Let me just say that I have never been a fan of Nikki Haley, I consider her to be nothing more than another backstabbing RINO not worthy of being trusted. She has never shown me that she is the conservative that she has long professed herself to be. Sure she has long managed, as she still does, to say all the right things but her words have not always matched her actions. And my opinion of her has not changed since she has declared herself to be a candidate for president, I’m just not that impressed by her, and certainly would never consider voting for her as president.

And I seem to recall that she once said that she would not run for president if President Trump chose to run, and yet here she is running for president against President Trump. So clearly, she is a liar, and if there is one thing we certainly do not need, it’s another president who is a liar. She has, with her own words, proven that she cannot be trusted and is running again a man, President Trump, who has demonstrated that he can be trusted. It’s no contest, and yet she persists. She is not what America needs at this time in our history, we need someone we can trust.

And so it was during an appearance this past Monday on FNC’s “The Story,” which hosted by another of the network’s NeverTrumpers, Martha MacCallum, that Haley, said she would “kick back” if attacked by President Trump, who is also a declared candidate for the nomination. MacCallum said, “All right, so you — I know you say that you’re not going to kick sideways, but we have seen Donald Trump on the debate stage, and I guarantee you he will kick sideways, and he will come after you.” And she said, “So — and you’re going to have to stand up to that.”

Haley replied saying, “And when I’m kicked, I kick back. When I’m kicked, I kick back.” Which prompted MacCallum to ask, “And what will your argument against him be?” Haley said, “Well, let’s wait and see if he’s got a criticism first,” Haley responded. ” He hasn’t done anything. He hasn’t said anything. So I know everybody wants to talk about Trump, but Martha, truly — and we had a couple of 1,000 people in South Carolina. We had packed rooms in New Hampshire. Not one person asked me about Donald Trump, not one. And now we’re in Iowa.”

And she went on to say, “People really want to talk about the issues.” And she said, “And I think that’s a lot of it. They’re done with the status quo. They’re done with talking about all the old-school things. They want to talk about how we’re going to go forward. And I think what we need to make sure we tell American families is, we’re going to stop this socialism creep that we’re seeing. We’re going to stop this defeatism that’s happened around our country. We’re going to make people stand for America again and be proud of America again. We want that for our kids.”

I can only assume that it must have been a pretty slow news day if Fox News was forced to once again attempting to start a controversy. Just another example of how they’ve turned into CNN. And Haley actually thinks President Trump is old-school and the status quo? Nothing like a RINO with TDS. When not playing the phony race and gender cards, Haley spews platitudes of gibberish. But I’m sure there will be those who try to ram her down our throats every day for the next year. And oddly enough, she keeps saying she wants to talk about the issues, but then rarely does.

And she claims that when she’s kicked, she kicks back. Would that be like when she caved to the scumbags of ‘Black Lives Matter’ over her state’s flag? She didn’t kick back then and, worse, she let them walk all over her. Haley needs to give it up. She ‘IS NOT’ presidential material. Haley will fold like a cheap suit to Communist China and the Left. And when she’s ignored as being completely irrelevant, she will attack and be sadly controversial and Democrats and the ‘fake news’ media will eat it up. And the Republicans that she needs will be annoyed and will dislike her even more.

And finally, for the life of me I just can’t figure out just what it might be that makes Nikki think she’s even qualified for the job she claims to want. Yes, she was a governor and President Trump did appoint her as an Ambassador to the U.N., an appointment she held for two years and then stepped down from. And as I recall she was another who chose to badmouth her boss on her way out the door. But anyway, beyond that what has she done that can be referred to as actual accomplishments? Because from where I’m sitting her resume is looking more than a little thin.




    HEAR HEAR!! I couldn’t agree more with you my friend. I’m gonna tell you exactly what she is. She is your garden-variety Country Club Republican.

    You may not believe what I’m gonna say next, but you can check it out. There’s not a lot of difference between her and Liz Cheney. Liz Cheney is for Puerto Rico becoming a state even though she knows if it does become a state like an article I read yesterday, it’s stated flat out in black-and-white,

    (One of the articles I read came out December 16, 2022 in the,


    “On Thursday, U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney cast a vote bringing Puerto Rico one step closer to U.S. statehood. “

    “Cheney was one of only 16 House Republicans to support the Puerto Rico Status Act, which establishes a referendum for Puerto Rico residents to determine whether or not they want statehood, independence or independence followed by free association with the U.S. The island’s current commonwealth status would not be up for consideration. “

    (16 House Republicans cast a vote back then for this. Let that sink in. 16 cast a vote. NOT A ONE, NOT 1 DAMN GUTLESS SO CALLED,
    HORSE 🐎 SHIT!!💩

    It’s gotten to the point that I can hardly read anything pertaining to the Republican party because it’s so demoralizing. I mean look how stupid they are to put the same person back in as the party chair. My God!!

    “ if Puerto Rico is allowed to become a state, we will never have the Senate again. On the island of Puerto Rico 75 to 80% of the natives are, Democrats.

    That’s because the Democrat Party has lead the charge to give the Islanders as much Largesse, as legally possible under the charter. And we don’t really know how many are here on the mainland.

    Because they have been allowed to come and go at their own free will. Just in New York alone it’s estimated that since the late 50s over 200,000 has made New York City their home.”

    (“ We’d never get the Senate back again,” former Republican Arizona Sen. Martha McSally told NBC News in 2020.)

    ( Liz Cheney voted for this recently, even though she knows, it will drive a permanent stake into a main artery of the Republican Party. and it will drive a stake into the heart of every conservative. )

    I cannot think of any past president has done as much damage to America in their first term as much as Joe “USURPER”, Biden has done.

    Having the kind of party that we have that is gutless and I mean gutless to represent us and then we have a president that is a usurper and I mean that 100% he is in you know he is.

    Even if he did beat Donald Trump legally, he didn’t get more votes than the most racist president we’ve ever had, Obama. And, like another article I also read yesterday, up until Barack Obama came along, white and Black people started living in “relative harmony.”

    Anyway, I will leave you with this. Part of another article from Cowboy State Daily. I was looking forward so much to Harmeet Dillion becoming Party Chair. Now we have the leviathan loser, Rona McDaniel. AGAIN!!!!!

    “With the victory, McDaniel becomes the longest-serving RNC chair since the Civil War. Yet friends and foes alike agree that she will not be leading the RNC from a position of strength.

    “The party is not united,” McDaniel’s chief rival, Trump attorney Harmeet Dhillon, told reporters in the hallway soon after standing alongside McDaniel on stage. “Nobody’s going to unite around the party the way it is, which is seemingly ignoring the grassroots.”

    Indeed, while Trump privately backed McDaniel, powerful forces within his “Make America Great Again” movement lined up behind Dhillon.”

    There are many times when Trump does things and I will speak out about it. He was an idiot, to either openly or in secret to back McDaniel again. I’m not a Trump zealot. Yes, I like him and I voted for him but I’m not one of those that believes he cannot make any mistakes. His first term was definitely a learning curve.

    I guarantee you at the end of his first term he came to see that he allowed himself to be surrounded by long-standing Washington shit for brains. They hate people like me. They hate your every day common white man.

    (this was another time that I would’ve had a heart attack if I didn’t stay in shape and have really good blood pressure at 64 years of age. But thank God I do and that’s another reason I will continue to live where I’m born and raised.

    And where we measure snow by the foot. Because it takes a lot more energy to live where you have to get out and work physically just to be able to move around the outside of, your home.

    No way, will I ever move to Florida or Arizona and loll-Around in the sun. I much prefer my summer nights that drop down into the high 40s and low 50s because of living at 7,200 foot elevation, and the humidity level is very very, low.).

    Good night everyone.


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