Legend 5

And so it was Trump-hater John Stephens, aka John Legend-In-His-Own-Mind, who recently heaped praise on Democrat presidential wannabe Elizabeth Warren, referring to her as “brilliant” while stumping for her in South Carolina earlier this week.  He told a crowd that we “cannot wait any longer to undo all the evil, all the corruption that Trump has unleashed.”  And as is usually the case with morons such as Stephens, I mean Legend, he was a little vague when it came to just what evil and corruption the president has actually unleashed.   And from what I can see, the only true evil and/or corruption now taking place is sponsored by those on left, like Warren.

And so Stephens/Legend, who also publicly voiced support for Warren back in October, hit the campaign trail for Warren in the Palmetto State on Wednesday, just days ahead of the state’s Democrat primary.  While he said he had planned to stay quiet and “work my butt off to make sure Trump was a one-term president” regardless of the nominee, he said one candidate “stood out from the rest,” one candidate which inspired him to speak up.  And just who was that candidate?  Why, none other than Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren.  Personally, I don’t give a squat who this moron supports, let him waste his time and money on Warren’s losing effort.

And it was to an audience gathered at South Carolina University, in going on about his confidence in Warren, that Stephens/Legend called her “brilliant.”  He said, “We cannot wait any longer to undo all the evil, all the corruption that Trump has unleashed in the last few years.”  Stephens/Legend said, “I know the bar is really low right now. We have a president who embarrasses this country. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a woman of Senator Warren’s brilliance replacing him?”  And it’s Stephens/Legend who should know a thing about a bar being set low, because were it not for a low bar having been set in his profession, he would be just another nobody.

But be that as it may, Stephens/Legend told the crowd assembled that he was “happy” to report that he had already cast his vote for Warren in California, telling the audience, “I already marked my choice” and adding that Warren is running to “give democracy back to its rightful owners.”  He said, “She supports creating a commission on reparations for the descendants of enslaved people.”  And in what was an apparent shot at Bloomberg, Stephens/Legend said, “Unlike Mayor Bloomberg, she knows that housing discrimination through redlining has been a national tragedy.”  And he said, “She doesn’t spend time wining and dining billionaires.”  Right!

Stephens/Legend is part of a long list of Hollyweirdos who have also backed Warren’s bid, including that well-known ‘nasty woman’ Ashley Judd, Trump-basher Patricia Arquette and, most recently, that flaming imbecile Jack Black.  They are all members of a rather unique little clique the combined IQ of which comes out to be lower than the average shoe size of this very same group.  These people are absolutely delusional if they think people of even average intelligence will pay them any mind.  They are morons who, courtesy of a God give talent, and despite possessing very little actual intelligence, have been able to make for themselves a great deal of money.

And as I mentioned earlier I’m still wanting to know exactly what “damage” it is that they think President Trump has done?  Is it trying to curb illegal immigration?  Or has it something to do with the fact that he has instituted policies that resulted in a booming American economy?  Or perhaps they were not in favor of regular Americans having to pay less in taxes.  Or maybe they all oppose the measures the president has taken in an effort to bring industry back to America, or the fact that he has done much to promote job creation.   I really would like to know, where’s all this damage?  Basically these people, these frauds, are doing little more than to talk out their butts.

Or perhaps what Stephens/Legend views as being evil is the record employment now currently being experienced by minorities or the increase in opportunities for those people who have been struggling and have essentially been ignored by the Democrats.  Or perhaps he’s one of those who sees as being evil the strong support this president has for Israel?  Or maybe it’s prison reform that been enacted under this president that Stephens/Legend see as being evil.  He really is going to need to be a bit more specific with his claims if he hopes to have any luck getting anyone other than the many nutjob Democrats who are out there to take him seriously.

But I must tell you though that it’s from where I’m standing that those who are committing what can only be called true evil in this country often turn out to be the very same ones that Stephens/Legend and the Hollyweird crowd tend to spend so much time and money supporting.  Because it’s those on the left who advocate for what is the dismemberment of the unborn, while at the same time fighting to allow/force little Timmy or little Sally to become whichever gender they want to be.  So in choosing to support such immoral behavior I can only assume that Stephens/Legend possesses a rather odd definition of what he considers to be evil.

No doubt it’s those in most of the country who are often left wondering just what the Hell it is that Stephens/Legend is even talking about.  Are we to assume that he somehow views as evil the act of enforcing our laws?  Quite literally it’s much of what these Hollyweird elites are against that comes down to how President Trump is enforcing the law and how his Democrat predecessor did not.  That doesn’t make the president evil, he is simply adhering to what is his oath of office, something that Barry ‘O’ took as being more of a “set of guidelines” than as an actual oath of office.  As we have seen our current president takes his job far more seriously.

I love how these clowns, like Stephens/Legend, continue to out themselves as being nothing less than complete morons.  They should pay a bit more attention to that old adage about how it’s better to keep one’s mouth shut and let people think you’re a moron than opening your mouth and proving it.   But nope!  President Trump is doing great things.  He’s keeping his promises and doing a good job.  Democrats are not only jealous, they hate that he’s actually undoing much of the damage done by his predecessor, a Democrat.  Why is it, since they seem to hate this country so much, that they just don’t leave, jetting off to their preferred totalitarian state?

I suspect it’s likely too much to ever hope for that these Hollyweirdos, like Stephens/Legend, will ever come to feel about our country the same way that regular Americans do.   After all, they owe much to those folks who willingly purchase their music or tickets to their movies and yet how is it that those folks are treated in return?  More often than not, they’re treated as if they’re stupid.  Just because one can sing or act, or has been blessed with athletic ability, doesn’t make them any smarter than those folks who are not able to do any of those things.  As a form of retaliation I don’t go to movies and it’s a rare event that I buy someone’s music.

Stephens/Legend should get down on his knees and thank God for whatever musical talent he has blessed with because one thing is for certain, he was not blessed with possessing any amount of commonsense nor intelligence.  I mean, calling Warren brilliant is akin to saying Harvey Weinstein was very respectful of women.  For some bizarre reason these idiotic entertainment types continue to think that their opinion matters and to pay any amount of attention to them only serves to reinforce their already bloated egos.  We might be doing ourselves a huge favor if we were simply to pretend that these bellicose boobs, like Stephens/Legend, simply don’t exist.


Democrats 47

I am now in my late 60s and if I were someone who had been a lifelong Democrat, which thankfully I am not, it would be at this particular moment in time that I would have to be asking myself just what is it that has become of my party?  I only say that because we now have two perfect examples that prove how the Democrat Party has now pretty much left the tracks entirely.  One, of course, is the ongoing impeachment circus that seems to be going nowhere and the other is the continuing freak show that involves those vying to be the one to represent their party in the next presidential election.  I don’t understand how anyone can take any of them seriously.

I mean from supporting the insanity of doing away completely with our southern border, to free healthcare for those in this country illegally, to a cost prohibitive scheme called ‘Medicare for All,’ to supporting the idiotic, and biologically impossible, notion that there is somehow more than two genders, to supporting the entire concept of manmade ‘climate change’ and the ‘Green New Deal,’ to supporting that which is infanticide, I would like to think that it has become impossible for any rational individual to vote for just about anyone running for just about any office under the banner of today’s Democrat Party.  None of it makes any sense.

And then when you add the events of just this past week regarding the circus surrounding the so-called testimony of those descried as ‘witnesses’ in the continuing impeachment saga together with what was the most recent Democrat presidential debate, if that doesn’t convince one that the Democrat Party has become anything other than an odd assortment of crazies, I don’t think anything will.  And how is it that such idiotic behavior could result in anything other than to make it increasingly difficult for most intelligent people to support any Democrat regardless of what office it is that they happen to be seeking, especially the office of president.

Now I will admit that I have not tuned in for a second when it comes to the watching of any of these ‘impeachment ‘hearings,’ nor, to be perfectly honest, have I watched any of the Democrat ‘debates.’  Instead, I’ve gone in search of ‘highlights’ from whatever reliable and unbiased sources I could find, which, of course, would exclude such regular network sources as ABC, CBS, NBC or cable networks CNN, MSNBC and, for the most part, even Fox News.  And, frankly, I find it rather sad, that it’s become impossible to get anything other than ‘fake news’ no matter where you look.  Our supposed ‘news’ organizations provide nothing more than leftist propaganda.

And to be honest, if I were a Democrat, I would be more than a little reluctant to admit that fact to anyone simply because of all the craziness that’s now going on within the Democrat Party, as evidenced by the impeachment sham and this cadre of some the most unserious candidates ever to run for public office.  I mean some of the proposals we hear coming from those seeking to be our next president are ludicrous to say the least and border on complete insanity.  And you have to ask yourself, how is it that any of the things being proposed would have a positive affect the lives of average Americans? You would think that at some point commonsense has to kick in.

And it was last night during Democrat ‘debate’ number five that those tuning witnessed the combining of the two more recent claims to fame for the Democrat Party.  That being the complete lunacy surrounding their deranged determination to impeach President Trump and the insanity that now seems to form the basis of the party platform on which whomever the Democrat candidate turns out to be will run on come the 2020 election.  When placed together what we have here is one glorious example of why one would have to be a completely brain dead moron to ever vote for whomever it is that ends up being selected to run against President Trump.

And it was essentially right out of the gate that Rachel Maddow, one of the four all-female debate moderators, apparently thought it a good idea to put the candidates once again on the record as supporting the level of insanity involved in the pointless endeavor to impeach the president.  And she did so by referencing the impeachment proceedings and how during his ‘testimony,’ ambassador Gordon Sondlund had buttressed the case for impeachment with what she described as being his “bombshell” testimony in the marathon impeachment hearing earlier in the day. And she then went on to ask if the candidates would vote for impeachment?

Liz Warren immediately piped up saying, “Of course I will.”  And it was Amy Klobuchar who cited President Trump’s “impeachable conduct” and how he is “sucking up to Vladimir Putin every minute of the day” and “leaving the Kurds for slaughter.”  And it was Sanders who said, “Sadly we have president who is a pathological liar,” adding that Trump was the “most corrupt” president of all.  And then it was a rather shaky ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden who said “Trump doesn’t want me to be the nominee” and “Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be president,” which seemed to work for the studio audience.

And of course Kamala ‘Headboard’ Harris had to make her two cents known and blasted the “criminal living in the White House,” whose presidency was a “criminal enterprise,” including the vice president, Secretary of State and “chief of staff.” Therefore, Harris said “Justice is on the ballot.”  Mayor Pete told the audience it would be a “tender moment,” when Trump was gone. And Mayor Pete said he was the “right person to take on Donald Trump.”  And not to be outdone was billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer who decried the “criminal in the White House” and charged that he was “a fraud and a failure on the economy.”  Really, Tom?

Andrew Yang took a more indirect approach when asked what he would say as president in his first call to Putin.  He said, “Sorry I beat your guy.”  And he would tell Putin, “the days of meddling in American election are over.” Candidate Tulsi Gabbard blasted the “Bush-Clinton-Trump policy” of regime-change wars, which might have left some puzzled. Gabbard also went after Buttigieg, who recently announced he would send U.S. troops to fight drug cartels in Mexico. Mayor Pete claimed “I was talking about US-Mexico security cooperation” and not an invasion of Mexico. And he told Gabbard he would not have sat down with a murderous dictator like Assad.

The more we hear from Democrats, whether it’s those involved in the circus that is the purely political attempt to impeach this president or the increasingly nutty bunch of Democrats now running for president, it is they who, far better than I ever could, continue to make the case that it’s not only crazy to vote Democrat, but how doing so is increasingly dangerous and on any number of different levels. Those involved in the ongoing impeachment scam are behaving as if this is some third world country, not America.  And those running for president in their desperate need to drag our country even further to the left will promise absolutely anything in their quest for votes.



Well the Democrats have finally showed their hand, after more than 60 years of lying to the Black Americans, a growing number of blacks may finally be catching on.  Democrats care nothing about the Blacks, and if we’re being honest they really never have.  It would now seem that their ethnic minority of choice is comprised of those entering the country illegally, the very same people who undercut American jobs and leech off the backs of American workers.  And it’s at the same time that the Democrats deliver even more promises to blacks only to end up stabbing them in the back by supporting mass illegal immigration.  This is there master plan.

The Democrats have ZERO issues or ways to improve America, so they push a fake impeachment against an effective president actually working for all of the American people.  Anyone with a brain who pays taxes should be horrified by the socialist, high-tax agenda of the Democrats.  The Democrats preach ‘tolerance’ yet hate white people, Christians, and traditional American values, such as marriage.  The Democrats need illegal immigrants to pull off their voter fraud schemes and don’t mind if they release a few thousand rapists and murderers along the way to achieve their goal. The party of slavery is still the most dirty, corrupt, evil collection of bigots in the world.

These Democrat candidates, and I mean every single one of them, hate this country and all that it stands for.  They want nothing more than to raise your taxes, brainwash your children, give illegals free everything, weaken our military, sell us out to China, throw open our borders, remove our freedoms, eliminate our constitutional rights, and encourage women to murder more of their own children.  Meanwhile American taxpayers are made to pay even more.  If this is the American dream that you wish to leave to future generations then I guess you can go ahead and vote for the snakes who call themselves Democrats. But you’ll not be able to convince me to join you.

Because it’s me and mine who will all be voting for President Trump in 2020. We are choosing to act and to work on bring about the change we were promised decades ago. President Trump fights for the American people, and our interests, and my family will continue to fight right alongside him.  After all, the only means by which the Democrats have any hope of winning elections is by manufacturing rigged and fake charges in an effort to oust a President they hate and by flooding America with enough low information voters who will be indebted to them, who vote for them out of pure ignorance, and who will also take millions of jobs from American workers.

Has the American population now become so dumbed down as to be willing to buy any of the never ending idiocy that the Democrats, and their ‘fake new’ cohorts’ are now selling?  Unfortunately, the answer to that is looking to be more and more like a very resounding yes.  It’s with each passing year that our education system remains under the control of the progressives who hate America and Americans that their ability to indoctrinate becomes all the more perfected.  And what’s being taught in our school is compounded by 24/7/365 by what is nothing more than pure propaganda coming from those claiming to be responsible ‘journalists.’  So is it any wonder?

So it’s now become painfully obvious that the Democrats are unwilling to do anything to stem the tide of illegal immigrants flooding into our country.  Because they know there will come a day when it is they who will control the House, the Senate and the White House and so they are simply laying the groundwork for when that eventuality comes to pass and they can then give ALL of them citizenship creating a Democrat majority for decades, if not longer.  Those in this country illegally will always support a government that gives them ‘free stuff.’  And they seem to mind very little that their personal freedom is something that must be sacrificed in exchange.

The Democrat Party essentially ran everything at both the state and federal level, for the twenty years between1933 to 1953.  And they controlled the judiciary at every level as well. They came to believe that their continued hold on power was their divine right.  They also believed that whole groups of people, hyphenated Americans, of Italian, Polish, Irish descent and so on, would always carry on voting Democrat and produce an eternal hegemony.  Then came the election of Dwight Eisenhower in 1952, although unwanted, it could be explained away as a one-off event.  But the Democrats still held most positions of political power across the nation.

But 1960 was something different entirely. Despite having a film star candidate while the Republican candidate was a rather gauche individual, not much loved even within his own Party, Kennedy still barely won owing much to the electoral fraud that took place especially in Mayor Daley’s Chicago, without which he may very well have lost. It began to dawn on Democrats that their decades of electoral success may soon be coming to an end.  Reason being that Irish, Italian, Polish Americans and so on had spent the last fifty or so years becoming educated, well employed and remunerated, and joining the ranks of comfortable conservative middle-class America.

The Democrats were going to need come up with a new voter base. That would involve them abandoning segregation, and persuading millions of blacks that they, the Democrats, were really the party of Civil Rights, equality, integration, and, of course, of massive welfare benefits.  It worked, but it still wasn’t enough.  If the votes needed to sustain a Democrat hegemony couldn’t be found in America, surely they existed elsewhere.  But importing well-educated Europeans wasn’t likely to help their cause.  The new voters had to be uninformed and uneducated, poor people from poor countries, who could be relied upon to vote Democrat for the foreseeable future.

And then came something called the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, also known as the Hart–Celler Act, a bill introduced by Senator Philip Hart and Congressman Emanuel Celler that was passed by the Congress and signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson on October 3, 1965.  Prior to 1965, despite some changes in the 1950s, America was a low-immigration country basically living under immigration laws written in 1924.  Thanks to low immigration, it was during this period that America became a fundamentally middle-class society.  And it was then that our many European ethnic groups were brought together into a common national culture.

In some ways, this achievement was so complete that we started to take for granted what we had achieved and forgot why it happened. So in a spasm of sentimentality on the Right and lies on the Left, we opened our borders.  Born of liberal ideology, the 1965 bill abolished the national origins quota system that had regulated the ethnic composition of immigration in fair proportion to each group’s existing presence in the population since the 1920s. The record of debate over this seismic change in immigration policy reveals that left-wingers, in their visceral fight to attack “discrimination,” did not reveal the consequences of their convictions.

And the mass Third-World immigration that it has produced and which has changed America almost beyond recognition, and the Democrat determination to open the southern border to all-comers and to grant all-comers voting rights inside the United States, aka amnesty.  From that point on, any objection to the creation of the Democrats’ new voting bloc, however reasoned, has been dismissed by the Democrats, and their allies in academia and the ‘fake news’ media as that worst of all possible crimes, racism.  And it seems to be working.  We need to recognize what the Democrats are trying to and join with the president in his effort to put a stop to it.

Because if the Democrats are able to win this next election, we will likely not see a Republican president again for a very long time, if ever. Eventually, our freedoms will be lost.  Democrats will succeed in reducing our Constitution to that which they have always wanted, a meaningless piece of paper.  We will no longer be a free society.  We will be totally dependent upon the government for every crumb they choose to dish out. We will not be able to defend ourselves because they will have already striped us of our guns and right to speak. We will be imprisoned if we dare speak out against them. A dictator will soon arise and we will be at his or her mercy.

As I have said on a number of previous occasions, the Democrat Party now represents a very clear and present danger to the survivability of this country as it was designed. And if you do think that what the Democrats are desperate to bring about here in America could not happen here, well my friends it can and it already is happening right before our very eyes. My fellow Americans, we cannot allow this to ever happen to our country. They are doing all that they can to make America weaker, at home and abroad.  It is for the sake of our children and grandchildren and future generations, that we must remain strong and never, ever allow them to succeed.


RINOs 29

And so it begins.  I know everyone was curious when it would begin, and knew that it would only be a matter of time, but it would appear that that time is…NOW.  And just what is it that I’m talking about?  Well, that would be the fact that the RINOs have now decided it’s time to make their move to do what’s best for them, and NOT for the people who elected them.  And that would be to come rushing to the defense of not their president, but to one of the Democrats hoping to unseat him.  Therefore they have now begun to circle the wagons around who else but…’Crooked Joe’ Biden!

For instance, it was Mitt Romney, RINO Senator from Utah, who just this past Friday, boldly declared that President Trump’s suggestion that China and Ukraine investigate ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden’s dealings with those two countries is both “wrong and appalling.”  It was in taking to Twitter that Romney said, “When the only American citizen President Trump singles out for China’s investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process, it strains credulity to suggest that it is anything other than politically motivated.”   Really Mitt?

And Mitt then went on to say, “By all appearances, the President’s brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is wrong and appalling.”  Romney made his remarks after President Trump said on Thursday that China should investigate ‘Crooked Joe’ and his son, Hunter, for alleged corruption.  And also after it had been pretty extensively reported that Hunter Biden’s investment firm secured a $1.5 Billion investment deal with the Bank of China shortly after traveling with dear old dad on Air Force Two to the country back in 2013.

But talk about wrong and appalling?  Has Romney done anything that wasn’t wrong or appalling for decades?  He was a terrible RINO governor of a very liberal state, he had O-Bummer beat and then went limp in 2012, begged President Trump for his endorsement for the Senate from Utah and after the president gave it Romney then proceeded to shove a knife in his back.  Romney is a nothing more than a bitter, jealous, sanctimonious loser who takes every opportunity to criticize President Trump. Romney is far closer to being a Democrat than he is even a traitorous RINO!

Meanwhile, it was over at ‘fake news’ HQ, the Communist News Network (CNN), and also on Friday, that fellow RINO John Kasich referred to it as “shocking” that President Trump had asked China to investigate 2020 Democrat presidential candidate ex-vice president ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden and his just as crooked son Hunter’s Ukraine business ties. Kasich said, “What’s really bothered me, this whole business of the president trying to get the Chinese to get in the middle of this and to conduct an investigation against Biden is just shocking, frankly.”  Shocking, John?  Really?

Kasich said, “And our founders warned us about foreign, you know, entanglements, and for the president to not double down has gotten me really, really disturbed, upset, and it’s forcing me to continue to think through all of this very, very carefully.”  And he said, “Then the question gets to be, as we see the president’s continuing aberrant behavior, never seen anything like this, are there guardrails? Are there limits to what we should tolerate in terms of presidential conduct, whether it’s the name-calling which he’s done all along, but the way in which he’s behaving is really concerning to me.”

He continued, “And then the question gets to be can there be some sort of bipartisan agreement that this behavior is out of control and unacceptable?”  He added, “We can’t have somebody operating completely outside the norms of presidential behavior. This has serious consequences. The investigation should continue, the inquiry should continue, the more evidence that gets gathered, that if there is more and more evidence that absolutely creates a quid pro quo, then even people who are Republicans might have to say be grudgingly, yeah, this is terrible, we need to do something. But we have a ways to go and they need to proceed carefully.”

With Romney, I truly think that it all comes down to jealously and the fact that he wanted the Secretary of State gig so he could then attack the president from the inside.  He is a gutless coward and, of course, a RINO.   He wanted a position within the Trump Administration and when he didn’t get it he then had to run off to Utah and settle for getting elected to the Senate.  Granted, it wasn’t as good as being on the inside, but it was the next best thing.  Because it still provided him with a platform from which he could continue to spew his baseless accusations at the president.

And Kasich is really nothing but a liar of the very worst kind.  He has never forgiven President Trump, essentially a novice in the world of politics, for showing him up in the 2016 debates.  Kasich said then that he would support whomever the Republican Party nominated for the Presidency in 2016 and then refused to back Trump when he was selected as the nominee.  Kasich says he is not used to this and we haven’t seen anything like this before.  True, before President Trump, corrupt politicians, like Kasich, in both parties covered for each other while stealing billions from taxpayers.

But with that said I suppose Kasich does have a point.  After all, we certainly can’t have a President who stands up for the American people and against those adversaries who are intent upon ripping us off and insist upon trying to threaten us.  And we most definitely can’t have a President who calls out corruption, lies and laziness in government wherever he sees it.  And most of all we can’t have a President who works tireless in an effort to secure our Nation.  What’s shocking is that Kasich thinks it’s shocking for the president to want to investigate Deep State corruption.

What Romney, Kasich and many others seem oblivious to, for one reason or another, is the fact that the president’s suggestion that ‘Crooked Joe’s’ actions be looked into has very little to do with politics, the fact that Biden is a candidate for president notwithstanding.  What it’s about is the fact that Biden used his position as vice president by threatening to cut off funds to a foreign government unless those involved did exactly what he was demanding that they do.  And yet both Romney and Kasich, because of their hatred of President Trump, claim it’s all about politics.

I guess the sad moral of this story is that if, and I do mean if, the Democrats and Republicans took their job seriously, doing what it was that they were elected to do, there would be no need for President Trump to even get involved.  I think we can all agree that Hitlery has continued to get away with murder! And yet where were Romney and Kasich in calling for her to be held to account?  And these two seem to be quite willing to allow ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden, someone who could actually become our next president, to get away as well with what is a provable act of obvious corruption.



Never in my life, or at least for as long as I can remember, have I witnessed such a concerted attempt conducted by so many to remove a duly elected president whose only ‘crimes’ are that he won an election and then proceeded to make good on much of what he promised to do if elected.  There has been a constant barrage of attacks from not only the opposing political party but from within his own political party as well.   And when compounded with the near endless onslaught of ‘fake news,’ all of it negative, I find it amazing that he has gotten anything accomplished.  A lesser man would have simply abandoned those who voted for him and returned to private life.

Now I will admit that when Donald Trump first announced he was running for President I didn’t take him all that seriously, and gave him very little chance of actually winning.  While I also am no fan of Jeb Bush I figured that it would be he who I would likely be forced into voting for as my only alternative to Hitlery.  And even as the campaign progressed I tended to lean more toward Ted Cruz than anyone else in the contest.  And to this day I’m still not quite sure when it was that I decided to be a passenger on the ‘Trump Train,’ all I know for sure is that I did eventually come to view him as someone I could genuinely, and even enthusiastically, support.

And so here we are nearly three years later and while I cannot say that I have agreed with everything that he has done, I can, and very confidently so, say I am very much in favor of MOST of what he has been able to accomplish despite his being forced to go against what has been a rather significant headwind.  A headwind that I would argue shows little sign of decreasing and a headwind that few within the president’s own party have done much of anything to quell.  Sadly, it would seem that many within the Republican Party have been quite content to simply sit quietly on the sidelines while still others have actually played a much more contributory role.

For instance, might the sudden wave retirements of House Republicans, now at 16 and counting, that have now taken place be yet another attempt by the many Trump haters in Congress to pave the way for making the Democrat fantasy of impeachment all the more likely?  Probably!  And it’s such behavior that reveals much about these supposed public servants in that they never really possessed any real interest in serving the people, but only in serving themselves.  And now when the country and, quite frankly, the president need them what do they do?  They cut and run, like the gutless cowards that they are, and likely always have been.  They make me sick.

Also then we also now have three ‘Republicans’ in the person of William Weld, Joe Walsh, and Mark Sanford who have now apparently felt the need to issue primary challenges against President Trump in 2020.  And there is no way on God’s green Earth that you will ever be able to convince me that they are doing so ‘for the good of the country.’  And it is not one of these supposed alternatives to President Trump who would stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of defeating any of the current batch of Democrats now running, but then winning isn’t what they would be trying to do.  Their sole objective here is nothing less than the defeat of President Trump.

Let’s face it, Weld is so liberal that he was able to get himself elected, and re-elected, governor in one of the most liberal states in the country, Massachusetts.  And for him to refer to himself as a conservative is nothing short of ludicrous.  And it was this clown Sanford who was running around on his wife with some Argentinian babe.  And then there’s Walsh, who, from what I hear, has made more than a few racially ‘insensitive’ comments.  I only bring this up in order to demonstrate that not one of these boobs can be considered as anything other than your basic saboteur.  Not one is someone who could ever be called, by anyone’s definition, a serious candidate.

And I’m always confused whenever I hear any of these less than serious rivals of the president actually accuse him of taking the country in the wrong direction.  What is it that these morons see as being the RIGHT direction?  Is it higher unemployment?  Is it more folks on food stamps?  Is it higher unemployment for minorities?  I mean they’re going to have to explain to me exactly what they mean by that.  Is it continuing to allow China to screw us over with one-sided trade agreements?  Obviously all of these clowns are a little confused when it comes to the whole right/wrong direction thing.  And frankly, who are they to decide which direction is right OR wrong anyway?

That decision rests solely with ‘We the people,’ not some hack politicians who, if we’re being honest, don’t really give a squat about anything other than what direction it is that’s best for them.  And let’s face it, more often than not what’s the RIGHT direction for them is very much the WRONG direction for the rest of us.  And it bothers them not to tell us that which they think we want to hear only to do just the opposite when they get in office.  President Trump, on the other hand, told us from the beginning what he would do if elected and has made good on much of it.  So the choice between these three stooges and President Trump is a very easy one.

So over the course of the next 12 months what is it that we who love this country must be focused on?  Well for one thing we need to simply tune out all of the noise from those who are determined to turn us against this president, and to know enough to recognize their motives for doing so.  And we must not allow ourselves to fall victim to that which is nothing more than propaganda of the very worst kind.  The president is bucking a system that has now been in place for decades, and it is the supporters of that system who will now say or do whatever they feel is necessary to bring about his defeat.  If we allow that to happen we will pay a very dear price.



In going back to the very beginning of this our current 2020 presidential campaign season, just what is it that any of us have learned thus far about those on the Democrat side who are now all vying to be the one to take on President Trump in the next election.  Well, for one thing it would seem that there is pretty much nothing that they will not promise, and even less that they won’t somehow make ‘free’ to those who need only to vote Democrat.  Vote Democrat and you will be rewarded.

As a for instance, it was just this past Monday that nine of our hate America Democrat presidential hopefuls, including ‘front-runners’ ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, along with Commies Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, all attended something called the ‘Poor People’s Moral Action Congress’, and what was witnessed by those in attendance was pandering on a near epic scale with each of these contenders desperate in their attempts to see just who it was that could promise the most ‘free’ stuff.

It really was quite the spectacle for anyone who actually chooses to work for a living. Apparently none of these candidates believe that actually having a job is the way to go when trying to come up with a way that would actually result in either ending poverty all together or at least to reduce significantly the number of people living in poverty.  For them, “work” seems nothing more than a dirty word. Their approach is to take money from those folks who work and to hand it over to those who don’t.

And please don’t anyone be fooled by this group, the ‘Moral Action Congress.’ There’s nothing moral about forcing hardworking people to support those who, for whatever reason, feel that they are somehow above having to work to support themselves.  Sadly, it is now one in every five American households that lives entirely, or mostly, off government’ benefits.’  And a shocking three-quarters of able-bodied food stamp recipients, with no children, still don’t feel the need to work, even part time.

So anyway Monday’s little gathering, the supposed focus of which was supposed to be poverty, was led by those claiming to be disciples of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., but in reality are anything but, since most of their time was spent on distorting King’s message.  Because it was the organizers of this freak show who demand that the government actually guarantee everyone an annual income, free college, free health care for all and a “decent house to live in.” They claim these are “rights.”  Seriously?

But people who works for a living knows better. These are not, in any way, rights that the government, in any way, owes you. These are things that you go out and earn for yourself.  And you know, let’s not forget that what the government giveth, the government can, just as easily, taketh away.  And what you earn, what you go and work for, is yours.  But I guess a lot of people see taking all that ‘free’ stuff as being worth the risk as long as they are not being forced to go to work every day.

And it was the event’s organizer, Rev. William Barber, who railed about how it is that nearly half the nation, 150 million people, is mired in poverty and suffering.  Now you’d have to be a complete moron, or a very committed Democrat, not to realize that that is really nothing more than a blatant lie, though none of the candidates apparently saw the need to set the record straight.  So here we have yet another supposed man of God doing little more than to spread hate and discontent.

Contrary to the good ‘reverend,’ the truth is that as of 2017 40 million people, or about 12 percent of the population, earned less than the federal poverty line, which is currently $12,490 for a single person and $25,750 for a family of four.  And also what the reverend conveniently ignores is the fact that almost no one actually lives on that.  Because all but about 3 percent collect some sort of welfare payments that lift them out of poverty. So they depend on government, instead of themselves.

Our booming economy, the same one that ‘Creepy Joe’ is now demanding credit for having created, is a chance to turn all of that around and to help the poor finally escape their continuing dependence on the government.  Employers are now dropping such requirements as college and prior experience in order to hire more people.  It’s not jobs that are scarce.  It’s workers that are scarce.  And yet, oddly enough, not one candidate at this poverty event even bothered to bring up the subject of jobs.

In fact, far from promoting work, these Democrats, every single one of them, now running for president wouldn’t hesitate in the least to throw millions of Americans out of work. The Democrats’ major policy proposals, Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, open borders for illegals and tax hikes on corporations, are all job killers.  Medicare for All alone would cause 2.5 million people, mostly hospital workers and medical administrators, to lose their jobs.

The ‘Green New Deal’, the Democrats’ latest scheme to combat ‘climate change’, threatens the jobs of millions of workers in the mining and oil business.  And yet it’s Bernie Sanders, who says there can be no middle ground on carbon emissions, also claims to be leading a “movement of working people.”  And Democrats continue to favor open borders, and have no problem with illegal immigrants are driving down wages for low-skilled American workers.  So why do you think that is?

Oddly enough it was in what was his final Sunday sermon in 1968 that Rev. King explained that a person who “doesn’t have a job” has “neither life nor liberty.”  And yet here we are heading into the next presidential election and what is the message that we are hearing from every Democrat candidate?  Democrats want fewer jobs forcing more into dependence on government. As well they also support the notion that the poorer they can make America, the better off the rest of the world will be.

I think, especially during the tenure of Barry ‘O’ and ‘Creepy Joe’, it became painfully obvious that then Democrats had little interest in doing anything other than to wreck the economy on purpose.  Barry’s books show that he believes that all the world’s problems are caused by American intervention in other nations’ affairs and he believes that all of the world’s poverty is caused by American wealth.  Therefore, he was driven to do everything that he could to make America weaker and poorer.

And besides, making America poorer has always been good politics for Democrats.  Barry ‘O’ did NOT want the economy to prosper because people who are earning money aren’t as willing to support spending increases as people who depend on government.  Unfortunately, the rest of us were little more than collateral damage in his effort to destroy to the greatest extent possible America ever being able to rebuild what had once been an economy that was the envy of the entire world.



At this particular point in time, I don’t think there is anything that terrifies more than having a Democrat, any Democrat, elected president in 2020.  And it seems that each new Democrat who throws his, or her, hat into the ring is a little crazier than the one who came before making the fate of my country all that much more uncertain.  And while I may not agree with everything that President Trump has, or has not, done, I would only hope that there remains in this country enough people not yet willing to hand complete control of it back to the Democrat Party, a party that has now moved so far to the left as to make it the most dangerous threat we now face as a country.

And when listening to any of those now running under the Democrat banner, it would seem that they are all taking part some weird sort of competition to see just who it is that can sound even more unhinged.  From advocating for this catastrophic “New Green Deal” to promising to simply do away completely with our southern border to Medicare for all to massive tax increases to pay for it all, I can’t help but wonder how there could possibly be enough Americans actually willing to vote for anyone who is in favor of such things.  While I hope that these Democrats will eventually go too far for people to vote for them, I’m beginning to wonder if that’s even possible anymore.

And judging by the number of people now cheering some of the most inane statements made by some of the most insane people it’s becoming all the more apparent that our educational system, both our public school system and our so-called institutions of ‘higher learning’, has pretty much accomplished exactly what it set out to.  That would of course be the complete brainwashing of our young into believing our government is able to provide for all of their needs in exchange for them giving up the ability to control their own lives.  Because who better to make all of those pesky decisions required in one’s life than some nameless, faceless government bureaucrat?

I could ask what has happened to America, but I think I answered that question in the previous paragraph.  Our educational system, I think, is our biggest problem in that it seems to be no longer interested in educating our young, and hasn’t been for what has been for a very long time.  What has now become the primary focus of our educators is the brainwashing and the indoctrinating of our children to hate their own country and to love, and even to blindly trust, our government, being told that it can simply do no wrong.  And so now we have crowds of young people actually applauding those calling for greater government control of the lives of every single American.

And it doesn’t help matters, nor improve our chances of being able to survive as a free and sovereign nation, that the majority of Republicans (RINOs) we have serving in Congress see it as being more advantageous, and beneficial, to do the bidding of their big money donors instead of the American people.  Because when people see very little difference between our two political parties they become convinced, and rightly so, that it matters not which party they vote for because the outcome is likely going to be pretty much the same.  When promises made do not become promises kept voters tend to be less interested in which political party the candidate may belong.

Voters, at least those of us on the right, have simply grown tired of hearing our politicians say all the right things while out on the campaign trail, only to see them come down with a rather severe case of dementia once they’ve been safely elected or, worse, re-elected and back in the safety of their cushy office.  All of which only serves to create even more doubt about the ultimate survival of our country.  And I wish I could trust that the American people would simply take matters into their own hands and grab their politicians by the short hairs and demand that it’s their priorities that must be addressed over the supposed priorities of the folks with all the money.

Unfortunately, and I hate to admit this, my faith in the American people to care enough about preserving this country for their children is at what is now an all new low.  And if our politicians, at least those who like to refer to themselves as being ‘conservative’, are going to continue to refuse to make good on the promises they make than those of us who would rather not see this country become the next Venezuela are going to need to somehow make our leaders understand that is ‘We the People’ that they work for, it’s not the other way around. These are scary times my friends!  And it would appear that our politicians are determined to destroy America.

So there continues to be those who say America is doomed, that we are being made to die from within and there now is really nothing that can be done to avoid an end that was long ago preordained.  Too many Americans have simply become content to give up their freedom in return for having the government take care of them from cradle to grave.  There are those who say Donald Trump’s presidency was always nothing but a rest stop, a sanity break of sorts, on what has long been, and now continues to be America’s Democrat inspired road to ruin.  My confidence in the American people grabbing the controls to prevent us from slamming into the deck has all but faded.


Sharpton 18

There is an old saying that goes, “Birds of a feather, flock together.”  And I would argue that nothing proves that better than the little get together currently going on involving those now running for president under the Democrat banner and hosted by well-known race hustler, and faux reverend, Al ‘Bull Horn’ Sharpton.  And I might add there is absolutely nothing these Democrats could do that would better prove their lack of seriousness when it comes to addressing race relations in this country and their desire to only increase racial tensions than to cozy up with Sharpton.

And if we’re being honest here, I think that both blacks and whites would likely admit that before the era of Barry ‘O’ came upon us the state of race relations was perhaps the best it had ever been.  And it was during his entire eight years in office that our first black president seemed determined in his effort to do little more than to turn back the clock to where race relations eventually became worse than they had been in decades. And who was it that visited the White House 85 times and acted as Barry’s ‘advisor’ on all things related to race? Why, who else but old ‘Not So’ Sharpton.

And so being the no nonsense guy that I am, I thought it more than just a bit odd to see Democrat presidential candidates descending on New York City to court this purveyor of racial hatred, Sharpton, at his National Action Network (NAN) convention this week, and in so doing choosing to simply ignore Sharpton’s rather long, and quite impressive, history of racism, antisemitism, and incitement.  Wouldn’t you think that if these clowns were genuinely interested in improving race relations in America, they would have sought out someone who actually shares an interest in doing the same?

Yet all of the major declared candidates for the 2020 Democrat nomination, and some listed as potential candidates, will be attending Sharpton’s ‘conference’ this week, a rather remarkable fact at a time when many are also voicing concerns about extremism.  And let’s be honest, there are few who can be considered as being more extreme than he who is the inciter of all manner of racial hatred and tension, Al Sharpton.  But Democrats rarely concern themselves with such things especially when seeking higher office.  It’s then that such concerns simply go out the window.

And it was in reporting on this gathering that the ‘news’ division there at Communist Broadcasting System (CBS) reported:

“Presidential candidates speaking at the National Action Network convention on Wednesday include former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, businessman Andrew Yang and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro.

Stacey Abrams, who narrowly lost the gubernatorial race in Georgia last year and is currently mulling a presidential bid, is also speaking Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday, Rep. John Delaney and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg are speaking at the convention.

Friday will see the greatest concentration of 2020 candidates speaking at the event: Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker will be making remarks. Potential presidential contender Rep. Eric Swalwell will also be speaking on Friday.”

But keep in mind it was Sharpton who was once considered to be so radical that then-Sen. Barry ‘O’ did not want his endorsement when he first ran for president back in 2008. But when Barry started to get bombarded by black activists on the left, who was it that he then turned to for help?  None other than that professional instigator, Al Sharpton.  And then, and with much assistance from Barry and the left-wing ‘fake news’ media, Sharpton was able to essentially reinvent himself into a sort of political kingmaker, at least within the party that is preoccupied with race, the Democrat Party.

But the candidates now vying for Sharpton’s support must overlook his long and quite controversial history.  For instance:

In another riot in 1995, Sharpton led protests against Freddy’s Fashion Mart, a Jewish-owned store in Harlem, after it was forced to raise the rent on a sub-tenant, a black-owned record store. (Sharpton called the owner a “white interloper.”) One of the protesters later shot four employees and set the store on fire, bringing the death total to seven.

As of 2008, Sharpton’s NAN had massive debts and owed $2 million in taxes, which it claimed to be paying off. In 2014, the New York Times reported that Sharpton had “more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses,” which he denied. And in 2009, Sharpton and NAN agreed to pay $285,000 in civil penalties after the Federal Election Commission found that NAN had made improper contributions to his 2004 presidential campaign, when he ran unsuccessfully for the Democrat Party nomination.

In 2012, Sharpton and NAN played a key role in inflaming national division and outrage over the death of Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed during a scuffle with neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. Sharpton promoted false reports that Zimmerman used what Sharpton called “racial language” in speaking with police. He used his prime-time program on MSNBC to promote the story, including the claim that Zimmerman — whose mother is Peruvian — was “white,” implying racial bias in the killing.

And while ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden was noticeably absent from this latest gaggle of presidential wannabes all schlepping off to the ‘Big Apple’ to pay homage to one of the most vile creatures on two legs, he did, however, speak to NAN back in January.  That these individuals are so willing to grovel before this racist POS says much about the current state of the Democrat Party.  It would be like having Republican candidates marching off to pay homage to…, oh wait, on second thought there is no equivalent of Sharpton that Republicans could actually pay homage to.

And this is further proof of just how the Democrats have become the ‘scorched Earth’ party and the party of hate!  Hatred of America, hatred of the Constitution, hatred of borders and, I think it fair to, hatred of everything that would allow America to remain a free and sovereign nation.  They want to take your guns, they want to flood America with illegal immigrants, have been infiltrated by all manner of Socialist anarchists who hate Americans, American culture, and American history and that have for decades managed to infiltrate ever further into our public school system.

Race hustlers like Sharpton have made the accusation of racism absolutely meaningless. Because if everyone is a racist, essentially no one is.  Today racism is directed toward the white population as a whole.  But, politically speaking, it’s the Democrats that have always been the party of racism.  From the owning of slaves, to creating ‘Jim Crow’ laws, to coming up with the Ku Klux Klan, to enforcing all manner segregation it’s always been the Democrats who sought to control blacks. And it’s the race pimps like Sharpton who push a narrative of lies for personal financial gain.

Democrats are, and have been for decades, the party of hate.  It’s what motivates them.  And just like a child predator they are focus on the youth, the ignorant and the uninformed for votes.  Sharpton should be considered toxic to anyone concerned about their credibility.  And can anyone name a single positive thing that this racist buffoon ever done for the black community?  All he has ever done is to stir up, and perpetuate racial tension and division! President Trump, the ‘racist’, has actually tried to help Black folks by working for better wages and more American jobs.

In reality this is just more of the left being the left and Sharpton being Sharpton. Calve blacks from the whole of American society, convince them they’re victims and then point the finger at the right and blame America for their ‘problems.’  Then tell them that it’s only the Democrats who can ‘fix the problem.’  But instead they only intentionally make matters worse.  Sharpton is like the team mascot. He doesn’t play and adds nothing to the outcome of the game.  He fancies himself to be the next Dr. King, but the only street likely to ever be named after Sharpton would be a dead end.



What is it about hack politicians who decide to ‘retire’ rather than to have their ass handed to them in their effort to seek reelection, and yet still feel qualified to offer their political opinion as if anyone might actually care about what it is that they might have to say?  Case in point is none other than ‘The Flakester’, RINO Jeff Flake, recently hired on at CBS as, of all things, a political commentator.  And it was in that capacity that Flake, during Tuesday’s episode of “This Morning,” named ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden as the 2020 Democrat who the Republicans should be most concerned about.

‘The Flakester’ actually claimed that it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who really “strikes fear in a lot of Republicans” in a possible matchup with President Trump.  But I dare say, that the ONLY Republicans who might actually fear ‘Creepy Joe’ are those who happen to be parents of young daughters.  Let’s face it, in ‘Creepy Joe’ the Democrats would have a candidate with a penchant for the fondling of young girls and someone with the rather disgusting habit of parading around in the nude in front of female Secret Service agents, either of which would likely make for a very interesting campaign ad.

I can only assume that the ‘Flakester’ is either unaware of ‘Creepy Joe’s’ rather seedy side, or is of the opinion that Joe’s creepy behavior is really no big deal, when making his bold statement that “Joe Biden strikes fear in a lot of Republicans.”  Flake went on to say, “He can speak to those states that President Trump won — in the Rust Belt in particular. And he’s seen as more of a centrist. He was a Senator for 30-some years. He knows how to work with the Senate, with the Congress, and I think that’s certainly one that worries Republicans.”  Never mind the fact he’s a sleazy old letch.

But even in putting aside all of ‘Creepy Joe’s’ perverted sleaziness, he remains forever chained to the disastrous legacy of Barry ‘O’.  Questions that can be asked of the electorate should be:  Do you really want to go back to Barry ‘O’s slow-growth economic strategy?  To a depleted, demoralized military?  To an ineffective foreign policy?  To energy dependence and a Green New Deal?  Also, he doesn’t have half the personal energy of President Trump.  I doubt ‘Creepy Joe’ could make it through an entire day on the campaign trail without having to take a nap, or maybe even two.

By all means, there is nothing that strikes more fear in the hearts of Republican’s everywhere than the thought of an eighty year old pervert who spent eight years doing little more than to provide both support and cover for the guy who came into office on the mission to “fundamentally transform” the country, running for president.  And a guy who, as part of as idiotic duo, accomplished absolutely nothing of substance in eight long years, and who left not only the country, but the entire world, far worse off than it was when they found it.  Yes, I’m terrified!

Flake was never a real Republican, except in name only. Which begs the question, why might he wanting to warn Republicans about whom they should, or shouldn’t, be concerned about when it comes to the 2020 election.  And he seems not bright enough to realize that the only reason that ‘fake news’ media likely hired him as their resident ‘conservative’ was so they could then ‘report’ on what’s supposedly the ‘conservative’ perspective on current events.  His sole purpose is to bash conservatism and conservatives while promoting the ‘benefits’ of big government.

Traitor Flake has not yet gotten over his hatred for the Republican Party, so he tries to build up ‘Creepy Joe’ into being a credible threat despite the fact that the clown has lost every primary he’s ever been in when running for President, and by a rather wide margin.  Who in the Republican genuinely fears any of those who have thus far entered into the race to take on President Trump?  From ‘Creepy Joe’ to Pocahontas to ‘Commie’ Bernie or even ‘Con Man’ Cory?  Or even Hitlery, should she decide to give it another go?  Any of whom that Flake would rather see win than Trump.


Donkey 06

The growing menagerie of potential Democrat presidential candidates for 2020 has been described as being something akin to the bar scene from the first “Star Wars” movie.  Democrat analysts now seem frightened for their party’s future which would likely explain the increasingly bizarre sounding accusations being made against President Trump.  We can hear the desperation in their voices, and we should be very concerned about what their desperation may drive them to do.  There can be no doubt that in their effort to defeat the president they will leave no stone unturned.

Prior to the 2018 midterm elections, voters had denied Democrats control of the House, the Senate and the White House, which spelled disaster for a party that buys its voters with taxpayer dollars and government favors.  Democrats had predicted a “blue wave” in the 2018 midterms, but won only about 25 seats to barely claim control of the House.  But with that said, were it not for the more than the 40 RINO members of Congress who refused to seek reelection, Republicans almost certainly would have, and very easily so, kept Democrats as the minority in the House.

And we also need to keep in mind how it was that the Democrats succeeded in stealing an additional dozen or so seats in Democrat-ruled states such as California, where Republicans who won on election night were later drowned by a late flood of mysterious pro-Democrat “ballots from nowhere” that everybody knows were fraudulent.  Which is why Democrat sugar-daddy George Soros spent millions electing leftist Secretaries of State to manipulate state ballot recounts.  But voters refused to hand Democrats control of the Senate, instead, increasing the Republican majority.

So, what must Democrats do to win in 2020?  Well, according to that political genius Bill Maher, “[The] way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So, please, bring on the recession.”  With him going on to say, “Sorry if that hurts people … [but] a recession is a survivable event; what Trump is doing to this country is not.”  The country is now better off than it has been in decades. But Maher rightly understands that if President Trump continues to succeed, the Democrat Party and its socialist agenda just might be finished, maybe not forever, but for a least a few years.

And I’m sure that we all remember how it was that Hitlery said, “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.”  And how it was that the old girl then went on to claim that “civility can only return” when her Democrat Party again controls the government.  And so it is then, that until voters restore leftist politicians to their entitled dominion as our superiors, the Democrats will continue to turn politics into war, resistance, and unwavering hatred, because their unwanted collectivist party is now fighting dirty for its very survival.

And if it’s a prosperous economy that could make President Trump successful and get him re-elected, then doesn’t stand to reason that a failing economy could then be used to successfully do him in by preventing his re-election?   And would it not also be reasonable to assume that anti-capitalist Democrats will likely do everything within their power to bring about economic ruin in an America they cannot rule. Democrats have already made it abundantly clear they hate our capitalist system fueled by American individualism, self-reliance and a uniquely American entrepreneurial spirit.

So in their effort to destroy President Trump is there any line that the Democrats would not be willing to cross, anything they would see as going too far, in trying to accomplish their end goal of taking down our duly elected president.  Well, if recent history is any indication, the answer to that question is a relatively easy one.  It’s a resounding, NO!  Democrats, as a party, are driven by one thing and one thing only, the quest for power, power that will then better enable them to run roughshod over those who they view as being incapable of living out their lives as they see fit.

As globalists who favor world government, Democrats support the erasing of our borders, the bankrupting of our government with a tidal wave of illegal immigrants who vote Democrat, and will cheer as our country, as we know it, disappears.  And in wrecking our economy, Democrats will rely on a key ally, the ‘fake news’ media, which will blame every economic problem not on Democrat taxes, regulations and economic manipulations, but on President Trump’s “failed policies.”  And Democrats will soon control the House, from where every taxing and spending bill must originate.

So, to answer the question at the top, Democrats take desperation to a whole new level.  And let’s call these people what they really are, Communists (no more Democrats, or Social Democrats, or any other such euphemism).  As such they only see the ends and worry very little about the means required.  Absolute power is their endgame and bringing down President Trump and installing another statist like Barry ‘O’ is their goal, while corrupting the courts system is their tactic.  That will effectively destroy the U.S. as they may likely gain control of the Congress as well.

‘Hate Trump’ continues to be drilled into the minds of our unintelligent and uniformed masses.  Perhaps if Republicans would start fighting back, and doing those things that they were actually elected to do 2020 would become much less uncertain.  But sadly I have little faith in them to make good on those things needed to guarantee that President Trump is re-elected.  You know things like standing with the American people and not in opposition to them.  And, of course, the building of ‘The Wall!’  It really is just that easy.  Do those things you promised us that you would do.

Radical Democrats like, ex-president and now domestic terrorist, Barry ‘O’, have long been focused on their efforts to destroy our Republic, but in a much more open manner since Barry first came into office with the promise to “fundamentally transform” the United States.  And Hitlery was to succeed in stealing an election which would then allow her to finish that which he had begun.  And the fact that she was unable to do so has become something that the Democrats simply cannot allow to stand and they are determined to correct it by any and all means necessary.