Ok, so who’s really surprised to hear that, statistically speaking, it’s these days that there is essentially no one watching the Communist News Network (CNN). Unless, of course, you count those sitting in the airport bar waiting for their next flight. And even then, no one’s really paying any attention. And it’s likely that even those who are employed by the network, if they’re being honest which they likely are not, know that no one is watching them. You see, it was during the week of 28 November that the total day viewership average for the network dipped below 500,000.

And what that means is that throughout the entire week, despite all the news involving the Republican takeover of the House, stuff with President Trump, and the Georgia U.S. Senate runoff, CNN only averaged only 495,000 viewers throughout the day. But the bad news doesn’t end there, nope! CNN’s primetime viewership was also a catastrophe. Throughout the week, an average of only 556,000 people tuned in during the fake news outlet’s prime hours. But then, why would anyone bother when they already know what it is that they’re going to hear?

Now when you stop to consider the fact that we live in a country of 330 million, and a country where around 100 million households have access to CNN, it makes you wonder how the network is even able to remain afloat. You would think that by default at least one percent of the public would tune in. But again, that would be nope. In fact, that number is closer to one-quarter of one percent of the population. And let’s face it, they have no one to blame but themselves. I detest being lied to, and no ones going to tune in watch those who are perceived as being liars.

Oh, and remember how it was that CNN’s new chief Chris Licht was going to be coming with a big broom and clean house? Well, with very few exceptions, that seems to have been more of a rumor. Because if he was truly interested in fixing CNN’s credibility issues he would fire Jake Tapper, not try (and fail) to promote him to primetime. And he would fire Don Lemon and not move him to mornings. Actually, he would fire pretty much everyone. CNN’s entire staff is smug and dishonest. And the network finding out that once credibility is lost, it’s rarely regained.

And so it would appear that Licht’s only goal is to cut costs in order to make CNN’s goal of spewing propaganda a little cheaper. With their current cast of characters, CNN essentially committed suicide a long time ago. When your headliners are those like Cooper, Tapper, Lemon and others too many to list, they’re doomed to keep right on failing. I mean, there is not a true ‘journalist’ among them. Who in their right mind would actually trust any of them?  And you have to wonder just who those half a million people are that are watching. Those folks scare me to my core.

And with all the important news stories happening right now, things like supply chain issues, Iran working on a nuke, Communist China threatening Taiwan, the Ukraine/Russia conflict, high food and gas prices, an invasion occurring at our southern border, fentanyl deaths, hyperinflation and more, where is CNN. Well, it would seem that the only things CNN wants to report on are such things as President Trump’s taxes, UK Royals drama, and slandering Republicans and conservatives ad nauseam. CNN sucks, and I’m not surprised they have suck ratings.

Look, CNN sucks and anyone who has been paying the least bit of attention knows it. The network mainstays are still around spouting hateful, anti-America, anti-Conservative rhetoric, smearing everyone and anything not aligned with the radical ‘woke’ mob. They’re still constantly branding people as racists and white supremacists. All the purges of personnel are for cost-cutting purposes only. They have obviously retained the toxic culture of hate. CNN will not recover until THAT changes and those like Tapper, Lemon and Cooper are sent packing.


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