Juan Williams

It was this past Friday that Juan Williams, a guy who for some bizarre reason remains someone sought out for what is his patently idiotic opinion on race as it relates to American politics, once again demonstrated what an empty-headed fraud he truly is.  It was during a segment on Fox News’ ‘America’s Newsroom’ that Williams was asked to respond to recent comments made by ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden during an interview on something called ‘The Breakfast Club.’  Comments deemed by many who heard them as being rather arrogant, even outright racist, but apparently not so by Williams.

For those who may be unfamiliar with ‘Creepy Joe’s’ most recent gaff, during an interview on the popular podcast “The Breakfast Club,” Creepy Joe’ said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, you ain’t black.”  The host of this podcast, someone who refers to himself as Charlemagne, responded, “It don’t have nothing to do with Trump. It has to do with the fact, I want something for my community.”  To which ‘Creepy Joe’ shot back, “Take a look Charlemagne at my record, man!” By all means, blacks need to look at his record, but will they? Doubtful.

And it was anchor Sandra Smith, who after playing ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s comments, turned to Williams for his much anticipated response.  Williams began by saying, “He is kind of blunt, that’s the way he often works, a little bit too direct for my tastes.”  Williams admitted the way that ‘Creepy Joe’ phrased the comment was not great for the sake of optics, but then he turned to actually defend ‘Creepy Joe’s’ assessment of his support from blacks, although he stopped short of giving a full defense of ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s remarks after he apparently cracked a joke about black voters.

Williams then went on to say, “The larger point is it was a January Washington Post poll said 83% of black Americans consider Trump to be racist, and if you look at the numbers in terms of support even recent polls show 92% of black Americans plan to vote for Biden, but I think the way he put it is so politically provocative as to not be smart.”  I guess I would only like to ask Williams just why is it that blacks consider President Trump to be a racist?  Do blacks ever trouble themselves to check out the president’s record?  Nope, they just believe what they’re told by dopes like Williams.

Look, I’m going to go out on a limb here and just call a spade a spade.  Williams is nothing more than an eye-rolling, racist little prick.  If he really wanted to be taken seriously, which he apparently does not, he would have said that the comments made by ‘Creepy Joe’ were, in fact, very RACIST.  And Williams’ inability to do that makes pretty clear, or at least it should, that for Williams, still a sterling member of the leftist media scumbag club, it’s all about politics, and not about supporting those who actually are doing something to improve the lives of those in the black community.

One would have to be a fool to defend ‘Plantation Joe,’ but oh wait I repeat myself. ‘Creepy Joe’ has repeatedly shown himself to be a relic from the racist past.  This guy Charlemagne should have unplugged him right out of the gate or made him apologize for his stupidity.  But nope, which should make it more difficult for him to be taken seriously when it comes to matters of race in America.  I’ve never been able to figure why it is that all of these supposed prominent voices in the black community insist upon encouraging blacks to keep voting for those who so very clearly hate them.

Williams is a gutless coward willing to repeat, as instructed, any DNC talking point no matter how ludicrous.  He is behaving every bit as the Uncle Tom that leftists accuse principled blacks of being when they dare to voice conservative principles — be it Clarence Thomas or Candace Owens.  Every time he starts his “here’s the bigger point” garbage, he knows he’s lost and he’s hoping his deflection will hide that fact. Imagine if ONE of these hustlers actually just came out and said, “Yeah, that was wrong.”  The Left’s house of cards is so fragile, frauds like Williams hold it up.

Apparently it bothers Williams not at all that ‘Creepy Joe’ once called state-mandated school integration “the most racist concept you can come up with,” and described ‘BO’ as “the first sort of mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean.” Or that ‘Creepy Joe’ was a staunch opponent of “forced busing” in the 1970s, and leading crusader for mass incarceration throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. ‘Creepy Joe’ has described black felons as “predators” too sociopathic to rehabilitate.  Or even that he had several white supremacist senators as friends.

Williams is yet another example of the changes that have taken, and essentially continue to, place there at Fox News.  Changes that have caused me to watch the network far less than I once did.  It’s as if they’re using CNN or MSDNC as their new model.  If you ever watch Williams, which I very rarely do, there is absolutely nothing on which he will not put a partisan spin.  He’s constantly ridiculed and made to look like nothing more than the pathetic hack that he so obviously is by both Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld and he yet he continues to spew his idiotic, and racist, drivel.

Williams is another of those on what has become a very long list of affluent blacks who, for whatever reason, refuse to acknowledge how the Democrat Party has been the biggest catastrophe to ever hit blacks in America.  Blacks really do need to look into the history of the Democrat Party, and beneath the masks of those who comprise today’s Democrat Party.  If they were ever to actually do that it would be in very short order that they would discover that behind all of the pandering the Democrats possess what is nothing less than a seething condescending hatred of them.

But it continues to be the job of those like Williams to make sure that blacks never go looking into that which the party has become so desperate to keep hidden from them.  And for the last 50+ years they have been very successful in that endeavor.  And even after being essentially ignored by the nation’s first black president, except at election time, blacks in this country still refuse to believe that which continues to take place right before their eyes.  And all thanks to those like Williams, who are nothing more than overseers on what is the present day Democrat plantation.

It has been said by many that President Trump could end up getting the support of 12 percent of the black community in this coming elections, and it’s touted as some great achievement.  But all that really means is that there are still 88 percent of blacks who continue to fall for the garbage peddled by those like Williams who are, in reality, nothing less than traitors to their race.  Traitors because they knowingly lie to those who still, for whatever reason, look up to them, and who accept what they say as being true.  I often wonder how it is that these people are able to sleep at night.

And finally take a moment to think of what a nightmare it would be on the day after a President ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden took office. Think about all that we have seen from the Democrats over the course of the last 12 years.  It really would be the end of this country as we know it.  Democrats lost the last election, one they were sure that they had in the bag, and it seems to have driven them totally insane.  The Democrats hate America, and should never be allowed to assume power.  And yet these are the very people Williams wants to see running things.  So what does that say about him?

And while I’m pretty sure Williams will disagree, it’s most intelligent people that I know who are of the opinion that 90 percent of black voters are racist if for no other reason than because of their monolithic adherence to the leftist “Blame evil whitey for ALL of their problems” narrative which forms the basis for why they continue, election after election, to vote Democrat.  That and how they stupidly continue to believe Democrat election-time promises of “more free stuff.”  Promises that either never pan out or succeed only in getting blacks more addicted to government.


Juan 2

I have asked this question on a number of previous occasions, and I will continue to do so until someone can provide me with a reasonable answer.  Why is it that Juan Williams is still able to appear anywhere on television and that people still insist upon asking him his political opinion?  This despite the fact that the man is a hapless twit as well as being little more than a blatant political hack who, were it not for the fact that he’s constantly provided with DNC talking-points, would have nothing to say.

So anyway, I rarely watch Fox News’ “The Five,” primarily because I can’t stand Juan Williams.  And it’s Williams who is actually billed as being a co-host of this pointless little program.  But as my wife has ‘Sirius’ radio in her car, and we do ride to work together I did happen to be tuned into the program yesterday during which Williams clashed with both Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters over President Trump’s managing of the coronavirus.  And I’m sure all can imagine where it was that Williams stood.

On those few occasions I have watched, it’s rare that Williams serves as anything other than a soft target for both Gutfeld and Watters.  This time it was Gutfeld who started things out by saying of the president’s handling of the virus, “This is new to him.” Gutfeld said, “I think he was trying to focus on trying to quell the panic while letting the experts deal with the virus.  Deeds, words. And right now, you cannot match the deeds that this administration is doing. They’re doing amazing work.”

And it was then that a rather sarcastic Williams responded by saying, “Yeah, that’s why we have so many tests to find out who has it. That’s why we have a vaccine.”

“Yeah, at least you’re not politicizing it, Juan,” Gutfeld said, as Jesse Watters also chimed in.

“That’s why…in the NSC, we don’t have an office of global immune threats. No, no, that’s all to be forgotten,” Williams said.

“Juan, they have plenty of bureaucrats in Italy, and look what’s happening in Italy,” Watters said.

“Oh, now we want to compare our government to the Italians, very good, very good,” Williams snapped back as the bizarre segment came to an end.

Look, anyone who seriously thinks that the Democrats would be better able to handle what is now going on regarding this ‘Chinese virus’ is beyond ignorant.  I mean, does no one remember Barry’s less than stellar handling of the H1N1 virus and how it wasn’t until more than 1,000 Americans had died that Barry finally declared H1N1 a national emergency?  Or how it was that the dutiful leftist ‘fake news’ media buried it so that Barry ‘O’ and his healthcare grabbing Obamacare could avoid bad press?

And I would argue that it’s the Democrats’ irrational ‘open border,’ ‘non-screening,’ ‘non-vetting-of-immigrants’ policy and agenda that they have been shoving down the collective throat of the American people for years, but especially since President Trump was elected, that is now looking like the totally irrational insanity that it is.  And yet you will never hear any Democrat, including that dolt Williams, admit that out of fear of potentially losing some votes.  Party over country is their motto!

And it’s the ‘Chinese Coronavirus’ outbreak that would seem to prove that President Trump’s more conservative agenda of screening and vetting these ‘immigrants’ still flooding into the U.S. now looks to be 100 percent correct and the proper thing to do.  But look, you are never going to hear anyone on left, including anyone in the Democrat Party, ADMIT that President Trump’s agenda of screening and vetting these ‘immigrants’ coming into the U.S. as the responsible and sane thing to do.

And if Williams was half as smart as he apparently thinks he is then I’m sure he would understand that by the time a vaccine for this particular strain is under mass production, we would soon be trying to figure out what the next 2, 3, or possibly 4 mutations are going to be.  It’s what a virus does!  I got my flu shot last year. I was cautioned it wasn’t 100 percent effective by any means as the vaccine I received was for previous strains and didn’t cover the most recent, but it was better than nothing.

Williams has always been more than a few bricks short of a load.  And frankly, I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve watched this boob get humiliated by the facts only to simply shrug his shoulders and continue on to argue whatever idiotic point he was trying to make.  Williams clearly owes his ability to remain on the air at ‘Fox News’ to affirmative action.  Fox truly scraped the bottom of the barrel with Williams, and they apparently couldn’t care less that he chases away viewers.

President Trump issued a travel ban in January long before anyone else thought it was a threat.  And you may remember that it was ‘Senile Old’ Joe who even went so far as to call the president a racist and xenophobic because of the restrictions.  And another thing, contrary to many claims, President Trump never called the virus a hoax.  He called the Democrats out as a hoax when they started politicizing it.  But then why should any of us be surprised by that?  It’s what Democrats do in times like these.

And it’s Williams who either very conveniently forgets, or simply chooses to ignore, the fact that it was Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease researcher, who had actually applauded the president’s late-January decision to enact a ban on Chinese citizens and other foreign nationals who had set foot in China from traveling to the United States.  Dr. Fauci said, “If we had not done that, we would have had many, many more cases, right here, that we would have to be dealing with.”

The ‘fake news’ media has become so completely unhinged in this the era of Donald Trump that they can no longer be taken seriously, regardless of what it is that they happen to be talking about.  Those who take an active role in perpetuating that which is nothing more than pure propaganda have proven repeatedly their willingness to jettison all ethical and journalistic standards in their single-minded pursuit of, and their very determined effort to bring about, the downfall of Donald Trump.

And if President Trump was somehow able to wave a magic wand and to make the virus completely disappear and to restore the stock market to its most recent high, his many enemies, of which Williams is obviously one, would still attack him.  I can only imagine that Democrats now feel that they may finally have him right where they want him, believing that his chances of being re-elected have now been significantly reduced.  But I for one will not lose hope, because the alternative is too frightening.

Democrats and their media parrots are now peddling the talking points fed to them by their masters in the Chinese Communist Party.  Who would have ever thought that Americans would allow themselves to be used as pawns in what is clearly a concerted effort by a hostile foreign power to attack our president?  The fact that Communist China attempted to hide the virus outbreak from the very beginning, and is now trying to blame the U.S. military for it, really does tell us all that we need to know.

And finally it’s a rare event that Williams says anything worthwhile, intelligent or even that makes much of a point.  And it’s rarer still that he makes any amount of sense regardless of the topic being discussed.  And it’s even rarer that I choose not to change the channel whenever this moron comes on any program that I happen to be watching. He’s someone considered by the Democrats as being one who can be very reliably counted upon to regurgitate whatever the party line happens to be.


Juan 1

There’s dumb, and then there’s Juan Williams dumb. And try as I might I just cannot come up with a reason why this boob, Williams, continues to be called upon as if he possesses some great intellect or political insight, when he so very obviously possesses neither.  He’s little more than your garden variety leftwing hack who continues to support the Democrat anti-America agenda.  He’s someone who can look back at our last president and, because he was black, see a man who will go down in history as being one of the all-time great presidents despite the fact that he left the country in far worse shape, economically, fiscally and militarily than he found it.

So what we have here, in Juan Williams, is a guy who quite literally never disagreed with anything that his hero Barry ‘O’ came up with in his concerted effort to “fundamentally transform” America, and yet can come up with absolutely nothing positive to say about what President Trump has done, or continues to do, that has actually improved the lives of millions of Americans.  Which in itself reveals just how much of a know-nothing-political-hack Williams truly is.  He has zero credibility regardless of the topic he happens to be discussing at any given time.  All he knows for sure is that, “Trump bad, Obama GREAT,” end of freakin’ story!

And I also think most folks are well aware of Williams’ rather long history of being little more than a devout leftist, one who has swilled more than his fair share of ‘Kool-Aid’ and another of those unable to say anything positive about President Trump.  After being fired from NPR and then being attacked by many on the left for making a very rational comment about Moslems on planes he was then, for some idiotic reason hired on at Fox as some sort of ‘political analyst.’  And all he has done since is to continue to show himself to be a mouthpiece for every loony leftwing cause that comes along and a cheerleader for every leftwing loon who supports them.

During an appearance on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” it was Williams, in what was little more than a rant, who said, “The other part of the political spin is that with Trump, it seemed —and I think this is why you had the thought, I certainly had it, it looks like a photo op. Remember, he had gone to visit any war zone until last year. He was criticized for it. This is his first visit to Afghanistan, our longest war, 2,000 plus Americans dead. He had no preparation. He talked about a cease-fire, but his military people said we know nothing about any cease-fire with the Taliban, and the Taliban said they know nothing about a cease-fire.”

Williams then went on to say, “He then talked about negotiations with the Taliban, and again, his own diplomats said we know nothing about any ongoing talks with the Taliban.”  And then he added, “The president canceled talks with the Taliban last September if you’ll recall after they were engaged in a violent incident.”  Williams represents what ‘Fox News’ has now become, where it seems to have become much less interested in being “Fair and Balanced” and far more interested in assisting in perpetuating a false narrative that the president actually deserves being impeached. These days there seems very little difference between ‘CNN, MSNBC and ‘Fox News.’

Williams pretty much resembles every other Democrat/Liberal who can NEVER quite manage to bring themselves to give President Trump any sort of a victory, no matter how small or trivial. NEVER! They always overlook anything and everything good and zero in like a laser on anything they feel they can exploit to score some cheap political points. But they never seem to realize that their persistent haranguing accomplishes little more than to further reduce their already questionable credibility.  After all, how it is that you can still expect to be taken seriously when you, as a supposed objective ‘journalist,’ can NEVER say anything positive about our president?

So Williams thinks President Trump’s visit to the troops was merely a photo op?  He has apparently very conveniently forgotten, or simply chooses to ignore, how it was that Barry ‘O’s entire eight year presidency was really little more than a series of photo ops.  Now despite what Williams may think about ‘he who was our first black president,’ Barry came into office being the least qualified individual to ever hold the office of President, and it showed.   And yet, Barry could have easily been so much more than what he turned out to be, because he was black.  But for whatever the reason, or reasons, he chose to follow a path determined by his leftist politics.

As I said, with Williams it’s only, “Trump Bad,’ because it’s all those on the left know.  They don’t know why, they just know it’s true.  It doesn’t matter what President Trump does, whether it’s bringing about the lowest unemployment rate for minorities EVER, going after China for unfair trade practices or even forcing NATO ‘allies’ to pay their fair share, those like Williams will always find fault with it.  Meanwhile, Democrats have done nothing in Congress as they have made impeachment their priority.  And that will be the reason we can expect to see more tears from the left on Election Day 2020.  Congratulations, morons! You’re just making it easier for him.

And you know something that everyone needs to remember is the fact that when President Trump held the ‘Young Black Conservatives’ summit Democrats, and their media allies, like Williams, were quick to call it nothing more than a photo-op.  And when the president met with Kanye West, that too was also called a photo-op.  Just as when President Trump visited the El Paso Hospital staff and survivors and just as when President Trump met with Kim Jung Un, all were called photo-ops.  What really pisses off Williams, and those like him on the left, are not these “photo ops,” but that it’s President Trump who’s the president in them.  That’s what drives them crazy.

But let’s face it, if none of these photos had ever been taken how easy would it be for those in our hate-Trump-fake-news media to spin their stories about how he has, for the last three years, spent all of his time doing little more than playing golf and tweeting.  Case in point would be the Newsweek ‘journalist,’ Jessica Kwong, who was recently fired for preemptively lying about President Trump’s priorities during Thanksgiving Day by suggesting he would be tweeting and golfing, when, in fact he was actually visiting with our troops in Afghanistan.  This would be the kind of stuff we would be seeing 24/7/365 were it not for photographic evidence to dispute it!

We’ve apparently now gotten to the point where a Republican president is no longer permitted to spend time with the troops he sends off to do battle without a bunch of morons accusing him of using those troops for something as trivial as a photo-op.  But if our interest is in wanting to be accurate, it is far more typical for any Democrat president, since we know Democrats actually despise our troops, to use such an occasion as an opportunity to prove that somehow he, or she, really supports our troops and respects the sacrifices that they make willingly.  So again we have a moron, in this case Williams, accusing President Trump of doing what Democrats do.

Democrats, like Williams, hate the president because he’s been able to make good on many of his campaign promises, in spite of being forced to contend with a very determined resistance, and the fact that they are losing their control over low income and middle class folks, because of the many promises he has kept.  And they claim that their issue with the president really has absolutely nothing to do with politics and actually has its basis in their fear of what he is doing to our Constitution.  But if that were actually the case how many of these very same people were concerned during the reign of Barry ‘O’ when the Constitution trampled on like never before?



Demonstrating once again that he is little more than a common racist and hate-filled buffoon constantly standing by, and ever at the ready, to receive his next set of marching orders passed down from on high, aka his masters in the Democrat Party, Juan Williams did exactly as he was told to do this past Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” as the panel discussed the recent Oval Office meeting between President Donald Trump and hip-hop star Kanye West.

And it was during the previously mentioned ‘discussion’ on the subject of the president and West, that FOX News’ favorite racist, and left wing lunatic said, “Here is what he said, ‘Oh I put on this hat, and it gives me superpowers. I really want a father figure.’ And then he’s separated by the desk. He has to get up and walk around. Trump doesn’t even get up to hug the guy. He is there hugging Trump like he is holding on, he is trying to get something out of this.”

Williams continued, “You hear this man say stuff like, ‘Trump is on a hero’s journey.’ Maybe he’s on a folly. I don’t know. But it all looked like was some guy ranting. I am you know, personally offended by the kind of profanity he brought there. I don’t understand how anybody tolerated it.”  He added, “I don’t get this; when you have people like Common, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar doing things with President Obama, the right wing went nuts.”  I think that might be a bit of an overstatement.

Anyway, Williams went on to say, “They said these guys are rappers, some of them associate with thugs and gangsters. Hey, what about this guy? All of a sudden the man who insulted Republicans, the man who has nothing to say other than his hat gives him superpower, is a Republican hero? This is ridiculous. It’s absurd. And Don Lemon—amen! This is someone who is a shameful example of behavior in the presence of a powerful white man.”  With Williams it’s ALWAYS about race.

What’s really going on here is that Williams is simply being the good House Negro, and doing the best he can to keep as many of his fellow blacks as he can convinced that what’s best for them is to remain right where they are, the field slaves of the Democrat Party and on the Plantation of his rich, White masters.  So he’s doing his best to downplay the fact that it’s the Republicans who are once again coming to the rescue of those field slaves, but this time with ballots, not bullets.

I’d like to think that the day will come when Blacks will free themselves from the racist Democrat Party, the party that fought for slavery, created the KKK after the Civil War and brought Jim Crow laws and segregation into being.  Democrats continue to denigrate Blacks and treat like children.  I will never know nor understand how Blacks willingly walked back to their former slave masters and spit on the Party that gave them freedom and have always stood up for them.

It now seems as those who the left uses to keep the slaves on the plantation have come out in force.  The left is getting clobbered and can be said to be in full panic mode.  Hopefully November will see them finally destroyed. The Hispanics are quiet with the great economy as they, for the most part, like to have jobs and the demonstrations and bully tactics remind them of the hell holes they came from.  So losing black voters is a death sentence for the left at this juncture.

To be honest, Williams is really nothing more than another hate filled, anti-WHITE liberal Negro who, for whatever the reason, has decided to become one of those useful idiots on the left who claims to want the best for blacks in America but who continually sides with the one political party who only benefits from keeping blacks in America both poor and ignorant.  But I can’t help but wonder why he does it.  Is he on the Democrat Party payroll, or simply to guest himself on the guest list.

And so he obviously remains one of the more vocal members of a rather sick group of individuals who think that it’s okay to attack a black man when his opinion dares to differ from what come to seen as the black Democrat hive mentality.  West took that hive, sliced it open, to show Blacks in America what is really happening and what lengths the left goes to, to keep blacks in line.  And look at what they, including Williams, did to him.  Look at how they vilified him. That is the left.

Williams shows his ignorance every time he opens his mouth in an attempt to justify the increasingly violent behavior being exhibited by those on the left while openly criticizing President Trump.  He’s nothing more than a member of the ‘resistance.’   He rarely, if ever, makes any sense, and sounds like the racist moron that he is.  I think FOX keeps him on board just to prove their unbiased position in reporting news, but all he does is push viewers to stop tuning in.

You don’t have to have a degree in political science to see that what really frightens Williams and his party masters is that West’s admiration for President Trump could prove to be infectious within the black community and, as we all know, the Democrat Party would have a rather difficult time winning elections were it not for their still rather firm grip on their black voting bloc. So they do what they do best, destroy the threat by innuendo, slander, ridicule and intimidation.


Juan Williams

These days there is absolutely nothing that this moron can say that surprises me.  And what never ceases to amaze me is how he constantly goes well out of his way to say some of the most outlandish things, things that prove just how much of a leftwing nut he truly is.  For instance Tuesday on Fox News’ “The Five,” co-host Juan Williams said in light of President Trump apologizing to Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his swearing-in ceremony, he should also apologize to Christine Blasey Ford for the controversy during then Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

Williams said, “There was a different tone for Sotomayor swearing-in versus last night. Last night was revenge of the Republicans. Republicans in the end zone doing a dance. So to me, the apology—out of line totally. Remember, the poll we showed a moment ago, gosh, we didn’t show you but guess what, most Americans disapproved of the way Republicans handled it as well.”  So here again we have a man of the left, perhaps the most revenge driven group of crackpots you’ll find anywhere on the planet, trying to accuse Republicans of doing exactly what Democrat do

Anyway, Williams continued by saying, “The bottom line is 51 percent of Americans did not approve of this man’s confirmation. In addition, a majority of Americans believed Professor Ford, not Justice Kavanaugh. This is going to go on for some time, and if you want to get into women, wow American women are overwhelming in their disapproval of Kavanaugh. When you hear people say ‘Oh, my gosh, what we see here is President Trump basically having a campaign ad at the White House and throwing it in people’s faces.’ That’s what it felt like.”  What a bunch of silly drivel.

And it was co-host Greg Gutfeld who then said, “He was apologizing to a family whose lives were ruined.”  With Juan Williams then asking, “Why didn’t he apologize to Ms. Ford?”  And it was rightfully so that Gutfeld shot back, “He doesn’t owe her an apology.”  Let’s face it, if it is anyone who owes Ms. Ford a heartfelt apology, it would be Juan’s buddies in the Democrat Party, as well as in the state-controlled media, who saw nothing wrong with using a troubled women to accomplish a political end, the destruction of one Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  But don’t hold your breath.

Williams is another of those blacks who seem not the least bit shy about repeating whatever garbage it is that his Democrat masters tell him to.  And that would apply to most other black ‘journalists’ in America all of which are only too happy to be the slaves of the modern day Democrat Party.  Despite there being men like Jim Brown, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas and Sheriff David Clarke, men who have had the courage to leave the Democrat Plantation, those like Williams seems quite comfortable to remain there on planation.

Once upon a time I actually thought Williams possessed a brain, and there were even those rare occasions when he even made some sense.  But that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  And I have now come to the conclusion that one of the main reasons that Williams continues to have a job anywhere in journalism is because he’s black, he’s another Affirmative Action hire.  There is no way that a white person as dumb as he is could ever get a job as a journalist, let alone keep it.  But then there all of those white folks over there on CNN, so maybe I’m wrong.

And I’m so tired of him.  I mean, while I suppose they need a liberal point of view in ‘The Five’, Williams has become so predictable.  And every time he says, “You guys all…” I want Gutfeld to cut him off and tell him he’s fired right there on the spot.  Ms. Ford was given a full and fair hearing. Yes, some idiots apparently threatened her and so forth… that’s inexcusable. But the people who owe her an apology are the Democrats who chose to leak her name, when she asked that it be kept out of the record. THEY are the ones who brought her front and center for all to see.

And let’s be honest, apologizing for lies told about your nominee and yourself is the action of a fool, a coward, and a RINO, which, sadly for hypocritical dopes like Williams, President Trump is not.  And when might we expect to see Hitlery apologize for the actual rape, abuse, exposure, groping, and sexual intimidation that her predator husband took part in over the many decades of his public life?  Is that something that Williams would like to see?  Doubtful, because Williams’ friends on the left are permitted to say anything and are NEVER asked to apologize.

Williams is just plain NUTS!  And as I said, it’s the Democrats who he should now be asking to apologize to Ms. Ford for the despicable way they used her.  But then to Williams they did nothing wrong.  The Republicans went above and beyond to be fair to her, while Williams’ cohorts in the media were pretty ruthless in the way they treated the Kavanaugh family.  Someday I would love to have the opportunity to ask this hapless dolt just how much of what comes out of his mouth does he actually believe?  Because if he truly does feel this way he is truly very sick.



When it comes to trying to determine who it is that’s the more ignorant liberal among those who routinely appear on Fox News, it usually always turns out to be sort of a tie between Juan Williams and other boob, Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera.  Whenever watching either of these two you can always count on them doing their best to bend themselves into pretzels as they try so hard to justify their nonsensical positions or to downplay how it is that those within the Democrat Party hate America.

The focus here, however, is going to be on Williams, who is usually the more ignorant sounding of the two, who on this past Wednesday’s edition of “The Five,” a show that I very seldom ever watch simply because I can’t stomach Williams for more than 5 minute, seemed to take issue with President Trump’s highlighting of the horrific murder of a young college student, Mollie Tibbetts, by an illegal alien in Iowa, which also just so happens to have been the lead story of Wednesday’s episode.

Williams provoked a pretty vocal reaction from the show’s other co-panelists with his highly politicized comments about the tragic story that has been making national headlines ever since Tibbetts disappeared in mid-July.  Williams argued that the reason the president drew attention to the death of the college student, whom police now strongly suspect was killed by an illegal immigrant, was to “distract” people from the legal cases involving Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.

Williams said, “What you see is that people use this for their own purpose.”  He said, “In Trump’s case, he’s using this to distract and to deceive people … in terms of the big news of the day, which is about the Michael Cohen plea deal, about Paul Manafort being convicted.”  He continued, “At this point you have the president’s personal lawyer, his campaign chairman, his national security adviser [Michael Flynn], all convicted felons — but instead we want to talk about a murder.”

Williams went to add, “There’s lots of murders in America.”  And from there he went on in a bizarre attempt to perpetuate a claim that has been repeatedly proved to be false saying, “There is a lower rate of violent crime among illegal immigrants and immigrants than there is among native-born Americans.”  Williams is obviously nothing more than a common liar, but being a liberal that should be seen as being pretty much par for the course.  With them the ends always justify the means.

And it was co-host Jesse Watters who responded to Williams’ blatantly idiotic remark, and rightfully so, by saying, “We’re going to be talking about the Cohen and Manafort cases in the B-block,” Watters said, referring to the rest of the program. “Now, we’re leading the show with this story. So it seems like you’re the one that’s trying to distract from this story.”  To which Williams responded by saying, “No, we’re leading with a story about one woman’s death—“

Watters interrupted saying “You just sounded like the professor,” referring to Dr. Christina Greer, a Fordham University professor who has since apologized for her remark on MSNBC when she called Tibbetts a “girl in Iowa” that “Fox News is talking about.”  Watters continued, saying, “Just some woman in Iowa,” virtually repeating the professor’s words but interrupted by crosstalk.  And it was another fellow co-host, Greg Gutfeld who also chimed in saying, “Just a girl in Iowa.”

Watters added, “No one died on a tax evasion case, Juan.”  To which Williams shot back saying, “But the presidency of the United States, Jesse, is imperiled by these decisions.” And Watters simply responded, “According to you!”    The argument then turned into a debate about illegal immigration and its connection to tragic stories like the Mollie Tibbetts murder case.  Williams is another of those brain-members of the left absolutely salivating over the taking down of a duly elected president.

Williams was not the only liberal ‘journalist’ to provoke heated reaction for objecting to the president’s honoring of the life of Mollie Tibbetts. AP reporter Zeke Miller drew backlash on Twitter for an insensitive remark that Mollie Tibbetts’ death was “likely coming soon to a Trump rally near you.”  Some ‘journalists’ seem to want to use every major news story to embark on relentless attacks on Trump. Everything else, even the senseless murder of a young girl, is just a “distraction.”

Personally, I would love to have the opportunity to ask Williams if he truly does believe even half of the shit that comes out of his mouth.  But you do have to admit that, like most of those on the left, he is a rather superb professional liar, very well practiced and very polished.  But he is still nothing more than a common liar and will usually prefer politically correct misrepresentations to facts, except when he needs to tell a truth in order to maintain at least some semblance of credibility.

While the show is almost always tilted in favor of the NeverTrumpers, Williams, and to lesser degree Jerry whenever he makes an appearance, remains the token liberal out of the entire bunch.  And both he and Rivera can always be counted on to deliver pure political bullshit by the ton.  Here, you see how he was again engaged in what has become his typical Alinsky-style tactics in an attempt to portray his leftist position as somehow being completely reasonable.  Tactics like:

  1. Misrepresent the facts but insert something that is actually real. When challenged on the lies, incessantly point out to the one little nugget of fact that was inserted to give the whole load credibility.
  2. If people aren’t buying your BS and you have no facts to back it up, double, and even triple, down and keep shouting to drown out any opposing view.
  3. When you have nothing else, start putting words in your opponent’s mouth. That forces him (her) to defend themselves rather than call out the load of crap that you’re trying to sell as fact.
  4. Overgeneralize whenever possible. “We all know”, “Everybody says”, “It’s been widely reported” are some of Juan’s favorite lies that cannot be easily disproven.
  5. Always build up a hypothetical straw man to make your point when reality is not kind to your view. Then you can savage that hypothetical and avoid having to face the facts.

The only reason that Williams even still has a job is to give the loony leftwing point of view to any discussion so that it can be said to be ‘fair and balanced.’  I never agree with Williams, but I suppose Fox needs a few lefties like him, Smith, and Rivera so as not to appear as one-sided in their discussions as the other networks who never provide a truly balanced view.  Williams is so hopelessly anti-Trump that one of these days his hair might just catch fire as he spews his vitriol against the president.

Williams is one of the most ignorant and patently dishonest people that you’re likely to see on any news program on any channel.  He provides absolutely nothing of any substance to any discussion, on any topic, and he habitually spews what is nothing more than the Democrat Party talking points that he’s been provided with by his friends in the party.  I guess the only question is, is he truly as stupid and obnoxious as he appears to be or is it simply all an act?  I’m thinking it’s very real!


Juan Williams

Juan Williams is another one of those guys, much like Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo, who every time I see on television I can’t help but wonder why?  After all, here’s a guy who quite literally does nothing but spew what are the accepted-as-fact Democrat talking points.  I would love the opportunity to ask him if he genuinely believes the shit that comes out of his mouth.   He’s the primary reason I never watch that stupid little show on Fox News, ‘The Five.’  He’s actually billed as being one of the co-hosts of this bizarre little menagerie, at least half of whom are ‘NeverTrumpers.’

Anyway, it was on this past Monday’s telecast that this genius, Williams, inquired about why it might be that fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity didn’t disclose his relationship with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.  As with most of those of his particular political persuasion, there must always be something nefarious afoot.  Yet this is the very same boob who NEVER saw anything the least bit questionable when it came to the many shady associations of Barry ‘O’.  Williams is simply doing what those on the left always do, accuse others of doing what they themselves do and then whine.

Williams said, “[T]he question for me is why Sean didn’t disclose this earlier. Because, in the previous — Sean says there’s no third parties, obviously referring to the idea that Cohen was setting up payments to women for Trump and for Elliot Brody, the guy who’s the RNC donor. And we just — I don’t think there’s any evidence of anything like that with Sean Hannity. But, why, when Sean was on the air, strongly an advocate for President Trump, not saying, ‘Hey, I’ve got a relationship with the lawyer,’ I think that’s a question –.”  A question for whom, exactly?

It’s pretty obvious that Williams long ago lost all ability to think for himself.  The man hasn’t come up with an original thought in years.  He’s a robot who does little more than spout the talking points that have been provided to him by his kooky leftwing friends.  I wonder, does Williams have any issue with George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos who routinely identifies himself as being a ‘journalist’ but rarely ever mentions that he was one of the primary stooges of ‘Slick Willy’s’ presidency, and is a big supporter of Hitlery.  Likely not, since both Stephy and Williams are birds of a political feather.

Or are we to assume that Williams is perhaps only play-acting, pretending to take the opposing position, and going all out to sound like a moron in an attempt to mock those on the left.  No, I’m thinking there is nothing fraudulent about Williams appearing to be a moron.  On those few occasions when I have watched him, it oftentimes becomes rather painful to watch as he tries very hard to make his idiotic point sound rational.  Even NPR got tired of him.  He should thank God every day that Fox puts up with his limited brain and unlimited spewing of Democrat gibberish.

And are we also supposed to believe that Williams has never had any conversations, no matter how innocent they may have been, with anyone at the senior levels of his beloved Democrat Party?  Conversations that would likely reveal that he’s really nothing but a political hack and conversations that I’m sure he would much prefer to keep just between him and the ‘party.’  But let’s face it, few in today’s ‘fake news’ media have virtually no ties to someone within the Democrat Party.  Williams is but another example of how ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ has become so prevalent.

And finally, anyone who has spent any amount of time watching, or listening to, Sean Hannity is able to recognize the fact that he is not a ‘reporter’ and has NEVER claimed to be either a ‘reporter’ or a ‘journalist.’  Everyone knows that he likes President Trump, just as everyone knows that Williams absolutely LOVED Barry ’O’ and was pretty partial to Hitlery.  Hell, he made enough excuses for their pathetically corrupt behavior.  Hannity’s show, whether we’re talking radio or television, is an opinion show, plain and simple.  Williams needs to get his head outta his ass.