Bubba Wallace

Speaking as someone who spent a great deal of time, in my younger days, sitting in front the television watching intently as Richard Petty (43) and David Pearson (21) duked it out on one of the many super speedways across America, I can’t help but wonder how the Hell have things have ‘progressed’ to the point they now have.  Gone are the true legends of NASCAR with them now having been replaced with what are, I’m sad to say, those who are really nothing more than a bunch of legend wannabe pussies.  I stopped watching a long time ago, even before Dale Earnhardt died.

Which brings to someone by the name of Bubba Wallace, one of the sports newer drivers, I guess.  Bubba?  Seriously?  So anyway, it was ‘Bubba’ who was recently heard complaining about he hopes NASCAR will “get rid of all confederate flags” at any races in the future and he used as his idiotic rationale for doing so, the death of George Floyd.  Now I’m not really sure what one has to do with other but apparently ‘Bubba’ does.  It was during an interview with Don La’Moan’ on CNN that ‘Bubba’ said, “My next step would be to get rid of all Confederate flags.”

‘Bubba’ then went on to add, “There should be no individual that is uncomfortable showing up to our events to have a good time with their family that feels some type of way about something they have seen, an object they have seen flying.”  Let’s face it, it’s few who show up at a NASCAR race who would be offended by seeing the Stars and Bars flying.  This is really all much ado about nothing, as is usually the case with such idiocy.  Why is that we must always be in search of something that somehow offends us. Obviously, this boob ‘Bubba’ has way too much time on his hands.

And it was at one point that ‘Bubba’ acknowledged in the past he has only been focused on the racing and explained why he plans to “encourage” NASCAR to have conversations about the flags.”  This boob really does need to get a life.  What those in charge of the sport need to be ‘encouraged ‘to do is to stand up to morons like ‘Bubba!’  It’s a flag, nothing more, nothing less and yet we have now become so sensitive that we dare not be made to look upon such things out fear of being forever impacted in some long-lasting and very traumatic way.  IT’S A FLAG, you dummy!

But ‘Bubba’ said, “Diving more into it and educating myself, people feel uncomfortable with that.”  He said, “People talk about that, that’s the first thing they bring up. So there are going to be a lot of angry people that carry those flags proudly, but it’s time for change. We have to change that, and I encourage NASCAR to have those conversations.”  By all means, “we have to change that!”  NO we don’t!  History, is history.  It’s not to erase or to rewrite but to learn from to keep certain aspects of it from ever being repeated.  People need to know from where they came.

‘Bubba’ wore a black T-shirt during last Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series Folds of Honor Quicktrip 500 that read, “Black Lives Matter” and “I can’t breathe” following the death of George Floyd.  Frankly, I’m at loss why this kind of crap has to be allowed to worm its way into every aspect of our lives.  And if I had not given up on NASCAR years ago, it’s exactly this kind of bullshit that would have caused me to do so now.  Might ‘Bubba’ be looking for a way to gain some time in the spotlight because he sucks as a driver? Perhaps he fancies himself the Colin Kaepernick of NASCAR.

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