After unleashing that which was the mother of all fishing expeditions on a former president and a potential future opponent, Joey now seems to be disavowing having any knowledge of it. Meanwhile, it’s Democrats, along with several RINOs and most of those in the ‘fake news’ media, who have now spent nearly every waking moment since, trying to convince anyone willing to listen that it was somehow warranted. But it’s also many on their side who are now saying that this same fishing expedition may very well end up having just the opposite effect of that which was intended. That, of course, being the removal of Donald Trump as a candidate in 2024.  

And it was during Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s rating-challenged ‘Andy Cooper 360,’ that Scott Jennings, some relic leftover from the George W. Bush administration, who said, “If you don’t convict Donald Trump now, you have martyred Donald Trump.” Jennings said to guest host John Berman, “You have basically guaranteed him the nomination for the Republican Party in 2024, and you’re going to give him a big weapon to go after Joe Biden or, you know, whatever Democrat emerges in 2024 if they don’t convict him.” Jennings continued, “I mean, they’ve raided the guy’s house.” And he said, “One person told me there’s no going back now.”

He said, “This is total — you know, there’s no reconciliation here when you raid somebody’s house. And so because of the political implications of that, I’m curious to know about what did the White House know?” Jennings said, “I want to know if Joe Biden knew. And frankly, given the implications of this, former president, probable candidate, I think the current president ought to say whether he knew about it in advance from the attorney general because I think a lot of Americans — a lot of Republicans are going to want to know the answer to that question.” And, of course, the White House has continued to deny that they had any advance notice of the raid.

And it’s once again that these dummies demonstrate their inability to look even one step beyond their immediate action. It may seem obvious to anyone not motivated by politics but, somehow, they never anticipated that the raid might end up casting President Trump as a victim of the FBI, so now they’re left with lamely demanding that the term ‘raid’ not be used because they want President Trump to be the perpetrator of some crime and not the victim. It seems that the harder they try to bring him down, the more spectacularly they continue to fail and the more corrupt they make themselves appear. And yet they keep trying. It’s really quite amazing.

And now they’re actually expecting us to believe that the DOJ somehow acted unilaterally? No one at the White House knew anything about this? I mean, the decision for the FBI to raid the residence of a former president with three dozen FBI agents, did NOT go all the way to the top? It was just some low-level schlemiel who took it upon himself, without informing the higher-ups, that he was going to raid the residence of a former president and future candidate? That’s their story? Whether Joey knew of the raid beforehand or after, he is ultimately responsible for all the departments in his regime.  If he didn’t know about it that’s worse than if he did.

And so, what is it, exactly, that these people think he’s guilty of? Making the country prosperous and energy independent? Making the Middle East into a peaceful place? Getting nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? The Democrats, their RINO allies and the ‘fake news’ media tried for four years to find something, ANYTHING, to hang on him and failed rather spectacularly every time! There was the two wasted years, and a buttload of wasted money, of Bob Mueller, the great white dope, upon whom the Democrats pinned all their hopes, only to be let down when he came up with nothing. Then came the sham impeachments, even after he was no longer President.

And finally, sometimes cliches are accurate. You know, like “Evil always eats itself, The snake swallows its own tail or Give ‘em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.” Say what you will about President Trump, but his election and the insane reactions by the left resulted in the Democrat party finally being exposed for what it is…Communist lite. Only now it’s going full bore communist/fascist just as Ronald Reagan predicted over 40 years ago. They no longer even try to hide their corruption because they believe they’re untouchable since they control federal law enforcement. Hubris always results in disaster. They obviously haven’t learned that lesson.

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