It has been for decades now that John Kerry-Heinz has been doing his very best to sound the alarm about how the world is coming to an end because of bogus ‘climate change.’ And it has been none of his many apocalyptic predictions that have EVER materialized. Not one! But has that stopped him from making more such predictions, no. Instead, his predictions have become all the more bizarre and continue to be made despite the fact that a changing climate, even it really was taking place, has absolutely nothing to do with any of the supposed calamities that he insists upon claiming that it does. This guy has been a pathetic loser his entire life!

And so it was that once again bogus ‘climate change’ extremist John Kerry-Heinz was, just this past Monday, busily warning anyone who would listen that geopolitical tensions including floods, famine, pestilence, war and rumors of war MUST NOW all be set to one side as the time has come for yet another “urgent” climate conference to seal the fate of the world. Kerry-Heinz appealed for everyone to focus and his climate call as the U.S. and Egypt on Monday launched a joint working group to prepare for the COP27 conference in Egypt’s Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in November. Yes, by all means, we should all focus on him and not on the mess ‘Creepy Joe’ has made.

As the man chosen by *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden to be his Special Envoy for Climate, who is about as qualified for such a post as is Tony Fauci for his, Kerry-Heinz said other world tensions, including coronavirus and the ongoing Ukraine crisis, “will not change the reality of what is happening every day with respect to our climate,” and called the issue an “international threat for all of us.” And it was during a news briefing in Cairo, with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukry, that he said, “There are no politics in this. There is no ideology in this. This is not anything to do with some of the issues.” And rather remarkably he was able to say it with a straight face.  

When Kerry-Heinz was asked why he chose to fly private, he responded private jets are “the only choice for someone like me.” This moron claimed, “If you offset your carbon, it’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.” Anyone with even an ounce of commonsense understands that bogus ‘climate change’ is all about power, not the environment. Just as all of the mask mandates are all about power, not public health. If all the pompous signers of the Paris Climate Accord actually gave a flying fart about the issue, they’d confront Communist China, which is in the process of building 43 coal-fired generating plants.

Think of the amount of sheer narcissism you must possess in order to think that not only can you stop Earth’s climate from changing, but you can maintain it at current levels in perpetuity. These folks know nothing about science. All the predictions of rising sea levels by 7 feet in 28 years are based on ignorance. The Earth measures time in millions and billions of years. There won’t be any sudden seven-foot rise in sea level unless there is a serious event with our sun or our planet leaves its orbit. Things don’t happen that fast in the natural world unless it is a violent change. If violent change happens, the temperature outside will be the least of our worries.

Most violent change in Earth’s history led to repeated ice ages and extinction events, of which we have had at least three. It seldom, if ever, results in hot deserts. Look, it’s an election year, which makes it time for yet another Democrat eco terror campaign. In 2020 they used the COVID bio-terror campaign, but after two years that is losing its effectiveness. Time for the Left to switch back to a tried-and-true terrorist campaign. ‘Global warming’ didn’t work, ‘climate change’ didn’t work so now it’s all about a ‘climate crisis.’ And so once again we have another Democrat trying to do what it is that Democrats do best, ‘never let a crisis go to waste.’

Bogus ‘climate change’ is the Democrats favorite go-to problem that only government can solve and thus justifies the confiscating of more taxpayer wealth. We’ve been told that ‘climate change’ is the reason for the exponential increase in homelessness – oh wait – closing people’s businesses did that. ‘Climate change’ is the reason for the uptick in violence – oh wait the lockdowns and revolving doors in our jails did that. ‘Climate change’ is the reason for the unprecedented increase in drug abuse and over-doses – oh wait the open border did that. Climate is the reason for our children wanting to commit suicide at an alarming rate. No wait mandates did that.

We don’t need ‘global warming’ in order to have famine and pestilence, it would seem that all we really need is to have a Democrat *president. And, sadly, we’ve got one, albeit by fraudulent means. And because of him, specifically, we now have much MORE important issues in need of being ‘urgently’ addressed like the economy, inflation, war, Americans left in Afghanistan, Illegals pouring in the southern border, Terrorists coming in the southern border, DRUGS coming in the southern border. And this idiot, who travels around in his private jet and on a private yacht thinks ‘climate change’ is the most important crisis in need of being addressed? It’s not even close.

The man is the epitome of all that it means to be a hypocrite, as well as an overblown pain in the ass. He’s been taking money from the taxpayers in one form or another all of his adult life. His constant shouts of alarm are clearly based on what can only be described as being some rather deeply flawed science, and the total disregard for all the false alarms raised by him and his ilk over the last 50 years. The world is now cooling, though ‘climate change’ zealots, like Kerry-Heinz and that other boob Al Gore, will do their best to ignore and obscure this process, which will likely become all the more and more evident over the course of the next several years.

John Kerry-Heinz, grifter extraordinaire! Back in the 1960s we were all told by the ‘experts’ that by the year 2000 over population was going to cause famine, pestilence, disease and war. In the 1970s those same experts had said a new ice age was on its way with total disaster by the year 2000. And in the 1980s these experts predicted financial collapse before the year 2000. More recently it was experts of a different type saying we needed 15 days to flatten the curve. It seems that the only thing these experts are actual experts on, is failed predictions. If no crisis exists there will always be the need to invent one. All an expert is, is a ‘drip under pressure!’

Kerry-Heinz is a multi-billionaire who made his money the old-fashioned way, he married it. And we can add to that the fact that he’s little more than a communist sympathizer who’s never put in a full day’s work in his entire unremarkable life. Now he says that we should ignore the Four Horsemen and hug a tree. He displays the arrogant vapidity of a career politician who has no inkling of what life is like for normal, average folks . He has his treasure laid up in all the wrong places, for sure. If you’re not rich enough to offset your carbon footprint with credits, you should just die. That’s the message of the global elite and the Democrat socialist ruling party!

Can these progressive woke snowflakes, aka Democrats, be any more stupid and dangerous? ‘Creepy Joe’ cancelled President Trump’s sanctions on the Russian-EU pipeline essentially giving Vlad Putin the ‘greenlight” to leverage and to threaten Ukraine. China owns the Biden family and is doing the same to Taiwan. North Korea has started up its missiles again. Iran’s nuclear arms program is back on track. Both Russia and China’s military have now developed indefensible hypersonic weapons, while ‘Creepy Joe’s military leadership rolls-out pronoun sensitivity training! Meanwhile, Kerry-Heinz is worried about climate change!! Are you kidding me??

Finally, all of this ‘climate’ nonsense is just another scheme to enslave and impoverish the middle and working classes. This has never been about science; it always was about power and control. Yet Kerry-Heinz continues to get on the private jet he inherited from his wife’s dearly departed former husband and fly hither and yon preaching cleanliness and science to all of us ignorant Deplorables. Kerry-Heinz is a disgrace to this country. He has a very long history of lying going all the way to he relatively brief, yet very personally rewarding, stint in Vietnam. He’s the very last guy that we should believe when it comes to any supposed apocalypse looming over the horizon.



  1. “ Joe Biden along with this administration is the most dangerous administration our nation has ever had in the history of all past presidential administrations.

    For a number of years there is people conservatives would say that the Barack Obama administration was the most dangerous.

    Compared to what we have had and what we have seen out of all past democrat presidents and there administrations, take Barack Obama and his administration.
    What we have today today would make him and his entire administration out to be, conservative lite.

    This Administration is not liberal, not, not left, it is straight up part Marxist fascist Jacobin. They know in the long run everything they want to do to change this country they will never be able to get it done in the voting booth and because of our Constitution.

    Because with secure voting and with the constitution they would never be able to accomplish even a little of what all they want to do to this country. So this is why they want to flood the country with as many illegal aliens as they can.

    Look at New York they have every intention of letting over 800,000 illegal aliens vote in their next election for governor unless somebody stops it. That’s why they are moving as many illegals into red states into places that would always vote conservative.

    This is the only way they can accomplish their Marxist goals and they know this. I’m surprised that we haven’t seen at least one large march against the millions that have been allowed to just come in. And it’s obvious this administration has no intentions of securing the border.

    When you look at the amount that has been allowed to come in that should tell you by the end of this administration over 12 million illegal aliens will be allowed to just walk into our country.

    That’s not taking into account the amount that will come, walk in, and the border patrol isn’t able to count. They, they say, the Border Patrol says that, that for every 1 alien they count, 2 to 3 get by secretly. So that 12 million is easily tripled. “


  2. For some reason, when I posted my comment it left off who actually said this and I did quote it. The comment that I posted I cut and pasted, and it’s from / by, Victor Davis Hanson. On Tucker Carlson’s show, January 16th, Wednesday, 2022.


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