As strange as it may sound, there was a recent poll taken that seemed to indicate that the majority of the American have no problem with paying four dollars for a gallon of gas, nor with the fact that store shelves remain largely unfilled. And also, they apparently don’t mind in the least that inflation is now the highest it’s been in decades, that very soon they’ll be paying higher taxes, or that crime is now officially out of control. And most Americans also seem ok with the fact that our southern border no longer exists, just as they are enamored of how boys are now able to share showers and restrooms with their daughters merely by claiming to be girls themselves.

And it’s all of this that’s according to FiveThirtyEight’s recent generic congressional ballot average, done on August 10, and conducted less than four months from the midterm elections, that seems to indicate that Democrats have now somehow inched ahead of Republicans. And how is it that such a thing could happen if Americans didn’t actually support the Democrats’ agenda of destroying America? The average showed generic Democrats with an average of 44.2 percent and generic Republicans with an average of 44 percent. The average from FiveThirtyEight looks at polls from Morning Consult, Rasmussen Reports, Ipsos, Data for Progress, and YouGov.

In 2018, the Democrats took the House from the Republicans. In 2020, the Republicans succeeded only on leaving the Democrats with the slimmest majority in modern history and gave themselves the upper hand in the midterms. For Republicans, winning the majority will require a net gain of only five seats in November, and much is on the line in both the House and the Senate. For Democrats, losing either would mean they will have a more difficult time passing their agenda items before the next presidential election. And the fact that the Democrats leading this generic congressional ballot average should serve as a warning for Republicans.

Or, instead, is all of that merely what we’re supposed to believe? Is this all nothing more than an attempt by those who take these polls to alter public opinion and not so much to reflect it. They want to convince the weak-minded among us that everyone is voting Democrat and that they should too. And they want the public to think the fraudulent results are plausible, and by rigging these polls the numbers will say it’s quite possible that the Democrats are likely to win. An act that is essentially no different then how so many on the ‘fake news’ media continue in their attempt to spin the unjustified, and illegal, search of President Trump’s private residence.

Those candidates supported by President Trump won the vast majority of primary contests. We know Joey got nowhere near 81 million votes and you have to wonder what responsible individual, regardless of political affiliation, thinks it’s a good idea to vote for inflation, for higher food prices, for higher gas prices, for empty shelves, for an open border, for rising interest rates, for higher taxes, for a slowing economy or for anything that does further damage to this country? So is this a poll meant to try and sway public opinion and to set the tone for the cheating that is likely to come? That way when they squeak out those close races using these polls as ‘proof.’

Polls like this are meant to instill complacency, and we must not allow them to succeed. Despite the fact that they spew what it is a constant barrage of ‘fake news,’ we cannot afford to underestimate the hold the media still has over many Americans. Like it or not the Democrats continue to have a strangle hold on the culture. It’s like taking a captive away from a longtime kidnapper, it will take years of deprogramming to reverse the damage done by decades of Democrat control. Democrats continue to work to divide the American people, because that’s the only way they win. Sadly, too many of us refuse to see how it is that the Democrat Party seeks to destroy America,

Democrats have done nothing to deserve higher polls numbers, so there is no reason to believe these polls are accurate. The pollsters continue to rig the polls in order to make it appear that the Democrats are ahead and to make it easier to hide their upcoming fraud. Democrats seem enthused by the prospect of totalitarian socialism. I mean do you live under a rock? Democrats are literally turning America into the next Venezuela. It’s been the Democrats plan for decades to change the demographic makeup of this country by importing millions of illegals each year. We are dangerously close to the point of no return and opportunities to reverse things are running out.

The likely goal here, of polls such as this, is to prime the population into expecting a blue victory even though it’s a red one that is likely coming. So when they rig the elections in order to maintain their stranglehold over the federal government, they can claim the polls showed it for months leading up to the election. The other thing about suppression polls is that they are an effort to demoralize the opposite side and to convince them that voting is nothing more than a complete waste of time because there’s no way they can possibly win. This means fewer show up to the polls thinking their votes won’t make any difference, and the prophecy becomes self-fulfilling.

Look, it’s anyone who goes to the grocery store that is able to sees how the price of the most basic of items that they purchase has now gone up 25 to 30 percent, or how the price of gas has doubled from what it was less than two years ago, or whose job that is in any way related to the travel, restaurant, entertainment, construction, home furnishings, or new auto sales would have to be mentally impaired not to see what Joey’s policies have done to this country. Joey and the Democrats have no plan to correct any of this because they are willing to sacrifice American consumers on the altar of their green energy agenda. So they continue to try to fool us.

For me our government has now gotten so corrupt that, at this point, anything can happen. Most polls aren’t real, they just dictate what they want you to think. Try to figure out how a man who did little actually campaigning, became our *president. Do you really think he got more votes than ‘BO?’ Do you really think the Democrats are jumping up in the polls as they attack a future candidate with government entities? No one is screaming at the top of their lungs except President Trump. You can’t steal an election with honest polling. If the Republican voters sit on their butts and allow braindead Democrat voters to continue this disaster, America is truly done.



    I’ve been saying this for years. I don’t see how one rational common sense American can vote for any Democrat at any time, for anything. But when you look at what’s happened to our country and by that I mean the state of our public schools the way the left have ruined 2, entire generations.


    our side didn’t do a damn thing besides sit on our ass and post comments online about it, against it!! because we’re too damn scared of the left. We’re too damn scared to go head to head toe to toe with them in the streets. For over 30 years on any given weekend the far left is in the streets marching about something.

    Don’t hand me none of those excuses about how, “we got jobs you know.” Or, here is another one. “ Time to lock and load!” “This just made me want to go buy another thousand rounds!!” Give me a damn break.

    There’s never going to be another Civil War not even close to the kind we had before. What are you gonna do start shooting your friggin neighbor. If we see anything we might see some movement in the way of certain states banding together and seceding.

    What we don’t have? Is no guts. Unless we can wrestle control of the school system and the colleges back from the left, I don’t see any hope for our country. We are never going to just vote our way out of this unbelievable debacle..


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