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I know I have asked this question before, and as much as I hate to repeat myself it is for the life of me that I cannot figure out what would make any reasonably intelligent person want to willing waste however much time it is that might be involved to watch ‘The view’.  I mean this little cadre of mentally deficient bimbos seems to become just a little more unhinged with each show, the further we get into the Trump presidency.  And they have nothing to offer in the way of an intelligent discussion.

And frankly, it’s nearly impossible to determine which member of this particular little freak show is the more one in need of help than the rest, psychiatrically speaking.  But for the purpose of this particular post we’ll be focusing on the rather mentally deficient, Joy Behar.  And it is with the beginning of each and every episode of this bizarre little circus that this loon, Ms. Behar, seems to set out with a purpose to see just how ignorant she can sound over the course of the entire show.

For instance, it was just yesterday that Ms. Behar went out of her way to make her viewing audience aware of the fact that thinks President Trump is “nuts” and needed “to be taken out of office.”  And it was that this nutty bitch went on to say, “Everybody face it, he needs to be taken out of office. He needs to be impeached. He is a menace. You say Kim Jong — what do you call him — Kim Jong-yum-yum is crazy? So is he. So is he. Let’s get real. Come on. He is nuts and we’re in the middle of it.”

And in speaking about Russia, North Korea, and Trump’s alleged collusion with Vlad Putin, Behar proceeded to read a completely out-of-context quote from President Trump about using nukes before launching into another one of her blatantly insane  rages where she demanded the President be removed from office at once.  Now no offense to those who I can only assume view such antics as entertainment or who, for whatever see as being funny, how are the able to take her seriously?  Or don’t they?

She said, “The thing about Trump is, the things he has said seriously about nuclear weapons is quite frightening. I’ll give you a couple. To Chris Matthews, he asked, ‘Why do we make them, he said, if we wouldn’t use them?’  Ok. The possibility of nuclear war between Japan and North Korea: ‘It would be a terrible thing. If they do, they do.’ Good luck. Enjoy yourselves, folks. He said he was open to nuking Europe because ‘it’s a big place.’”  And I’m she herself quite clever when it fact she’s a complete moron!

Then Behar dropped the big one saying, “Why doesn’t everybody face it?  He needs to be taken out of office. He needs to be impeached. He is a menace. You say Kim Jong Yum-yum is crazy? So is he. So is he. Get real. Come on. He is nuts and we’re in the middle of it!”  Behar has also previously said she was “aroused” by socialist Bernie Sanders and called ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton’s rape accusers “tramps.”  Baher is disgusting and those who choose to agree with her idiotic rants are disgusting as well.

And Behar is someone of whom it can be said actually makes Maxine Waters look like the sane one.  Although, I suppose, not by much.  With so much hate and stress over Hitlery first collapsing and the melting down on election night, in the weeks and months that have followed I am surprised many of these leftwing loons from the state-controlled media to Hollyweird haven’t simply vapor-locked due to the fact of their near terminal stress level resulting from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Who among us on the right were thrilled when Barry “Almighty” was elected not once but twice?  Yet I don’t recall the level of vitriol we’re now witnessing being directed at Donald Trump.  Maybe it was there and I just wasn’t paying attention.  But he is president now and there’s nothing that Behar of her many friends in Hollyweird can do about it.  I hope they enjoy the coming four to eight year ride because I know I will, and even more once Gorsuch is confirmed to SCOTUS this week.

It is amazing to me how many leftists are still buying the brainwashing from all the Hollyweird elites as well as the state-controlled media. It’s sad that so many people believe what’s being said without challenging. In truth, President Trump has actually accomplished more for the good of America from November 8th 2016 up to his inauguration, than Barry did in 8 years.  And this was all before he even took office.  I think it fair to say that Trump leads by example unlike Barry who didn’t lead at all.


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