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Since day one of Barry’s first setting foot into the Oval Office we have continued to hear about how, whenever something bad is said to have happened, it’s never to be considered as being his fault.  Whether it’s running guns to Mexico, or the IRS continuing to give conservative groups a hard time, or the DOJ deciding to go after reporters, or the fact that four Americans were left to be butchered in Benghazi, or the fact that five terrorists were swapped for a deserter named Bergdahl, the list goes on and on.  And no matter how bad the screw up, nothing is ever Barry’s fault.  Somehow he finds about everything like the rest of us do, from the news.

And now we’re hearing from White House Spokesmoron Josh Earnest about how the kind of “rhetoric” now coming from “multiple candidates on the Republican side” is not only “contrary to our values,” but is also, apparently, putting Barry “Almighty” in a mighty tough spot.  Sorry, but whatever the “tough spot” that Barry might now find himself is no one’s fault but Barry’s.  It’s certainly not the fault of those who are doing nothing more than to point out the lunacy that continues to emanate from this White House.  And if anyone is spewing rhetoric that’s contrary to our values, that would Barry “Almighty”, as well as the two candidates on the Democrat side.

Earnest said, “Their (Republicans’) rhetoric is also counterproductive when it comes to protecting the American people. And that’s a significant problem, particularly when you’re the commander in chief and you are on the hook. You are the one that’s primarily responsible for the safety and security of the American people.”  He went on to say, “And the suggestion on the part of some of these Republican candidates is to marginalize certain communities in a way that could be counterproductive to our national security.”  Well, the “certain communities” being talked about here just so happen to be the very ones from which these murdering thugs spring from.

It was in his most recent stupid weekly radio address that Barry said Americans must fight Islamic terrorists, not only in the air, but through “the power of our example,” including “our openness to refugees fleeing ISIL’s violence.”  To which Republican Donald Trump responded to, on Monday, by describing Barry’s open-door policy toward refugees as catastrophic.  He said, “And it’s going to lead — I mean, you talk about downfall. This could lead to the downfall of the greatest nation on Earth.”  Now I’m no Trump supporter, but it is hard to disagree with what he says about allowing more of these people into our country.  It’s reckless to the point of being absolutely insane.

And at some point a reporter asked Earnest to respond to Trump’s criticism.  To which Earnest responded by saying, “His comments don’t actually represent the facts of the situation.”  And he went on to say, “The fact of the matter is that individuals who enter the United States through the refugee program are subjected to more intensive scrutiny than any other individual trying to enter the United States. Typically, takes between 18 and 24 months for an individual who is entering the United States for the refugee program. The reason for that, is individuals who are seeking to travel to the United States as refugees are subjected to in-person interviews.”  That’s bunk!

And according to Earnest, “They are subjected to background checks, their names are run through a variety of databases that are maintained by the U.S. military and the United States intelligence community.”  He said, “These individuals are required to submit biometrics and biographical information, so that information can also be used to vet them. All of this is critical to our national security to vet them.”  Now I could have sworn that it wasn’t very long ago that we all heard the head of the head of the FBI telling members of Congress that there was simply no way to vet all of those who Barry was allowing to enter into our country in what are huge numbers.

Earnest noted that the U.S. takes in more refugees through a United Nations program than any other country in the world, and he said Americans should be proud that their country is viewed as a safe haven.  So we should be proud of the fact that we’re allowing thousands of people into our country, most of whom possess no desire whatsoever to become one of us, and at least some of whom desire to see just how many of us they might be able to kill?  And I’m sorry, but the involvement of the United Nations only serves to make me feel far more nervous.  This is insanity in its most pure form, and is placing Americans at risk for no other reason that politics.

Earnest mentioned the State Department’s recent declaration, made under pressure, that Islamic State terrorists are committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East.  He said, “There was a hullabaloo in the Republican Party…about whether or not the State Department would conclude that genocide — acts of genocide — were being carried out by ISIL in Iraq and in Syria. Are Republican suggesting that somehow, we should turn our backs on people that we have now concluded are fleeing genocide in their own country?  Is that what they’re suggesting?”  Well, Barry is certainly turning his back on the Christians being killed!

Earnest said, “So they’re suggesting that somehow, we should be tough on ISIL, and that we should protect people who might be victims of genocide, but we shouldn’t let them in the United States even after they’ve undergone two years of intensive background checks?”  He added, “That’s not right. That certainly is not what our values entail and it’s why I continue to believe — and Secretary Kerry and the president have both commented — that the — that these kind — this kind of rhetoric from the Republican Party is counterproductive to our national security and flies in the face of the values that our country hold dear.”

But how many of those that Barry is continuing to allow into this country have undergone two years of background checks, intensive or otherwise?  I would argue that none have.  And yet they are allowed to continue to stream in.  This is one area where I am in complete agreement with Donald Trump.  There must be a moratorium on those allowed to come here from the most screwed up part of the world.  And what’s wrong with creating some sort of ‘safe haven’ right there in their own homeland, one where they can be kept safe and one that does not expose Americans to the violence that comes along with many of these same people?

Another one of the reporters present asked Earnest if Barry ever gets fired up when he hears Republicans say these things.  Earnest said, “His response, I think, is rooted in the fact that as the commander-in-chief of the United States, that his top priority is to keep the American people safe.”  What a crock of shit.  It’s obvious to anyone on the outside looking in that Barry doesn’t give a squat about keeping the American people safe.  His top priority to allow as many of these fanatics into our country as possible.  Personally I don’t care if Barry gets fired up or not, he has placed this country in even greater danger than we were in before 9/11.  AND ALL ON PURPOSE!

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