If there was ever any question as to whether or not the people of Georgia are some of the dumbest people in the country, or perhaps the entire world, that question appears to have been answered last night when they chose to elect a faux man of God, a wife beater and a slum lord, Raphael Warnock, over Herschel Walker. I’ve always wondered about the folks in Georgia, frankly I’ve never been quite sure how someone so stupid is able to make it through the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Apparently, the only way they are able to successfully navigate through life is with the assistance of politicians like Warnock. Which, when you stop to think about it, is pretty sad.

But then, I don’t suppose I should be surprised that this collection of mental midgets, or should I say little people, voted for this slug Warnock. After all, I both speak with, and come in contact with, these people on what is a pretty routine basis, and they’ve never really struck me as being particularly bright. But the sad thing here, though, is that the rest of us have now been put into the position of having to deal with the consequences of their ignorance because Warnock will now be heading back to Congress, not to vote as the people in Georgia might want him to but, instead, to happily vote just as he is instructed to do by Chuckie Schumer.

So if nothing else it would seem assured that we can expect the downward spiral of our country to continue unabated. With Joey B leading the charge and people like Warnock backing him up it’s only a matter of time before we hit bottom. And it’s this same odd assortment of misfits, aided by some from the other side, who are doing all that they can to remove from the running the one guy who is our best chance of averting an all-out disaster. And why exactly might that be? And there are people out here in the real world who actually agree with them.  Sadly, it’s these people who are no smarter than the people who blissfully reside in Georgia.

Frankly, I no longer have any patience for those who are too stupid, too lazy or too self-absorbed to vote against those whose only mission in life is to wreck this country and destroy our children’s futures. If you don’t want to be thought of as a moron, THEN DON’T VOTE LIKE ONE!!! There is no longer any reason, nor is there any excuse, to ever vote for any Democrat, least of all one like this creep Warnock. America is now literally hanging by a thread and it’s the Democrats who have played the major role in getting us into this predicament. There are patriotic Americans and then there are people like those in Georgia. Don’t be like those in Georgia.

But you know, even with all that said, I suppose it could be argued that there is nothing really all that special about the people of Georgia when it comes to the level of rampant stupidity that now seems to have engulfed the entire state. It would seem that the entire country is in the grip of a pandemic of stupidity and ignorance that does not bode well regarding our country’s ability to survive. And sadly, I’m not exactly sure what it’s going to take for more Americans to finally come to their senses and abandon today’s Democrat Party. Obviously, we aren’t there yet. So it now becomes a question of what will be made to die first, the country or the Democrat Party. Pray it’s the Democrat Party.


  1. I caught myself screaming almost at the top of my lungs this morning, This.

    “ why in the name of God would anybody!! I mean anybody vote Democrat!!!”

    I said this from what I remember about 5 or 6 times. And now I can’t talk normal and I won’t be able to for sometime. But we all watch the same thing when they elected a flat out brain dead piece of shit in Pennsylvania.

    And if the people that voted for that piece of shit that can’t even talk plainly if they would’ve took the time just to look up what he did as mayor, of Braddock, or what I should say what he didn’t do for them because he shunned them, his entire term. He did.

    He was so bad that Tucker Carlson did a 15 minute segment dedicated to him, right about 1 month before, the election. I don’t know one person that would not have been shocked to hear about him when he was mayor.

    What little bit he did do when he was mayor to try to revive that crumbling ex mill town. Let’s see. On his list.

    A. Bring in wind mill manufacturing. Didn’t happen.
    B. Bring in sun panel manufacturing. Didn’t happen. Neither was ever going to happen.

    I can sit here and say that these are two races that we should have won. Both, was easily winnable. In my opinion. But never forget this. Numbers. The traitorous Democrat Party in Georgia out-spent Walkers team, estimated to be 3 to 1. Almost, non-stop coverage in support of this scum-back Warnock.

    Up in Pennsylvania I read an article on the Wall Street Journal they estimate that the Democrat party an outside money out of the state from the West Coast outspent doctor Oz by 2 1/2 to 3 to one. Another, almost 24 /7, TV 📺 “Advertising—Soakage.”

    But here is the difference between us people that love this country and we know where history of America. People that vote like we do a real patriots. Whereas these other things are not.

    What are you getting yet and I’m going to stop is this. The Democrat party could take over the TV and run nothing but advertising for 24/7 and it would have no effect upon me or, others like me.

    We cannot be swayed. But I come from an entirely different generation than so many people that vote today. They don’t even teach schools anymore like they did when I went to school. Our teachers that I had, was of the WW2 Generation.

    In fact, our PE staff was all male even for the girls and, each one had been, in the military during “THE WAR.” As they called it back then. When I look at how they voted in California for a new governor and they had a chance to make a real difference for the better during this last governors run, and they chose to continue to getting screwed in the ass like OTTO On the show The SOA = The Sons of Anarchy. (Because he was being raped, on a daily basis. Not kidding you. Every, 24 hours the show let you know. )

    But the people in California knew they were getting screwed and they must’ve liked it. In many ways I don’t really see any hope for our country I’m serious I don’t. Even if we had a real honest election without a hint of corruption, I don’t think it would make a real, real difference. Most people haven’t looked at the actual data what I’m about to say and I know they have it because I’ve asked several times and I’ve also made a statement I’m going to make now.

    “WE JUST BARELY WON THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WHEN TRUMP RAN THE 1ST TIME.” don’t believe me? Then go check the data. I have. For each state. We barely won the states that we absolutely have to win.

    So no I don’t see any hope for our country anymore. And the number one cause for so much is our education system absolutely sucks. Patriotism in our schools and colleges don’t count for anything anymore. Not in the majority of the schools.

    In the school that I went to in the very NW Part of Montana, it still does. End it still does throughout our very small schools in Montana Wyoming, and in both Dakotas.


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