And so it is that come this November the American people, but more specifically the Republicans among them, will once again be presented with yet another opportunity to rid their party of those who, while they are able to freely operate within the Republican Party, are really nothing more than allies of the dark forces who remain very hard at work in their continuing effort to destroy this country. And while they may portray themselves as being enthusiastic supporters of the conservative cause, they have, instead, continued to show themselves as being devoted enemies of it. And as such, they pose a far greater threat to the country than do even the Democrats.

And I say that because if there is one thing you can say about the Democrats, it’s at least they’re upfront with their treachery. The same cannot be said of the RINOs hiding in plain sight in the Republican Party. Which brings me to RINO Adam Kinzinger. You see, it was during an appearance this past Monday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” hosted by one the networks faux ‘journalists’ Wolf Blitzer, that Kinzinger made the claim that President Trump and the Republican Party continuing to claim the 2020 presidential election was not valid and downplaying of the January 6 Capitol riot was increasing the “real possibility” of a civil war in America.

Kinzinger said, “I think if we don’t wake up and recognize that it is more than just performance art when we lie, when we tell people elections were stolen, this actually goes to the survival of this country and in the form, we know it. it is that serious.”  Blitzer asked, “How dangerous is it for the Republican National Committee to whitewash the events of that day and simply call it ‘legitimate political discourse?’” Kinzinger said, “Oh, it is extremely dangerous.” And he said, “It is not a far thought, Wolf, to think that someday, some militia shows up somewhere to do something and then some counter-militia, and at that point that is how you end up in a civil war.”

He said, “I never would say that we would ever have ended in that position, but I now believe it is a real possibility that we have to be wide-eyed as we walk into so we don’t have that happen again.” Blitzer then said, “Am I hearing you, right Congressman? You fear, potentially, there could be a civil war here in the United States?” Kinzinger said, “I do. And a year ago, I would have said no, not a chance. But I’ve come to realize when we don’t see each other as fellow Americans, when we begin to separate into cultural identities, when we begin to basically give up everything that we believe so we could be part of a group.”

He continued, “And then when you have leaders that come and abuse that faithfulness of that group to violent ends, as we saw on January 6, we would be naïve to think it is not possible here.” He added, “We have to look at this wide-eyed and walk in and say, we may have differences as left and right, but we have to bridge those differences, because our basic survival is at stake, the basic survival of this democracy.” Again with the absurdity from this pathetic RINO as he repeats how “it’s dangerous to tell people elections are not legitimate,” when that’s EXACTLY what the Democrats did from even BEFORE DAY 1 of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Can I just say that I think Kinzinger’s fake outrage is wearing more than just a little thin? They had a bunch of unarmed demonstrators stroll through the Capitol building before then strolling right back out. I think Kinzinger is engaged in round after round of public hyperventilation involving ridiculous hyperbole not just because he is dishonest and dishonorable. Maybe he soiled his underwear in the face of raucous but unarmed demonstrators despite being shielded by a phalanx of armed officers. Maybe deep down inside, the memory of his dirty underwear rank cowardice is seared into his psyche in a way he cannot forget, and it rankles.

That’s why the Founders limited the federal government so that the power would remain with the states, the localities or with the people themselves. If they couldn’t convince people within their own community to adopt a particular set of values using their free speech rights, they could exercise their right to free movement and free association by seeking out another jurisdiction that supported their own deeply held beliefs. The chances of a civil war go up considerably when people can no longer talk openly and freely, and when political elites try to force their ideology on all people from their central command and control in Washington.

The same is true when people like Kinzinger who tell us that we must trust the government officials who are hiding behind the curtain instead of opening the books and having forensic audits that would provide the needed transparency to put the questions to bed. Obviously, the powerful always seem to abuse their power to usurp even more power. That has held true in all three branches of government, including our own Supreme Court, whose members often push their own politics and preferences into decisions that continually erode our personal freedoms while consolidating central power. We need strict constructionists back on the Court.

Democrats still whine about made up nonsense regarding the elections of 2000, 2016, or any other election that didn’t go their way, but we’re not allowed to say anything about the actual fraud that we know took place. We’re to believe that they are so great and wonderous that the only way they could possibly lose is because the other side cheated. Sadly, Democrats don’t give a rip about honesty, integrity, or anything else. They just want to eliminate the Constitution, the Electoral College, and on and on. And yet, somehow we’re the fringe? The ones who want nothing more than ensure our elections are free and fair with opportunities to cheat kept to a minimum.

The fact that a majority of the American people now hold that this past Presidential election was stolen cannot simply be swept aside. These elitists in politics and their many propagandists in the ‘fake news’ media, believe that by denying it and charging the January 6 protestors with trumped up charges and keeping them in jail by denying them bail, they can stop future unrest. They cannot! They have only further outraged the people that witnessed the theft of our Republic, and they are not going away. Maybe Kinzinger, isn’t too far off about an impending civil war. After all, when it’s perceived that your vote means nothing and the courts refuse to even hear the evidence, what avenue is left to the citizen?

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