What is it about hack politicians who decide to ‘retire’ rather than to have their ass handed to them in their effort to seek reelection, and yet still feel qualified to offer their political opinion as if anyone might actually care about what it is that they might have to say?  Case in point is none other than ‘The Flakester’, RINO Jeff Flake, recently hired on at CBS as, of all things, a political commentator.  And it was in that capacity that Flake, during Tuesday’s episode of “This Morning,” named ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden as the 2020 Democrat who the Republicans should be most concerned about.

‘The Flakester’ actually claimed that it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who really “strikes fear in a lot of Republicans” in a possible matchup with President Trump.  But I dare say, that the ONLY Republicans who might actually fear ‘Creepy Joe’ are those who happen to be parents of young daughters.  Let’s face it, in ‘Creepy Joe’ the Democrats would have a candidate with a penchant for the fondling of young girls and someone with the rather disgusting habit of parading around in the nude in front of female Secret Service agents, either of which would likely make for a very interesting campaign ad.

I can only assume that the ‘Flakester’ is either unaware of ‘Creepy Joe’s’ rather seedy side, or is of the opinion that Joe’s creepy behavior is really no big deal, when making his bold statement that “Joe Biden strikes fear in a lot of Republicans.”  Flake went on to say, “He can speak to those states that President Trump won — in the Rust Belt in particular. And he’s seen as more of a centrist. He was a Senator for 30-some years. He knows how to work with the Senate, with the Congress, and I think that’s certainly one that worries Republicans.”  Never mind the fact he’s a sleazy old letch.

But even in putting aside all of ‘Creepy Joe’s’ perverted sleaziness, he remains forever chained to the disastrous legacy of Barry ‘O’.  Questions that can be asked of the electorate should be:  Do you really want to go back to Barry ‘O’s slow-growth economic strategy?  To a depleted, demoralized military?  To an ineffective foreign policy?  To energy dependence and a Green New Deal?  Also, he doesn’t have half the personal energy of President Trump.  I doubt ‘Creepy Joe’ could make it through an entire day on the campaign trail without having to take a nap, or maybe even two.

By all means, there is nothing that strikes more fear in the hearts of Republican’s everywhere than the thought of an eighty year old pervert who spent eight years doing little more than to provide both support and cover for the guy who came into office on the mission to “fundamentally transform” the country, running for president.  And a guy who, as part of as idiotic duo, accomplished absolutely nothing of substance in eight long years, and who left not only the country, but the entire world, far worse off than it was when they found it.  Yes, I’m terrified!

Flake was never a real Republican, except in name only. Which begs the question, why might he wanting to warn Republicans about whom they should, or shouldn’t, be concerned about when it comes to the 2020 election.  And he seems not bright enough to realize that the only reason that ‘fake news’ media likely hired him as their resident ‘conservative’ was so they could then ‘report’ on what’s supposedly the ‘conservative’ perspective on current events.  His sole purpose is to bash conservatism and conservatives while promoting the ‘benefits’ of big government.

Traitor Flake has not yet gotten over his hatred for the Republican Party, so he tries to build up ‘Creepy Joe’ into being a credible threat despite the fact that the clown has lost every primary he’s ever been in when running for President, and by a rather wide margin.  Who in the Republican genuinely fears any of those who have thus far entered into the race to take on President Trump?  From ‘Creepy Joe’ to Pocahontas to ‘Commie’ Bernie or even ‘Con Man’ Cory?  Or even Hitlery, should she decide to give it another go?  Any of whom that Flake would rather see win than Trump.