Personally, I find it to be so very disheartening that one of my very favorite TV shows, ‘Jeopardy,’ has now seen fit to go ‘woke, and to officially become what is nothing more than just another run of the mill freak show and all courtesy of some dude who claims to be a woman. A claim that has apparently been very enthusiastically endorsed by both the show, and its network, to the point where ‘he’ has now been crowned as the ‘woman’ who has won the most games. And I have no doubt that Alex, were he still alive and who was, himself, a bit of a left winger, is looking on from wherever it is that he might be and smiling contently at the insanity of it all.

And so, gone now are the days when I could come home after a long day and relax a little while watching ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and then ‘Jeopardy.’ These days I’m now left with taking out my frustration yelling at those morons who insist upon wasting their money buying vowels for no apparent reason because I’m now done watching ‘Jeopardy,’ at least for as long as this ‘woman’ remains on the show. You see, when you know the show is rigged in favor of a certain contestant, it becomes far less interesting to watch, and that is exactly what’s going on here. That, and I refuse to have this ‘transgender’ crap continually shoved down my throat.  

So, Jeopardy is now awarding women’s records to a transgender man, and corporate parent NBC News is hailing Amy Schneider as the “highest-earning female contestant in the game show’s nearly 57-year run.” Larissa Kelly, who formerly held the women’s prize record, actually congratulated Schneider in a December 24 tweet. Schneider, thanked Kelly saying, “Thanks so much, I’m honored to be in your company, and I look forward to some day watching the woman who beats us both!” And then, something I found to be quite bizarre, Kelly replied, “I hope there will be a long line of such women, but you are certainly setting the bar extremely high for them!”

Apparently Kelly is, herself, a bit of a leftwing loon and it’s as such that she is said to oppose many of the ‘evolved’ civic distinctions, such as “female” and “male,” that ordinary people need to manage their simultaneous cooperation and competition in free societies. Unsurprisingly, it’s Kelly who also opposes ordinary people’s distinctions between Americans and foreigners. It was in a September tweet that she touted her opposition to border enforcement, even when migrants flood across the U.S. borders to take Americans’ identities, jobs, and housing. ‘Jeopardy’ apparently invited Schneider to come on the show and is now touting ‘her’ appearance.

The left continues to escalate its war on women, replacing them with mentally ill men. And it is my hope that liberal women everywhere get to watch as their records are shattered by these trans-crazies. Serves them right! And, it’s a powerful lesson that some of them just may learn after while: That girls and boys are only equal in importance before God. Beyond that, they are not equal at all: each of them has strengths and weaknesses that the other gender does not possess. And if they really can do everything a man can do (and better!) then they should have no problem beating these trans-crazies when they have to compete against them, right?

This clown, Amy, is a guy. He was born a guy and he’ll die a guy. Pretending to be a woman won’t change a thing. Transgenderism is a fraud movement. There is no such thing as a transgendered person. You are what you were born as. Personally, I will continue to refer to them as “it.” I don’t care what pronoun they prefer. They are all mentally ill. And it will be a cold day in Hell before I allow such people to reshape my reality. No matter how the politically correct crowd wants to spin it, it’s a dude in a dress with a pretty serious psychiatric issue. Slapping a dress on a man doesn’t make him a woman anymore than slapping a jock strap on a girl makes her a man.

As to all the people who continue to prostrate themselves to this mindlessness, you enable this. This would all end tomorrow if people would just stop being such cowards and simply said “enough of this insanity”! Ignore or refuse to acknowledge this and it will soon come to an end. A lot of women championed the homosexual movement. Any many voted for ‘Creepy Joe.’ I have a question for them? Do they like the results from the seeds they have sown? Feminist Democrats are traitors to women for not standing up for real women. And I’m curious, do any of them have daughters who are interested in sports and do they think it fair for them to compete against boys?

These people can not, in any way, be considered as normal. What they are, are sick, sick, sick. We should not allow them to ruin our society and we must not be afraid to protest against this ongoing sickness. It’s the only way we’re going to save our society. No matter how much one insists that a turd is chocolate, it is still, and always will be, a turd. The same goes for this transgender delusion. It is complete madness to accept transgenderism as being anything other than a type of severe mental illness. Lefties are so hilarious. They can smugly tell you what the weather is going to be in a hundred years, but they’re not sure which bathroom to use.

Women’s lib attacked men in order to gain what women saw as being unequal access and treatment. So, what did men do? Apparently many became women (at least just enough to pretend to be one) and took over their entire existence. And the extra fun part is that those on the left actually encourage and protect the whole thing!!! Men are obliterating women’s records across all types of sporting events and many women are actually congratulating them, how insane is that? Frankly, it all sounds more than a bit self-destructive to me. Well, you ladies had a good run, but you can say bye bye to any effort you ever put into obtaining any achievements.

And it’s knowing, as we all do, NBC’s penchant for putting their finger on the scale, to make sure their woke favorites win, I have absolutely no doubt that ‘she’ is very likely getting the answers beforehand. This entire circus is clearly being rigged in ‘her’ favor. The whole thing is such a farce. Schneider is NOT a female, Schneider is a MAN. This is nothing more than ‘fake news.’ And worse, it’s insulting to all real women everywhere. ‘Jeopardy’ has certainly gone downhill since Alex died. But I doubt seriously that he’s turning over in his grave regarding what’s going on. Far from viewing it as sickening, I’m quite sure that were he alive he would condone it.

We are living in very sad times. How in the world can anyone think this is acceptable? I really don’t care how others live their lives, but this is getting ridiculous. All of these ‘males’ playing dress up to make themselves feel superior to women and take away their accomplishments. Where are the parents? Especially the fathers? Amazing that we the 99%, must placate the 1%, snuff out our common sense, and pretend that we believe these dudes are women, only because they want to be? Nobody really believes they are women, but to say so could cost some their employment and God know what else. At what point does America push back against this rabid liberalism?


  1. “Amy” needs mental help and instead the libs are crowing about a penisless man pretending to be a woman. I’ll not watch Jeopardy again even though it WAS my favorite. BTW…who are these doctors that are willing to cut a guy’s weiner off? OMG!!! Is that why they went to med school? They are as sick as “Amy”. I say F*** You to them all.


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