For whatever reason it’s every once in a while that the geniuses at Fox News seem compelled to drag out that pathetic old leftwing loser Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera, to provide us all with his rather skewed perspective on whatever might be the topic of the day, whether we want to hear it or not. And it was earlier this week that Jerry was again brought in to discuss, of all things, the ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Canada. Now you would think that Jerry would have been very supportive of what these brave men and women are doing but, oddly enough, such was not the case. Not even close! Instead, Jerry had a very different take on what’s occurring north of the border.  

You see, it was this past Wednesday during an appearance on FNC’s “The Story” that Jerry went off on another of his nutty rants, choosing to describe the “Freedom Convoy” truckers in Canada as thugs and actually accusing them of terrorizing the residents of Ottawa. Jerry said, “One man’s freedom is another man’s oppression. Their behavior has been nothing short of thuggish in Ottawa. They kept people in the neighborhood awake all night, revving their engines, blowing their horns.” And he then went on to say, “They’ve deprived Ottawa of business, of tens of millions of dollars, now they’re blockading the international bridges.” Blah, blah, blah…

He continued, “They’re laying off people, cutting their shifts short in automotive assembly plants because they can’t get the parts from Canada to the United States. They used their crowbars to threaten cops who were going to tow their trucks away they were blocking. They told tow truck drivers that they’ll remember them when this is over, a clear intimidation tactic. To give these guys the mantle of freedom fighters is absolutely appallingly naïve.” And then Jerry proceeded to add, “I understand the frustration about masks and all the rest of it, but to give these folks a pass is, I think, very destructive.” Jerry is as obsolete as is his 1970s child-molester mustache.

He concluded, “When you have protesters bringing Confederate flags and Swastikas and to paint them in the same portrait as our Founding Fathers? What the hell is that about? They have been very destructive. Forty percent of Canada’s trade goes over the Ambassador Bridge that they have blocked. What about the hard-working people that have gone to work every day during this pandemic and now can’t get to work? Or can’t work because there’s no parts in their factory to work with? I think that it’s selfish, and it is excessive.” Jerry is such a liar there was one swastika and one confederate flag, likely both plants, and both were sent packing by the truckers.

So governments can create a global pathogen/pandemic, lie to and deceive everyone, force all manner of restrictions on everyone, lock them down, force them to stay home and to lose their livelihoods and businesses, force them to wear masks that to absolutely nothing, and then force them to undergo an indefinite series of rushed experimental injections which do NOT provide any sort of immunity and that’s all ok. And yet Jerry, accuses these peaceful truckers of terrorizing everyone? What the Hell is wrong with this guy? Does this idiot really think our government needs to micromanage our lives for us? Sorry Jerry, I prefer to manage my own life!

And again with the swastikas. Seriously? We see one flag so the whole moment must be racist. The tyrants, whether in the ‘fake news’ media or the government all say the same thing. One flag means they are all racist. No violence, so they have to lie about it. We have hearsay upon hearsay. Never any videos or actual evidence of any kind to support their claims. We have to take it on faith because they’re supposedly somebody and we supposedly are not. This needs to end. Either their system crashes or they start rounding us up, but it has to end. Honestly most of us would rather die than live in the Godless slave system that they’re busy trying to create.

Yes, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. These truckers are true patriots. According to Jerry, it’s burning, looting and murder that are described as being “mostly peaceful,” while honking, bouncy castles and dance parties in the street are supposedly “thug like, terrorism, treasonous insurrection.” It’s absolutely insane! I’ve said for years that Jerry is a total fraud. He would have much preferred the BLM and Antifa mostly peaceful protests along with their heroic communist symbols! Jerry’s been very clear in that he believes non-vaccinated people are a threat to him and his family. And those who don’t wear masks are selfish and evil.

There is very little difference between Rivers and those like Jim Acosta, Dan Rather, Carl Bernstein and any number of other ‘journalists,’ and I use the term loosely, who always make the story they report on, about them. They all tried making their careers as ‘Giant Killers’ reporting on politicians and government agencies allegedly breaking laws and usually turned out to be nothing more than sensationalized yellow journalism obviously intended only to portray themselves as selfless, courageous and fearless citizen heroes instead of the insufferable lying blowhards that they are. Time for Jerry to take the ‘off ramp’ like his buddies Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace.

Governments all over the world have been terrorizing their citizens with unfounded, unprovable ‘science’ and Jerry is upset, referring to these truckers as thugs because a few truckers are fighting for bodily autonomy and freedom to work and feed their families. These governments are forcing people into taking part in dangerous medical experiments, threatening their children, and threatening their livelihoods. Rivers is clearly out of touch with what’s truly at stake here. These truckers are filling the leadership gap left by sold-out politicians and big business types. Their sacrifice and contributions should be respected and valued by all who would call themselves free.

And oddly enough I don’t seem to recall Jerry saying much of anything when BLM and Antifa were rampaging through our cities burning, looting and even killing people, not a word. And if he said anything at all I’m sure it was to offer words of encouragement to these “thugs.” How many people have these truckers beaten? How many buildings have they destroyed? Have they burned down any police stations? Have they looted and destroyed any businesses? NO! Rivers is nothing more than a vile parasite with a big mouth. He’s accomplished nothing of significance his entire life, and yet he has somehow gotten rich by literally being wrong on every issue for decades.

And a government shutting down businesses, leaving millions of Americans unemployed and making sure that most businesses could NEVER again reopen, not to mention the “mostly peaceful protests” in 2020 that destroyed private property and terrorized citizens is perfectly acceptable, yet people trying to get their freedoms back is not? That’s completely unacceptable! Especially with those highly dangerous instruments of war like horns, pizza ovens, jumping castles, and hot tubs! These protesters should know better! Only ‘mostly peaceful’ bats, Molotov cocktails, frozen bottles and other such instruments of protests are tolerated in this world!

And when last was it that Jerry was considered relevant? And once again we see how it is that this boob knows absolutely nothing of what he’s talking about. Try a little intellectual curiosity. There have been NO thuggish truckers and anyone who has been ‘terrorized’ by one of these truly peaceful and festival like protests in the country’s history is suffering from a mental illness. Seems rather common among leftists these days. There are tons of kids playing and having fun and people of every age, creed, color and religion. Fix your glaring ignorance and then opine if you must. Jerry is little more than a court jester at this point. We all laugh at him but not because he’s funny.


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    My son was in Afghanistan in the mountains looking Bin Laden at the time…….Jerry was there investigating (choke) as well. My son said his commander wanted to kill little Jerry Rivers, not just for being in the way but for creating a narrative that he Rivers favored, to sell a story only he would have the up and up on. Bottom line he was putting American soldiers at risk. Rivers left a trail the Taliban could follow. Rivera is not liked by the military brass. Maybe Biden’s!

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