Could it become anymore pointless than it already is for us to continue to listen to any of those who now apparently see it as being their job the providing us all with what is really nothing more than what’s commonly referred to today as, ‘fake news?’ And at what point does it become nothing more than a complete waste of time? I mean these people have already proven themselves to be nothing more than leftist minions all under the employ of the Democrat Party. Because when supposed ‘journalists’ see it as being their primary function to provide all manner of political cover to their most favored of politicians, they cease being of any use to those of us who are supposed to be able to rely on them for factual information.  

And it’s those involved who continue to set the bar lower and lower. And even in what is now the current flood of propaganda and misinformation now spewing forth from those in what’s called the ‘the legacy media,’ it’s the far-left Communist Broadcasting System, more commonly known as CBS, that is already scapegoating the “Ukraine crisis” regarding ‘Creepy Joe’s mishandling of our economy. It was a recent CBS ‘news’ tweet that read, “The U.S. economy has been hit with increased gas prices, inflation, and supply-chain issues due to the Ukraine crisis.” You have to ask yourself, just where is it that the geniuses at CBS have been for the last 11 months? Have they not been paying attention, or is there something more sinister afoot?

Well, I guess it’s difficult to acknowledge reality when one has absolutely no interest in reality. First off, the idea that a weeks-old conflict has already rippled into our “wallets” is beyond laughable. We’re still a ways away from that. Yes, ‘Creepy Joe’s epic mismanagement of Ukraine will, of course, eventually hit us all, there’s no question about that. But even then, ‘Creepy Joe’ will still deserve the blame. The “Ukraine crisis” might not even have happened had he not abandoned Afghanistan, abandoned America’s energy independence, killed the Keystone Pipeline, and approved Nord Stream 2. And even if the Ukraine crisis did still happen, America would not be so vulnerable to the fallout had we remained energy independent.

The bottom line, though, is that our exploding gas prices, our record inflation, and our supply chain snarls were already bad and getting worse long before Ukraine became any kind of an issue. Secondly, what CBS News did here is precisely why Democrats’ and the ‘fake news’ media are so desperate to juice up a regional conflict into something much, much larger. Working together, the Democrats and those in the ‘fake news’ media intend to gaslight midterm voters into somehow believing that all of our economic problems are all the fault of Vlad Putin and, by extension, the fault of President Trump, because, you know, Trump is a Russian puppet or something like that. And they actually think we’re stupid enough to fall for it.

This laughably desperate ploy (which, of course, will not work) is already playing out all over the world of ‘fake news.’ And the ‘fake news’ media will continue to read this misinformation as long as the economy worsens, as gas prices, supply chain issues, and inflation all worsen. ‘Creepy Joe,’ right now, is loving this so-called crisis. It distracts from his growing number of failures as *president, allows him to pose as commander-in-chief, and will give him a scapegoat for his disastrous handling of the economy. Like I said, it won’t work. It won’t help Democrats or ‘Creepy Joe’ in the upcoming midterms. But at least Democrats and the media have a talking point now. It might be a lousy talking point, but it’s better than having no talking point.

Look, it was on his very first day in office that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden destroyed America’s energy independence that President Trump had created through deregulation and expansion of its infrastructure. For the first time in what was a very long time we were at a net positive and in a position to sell it to our European allies, to separate our interests in the Middle East’s endless conflicts, to weaken Russia and Communist China, making us the greatest super-power in all the world. And now fast-forward just 12 months and it’s now that we buy roughly 30 percent of our oil from Russia and no one in ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. gives a damn about the working class, knowing it is us that will pay the cost of their party’s narcissism for power.

And it’s absolutely no one who is either willing or able, to explain to us why it is that ‘Creepy Joe’ still chooses to ban drilling on federal lands, fracking and why he won’t deregulate despite our national security crisis. President Trump warned Germany in 2018 that they were buying more than 60 percent of their gas from Russia and making themselves dependent on a tyrant. They chose not to listen and went all in on the “Green New Deal” much to their detriment. Now we have a ‘leader’ who puts the lunatic fringe in charge of our country. He doesn’t support our brave Border Patrol and has demoralized them, and our military, beyond belief with his surrender of Afghanistan, our open borders policy and radical bail reforms.

Such nonsense from CBS rates right up there with, “MY dog ate my term paper.” ‘Creepy Joe’ and his cadre of rabid left-wingers tanked the economy all on their own without any help from any supposed crisis. After witnessing all that has taken place in just the last year it’s more and more people who are coming to realize that there is no way that we can survive three more years of this guy. Those in the ‘fake news’ media would have us all believe that ‘Creepy Joe,’ wise sage that he is, shuts down drilling, opens our borders, causes oil prices to skyrocket, sits on the supply chain backlog and allows inflation to run rampant all to prepare us for a global conflict with Russia that is all President Trump’s fault. You simply can not make this shit up!


  1. Everybody & his brother, seriously needs to see Kyle Rittenhouse’s new video about all the media. All, of the sorry ass, lying, conning, manipulating pure pieces of shit.
    Also the print media.

    We cannot leave them out. Or, the online media that Censortube is loaded with. I couldn’t agree more with this entire, article. You betcha I’m putting it on Facebook.


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