And so I am once again made to look the fool by another of those who I once trusted look out for my country, and to have its best interests at heart. Fast-forward to the era of President Trump and it turns out that he is another who has revealed himself to be just another self-serving fraud.  And to now stand against the man who proved himself to be the greatest president since Ronald Reagan disgusts me. And it makes painfully clear that these people pose an even greater threat to our freedom than do the Democrats. This time it’s John Bolton who recently voiced his intention to do all that he can to prevent President Trump from returning to the White House.

It was this past Monday during an appearance on NBC’s streaming show “Meet the Press Now” that Bolton made the comment that he is prepared to run for president as a Republican to stop his former boss from winning the presidency. Bolton said, “Donald Trump, if he were to take the oath of office again, God forbid, would either be lying about preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution or maybe he wouldn’t say it at all. You can’t have this kind of approach. It’s not something one can disagree with. This is foundational to the republic.” Bolton clearly views himself as one of those “better choices” that we continue to hear so much about!

Bolton continued, “There’s one thing that would get me to get into the presidential race, which I looked at in prior elections. It would be to make it clear to the people of this country that Donald Trump is unacceptable as the Republican nominee.” And yet Bolton finds himself able to simply ignore the fact that Joey B, and the Democrats, continue to shred our Constitution and still considers President Trump to be the bigger threat? He’s either a myopic blowhard or is simply a plant. And it was host, and resident NBC dingbat, Kristen Welker who said, “You are essentially telling us you would consider getting into the 2024 race for president.”

Bolton said, “Absolutely. I think to be a presidential candidate. You can’t simply say I support the Constitution. You have to say I would oppose people who would undercut it. We used to have a thing in the House of Representatives called the House Un-American Affairs Committee. I think when you challenge the Constitution itself the way Trump himself has done, that is un-American.” That’s fine John, then just toss your name in the hat and let’s see what happens. But don’t be too terribly disappointed when we the American people reject your nomination and choose to support the chosen candidate. Which, with luck, will be President Trump!

And you have to ask yourself, just what is it about President Trump that rubs Bolton the wrong way. Is it the fact that he made America energy independent? Is it the fact that it was his policies that resulted in a booming economy and real wage growth, especially for minorities and women? Or that he rebuilt our military to where it was once again second to none, or that under President Trump our southern border was made more secure than it had been in decades. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the fact that President Trump accomplished something that even Bolton himself couldn’t do. He bought relative peace to the Middle East. Tell us John, why do you hate Trump?

Most likely what we have here is nothing more than yet another attempt in a continuing struggle for relevancy on the part of Bolton. Bolton, a guy now considered to be so washed up that even ‘Fox News’ won’t have him on. President Trump is clearly no threat to the Constitution, that, I would argue, would be those RINOs like Bolton who seem to think it doesn’t really apply to them. President Trump is the only candidate willing to drive a burning stake into the heart of the beast that our bloated federal bureaucracy has now become. But God help us all if his hiring skills have not improved, he cannot rely on those who have made a career inside the beltway.

And I’ve come to think that these RINOs vying to take on President Trump actually believe that they have support of the people. I think they truly believe the insanity that comes out of their mouths when they act like they could win even a single state. The amount of RINOs now screeching “Pick me, pick me, I can stop Trump,” as if they have even a snowballs chance in Hell, is starting to get pretty hilarious. While none pose any kind of a realistic threat in the primaries, my only fear is that one will choose to run in the general election as a supposed Independent, with the specific purpose of allowing the Democrat, whomever it might be, to win the White House.

It’s like back when ‘RINO Paul’ Ryan, was running around talking about his grandiose ‘plans’ for what the party should do. There is no constituency for these people in the Republican Party. They’ve been shown for exactly what they are, and nobody cares what they think or will ever listen to them again. They still think that this is the old party of Bush, McCain and Cheney. That somehow, if only ‘they’ ran, the peoples’ eyes would be opened, the trumpets would sound from the heavens and the voters would flock to the polls to support them once more. And I’ll laugh as they rant and rave through the primaries, and promptly lose to President Trump in a landslide.

Frankly, I’m glad these people think so highly of themselves, because if any of them do choose to run they would very quickly find out that no one else does. Bolton has not a chance in Hell to win the Republican primary or of ever becoming president. And I doubt he could do all that much damage by running as an Independent. Bolton, like so many, thinks that media attention somehow equates to support by the American people. But that’s not the case. He’s just another political has-been who believes he’s the smartest person in DC, and his statement proves how out of touch and delusional he is in thinking he would have any shot at getting the nomination.

And so, apparently, the plan being put forth by the complicit Establishment Republicans as being the best way of stopping President Trump, and his massive conservative base, is to attempt to flood the field with old RINO rejects and has-beens like Bolton, Pence, Christie, and God knows who else, just to draw off enough votes to stop him. What a stroke of genius, NOT!!! None of these hacks really believe they can win. All of them, and I mean every single one, is just doing their duty to save the corrupt Washington power elite. Personally, I’ll never vote for another squishy RINO, those days are gone forever. At this point, it’s President Trump or no one. It’s just that simple!



  1. Not only John Bolton but suffice to say what I say next I’ve said several times before in the last several years and I mean it with all my heart. Easily 95% of the Republicans in both houses need to be either hanged, Or better yet, “DRAWN & QUARTERED”. and anybody that reads this I realize you don’t know me, and that’s OK. But make no mistake about what you read, make zero mistake about it.

    I MEAN THIS WITH ALL MY HEART! WITH ALL MY SOUL! And I have meant it, for several years. And listening to Tucker Carlson again tonight, proves to me again and again and again, that our biggest enemy is not just the Democrat party….


    as far as I’m concerned our number one enemy staring us in the face is the men and women that have been elected to represent us in the Republican party and they have turned out to be nothing but sorry ass piece of shit traitors!!!!!!!!!! easily 95% of the entire house and the entire Senate, NEEDS TO BE DRAWN & QUARTERED!!!!

    And if you’re not quite sure what that means, will step right up and read this because I love it!!!!! I have kept this article for a number of years because it’s one of the best explanations I’ve ever come across and also with a picture that somebody drew very good.

    “ drawing and quartering, part of the grisly penalty anciently ordained in England (1283) for the crime of treason. The full punishment for a traitor could include several steps. First he was drawn, that is, tied to a horse and dragged to the gallows.

    A so-called hurdle, or sledge, is sometimes mentioned in this context. Although such a device may have been a means of mercy, The History of English Law Before the Time of Edward I (2nd ed., 1898; reissued 1996) states that it was more likely a way to deliver a live body to the hangman.

    The remainder of the punishment might include hanging (usually not to the death), usually live disemboweling, burning of the entrails, beheading, and quartering.

    This last step was sometimes accomplished by tying each of the four limbs to a different horse and spurring them in different directions.”

    Drawing and Quartering, Capital Punishment.
    (Please, read the rest at the link, and look at the picture. and after listening to Tucker tonight at White a large number of Republicans want to do by siding with Democrats on mass amnesty, they proved to me once again who our biggest enemy is besides the Democrats!!!!!

    And if you listen to the article that he talked about tonight you will see that several of these pieces of shit are going to be retiring with a very fat retirement package.

    They don’t give a shit whatsoever about you and your children or grandchildren and their part of the problem why are they shit is being flooded with illegal aliens!!!!!

    Out of all the problems that we’ve had for a number of years our number one problem is, The massive waves of illegal pieces of shit!!!! and our own party is just as guilty as the Democrats. Our own party is, a party of traitors!!!!!

    “Tucker Carlson: This is an actual threat to democracy”


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