De Blasio

With Americans constantly being exposed to what are all of the wondrous results of socialism, especially over the course of the last 7 years, is it any wonder that they are so excited when it comes to those two candidates running for president who so fervently advocate all the benefits of socialism.  Of course they conveniently leave out any and all of those pesky consequences, but no one cares about any of those anyway.  Right?  Especially if you’re free to use ANY restroom!

Which brings me to yet another shining, and far more recent, example of just how well this socialism gig really does works.  It comes to us from, of all places, the ‘Big Apple’ consists of the fact that twenty-one companies in New York City recently announced they are laying off workers and many of them will be closing their doors altogether due to “economic” reasons just as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s has seen to focus on targeting a specific company for no other reason that its views on marriage.

So while Mayor de Blasio has been very busy pulling out all the stops in his effort to encourage a boycott of ‘Chick-fil-a’ because he said the company has “anti-LGBT” views, it would seem he’s bothered little by the fact that a growing number of New Yorkers will be facing pink slips in the coming months ahead.  After all, what’s more important than allowing pervert to use whatever restroom they feel like using on any particular day. Certainly not jobs!

Now regarding those previously mentioned pink slip, it’s by way of just a cursory review of Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notifications (WARN) filed with the state Department of Labor that would show that how 21 companies, in just the past four weeks alone, have announced layoffs.  And some have decided to close up shop altogether. The notices show a majority of these companies cite “economic” as the reason behind their decision to either shed workers or to shut down.

Insurance giant AIG, in an amended notice filing, announced 108 workers at its Water Street location will be laid off, and an additional 132 at its other four locations in the city will also be given pink slips. The reason cited for the dislocation is “economic.”  I suppose the term ‘economic’ can be considered as being rather generic, but the fact that these folks are being made to join the ranks of the unemployed is a direct result of socialist policies enacted right there at the local level.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs, in its WARN notice, announced that 146 workers would be laid off between June 20 and September 28, 2016, and this would be the second round of layoffs in the city. The financial services company also claimed that the layoffs were being driven by “economic” reasons.  Also, Harris Publications announced it was closing and meaning 65 people will lose their jobs. The publisher could no longer continue to operate due to ‘economic’ reasons.

This summer a total of 219 workers at health insurer Emblemhealth will also be laid off.  The company again cited “economic” as the reason behind its decision to lay off workers at two of its locations in the city.  Workers at Sears in the city will also lose their jobs in July as the store is closing for economic reasons. A total of 154 workers will be affected, according to its WARN notice.  Regarding Sears, the company will be soon be closing 10 Sears and over 70 K Mart stores all across the country.

A total of 130 workers at the Four Seasons restaurant will lose their jobs in July, and 197 employees at Al Jazeera next year will be out of work due to economic reasons, although in the case of Al Jazeera a likely contributing factor may very well be the fact that the network hasn’t been able to assemble much of an audience.  An additional 382 New Yorkers who work at the dining services company Sodexo will be out of jobs at the end of June, as a result of a loss of a contract.

Now granted, in a city the size of New York, with a population of over 8 million people, these numbers are not exactly alarming.  But they do, I think, indicate a rather troubling and disturbing trend, at least if you happen to live there.  Because if there is one thing we all know about the “progressives”, i.e. communists, it’s that they are great at destroying American jobs at companies they don’t like, for one reason or another, or in whole industries they despise.

Then they have the nerve to whine about how those greedy, evil companies are permitted to outsource jobs.  I wonder what the total number of workers making the new and improved $0.00 per hour minimum wage will end up being by the time de Blasio is finished with his social experimentation there in New York City?  But you know, I’d be willing to bet a week’s pay on the fact that when it comes time for this boob to be re-elected, he’ll be welcomed back by a pretty wide margin.

Honestly, I for one don’t give a squat about what happens in New York city as long as those freaks stay right where they are and don’t migrate down into my neck of the woods.  But this ‘is’ just the beginning.  The city is well on its way down the road to ruin, just like every other Democrat controlled city in the country… only worse.  If we were smart we would consider our cities as being the canaries in the socialist coal mine into which Hitlery would like nothing more than to lead us.