Demonstrating just how pervasive Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has now become, it was this past Friday, on a broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” that a self-professed ‘historian,’ Douglas Brinkley, made an appearance and proceeded to predict that President Trump will lose the support of the American people once the Democrats vote to impeach him.  Now he doesn’t say on what he bases this idiotic prediction of his, but neither is he asked to provide that information.  But like most of those on the left and suffering from TDS, it’s nothing more than wishful thinking.

It was this guy, Brinkley, who said, “When you have 50% of the country wanting you, not just impeached, but removed from office and the game hasn’t even gotten fast yet. I think once the vote is taken by Congress to impeach him and he’s wearing the ‘I’ on his chest, you’re going to see that movement grow even more. It tells you he doesn’t have a lot of friends. He’s a base politician. He doesn’t know how to turn this around. I think the charges of corruption are just deep and real.”  “Deep and real?”  Based on what, Doug?  And what evidence is there that backs up this claim?

This moron continued by saying, “Donald trump’s heading right into a 2020 election and the Democrats are going to pound Trump on being a kind of fake president, somebody who’s subpar in his behavior and has been running the most corrupt administration since Warren Harding.”  He added, “The hatred of Donald Trump in the Democratic Party is even deeper than Democratic disdain for Richard Nixon during the dark days of Watergate.”  Personally I’ve never heard of this guy, and from what I’ve been able to find out I think it’s a stretch for him to refer to himself as a ‘historian.’

Brinkley is just one more leftwing loon-of-a-Democrat who’s consumed by his hatred of the president and is someone Hell bent in his effort to convince people that, yes, the president has actually committed a crime that demands he be removed from office, asap. Brinkley’s statements exude the same arrogant, out of touch condescension typical of most leftist wishful thinkers, while so many of those in the ‘fake news’ media simply nod in agreement.  But they will likely be crying on each other’s shoulder come Nov. 3, 2020 when President Trump easily wins reelection.

And ya know, for a ‘historian’ this guy sure isn’t much of a student of history. All presidential candidates now are ‘base candidates.’  We are a country clearly divided right down the middle with one half being leftist-lunatic-socialists along with their free-loading constituents, and the other half being those forced to suffer under fascist regimes when the left is in power, enduring their nonsense and paying the bills for their vote-purchasing schemes. Go back to the previous administration and half of us would have been overjoyed to see Barry ‘O’ impeached and removed from office.

Instead, we bit our tongues and then tossed President Trump right back at ‘em in 2016 to ‘repay’ the Democrats for foisting the hyper-partisan community organizer on us for eight very long years.  President Trump is the first national Republican figure who actually ‘gets it’ regarding the obvious threat that the Democrat Party represents and the danger they pose to our cherished freedoms, our economy and the very survival of our free Republic.  And when before they were able to operate more from the shadows, President Trump has forced them into the daylight, and they’re pissed.

And I guess I would also like this supposed ‘historian’ to explain to me for what reason it is that President Trump would need to resort to being corrupt?  He used to live in mansions with gold bathroom fixtures, but took a big step down to become President. He didn’t take any money from big donors, so he doesn’t owe anybody.  All of his kids are, by all accounts, pretty smart, accomplished and successful in their own rights; he doesn’t have to cover for them or find gigs that allow them to get rich.  He gets along with his ex-wives, and doesn’t have any other relatives who are ne’er do wells.

Also, President Trump doesn’t have any addictions, doesn’t drink, smoke or harass people.  He’s never committed a crime, and if he had ever done anything even remotely unethical, you would think that the army of ‘faux journalists’ that have spent more than three years searching under every rock on the planet would have come up with something.  He’s so squeaky clean that the people who hate him are driven to make up all manner of crazy crap to accuse him of taking part in.  It’s so far beyond being ludicrous that there simply aren’t words to describe the lunacy of it all.

When one considers the sheer volume and severity of the laws broken by Hitlery, and the fact that she has yet to be prosecuted for any of them, it’s by comparison that President Trump looks like a choir-boy who is deserving of a pass.  The ‘fake news media was excusing Hitlery long before any of the facts had been presented. In fact, the media has been overtly complicit in Hitlery hiding her multitude of lies and subsequently the laws she has violated.  And yet, those in the ‘fake news media’ get upset when they are identified as being an enemy of the people.  But they are!

And America does not need to see the tax returns of a billionaire who became a public servant.  America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants.  The thing that so many on the left don’t get, and it’s no surprise because it is logic based in human nature, is that we don’t follow Donald Trump, the man.  We believe in what he symbolizes.  That being freedom, a drive to drain the swamp, proud national sovereignty, etc. The further they go with impeachment, the more they create a martyr who symbolizes a just cause.

These Democrats are like delusional magicians. They think they can wave a magic wand and pull a rabbit out of a hat. Or, if they just keep saying over and over, ad nauseam, that the public wants to impeach and remove in the hope that they can convince enough people that that is in fact the case.  Granted there are some who are low information voters, or those who go through life blissfully ignorant and willing to believe anything and everything they’re told.  Those would be the same folks who were likely tuned to CNN on Friday nodding in agreement with old Doug.

It’s very likely Doug’s version of history that conveniently omits how it was that communism was the unmitigated disaster of the 20th century, and there is very little mention of that in any of today’s history books.  And there is no mention of the over 100,000,000 deaths that came as a result of Communism.  No grade school or even college graduate student knows about this.  But they are constantly bombarded with the notion that the Nazis and Hitler were somehow ‘right wing.’  Reagan and Bush defeated communism and there’s little of no mention of it in history books.

This is just another attempt by some ‘genius’ on the left to convince ‘We the People’ of what we’re ‘supposed’ to think and perpetrated by this guy, Brinkley, who is also obviously blind to how ‘We the People’ feel about our president. All this impeachment circus is accomplishing is to make support for President Trump even stronger! Democrats have proven they have nothing to offer America except tyranny, higher taxes, open borders, etc.  Doug is just another clueless academic who knows very little of what he’s talking about with his head planted firmly up his butt!

So our supposed ‘fake’ President is successfully presiding over a booming stock market, a thriving economy, record low unemployment, respect for our military and not shy about our superpower status. The American people can see these things with their own eyes, despite the Democrat media propaganda. Which Democrat clown does this idiot think we will vote for?  The senile, old, white guy?  The fake Indian?  Or perhaps the crazy, old Socialist or the little gay guy?  By all means, go ahead and believe the fake polls.  After all, they were so accurate the last time around.

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