actually condone the racist actions of BLM.  After all, racism is racism, and it should always be condemned and never condoned.

How does a man live with himself knowing that he has helped, and continues to help destroy his own community?  A man who marched with Dr. King seeking equality for the black man and yet some 60+ years later is now found advocating for the same type of policies promoted by the very same Democrat Party that once prompted him into action!  Is he now in favor of abortion clinics on nearly every corner in the black community, is he okay with restrictive guns laws effecting those in predominantly black neighborhoods, is he okay with segregation returning to our schools, does he favor policies that destroy the nuclear family and encourage generational dependency on government?  And yet it’s somehow the Republicans who are the racist ones?

And this same man who once marched arm in arm with Dr. King, has now chosen to proudly endorse what has been and continues to be nothing less than the mass killing, courtesy of abortion, of what has been millions of his own people.  And he seems to have no problem whatsoever with the fact that the black family has been absolutely decimated by his party’s having actively encouraged a level of dependency on government that has ruined the lives of millions more.  It’s people like Mr. Lewis who continue to represent the single biggest problem within the black community and the single biggest threat to our country.  And strangely enough he has now become someone who serves the very people against whom he once marched!


Lewis 04

I am of the opinion that there is no one better qualified to identify true racism, than one who is a true racist.  Which brings me to someone who we all are able to recognize as being one of the preeminent racists in America today.  That would of course be that stellar member of Congress from the state of Georgia, John Lewis.  And it was during an appearance on Tuesday’s less than thrilling episode of CNN’s “New Day,” that Lewis proceeded to go off on yet another of his trademark ‘race rants’ when he was asked on to discuss the then ongoing gubernatorial race in Georgia between Socialist Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp.

“New Day” host, and Fox News reject, Alisyn Camerota asked Lewis about supposed racist robocalls speaking out against Abrams, the attempted voter registration hack in the state and Facebook removing President Trump’s midterm ad that CNN and other ‘fake news’ entities, including Fox News, deemed “racist.”  Lewis said, “[T]he scars and stains of racism are still deeply embedded in American society.”  And he went on to say, “We need to lay down the burden for racism and separation and create what I call one America, one community, one house.”  Lewis added that if Democrats take the House, they will do everything in their power “bring the people together.”

Lewis said, “It is my hope and my belief that the Democrats, my party, will win the House of Representatives and we will do everything in our power to bring the American people together.”  And he went on to say, “We must come together. We cannot continue to be divided. We must find a way to do the right thing and be kind to each other and not be so mean. I came to the heart of the civil rights movement as indicated. We were out there for Dr. [Martin Luther] King to redeem the soul of America, and that’s what we must continue to do in the political arena.”  Lewis has spent decades milking his relationship with Dr. King for all it is worth.

I always have to laugh whenever I hear some race-baiting fraud talking about bringing people together.  It’s just an odd thing to hear from a member of the party that spends so much time and effort dividing people up into various factions. Lewis is another black who has made a good living by working hard to keep his fellow blacks on the plantation. And I have no doubt that if Dr. King were able to see how such men as Lewis continue to use his name, he would be less than happy about it.  Lewis is a perfect example of the black racists who have used racial hatred their whole life for fun and profit and will continue to do so until they finally rest in peace.

Lewis has long been one of the biggest race baiters there is.  And it’s always in very short order than any conversation with him quickly turns into an issue of race, because like all Democrats whenever faced with facts, they have absolutely no leg to stand on so they immediately resort to that which they do best, and that is to immediately label the other person as being a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist or any number of other things in an effort to shut down the conversation. Which is why they hate President Trump so much, they cannot find a way to shut him down.  He doesn’t care because he knows he’s right, so he pushes them right back.

The only ones who keep whining about racism are people like Lewis, and every other members of that rather unique little group of overseers called the ‘Congressional Black Caucus’, a merry little band of losers who have made a pretty good living out of promoting racism.  Despite the fact that in just two short years President Trump and the Republicans have given blacks in this country their lowest unemployment rate in history, and the highest wages, we are all still to be considered racists.  Lewis, can go peddle his lies to those who also keep blacks on their leftwing plantation until election time when they promise them everything and deliver nothing.

Yes, it’s called the Democrat party. The same party that fought for the owning of slaves. The same party that formed the Ku Klux Klan.  The same party of Jim Crow and ‘separate but equal.’  The same party that stood against Republican Martin Luther King Jr.  And the same party that voted against the Civil Rights Act in Congress. The same party that this pathetic sellout continues to work so hard at keep blacks enslaved to.   As long as there is a Democrat Party, and men like Lewis, racism in America will never go away.  Democrats must continue to stoke the flames of racial hatred if they are to have any hope of winning elections.

Democrats have no valid arguments on issues so they have to accuse everyone else of being a racist, and the ‘fake news’ media uses that for their Democrat-run propaganda machine.  Lewis the gatekeeper always bringing up life on the plantation as if the country hasn’t progressed, every time he opens his mouth it’s like pouring gasoline onto a fire. If this country was so bad he’s getting paid pretty well for doing nothing and keeps seeking election. I’m so sick of him.  I know racism exists, but in my life the most racist people I have ever met, were black. They seemed comfortable with their racism.  But yet we’re constantly being told that blacks CAN’T be racist.

Blacks will always use the race card and try to make a living at it. The Democrats will try to heal America?  How much “bringing America together” did we see during the eight years we were forced to contend with Barry ‘O’ in the White House?  Lewis is old enough to know which party has the more checkered history when it comes to racism.  But seeing as how he ended up joining that very same party, I question both his memory and whatever role he claims to have played in the advancing of civil rights in this country.  It was Democrats who created the scars and stains of racism while it was Republicans who continue to improve the lives of blacks in America.


Lewis 07

I know, I know, it’s impossible for someone who’s black to be a racist. But there is no one who proves better the falsehood of that claim than someone who, oddly enough, was laughingly once referred to as a ‘civil rights’ leader.  And yes I’m talking about John Lewis.   And in proving my point I need to go back no further than last Friday, when during Friday’s Democrat Weekly Address, Lewis remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  He stated there has been progress made in the past 50 years, “But there are new forces trying to take us back, trying to turn back the clock, trying to take us to a darker time.”  Yup, and the majority of those forces are…BLACK!

You can watch Lewis’s racist rant here, or read the transcript of the rant which follows:

“Hello. I am John Lewis, and I represent Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District.  On April 4, our nation and the world paused to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Growing up as a boy in rural Alabama, I remember when Rosa Parks and Dr. King came together in December 1955 to launch the bus boycott in Montgomery.  As a young man, I wrote Dr. King a letter, and his response changed my life forever. Dr. King was my inspiration, my leader, and my mentor. He was my friend.  Back then, segregation and racial discrimination were all around us – in the voting booth, in the courtroom, and in the classroom.

In many parts of our country, people of different races could not sit together on a bus, sleep in the some hotel, or drink water from the same fountain.  Dr. King taught us the philosophy and the discipline of nonviolence and sparked a nonviolent revolution – a revolution of values, a revolution of ideas, and a revolution of action. On August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial the world learned of his dream of building the beloved community.  Over the years, he convinced President Eisenhower, President Kennedy, and President Johnson to understand that civil rights was a moral issue.

He used his moral leadership to fight for equal justice for sanitation workers, for people of color, for those who had been left out and left behind.  In particular, I will never forget when Dr. King spoke in Berlin against the danger of building walls. He reminded the global family – the global community – that God’s children were on both sides of the wall.  In the past 50 years, as a nation and as a people, we have made progress. But there are new forces trying to take us back, trying to turn back the clock, trying to take us to a darker time.  Times like these can seem overwhelming, but I ask you to recommit yourself to the way of love, the way of peace, and the way of nonviolence.

I ask you to look in your heart and to trust that justice will prevail.  If Dr. King were with us today, he would continue to push our country to respect the dignity and the worth of every human being – no matter where they are born, no matter their race, age, religion, or gender identity.  He would argue that we have a right to know what is in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.  He would preach that we have a mission, an obligation, and a mandate to leave this country and this little planet a little cleaner, a little greener, and a little more peaceful for generations yet unborn.

Most importantly, if Dr. King were alive, he would ask each of us to speak up, to speak out in the face of injustice, and he would demand that each and every one of us to do our part and do it well.  Thank you.”

I guess, in one sense, you could say Lewis is right.  There ARE forces wanting to help blacks in America get back to the days when they worked, went to school, got married, had children, stayed away from drugs, stayed out of prison, respected the law, and didn’t spend so much time killing one another.  But those hideous days are too difficult for Lewis and his ilk to comprehend.  He much prefers how 75 percent of blacks are now born out of wedlock and 50 percent of blacks are dropping out of school, and chooses to ignore how those things hurt the Black community the most.  But Democrats always ignore the facts, it always has to be someone else’s fault.

Lewis has been in Congress for over 30 years and his district is one of the worst in all of Georgia.  And therefore I think it perfectly fair to say that Mr. Lewis, himself, can safely be described as being the member of these ‘racist forces’ of which he speaks.  As such, it’s doubtful that he’s played any part in the progress that has been made.  And when has this man ever done anything to help anyone but himself?  All that he has managed to create for himself came by using Dr. King’s name and reputation.  Lewis chose to exploit his relationship with Dr. King and, in so doing, was able to construct for himself a political career that has gone on for far too long.

All this guy has ever done throughout his entire career is to look out for himself.  He doesn’t give two squats about those folks in the black community.  He views them as being nothing more than as a source of votes.  He’s accomplished nothing, zero, except continued racial bitching and moaning.  He has elevated himself on the backs of his constituents while their plight has only further deteriorated.  Just look at the crime and poverty statistics for his district.  He should be thankful that Dr. King is not around today, because if he was he would be ashamed of all those like Lewis who cry that racism is the reason why blacks are not able to better themselves.

And then there’s the rampant drug problem, non-achievement mentality, fatherless children, welfare breeders, the dropout rate in the black community and the embracing of violence that seems to be a part of their culture.  The black community is its own worst enemy but they continue to blame everyone else for their problems.  Then there’s Lewis, a ‘supposed’ former civil rights leader, who has made a rather nice living for himself by complaining about things the ONLY solution for which is the spending of MORE money, lots more.  And after all the tax money giveaways, and eight years of having a black president, things are now worse than ever.

I am well aware that you don’t need me to tell you how it is that Democrats base everything on the color of one’s skin or how they do NOT want blacks with character.  Because possessing character means that you believe in yourself and can think for yourself.  Democrats long ago turned Dr. King’s dream into a national nightmare and for no other reason than to maintain them as a reliable voting bloc.  Democrats use it AGAINST blacks, having convinced them that they cannot succeed without them.  Whites have lost all patience and compassion for their plight.  As for myself, fool me once, shame on me, fool me for three entire generations, shame on you.

Lewis talks of how we need to commit ourselves to the way of love, the way of peace, and the way of nonviolence.  This pathetic hypocrite preaches love, peace and nonviolence while he remains a very vocal supporter of openly violent groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’.  A group you’d be hard-pressed to describe as one committed to “the way of love, the way of peace, and the way of nonviolence.”  And where was racist scumbag while this very same group was chanting, “Pigs in blanket, fry ‘em like bacon?”  Oh, that’s right, he was nowhere to be heard.  Such is the reason that it has become a waste of time to take anyone in the Democrat Party seriously.

Lewis is a racist of the very worst kind!  He followed Dr. King around for years while he preached about the races working together, judging a person by the content of their character but ever since Dr. King left us racist scum like Lewis, Cummings, Sharpton, Jackson, Barry ‘O’ and others have done nothing but work night and day to cause discord between the races, and to moan and groan about how everything is so unfair.  I doubt that Dr. King would be pleased with their behavior!  What a shame because we were turning things around and now we’re right back where we began, and it’s only because of these black racists like Lewis and others like him.


Sharpton 08

What does it tell you about the country that we live in when a man who possesses zero integrity takes it upon himself to question the integrity of others?  I think it safe to say that our country is still in a state of being somewhat upside down.  And what makes it all the more troublesome, is the fact that man doing the questioning bills himself as being a ‘reverend’.  I was totally unaware that one could be ordained by a box of ‘Cracker Jack’.  And judging this man solely by his behavior I have a very hard time believing that he is in any way, a man of God.

All of this brings me to Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton who this past Sunday on MS(LSD), said in light of allegations of an affair with a porn star and the “Access Hollywood” tape, evangelical leaders who supported President Donald Trump should have their integrity questioned.  So I’m guessing a guy who owes the IRS $5 Million in back taxes, who has incited riots that have resulted in the death of innocent people, is guilty of slandering others in an effort to promote himself, is a man who belongs in prison, this guy is justified to call into question the integrity of others?  Don’t think so!

It was Old ‘Not So’ who said, “I mean, I think when you look at the Access Hollywood tape, when you look at even President Trump’s comments about other people based on other than the Christian religion, his Islamophobia and all, I think  to give all of that a pass, the Evangelical leaders, I think, is to really begin to question the integrity of some of them that have presented themselves as these leaders of faith and belief that will give people a pass based on their wanting access to power. I think it is very unfortunate.”  Odd coming from such a blatant religious hypocrite!

Let’s face it, Sharpton is little more than a walking advertisement for bigotry of every sort and for hate in its purest form.  All he has done for as long as I can remember is to accuse others of what he’s most guilty of.  Sharpton long ago sold out the black community.  For him, as well as for the Democrat Party, blacks have become little more than a means to an end.  And while I would like to think that someday blacks in this country will come to realize this, the odds are against it since there are so still many working to convince them that there’s really no need to pull back the curtain.

And to be honest, Sharpton deserves all the derision that he gets, and deserves every personal attack that’s ever thrown at him.  Has Sharpton ever once talked about the immorality within the Democrat/Progressive?  That said, I’m willing to provide the president a pass because he IS the moral choice, in a relative sense, over any Democrat.  Sharpton, because of his lack of moral criticism against the Democrats and his own immoral behavior, disqualifies him as a moral arbiter.  The president is trying to save lives and the Democrats are not capable of standing against death.

Look, President Trump has never claimed to be perfect, after all who among us is. And that said I would much rather support someone who is honest about who he is, who is an imperfect person, yet who works for policies that I support, over a politician who pretends to be perfect, who falsely presents himself, or herself, as being honest and above reproach, while promoting policies that will only serve to buy the most votes or attract the most campaign funds. That’s the choice we were given.  I will not say I voted for the lesser of two evils, I will say that I voted for the best candidate.

And I continue to stand by the choice I made in the last election, and so far, for the most part, the results continue to justify my vote.  And no shaming by a shameless race-baiting hypocrite like Sharpton is going to change that.  He is the very last person who should be calling into question the integrity of ANYONE.  Here we have a so-called ‘reverend’ who has spent his entire life in the gutter.  And what’s worse, is that all he has done is to spend time convincing blacks that the gutter is the place to be.  And sadly far too many seem to have taken him up on that.

And while I’m not about to try to convince anyone that President Trump is in any way a perfect man, keep in mind that he was the first president ever to attend and speak at the March for Life Rally in Washington, D.C.  He also ceased making abortion a cornerstone of American foreign policy.  He’s proven himself to be a true friend of Israel, making it clear that Jerusalem belongs to Israel – not ‘Palestinians.’  He has appointed strict constructionist judges across the entire federal judiciary.  He also made it a feature to honor Christ at Christmas time.

I don’t see this president covering up any crosses in the vicinity before he makes a speech, or mandating that people of the Christian faith must compromise their beliefs so that others feel ‘included’ or get access to federally-funded abortions.  The contrast between this president and the last one, insofar as moral leadership, could not be more pronounced.  And I might add that it was the last president for whom Al ‘Not So’ Sharpton was considered to be a ‘spiritual advisor.’  Is that a hoot, or what?  That says much about both Sharpton and he whom he was ‘advising.’