obama 127

I gotta tell ya, old Barry must have gotten hold of some pretty good shit while on his recent visit down there with the Castro Boys.  I mean, how else can you possibly explain Barry’s rather idiotic claim that by refusing to consider his Supreme Court nominee the Republicans will threaten the integrity of our justice system and prove that the judicial nomination process is “beyond repair.”  Man that’s some pretty heavy shit he’s laying on us.  But it’s nothing more than a bunch of political bullshit!

Anyway, it’s in an op-ed that appeared in the Houston Chronicle that Barry makes the claim that this fight is bigger than “a single election.”  Barry argues that the election-year blockade could make it impossible for future presidents to install judges on the court.  He says that would “betray the vision of our founding.”  Really?  How one’s perspective changes when it’s a Democrat who in the White House!  I mean, everyone does remember the comments made by both Schumer and Biden, right?

And so now Barry and his Democrat allies, as well as his many minions in the state-controlled media, have been very hard at work doing their best in an attempt to cast the fight over Judge Garland as somehow being a potential Constitutional crisis.  Implicit in that argument is the threat that Democrats would likely use the same hardball tactics in the future to block Republicans appointees.  But that would seem to be a rather moot point since Democrats are already guilty of making that play.

And as far as making the claim that the actions now being taken by the Republicans in any way proves the judicial nomination process has been made “beyond repair,” does anyone remember the bizarre confirmation hearings that took place for Judge Robert Bork and the rabid, and perhaps even alcohol induced, antics that we saw coming the “liberal lion” Ted Kennedy?  Kennedy did more to damage the nomination process than anyone before or since.  So Barry can forget that idiotic argument!

Barry simply needs to get over it. He should get no more appointments to the Court. As he himself has said, elections have consequences.  The people voted Republicans into the majority of the House and then the Senate.  We don’t need any more liberal justices, activists who would only rewrite the U.S. Constitution without using the amendment process. We need more strict constructionists like Scalia on the court. Republicans need to stand their ground for a change and wait for the next president.

And if Liberals, Progressives and Democrats were as confident about winning the elections this November as they would have us all believe, then you’d think they would prefer to wait it out and perhaps get an even more liberal activist judge. I don’t like Trump but it seems he will get the nomination. He is bad but would still be better than Hitlery or Bernie. I’m not all that confident he would win against Hitlery, but the smell of fear from the left is starting to make me think that he just might.

The ONLY way that there will be irreparable damage done to the process is if old Mitch McConnell once again goes all squishy and moves forward with Barry’s pick.  And I have to tell you, I wake up every single day wondering if Mitch has once again lost his nerve and decided to just do what Barry tells him to do.  Frankly, I’m surprised that he’s held firm this long.  Of course I’m not privy to what’s likely going on behind closed doors.  And Mitch isn’t exactly known for having a spine of steel.

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