And so, it has once again become very apparent that the Democrats will stubbornly refuse to abandon what has been their 3+ yearlong effort to remove President Trump from office driven by what has become a possibly terminal case, politically speaking, of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  It all seems too bizarre that an entire political party could actually be driven to the brink of total insanity because of the outcome of a single election.  So, might there be something else going on behind all of the madness, something far more sinister?  Well, we are dealing with Democrats.

I only ask because the House Democrats have now told the Supreme Court that they now need access to secret grand jury materials because they are still investigating President Trump in connection with the non-existent Russia “collusion” illusion and want to impeach him yet again.  In a legal filing published by those at ‘fake news’ HQ, the Communist News Network, Democrats said that they need the grand jury materials because the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s alleged obstruction of justice in the Russia investigation is ongoing.

And it’s according to the Supreme Court filing that the Democrat-run House seeks “disclosure to the House Committee on the Judiciary of a limited set of grand-jury materials for use in the Committee’s ongoing Presidential impeachment investigation.”  This continuing saga began in 2019, when Robert Mueller determined that there had been no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.  When he released his report, however, Mueller submitted it in two volumes — one on the collusion investigation, and one on a separate obstruction of justice investigation.

And even though Mueller did not recommend prosecution, Democrats seized on the issue of obstruction as yet another way to impeach the president.  Democrats also claimed that certain redactions in the report must have hidden relevant information even though they declined to read a less redacted version.  They also demanded access to material that Mueller had shown a grand jury. Now normally grand jury proceedings are secret, and so Attorney General William Barr declined the request. They then held him in contempt of Congress, and took their case to federal court.

The case made its way through the courts, and of course the Democrats won at the D.C. Circuit.  The Department of Justice then appealed to the Supreme Court on May 7, and Chief Justice Roberts put a temporary hold on the grand jury materials on May 8.  In their court filing, the Democrats complain that further delays in the release of the grand jury materials would make it impossible for them to impeach the president again before Congress’s term ends in January 2021.  With luck the Republicans will succeed in taking the House back in November and we can all finally move on.

That these clowns will attempt to impeach President Trump again is pretty much a given.  After all, it’s all they have to offer their nutty base.  But hopefully it will only serve to hurt them more than it already has with those voters who are not so consumed with hatred of the man.  They will only proceed to dig a bigger and deeper hole for themselves than they already have.  They are trying to reverse the momentum and get inertia moving with them instead of against them.  But their efforts are now viewed by millions of Americans as being purely political.

These Democrats truly are some of the most despicable individuals in the history of American politics.  Who cares if they decide to conduct yet another impeachment circus, it means nothing at this point.  All they will end up doing is reinforcing what most sensible people already think about them, that they have yet to get over the fact that they lost in 2016.  This is all really nothing more than a modern day version of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  There hasn’t been, and there won’t be, any there there.  We already know their clown show is nothing but a show by and for fools.

With their authoritarian overreach oppressing people who live in Democrat controlled states, this election more than ever will be an existential one for Americans.  And with luck voter turnout AGAINST Democrats will be absolutely unprecedented. The largest group of voters are always the ones who DON’T vote, but that may be about to change! When people can’t feed their families and lose their businesses because some stupid governor is using the police to force them into starvation and extreme poverty, they tend to get pretty angry and philosophical differences become moot.

People just want the jackboots off their throat and they KNOW the Democrats are wearing those boots and “leaning in” as they struggle to escape. The Democrats were proven wrong on Russian collusion and impeachment, now they’re trying to use the pandemic as a way to steal the next election with vote by mail.  President Trump is exactly where he’s always been, telling us not to trust China. The Chinese virus proves he was right, and he’s also right about what to do next, reopen America First!  And you have to ask yourself, don’t the Democrats have anything else better to do?

The Democrats desperately tried to ignore the fact that their philosophical brethren there in Communist China were responsible for unleashing a manufactured pandemic on an unsuspecting world in order to satisfy their own rather twisted, whining, agenda-driven, gender-confused, Antifa fascist scum.   When the president called for a travel ban for those coming from the source of this virus, he became a xenophobic racist.  Meanwhile, it was the Democrats who were running around busily telling their citizens that there was nothing to worry about.  How’d that work out, guys?

You would think that this would be yet another reason the American people will reelect President Trump by a landslide and enable the Republicans to take back the House and retain the Senate.  We are all sick and tired of these Democrats and their abuse of the power.  All during the Mueller investigation they tried to make the Republicans look like the bad guys, but with the latest DOJ revelations, it is clear everything the Democrats said and did was a lie. The tide will turn, and hopefully the Democrats won’t have any real power in D.C. for at least a couple of decades.

Notice how the Democrats choose to focus only on those things that do nothing to help Americans during this very hard time. Nope, not even close. They called it the heroes stimulus bill, but it had very little to do with that. There hasn’t been a day gone by, since even before President Trump won the White House, that some Democrat, with the overly zealous help from the ‘fake news’ media, hasn’t attacked the president.  When President Trump wins the White House again, it will set heads spinning all across the Democrat Party and it will be fun to watch them stew.

During the last impeachment circus, the Democrats managed to achieve new levels of sleaze, even for them.  First, they used the House Intelligence Committee instead of the Judicial Committee to perform the impeachment.  Which is rather odd, because the act of impeachment is a judicial matter, not an intelligence matter, but then we are talking about Democrats.  Because we all know that if there are two things that most definitely DO NOT go together, it’s Democrats and any level of intelligence.  They have continued to make it quite clear that they’re just not that bright.

And you will recall that the entire impeachment process was skewed so as not to be the least bit favorable to the president.  The Democrats did not allow President Trump to attend, nor even to have counsel present. They did not allow the President to cross examine any witnesses, the President was not allowed to call any of his own witnesses. All of these rights are guaranteed by the Constitution.  The right of facing one’s accuser, the right to counsel, and the right to cross examine witnesses, and the right to call your own witnesses.  Such are the reasons it was labelled as being rigged!

But let’s face it, the true victims in all of this baseless Democrat impeachment leftwing lunacy were, and continue to be, the American people.  And if they really wish to pursue this mission of theirs to remove our duly elected president, and for purely political reasons, they must accept the fact that there will very likely be a political price to paid, that will be imposed on them by the voters.  Had they simply let it drop that would have been one thing, but to continue with this madness, while most Democrats will agree, will not sit well with most who are not Democrats.

By saying they intend to go for impeachment again after the 2020 election does that not mean that Democrats are actually admitting that President Trump is likely to win?  While I think they would never admit such a thing, I have this feeling that deep down they know this coming election is not going to end well for them.  So what are they to do?  They work to keep their impeachment nonsense alive as best they can with all manner of rumors and innuendo, but zero facts.  But where’s the incentive or the motivation to go out and vote for ‘Creepy Joe?’  There simply isn’t any.  So why do it?



The attempt to impeach Donald J. Trump which was initially begun on November 9, 2016 will, thankfully, soon come to close and it will end not with the hoped for bang but instead, and to the disappointment of Democrats, pretty much with a whimper.  I saw an ad this morning on television for Peter Popoff’s ‘Miracle Spring Water,’ and I immediately thought of those who have been so desperately trying, for over three years, to succeed in overturning the 2016 election.  And I thought to myself that this stuff just might help them, it certainly seemed to help all those who have tried it.

Anyway, it was earlier this week, on Wednesday, that Jerry ‘Pumpkin Head’ Nadler made what appeared to be a last ditch effort on the part of the House Democrats to convince those in attendance that, yes, Donald Trump truly is deserving of being removed from office because he represents, according to the Democrats, that which is obviously a very clear and present danger to the country.   Nadler said that President Trump must be “brought to heel” and the country “saved” from his efforts to “rig our elections.”  “Brought to heel?”  A rather odd choice of words, I thought.

And who is it that talks about any president in such manner?  Just imagine had any Republican EVER directed such a comment at Barry ‘O’, all Hell would have broken loose, to the point where we’d still be hearing about the ‘racist’ individual who dared to say it.  President Trump is not the problem here.  It’s those who insist upon resisting a lawful election, refusing the peaceful transfer of power, insulting/hating half the country, protecting/coddling criminals while disarming lawful citizens and using Congress to help them win in November, it’s they who are the ‘real’ problem.

Apparently Wednesday’s Senate activity was centered around written questions posed by various senators, followed by responses from both House impeachment ‘managers’ and the president’s legal defense team.  Nadler, in making his call for the president to be “brought to heel” was responding to a written question posed by Democrat Senator ‘Little Dick’ Durbin regarding whether President Trump, if he invokes executive privilege, would be “required to identify the specific documents or communications containing sensitive material that he seeks to protect.”

Accusing President Trump of creating “diversion after diversion,” particularly when referring to what “Hunter Biden may have done in Ukraine,” Nadler insisted that the president has “claimed absolute immunity,” not executive privilege, because he “fears the facts.”  Despite the many claims made by Nadler and his pathetic little partner in this continuing charade, ’Shifty Schiff, this entire impeachment sham has been completely devoid of any actual facts.  It has been a work of complete fiction supported only by various lies, rumors, mischaracterizations and innuendo.

But still Nadler droned on saying, “But the facts are the facts,” after making his case that former national security advisor John Bolton should be allowed to testify.  He said, “The president is a danger to the United States. He’s tried to rig the next election. He’s abused his power and he must be brought to heel and the country must be saved from his continuing efforts to rig our elections.”  Imagine that, a Democrat expressing concern over the rigging of an election.  More often than not that’s the ONLY way a Democrat can win, it’s just that their best efforts failed them in 2016.

And it was Nadler’s co-conspirator, Adam Schiff, who was asked by Senators Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz whether Obama would have had the authority to investigate suspected corruption by a son of Mitt Romney, Obama’s rival in 2012.  Schiff told the Senate that it would be wrong for a president to ask the Department of Justice to investigate a political rival.  But he then defended ex-president Barry ‘O’ doing just that to then-candidate Donald Trump.  Schiff dismissed the hypothetical, and then went on to argue that a president should not ask the DOJ to investigate a rival.

And it was Schiff who tried to convince the Senate that it had to subpoena more witnesses and documents because it could not “rely on what was investigated in the House.”  Schiff’s rather odd argument appeared to admit that the House investigation was insufficient, even as fellow House impeachment manager Nadler claimed that the impeachment case had already been “proven beyond any doubt at all.”  Schiff claimed that it would be unprecedented to hold a Senate trial without witnesses despite the fact he had denied all Republican requests for new witnesses.

It’s Nadler and Schiff who should be the first ones to be removed, ousted, usurped, out of office post haste along with any of their corrupt comrades who have played any part in what has been this continuing sham or, at this point, this scam.  Although, I must admit that these two buffoons have provided a service, of sorts, to us in that they’ve succeeded in removing any and all doubt regarding just what it is that the Democrat Party of today stands for.  They are a party that craves political power above all else, and it would seem to matter not how it is that they come to acquire it.

And let’s not forget that it was President Trump’s predecessor who came into office boldly declaring his desire to “fundamentally transform” the Unite States of America, and how Nadler, and those like him, apparently saw no real cause for concern and therefore saw no apparent emergent need for the then president to be, to use Nadler’s words, “brought to heel.”  After all, I have no doubt that there were many on his side of the aisle who were in total agreement, that, yes, the country was very much in need of a “fundamental transformation,” and not at all in a positive way.

But what Democrats are most definitely not in agreement with is the promise that was first made by candidate Donald Trump, and the promise then kept by President Donald Trump to “Make America Great Again.”  And make no mistake, that’s what all of this impeachment nonsense it really all about.   Whereas the Democrats, and dare I say a significant number of Republicans, had virtually no problem with Barry working to drag our country further and further to the left, they seem to take great exception to the fact that President Trump seeks to take our country down a different path.

The only thing House Democrats have been able to prove thus far is the fact that they themselves are the ones guilty of doing exactly what they are accusing President Trump of having done. That’s how members of the modern day Democrat Party operate.  You can’t impeach a duly elected President simply because you hate him or disagree with his policies.  Accuse them of doing so and the Democrats yell, scream, and throw a temper tantrum.  That has been proven time and time again.  Watch not only what they say, but what they do because it will tell you all you need to know.

Democrats have been rejecting, denying, and disputing the 2016 election for over three years!  We’ve moved from Russian interference to James Comey, to President Trump’s supposed cheating, to voter suppression, to the Electoral College and on and on and on!  And doing it in as many ways as they can conjure up, they have done everything in their power to convince Americans that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president!  Basically telling us that 63 million people did not vote for the correct candidate because they weren’t informed and because they’re just not that smart!

The modus operandi of the Democrat Party has long been one that involves defaming, slandering, and/or proclaiming anyone who dares to disagree with them as being a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, and every other sort of ‘phobe.  Democrats today seem interested only in representing those who are rabidly anti-America and who seek little more than the complete destruction of our country.  They substitute feelings for facts and stir up emotions in order to manipulate voter opinion!  Remember, it’s liberalism that promotes the government having control over every aspect of our lives.

A thought should be more than a little disconcerting to everyone since it’s everything that the Democrats touch that before long turns to shit.  Look the Democrats are disgusting little creatures who run on hate, lies and obstruction.  Right about now they’re likely pretty sure that they’re going to lose in November, so the goal has now  become one where they’re seeking to drag this lunacy out for as long as possible and hopefully succeed in wounding President Trump and by doing so making their approaching loss a little less humiliating.  Only time will tell if they’ve succeeded.


RINOs 30

You know, if there was a button I could push that would make every single RINO in Congress go up in a burst of flame followed by a puff of smoke I would gladly push it.  I mean just how much of a piece of shit must you be to willingly take part in what is now going on in Congress, disguised as an impeachment process but what is in reality something that has never before occurred in this country, but is something quite common in most third world countries, especially those of the ‘banana republic’ variety.  It’s nothing less than a political coup?  I find it all quite disgusting.

And chief among those much in need of going up in smoke would be none other than RINOs Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney who as recently as yesterday said that he believes it’s “important” for John Bolton to testify in the Senate impeachment trial, and Susan Collins who said that she too thinks that the leaks from Bolton’s upcoming book may tie into the case that “strengthens” the argument for calling him as a witness.  Once again these two notorious back-stabbers make it abundantly clear exactly whose side it is that they are on.  And once again it is not the side of the American people.

It was sore-loser Willard who said, “I think with the story that came out yesterday, it’s increasingly apparent it would be important to hear from John Bolton.”  And this fraud then went on to say, “I, of course, will make a final decision on witnesses after we’ve heard from not only the prosecution but also the defense. But I think at this stage it’s pretty fair to say that John Bolton has a relevant testimony to provide to those of us who are sitting in impartial justice.” I really pains me to no end to admit that I once voted for this guy.  That’s one vote I would love to have back.

Meanwhile, whereas Willard at least had the guts to face reporters, it was Collins who instead simply chose to release a statement, on Monday, in which she said that she is still in favor of witnesses at the trial. She said, in her statement, “The reports about Bolton’s book strengthen the case for witnesses and have prompted a number of conversations among my colleagues.”   Her colleagues?  By that I’m quite sure she means that she had conversations with all of her fellow RINOs there in the Senate, which, these days, seems to be more than quite a few.  A bunch of turncoats!

Willard, who is a longtime hater of President Trump, has indicated for some time now that he’s onboard with the calling of additional witnesses as part of the upper chamber’s proceedings, including Bolton.  It was earlier this month that Willard said, “I support the Clinton impeachment model, which is a vote on witnesses later. But as to which witnesses I’d want to hear from, and so forth, that’s something which I’m open to until after the opening arguments.”  And he added that Bolton is someone who “I would like to hear from, and presumably, I’d get the chance to vote for that.”

And not to be left out of this unique little band of turncoats, and also deserving of going up in smoke, are fellow RINOS Lisa Murkowski and Cory Gardner who have joined forces, so to speak, with Willard and Collins in thinking that it would be a Hell of a good idea to hear from Bolton, especially after the New York Times leaked a portion of Bolton’s yet to be released new book.  And then, of course, there’s RINO Lamar Alexander, who also appears to be compelled to want to hear from Bolton, viewing himself safe, I assume, since he won’t be running for re-election.

And it was Murkowski too who took the coward’s way out by choosing to release a statement in which she said, “I stated before that I was curious as to what John Bolton might have to say. From the outset, I’ve worked to ensure this trial would be fair and that members would have the opportunity to weigh in after its initial phase to determine if we need more info.  I’ve also said there is an appropriate time for us to evaluate whether we need additional information —that time is almost here. I look forward to the White House wrapping up presentation of its case.”

Look, both Willard and Collins, hate President Trump with every fiber of their being and both are corrupt establishment hacks!  AND, both represent everything that’s rotten within the modern Republican Party, many of whose members, as do both of these hacks, like to refer to themselves as being ‘conservatives.’  But, as they say, actions speak much louder than words and that these RINOs would even entertain joining forces with those trying to overturn an election that occurred over three years ago tells us everything we need to know about of them, and every other RINO!

And perhaps someone could convince them to shift their focus back to the case presented to them by the House, and only that case, instead of trying to expand it. Bolton isn’t even mentioned in the articles of impeachment.  He’s absolutely irrelevant.  Perhaps they should focus on the meal that’s in front of them?  This is all so ludicrous.  I mean, do they really think we’re too stupid to see what they’re doing?  Apparently not, since word now comes that we have yet another RINO in the Senate, James Lankford, declaring that the Senate needs to see Bolton’s manuscript.

So what we end up with is a case where the usual suspects are working to legitimize the illegitimate sham of an impeachment process.  And either they’re too stupid to realize that this supposed ‘leak’ was designed to do exactly what it is doing, or worse are somehow complicit in bringing it about.  Bolton releasing this tell all book at this time is beyond irresponsible.  I assume that Bolton’s got a bone to pick with President Trump, and chooses to act as cowards always do, by stabbing he who ‘offended’ him in the back instead acting like a man. I actually used to like this guy.  Stupid me!

The only “new” witnesses the Senate should even consider wanting to hear from would be those called by President Trump’s team. The Democrats made their case, as poor as it was, and had witnesses to support that case. There is no justification for new witnesses on the Democrats’ behalf at this stage of the impeachment process. On the leaks, there is a long history (3 plus years now) of highly selective edited, misleading, or fraudulent leaks made against President Trump.  Why would you give ANY anonymous leak against the president ANY credibility at this point in time?

So I’ll ask again, whose side it is that these people continue to be on?  Most certainly not our side!  This entire process has been nothing other than completely insane!  It’s as if we the people no longer even exist.  The bottom line here is that we simply cannot trust those whom we send to Washington to do anything other than what THEY want to do once they get there.  And apparently they think that we should be ok with that?  Well, we’re NOT!  But I’m a little unclear how best to get that message across to them.  Sure, we could simply vote them out, but then what?  Is it a Catch-22?


Schumer 35

The longer this impeachment sham continues the more obvious it becomes, or at least it should, how the Democrats are desperately pinning on it all their hope of being able to defeat President Trump in the upcoming election.  Because it is, quite literally, all that they have.  And make no mistake, winning is really what this is all about, it’s not about saving the Constitution or the Republic.  Imagine you’re an older American who has been a lifelong Democrat, how is it that you must feel after witnessing your party being reduced to what is nothing more than a carnival freak show?  An odd assortment of lunatics so consumed by their hatred of one man that they appear willing to destroy themselves, and possibly the country, in their attempt to destroy him.

Take for instance good old Charlie Schumer.  It was Charlie who recently told MSDNC’s Rachel Maddow that he thinks that the House impeachment managers, particularly Adam ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, are doing “just an incredible, incredible job” in capturing the attention of Republicans, who only “get snippets from Fox News.”  Fox News, is he serious?   He can’t really be talking about the very same network that faux ‘journalists’ with names like Wallass, Baier, Cavuto, Roberts, McCallum and Hemmer now all call home.  Can he?  The same network that hires hacks like Andy Napolitano as a supposed judicial analyst?   Contrary to what Charlie may think, ‘Fox News’ now has quite the cadre of ‘NeverTrumpers’ working there at the network.

And yet, Charley has no issue whatsoever with either the Communist News Network (CNN) or MSDNC who actually have been behaving in the manner he claims Fox News is.  It has been those two networks that have consistently demonstrated that they are all in, and have been since the beginning, when it comes to impeaching the president, as they continually find fault with everything President Trump says and/or does.  On Thursday, for example, MSDNC’s ‘Morning Joe’ reveled in polls indicating that impeachment was actually working against Donald Trump.  Yet Charlie chose to blast the cable network that oddly enough still advertises itself as being “fair and balanced” but does give President Trump some level of credit, at least occasionally.

And appearing on Maddow’s rating challenged program on Wednesday night, it was fellow MSDNC propagandist Chris Hayes who asked Charlie if there was any truth to media reports that “a notable number of senators” are not in their seats for long stretches of time at the impeachment trial.  He said, “And I just wonder if you feel that the body is living up to the moment on both sides of the aisle, that there’s a level of attentiveness and seriousness that you’d like to see.”  Charlie responded, shooting down the reports Hayes mentioned, “I’ve rarely seen more than ten members out of their seats at a given time, and we’ve had all members there for most of the time.”  Right, they’re all glued to their seats held in place by all the riveting bloviating.

Charlie said, “The attentiveness that most impresses me is the one I mentioned before, that I think might have the greatest impact, that a lot of our Republican colleagues who have never heard the whole story, have never heard a narrative and have gotten so much of their news from Fox News, which is so deliberately biased and leaves out most of the major facts, is really indicative.  So, no, I think the room is a very, very positive thing, and I was amazed. I look around and a lot of times admittedly the Republicans are sitting in their seats and they’re to talk each other, or they’re not looking, they don’t want to look at it. When Schiff had his last 45 minutes, they were all glued to him, and that says something, I hope and think.”

Charlie made two points about what he described as being Schiff’s “tour de force” speech on Wednesday.  He said, “One is, this is the first time many of our Republican colleagues have heard all the facts put together in a very cogent way. Most of them get the snippets from Fox News, which really doesn’t tell much of the story at all, and they distort it. But here for the first time they saw the whole thing.  He went on to say, “And when Schiff did his last half hour, his last 45 minutes, they were all intently looking at him. I look around, and most of the time they sort of don’t want to hear the argument because of the pressure they’re under to go along with Trump.”  Right, they were intently looking at him thinking that he was more than just a little nuts!

Charlie said, “Even though I think a good number of them know in their hearts that he’s wrong and that Donald Trump did all the things that were laid out tonight. But tonight they were rapt on him (Schiff). And you never know how this is going to work. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump will do everything to prevent four people (Republicans) from joining us in our quest for witnesses and documents.”  Charlie said, “But with powerful speeches like Schiff, with Republicans hearing the whole narrative and the whole story for the first time, who knows what happens?”  Now while I didn’t watch any of the proceedings, as I work for a living, I heard there were no ‘powerful’ speeches, all there was, was a lot of idiotic political theater.

Charlie’s second point was, “public pressure matters.”  Democrats are urging the American people to pressure our four wobbly RINOs (Collins, Murkowski, Romney and Gardner) to join the Democrats in demanding witnesses and documents.  He said, “I am very hopeful that what happened tonight will move the public and they will move some Republican senators in our direction.”  And he added, “And it’s going to be a process. Am I certain we’ll succeed?  Far from it. But do I think there’s a chance if we keep at it? Yes.” He said, “But if we don’t and it’s still apparent to the American public what an unfair trial this is, how they’re so afraid of the evidence, it will make the value of an acquittal zero. And so either way, there’s a good outcome.”

Charlie said, “But obviously we prefer a fair trial and we’d hope that we can get four Republicans with everything that’s happening to be for witnesses and documents. The fact that the public’s with us, the fact that they’re moving in that direction, may help push Republicans in that direction.”  He noted that Democrats have made “witnesses and documents the central issue” in the Senate trial — documents and witnesses that the House, in its rush, did not obtain.  He said, “We’ve won over, as you mentioned, a majority of the American people.  And if we keep pushing and fighting, we may have a chance to actually get them (the four Republicans). I’m not certain. I wouldn’t bet all the house on it. But I won’t say for sure it’s not going to happen either.”

Good ole Charlie Schumer, ever the disingenuous, notoriously unprincipled, America-hating and rabidly leftwing scumbag.  He says that those on his side prefer a “fair trial.”  But what part of this entire, three year-long, witch-hunt has been in any way fair?  And why should we think that at this stage of the game the Democrats are now suddenly concerned about fairness?  That’s ludicrous!  Look back at what these very same Democrats were saying during the impeachment of ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton and the hypocrisy become glaringly obvious.  It’s why they have, and will continue to have, zero credibility regarding this entire charade.  I mean, how stupid does Charlie really think we are?  I may have been born at night, but it certainly wasn’t last night!

And about these supposed polls that claim to point out how impeachment seems to be gaining some level of traction with the American people.  Now I could be wrong on this but most of the polls that I’ve seen, and I know we should take all polls with a rather sizable grain of salt, make it pretty clear that the ONLY people buying any of this crap are Democrats, despite the fact that no crime has been committed.  Those would the very same crazies who eagerly gobble up all of the rhetoric spewed by Democrats and the ‘fake news.’  And, who knows, Charlie may very well succeed in getting all four of the aforementioned RINOs over to his side, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  After all, all four have made clear their dislike for this president.

Try to imagine, if you can, what we would have seen coming from the Democrats had the Republicans dared to pull on Barry ‘O’ what they are now trying to pull on President Trump.  It was in Barry that we had a man who was, quite possibly, the single most corrupt individual ever to be elected president, and therefore deserving of being impeached.  And while there have been many claims that there was not so much of a whiff of corruption during Barry’s eight year reign, those of us who were paying attention know differently. Barry, however, had a couple of things going for him, he was a Democrat and the Republicans that could have attempted to remove him were too scared to even try out of fear of being called…racist.

And so here we are, with the Democrats again doing what it is that they do, to slander their political opposition knowing full well that their accomplices the ‘fake news’ industry will never, ever call them out on their treachery.  Democrats insist upon making comparisons between President Trump and President Nixon as if there is some similarity between the two men.  But when compared to Barry ‘O,’ Nixon was a saint, as Barry got away with doing things that Nixon would have never dared to have even attempted.  So the one guy who does get impeached is the one guy who has committed virtually no crime.  Well, other than to defeat she who was “the most qualified person ever to run for president,” and therefore not to be defeated.



hy·poc·ri·sy:  the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

So, I’m sure that most have now heard how it was that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) came out earlier this week, on Thursday, and issued what was an 8 page report that apparently outlined how it was that the Trump administration broke the law when it withheld Congress-approved aid for the Ukrainian military last year.  It was according to this report that the White House budget office violated the federal Impoundment Control Act when it withheld $214 million in aid to Kiev, the very issue that’s the focus of the Senate’s impeachment trial against President Trump.

And as you can well imagine it was Democrats and ‘fake news’ provocateurs everywhere who were beside themselves on Thursday when the GAO released what was described as being a legal opinion regarding how the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had violated the ‘Impoundment Control Act’ by withholding congressionally appropriated aid to Ukraine last summer.  The non-binding opinion was disputed by the OMB, which released a memo last month arguing that the “programmatic” delay sought to fulfill, not oppose, congressional intent.

The GAO decision, which had been requested by Democrat Senator Chris van Hollen of Maryland, disagreed, concluding that the delay had been for “policy reasons,” not “programmatic delay.”  And of course it was a very sorrowful Nancy Pelosi who was quick to cite the decision in her morning press conference, though she had a bit of trouble, for whatever reason, when trying to pronounce the word “impoundment.”   And, of course, it was Chuckie Schumer who likewise rushed to the nearest microphone to trumpet the GAO decision as a vindication of the House impeachment.

Though the GAO works for Congress, it is not the finder of fact in impeachment cases and it’s not even clear if the Impoundment Control Act is constitutional.  But with Democrats now desperately in search of a crime that will justify impeaching the president, anything will do.  But if a mere GAO finding is sufficient to justify impeachment, then, if we’re to follow the same liberal logic, then ex-president Barry ‘O’ should have been impeached at least seven times over for each of the following cases in which the GAO found that Barry & Co. had violated federal law.

For example:

  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and United States Secret Service (USSS) were found to have violated section 503 of the Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance, and Continuing Appropriations Act, and the Antideficiency Act, in 2009 after the Secret Service reported that it had overspent on candidate protection in 2008 by $5,100,000, and used money from another program to cover the shortfall. DHS failed to notify Congress 15 days in advance of the “reprogramming.”
  • The Department of the Treasury was found to have violated the Antideficiency Act in 2014 when it used the voluntary services of four individuals. “Treasury did not appoint any of the individuals to federal employment, nor did any individual qualify as a student who may, under certain circumstances, perform voluntary service,” the GAO found, adding that there was no emergency that might have justified using the individuals to perform several months of work without receiving pay.
  • The Department of Defense was found to have violated the Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2014 and the Antideficiency Act in the infamous Bowe Bergdahl swap, when President Barack Obama traded five high-level Taliban detainees for a U.S. Army deserter. The administration transferred the five Taliban from Guantanamo Bay without notifying relevant congressional committees 30 days in advance, as required by law. Republicans complained; Democrats were silent.
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development was found to have violated the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, and the Antideficiency Act in 2014 when the deputy secretary of the department sent an email to “friends and colleagues” asking them to lobby the Senate in favor of a bill appropriating money to the department, and against amendments offered by Republican Senators.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency was found to have violated “publicity or propaganda and anti-lobbying provisions” in the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act and the Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act in 2015 by using some of the department’s social media accounts in rule-making for the “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) regulations (which have since been repealed under the Trump administration).
  • Two officials in the Department of Housing and Urban Development were found in 2016 to have violated Section 713 of the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act by attempting to prevent a regional director within the agency from being interviewed by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. (Notably, the GAO reversed its earlier decision that the department’s general counsel had not violated the law once it was presented with more evidence.)
  • The Federal Maritime Commission was found to have violated Section 711 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, as well as the Antideficiency Act, in 2016 when it failed to notify the relevant Senate and House committees that it had spent more than $5,000 to furnish and redecorate the office of its former director in 2010. (The total amount spent was $12,084 over three years, as noted by the GAO in a footnote reference to an inspector general’s report on the excessive expenditures.)

Needless to say, Barry ‘O’ was not impeached, and, frankly, never even came close.  But hey, we’ve all become rather accustomed to how the rules are never applied in quite the same manner when we’re speaking of Democrats.   The only ones expected to play by any sort of rules are the Republicans, and what we’re seeing now is what happens when a Republican president has the audacity to play the game in the much the same manner as the Democrats play it.  And the net result is, of course, they don’t like it, hence the rationale for attempting to remove Donald Trump from office.

Democrats continue to do all they can to pin their crimes on President Trump. This is just the latest limp-wristed attempt to do so, and again we’re hearing how it’s THIS time that they finally have him right where they want him.  The Democrats keep swinging, and because the president has committed no crime, they keep missing because they simply can’t make something out of nothing.  But, be that as it may, the House’s ‘shampeachment’ has now finally limped its way into the Senate with the claim of ‘Orange man bad’ forming the entire basis of what is nothing but a charade.

As a bit of a side note here on this guy, van Hollen, he’s just another bottom feeder.  Another on a long list of Democrats who are little more than left wing political hacks and frauds who have virtually no business being in positions of power, because they have no interest, even remotely, in trying to make our country better for anyone but themselves.  He’s one of those who continues to put party over country and seems interested only in destroying our country by any means necessary.  It’s politicians like van Hollen who need to be removed from office, and at our earliest opportunity.

Any truly informed American who votes for a Democrat in 2020 is voting FOR nothing less than the destruction of our way of life. For all of those who think their life is so terrible they haven’t seen anything like what these radical Democrats, like van Hollen, will bring about if they ever get in the majority.  And don’t fool yourself into thinking that ‘moderate’ Democrats are anything but extinct. These left-wingers have seized control of the Democrat Party and that’s unfortunate, and don’t believe Democrat claims about protecting the little guy, because they only work to protect themselves.

And why is it that ANY country would EVER continue to provide financial aid to another country that was actively engaged in corrupt behavior with respect to the financial aid they were receiving? Why would ANY country continue to provide aid to another country whose ‘elected’ leaders were likely syphoning much of that aid money off and putting it in their own pockets?  If the country providing the financial aid suspected this was happening, it only makes sense to HOLD OFF providing any additional aid until it can be determined exactly where the money was going.

I think it worth pointing out that the ‘fakes news’ media of today long ago abandoned what was once considered to be their role as governmental watch dog to become, instead, the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.  Today Democrat activists pose as ‘journalists’ who, instead of reporting the ‘news,’ simply regurgitate lies fed to them by left wing operatives hidden away deep inside the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the State Department and God know where else. Everything Democrats touch they corrupt.  Democrats also control our public schools that are indoctrinating our kids.

Today our children are ‘taught’ that Socialism and Communism is what we need to aspire to here in America, and that freedom really isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and everything about capitalism makes so very clear how it is wrong and unfair.  And how, apparently, there is nothing wrong with government theft, in the form of high taxes, from hardworking Americans in order to provide to illegals, drug addicts and yes criminals all manner of ‘free’ stuff.  Instead of fostering a strong work ethic, patriotism, religion and honesty, ‘teachers’ essentially preach hatred of America.

So is it any wonder, really, that between the propaganda disguised as ‘news’ that Americans are essentially force-fed every day and the fact that our children spend the first 18 years of life, and another 4 years if they go to college, being brainwashed, is it any wonder that we have left wing kooks being elected to positions of power.  Left wing kooks who insist that because our current president seeks only to “Make America Great Again” that makes him worthy of being impeached.  The American people need to get a grip, and need to work toward getting rid of those who hate America!


Hirono 2

Well the talking points have now been issued and, like the good little America-hating buffoons that they are, Democrats, as well as their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media, are dutifully sticking to them, no matter what.  And it’s in their continuing defense of mass murderer, Qasem Soleimani, that they now claim the President’s ‘only’ possible rationale for killing this guy is their ‘wag the dog’ scenario that has the president using the death of this mad man as a distraction from their bogus attempt at impeachment.  Which now seems to be crumbling right before their very eyes.

And apparently it was ‘Crazy Mazie’ Hirono’s turn earlier this week when she appeared there at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network, on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Situation Room.”   And it was then that ‘Crazy Mazie’ accused President Trump of having ordered the airstrike that killed Iranian General Soleimani to cause “chaos in the Middle East” to distract from his ongoing impeachment.  Yup, by golly, crafty old ‘Crazy Maxie’ was able to see right through what the president was doing.  Seriously?  This is the best Hawaii could do?

The not-so-bright ‘Crazy Mazie’ said, “I conclude that there is ongoing chaos within this administration. Clearly that the Iraqi Parliament wants us to leave, and this letter actually seemed to comport with it, and only to be told moments later, it is a mistake. So, you know, we have asked earlier what is the end game? I don’t think that there is an end game that this administration thought about, because this is the way that the president makes his decisions. And here we are with chaos in the Middle East.”   She concludes?  And on what, exactly, does she base her silly conclusion?

She went on to say, “We are sending close to 10,000 more troops into the Middle East. Where they are going to be stationed, we don’t know. We are sending B-52s, and rather than de-escalating the tensions that are already there I think we have done the opposite.”  She added, “I think that the president is so concerned about the impending impeachment trial that this is a heck of a way to distract us, and using basically the lives of our troops and not to mention the civilians in this area.”  That anyone saw the wisdom in electing this moron, is what’s truly frightening.

Well, well, well….what a surprise. While the President wrestles with the life-or-death issues of the day, the moronic thick-as-thieves Democrats whine on and on and on about their fraudulent attempt at impeachment which would now seem to be going absolutely nowhere, and by their own hand.  We now seem to have progressed from there being some dire need to remove this president as quickly as possible to where Democrats now seem to waiting for what they would hope to be a more politically opportune moment to perhaps have more of an impact on the coming election.

‘Crazy Mazie’ is another of those mentally challenged members of Congress, like ‘Mad Maxine.’  If you’re so inclined you can look her up on Wikipedia you’ll see that she has accomplished little in her life.  It will list her miserable childhood, then all of her education, then her many political positions.  Unlike President Trump, who built up a very successful business, ‘Crazy Mazie’ has spent much of her adult life living off the taxpayers.  And apparently she now thinks that she’s someone in need of being listened to, but, more often than not, she’s worthy of being completely ignored.

‘Crazy Mazie’ is a joke, a clown, a brainless twit, and has been throughout her entire political ‘career.’  She’s yet another example of a well-entrenched Democrat who has no reason to fear losing an election due to the fact that her constituents are overwhelmingly brain-dead Democrats.  ‘Crazy Mazie,’ ‘Mad Maxine,’ ‘Botox’ Nancy and others can sit back and spew their venomous rhetoric comfortable in the knowledge that they will face no consequences for doing so.  Their statements are counterproductive but that matters not, because it’s all about getting the president.

But let’s face it, what is there that really needs to be distracted from.  No one really cares about their silly impeachment because it’s all a sham. The Democrats are using the Iran issue, to keep those few people they have left focused on their sham impeachment.  The Democrats know the impeachment is nothing but a lie. The American people are waking up to the fact that the Democrats are nothing more than a band of traitors, catering to terrorists and illegal immigrants. The Democrats have done NOTHING to help the American people. They are completely out-of-touch.

Democrats and Moslems have long been nothing if not bothers-in-arms.  After all, they are both enemies of America and both represent a very real threat that must be eliminated.  Islam is a racist, seditious, discriminatory, deceitful, tyrannical, and terroristic criminal enterprise, against ALL Non-Muslims.  Which makes very clear how it is the ideological sibling of the Democrat Party in that the party is a racist, seditious, discriminatory, deceitful, tyrannical, and politically criminal enterprise that stands in firm opposition to those who love freedom and support our Constitution.

And I am having a bit of a difficult time trying to figure out the logic regarding their claim that the president is somehow trying to distract from their attempt to impeach him.  Why would President Trump want to distract the voters’ attention away from impeachment?  His campaign donations have soared during the attempted coup by the Democrats and his approval ratings have really never been better. I would think a distraction in the Middle East is the last thing on his agenda.  He successfully had the military carry out an attack on a terrorist identified by the last administration.

Let’s be very clear here, the Democrats, including ‘Crazy Mazie,’ oppose Soleimani’s death not because they feel the president didn’t follow the proper protocol for taking him out, or even because they’re worried about some massive regional war.  They oppose it because they favor all who, like themselves, hate America.  That is the ugly, unfiltered truth. Democrats hate this country, and have shown a continued willingness to ally themselves with anyone who shares their rather twisted view of a world without a strong, both economically and militarily, free and sovereign America.

It’s kind of sad really, but the longer I live the more disgusted I become with the caliber of those we continue to elect to Congress.  Is the average American voter really that ignorant?  Research does show that most are uninformed, lazy, or back bench water carriers.  And I find it laughable that Pelosi is described as a brilliant tactician when what she is is an incoherent, bumbling imbecile who sounds like she’s drunk.  And Schumer has demonstrated time and again he’s simply clueless. And then look at the collection of morons running for president on the left. God help us.



And so it was that, earlier this week at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka the Communist News Network (CNN), during Thursday’s broadcast of something called “The Situation Room,” we had the same guy, Lyin’ Dick Blumenthal, who lied about having served in Vietnam, actually arguing that President Trump’s “abject criminality” in his dealings with Ukraine was exactly why the Founding Fathers created the process of impeachment.  The Democrats have thrown everything they could against the wall and now think they have something that has finally stuck.  And nowhere amongst all of those things is the real reason the Democrats continue to push for impeachment.  And that of course be because he dared to defeat she who was not to be defeated.

So what we now have, and for the very first time, is an attempt to impeach a sitting President who only ‘crime’ is that he defeated his Democrat opponent in what was the last presidential election.  And make no mistake, that’s really what this impeachment circus is truly all about.  President Trump is hated by those on the left to a degree never before seen because he continues to be very successful in pointing out how it is that the Democrat Party possesses nothing but the utmost contempt and hatred for America and for those Americans who love their country.  And while Democrats will never admit that that is what drives them, make no mistake, their goal is the destruction of America which requires the destruction of Trump.

And yet Democrats continue to claim that their only purpose in any of this ongoing impeachment insanity is based solely on doing what’s best for the country.  And it was Lyin’ Dick who said, “I know from having talked to a number of my colleagues, I know her misgivings reflect the strong reservations that a number of my Republican colleagues feel about this charade and sham that apparently McConnell wants at the behest of the White House. For him to say that he will not be impartial, that he will take his cues from the White House, that he will be acting hand in glove, as Senator Murkowski said, with President Trump, that in effect puts the defendant in charge of his own trial.”  A Democrat quoting a RINO, gee how fitting is that?  Right?

And it was Lyin’ Dick who went on to say, “And that offends a number of my Republican colleagues. And, frankly, there’s also a court of appeals here. The court of public-opinion. They’re at home right now, and they are hearing from their constituents, as I am here in Connecticut, that they want a full and fair trial. I think they’re going to want to be avoiding the appearance of being puppets, enablers of an unfair and sham proceeding.”  He continued, “Certainly on these initial votes that set the rules for this trial, her courage could be contagious. But remember that these witnesses and documents may, in fact, contain very incriminating additional evidence.”  What a sad, disgusting and pathetic little man Lyin’ Dick is.

Lyin’ Dick said, “And that’s profoundly important in a trial that involves such abject criminality, in effect, holding hostage taxpayer funds, military aid for an ally fighting for its life in return for personal support and favors. That kind of bribery and abuse of power is exactly what the founders sought to prevent through the impeachment proceeding. And I think that witnesses and documents are not only necessary for a full, fair proceeding, but also could present very strong additional evidence. By the way, I think the evidence right now is overwhelming. I’m willing to listen to more evidence if the president has any evidence that shows his innocence, but right now, as a former prosecutor, I could say I rest my case.”

I give these people a lot of credit, they can tell some real whoppers all while keeping a straight face.  It’s an established truism that whatever the Democrats accuse the Republicans of doing, is most likely exactly what they are themselves doing.  And there are few who are better at lyin’ than Lyin’ Dick.  Democrats have now gotten themselves so worked up, because of their hatred of this president, that they’ve become more willing, even eager, to say in public that which they once only said behind closed doors. They’ve been drawn from the shadows so that all of America is finally able to see them for who they truly are.  And who they are, are anti-America and anti-American scumbags who, quite literally, seek to destroy their country.

And unlike what would have been a bona fide impeachment process, Democrats provided to President Trump no real opportunity to defend himself, they were far more interested in simply railroading him.  The Founding Fathers warned us against just such an abuse.  They warned us against partisan impeachments. They were aware that impeachment could be pushed through by an “intemperate or designing majority in the House of Representatives.”  They also warned against postponing the trial, which is exactly what old Nancy Pelosi is doing.  Citing the Founding Fathers in order to somehow justify this sham is both offensive and ridiculous. The Founders would likely have hung these sham impeachment perpetrators for attempting a coup.

I’d like to know Lyin’ Dick’s position regarding Hitlery’s rather questionable behavior?  Or does she simply get a pass because she’s a fellow Democrat?  Or ‘Crooked Joe’ on videotape bragging about threatening the then President of Ukraine regarding a certain prosecutor investigating the company that was paying his son 80 grand a month for doing nothing?  Does he get a pass as well?  Or Barry ‘O’ who was involved in a string of scandals that were essentially ignored by all including the ‘fake news’ media.  Obviously, Barry got a pass too.  But the guy who doesn’t get a pass is the same guy now getting impeached for adhering to a treaty signed by ‘Slick Willy,’ the purpose of which was to ferret out corruption between the U.S. and Ukraine.  Why?

For someone in such a lofty, and austere, body as the U.S. Senate to hurl such an accusation as “abject criminality” at another human being when no crime has been either committed, or produced by the accusers, is beyond the pale.  And what does it say of this Senator for having now sunk to such an obvious political level?  Is he merely deranged?  Is he simply an idiot?  Or, worst of all, is he nothing more than a basic, every day, common partisan political hack?  Clearly it does not lay good light on a profession that is already considered below that of a used car salesman and of course sheds a very dark shadow on this man in particular if not entire Democrat Party.  But then that is what the modern day Democrat Party has now become.

And just what “abject criminality” is it that this moron is actually referring to anyway?  Democrats, as you are likely aware, always speak in such generalities without ever providing any sort of actual specifics as though everyone already knows what is being referred to, but the point of fact is that there is nothing that is being referred to. When pressed, they always refer to actions that are not criminal in nature but with which they disagree OR they simply make stuff up or attribute to President Trump the actions of the previous Democrat administration, such as pictures of children in ‘cages’ that swept the internet but were in fact taken during Barry ‘O’s reign. They know all this and are inveterate liars manipulating the public.

One would think that with so much “abject criminality” on display that the House Democrats might have troubled themselves to list a specific crime in their articles of impeachment.  Sadly, they couldn’t be bothered to propose a single one.  Instead, they deliver articles of impeachment that is all wrapping paper with nothing inside. Then they hold up the wrapping paper and crow over their generosity.  Democrats are deliberately trying to destroy our country for no other reason than because they lost the 2016 election, and not because anyone cheated.  They lost because they had a shitty candidate who thought there was no way she could lose.  But lose she did.  And both she and her party have yet to accept it, more than three years later.



As we all know, since President Trump was sworn in as president and set to work making good on the many promises that got him elected, he has been confronted by many of those who, together, form what continues to be called the ‘resistance.’  And it is that ‘resistance’ that has as some of its star players, just about every Democrat in Congress, just about everyone involved in what has become known as the ‘fake news’ media, and of course certain members of the president’s own party, those who we commonly refer to as RINO’s and whose names we all are all very familiar with.

And it was one of those very same RINOs, and someone who has not exactly been what one might refer to as being a fan of the president, Lisa Murkowski, who mentioned just this past Tuesday how “disturbed” she was to hear how Mitch McConnell had promised President Trump that they would coordinate on the upcoming Senate ‘impeachment’ trial.  It was McConnell who had recently said that there would be “total coordination” between the Senate and White House regarding the upcoming Senate impeachment trial and this apparently “disturbed” the RINO from Alaska.

Murkowski said, “And in fairness, when I heard that I was disturbed. To me, it means that we have to take that step back from being hand in glove with the defense, and so I heard what leader McConnell had said, I happened to think that that has further confused the process.”  Murkowski also criticized Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment as rushed saying, “Speaker Pelosi was very clear, very direct that her goal was to get this done before Christmas.”  But at the same time, she seemed not to be “disturbed” in the slightest about the way the sham impeachment was carried out in the House.

And I think it also worth noting that Murkowski was one of three Senate RINOs not to back a letter sponsored by McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, criticizing the Democrats’ closed-door and highly secretive ‘impeachment’ inquiry.  Murkowski said that she hopes to see a “full and fair process,” which could be in line with ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton’s impeachment hearings.  And she made clear that she remains very much undecided on whether she will to vote to convict President Trump or vote to acquit the president.  Of course she does.

The House passed articles of impeachment last week, contending that the president obstructed Congress and abused the office of the presidency.  And it was Murkowski who said, “For me to prejudge and say there’s nothing there or on the other hand, he should be impeached yesterday, that’s wrong, in my view, that’s wrong.”  Actually what’s wrong is that anyone would treat what has taken place regarding the effort to remove the president from office as being anything other than the bastardization of the very same Constitution that they all claim to hold in such high regard.

This ‘impeachment’ is nothing more than an exercise in infantile behavior conducted solely by Democrats, for one reason and one reason only, they hate this president.  There has been no wrongdoing on the part of the president, and compared to his last opponent, or any of the Democrats currently running to replace him, the man is an absolute Saint.  The Senate, including RINOs like Murkowski, now needs to step up and do the right thing by showing the country how due process is supposed to work.  They need to call what took place in the House exactly what it was, a complete mockery.

The intent here, on the part of Democrats and more than a few RINOs, is to somehow damage the president to the greatest extent possible before the next election.  Democrats know that they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of defeating President Trump, based solely on the issues.  And while they have sought to impeach the president since the day he was elected, their desperation to do so has now reached a fever pitch.  To the point where they now view the only hope they have of defeating him is in being able to label him as having been impeached.

Murkowski wants a ‘full and fair process’ in the Senate, when the impeachment hearings were NOT full and fair in the House.  If that isn’t being dishonest to one’s oath and hypocritical, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, she seems aghast that Republicans should line up in support of their party just as Democrats support theirs. Of course this is the historical way of Republicans, to kowtow to Democrat demands, but RINOs best move over, the Republican Party has changed. Boehner is gone, so is his lieutenant, Cantor as is Paul Ryan.  And so is, thank God, RINO John McCain.

Look, the Democrats have already made it very clear that they have no intention of letting up on their plan to pursue more baseless ‘charges’ of supposed wrongdoing in their quest to impeach President Trump.  This lunacy needs to be brought to an abrupt end, and it doesn’t help that we continue to have these supposed RINOs, like Murkowski, out there giving some level of credibility to accusations that continue to be made by those who possess zero credibility.  So not only is this insanity permitted to continue, but RINOs like Murkowski give the impression it’s to be taken seriously.

What we should all find even more disturbing, is Murkowski’s own history. Nepotism got her into the Senate, she has failed in three different elections to receive 50 percent of the vote and ran against the Republican nominee for the Senate in 2010 who defeated her for the nomination.  She’s a complete fraud, and one who, dare I say, reminds me of a female version of Romney.  And she has likely provided enough cover for other RINOS, of which there are many, to join her.  It would seem that the corrupt always rise to the top when the future of ‘The Swamp’ may be at stake.

And so the Democrats continue with their effort to impeach the president  and to be supported in their endeavor by their many allies in ‘fake news’ and, less openly, by certain RINOs like Murkowski who seem willing to go along with the Democrats’ demented concept of fairness and their use of it to continue with this scam of an impeachment.  But Murkowski is far from being the only player on what it supposed to be the president’s own team.  And while the time has come to bring an end to this Democrats inspired insanity, it would seem we still have those willing to play along.

So our Republicans in the Senate have a rather important decision to make, they can, as we have seen on far too many occasions in the past, choose to once again merely fumble the ball, like they did twice after promising to get rid of  Obamacare, once to let it pass and once to fail to repeal it.  Or they can demonstrate a little backbone for once and squash this act of treachery like it deserves to be squashed.   It’s McConnell who is a world class fumbler.  But if he chooses to fumble this one then it’s gonna be the end of the Republican Party and perhaps even the end of the Republic.



It’s becoming obvious that the closer we get to the 2020 election the more we can expect to see Democrats intensifying their effort to remove the one thing standing in their way to regaining the White House, that being President Donald Trump.  And as their desperation increases the more outlandish their baseless accusations of wrongdoing, on the part of the president, will become. And as there has been in the past, there will be no specifics of any kind attached to any of these accusations.

For example, on Monday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “All In,” Senator Chris Van Hollen, Democrat, argued that “we know” President Trump has abused his power from the evidence produced by the House of Representatives.  Van Hollen said, “So, we know from the mountain of evidence from the House that the president abused the powers of his office, right? He withheld the critical military assistance from Ukraine to try to extract this personal political favor, interfere in our elections.”

A mountain of evidence?  Now granted, while I chose not to waste much of my time watching any of the ‘hearings’ that took place during the House impeachment inquisition, from what I read there was nothing presented in the way of any actual evidence that the president did anything wrong.  What we had was plenty of second, and even third, hand conversations regarding what someone was told by someone else who was told about what president had said during the phone call in question.

And keep in mind here, that these are the very same people who had, and continue to have, virtually no problem with any of Hitlery’s many questionable, and even illegal, shenanigans and who have chosen to simply ignore how we have ‘Crooked Joe’ Biden on videotape threatening the then president of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating his coke-head-of–a-son’s company or risk losing $1 billion in aid.  All of that is perfectly fine and simply not worth the time it would take to investigate.

Meanwhile, there has been absolutely zero evidence of any kind that has thus far been produced or, for that matter, successfully fabricated that proves any actual wrongdoing on the part of President Trump.  These Democrats are like toddlers: “I know because I just know, and so it sucks to be you.” And make no mistake these individuals know that they are peddling nothing but lies and smears. Think of the type of person you must be to knowingly perpetrate such a thing. They are pond scum.

Am I the only one who sees it as being more than just a bit strange that Democrats, like this Van Hollen boob, think that they are somehow able to prove President Trump’s intent based on what has been nothing more than a continuous stream of hearsay testimony from indirect witnesses and yet we somehow couldn’t manage to prove Hitlery’s intent when she hid her private email server, destroyed numerous electronic devices, and deleted emails with classified material?  Seriously?

Democrats keep repeating this same nonsense over and over again in what is, I assume, the hope that more Americans will eventually come to believe it to be true.  But look, it was Barry ‘O’ who set the standard for presidential abuse of power in any number of ways!  There was ‘Fast and Furious,’ the IRS Scandal and Benghazi to name but a few. Not to mention all the spying he did on the Trump campaign.  And no one on the left, including this boob Van Hollen, seems to be the least bit concerned.

Now none of this is to say that along the way since, Donald Trump was sworn in as president, that there have not been numerous examples of abuse of power, just not by President Trump.  And we all know the names of the guilty parties.  Names like Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Comey, Brennan, Hitlery and Biden.  But lest we forget, there were those with names like Lerner, Rice, Holder, and of course the Ring Master of the entire little circus and the one responsible for allowing Americans to die, Barry ‘O’.

The moron, Van Hollen, claims to have the pulse of the American people to point where he fantasizes that we actually want higher taxes, millions of illegals flooding into our country driving wages down and crime up, we support the demonization of our police, and the dumbing down of our children by ‘teaching’ them political correctness instead of the three R’s and we support infanticide.  In other words those things that the Democrats wish to use in their ongoing effort to destroy America.

And just because Democrats claim to have evidence that doesn’t appear to actually exist, we’re supposed to side with them and against the president?  Sorry Homey, but that ain’t gonna happen.  Barry’s entire regime was based on abuse of power as evidenced by an endless chain of scandals.  And then there’s ‘Crooked Joe’s’ abuse of power as vice president?  Why is he even still running?  Why was ‘Crooked Hitlery’ allowed to keep running?  Corruption, it seems, is a resume enhancer for Democrats.

As far as I’m concerned it’s as long as Democrats, like this Van Hollen guy, continue with their attempts to remove President Trump, the more I know he is doing what it is I elected him to do.  They will just keep lying and claiming they have proof that they don’t have nor have EVER had. They stay on the offense because they are guilty and have no choice. If there were more real conservatives in Congress instead of just bunch of spineless wimps this silly impeachment inquisition would have been ended.

These Democrats are radical leftwing frauds, demagogues and pathological liars. Their credibility on the topic of impeachment is zero. Their knowledge of the Constitution and our history is non-existent.  ‘Abuse of power’ is an undefined, vague and a catch-all phrase which simply means that the Democrats disagree with the President. The framers specifically rejected any such bases as grounds for impeachment.  Van Hollen, and those like him have no business being in the position they are now in.

Democrats know they’ve got nothing on the president.  If they did they would have wasted precious little time in getting their ‘articles of impeachment’ over to the Senate, doing so so fast it would have made their little pinheads spin.  Together these Democrats form what is truly nothing more than a disgusting little troop of degenerate, debauched, and rather deluded liars.  But then, we shouldn’t be at all surprised since, after all, this type has been lying for what has been centuries.



Let me start off by saying, that since I am not a Democrat it’s a great deal that they do that makes very little sense to me.  But then that is to be expended since I am someone who genuinely loves this country and it’s the Democrats, as we all know, who not only hate this country but are actively engaged in destroying it.  Case in point is the recent ‘Impeachment’ of President Trump that was carried out in the U.S. House.   What was the high crime that was perpetrated that supposedly left the majority of Democrats feeling that the only option they had was ‘impeachment?’  Well, since there was none, the Democrats were forced to concoct one.  But they put themselves in the position of not knowing where to go from there.

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Chuckie Schumer, Democrat, claimed that Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, in holding off sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate was putting the Democrats in what Chuckie described as a “win-win” situation.  Chuckie said, “A lot of Nancy’s colleagues went to her and thought it was a good idea. And she thought it through, and she said if I’m not going to know the outlines of the trial, how do I know which managers to choose.”  Chuckie went on to say, “Second, she said I don’t want to send it over to just have a sham trial, and that’s what McConnell is headed for now is sham trial at least if he has his own way.”  Seriously?  And what we saw take place in the House was not a sham?

Chuckie said, “And so I think it’s a good idea to not draw a line in the sand and she hasn’t done that but to say let’s wait, let’s see how things evolve in the Senate. I think that’s working well because when people say why is she waiting because we want witnesses and we want documents. You know, it just drives the message home.” He added, “I think we’ll follow it as goes. Nancy and I will talk constantly over the Christmas Holiday, and we’ll see how it goes. But I think not jumping in and giving them the impeachment articles right away as they are not ready to do the fair trial we want but a sham. And let’s say we don’t win the Republicans over, I’m very hopeful, optimistic, expect we will win some of them over. “

And Chuckie wrapped things up saying, “But if we don’t, we will show that this trial and the no vote on impeaching Trump, on throwing him out of office is really not based on any fact, not based on any evidence, is a sham. So it’s sort of a win-win. I’d rather get the evidence and see what happens. And even if they say things that are not in our favor, we would have done the Constitution a favor by making sure that all the facts get out through this trial and God forbid any future one.”  I love it when Democrats start talking about God and facts, two subjects they know absolutely nothing about.  Democrats hate God, and any reference made to Him, and when it comes to facts, well we all know how it is that Democrats feel about actual facts.

Now the Democrats, since they’re just so darn clever, likely think they’ve got us all hoodwinked, but the truth is that we’re on to them, and have been since the very beginning of what has been their continuing effort to remove the president who we all voted for.  They’ve essentially been driven quite mad, courtesy of their ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), to the point where their primary goal, at this point, regardless of what Chuckie claims, is to avoid, at all costs, allowing the truth to come out.  I suppose for the Democrats to continue to tell lies and avoid the truth is, for all intents and purposes, considered a win-win by them.  But hey, we really shouldn’t be surprised by anything the Democrats do in their continuing quest for power.

Now while I am far from being an expert on the Constitution, I’m pretty sure it states that once the articles of impeachment have been passed in the House they are then to be passed onto the Senate.  And for Pelosi to choose not to do so does little more than to further reduce the already questionable credibility of a process that the Democrats have essentially made up as they went along.  All of the disgustingly political behavior that has been exhibited by the Democrats, going all the way back to the last election, proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that they should never again be allowed anywhere near the national levers of power.  They clearly do not possess the necessary mental fitness to be in charge of running the country.

And in essentially agreeing with Pelosi, Chuckie might as well be admitting that there really is no evidence for either of these supposed impeachment articles, abuse of power or obstruction of Congress.  But even if there was, it matters not for the very simple reason that neither would, at least in the real world, be considered as being a high crime or misdemeanor.  It’s still not yet clear whether Chuckie and Nancy actually realize what it is that they have likely done to themselves regarding the coming election.  Hopefully there does end up being a landslide of Biblical proportions that brings about the removal of Democrats from every elected office from dog catcher up to the U.S. Senate, and grants to President Trump another term.

But the assault on our justice system continues on. The House has done their investigation and voted on their two articles of impeachment and now seem to want the Senate to shore up the weak House case by continuing with more investigations. McConnell has made it pretty clear that it is not the job of the Senate to do the House’s dirty work. It would be like the prosecution presenting the case and then realizing that it is simply too weak to get a conviction so it then refuses to give the closing arguments until the judge and jury agree to allow them do more investigations in order to strengthen their case.  Thereby leaving the trial up in the air. The ACCUSED has a right to a speedy trial, that’s part of ensuring a “fair trial.”

The whole point of this continuing impeachment saga, and I mean the ONLY point of it, is to drag out the issue for as long as they possible can providing to the Democrat Party’s allies in the ‘fake news’ media a reason to continue to smear President Trump.  Make no mistake this was never about actually removing him from office because the Democrat leaders knew there is nothing President Trump has done to truly justify that removal.  But Pelosi was forced into proceeding with an actual impeachment process in order to placate the radicals and to keep her Speakership at least until the next election. Now Pelosi wants to try to drag the farce out even longer since she knows the Senate will simply shrug and throw the charges out.

All this does is show how phony the entire impeachment continues to be because the Democrats have been saying all along how President Trump must be quickly removed from office if we are to have any hope of saving the country from further damage. So why are the Democrats giving President Trump more time to do even more damage?  This development PROVES that the “shampeachment” is a purely political action the purpose of which is to try to influence the 2020 election. The audacity of a political party to use the ‘nuclear’ option of impeachment as a political weapon is beyond stunning. In reality, I think it will be a ‘Lose-Lose’ stunt by the Democrats. They’ll lose the presidential election and they will lose the House majority in November.