Yes my friends, it would appear to be 1917 all over again, and instead of finding ourselves in Russia, we’re right here in America, although you’d never know it. So, what has happened to us? Well, the answer to that is a very simple one, the Democrat Party is what has happened to us. Along with those who, for whatever reason, were able to see fit to hand control of the country over to them when knowing every time we have done so they have done nothing but to inflict irreparable damage upon our country until we now find ourselves in a rather untenable position. The American people now find themselves being pushed into a corner, and if we allow that to continue, without making those taking part face any sort of repercussions, then we deserve what we get.

Because we’ve now seen the lengths to which these Democrats are willing to go in their continuing effort to maintain their grip on power, while enriching themselves personally along the way. Their actions now make quite clear the level of fear they possess for the one man who has shown an willingness to stop them. And with that they may also now be stirring something within many of us to rise up against this tyranny and that which they are trying to accomplish with this latest act of thuggery. With this recent raid on the private residence of a former President they have once again made it abundantly clear that they no longer have any interest in preserving the rule of law. It would seem that their only interest, at this point, is to make permanent their ability to rule. It’s scary how far we have allowed things to progress.

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