If it’s not from the Democrats, and it’s not from the many boobs in the ‘fake news’ media and it’s not from the RINOs that we continually hear about how it is that Donald Trump is somehow an albatross around the neck of the Republican Party, then, apparently, we can be sure to hear it from those who were once considered by many to be conservatives but with the arrival of Donald Trump onto the political scene revealed themselves to be conservatives not at all. Such a person is none other than Frank Luntz, one-time conservative pollster. And if Luntz, not unlike Karl Rove, says something, you can now take it to the bank that just the opposite is true.

And it was Luntz, during an appearance just this past Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” who made the rather odd assessment regarding this fall’s midterm elections, saying that Republicans will win control of the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm elections and that it’s only former President Trump who could actually end causing them to lose. And standing in for former ‘Slick Willy’ hack, and supposed ‘journalist’ George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, it was guest-host Jonathan Karl who asked, “Are Republicans feeling some anxiety about tying themselves too closely to a Donald Trump where it seems to be the legal walls seem to be moving in on him?”

Of course, Karl is little more than a babbling idiot, as is Luntz himself. These two propagandists chose to use this show to bring up President Trump’s supposed “legal problems.” Russia, Russia, Russia is gone, so they can no longer beat that dead horse. So, since they no longer have that to talk about, they’re desperately trying to hang onto any negatives they can to tie to President Trump. Luntz said, “Let’s make some news. If you look at the polling data, and you do the focus groups, you talk to independents as I have done, I find it difficult to see any other conclusion than Republicans winning control of the House and winning control of the Senate.”

And this overweight dolt the went on to say, “Now a lot of stuff can change. And I know that we don’t know what’s going to happen in Ukraine. But Republicans should win both of those based on what’s happening right now and what we know is going to happen in the coming months.” He continued, “Only Donald Trump could stand in that way. Only Donald Trump, what he says, how he says it, could prevent Republicans from winning the majority. If he makes this about November of 2020 or January of 2021, it could cost Republicans the Senate.” And he added, “If he tries to make this election about himself, the Republicans could lose due to Trump.”

On the contrary, if Republicans want to take back the House and the Senate then what they really need to do is to stop listening to morons like Luntz. Because it’s Luntz, and those like him, who likely thinks that the ‘Lincoln Project’ is the key to Republicans winning the House and Senate. Luntz sold out a long time ago, he found out that he could make more money shilling for the Left. He’s another NeverTrumper that’s long past his ‘sell by’ date. And while I am certainly no ‘brilliant’ pollster, even I know that without President Trump’s support the Republicans are most certain to lose. Republican elites will lose every time to ‘American First’ Republicans!

Donald Trump is the political juggernaut he is because when he spoke to the American people each felt like he was speaking to them, but more importantly, they felt he was listening to them. He made promises to them, and he kept them, which only made people support him more. The elites believe that if they can only rid themselves of Donald Trump, all of their problems will go away with him. They just can’t admit that President Trump’s supporters are the result of decades of duplicitous treatment by ‘Establishment RINOs.’ But ridding the party of Donald Trump will also rid the party of his ‘America First’ supporters. And if that happens, the party will be forever doomed.

President Trump is the ONLY reason that the Republicans may actually have a shot at what many have predicted as a Red Wave coming this November. And without him, the Republicans are nothing but dead in the water. But still watch for the Republicans to continue their effort to ditch President Trump even if they are successful in taking control of Congress. Dumping Donald Trump and then holding an olive branch out to the Democrats with an offer to let by bygones be bygones will be the first move the RINOs will make. And all of the shenanigans perpetrated by Democrats against President Trump will merely be water under the proverbial bridge.

It’s millions of Americans who remain loyal to President Trump. And frankly there is nothing that any of these ‘fake news’ media clowns can say that is going to change anyone’s mind. They don’t want us to keep hearing about how the election was stolen by the Democrats. And, according to Luntz, if President Trump keeps harping about the election being stolen it may turn people off and cause them to vote for Democrats in the midterms. This is a faulty logic since Democrats are already losing ground due to the insane policies coming from ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. which has turned this country upside down in just over a year. This insanity has got to come to an end!

Republican Party success in the midterms, could be affected by RINO and Democrat efforts to undermine and/or remove President Trump as a candidate for 2024. Establishment Republicans think they can use President Trump’s coattails to regain control of Congress, while at the same time eliminating him as the leader of the party, and as the party’s front-runner heading into 2024. The question is, will the Republican base tolerate this? Democrats, and those like Luntz, have been lying about Donald Trump for six years now. Nothing they’ve accused him of, has stuck. The only Republicans Trump will hurt are the RINOs he speaks out against.

Establishment hacks, again like Luntz, still deny that there is any kind of an upside to President Trump’s appeal in motivating the base to come out and vote for Republicans. The Establishment’s ‘business as usual’ policies excite absolutely no one outside the beltway. The truth is just the opposite of what Luntz says. Because if the Republican Party chooses to embrace traitors like Cheney and Kinzinger it will be that that keeps Republicans at home on the Election Day, and there will be no hope for Republicans to regain control of either the House or the Senate. After all, who is it, exactly, who will be willing to vote for a party whose leaders openly despise them?

Apparently, Luntz either didn’t get the memo, or he’s simply choosing to ignore it. President Trump is now the official leader of the modern-day conservative movement. “We the People” are sick of all the phony investigations, we are sick of those like Luntz telling to just let the last election go and focus on the next one. We want to establish election integrity, we are sick of endless wars for the benefit the elites, we are sick of elites thinking they actually are smarter than “We the People,” and the majority of us think that President Trump is most qualified to carry out our wishes. Frank needs to crawl back under whatever rock he came out from under, and stay there.

Finally, here’s what Luntz and so many in the ‘fake news’ media either don’t understand or, for whatever reason, are choosing to ignore. A massive change is needed in Washington and RINOs are most definitely not the answer. We need true conservative leadership not those RINOs who only claim to be conservatives, but clearly are not. Just look at what the Left has done in the last couple of years. ‘America First’ Republicans must be willing to step up and get this country back on the right track as it was under President Trump. President Trump lifted the curtain and showed the American people the stench of DC. Corruption is rampant!

The Democrats, along with their RINO allies, are simply doing the bidding of those who are not only the enemies of America but are the enemies of freedom. They’re doing their best to bankrupt our country and it’s only true conservative leaders who will be able to stop them. Leaders who are willing to put the country above personal profit, leaders who genuinely care more about whether this country can be made to survive for future generations than they care about selling it off piece by piece in exchange for personal wealth. That is why Luntz, the ‘fake news’ media, the RINOs and the Democrats ALL hate him so much. He’s a man who cannot be bought off.

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