Well, if we can believe a recent poll, it would seem that ‘Creepy Joe Biden’s approval rating as *president is rapidly approaching that exact percentage of Americans who might have actually chosen to vote for him in 2020. But I’m thinking he still has a way to go. I mean, seriously, who is it that actually supports all that he’s done, and continues to do, to this country other than someone who was actually stupid enough to vote for him in the first place? No one believes he got 81 million votes, the numbers simply don’t add up. The majority of the ‘votes’ he received came out of thin air just as, apparently, the number of those approving of his job performance.  

And so, it’s according to the 1,355 adults recently surveyed in an IBD/TIPP poll that the *president’s job approval currently stands at 38 percent with a disapproval rating of 48 percent of adults, with another 14 percent undecided. Undecided must mean braindead, because how else could one possibly be undecided, but I digress. Anyway, the presidential leadership index, which tracks how the *president is “viewed when it comes to leading the country,” put ‘Creepy Joe’s approval at 44 percent. That too, at least for me, is a pretty frightening statistic. Because I’m not seeing anything coming from this guy that could be called ‘leadership’ by anyone’s definition!

And it was in January that the same IBD/TIPP poll gave the *president a 44 percent job approval rating among adults versus a 45 percent disapproval. The steady drop is attributed, in large part, to a sudden cratering in support among Democrats, 66 percent to 21 percent. For Independents, the *president fared even worse with a 55 percent disapproval rating. As the *president’s disapproval rating continues to tank, those Democrats considered to be vulnerable regarding their quest for re-election are avoiding ‘Creepy Joe’ like the plague. And Democrats, vulnerable or not, have now begun to distance themselves from him as the mid-term elections approach.

Personally, I’m thinking that old ‘Creepy Joe’ will likely bottom out somewhere around 20 percent in his approval, as that is likely the actual number of “approvers”, which is also about the same percentage of those “Americans” who call themselves progressives. These folks are likely very happy with our lurch to the left. The others probably still interpret an approval poll question as “are you sorry you voted for him”, and they can’t yet bring themselves to admit it, because their entire low information political world is still a binary Trump/no Trump choice. That category is shrinking every day and the real 80 percent disapproval number may come out in November.

‘Creepy Joe’ has a long history of being a corrupt, dishonest, self-aggrandizing, incompetent moron from the 1970s. Today he’s IN his 70s and much the worse for wear. He’s known for his rather ‘flexible’ brand of ethics and a blatant lack of morality over the course of his last 50 years in ‘public service,’ as well as his penchant for lying, exaggerating, groping women, sniffing hair, and plagiarizing. ‘Creepy Joe’ is a fraud, a charlatan and a cheat. Yet in his own mind, he’s an authentic American ‘man of the people.’ This kind of self-delusion is truly sad. But think of all the supporters, enablers, and yes-men working to keep the con going.

Here we have a guy who took power courtesy of what was nothing more than a massive exercise in voter fraud perpetrated against the American people, who’s taken millions in bribes from Communist China and has worked to sabotage America. He is not our president but is, instead, a traitor and an enemy within. He’s the worst president ‘elected’ in all of my nearly 70 years! He’s little more than a puppet, willingly controlled by those operating in the darkness. Can you imagine any Republican president doing even a quarter of what this senile old f*ck gets away with? He’s nothing but a disgrace and yet his devoted followers think he’s awesome.

They say even a crazy person will run out of a burning building, and I think even in his obviously demented state he’s able to see the mess he has made of things and is now trying to create a ‘wag the dog’ moment with Russia to distract attention away and to make himself look presidential. Meanwhile our enemies laugh at him and laugh at the US. The Democrats have really screwed up this country by rigging the 2020 election to install a senile, empty-headed crook who can’t put two sentences together. More and more evidence is coming out about the 2020 election and how the Democrats engineered the greatest act of election theft ever to occur in this country.

Look at how far this our country has fallen in just 12 short months. We’ve become the laughingstock of the entire world and the true example of a paper tiger. No one fears the United States and our supposed ‘leaders’ are selling us out to our enemies. Our largest cities, almost all of which are under Democrat rule, are spiraling into crime infested shitholes, our education system is a joke, criminals are free to carry out crimes with no fear of any consequences, and cops are being assassinated. ‘Creepy Joe’s poll numbers mean nothing if Americans don’t take matters into their own hands to prevent this leftist inspired Socialist transformation from continuing.

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